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Top Five Tuesday: Responding to the BuddyTV Best/Worst BONES 2010 List


Hello darlings!

First of all, shut the front door and call me late to the party, but at this point, I don’t care, because I’ve got good news. Our pal JennyJenWho has done another squeecap, this time of Doctor in the Photo. It’s so choice, and it must be checked out by you. I’m almost, almost, allllllllmooooooost at the point where I might be able to watch this episode for a second time. I don’t know, you guys! I will just keep on trying on that front. Reading the squeecap made me feel a bit better about it. But seeing as how the first time I watched it, I went into a three day funk of my own…I’m just not at a point where I can risk it. But you all watch it, and read the squeecap and comment and love on it, and I’ll catch up to the reality soon.

In other news, it’s the last potential Top Five Tuesday of the year, so I knew I needed to make it a good one! We’ve had some good times here in 2010 on Tuesdays with things like “Booth Looks that Need to Make a Comeback”, “Top Five Kisses”, “Top Five Creepiest Villains”, or my personal fave (if I do say so myself), “The Top Five Ten Times Brennan Knocked Booth’s Socks Off (Stripes and All!)”.

You all know me and you also know that my top five can sometimes turn into top tens or more! I have no shame in this, haha, but I was impressed when Buddy TV created the top 20 best and 10 worst BONES moments of 2010 (get it? 20 and 10 in 2010? Smart Buddy!). That’s a lot more than 5! I saw the reaction on twitter before I’d actually read the list, and it was interesting to me to see what people thought, as the people I tend to agree with most were on both sides of the fence as far as liking or not liking the list. Curiosity piqued!

When I read the list, I kept a list of my immediate reactions to each moment mentioned, and I reported on twitter my results, that I agreed with 20 of the 30, not bad! BuddyTV asked me what else I would add, and I replied that I’d need time to think about it. They graciously said I could take my time, so  I figured I should do my reply up right.

A couple of disclaimers:

1. I am not sure if the writer of that article had a word limit, but I’m not limiting myself on my explanations. I realize that it’s slightly unfair to allow myself as much explanation as I want, but that’s how it works!

 2. I also didn’t judge any of the moments on WHERE they fell on the list. For example, if the number five worst moment was something I considered the number two worst moment, I still ‘agreed’ with it at number five, as a ‘worst moment’ in general. Does that make sense? I didn’t vote based on ranking, just based on whether or not it was a good moment or a bad moment.

Okay! Confusing enough?! Here’s the original article, if you want to check it out. It’s worth a read!  I am going to list each moment, agree/disagree, and explain each one. Since Buddy TV sort of worked backward (going from 10-1, then 20-1), I’m going to do the same. Let’s do this thing!

Worst BONES Moments of 2010:

#10: Professor Bunsen Jude, The Science Dude:

Disagree. I liked that, and I didn’t think it was annoying. Sure, it was somewhat kitsch, but BONES can be sweet sometimes, and I thought David Alan Grier was a-mazing. Yeah, I went there!

#9: Cam’s Sudden Lack of Ethics.

Agree. This (regarding her being underhanded with Michelle’s college entrance exams) was kind of annoying. Sort of like Richard and Emily Gilmore-type overbearing, and that’s not cool. Not that we expect BONES characters to be perfect all the time, but this was bad.

#8: Angela and Wendell’s Relationship :

Agree! BuddyTV said it best, “The Wendell/Angela relationship might not have been such a bad thing — more Wendell is always good. Unfortunately, it was little more than a placeholder while we waited for Hodgins to re-enter the picture. Maybe if we had seen more of the couple together, their relationship would have made sense. As it was, the overwhelming result is the feeling that Wendell deserved better.”  And HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, AGREEEEEE!

#7: Booth’s background check on his brother’s girlfriend:

Disagree. Yeah, Booth has a blind spot when it comes to Jared…big time. And the background check was more than what Sweets called, “kind of terrible”, but this still doesn’t make my worst moment of 2010 list. BuddyTV adds “Booth as a jerk is never a good thing”. I agree with that, EXCEPT when we get to see him learn from his mistakes, especially when Brennan calls him on it, and especially when it leads to her kicking Jared under the table and a moment like her toast to Booth. (Okay, it was a toast to love, but still…it was a toast to Booth, too).

#6. The Bad Death of Sweets’ Subway Pal:

Disagree. Not that I love unfair deaths or anything, but BONES does this best, showing us the cruel world we live in and the possibility of hope outside that cruelty. AND we got to see repercussions of this experience. Sweets was affected (to the point of proposing to she who will not be named). Also, whether it’s fair to judge this moment based on my personal life or not might be unfair, but I’ve mentioned before that I first watched this episode on the same day of the calling hours for my Gram who was cured of leukemia only to die of a heart attack a week later. It’s that sort of “BONES in Real Life” kind of moment that puts this entire episode and experience in a special place in my heart.

#5. Murders that aren’t murders:

Disagree. This was the one I sort of waffled on a bit, in my original reaction. I prefer when the cases are more cut and dry, more good vs evil, but in the end, I’d never say that the more ambiguous cases/verdicts/results are the worst thing on BONES.

#4. Sweets and Daisy’s Immature Relationship:

Agree. Oh, heck to the yes! 1,000x agree. Agree, Agree, Agree, Agree, Agree to infinity! My dislike of Daisy knows no bounds, so I was so pleased to see this on the list. It’s vile.

#3. End of the Gravedigger Case:

Agree. The episode (Boy with the Answer) was great, and Taffet is EVIL. But still… from Aliens in a Spaceship to Boy with the Answer, it could have been done better. It would be cheating to discuss Hero in the Hold (ugh!), so I won’t!

#2. Booth rejecting Brennan:

Disagree. Buddy TV says this…“Yes, it was horrible when Brennan rejected Booth. But at least heartfelt declarations of emotion have never been a problem for Booth.

Emotion is an entirely different story when it comes to Brennan. After we saw the hurdles she had to overcome before she could even choke out her feelings to Booth, his rejection stung even more. Plus, his cold, angry comment about getting over his own love for Brennan reminded us of how quickly Booth moved on.” 

And I just can’t agree with that. For one thing, I don’t think that heartfelt declarations of emotion are so easy for Booth. Sure, he can be quick to reassure Brennan of what he thinks is right, but when it comes to himself and his opinion of his worth as being loved…that’s just not something that comes easy to him. He has just as many hurdles to overcome for love. And I don’t think his comment about resetting himself was cold or angry or even necessarily a complete admission that he’d gotten over his own love for Brennan. And finally, I’m still not 100% on the entire timeline of events, and so it’s impossible for me to put a qualifier on how quickly or not quickly Booth ‘moved on’. If we’re talking about his date with Catherine in season five, well, then yeah, that was pretty fast moving. But if we’re talking about Hannah, I don’t think we can judge on that timeline yet. Speaking of Hannah…

#1. Hannah


 Okay, some perspective: Is it the worst thing in the world? No. The worst thing that happened to me in 2010? Not even close, not by a long shot. And, in my opinion…it’s not even the worst thing to happen on BONES, series-wide. But the worst thing on the show in 2010? Yeah, yeah it is.

 But what about those who say, “Oh, just wait…it will all be clear soon enough. You’ll see…there’s a plan and Hannah will turn out to be good for Booth and Brennan.” Okay, sure. I’ll honestly buy that. But we’re not there yet. Check back with me next year for the best moments of 2011, and we’ll see. But for now, here in 2010…it’s awful. And illuminating and uncomfortable and angsty and it feels like it’s ruining everything. So yeah, good times!

Hahaha. Let’s move on to the BEST 20 moments of 2010! It’s a good thing there are twice as many!  

Best BONES moments of 2010!

#20: Pink Bones

Agree. This was fun and cool, and creative, the stuff BONES bodies are made of!

#19: Hannah gets shot

Disagree. That’s not on my worst list or my best list. It’s just kind of…whatevs for me.

#18: The Return of the Squinterns:

Agree. Word up! Though I sort of resented the time it took for them to describe where each of Brennan’s students had been (expository waste of time! Like we were back at the beginning of season four or something!), the actual places/reasons/etc  and returns were mostly fun.

#17: A Devilish Murder Victim

Disagree. This case was very sad, and the ending, with the fact that the brother had killed the mentally ill victim…it’s just too sad to be on the top 20 list. Just my opinion.

#16: Over-Excited Maggots

Agree: For one thing, they annoyed Booth. And annoyed Booth is so full of win.

#15: Booth breaks in to the Jeffersonian

Agree. Yep, pretty much fantabulisticulousness! His people! And also a unanimous “Suck it, Hacker!”

#14: Booth and Brennan rock out

Disagree: This Fox created “rock and roll week” promotion thing or whatever it was felt too forced and out of place in the episode. B&B aren’t the types to take a break from a case to mess around, and most of that scene seemed pretty much out of character for both of them. That Booth called “Hot Blooded” their song is the only redeeming part. Oh, that, and Brennan doing this…


#13: A Chocolate Bar Filled with Dead Body

Disagree: That was just gross! Hahaha. Sure, BuddyTV is right when they describe it as “deliciously horrible”, but that’s not enough to put it in my top 20 moments on BONES for an entire year.

#12: Hodgins vs. Nunchucks

Agree. Is there anyone in the world who doesn’t agree? I highly doubt that!

#11: The Fate of Mr. Nigel-Murray’s Money

Agree! I love VNM; he’s the best! I love the way he describes his lavish way of losing his money. Every moment he was on in 2010 could be on this list, including this one.

#10: An AMAAAAAAZING Drinking Game

Agree: It was super fun!

#9: Booth and Brennan Discuss the Perfect Murder

Agree: So fantastic, so witty, so B&B. When Brennan gets those supremely confident looks on her face, and Booth can’t quite resist her or figure her out…that’s just awesome. Their competition is fun, and this moment def belongs in the top 10 of the year.

#8: Everything Caroline:

Agree: Yeah, pretty much! And I’m not just saying this because I’m sort of scared of her. Not at all.

#7: Brennan’s High School Reunion

Disagree. I like to think I’m evolved, and I really went into episode 101 with an open mind (This is how I plan to watch the first post-DitP episode), understanding that I would probably not love it as much as episode 100, but the way Brennan’s character was portrayed in this episode is awkward, and not in her usual great way. And it wasn’t done in such a way that explained that Brennan should or would sort of revert back to her high school ways. AND I can’t quite get past the idea of Andy Fluegger becoming who he did.

#6: Zack in The Parts of the Sum of the Whole

Agree. I particularly loved the moment he visited Booth at the FBI building. And I also agree with Buddy TV that “Zack’s quick and depressing departure in the wake of the Gormogon investigation may have been one of the show’s least satisfying moments. Even the character’s brief return and partial name-clearing did little to erase the bad taste in our collective mouths”. It was great to see him back.  

#5: Hodgins and Angela Marry in Jail

Agree. In an over-spoiled BONES world, this was a very well-kept secret. And I liked how there were both some accusations and apologies on both sides. It gave me hope on the B&B front. I also loved the homemade confetti from the tough as nails local officer.

#4: The Maggots in the Meathead

Agree: I liked this episode very much, and I loved Brennan’s enthusiasm. “Eureka, a gathering of guidos” is in my top Brennan moments ever. When BuddyTV asked me what moments I’d add to my list, I wrote down the “Booth with a red bow” moment, and since that comes at the end of this episode, I’ll include it here:


#3: Booth’s Confession of Love

Agree: I know I’ve gone on and on about this, so I won’t say too much more. But I loved this. Though it didn’t end perfectly, it was completely heartfelt and brave on his part. I loved his ‘evidence’ and it was incredibly romantic. I loved that when Brennan brought up the FBI’s likelihood of splitting up their partnership, he grabbed her and kissed her. Heck yes, Booth! Yes, they ARE partners, and darn good ones. But it’s more than that. More than partners. I loved, loved, loved it.

#2: Brennan’s Emotional Breakdown/Breakthrough

Agree: Yes, yes, yes. What I also love about this is that there’s this hedge of protection around this moment. Like with Booth’s confession of wanting more, “What goes on between them is theirs”, you know? I’m so thankful for that. This moment still takes my breath away, and after I watched it for the first time, I remember thinking, “I wish I could ‘un-watch’ that”. Not because it wasn’t wonderful, because it was. It’s more just because it was so incredibly intimate and painful. Amazing.

#1: The Booth & Brennan Flashback Kiss

Agree. Wonderful. Absolutely wonderful. So terrific. It’s kind of hot and innocent and it’s in the rain, which is great. Yeah, baby!

So…since I disagreed with a few, I get to add my own, right? Buddy TV asked me what I’d add, so here goes.

I’m not going to worry about adding to the ‘worst’ list and I’m just going to include moments I want to add to my fave moments of 2010. Since I cheated and included Booth and the red bow along with Maggots in the Meathead, I’m allowing myself five more moments. Here we go!

(in no particular order).

1. Clark’s freakout in the lab (Couple in the Cave).

This felt like a punchline to a great joke with a perfect set-up. Clark has been kind of a stick-in-the-mud since he got to the Jeffersonian in season three, so to see him admit, in a completely irrational way, that he also feels the Booth and Brennan heat…well, that was just classic.

2. “Take like a flea”. Booth repeating Brennan’s simile in Mastodon in the Room felt just as special to me as her repeating his “What goes on between us is ours” moment from earlier in season five. I loved it, and so did Brennan, so there’s that! When he actually DOES take like a flea…well, that’s just made of pent up FBI Booth WIN as well.

3. The Shallow in the Deep, the entire episode.  Cool case of stolen identity. Brennan showing up at Booth’s apartment and naming all of his injuries…awesome. Booth’s “How is it I went to sleep Han Solo and woke up ObiWan Kenobi?” is terrific. Angela’s sketches…those were just fantastic. The Sweets/Booth/Brennan conversation and chemistry and hilariousness on the Cougar Cruise (virgin offering, zygotes, Brennan being prime real estate)…

Hodgins and Daisy reinacting the murder…all of it was just great. Tamara Taylor was fabulous as Cam, and the end scene was poignant and felt like good old fashioned BONES.  

4. Brennan’s scientific jibber-jabber in Proof in the Pudding, and Booth’s subsequent reaction of pride, and HER subsequent pleased reaction at HIS reaction. Super sweet and a great B&B moment.

5. Shirtless Booth. Seriously now. Doesn’t really matter why or how…it’s just terrific.

So…there you have it. 2010 is almost at a close, and soon BONES will be back in 2011, which is just, quite frankly, awesomesauce. Did you agree with the lists? What favorite moments would you have added? Brennan telling Max to buy her a sweater like a regular dad? Hodgins telling Angela that he’s her guy? Brennan admitting to Booth (and Sweets) that she fantasized about a life with him? Brennan fighting off a group of insurgents with her charm? Booth following her to a bad part of town and saving her life? You know, the usual? Her turn! Well, actually, now it’s your turn! I want to know what you think!

Be sure to be kind in your replies! And feel free to agree or disagree here or over at BuddyTV. But just remember the rules here… No foul language, and no spoilers.

Hope you are having a great day!

Peace, Love & Bones,



9 thoughts on “Top Five Tuesday: Responding to the BuddyTV Best/Worst BONES 2010 List

  1. Pingback: Tweets that mention I finally figured it out! :) What would you add? --

  2. To add to the lists:
    I think one of the worst (not THE worst though) was Hannah interfering with a good Booth/Brennan bicker. When she told Booth that she hated it when he and Brennan argued, I actually booed. I love it when Booth and Brennan bicker and really hated Hannah imposing her feelings, in Booths’ office, onto Booth and Brennan.
    I would have to add as one of the best moments is when Hannah gave Booth the phone. Brennan was just excited as Booth was. It proved that Brennan knows Booth so well and Hannah is clueless. I just loved that moment when he realised that Brennan was the reason he got the phone. I loved him holding the bow and silently thanking Brennan. So sweet.

  3. Thanks for doing this, I really enjoyed it! Especially loved that you ended it with shirtless Booth – yum 😉

  4. Hi!!

    I enjoyed reading your take on the article because I have read it too! 🙂

    I agree and agree with some of your’s and BuddyTv’s opinions.

    I personally like Sweets&Daisy (even though she can be annoying), but sometimes they’re cute. haha.

    I also like Hannah getting shot as awful as that sounds lol. Yes, Hannah was definitely the worst thing of Bones 2010.

    I disagree with Booth rejecting Brennan being one of the worst: it’s not happy in any sort of way and it’s painful watching and hurts my heart, but it was absolutely necessary.

    The Gravedigger case: ehh, I’m iffy about that: I liked it, but I actually have not watched that episode a second time (and I usually watch episodes 5X). It was too sad for me and I just can’t bear to watch it for reasons so far unknown. haha. But I was really disappointed about them not including the letter Brennan and Hodgins wrote (specifially Brennan). Maybe I just really thought it made sense for it to get mentioned and when it wasn’t….it was just…blah.

    I definitely agree with the moments you mentioned!! I love Clark’s freakout moment! It just gets me every time! hahha 🙂 And I loved all the ones you mentioned at the end: Hodgins telling Angela that he’s her guy, Brennan admitting to Booth (and Sweets) that she fantasized about a life with him, Brennan fighting off a group of insurgents with her charm and Booth following her to a bad part of town and saving her life!! 🙂 Some rewatching needs to be done, I think 🙂

    Thanks for posting this! I love reading these!! They always make my day!

    Hope you’re having a great day as well! 😀

  5. Absolutely loved your interpretations of the list and your moments.

    My fav moments, in no particular order:

    The airport scene in the season 5 finale: not because I wanted to see them go, I actually bawled my eyes out, but because Booth snuck off of base to see her at the airport. Her telling him to not be a hero was in essence telling him that she loved him and she wanted him home safe. Still cry when I see that, and when I heard the song that they played at the end of the episode today, it made me a little sad.

    The season premiere, when they reunite. Again with the tears, but they were bittersweet tears, yes we knew he came back with someone new, but he was thrilled to see her and she was thrilled to see him.

    Bunsen Jude the Science Dude: I love David Alan Grier, he brought out the silly side of Bones and totally inspired my Halloween costume 🙂

    The telephone gift scene, totally broke my heart. When Brennan said you’re welcome at the same time as Hannah, I think it struck a chord with her, especially when he didn’t look at her when he said thank you. She has always been number 1 in his life, even if she wasn’t aware of it.

    Angela & Hodgins discussing their pregnancy. I loved how excited Hodgins was when they were talking about it. There were tears in his eyes, which totally made me want someone like him around if/whenever I have another kid.

    Thanks Sarah!! Have a Happy & Safe New Year!

  6. love your list! there are so many good moments — I especially liked Clark’s outburst… glad you included that. Even Clark who doesn’t mix work with personal relationships can’t help but comment on how clearly B & B are right for each other. Booth with the red bow… I secretly like to think Booth is offering himself as a gift to Bones in that picture! The goodbye in Beginning in the End – not just B & B hand-holding but that Brennan could say she loved Hodgins! Just awesome! Some other best moments: I like how some of the episode titles have a double meaning (even if this is only my imagination)… usually they are about the victim/case but now we get Mastodon in the Room (obvious) and even Babe in the Bar (case and then the Hodgins baby announcement in the bar). I’d like to see more of this creativity. The Death of the Queen Bee dance scene with Booth leaving room for the Holy Spirit. I love that his faith is such a big part of his life. Bones is only afraid of snakes when Booth is around to be jumped upon. Some worst moments: Daisy/Sweets ethics violations — sex in the office, trying to cheat on the FBI certification. Hannah and the sunglasses scene — though we have already included that in just Hannah in general as a “worst”. Mastodon had so much potential but I just don’t think it was very well done. They should have just introduced one of the interns back in this ep plus Cam wouldn’t have needed help like that. The Science Dude episode was fun but Parker should have been there for the show — Ty must not have been available and that’s too bad.

  7. Love your list! I agree to all your comments on the top 20 best moments, the additional 5 and even the ones you mentioned at the end. c”,)
    I would have to add though brennan’s toast in FF at the end of the dentist in the ditch ep and I agree with Monica that the telephone gift scene should also be included in the best list.
    Can’t wait for 2011 eps so that I can add some more to our list!!!

  8. First of all, thanks for mentioning JennyJenWho’s squeecap, because I totally loved it! I too haven’t been able to rewatch the episode yet, but I really enjoyed seeing all of the pictures and reading her reactions to the scenes.

    As for best and worst moments, I didn’t agree with some of the BuddyTV choices (pretty much all the ones you didn’t agree with), but I did really enjoy your additions, and as you mention at the end of your post, there are just so many more that could be on that list. All I really want to say is I really enjoyed going into a bit more depth with them in your post and rolling down memory lane, so thanks Sarah! 🙂

  9. My major disagreement with the Buddy TV list was their inclusion of Hannah being shot as a “best.” Fictional character or not, I just think it’s in bad taste to say it’s a “good thing” when a basically good (yes, I know, people hate her because she’s come between B&B, but it’s not like she’s a murderer or anything, you know what I mean?) character gets hurt. I would have rather seen the sunglasses scene from the end of The Bones that Weren’t listed as a worst because that’s definitely the moment when I disliked Hannah the most.

    Sarah, I totally agree with adding Clark’s outburst and the entire episode of The Shallow In the Deep to the best list. Both were completely awesome.

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