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Morning After Q: What Do B&B Sacrifice For One Another?


Good morning, pals! Happy Friday!

Before we get any further into this discussion, I did want to mention one thing.  I keep forgetting to mention that these Morning After Qs were inspired by another blogging pal of mine, SB, on her website “OffColorTV“. SB is an old co-GMMR blogger, and she’s hilarious. She’s not kidding around about being off-color on her site (seriously, you’ve been warned), but if you’re into that, and you watch the same shows as she does, it’s totally worth checking out. So outrageous and fun. We just don’t happen to watch many of the same shows these days. Anyway, she has/had these Monday Morning Armchair Quarterback posts where she’d toss out a question and we’d all discuss it, etc, etc. And I totally stole that idea for these MAQs. So thanks, SB…you’re the best!

Okay, back to BT! It’s the last day of 2010, which just seems crazy. I’m kind of curious about 2011! 2010 was sort of an eventful year for me, but this blog is not my diary, so I won’t go into that here!

Do you have resolutions for 2011? How about BONES-resolutions? Is anyone thinking about going spoiler free for 2011? I cannot recommend it enough! My BONES resolution is to try to not be judgmental toward Daisy when she’s in an episode. Unless she’s speaking or actually on the screen. Haha.

But…none of those things are really associated with today’s MAQ. FOX aired two Bones eps last night, The Proof in the Pudding & The Parts in the Sum of the Whole. And both of them got me to thinking…what have Booth and Brennan sacrificed for one another? And are they really sacrificing for the other, or for themselves in some way? Does the other one even know about the sacrifice? Are they work opportunities? Relationship opportunities? Brennan’s quest for the absolute truth? Booth’s tendency toward protocol? And…I suppose it’s worth asking…has there been a payoff for the sacrifice?

Feel free to use these two episodes as springboards for the discussion, but also feel free to branch off into the rest of the series as well. I think there are some examples of this sacrifice in season six, but I also see it as a series-long theme between Booth and Brennan, so I’m interested to hear what you think and which episodes and moments you’ll choose to discuss your reasoning.

So there you have it. What do B&B sacrifice for one another, and is it really for the other or for some sort of personal gain, and does the other one even KNOW about the sacrifice?

But enough from me. What say you? Let’s make this last post of 2010 COUNT, baby! Woo!

Peace, Love & Bones,


Oh, and PS… HAPPY NEW YEAR! Here at wordpress, they’ve tossed out a challenge; post every day in 2011. Well, we’ve been doing that here at BT for a couple of months now (and before that, we were MOSTLY once a day), but for 2011, I’m going to really commit to do it! At least 365 posts, starting tomorrow. That seems do-able, right? That’s like 52 scene studies, 52 MAQs, 52 Top Five Tuesdays, 200+ other posts, including some BT Mailbags, several Fan Spotlights, a few open letters, and

Whoa, hey, where did THAT come from?! Ha, haha. I guess B&B are a very good place to start! See you in 2011!


14 thoughts on “Morning After Q: What Do B&B Sacrifice For One Another?

  1. Hey hey – awesome topic for the ‘last day of the year’ post!

    I’ve always thought they sacrifice quite a lot for each other, our Brennan and Booth. Off the top of my head:

    Booth dancing with Brennan at her ‘prom’ in Death of the Queen Bee. You could tell it was painful for him, which is why he ‘kept some room for the holy spirit’ (haha!) but when she got all misty about it being the prom she’d never got to go to, he stepped up and gave her her close dance because it was important to her – despite the fact it obviously pained him.

    Brennan sacrificing for Booth, I’m going for the most obvious one – fudging the scientific truth a little bit in Proof in the Pudding. That’s the first time I think we’ve ever seen her tweak the absolute facts to spare someone’s feelings.

    Also – when she worked with her father in order to find and save Booth in ‘man in the concrete’ she sort of sacrificed her own feelings of animosity towards her father, opening her door to letting him into her life because there’s nothing she wouldn’t do to help Booth.

    Thanks very much for all your hard work this year at Bones Theory Sarah – much enjoyed and appreciated! I got genuinely excited when I read that you’re planning on posting every day in 2011, lots to look forward to! I promise to read every one, Happy New Year!

  2. I think Brennan ‘sacrificed’ for Booth in The Two Bodies in the Lab when she postponed her date with David even though she gained something by being able to spend time with with Booth at the hospital, watching TV. I say this is a sacrifce not because she might not want to spend some time with Booth but the fact that that was going to be her FIRST date with David and shes been waiting for this for the whole episode.

  3. The most obvious is Booth taking a bullet for Brennan. Booth taking evidence at the crime scene, Brennan’s mom earring. He was ready to sacrifice both his life and career. Thanks for the blog. Happy New Year.

  4. I agree that they both sacrifice a lot for each other. Even in the pilot, Booth sacrificed his own career to get Brennan to help on the case by allowing her into the field. Though, that was more to solve the case, than anything else.

    And then there other examples people have mentioned like two bodies in the lab, the proof in the pudding, the man in the morgue and the wannabe in the weeds. All of these moments are them sacrificing something for each other, whether it’s risking their own job, life or just missing a date. I don’t think it’s done for personal gain at all. They’re just watching out for each other because of how close they are. I don’t think there’s ever an alterior motive behind their actions.

    I think they’re both aware of these sacrifices, though I’m sure there are other examples where Booth or Brennan is not so aware. Especially Brennan, as she’s not aware of a lot of things that Booth is.

    Anyway, I love reading the blog and am looking forward to all the posts in 2011! Happy New Year! =)

  5. Okay this MAQ definitely has the potential to get me confused so here’s hoping that it’s legible by the end!

    I believe that B&B pretty much sacrificed their lives for eachother. Before they met, Brennan was intent on digging up old skeletons and finding the absolute truth, whilst Booth was gambling his life away and VERY slowly working his way up to join the bigwigs of the FBI. When they first met, both put their lives on hold a bit to give it a chance, sacrificing what they had been working for in order to gain something they thought may be better. I think at this point they were mainly doing it for themselves. Booth wanted to put away the judge for killing Gemma because he knew he was guilty and Brennan wanted to help him because she wanted a challenge. They both also wanted to show that they were right, since booth was definite that the judge was guilty because his gut told him so, and brennan was insistent that this wasn’t good enough, and that evidence would be much better. At this point the showing off was very much for themselves.

    However, I think by the end of the Pilot (13 months, less a week later), when Brennan agrees to help Booth fulfill his cosmic balance sheet they are finally starting to sacrifice for one and another. Booth endangers his job and (i’m guessing his good) standing with his boss, just because he knows that Brennan is ‘the best’. Sure it’s to save the case, but he even fights for her later. He really does sacrifice his job just so that Brennan can also help, because he knows that she needs to be more involved in order to help him. And then Brennan puts all her mocking thoughts aside and agrees to help with Booth’s cosmic balance sheet. During the episode she also starts to question what Booth says about her relationship with people. In the flashback in the 100th they didn’t question eachother, but now they are. Brennan is sacrificing her knowledge and rationality in order to work with Booth, so that they can work well together.

    To the question “Does the other one even know about the sacrifice?” I would answer that no one is ever fully aware for what a person does for them. I think that they each know to an extent that the other person sacrifices things for them due to their perceptiveness to each other (e.g. brennan at the end of “two bodies in the lab” and booth in “death of the queenbee”) but they will never know everything.Examples of Brennan’s unknown sacrifices for Booth are of course when she sacrifices her idea of absolute truth so that Booth will feel okay in the end of “the Proof in the Pudding”. Of course another big one is Brennan sacrificing her love (i know it’s not official, but come on people!!) for Booth in “the Parts in the Sum of the Whole” to keep Booth from getting hurt by her ( however that does have a few sacrifices for personal reasons chucked in there as well). Booth’s sacrifices for her include deciding to eat with Brennan instead of going home with Cam in “the Girl with the Curl” and also anytime in which he has killed someone for her (although those times are less unknown).
    As the series progressed the sacrifices became less distinct, and they started to just blend into everyday life so that B&B’s reasons too for giving up their lives became tangled.

    Finally, I believe there has definitely been payoff for all this giving up. I mean sure it hasn’t come in the fashion that most of us would like, but it is important for them. They have a strong, working relationship. They can depend on eachother and they love eachother; be it in an “atta-girl” way or something more. Their sacrifices have not gone to waste, and has only built up on what they orginally had.

    Also, thanks Seels for Bones Theory 2010. I’ve been reading for a few months now and the promise of a new post each day always makes me smile, as does the promise that you will keep this up in 2011. This in fact is my first 2011 post!! (been the new year for just over 4hours now) HAPPY NEW YEARS!!! and may 2011 bring more delightful moments between Booth and Brennan (it rhymes, sort of =D)

  6. First of all!! Happy New Year everybody!!

    As for the question. What do B/B sacrifice for one another? Well. To be completely honest, I’m tempted to say “everything”. My reason for saying this is this. Booth and Brennan would give their lives for each other. I don’t even have to start listing how many times these two could have died saving the other. Seriously. If you could give your life for someone (e.g. jump in front of a bullet, shove them from the path of a moving train etc.)…is there really anything else you could sacrifice for them?? OK. Having said this, busy people who don’t see their family comes to mind. Obviously these people would (probably) say they’d die for a family member, but not give up their jobs. Then again. Booth does that (taking evidence from a crime scene) and Brennan does that (lying to the FBI). Lastly, I think Booth and Brennan would give up their “souls” for one another. What I mean by this is, they are willing to do something that contradicts their personal moral beliefs for the other. I think Brennan bended scientific proof in Proof in the Pudding for Booth to keep his faith. Booth would kill to save Brennan, which goes against his desire to not have to kill. So, yeah. My first answer stands. EVERYTHING!! That’s so many levels beyond “love”. This is probably why I’m not even worried about the whole Hannah storyline. What Booth/Hannah has is not even CLOSE to what Booth/Brennan have/had.

  7. Hmmm…I tend to think that the payoff for their sacrifices is staring them right in the face, they just have a hard time seeing it sometimes. The payoff is that they have each other (and I don’t necessarily mean that in a romantic sense); and it doesn’t matter what (or in this case, who) is standing between them – that’s not going to change. Even when everything is out of whack and they seem “off” as they have this season, even now, when they can’t be “everything” for each other like they used to be, they still have each other’s backs (eg. Brennan telling Hannah to be sure, the phone, Booth following Brennan to a “bad part of town” in the middle of the night). It’s more than friendship, it’s loyalty, and respect, and yes, even love. It’s very much as Sarah said: they’re not just partners, they’re “everything.”

    B&B, despite (or perhaps because of) their differences, have become two halves of the same whole; and while that’s an analogy that’s typically used for married couples, I think it works here. It’s a humorous example, but look at the way they play off of each other during their couples therapy sessions with Sweets. They can do that because they have such a deep bond. And that bond is based, in part, on mutual sacrifice. Each knows what it’s like to face death, defeat, and despair for (or with) the other.

    And, of course, that two halves of the same whole thing is why, when they finally get their heads on straight in the romance department, it will be a forever kind of deal. It’s also why, despite being Booth’s “perfect match” (on paper at least), Hannah will simply never be enough.

    Oh, and one more thing, I think Brennan did know, at the end of The Man in the Morgue, when Booth gave her her mother’s earring back, exactly how much he had sacrificed for her. That’s why when Angela asked her if it meant something, she said it did.

  8. We have seen numerous examples of how Booth and Brennan sacrifice for each other. Sometimes it is obvious to each other, Booth saving Brennan from Pam in “The Wanna Be In The Weeds” and sometimes it is not obvious, Brennan declaring that the body was not JFK in “The Proof In The Pudding”. They both would put the their lives on the line for each other and have done it many times. Brennan even sacrificed Jared’s naval career to save Booth in “The Hero In The Hold”. Even though we have seen Booth try to keep his distance from Brennan this season he has not really been very successful. We now know that he was willing to follow Brennan all over town and try to protect her when she was emotionally agitated in “The Doctor In The Photo”.
    To me the proof that Brennan needed that Booth would do anything for her was when he agreed to help her make a baby in “The Critic In The Cabarnet”. We know that Booth considers fatherhood a sacred trust and to allow Brennan to use him to get a baby had to be an enormous sacrifice on his part. I don’t think Brennan knew just how big a sacrifice that would be for Booth. Even though he finally told her no, he did say in the hospital that if he died that Brennan could have his stuff to make a baby. That would have been a huge sacrifice for Booth because he was willing to allow his child to grow up without a father.
    The proof that Brennan would do anything for Booth is the fact that she comes to him to help her when she does not understand the world. Brennan is a very self sufficient person and until she started working with Booth, she only relied on herself. Now she allows Booth to help her solve problems and she is more than willing to show weakness to him (something she is not willing to do with anyone else). We saw that in “Mummy In The Maze”. She allowed herself to be afraid of snakes in front of Booth and actually had him carry her past a bunch of snakes and yet in “The Mastadon In The Room” she told Daisy the only time she is afraid of snakes is when she is around Booth. I don’t think Booth is aware of this sacrifice.
    I too am not worried about Hannah because of the personal attachment Booth and Brennan have for each other. Ultimately, I believe that Hannah’s love is going to be Booths’ sacrifice to keep Brennan in his life.

  9. You know, I’m not going into Booth, but since Brennan met Booth (as seen in the 100th episode), she doesn’t really have friends outside of work. Even Angela, who was friends with Brennan before Brennan and Booth were a team, now works with her. Brennan’s sacrificed her entire life to help Booth with everything she does. Of course, I’m not saying she thinks it’s a sacrifice, because she’s probably completely rationalized her lack of a social life, but everything she does is pretty much centered around Booth. The ways she adjusts what she does (ie. reconnecting with her brother and her father, doing impulsive things for Angela, changing the name of her book that one time….), the way she is friends with Hannah (do you honestly think she would be friends with a person like that otherwise? Although, after the mid-season finale, I think their friendship has kinda gone out the window.), and so much more. I love Booth, but do you ever get the feeling that he’s asking too much from Brennan? that he’s making her sacrifice too much, even if neither of them realize it?

  10. I’ve been struggling with this for two days. It’s just a TV show, right?

    First, they both sacrifice a lot for each other, but, Booth girl that I am, I’d argue that Booth has sacrificed more for Brennan — beyond taking the bullet, which it still bugs me she has never fully acknowledged and has in fact put it down a couple of times. (“Once. That only goes so far.” That really bugged me. And, in effect, in Couple in the Cabin when she denigrates sacrificing one’s self for another because it could turn out to have been a mistake. I’d have to re-watch the ep to get it exactly and it’s among those I refuse to re-watch, but I felt that was dismissive of what Booth had done for her.)

    Anyway, I think that while Brennan appears to have sacrificed her “first love” to solve murders, in fact, she is still using bones to solve mysteries and has not really sacrificed that first love. She can still go and study old bones if she so chooses — and has — and even had Booth along to help her (PitO). Furthermore, capturing killers has actually helped her to grow professionally. She has more knowledge, more technology, more renown, etc. because she has been working on these modern mysteries. She has not really sacrificed anything at the core of who she is.

    Booth, on the other hand, has. Booth is a man driven by several core values: the duty, honor, country values of the military and FBI and the faith and family values of his Catholic upbringing. (Brennan is also driven by her contrasting values.) While Bones has not presented a problem where the duty, honor, country values are involved, I think she has led him to considerable sacrifice with regard to family and has been quite dismissive and derisive regarding his faith. (Let me note: I agree in principles with Bones re: faith, but I disagree with her treatment of Booth on this matter. I have many friends/family who are people of faith and I would never be as derisive of that to their faces as I feel Bones has been to Booth. Ok for full disclosure.)

    As to family, if not for Bones, I believe Booth would probably have found a woman to create a family with by now. That is, Booth loves/has been in love with/probably is still in love with Bones. Hannah, notwithstanding, he has been waiting for Bones to come around for more than six years. Frankly, Hannah is not a woman to create a family with anyway. A man like Seeley Booth would not create a family with a nomad and I think (hope?) Hannah is not yet ready to give up her nomadic ways, despite her apparent “settlement” in Booth’s apartment in DC.

    Yes, he has another kind of family, but he wants/needs something more traditional: a wife and children to care for. He has been trying to create this for years. Because he has come to want it with Bones, he is still waiting.

    BTW, as much as Bones has also been in search of a family, I don’t think having a traditional family is the core driver it is for Booth — or at least hasn’t been until recently. I don’t think that Bones would have seen the lack of a family as a personal failing. I think that Booth has and continues to so.

    I guess I just generally feel that Bones has gained more from her relationship with Booth than he has from her. Booth has broadened her world. He has given her insight into other perspectives. He has helped her grow emotionally. Largely because of him she has her family back. She has found work that is challenging and in many ways more meaningful. As Hodgins once noted: Angela made Brennan want a bigger life, but Booth made it possible. He has given her a level of love, acceptance and caring that no one had given her since she was a child.

    I’m not saying Bones has given Booth nothing, but I think it pales in comparison. She has clearly helped him professionally. She understands and accepts him in ways I think no other woman can. She has also broadened his perspective and taught him some things. But, I also think that came at a heavy price for him. She derided his intelligence, expertise and capabilities for years. She has denigrated and been dismissive of his faith and beliefs for years. Then she rejected him as a man and yet asked him to remain her friend and partner. And, then she walked away from the partnership. (Given what she had said in BwtA, it was reasonable for Booth to wonder if they would ever be partners again, notwithstanding any reassurances in BitE.) I think that, on balance, she has been far less respectful and appreciative of him and caused him far more pain than he has her. That balance has only recently begun to shift.

    I’m a Booth girl, ’nuff said.

    • Angelena: I so agree with your analysis. I think Booth is willing to make sacrifices because he is compelled to be the protector; the white knight. I see Brennan’s life changes more as growth that she strives to obtain rather than that she is sacrificing anthropology (her first love) for Booth. She not only asked to be in the field with Booth, she insisted. Not to say she doesn’t sacrifice anything for Booth– she definitely does — I just don’t see it as equal to his sacrifices for her.

      • Angelena – I agree with your post so much I was cheering inside when I read it!

        I feel that Booth has taken a monumental bashing this season so far, but I can’t help feeling that is so unfair when you consider what he’s been through for her in the past.

        Sometimes you have to draw a line under something that is making you miserable, and I feel that toward the end of last season, being in love with Brennan was making him miserable – his hope of something more had gone, she was dating Hacker, she moved away from him, without once explaining why; emotionally in Boy with the Answer, physically by going to Maluku and then finally by not contacting him once while she was away. Blow after blow after blow for Booth.

        I agree with you that he’s been waiting for her, and that if it weren’t for her he may well have settled down by now.
        I agree with you that her treatment of him re his religion is outrageous.
        I agree that it made me so mad when she dismissed his having taken a bullet for her.
        I agree with pretty much everything you said…

        I’m not having a go at Brennan, I do love her just the way she is and think she has made her own sacrifices along the way, and I’m not on his ‘side’ or anything. It’s just that things feel a bit hostile toward Booth right now and it strikes me as unfair. The big guy has his own issues, he’s not perfect and yet I feel like everyone expects him to be, because he’s Booth.

  11. Well, first off Happy 2011! I just want to take a moment and congratulate you Sarah on such a wonderful website and thank you for bringing some thoughtful BONES discussions to us every day on BONES Theory! I have truly enjoyed stopping by every day to check out all of the great discussion.

    Okay, back to the topic…what have B&B sacrificed for each other? I tend to agree with you and others with EVERYTHING being my answer. At least, everything that matters to them. There have been many instances over the last 6 years of them sacrificing things for each other, and somehow it always boils back down to the things that they value most in their lives – their integrity, their jobs, and their lives.

    For instance, Booth has sacrificed/risked his life for Brennan many times, both instinctually and intentionally. He’s literally taken a bullet for her (Wannabe in the Weeds), but he’s also run to save her after being blown up (Two Bodies in the Lab), putting his own health at risk. He risked his integrity (by this I mean the things he believes in and stands for) when he stood up on the stand at Max’s trial and agreed that Brennan had time to kill Kirby, even though he didn’t believe it of her; he did this to save Max for her at the steep cost of putting his partner in danger of arrest. (Sidenote: I still LOVE that scene – one of my all-time favourites!) He’s also risked his career several times for her: in the Pilot, taking her on as a partner because she’s “amazing”, taking evidence from a crime scene to protect her (Man in the Morgue), pursuing to exonerate Marvin Beckett while trying to find Max Keenan and thereby getting dismissed from the FBI to find the truth for Brennan (Judas on a Pole), and breaking into the Jeffersonian to rescue his team (but mostly her) in Proof in the Pudding.

    Brennan too has sacrificed all of these things. I would argue that in a way she has sacrificed part of her career to work with him. I know she has definitely benefited professionally from her partnership with Booth, but ultimately she was a museum employee, an academic who studies the way people died long ago. She has had to sacrifice this academic part of her career in order to solve murders with Booth. She’s also risked her career several times in trying to save Booth. For instance, she lied to the FBI to get them to look for Booth in Killer in the Concrete, and she stole a body to try and find him in Hero in the Hold. For some reason I’m drawing a blank on an example of Brennan sacrificing her life for Booth, but I have no doubt that she would in a heartbeat, and perhaps this is something we have yet to see (call me a sucker for wanting a “Brennan in danger” storyline this season!). She has definitely sacrificed her integrity for him, the one big example being her lying to/for him in Proof in the Pudding. Brennan doesn’t lie – she believes in the truth, and for her to be willing to fudge the truth to bring him happiness is a pretty big thing.

    In fact, I think one of the big sacrifices we’ve been seeing Brennan make for Booth in the last two seasons is her sacrifices for his happiness. At the beginning of Season 5 we saw her sacrifice her resolutions to bring him self-satisfaction and joy – she allowed him to teach her plumbing in Bond in the Boot, and she had a Christmas dinner so he wouldn’t be alone in Goop on the Girl. She “tattled” on him to Sweets even though what’s between them is theirs out of concern for his well-being in Dwarf in the Dirt, and like I mentioned, she told him a white lie to maintain his faith in his country in Proof in the Pudding. At the 100th episode, we start to see her sacrificing her happiness for his (bear with me, I know some of you won’t agree with me). In my opinion, she tells him “No” to his pursuit of a relationship because she’s protecting him from herself. She thinks that a relationship between them would ultimately only bring him (them) sorrow, and that it would be HER fault, so by breaking his heart (and basically hers) now, she will save him from worse heartache later. Oh Brennan, how I love your twisted logic here!

    Over the course of the end of Season 6, we’ve been seeing her making small sacrifices for Booth’s continued happiness. She befriends Hannah and helps her (with the surgery in The Bones that Weren’t and with the phone gift in Maggots in the Meathead) even though it pains her. She lies for him (again!) so that he can go meet with Hannah in The Babe in the Bar. It’s only in The Doctor in the Photo that we see her full pain at having made that sacrifice for him in 100.

    I suppose we’ll have to wait and see in this last half of Season 6 what will come of it all. Quite frankly, I’m nervous and scared, but simultaneously curious and excited to see what happens next. Here’s to a promising turn in the B&B saga!

    • A “Brennan in danger” episode would be amazing! We got a bit of that in DitP, but I’d like to have a bit more.

      And for some reason, the first scene that I thought of was the end of the 100th when Brennan rejects Booth, basically, because she doesn’t think she would be good enough for him. She isn’t ready for a relationship and she knows it, so in order to protect Booth, she hurts him and it’s hard for her (hence the tears)… if that makes sense. (I haven’t seen this episode for a while…)

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