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Bones Fan Spotlight: Raquel


Hello! One thing I love about BONES is the way it’s introduced me to people from all over the world. Seriously, how cool is that? Today’s fan spotlight is Raquel, and she’s from Brazil. She’s a great BONES fan; very passionate, very loyal and very fun. But you don’t have to take my word for it; here’s more about her!


Raquel Luciana.                                                                                                                                                                 


Name BONES fans might know you as:



General location:



If you were to hit ‘random’ on your iPod or iPhone or other MP3 player (or CD, or record player or whatever), what would be the most embarrassing song that might pop up on shuffle?

MmmmBop by Hanson. It’s not embarrassing as much as it’s just annoying!


What is one other TV show you’re watching right now and would recommend to others?

House .


Favorite cartoon ever?



What is one thing even your best BONES pals might not know about you?

I love musicals and sing.


Besides food, rent, bills, taxes, etc, what’s the one (legal, ha) thing you KNOW you spend way too much money on, but love it anyway?

CDS, DVDs and Books.


What is the first episode of Bones you ever saw, and why? What made you decide to watch more?

The Pilot. It was the chemistry between Booth and Brennan; we could see it from the beginning!


What does BONES mean to you?

It’s difficult explain love in words. I think Bones shows me every week that the fantasy world can be so real and that it’s possible to have a relationship of love and friendship in real life. Bones is amazing because of that. 


What are your top five favorite BONES episodes? Or Top five moments (include which episode each is from) And WHY?

1. Two Bodies in the Lab: It was the 1st time Booth saved Brennan and their bonds became stronger after that.

2.Aliens in a Spaceship: The Scene w/Brennan and Hodgins in the end before the explosion is amazing.

3. Judas on a Pole:  The whole epi is great but the end scene w/Booth and Bren in front of the Royal Diner always dazzles me.

4 The Double Trouble in the Panhandle: Booth and Bren as Buck and Wanda. Brennan was so loose and happy and it was great see her like that.

5 . The 100thepisode: I love every single moment of this episode. We got two kisses in one episode; that’s more than amazing. But the present kiss in the end scene changed everything. Not only for the show, but me too.


Have you ever thought about not watching BONES anymore? If so, why did you stick around?

This idea never crossed my mind. I can’t even think about it. This idea does not exist in my vocabulary.


What’s your ideal way to watch a new episode of BONES?

I usually watch on my room from my PC. And avoiding any kind of interruption like annoying parents.


Describe one “BONES in real life” moment you have had:

A funny thing happened to me while I was watching “ The Bond in the Boot “ episode. While I watched the scene at the beginning when the cats were eating the corpse, my cat was sitting next to me staring at the PC monitor. She stared at the cats on the screen in a creepy way like she knew what was happening…then she looked at me. It was a Bones-related weird moment and also it was funny.  


Which guest-star would you like to see back on BONES and why?

Stephen Fry, Ryan O’Neal and Cyndi Lauper. Their characters are crucial at this point to the show, mostly to the Booth and Brennan relationship. And cuz they’re awesome.


If you could guest-star on only ONE episode of BONES, what would that look like? (corpse? someone’s boss? a squintern? etc)

I’d love being a Squintern. Working all day beside Temperance Brennan would be priceless.


Describe an instance in BONES that made you cry, either from anger, laughter or sadness.

There so much but I have a recent one from The Couple in the Cave. The end scene  where Brennan was alone at Founding Fathers while Booth went out w/ H  was harsh to me. I cried like never before. It was really painful.


Okay last question: Scenario: Hart Hanson asks you to pitch him an idea for an episode in 250 (or so) words or less. Describe the case, the victim, any character developments or actions and the end closing scene and anything else you want to add!

A famous show runner is found  murdered, and the main suspect is his fan. It seems be an easy case to solve, but Booth and Brennan find the clue, a chocolate donut on the remain’s hand  that says the opposite. All kinds of suspect are interrogated, but B&B are still at a dead end. Then Brennan finds out (don’t ask me how) that the famous show runner not was murdered, but he choked on a piece of the donut he loved. His fan found him dead and decided to take the blame to still be attached to his idol.

I can so see that happening! And I can just imagine the looks on B&B’s faces, too!

Ladies, Gentlemen & Squints, say hello to Raquel!

Peace, Love & Bones



3 thoughts on “Bones Fan Spotlight: Raquel

  1. I agree with your choice of Two Bodies in the Lab as a favorite episode. Booth was so Boothy, wanting the pudding all to himself, when he was in the hospital. Hodgins was so funny wanting Booths’ pudding. Booth saving Brennan from a pretty horrible death. I have rewatched that scene where Booth saves Brennan so many times I have lost count and I can still watch it again. I never get tired of seeing Booth save Brennan. It is such a wonderful scene.
    I am also with you on the idea of not watching Bones again. No way. Even when this show is annoying it is better than anything else out there.
    I think we should have more Ryan O’Neal and Stephen Fry also. Gosh, they sure would come in handy right now. They could help straighten out Booth and Brennan.

  2. Hi Raquel!
    Great choice of Two Bodies In The Lab. One of my very favourite episodes.
    Like Lenora I have watched the Booth saving Brennan scene too many times to remember & I love it all over again everytime I do.
    Stephen Fry would be great to see and of course it would be so nice to see Eric Millegan guesting again.
    Your idea of a fan taking blame for his idol’s murder isn’t too much of a stretch of the imagination these days!!
    Nice to meet you Raquel.

  3. Hola Raquel! Okay, so that is Spanish, but it’s close, anyhow and I would love to learn Portuguese some day – Brazilian Portuguese is such a beautiful language.

    I love your idea for a future BONES episode – Hart Hanson might actually go for it given the current state of affairs!

    Great to meet you!

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