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Morning After Q: Sweets-When Did the Boy Become the Duck?


Good morning, BONES darlings!

I hope you are getting ready for a great weekend. Things are pretty cold where I live, but one thing that keeps us nice and warm are the BONES reruns on TNT. I remember a few years ago, I made it through all of ANGEL on TNT, and they used to run these promos for BONES eps for later that night, and I used to think…’you know, I really should go back and watch all of the seasons and write about them’…so thanks, TNT, you’re the best.

Last night’s episode (or one of them) was Man in the Mud, which is a special episode to me, because it’s the first episode I sort of watched as an honest to goodness BONES fan. I was excited about it for weeks, etc, etc. It’s also a special episode to me because we get one of my all time favorite Booth lines, “You can play the field and not…plow it.” Disclaimer: Punctuation does not fully convey the Boothiness in that sentence.

Nor would it convey Brennan’s reaction, “That was distasteful.”

Which brings me to another question…Is Brennan really the prude in some ways? Hahaha. I WILL discuss that one day. (I don’t think she is, but she sure does get annoyed whenever Booth seems to show interest in anyone at all!)

But back to today’s question. Is this the episode where Sweets imprints on B&B? Or does that come earlier in Secret in the Soil?

Or does it not come until later, like Man in the Outhouse?

Man in the Mud is the episode where Sweets asks B&B on a double date/non observation with his girfriend at the time, April. She seemed sort of crazy then, but at the moment, she seems like amazingness. Haha.

But April dumps him (they’re not blue fish!), and Booth and Brennan sort of console him and lie to him to make him feel better and invite him to the bowling rink…alley. (Also one of my favorite B&B moments ever).

There was also some discussion the other night at the Bonesology FF book club about whether or not Sweets imprinted onto Booth, Brennan or both. Some seemed to suggest it was Brennan, and Booth sort of went along with it because he’s all about her. Others think it was Booth all the way. Or maybe it’s the ‘both’ part of them he’s so connected to.

What do you think?  Let’s discuss!

Peace, Love & Bones



6 thoughts on “Morning After Q: Sweets-When Did the Boy Become the Duck?

  1. I love a Sweets-centric post first thing in the morning! I have always felt that he imprinted on both of them but it was Brennan who convinced Booth (in her wide-eyed, little girl way) to accept that imprintation. Booth wasn’t in a place in his life where he was ready to take on another person to be responsible for but, he will always ‘do things for the girl’.

  2. I think Sweets has bonded to both of them; but, more Booth than Brennan. Sweets doesn’t have any family left and I think he sees Booth as the big brother he never had and Brennan as a very close friend. He told her that he considered Brennan to be one of his closest friends in the last episode. When Sweets was first thrown into the Booth/Brennan circle he seemed to want to control them or at the very least study them as lab subjects; but, the more he came in contact with them the more he became attached to them. We could aready see in “Verdict in the Story” that Sweets wanted to be part of the B&B team. I always thought it was pretty funny that Booth and Brenna sat on the bench outside of the courthouse and told each that they thought Sweets liked them and wanted to be with them. It annoyed Sweets to no end and yet that is what happened. I feel he was already bonded by Man in the Mud. He lost his girlfriend in that episode and the people he had to see after that disaster was Booth and Brennan. Sweets loves it when Booth and Brennan ask him for advice. It makes him feel needed and as an important member of the B&B team when they are up to their eyeballs in weirdness. I think we can see how much he likes them when we see how well he tolerates their youth jokes and he just calls them on it or rolls his eyes. Stuff a younger brother would do. Booth, when he first met Sweets, tried his best to intimidate Sweets and yet Sweets, even though he was intimidated, tried to put on a brave front and show he wasn’t to be toyed with. He was trying to prove his professionalism. Booth stills likes to intimidate Sweets; but, most of the time, Sweets just ignores it or, like I said, he rolls his eyes.

  3. I think it’s the two of them together…their relationship that Sweets imprinted on. He just seems so enraptured by them together, the way they interact sometimes and he just wants to be a part of that. In some scenes I’ve thought he had the same look on he face many of us watching at home probably had on ours. As for when? Goodness I really can’t place it. I have to wonder would he have put Brennan through 2 weeks of believing that Booth was dead if he had already become the baby duck? There are definitely episodes before that where he seemed to already be in baby duck mode, so I just can’t decide when it happened.

  4. I, too, watched this on TNT last night and after the last scene I said, “And a baby duck is adopted.” I think that this is when Sweets imprinted on both Booth and Brennan. When he walks into the Jeffersonian all distraught with that “dumpy look on his face” B&B do their best to cheer him up. They take care of him in a way. One of my very favorite Booth/Sweets moments is when he Booth rolls Sweets’ chair behind him so they can go to the bowling rink…I mean alley. I think this was the first time Sweets went to them for guidance and they both kind of took on that duty of getting him out of his post break up slump. As the relationship progresses Booth doesn’t always have a ton of patience for Sweets (in true big brother fashion), but he was more than willing to be there for him in the Man in the Mud. So, I definitely think that Sweets imprinted on Booth and Brennan.

    Maybe it is the ‘both’ part of them he feels so connected to. In this episode he did the little ‘double date’ thing where B&B’s out of work relationship seemed more stable than his with his girlfriend. I think he starts to see them a unit that, against the odds, works best when they are together. Perhaps that is why he is such a shipper! 🙂

  5. I definitely think it’s both. But, he does relate to each of them a little differently. Also, he seems very concerned about trying to keep them together, or at least as a family unit.

    I can never quite decide if his relationship with them is more similar to older siblings or parent figures…?

  6. Ooooooh, i love anything that is all about the Sweetness so i’m loving this!

    For me, he definitely imprinted on the both of them. He sees parts of himself in each (Brennans time in foster care, the abuse Booth suffered etc) and i think he feels this need to ‘fix’ them. What i always find interesting about Sweets is that even after all he’s been through, he’s less damaged than both Booth and Brennan. He seems to have made peace with his past, something B&B are yet to do.

    My favourite Sweets moment so far is from the last episode, when he says to Brennan

    “I consider you one of my closest friends”

    I really loved that scene between them. We see a lot of Booth & Sweets together and i enjoy that, but i’d like to see a lot more Brennan & Sweets moments. I think he could be good for her, even if she may not realise it.

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