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Booth: Still Han Solo To Me


Hello out there!

First of all, I just want to say that I’m loving the Star Wars references this season. Can I do a happy dance for all of us nerds who love Star Wars?

Okay …Now that I’ve gotten that out of my system let’s get on to the real topic of my ramblings. Actually, Star Wars is relevant to what I want to explore. Well sort of… I guess Booth muttering to himself in his office about how he went to bed Han Solo (who is hot by the way) to waking up Obi Wan Kenobi (the old one) is relevant enough.

The true inspiration for this post is from an experience I had with a friend’s younger sister. I was at my friend’s house watching BONES when her sister and her friend, who are both teenagers, walked in. The first thing out of the sister’s mouth… “He’s old.” I was shocked and hurt. Booth? Old? It simply wasn’t true! I tried to defend him. He isn’t old, he’s… experienced?

That’s when it hit me.

He’s not old to me because I’m in love with him… you know, within the context of the show of course (glance around nervously). I’ve seen him grow and become the man he is now or was… however you prefer him to be (in regards of the current tension in season six). He can’t possibly be old! …Can he?

And then The Shallow in the Deep aired.

I didn’t think it was possible for anyone to prefer Sweets (who is good looking in his own right) to Booth. But they did! I guess the women were on the Cougar Cruise for a reason though right? They prefer younger men. Between Sweets and Booth, Sweets is the younger man. I guess it’s coming to the point where Booth isn’t as attractive to certain women. He is starting to show his age, not in a bad way mind you. At the beginning of this episode we see him struggle to the front door, sore and stiff from a bad night. He had back issues in season four that Brennan tried to rectify in The Princess and the Pear and The Perfect Pieces in the Purple Pond.  SIDENOTE: Can I just say that I love Brennan’s genuine concern for Booth and his body in The Princess and the Pear and The Shallow in the Deep? She is just so concerned and she knows (surprisingly) a lot about his body and what he’s done to it. I also love Booth’s surprise over Brennan’s knowledge of his body.

            How old is Booth anyway? I think the general consensus is 39. At some point, in the third season I believe, he reveals that he is 35 years old. Add the five year age gap between him and Brennan and then four-ish years, and I’d say that 39 is a pretty good guestimate. Plus, Booth is about two year younger than David Boreanaz. We’ll say that Booth is 39 years old.

            So is Booth old? I don’t think so. He’s got a past to rival Brennan’s and experience to back him up with his job. I mean, there is a reason he is ‘Special Agent’ Seeley Booth. He’s worked his butt off to get there. He’s shot men; he’s killed men; he’s solved murders; he’s brought in bad guys. He’s not old. He’s experienced. And his experiences have made him the man he is today, the man who is right for Brennan- despite the circumstances they both find themselves in (a.k.a. Hannah). He’s the heart and she’s the brains. It’s as simple as that.

            I don’t think of Booth as old. He’s definitely done some aging and growing in the past five and a half seasons. But he’s not old. He’s just Booth.

…A man whose life experiences (growing up with an abusive, drunken father, fighting in a war, having a child, quitting gambling, working for the FBI, and working with Brennan) have made him into the man we all have come to love, respect, and admire. A man in FBI standard issue body armor. In my eyes, Booth will never be old (despite what a couple of teenagers may think). He’ll always just be… simply Booth.

So what do you think? Is Booth old? Is he showing his age these days? Let’s discuss. And, to keep things fair and above-board, let’s keep our responses to just Booth and not David Boreanaz related, shall we?


38 thoughts on “Booth: Still Han Solo To Me

  1. I have a theory that really hot men hit their peak of physical attractiveness around age 42, so Booth is just about perfect for me. I think he is much more attractive now that there is some age showing on his face than he was in the earlier seasons. (And DB is much better looking to me now than as Angel). There is a depth on display that simply wasn’t there in the baby-faced youthfulness of earlier seasons, and I like that.

    I remember thinking that the women preferring Sweets did not ring true to me. Booth (and DB) is pretty much always going to be the best looking man in the room. That is all.

  2. The phrase “age is relative” comes to mind. To me (who happens to be 54), Booth is a very good looking man. That is MAN, not boy, like Sweets. I have always liked men who actually look like men and not like kids. When I was a kid, I just loved Clark Gable ( who died when I was 8 years old) so what can I say. Booth is cool to me. He is a very patriotic man, a former soldier, a Special Agent with the FBI, a cool father, he is loyal and someone who cares about his friends (the few that he has) and co-workers. He is a solitary man who has had a lot of grief in his life; but, who still perservers and is kind to those that deserve it. What more could you ask of someone.

  3. I – no way, no how – think Booth is old. I think Booth is immensely hot, and it’s not just in the looks, it’s in his swagger too. (Passenger in the Oven was on TNT last night – that episode is oozing with Booth swagger). George Clooney has swagger. Harrison Ford had swagger. Sean Connery had swagger. Young guys can’t pull that off. The ones that force it are the reason why the word ‘douchebag’ gets thrown around. It’s a confidence that only comes with age and life experience, and Booth has that in spades.

  4. Quick disclaimer here (Booth fangirls don’t flame me!): Umm…Booth isn’t my type, but BONES has other eye candy, right? *cough*Hodgins*cough*

    The good news is that I can give an objective answer. I don’t think his character, complete with his life history and experience could be embodied in a younger man. Men in their 40’s are attractive, I know, I’m married to one, LOL! But I’ve always found older men attractive…Han Solo (Harrison Ford) – yum!…Sean Connery in Bond movies…mmhmm!

    As for the opinions of teenagers, I have a sixteen year old who thinks that Booth is gorgeous – the fact that Booth is old enough to be her father, and the actor is the same age as her mother hasn’t really altered her opinion either. To put it all into a nutshell, Booth is a mature character…could you envisage a guy of Sweets’ vintage solving crimes with Brennan? Nuh uh…

  5. I think Booth is more attractive the older he gets! I never watched Angel, etc. and when pictures of that character are posted, I’m not really impressed…but ANY picture of Booth is good for me! I suppose the reason is 2-fold…1. I love Booth (the character), and so in turn it makes him more attractive to me…2. Booth has matured really, REALLY well! 😉

  6. Well I’d say Booth is not old, but that could be because he’s younger than me. 😀

    I agree with those saying that he has gotten better looking with age. I believe he is much better looking now than he was on Buffy and the first few seasons of Angel. By the end of Angel I think he is much more attractive than he had been in the beginning and he just kept improving in those early seasons of Bones. It does seem to hold true that men’s looks improve with age.

    I didn’t do have any teenagers around but this week both my sisters and I were visiting our Dad and when he was flipping back and forth between channels he did stop on Bones for a brief while. My Step-Mother and youngest sister both said they watch it too, and that DB is very good looking. The other sister was the only one who doesn’t watch but even she admitted that he is good looking. So in that sampling you had women ranging in age from 35 to 63.

    Sweets does appear to be maturing a bit right now, but he really does still look like a kid and while kids can be cute and adorable, I’m not attracted to them and even thinking of that is just plain icky. Now for a teenager (who as much as they might think they are grown up really are just kids themselves) it would be appropriate for them to think he was attractive.

    Hey I do remember now when my niece (who is now 24 was probably about 19…back in Bones’ first season) and I were discussing David Boreanaz versus Nick Lachey. She was saying she thought NL was more attractive while I was saying DB. I then told her that I guessed NL was more age appropriate for her while DB was for me.

  7. Agreed, Nicole. Booth, in my eyes, is definitely not old, just experienced, and that experience makes him even hotter. Even as a teenager I always found leading men on TV really attractive despite the fact that all of my friends made fun of me for liking “old” guys.

    Firefly is right…men like George Clooney, Harrison Ford, etc. are somehow able to maintain their attractiveness well into old age. There are just some men that can make you swoon regardless of age, and Booth just gets better (and more delicious) every season. I find him so much hotter now than when he was younger as Angel.

    *sigh* Booth…you’re still so dreamy to me…

  8. I’m 27 so I tend to prefer guys around my age, I prefer Angel than Booth and I don’t like that Booth is 5 years older than Brennan. Also I don’t like that even thought the actress who plays Hannah is around the same age as ED, she looks way younger, and makes it look like Booth is dating a 20 year old girl which is really not a picture that I like… I guess when I’m 40 I would find Booth more attractive than Angel.
    So if Brennan gets a SO (and I hope she does), I would like him to be around her age for once 🙂

  9. While we are throwing age into it, I am 29 and have always preferred much older leading men. I was crazy about Harrison Ford in high school despite the fact that he was in his 50’s at that time. Booth, you just keep getting better!

  10. Booth is not old, in my opinion. He’s like a fine wine, gets better with age. Ok all cheesiness aside, I think Booth is gorgeous and for an older man (10 yrs older than me) he takes very good care of himself. I think some of us (especially me, since I turn 30 in a few months) we are terrified of getting older and fear that we may not be attractive to others anymore.
    I think that Booth dating Hannah (who I think has to be at least 10 yrs younger than him on the show) is a midlife crisis. But then again, that could be me just hoping. Hey if I could find a studly ex-Army, FBI guy who is close to 40 I’d jump on him too. 🙂

  11. Wow. The same thing happened to me. I was recommending BONES to a few friends of mine (they were 1 year younger than me). One of my friends (who is an avid fan of Vampire Diaries) said she’ll “get around to it”, but later admitted that “it might take a while” since she thought the “main guy” was old. I probably had an “I-CAN’T-BELIEVE-YOU-JUST-SAID-THAT” look on!!! O_O!!! I (like you) defended Booth. OK. I admit that Booth is no “Salvatore-brothers” in the appearance department, but that’s SOOOOOO not why we like and respective him. I’ve never could like a show/movie with the leads as teenagers as much as ones with adults in them. It’s the maturity factor I suppose. I totally agree with people above me….age is just a number!!! It’s all about the heart people!! 🙂 ❤

  12. I think at this point Booth is oldER, but he’s not old. I mean, David Boreanaz certainly still looks the same way he did when he played Angel (on “Angel,” not “Buffy”) and that was when he was about thirty or so. (I don’t know if that’s props to the makeup department or what.) My point is that sure, he’s gotten to be sort of “their generation” (“their” being 40-year-olds that I know), but it doesn’t matter on screen because all the characters are around that age save Sweets, so it doesn’t look weird. And when you see him for interviews and stuff, it’s still the same consensus for me: You’re not old until you hit 55. He’s got a lotta years left.

  13. I can’t say I’ve ever thought of Booth as old. I think, similar to you, that I just love him too much. He’s just Booth to me, he’s not old or young. I also generally think old is like 60/70ish. I still think Hugh Laurie is young, contrary to what my friends tell me. xD Gosh, I don’t think he’s old at all. He looks a bit older than season 1 obviously, but he’s not old.

  14. Well, I guess, to a teenager Booth could very easily appear to be quite old! In my younger years I well remember thinking that people TEN years older than me were positively ancient, totally ‘over the hill’, and completely incapable of reasoned and coherent thought! (That was mostly due to the fact, though, that, as a teenager, MY opinions were the RIGHT opinions – of course – Duh!) I’ve since learned the error of my ways – I grew up! It’s all a matter of perception which alters as we mature. Regarding the cougar cruise scenario I’m guessing that those ‘older ladies’ probably aren’t there for the conversation anyway, and more for the um.. ‘stamina’ of their younger companions!
    To me (I admit to being very biased, however) Booth is the perfect age, and well nigh the perfect man. Handsome, (oh yeah) honest, kind, sensitive, protective – well, you all know his attributes just as well as I do I’m sure, lol!

  15. Funny that you bring this up, about a week ago my friends and I were talking about attractive actors and one of them brought up some guy name Caleb from the new season of Survivor who looked about 25 years old what hot and then i showed her a picture of Booth and she told me that he was old (We’re 14 years old) and i looked at her in shock because that thought had never crossed my mind, i know he is getting older, but i dont think he’s there yet. I mean George Clooney and Leonardo DiCaprio arent considered old in many people’s eyes but their very experienced actors, I think the same of DB/Booth. I agree with many of you that he was not as attractive in his “Angel” years because he looked too young back then. I’d also like to say that when we see interviews of DB or scenes when Booth is acting all goofy-like he just gets that much more attractive because we get to see his inner child, which is maybe one reason why many of us don’t consider him old- he’s young at heart (and mature with his looks), and i think that speaks volumes.

  16. Booth’s character is the reason I started watching Bones. As a teenager myself, he’s WAY out of my age range, but he’s perfect for Brennan. I think more than his “good looks,” I like the sense of honor and justice that he never compromises. It doesn’t matter his age anymore, because I’ve seen five (almost six) seasons of the show where he’s proved his strength as an agent and a person. But I do have more of a crush on Sweets 🙂

  17. Booth is not old. He’s just like wine that get better with age. To me this is not be old is be experienced like you said and the man that every woman should have and love AKA BRENNAN !!!!

  18. Wow is this really necessary a whole post on whether a man is old or not. Geez this blog use to have class. Now it is like tabloid. What’s next, what actress has the shinest hair? Please bring back the topics of worth, worthy of this site. Thanks

    • Jen, the topic is relevant as Booth’s age/attractiveness was recently addressed on the show. Also, most women watching the show do enjoy Booth’s looks and the producers take full advantage of that.

      Additionally, the makers of this site work hard to give us a place to talk about “Bones” in all it’s forms, and the topics are many and varied. Perhaps you could comment on one of the “classier” topics?

  19. Age is just a number. Brennan can seem like an old fogey at times. And Booth a loveable big kid. Good try in trying to stop posters in not mentioning DB, it is an open floor to bash him. I can’t see you doing a piece on whether Cam or Tamara is too old she is 40 OR Brennan’s/Emily’s obvious weight gain throughout the series which would merit one too.

  20. First, let me say that although he is a good 10 yrs older than me I think he is delicious. However, and I know I will get flack for this, I have to admit Booth/DB has aged in the past year or so. I think that it is relevant to mention that maybe it is unfortunately partly because HDtv is now the norm and not necessarily the most forgiving on actors and I think the makeup department probably had a lot to do with how he looked in the cougar epi which was def haggard. I love DB but he has a more “distinguished look”. And Skole I am totally with you on Hodgins! Being a science geek myself there is nothing better than a hot lab rat ;^)

  21. Okay, first of all I just want to say that I absolutely looove this blog! Second, there’s a couple of things about BONES that really, really disturb me, like Brennan telling Booth that her grandfather got her out of the foster system and then talking to Max about how she never had grandparents (I don’t remember if it was on both sides, but it was something like that).

    And then, this thing with the age. Brennan was fifteen when her parents dissapeared and they had been missing for fifteen years in season one. Ergo, Brennan is thirty years old on season one. But in season three’s Soccer Mom in the Mini-Van, Booth says he’s 35, and then, in The Man in Mud (same season), Brennan tells Sweets that the age difference between she and Booth is five years. . which would mean that she’s been 30 since season one. Say what? I mean, that doesn’t make sense at all!

    If I assume that Brennan was 30 years old during season one (according to the “fifteen when the parents dissapeared and fifteen years old since that happened” thing), it would mean that she’s 36 now during season six. And if the age difference between Booth and Brennan is five years old (like she told Sweets), then that means Booth is 41 at the moment.

    On the other hand, if we look at it considering Booth’s “I’m 35!” on season three AND Brennan’s “five years between us” to Sweets, it means Booth was 33 when BONES started and he’s 39 now. . = Brennan was 28 during season one and is 34 now during season six.

    You see where I’m going with this? The age thing drives me crrrrrazy! Can’t the people that decide the age and stuff just be consistent on this one so that I don’t have to do all that impossible math?! Aagh.

  22. I agree with @safetosay123, he’s older, but not old. I’m 28, but always had a thing for older guys (when I was in junior high (13-14), my #1 crush was Dean Cain (30). While I preferred Angel to Spike for Buffy, I never got the DB swooning…until now. Booth is, ahem, foin. And for @delph: my hubs is 35 and as he starts getting somegray on the temples he gets unbelievably hotter. But besides occasional pop culture references, our 8 year age difference hasn’t ever been an issue (married 5 years, dated for three).

  23. Ok I just had to weigh in on this topic…Booth is most definitely NOT OLD! He has certainly aged since the first season, but in the best possible way. My friends and I just actually had a discussion a few weeks ago talking about actors who have gotten better looking as they got older and DB was pretty much on the top of all of our lists. I’m 23 and I’ve never liked guys my own age. I was in looove with Tim Daly on Wings when I was little and I was like 5 then, lol. (Tim Daly has also gotten even better looking as he got older!) Harrison Ford, totally good looking, George Clooney gets better every year. Older men just have something that young guys don’t have.

    Like Firefly said, its that swagger that Booth has (that younger guys just CAN’T pull off) that really makes him attractive. Booth will always be completely and totally good looking to me. He was cute as Angel on Buffy, hot as Angel on Angel, but, for me, he’s near gorgeous as Booth.

    • I saw DB’s tv series in reverse order, Bones made me currious about DB’s other shows so Bones took me to Angel and then to Buffy so I saw him get younger as I watched his shows. I really liked Angel but prefer Booth. Your right, the swagger is what makes him so cool.

  24. Aha! For a lovely change, a smile-inducing topic, but then contemplating Booth/DB is always smile-inducing. ;-D

    I completely agree with everything regarding Booth is not old and Booth-DB is way more attractive than Angel-DB, who is adorable, but a boy; a “soulful” boy, but a boy. BTW, I have a theory: the reason so many people (women?) didn’t “get” DB until Bones is that Angel didn’t smile much (something acknowledged by Whedon, et al. in the commentary to Angel S1 E1 on the DVD’s). The man has one of the all time heart melting smiles, especially when he’s giving Bones one of those “OMG, you’re amazing, I adore you” smiles.

    And, ladies, does it not just kill you that this getting hotter with age seems to be strictly a male phenomenon? Has anyone ever said that a 40 year old woman is hotter than she was at 30? Unless she’s lost 100 pounds, I’ve never heard of a woman who looked better at 40 than at 30. Argh!

    Oh well, I guess I’ll just enjoy gazing upon Booth/DB each week as he just gets yummier and yummier. ;-D

  25. I just noticed: I couldn’t help trying singing “Booth is still Han Solo to me” to the tune of Billy Joel’s “Still Rock and Roll to Me.” It works and now I can’t get it out of my head. Then again, the song will now bring a smile to my face because it will always make me think of Booth. ;-D


  26. He he. Love the Star Wars references. I had such a big crush on Han Solo when I was younger. 🙂 And thanks for a fun, light-hearted post Nicole. We need a good balance between light-hearted and serious topics on BT – especially this season.

    Now back to the delicious Seeley J. Booth. Yeah, I think he’s good looking – the face, the expressive eyes, the spiky hair (Angel/post-season one Booth), the lean build, those smokin’ hot tattoos on his wrists (I don’t know why, but I LOVE the tattoos)…combine all that with his character and, wow! I do think DB has started to look a little oldER at times in the past year or so (especially after watching Angel this summer), but that still doesn’t detract from his overall appeal. Of course, I love DB as Angel too (they’re both great characters and DB really is a very versatile actor). Bottom line: I am a Booth girl all the way. Hodgins is awfully cute and so is Sweets – in a little boy way (I think I’ll always see JFD as Sam Weir from Freaks and Geeks) – but Booth? Yeah. I’ll take the kick butt FBI guy with the lion heart, please.

    And speaking of getting older, I realized over the summer when my husband told me I was creepy for thinking 18-year old Taylor Lautner was hot (Jacob Black from the Twilight movies) that I should be setting my sights a little higher anyway. I’m 32 so eighteen is a little too young – even allowing for Sweets half plus 8 formula!

  27. Dude. I’m also a teenager (at least, for the next year or so…) and I don’t think as Booth as old… even though I’m pretty sure that he’s 41 by now. (Since I somehow got the impression that a. Brennan was 30 in season one and b. that he’s 5 years older than her… and since we skipped a year going into this season, Brennan must be 36 which makes Booth 41…)

    So, yeah. Too old for me, I suppose 😦 but not too old in general!

    And HF was 35 I believe when he was filming episode 4, so Han was more of a Booth than a Sweets anyway.

    • Well for those wondering about Brennan’s and therefore Booth’s ages. In one episode Brennan states she was born in 1976. So she is the same age as Emily Deschanel. She is now 34, so Booth being 5 years older is 39. They also said her parents disappeared just before Christmas in 1991 and that she was 15 at the time, again meaning she was born in ’76 and would be 34 now.

      So it appears that Brennan is the same age as ED, but that Booth is younger than DB. Regardless if if Booth is 39 or 41, he is still a good looking man and I still think he has gotten better with age; as many men do.

    • Yes, HF was 35 (or so) when he became Han Solo and there was quite a to do about that when us ladies were all drool-y over him. I was in my early 20’s and many people (read: young men) wondered how “young” women like myself could be so excited about a guy who was so-o old.

      I thought the half plus eight actually applied to men. I have always used the 15+/- for an appropriate age for a man as my measure. Booth/DB just gets in there for me. ;-D

  28. No matter what age Booth is, he’s HOT.

    What makes a man attractive is HOW he uses the attributes he has. The way he smiles, the way he walks, his expressions…even down to how he uses his hands (watch his hands…that is, if you can stop looking at his other parts long enough….hee hee). He exudes charm and that comes from a combination of all the little things that make up Booth. All of them together create a beautifully wrapped Boothy package. *sigh* That’s what did it for me.

    I saw comments about how DB’s look in Bones appeals to some more than Angel, but when you stop to think about it, he had the perfect look for Angel. It just fit the character. If he would have looked like Booth, it wouldn’t have worked as well…IMO. So, for me, he’s perfect in both series – just as he was and is.

  29. Personally, Booth is just not my type. Objectively I see that he is an attractive male, but I’ve always found his appearance more intimidating than attractive. The fact that the first time I saw DB he was in crazy vampire mode, which was a little scary in middle school, may partially contribute to this. Although I adore all the male characters on Bones, I just don’t use them as eye candy. That being said, I’m nineteen and I never really thought of Booth as old until that episode. Objectively, I just view him as a respectable fully grown man.

  30. Gasp, shock, horror! Booth is not old!

    Honestly, I’ve never thought of Booth as getting older before the cougar episode. I mean, ok we don’t know his exact age – but most seem to agree it’s between 39 and 41, I just can’t think that’s old.

    I’m 26 and probably wouldn’t date someone Booth’s age as I’m not sure we’d be in the ‘same place’ in life (however, if Booth is suddenly available, I’ll change my mind!) but that doesn’t mean I think he’s old.

    Booth is attractive because of who he is, and he is who is is because of his life experience. It sounds like when he was in college, he had his fun like most lads, but it’s the maturity that’s come from everything that’s happened in his life that makes him the man he is.

    Obviously, Booth is an attractive man – it’s been commented on in the show numerous times, and his physical presence is impressive. DB also uses his physicality very well in the show – the swagger, the hands on his waist, the way he uses his hands, the way he holds a gun etc etc


  31. I’m a teenager too and i don’t think Booth is old… but i guess we are clouded by our love of him and our knowledge of his past.
    Oh! and with the Booth age thing, for some reason i was just working out Brennan and Booth’s ages the otherday (it must’ve been the cougar cruise) i’m pretty sure Brennan is 32 which makes Booth around 37 (i know small difference from 39, but still) My evidence is that in the cougar cruise ep, the ‘acceptable age range’ calculation was 1/2 + 8. Brennan says that it would be socially acceptable to date a man of 24, jumping to the conclusion that this is the minimum accpetable age, it means that she is 32 (24 – 8 x 2=32, yes math geek i know! :)) this is also congruent with past slips about her age (in ‘girl in the fridge’ michael says that he slept with her when she was 23, and then somehow we find out that this was 3 years ago meaning that she is 26 or about that in season 1.) Then we know that the age difference between Booth and Brennan is 5 years, so that means that he is approx. 37. which really isn’t that old at all. anyways, hope my math is right 😛

  32. I think Booth is one of the first ‘men’ I really loved. I guess he sort of appeals to my nature to want to take care of people, and my innate curiosity to know more about people. Also, he’s gorgeous. 🙂

    Sometimes, when I see season one eps, or yeah, Angel eps, he almost looks like a baby! He’s gorgeous, plain and simple.

    One thing I love is that Brennan’s anthropology sort of indicates that she would NOT be interested in him as someone who is older than her (like their cougar talk in Perfect Pieces in the Purple Pond, etc), combined with the way she would sort of resent an alpha male. And yet, our alpha female will totally surrender to him, I believe. Of course, he will already have surrendered to her in all ways, making her still ‘on top’ in a lot of ways. They just work. That is all 🙂

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