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BONES Fan Spotlight: Sarah P. (ForensicMama)


Hey, hey! Since it’s our first Thursday of the winter hiatus, I thought it would be a good idea to start back up again with the BONES: Fan Spotlights. Today’s spotlight is someone a lot of you probably know, but this is a good opportunity for you to get to know her even better. Her name is Sarah (which you might NOT have known), but you might call her ForensicMama. She’s probably (right about this minute) getting ready to take some final exams, so be sure to show her some love and wish her luck! She’s the owner of a *gasp* BONES Spoiler page, “Bones Spoilers” (don’t tell me anything you read there!), and it’s very successful and very, very well done.

But enough about spoilers, let’s get some real facts from Sarah!

The name (or twitter handle or whatever) BONES fans might know you as:



General location: 

 Seattle, WA


What is one other TV show you’re watching right now and would recommend to others?

Fringe! How could I not sing the praises of Fringe? And who wouldn’t love Polivia? They aren’t the reason that I started watching the show, but they are definitely a reason to start if you haven’t already! I love how complex the story lines and the characters are. There’s always something new to discover. But if you start watching, you must start from the pilot episode. It won’t make sense otherwise.


What was your first job; what was your worst job; what is your dream job?

My first job was at McDonald’s when I was in high school. I worked around 30 hours a week. It was good for money, but I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. I would easily call it my worst job. For years afterward, I would have some sort of nightmare about it. My most recent nightmare involved me going to work (McDonald’s) without shoes and being forced to wear old shoes with cobwebs in the toes. *shudder* My dream job is to be a school counselor. Right now I’m a senior (wahoo!!!) at university majoring in psychology. I switched majors two semesters ago from Education. Psychology is much more my fit and I love every second of it… except the exams! I hope to mix my education experience, my personal life experience and my psychology experience into this perfect job (for me).


What is one thing even your best BONES pals might not know about you?

Oh! A very good question. I’ve got one: for much of my youth, I was easily considered shy. I’m by no means surrounded with a dozen friends each day, but with how much I chat online and get involved in my classes and keep up with my friends, it’s often surprising to people. I just decided at some point that it wasn’t that much fun to be “shy”. I love people!!!


What is the first episode of Bones you ever saw, and why? What made you decide to watch more?

You know, I remember seeing the promos for season one of Bones and I remember thinking, “What a stupid name!” and not watching! I missed out. Haha. The episode that got me hooked aired years later in season three and that was The Man in the Mud. My wonderful hubby went out and rented all of the seasons for me and I watched them throughout the summer. Ahhh… good times.


Which character on BONES do you identify most with and why?

 I think of all of the characters, I identify most with Booth. I understand his yearning for love, family and faith. Those are all things that I hold close to my heart, too. At the same time, I started watching for Brennan. I loved that she was very strong, self-motivated and geeky, yet sexy. I love that she has a strong belief system. I get her thirst for knowledge. I understand that and I identify with that. I also understand her motivations and her fears. She’s a very interesting character. I also love Cam’s spunkiness – I can’t say I can identify with that, but that’s a characteristic I’d love to have. I think that of all of the characters, I probably identify least with Angela. I am not that outgoing or wild. I still love her though. And, just to mention Hodgins, I think he’s hot. Does that count?


Yes, yes it does count! What does BONES mean to you?

I had originally written something very personal for this answer, but I decided to delete it. Instead, I think I’ll talk about another thing that I love about this show. In case you didn’t know, I’m a closet geek, teacher’s pet, and an “I’ve never gotten a B and I never will”-type. When I first started watching I started watching for Brennan. She was all of those things (geeks unite!) and then some – kick-@$$, sexy, and there were so many levels that she can convey (Go Emily!), so to add to my very personal story which I edited out, Bones is about Girl Power. That’s right. You heard me. It’s about women in the sciences. It’s about women handling guns and being a great aim – even if certain people won’t let them have a gun. 😉 It’s about women knowing that they don’t need a man to make them whole, but if they happen to stumble upon that perfect person, then they can add to their experience as a human and they don’t have to be changed fundamentally. And Brennan’s not the only one – Cam was a cop and could handle herself just fine and Angela never needed a man (or woman) to be whole, but she found one! To that I say, You Go, Girl!


How do you express your love for BONES? This can be anything!

Well, I try my hardest to get the newest Bones information out. And I certainly don’t do it alone. I have many wonderful people who send me links daily. Again, it’s all about community!


If you could guest-star on only ONE episode of BONES, what would that look like?

Well, I’d either want to be a victim (I’d love to see what they’d do to my corpse haha) or I’d take Daisy Wick’s spot. I love her character. I did a lot of plays in high school and college and I always enjoyed those high-energy bubbly characters. It’s a lot of fun. Plus, she gets to kiss John Francis Daley and that alone would make me want to take her spot.


Describe an instance in BONES that made you cry, either from anger, laughter or sadness.

In the season five finale when Brennan just seems to be scanning the crowd while trying to act like she really doesn’t care at the same time and then Booth comes out of the shadows, I nearly lost it. I love when he holds her hand. It was just perfect. Plus, the shots were pretty spectacular. It was a lovely scene and very well put together. Emily and David played off from one another very nicely.


 Scenario: Hart Hanson asks you to pitch him an idea for an episode in 250 (or so) words or less. Describe the case, the victim, any character developments or actions and the end closing scene and anything else you want to add!  

It took me a while to think of this one. OK, here’s the scenario. In the opening scene, a bunch of nursing students at a university and their professor, who’s talking about the new Cadaver-Borrow-Program, are walking into the cold storage. They take the body out. The professor makes sure they’re following their checklists – gloves, masks, goggles. Then they peel back the white sheet to reveal a nasty, decomposed body. Everyone gags and looks shocked. The body belongs to a woman who was a science prof who was being pressured by the “Publish or Perish” ideal of the university. She had an affair with the university president then used it as leverage to keep her job. Meanwhile, there’s baby drama at the lab when Angela goes into labor. When the baby is born, Angela lets Brennan hold the baby. Brennan holds the baby, then smiles, then she looks up and holds a long, meaningful look with Booth – and Hannah catches this look, and suddenly everything makes sense. Seeley didn’t exactly tell her everything about how close they were. At the end of the episode, she breaks up with him. Booth and Brennan go out to drinks, Booth stops the meeting short to go for a meeting, but Brennan stops him and adjusts his tie. They hold another look, but it isn’t quite time for them yet – but we all get a feeling that it’s around the corner by the heat that is exchanged in that look.


Ah, yes! I think it’s getting warmer just thinking about that!  What are your top five favorite BONES episodes? Or top five moments and WHY?  

Oh, easy! Most of my favorite episodes fall into Season Two. It might be a bias since I probably watched these episodes more than any other episodes because of when I became a fan. #1 – Judas on a Pole. I love how this episode starts out. Whenever I watch it with headphones on, even when I’m expecting it, I jump! I love that the beginning is not the usual episode “recipe” where the body is discovered first. And of course, who could resist that final scene where Booth puts his finger on Brennan’s chin, her eyes are glassy and the viewer just THINKS it’s going to happen and THEN!!! Oh, Zack!!! >.< #2 –The Skull in the Desert. First of all, this episode has amazing coloring. And then I love that it really focuses on Angela for the first time. Michaela was fantastic in this episode and we really get a sense of how close Angela and Brennan are. It’s too bad we really haven’t gotten that since. But maybe it’s just because they’ve both grown up a bit and they’re more independent. #3 – The Woman in the Sand. I love how Brennan steps so easily out of her usual comfort zones. I love how Booth ogles her. I also love the fun transitions and the costumes. This was a really good episode. What’s not to love? #4 – The Headless Witch in the Woods. Creepy forest. Screaming girl who’s probably the best guest they’ve ever had who still gives me the creeps. Bat bones. Booth and Cam not keeping it secret. Guy hugs. Classic awesomeness. #5 – The Double Death of the Dearly Departed. I laughed so hard during Hodgins’ speech that I nearly peed myself and my husband nearly committed me.


Have you ever thought about not watching BONES anymore? If so, why did you stick around?

No, I haven’t. But I have thought about not following spoilers any more. I stuck around because of the 6,000+ readers who follow the blog each day. LOL.


Which guest-star would you like to see back on BONES and why?

I would love to see Loren Dean on the show again. He played Brennan’s brother Russ. Why did he disappear? I was loving seeing Brennan get to know him better. Somebody bring him back PRONTO!


Okay, last question: Pick one meaningful quote (or small section of dialogue) from BONES and tell us what you think it means.

Booth: No, it’s thinking of someone before yourself. It’s giving your life, if necessary, to that person and it’s love.

Brennan: And if a person falls out of love and meets someone else, those selfless acts would appear to be dangerously irresponsible, wouldn’t they?

Booth: No. It was still love.

Brennan: I could never love like that. Survival is a human imperative. If we don’t look out for ourselves, nothing else matters.

Booth: That’s not true. You know that, Bones. That’s not true. You know that.

Brennan: You’re experiencing a rush of dopamine, norepinephrine and serotonin with Hannah. Those feelings are wonderful. I’ve felt them, but I won’t rely on the transient nature of chemicals for my happiness. (The Couple in the Cave, S06E02)

I loved this scene. Not only is Emily amazing at conveying emotions that are just hovering below the surface, Brennan is revealing so much more than she thinks. By putting up the “transient nature of chemicals” wall that she was just beginning to forget about last season, it’s easy to see that Brennan really fell in love with Booth and now she’s struggling with Booth’s new romance with Hannah. Whenever Brennan gets scared, she throws up walls made of science and jargon. When I watch a scene like this, I get excited because there is obviously so much more brewing deep within. This is Brennan’s (Emily’s, too) season for sure. I’m excited about seeing the season through her eyes a little more, like we did in season one.

 YES! SO much more brewing! It is a very good time to be a BONES fan!

Ladies, Gentlemen & Squints, say hello (and a hearty congratulations on surviving another semester) to Sarah!

Peace, Love & Bones,



11 thoughts on “BONES Fan Spotlight: Sarah P. (ForensicMama)

  1. Hey Sarah!

    Love your blog by the way – thanks so much for all the effort you put in to it, amazing stuff!

    Had to mention that I LOVED the scene you mentioned at the bottom, specially Booth’s line ‘No. It was still love’

    She’s so blatently talking about them – ‘fell out of love and met someone else’, remind us of anyone ha?

    And he knows she is, and calls her on it, just reminding her that ‘No, it was still love’ – like, don’t do that, you know I really did love you.

    Kinda gives me goosebumps.

    Lovely to hear more about you Sarah 🙂

  2. Hi Sarah!!

    I love (and am slightly addicted to) your blog 🙂 so thanks for that haha

    Your dream job sounds awesome!! so i hope that you are right on track for that!

    I just wanted to say that your answer to what bones means to you is exactly how i feel about the show and you just helped me realise that. Geeks unite!! and Girl Power! there can’t be two better reasons huh?

    I love that scene you chose at the end aswell. I thought it was so heartcrushing because it was Brennan telling Booth she loved him, in her own masked sortta way, while simultaneously putting up her defenses against him. i mean the whole “And if a person falls out of love and meets someone else” comment, who’s she fooling really?

    Anwyays your answers just seemed to ring true to me for some reason so i thought i’d say thanx Sarah!

    Ps. you’ll have to tackle me to the ground for that role replacing daisy. That would be THE most fun 😛

  3. I am greatly amused at the idea of nursing and/or medical students about to buckle down and “meet” their cadavers for their first gross anatomy lesson and discovering said nasty, decomposed body. Think of the chaos! We could receive some great insights into just how psychotic some of those in the medical profession can be (I speak from experience).

    Nice to meet you! And thanks for your insights! 🙂

  4. Hey ForensicMama!

    I just wanted to say thank you for all the great work you do over at Bones Spoilers. Your blog is the first thing I found (other than the Fox Bones website) when I went online searching for answers after the 100th episode last spring. It got me through a very long summer! And it was your re-post of Sarah’s (Seels) Fifth Anniversary post that led me here to BT. So you can count me doubly thankful!

    Best of luck on your exams!

  5. Hi Mama!

    As you know I love your blog! Nice getting to know you a bit better!

  6. Hi Mama! Yours is the first blog that I came to that brought me into the online fandom – it is amazing all of the information you bring to that site.
    Being spoiler-free, I now RSS feed the headlines, but still rely on your site for other tidbits – so thank you for your dedication!

    I rather like your episode pitch . . . I’ll be looking for it. 🙂

  7. Hey Sarah…..and, ya know..the other Sarah! LOL

    Can i just say this is possibly my fave bit of this blog…the ‘Fan Spotlight’. I mean, i’m nosey anyway so i love getting a little peak behind people’s online persona, and this gives me the perfect oppurtunity! LOL

    Made for a very entertaining read!

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  9. Hey Sarah!

    So your blog…is my homepage! Haha! It’s so amazing. I’m like addicted to it 🙂

    I’ve given up on being spoilerfree so your blog is just simply wonderful! 🙂 Thanks for all the work you put into it!

    I agree with all your favorite episodes!! Yes, Woman in the Sand, is just PERFECT 😀

    Thanks for sharing about yourself and good luck on your exams!!! 😀

  10. Everyone here is so sweet! Hello, everyone! *waves* 🙂

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