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Why I Came Back to BONES


“Say what?“, you might say. “You’ve quit BONES? When did THAT happen?”

Well, I’m glad you asked, because this is something I’ve been wanting to talk to you all about. This wasn’t a New Year’s surprise resolution or something; this was something that happened before I ever started blogging about BONES. Several times, I’ve told you all about how I came around to BONES, but I don’t always talk about the summer I took a break and what it was that brought me right back in. I think some of you might be feeling like you need a break, but you’re not sure what that means, so I just want to share my story.

I started watching regularly scheduled episodes of BONES in season three, with Man in the Mud, after the writers’ strike. I loved and still love that chunk of BONES episodes… Baby in the Bough, Verdict in the Story, etc. There were a lot of annoyed fans that summer, people who loved Zack and thought the show was ruined, but I was still new to BONES; we were in our honeymoon phase, and as Brennan might say, we were still ‘feeling each other up’. Haha. But, it’s sort of true. I’d gotten connected with some fun people in the summer of 2008, and that’s when BONES became more than the show for me.

And that sort of two-pronged ‘deal’ has continued to this day. BONES is a show I watch and Bones is a community of people I talk with and like and argue with (sometimes!). Does that make sense? Sometimes those two parallel things cross paths, and there are times when I feel the need to quit one and focus on the other. When I get stressed by viewer comments or twitter responses, I get back to my ‘roots’, ha, and I watch the actual show. The 100Days project helped me with that. I was always ‘talking’ about BONES, but was I still connected to the actual show any longer? I needed to know what I was talking about.

Likewise, when the episodes are hard to watch, and I feel confused by them, or when I lose my ‘faith’, there are friends and other writers who come alongside of me and speak words of wisdom; they point out examples to show me that I’m not alone, that what we’re seeing isn’t the end, etc. I find this community invaluable.

But there was a time when neither of those things worked any longer. I wasn’t satisfied with BONES, the episodes, and the community also didn’t seem to be working. Let’s go to the scene of that crime:

Season Four:


#1. “God spelled backwards is dog” (Worst Booth line in history. Worst BONES line in history? Possible)
#2. Angela getting hit in the face with flying poultry (it was so lame, not even a ‘that’s what she said’ joke works)
#3. “Quirky” (at best) BONES eps that felt like a departure from the show I loved (Double Trouble, Double Death)
#4. Daisy
#5. Storylines like bringing in a possible love interest for Booth like Agent Perotta. Hadn’t that ship of an idea had sailed with Sully in Season Two? Wasn’t that old news? Hahahaha. Ah, haha.

Don’t get me wrong; there are a LOT of things I LOOOOOOOVED about season four, and it has some of my all time favorite moments, like we’ve talked about in some of the scene studies. And ConMan in the MethLab, Mayhem on a Cross, Science in the Physicist…those are in my top 20 eps ever. Love them. It was more that there were just these little…other moments that I didn’t like.

And then…

It’s probably April 2009; I’m driving home from work, and I see an email on my BlackBerry; there’s a new BONES spoiler. This one was a doozy; there would be a guest star. Booth’s dad? No. Ryan O Neal again as Max? Nope.

Stewie. Stewie Griffin was going to be on BONES.

What????? BONES!

The show that had put Brennan on the stand and given her a very heartfelt “I don’t matter!” speech in season one (Girl in the Fridge). The show that had brought me to tears more than I could say…was bringing in a cartoon character? And not just as a dream or something random…Stewie was going to be instrumental in the storyline I’d been so anxious for: Brennan wants a baby with Booth.

W. T. F?

I emailed my friends and complained (and I actually LIKE Stewie and Family Guy!), and I pulled into Dairy Queen’s Drive Thru for a little Raspberry Truffle Blizzard therapy.

Also, on my office desk was copy of TV Guide magazine, with this on the cover.

First of all, gorgeousity. Gorgeousness. Lovely people! And they were going to ‘finally see some real action’, right?

So…then, Critic in the Cabernet aired, and I felt jolted, but sort of full of remorse. I had placed judgment based on the spoilers and hadn’t waited for all of the evidence to come in. Sidenote: I know I moan about spoilers all of the time, but honestly the reason I really stopped reading spoilers was because of this episode. I was tired of saying “That wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be” or “That wasn’t as good as I thought it was going to be”. It just seemed unfair to the episodes that I was going into them with my own expectations. Critic in the Cabernet wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. Stewie putting his two cents into Booth’s sexy business wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be.

But then, The End in the Beginning aired. I wasn’t one who felt cheated by the fact that we’d been ‘lied to’ from the TV Guide article. It just reinforced my burgeoning feelings that spoilers could not be trusted, and that each episode should speak for itself. I’ll talk more another day about my issues with EitB, but basically, like I mentioned the other day, it feels like a big inside joke I’m not invited to, and I feel annoyed by that. Once the series is all said and done, I’ll watch it again and look for parallels, but for now…I just can’t deal. I don’t expect BONES to always be wrapped up neatly, but in this case, not only were existing questions not solved (what about the baby deal, what about Hodgins and Angela, what about…a lot of things, like Booth. And Booth’s hair!) but a lot MORE questions were created. We just talked the other day about the finales and premieres being two-part episodes, and I still like that idea. But for every other season finale, we’d at least had SOME resolution, and in this case, there wasn’t really any closure (in my opinion, of course!).

I’m sort of getting off track, because I’m not intending to bash BONES here or list all of my issues with it. I only mention these things to show where I was in the summer of 2009 after season four and to tell you exactly how my faith was restored and remains to this day.

But at that time, I was slightly annoyed. I didn’t have the heart to talk about episodes any longer; there seemed to be no point. What did it matter if the existing storylines weren’t going to be developed? What did it mean? Why was I spending HOURS of my life thinking about the show, wondering what was going to happen, placing hope on B&B getting together? I stayed away from spoilers that summer, and that worked pretty well, but still, for the most part, I was dreading season five. I didn’t love the show any more, and I wasn’t sure I ever would again. Or I should say, I loved it, but I didn’t really like it. I so appreciated what minnkim said here the other day.

“I am one of the fans who is absolutely hating this season. I hate the direction this show is going in and nothing they’ve shown me so for is making sense to me. I hear comments to the effect that I should just stop watching the show then, if I hate it so much. This isn’t the solution for me. To me it is like the unconditional love a parent has for a child, while really hating the behavior or action that child maybe exihibiting, the love doesn’t really diminish while viewing this undesirable behavior or actions. The underlying love is still there for this show. This is how I feel about Bones. I love this show, but hate the behavior or actions occuring within it now. Does this make sense?
Do I give up on this show? Do most parents give up on their children when it is hard to love them? No! I will ride out this season in hopes that the storyline will once again show me why I first fell in love with Bones. I hope the show I once loved will return, and with it my enjoyment in viewing each new episode.

That’s so fair and true. Each of us has our own reasons for loving BONES, and when those reasons are taken away (it could be science, it could be shirtless Booth. It could be both or neither or any number of things), it’s not comfortable. But when do you quit something you love? It’s not about being a ‘fan’, necessarily, because for a lot of us, it’s sort of gone beyond that point. Whether that’s healthy or not, I’m not sure. Actually, I am sure that it’s probably NOT! Haha. We talked about that a few months ago, whether or not BONES was good for us.

In my case, I had gotten stuck in a routine where I was watching BONES as ‘work’. I was reviewing each episode for GMMR, and so BONESdays meant ‘work’. I had let that happen, and I was watching each episode from the eye of a critic, trying to find mistakes, or, if I’m honest…(and you all know me well enough by now to know this is probably true), trying to overlook the mistakes and spread love and good cheer to all BONES fans all over the world. I know sometimes I catch some flack for not really mentioning Hannah scenes in my current reviews, but honestly, I just try to stick to the “if I don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all” frame of reference, and usually…well, that means not really discussing those scenes.

But back to the summer of 2009!

I was sort of dreading season five. I wasn’t sure what to expect (a side effect of the spoiler-free life). There was a lot of anger in the BONES world, and I felt I had to solve it (I’m misguided, but that’s my truth!). I was guarded, not wanting to give too much of myself toward the show anymore.

Season four ended in the middle of May, and season five didn’t start up until the middle of September, four months later. That’s a long time! And honestly, I was out of the ‘habit’ of BONES. I didn’t visit sites or do much of anything BONES related. I’ll also be honest and say that I considered not doing the reviews any more. I needed something to change. And then Harbingers in a Fountain aired.

There was something about these smiles on Booth’s face, after a pretty steady episode of him not quite being sure of himself…that just reassured me. I didn’t have all of the answers, but I thought, “okay, Booth is back. He has a story, just as much as Brennan, and we’re going to do this.” And season five feels the most intimate to me, as far as BONES and I together. After Bond in the Boot, I swore to myself that I would approach each episode, not from a ‘work’ standpoint, but as best as possible, as a fan, as a viewer, as someone who wanted to watch it. For the most part, it worked. There were/are still things that annoy me (cough*Daisy*cough), but it still makes me laugh, cry, feel, think, connect…more than any other show.

I was putting too much pressure on the show. I was using it for my own gain: to be popular, to be accepted, to be right. I had lost sight of the big picture; there were/are millions of BONES fans who liked the show for different reasons, many of whom had liked it long before I’d ever even HEARD of the show. But I was too self-centered, and I expected every episode of BONES to make me happy and be this big, gigantic awesome thing. The truth is…rarely do I find BONES episodes to be completely satisfying, even ones from seasons 1,2,&3. Is that strange? Possible! But the series as a whole…I find it very compelling and satisfying. There aren’t a lot of TV shows that I watch. I’m more of a reader. I don’t watch procedurals or crime dramas or anything else like that. The story of BONES is what keeps me coming back. I’m curious to know what’s going to happen to these characters. I care about them, and well…that’s it. I care about them.

It’s what keeps me connected to it. It keeps me curious. I once stood outside of a Berkeley bookshop at midnight with about 10 high school students from different countries so they could purchase the newest Harry Potter book. I have THAT kind of excitement for BONES. If you are like me, you are finding that when you watch older episodes, expecting to be soothed from the current angst, it works about 75% of the time, but then 25% of the time, it brings even MORE despair, more awareness of loss of innocence for B&B, more awareness that it will only be more pain for them to finally be together, etc. That sort of sucks, doesn’t it? I’ll also be honest, it annoys me that I find myself weighing EVERY BONES MOMENT against the 100th or against DitP. It shouldn’t HAVE to be that way, right?

But when that happens, I take a step back and examine all of the evidence…or, that is…all of the evidence I have. Nothing about it is perfect; hasn’t been since the pilot. There are inconsistencies between that episode and other season one eps. There are storylines that might not ever see completion, for one reason or another. There are things said and done that annoy me. But I still love it.

Sometimes, some of you email me or send me private FaceBook or Twitter messages, asking me how I keep the faith, how I can stay so positive. I don’t always have an answer, except to say that I’ve been there. I don’t have the market on confidence in BONES, believe me, and you all know that! But what works for me is knowing myself as best as possible and knowing what works for me and what doesn’t.

Spoilers; they don’t work.
Hanging out on Twitter during an episode: that usually doesn’t work.
Expecting every episode to be a major turning point in the series: that doesn’t work.
Writing a blog: that works.
Examining the series as a whole/studying moments in context of one another and character development: that usually works

Each person is different, so it’s up to you to decide what works for you. But for me, I stopped doing what didn’t work and I started/kept doing what did. Sometimes, I have to separate myself from the episodes, and sometimes I separate myself from other people who watch BONES. With some people, it’s best that we don’t even talk BONES much, as we don’t really agree. I find that I value their friendships more than BONES. When I get stressed, I detach as best as possible. Is that the wimpy or easy way out? Possible. But in the grand scheme of my life, I have to make a decision, and the result of that decision is that I’ll focus on the good and consider the ‘bad’. And I’ll do my best not to make any series-wide judgments until the series is over. Does my lapse as a ‘fan’ make me less of one? Does my return make me a better one? Those questions are impossible to answer, because there are too many variables, too much emotion involved. And so, for you, you might be weighing those kinds of questions yourself.

If you feel like you need to take a break from the episodes, do that! Or maybe you need to stop reading Bones Theory. Or maybe you need to stop hanging out on Twitter or places like that. You probably know what’s best for yourself. I have friends who are very supportive of me as a writer, but who don’t watch the show anymore. I tell them to switch it around, and I’ll tell you the same. Forget about me (or twitter, or forums, or whatever), and just watch the show. See what happens. Or do what is right for you.

Feel free to reply below, but you don’t have to. I’m just presenting my side of things; how I was frustrated with BONES, and how I learned that having some patience and waiting to see what really happens (not what I think should happen or what TV Guide, etc, say will happen) has really worked for me.

I came back to BONES because of the characters, the development, and the journey and because of the people I’ve met along the way. I’m glad I did.

Peace, Love & Bones,


34 thoughts on “Why I Came Back to BONES

  1. Thanks for sharing Sarah 😀

    Weirdly, the S4 finale is one of my favourite episodes. I enjoyed all the inside jokes, i liked the way HH played it. But on the flip side, i was basically spoiler free at that point. So, unlike a lot of fans i didn’t feel cheated. Randomly, as you can see from my twitter if you have a look, i’ve been on youtube watching anything and everything Bones (Bloopers, DB dancing…more bloopers!) and i caught the interview Hart gave re the S4 finale. And for the first time, i actually understood WHY people dislike the episode, and why they were incredibly anti Hart. Personally, i still adore this episode. But i now understand why others don’t.

    Sorry, that wasn’t my point.

    Like you, i reached my ‘need to step back phase’. It wasn’t a result of an episode…it wasn’t a result of a finale. It was because of a spoiler.

    I made the mistake of reading the Hannah spoiler…and i didn’t handle it very well!! (Just ask Jen, Mary, Danni or Angie! LOL). When i read that, when i saw the interviews about it and the reactions of my fellow fans i seriously considered walking away and not looking back (well…i’d probably have glanced back once…or twice!).

    I didn’t understand the why behind it…the S5 finale left me feeling almost…hopeful. I honestly thought that S6 would bring us progress…B&B would wake up and smell the roses, and all would be well. Hannah destroyed that for me…and at that moment i couldn’t even think of Bones or HH without getting mad…irrationally so, actually. One more reason this obsession of mine is probably unhealthy, but what can you do?! LOL

    In the end, the only thing that bought me back to Bones was the community. I bitched about it, i moaned, i whined…and some incredible Bones obsessed ladies made me realise that it wasn’t the end of the world. I read fanfic (well…one in particular!) that reminded me of all i loved…and i started to look at the bigger picture (i needed some help in order to do so…but still, i did!) and i saw that Hannah had (…has) a purpose and that eventually….eventually i would get my ‘happy ending’. It’s gonna take some time (i’m thinking Season 8! LOL) but we’ll get there. And it will be all the more special for the heartache we’ve been through.

    What i was trying to say, in my incredibly drawn out way, was that i can relate. I had a moment where my ‘faith’ was rocked…but now, it’s all the more stronger because of it.

    I have dived head first into this Season and this storyline…i’ve embraced the change and my love of Bones now knows no bounds!

  2. I guess I am lucky because I didn’t start watching Bones until season 4. I didn’t know anything about the show and had no expectations. I really enjoyed the story lines and the acting was great. I had never heard of David Boreanaz or Emily Deschanel so I had no great expectations. I just loved how the stories unfolded, the crimes were so interesting and the acting was so great. (The only problem I had with the show was Daisy but one character will stop me from watching a show) I don’t blog and the only one who would watch the show with me was my mother. She is a huge fan and started watching when I did. I never saw spoilers (heck I don’t even subscribe to TV Guide) so I had no expectations about future shows. In a nut shell. Bones has been a great show for me. After season 4 was done I bought all of the previous seasons and my Mom and I did a Bones marathon. We were just amazed that there was this great show on tv and we didn’t know anything about it. True, Mom and I haven’t been to thrilled with this season but we have decided that the show is still Bones, it is trying to portray the characters in the show as human beings with real problems, including screwed up lives. Since my family is a regular Peyton Place (soap opera) I try to keep an open mind when I watch each new episode. I have been to other websites and some people have attacked me for being a Pollyanna. I don’t visiit those sites anymore. Your Site has been what I have been looking for. People who love Bones and are willing to go along for the ride. And man, what a ride.

  3. Seriously, you must be inside my head, because I’ve been thinking about all of this. I’ve watched Bones from the beginning, but it didn’t move beyond being just a show for me until “Aliens in a Spaceship”. And now after finding the fan/spoiler sites and meeting a lot of great people on Twitter (yourself included), I’m now part of this frustrating, crazy, amazing, wonderful community. I love being able to share my insights, questions, and theories with those who really understand. And sometimes, like you, when I find myself upset, confused, or about to lose faith, I pull back and do, as you said, what works for me. And each time, I’ve managed to keep my faith intact. And in watching, while I may not agree with every course if action ‘the child’ takes, my love for it is always there and always will be. Thanks for such a wonderful article, love your blog!

  4. I have watched since the start. Still a fan. That said, what is lessening my enjoyment of Bones is some fans behavior, not plots nor characters . . Some fans are overstepping the mark. Some are rude, borderline bullies, could whine for an eternity, are down right mean to the actors/crew, totally biased to their fav character and have such a double standard for the characters, quite frankly it is completely disheartening . . The way that some fans are conducting themselves on Twitter and forums, is at times shameful and far more damaging and demoralizing for my & others love of the show more than Hart could ever do, whom they ran of his @ on twitter. (note I said some and not all fans) thanks for the post 🙂

    • I agree Abby. All of my Bones related stress is not caused by the actual show itself. I don’t regret ever becoming a Bones fan…what I regret is becoming a member of the Bones fan community. See, I’ve got 2 strikes against me in the forums…I actually still like to WATCH the show, and I actually still love Booth. Which means I am seriously in the minority on the forums and they don’t spare any time in reminding me of that. Bullies is a good word. I don’t know if fanbases in general all act the same way, or if it’s just Bones fans, but it has kept me from seeking out forums my other favorite shows because I don’t want to deal with that kind of stuff all across the board. I’d rather not know. I do the whole spoilers and sides routine…but I don’t let anything in there bother me or influence my opinions towards a particular episode…I just like to know this stuff ahead of time. LOL! and it’s fun to be able to tell my husband “I know who did it” and pretend I am really smart.

      Sarah…what “works” for me in my times of distres…is coming here and reading. Because even at your lowest (for lack of a better word) you have always had hope..and faith…and a positive vibe. Not the perpetual negativity that rules on all other sites. You are blessed to have found others for your kinship…I have not been that lucky. I have not been fortunate enough to be invited into one of the cliques where opinions are supported and all that.

      • crzy4bones, as disheartening as it might sound, almost all television fandom is as you describe. Fandom on the Internet is usually angry, irrational, biased, and reflective of extreme viewpoints more than moderate ones. Moreover, it is filled with verbose and ostensibly cogent one-sided rants masquerading as objective analysis.

        Speaking specifically of Bones fandom, I cannot for the life of me understand all the vitriol directed at Hart Hanson and Stephen Nathan. The direction that their show has taken hasn’t personally insulted anybody. I highly doubt that one day they sat down and said, “Hmm…I wonder how we could piss off as many fans as possible?” They’re not trying to hurt anyone, and the fact that I disagree with many of their creative decisions doesn’t make them horrible people.

        Ironically, by lobbing petty insults at the writers, directors, actors, crew, etc., those who are dissatisfied with the direction of the show are actually hindering their cause. Nobody is going to take feedback from people who seem like immature, puerile idiots. Unfortunately, those who voice their dissatisfaction in a respectful manner inevitably get lumped in with the childish crowd. The result is that the entire fanbase is written off as a bunch of irrational morons. Frankly, the entire Bones fanbase needs to take a collective chill pill. Whining and name-calling doesn’t accomplish anything. People should have learned that on the schoolyard.

        And yes, this is coming from someone who thinks that large portions of seasons 5 and 6 are total crap. If you happen to like them, then I won’t think any the less of you. People have different tastes. If yours don’t match with mine, then that’s all the better for generating discussion. If everyone agreed on everything, then there would be nothing to discuss, and fandom wouldn’t exist. But people need to disagree respectfully, or reasoned debate and discussion become impossible.

  5. Seels, I absolutely LOVE Bones Theory. It’s getting me through this season, and the winter hiatus, better than any other Bones-related site I’ve found so far. I really enjoyed your recaps on GMMR, and then I found 100 Days of Bones, and now this blog.

    Secondly, although I never seriously considered quitting Bones, I was certainly tempted. And for me, Season 4 was also the most problematic. I still cringe when I re-watch Yanks in the UK. Occasional dollops of goof!Booth are OK, but Season 4 took it to extremes. I now rationalize that by muttering “brain tumor” to myself when the annoyance level rises.

    I started watching Bones in reruns the summer between Seasons 3 and 4 and I was hooked. I don’t even remember why I started watching. But it was Booth that got to me. Yes, he was gorgeous, but he was also just a terrific guy – morally strong, sincere, funny, an excellent father and partner, an exemplary agent and investigator – well, I know everyone here knows what I’m talking about.

    So then I started buying the DVD’s, and catching up, and then I subscribed to Amazon’s Season Pass, and then I bought the whole set of Angel and Buffy DVDs. You know the drill.

    Then there was Season 4, and I was tested. I was tested as I have not been tested again since Season 6.

    What has worked for me is rewatching not just old eps, but rewatching the Whole Show from the beginning, including my Season Pass downloads of Season 6. That’s what I did over the winter hiatus. Somehow there’s a flow to Season 6 that I didn’t see when I watched the eps live, a week apart. I’m feeling much softer toward all the characters, and especially toward Booth.

    What also works, to return to my original statement, is following this blog and all the intelligent, articulate commenters who have found their way here. I just want to say thanks again to you, Seels, and to everyone here, good job!

    AKA Barbfwest
    AKA mamamiau

  6. Delurking (finally) as I read your site almost every day, but have not yet responded. I was really struck by your response to the Stewie spoiler. The spoiler itself didn’t bother me, and in fact that is one of my favourite episodes. Its combination of comedy and pathos is what makes it a classic for me. I was one of those rabid fans, however, who saw red at the way the “sleeping together” spoiler was handled. I knew by the end of Critic that the season finale was not going to be about them sleeping together for reals. It just bothered me to no end that HH & co. felt they had to be so disingenuous with the show’s fans. I really don’t like to be lied to. Full stop. I resolved at that point never to believe another spoiler from HH or SN (cough*you’ll love Hannah*cough, cough*next season will start at the coffee cart*cough).

    My reaction to the Season 5 finale was more like yours to Season 4. I grieved – alot- at the loss of their relationship because I didn’t really think it would ever be the same. And it hasn’t been. That brings me to the comments about Bones being like a child. To me, Bones is more like a nephew. When your child engages in behaviour that is not acceptable, you do what you can to try to steer that child in a different direction. With a nephew, although you stil love him unconditionally, you know that you will have no sway on his behaviour. All you can do is watch and wait and hope it turns around.
    I prefer to think of Bones as a train ride. Right now, we are travelling through territory that I find rather uninviting. However, I’m hoping the final destination is worth the journey. Thanks, BTW, for this site. It’s a great place to go for some optimism.

  7. Hi there. I’ve watched Bones from the premiere of the Pilot episode and have seen every episode since then as they aired. There have have been episodes that really did upset me, like Pain in the Heart, I couldn’t sleep for days after that episode it upset me so much. Before it aired I thought anyone who said Zack would be the apprentice was nuts. I learned not to think I knew what they were going to do next. I even remember on another shows message board we had discussed Bones and the things HH said after that episode and fans there being upset with him, and stating that they were happy the show we were there to discuss had a much nicer showrunner. My opion then was just wait we don’t know what this one will do next! The closest I came to quitting the show would have been with that episode, and it wasn’t thinking about not watching after that, but being afraid of what they would do next and if that might push me away.

    As for the 4th season finale. I did enjoy it, and had been dreading it based on the HH interviews; because, I thought that Booth and Brennan were in such different places in what they thought a relationship should be that it would be a disaster if they did get together then. Even while watching that episode and enjoying it, I kept thinking that there would be many fans really ticked off about it.

    I’d really never searched out spoilers for the show and until last year at this time (around Christmas/New Year) I really didn’t visit Bones sites. In my personal life I really don’t have anyone to discuss the show with so I just watched and enjoyed, and tried to keep up with where they had it on the schedule (you really have had to pay attention to keep up with it). In 2010 I started visiting fansites and reading more spoilers, and I have to say it is better without the spoilers or more importantly the way people freak out about the spoilers. I’ve had to really work sometimes to not get upset over the spoilers that have come out, or more the fan reaction to those spoilers. I have decided I’m not going to be as involved in those, it does help to not know ahead of time everything you can find out (although I can’t decide if a little warning about Zack might have saved me some heartache or would just have extended it).

    One thing reading your post and the comment you quoted from minnkim…maybe instead of feeling about Bones as a child that you love even with bad behavior it should be more of us being the grandparent or aunt. You love the child and love spending time with him/her, but you really have no say in how the child is raised, do they go into timeout for a tantrum, get dessert without eating all of their dinner, what is their bedtime, do they go to chruch? You can express your opinion, but that’s it…someone else has the final say in how they are raised.

    The show isn’t being tailored to what each indiviudal fan wants, it can’t be because as much as some people seem to think that their opionin is shared by every other fan and only HH doesn’t understand that, it’s not so. Which means we just have to let HH raise this child and we can either accept the child’s behavior and love it anyway, or we can move on and adopt another show understanding that we still won’t be the real parent and will have to adjust to the parenting style of another showrunner.

    OK I’m not sure how much all of that made sense, but in my head it was perfectly understandable and I have to get back to work now my morning break is over.

  8. I started watching BONES in Season 5, after watching a Season 1 to 4 marathon. I too knew none of the actors, and being an Aussie had no clue about the hype or fan following for this show.
    Seels, you’ve given a rendition of your own ‘crisis of faith’ in this show…this story is so familiar to that of other fans. Whether happen to be on Twitter, on fan sites, or as part of a BONES fan community, there are always fans going through this kind of experience… Your own resolution to return to be a fan is the ‘badge of loyalty’ that others wear in this fandom, regardless of whether they choose to follow spoilers or not.

    There are plenty of intelligent and articulate fans, like yourself, who have been through this and want to share their stories…what kicked it off, what was done about it, how long a person had to step away, and how their perspective on the show has been altered by it. This raises questions in my mind…does being a fan of BONES mean that you should be prepared for (and accepting of) being yanked around by twists and turns that seem to be designed to attract maximum speculation and angst? – I’m not just talking about spoilers here, the promos people deliberately hack the show into 30 second bite-sized pieces that are at times designed to stick in the craw of the viewer. Similarly, I ask myself why this iatrogenic pain is necessary…why nobody complains about why a fan base, that could be so very powerful if it were maintained in a positive place, is considered to be most useful in supporting a great show when it is ripping itself apart and dashing itself on the rocky scraps of hype that wash up every time an interview is released, or a fresh load of cookies arrive on the scene.

    I stay in the BONES Community because of the friends that I have made. Personally, Season six has challenged my resolve to be that loyal fan – Every. Single. Episode. I walk away feeling awkward, embarrassed, confused, and in the case of ‘Sunglassgate’, a gargantuan WTF? Even after 6×09, I cannot see the silver lining that will reassert my enthusiasm of a year ago.

    I’ll keep watching, I’ll keep talking about it. I’ll keep writing about it. I’ll keep hoping that there is a valid purpose for this season.

  9. Upon hearing your story, I can, for once, say that I’m glad I only got into Bones this past summer. I’ve witessed drama on Twitter, as well as other sites and Im glad that I was not really around when the proverbial shit hit the fan. But I know what it can do. How it can ruin a show, or book, etc.

    I am one of those fans. I stood in line at midnight to get the 7th Harry Potter book. And almost feinted when I got, literally, the LAST COPY the bookstore had. For a boyfriend, I stood in line until the movie theatre opened to see Twilight. [didn’t say I was proud of it] And if I could, I would grab from friends and go to ComicCon in a heartbeat. I’m that kind of fan. I tend to throw myself into it.

    But I tend to need a break sometimes. When you’ve watched the episodes over and over again that you know every word, and fanfiction just doesn’t do it for you anymore, and spoilers only end up hurting, instead of helping. It’s time for a break.

    I’m also a theatre major. I love to act, I love to be on stage. The feeling I get performing is very literally hte best feeling in the world. But I’ve had some rough times in that area lately. The casts I’m ine, the department at my school, they’re all judgemental bigots. There is so much politics in the building, that we might as well be political science majors. What I originally found in theatre was a family. Albeit a different kind of family, but a family nonetheless. And when that family failed, I couldn’t handle it anymore. I considered swtiching majors, schools even. Because of this, I can’t even watch bloopers. Because the kind of relationship those actors have, is what I’m looking for.

    It’s not just the show you need a break from.

    It’s the feeling that show gives you. Sometimes, most times even, watching Boens makes me happy. [Or Gilmore Girls, or GreysAnatomy…I don’t have a problem. lol] But there are instances when that feeling can only make you sad. I think that’s what we need a break from. Not the show itself, not the cartoon hallucinations, or the significant other someone happens to hate.

    But when watching a show makes you feel worse? It’s time for a break.

  10. I was just about finished editing my comment (yes, I edit my comments) prior to posting it when my wiggly two-year old (who was sitting in my lap) hit the power button on my computer and closed out Internet Explorer. Bye bye comment. So here I go for the second time and I hope I can remember everything I was going to say the first time around.

    I am fairly new to the online Bones community although I have been watching the show since sometime between the middle of season one and the beginning of season two (yes, I know it’s horrible, but I honestly don’t remember exactly when I started watching). For me, things didn’t get really intense until the 100th episode. Prior to that the only spoilers I’d read were about the season 4 finale, and I really only stumbled across those. After 100th the episode ended and I realized my head really wasn’t going to explode, I immediately went online in search of reassurance that everything was going to be okay. What I found were spoilers and so that’s what I read…everything I could get my hands on between the end of the 100th and the season six premiere.

    It was such a relief when I found BT in mid-September, not just because it’s spoiler-free and mostly positive, but because I found a community of people who shared my need to look beneath the surface of Bones in an attempt to find the deeper meaning underneath. I love the depth of thought that goes into both the posts and the comments here.

    I’m not going to say that I regret reading spoilers completely, because I don’t. I needed time to process and come to terms with the Hannah storyline before it aired and so for that reason, I’m glad I first read about it in early July. But I hate the negativity. And that, more than anything, has driven me away from the comments on other sites.

    So for me, it’s not about taking a break from Bones as much as it’s about avoiding the naysayers and finding the right balance between being spoiled and being surprised. One of these days I may rejoin Sarah in the completely spoiler-free zone, but for now I am content to be lightly spoiled. That means reading interviews, press releases, and some of the other tidbits ForensicMama compiles on the Bones Spoilers Blog, but avoiding sides, comments (except for here and on Sarah’s GMMR reviews), and sneak peeks.

    I may not agree with every decision HH makes about the show, but it’s his show, not mine. I’m just along for the ride – wherever it takes me and until it runs completely out of gas.

    • I am with you about the spoilers. Actually I think I agree with you on everything 🙂
      I needed to know about Hannah ahead of time. Spoilers are best taken with a grain of salt. However, it seems as though HH doesn’t say as much as he used to say after the intense response of a part of the fan base to certain things.

    • I have found that I enjoy the show a lot more when I avoid interviews from anyone connected to the show. I don’t mind little shots of upcoming shows as it gives me an idea of what to expect; but, I don’t want to read any interviews because the people connected to the show have a duty to not spoil what is going to happen next so all you get are teases. I don’t need them and think people would be a little less upset if they would just remember that the most memorible moments in a show is when we are surprised. I am not truly spoiler free, just interview free and happier for it.

  11. There are all kinds of BONES fans, and even though people on this blog joke about being crazy about the show, I know there’s a whole different level of crazy out there. For me, I try to keep in mind that I, personally, do not “need” Booth and Brennan to get together. Do I want them to? Sure. Actually, absolutely (it’s really a main reason I continue to watch.) What I mean is, I’m not looking each week for them to hook-up only to get upset when they don’t. I’m fine with them (a) continuing their journey toward each other and being together at the end of the series, OR (b) getting together sooner than that and seeing how they work to be together and grow from there.

    Even I can see the awesomeness of the show (no bias, lol) from the beginning even though I came into the show at the beginning of season 5. It does seem as though each season has a different feel, and that may throw others off, but it’s what I love about the show. Each time they come back, it’s the same, but it’s not. Kind of like having a favorite flavor ice cream, but being able to mix it up with sprinkles, candy, nuts, or other additions. I don’t know how I would feel if the show was exactly the same 5+ years later just because its original formula worked. “Everything changes.” The producers, writers, and actors go through changes themselves. I guess it’s my unconditional love for the show that makes me more willing to accept them.

    The show isn’t perfect; people are involved. There are real limitations like money and time. HH has his own “powers that be.” For all the challenges, I think they do an amazing job of producing such a character-driven show that is still very technical and scientific.

    Like Seels said, the story of BONES is what makes it special. I’m still interested in what’s going to happen next, and what will happen eventually.

  12. I will share with you just this: there was one episode that had such an huge effect on me that after seeing it I felt empty, disappointing, sad, angry, frustrated, used, melancholic, for several days. It was totally unusual to me. When I realized that the series was the source of those so intense and mix feelings I accepted that only a very powerful and well done art can transfer/transmit this huge energy and emotion on someone else.
    i totally understand you and I accept that we all have different motives to watch this show, and this is why it must be much appreciated.

  13. I remember when I stopped watching BONES in the middle of the fourth season. It was Angela’s fault. I couldn’t stand her whiny little relationship/sex issues. I stopped watching it and then school got out and I had some time. I stumbled across the season four finale. I’d heard some stuff about it but I was still kind of feeling ‘grr’ about the show. But I watched it anyway. I enjoyed the story but I didn’t really have any expectations. Then Booth woke up and spoke those three little words. “Who are you?”. I was hooked again. I had to know what was going to happen and when the season five premier aired I was not disappointed. I’ve been watching ever since. And I’ve caught up with what I missed in the fourth season.
    That’s my story. It was kind of a stupid reason to stop watching the show but I was unhappy and I just needed a break. Now I’m back and I’m here for the ride.

  14. I’m currently taking a break from Bones, at least during the winter hiatus – that means not watching any episodes (this is made easier by the fact that I’m at my parents’ house and my dvd’s are safely home, in a whole other state… and more difficult by the fact that they have cable and that darn Fox keeps rearing my favorite episodes all the time. But I’m going strong!) and not checking out any Bones-related site. Weeeell, ahem… No Bones-related websites besides Bones Theory. 🙂

    Seriously, though, when this season began, I gave myself until episode 9 (or 10, since we weren’t sure when the winter break would be) to decide whether to leave Bones for good or to suck it up, stop complaining and keep watching it. After DitP, I felt so relieved: the show finally felt like it’s getting back to what I feel (selfish much?) is the right track and I find myself once again excited to watch it. I am, however, also terrified that something will happen (maybe I should quit spoilers, even if sometimes they help through angsty times…) that will mess the show up so much, I’ll just have to quit. Make sense or should I run for The 2011 Biggest Drama Queen Award? 😛

    I guess my relationship with the show is under evaluation… We’ll see what January 20th brings.

  15. Thank you Seels and all the people who comment about this Theme. I came to Bones shortly before the 6th Season. I have seen a couple of years ago one Episode, because a friend told me that it is a good show, but I did not get it and never went back again. Then in August last year my son came back to live with us (more schooling) and he downloaded Bones with Netflix and he and me were watching one episode after another through the night and then bought Season 5 quickly before Sept. 23. I agree with most everybody, that this new season is emotional very challenging and I try to pick my brain after each episode. How will this eventually all play out? Now I have to say, if you watch an episode only once, it can happen that you don’t get everything right away. After “The Babe in the Bar” I was really depressed
    about what happened in the end scene with Booth, but when I saw it the next day again, I came to the conclusion that he was not going to see Hannah. I had my theory, but in the next episode it never came up. Yes Seels, there are many times things happen and we don’t get the answer and that really disturbs me. To stay sane, I just type my feelings and theories on my computer and the world is good again.
    I will stay with Bones to the end, it is still enjoyable and I am not a quitter. This is only my second show I watched. The first was Lost and I stayed with that one too, even if I did not liked it, but I have to see the end. Seels sorry if I made mistakes in writing, English is my second languages and even in my native languages I am not such a gifted writer like you.

  16. I am in that what to do about Bones space right now. I am deeply upset by what is going on now and am very skeptical of whether they can or will get B&B together eventually. For me, if they don’t, then it was all a waste of time and emotion. Yes, getting there is important, but what’s there when I get there matters too. Otherwise, why would I start the journey in the first place?

    What’s helping? First of all, this hiatus is for one. A little cooling off period after DitP is turning out to be a good thing.

    What else? I can’t/won’t swear off spoilers. I agree with C-bones that it helps to have a little warning about some of the most upsetting stuff. But, I now believe absolutely nothing coming from anyone connected to the show. Most obviously HH and SN, but also anything coming from David and Emily as well. (Observation: David was on several talk shows in the fall. I found it interesting that he said very little about the show. Some cute anecdotes about his kids and his “haunted” bed, but very little about Bones. Oh yeah, and he kissed Craig Ferguson. LMAO) I also stopped reading the discussion about the spoilers in places like the BY. Some of the comments are … well, lacking in thoughtfulness.

    This last is also proving helpful in general. I am avoiding most discussion in most other forums, except BT. The level of intelligence and thoughtfulness here is a huge relief. Also, only responding/posting here helps. Responding/posting requires focused thought and that tends to get me upset. At least here, it stays analytical.

    So, BT is a big help as is Sarah herself — thank you, thank you, thank you — for BT and your willingness to engage with each of us.

    Also, other comments in BT, like the one above from raluca lorgus, help too. Great art upsets our emotions — sometimes in positive ways, sometimes in negative ways. I’m not sure that Bones is great art, but by this measure, it is.

    Fanfic helps too, although of late there have been a number of really depressing fanfics.

    The biggest balm, however, is my Powerpoint (I’m a professor. My whole life is just a series of Powerpoints. ;-D ) of shirtless Booths. Always cheers me right up. ;-D I think I will go there now. Heh, heh, heh. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  17. Great post!! I totally get what you mean!! I’ve felt tempted to leave shows (but never BONES though) sometimes when they get a bit…for lack of a better word…”weird”. Sometimes I expect too much from something based on spoilers…but never too little (glass half full kinda person here ^^). I’ve learned, over the years, however that a series is kinda like a relationship (here goes my sad metaphor). When it’s good it’s great, but sometimes there are things we don’t like about it. But experience tells me that if I push through and have a little faith, most of the time the good times come back. Not that I’ve never abandoned shows before …I have (e.g. Private Practice), but I can assure you that it was after a lot of thought and patience on my part. Ha!!

    To be honest, I was a MAJOR spoiler addict before I came to Bones Theory. But since I saw you go “spoiler free” I just thought I’d give it a try too. And guess what…it’s great!! Not only do I get more excited about episodes, I pay more attention. So I guess surprises are better afterall!! 🙂 🙂

  18. I love it when I read something or watch something and it makes me feel something unexpected. Joy, anger, sadness and fear are all emotions that tell me I’m being touched. For me, Bones used to have all of these things in the episodes I watched. It is why I loved it when I first started watching. The mixture of emotions in each episode is now missing. Now it just leaves me feeling only depressed. This isn’t how I want to feel about this show.

    I am one of the fans that doesn’t necessarily want to see Booth and Brennan get together right now. At the same time I miss the fun banter and chemistry they used to exude each week. Episodes now are leaving me depressed. I miss the whole cast working together and feeling like a family. It is like this show has gone through a divorce. The cast doesn’t talk to one another. The characters aren’t acting how they used to. Its like they are all ignoring each other to a certain extent. Why? All I want is the feelings I used to feel when watching season one and two. I miss the days when the fans talked about the episodes and it was fun to be a fan. Now the show is just creating conflict among the fans and I hate that this is happening. It is true that not all fans feel the same about this show. Some are loving it and some are hating it. This is life I guess. I just hope it returns to a show that bring more unity and less negativity. That is my hope for this coming year. Love and togetherness in the Bones community.

  19. Thr thing that strikes me about these examples of bumpy rides past is that none of them ever changed the structural dynamic of the show. B&B were ALWAYS B&B. That is NOT what is happening now. It’s not an unpleasant part of the train journey we’ve been on. We’ve been switched to a DIFFERENT train on a completely different route.

  20. First off, brava! And for the discussion above about whiny fans: YES. I get so annoyed sometimes. If there’s nothing the show does that makes you happy, drop it. No one’s forcing anyone to watch. Plus, though I say this with the utmost respect, it’s a TV show.

    I suppose I’m in a minority that actually likes this season so far? It hurts, but I actually think the emotional state of our peeps right now makes total sense. B&B are broken people–in a real way, not an angst-for-the-sake-of-it way. Their responses to the issues raised in the 100th (and their responses in the 100th) make perfect sense to me. They’re not necessarily logical, but emotional responses rarely are. Both met a situation where their deepest insecurities (both fear being alone, but also both fear being abandoned by the other; neither feels worthy of the other) and fears were thrown in their faces, and neither of them were ready for it (a good gambler knows when to hold ’em, Booth). It is not that hard to convince yourself you’ve moved on, especially when someone else can fill the gap–that doesn’t negate the love he declared (we all have to learn that we never really move on from any relationship–platonic, sexual, romantic, familial–the agony and the ecstasy can dull or flee to the back of the mind for years and then you wake up one morning with the anger, loss, sadness, happiness as fresh as the last time you saw that person). It’s possible to be in love with someone who’s happy with someone else, and be happy for them, and also be very hurt–and the hurt and the joy intermingle in the strangest way. I’ve been both places. Season six rings true because of this.

    For me, this is what keeps me coming back to Bones–it always rings true. The situations are frequently preposterous, the character can shift around and change and be kind of annoying and kind of endearing. The moments between characters can seem candid or scripted–but always in a way that feels very real to me. Because people shift and change and are sometimes frustrating and sometimes don’t see the obvious, or are afraid of it, and annoy you one day then win you back the next: Bones isn’t realistic–I wouldn’t say that–but something in the core of the show, its characters especially, just rings *true*. And This is beautiful to me.

  21. I started watching the show towards the end of season 5, meanwhile doing a complete series rewatch so that I could catch up, I became a fan almost immediately, but didn’t really break into the fandom until the hiatus. This is, I guess, my first season then, therefore i’m very much still in the honeymoon period. However sometimes people’s comments annoy me, and I feel my love dwindling. When this happens, I stop reading these people and just watch my favourite episodes again or read fanfic with a happy ending. This blog always helps aswell. I love discussing every little detail, comparing things, making lists; it just reminds me of the standard of the show and the wealth of information that the writers give us. I can understand your hurt with the 4th season finale (even tho I actually love the episode), but you bounced back, and you aren’t really pessimistic about what is happening. It is people like you that give me faith that I’ll be able to keep watching. I agree, my love for Bones is unconditional. I’ll always love it, no matter what happens. I might not like every aspect all the time, but I know that as a whole, I love it. Season 6 is not even half-way through, so much could happen. And I can’t wait til it does.
    Like I said, I’m an optimist. : )

  22. Thanks for sharing, Seels.

    I found Bones at about the same stage you did, but being in the other hemisphere, we get eps after they’ve screened in the US.

    I watched S1-3 on DVD and LOVED it. No spoliers, no expectations – just great entertainment. My NEED to talk to people about the show and to know what happened next led me online, where I found spoilers, the BY and a host of other places so I spent most of S4 reading what happened before I saw it. I managed to stay spoiler free in S5 (somehow) until the 100th…which was spoilt for me by the TV station’s promo. I was shattered. I promptly caught up to the US online, started chatting on the BY and got caught up with the community. Like others, I needed to know that everything was going to be ok.

    S6? Well – I’ve been angry, upset, frustrated, but mostly very harsh about the show until I made a few changes:
    1. stopped reading spoilers.
    2. watched online asap so that I am viewing it without anyone else’s opinion influencing my viewing.
    3. stopped talking about the episodes: I am so sick of the barrage of people who only post to tell you that they hate the show and want to stop watching. Maybe you’re right – it’s a cry for help – but it is draining.
    4. but the biggest change? Stopped watching just for the B&B storyline. I spent so much time watching each ep focusing on every little B&B exchange that I was missing the magic which is the rest of the show. I just rewatched S5 with this new approach and loved it. So now I watch to enjoy – and it’s working again.

    Thankyou Seels, for your blog and for giving us a chance to share our experiences and views with you. The levelheadedness of this blog makes the whole experience more fulfilling.

  23. Thanks for sharing….

    My new resolution is no spoilers. I stay upset about spoilers and interviews so I am staying away for my new year’s resolution. I love the show….love talking about past shows….love nonspoiler fanfiction. But whenever I read spoilers or watch interviews I get upset….So I am staying away from what upsets me!!!

    Love your blog and thank you for making it spoiler free!!

  24. Fascinating post, and equally fascinating responses.

    I think what always strikes me about fandom is that there are as many reasons to watch as there are viewers, which means that what works for one person may be a disaster for someone else, and the solution to such low points varies as well.

    My low point was after the S5 finale. I took the title too literally and thought we’d see something at the very end that would be the beginning of them as a couple (since it was a reverse of the S4 finale.) And then I saw an interview where Stephen Nathan (I think) referred to it as a ‘reset’ and that was it for me. I’ve now come to the conclusion that he didn’t mean reset the way I took it, but at the time, I assumed they were abandoning all character growth, and were simply going to pretend the last few years hadn’t happened. And there’s nothing in that for me to enjoy.

    For the most part, I don’t watch sitcoms because nothing ever changes – no matter what happens in an episode, the reset button gets hit at the end and things go back to how they were initially. So when they used that word to describe what they were doing, that was it for me. That one word, in conjunction with what I took away from the finale, nearly destroyed the show for me. Such in the power of words.

    And while I understand why going spoiler-free is the answer for a lot of people, the answer for me was the opposite. As I talked about the show with friends over the summer, and analyzed every comment that was made by SN and HH, I came to two conclusions: first, that just as some people know they need to avoid spoilers, I need to avoid over-thinking the meaning of titles, and second, that they meant something vastly different with the word ‘reset’ than I did. In other words, thinking about what they were saying about what they were doing allowed me to reach the point of being willing to at least see if they could pull it off.

  25. This is a really interesting post, and I’ve enjoyed reading the responses. I’m realising that how / when you found the show has quite a big impact on how you view it.

    If you don’t mind, I’ll tell you my ‘Bones story’…In May 2008 I was revising at home for some professional exams. I discovered that at lunchtimes, episodes of season 1 were on TV. I think Boy in the Tree was the first episode I watched, in my lounge, having lunch (soup – I remember it that clearly ha). The next day, I arranged my work around having lunch at that time again so I could watch it, and boom, I was hooked.

    I found out through looking online (and avoiding the revision for my exams ha) that the season 4 finale was about to air and so This is a really interesting post, and I’ve enjoyed reading the responses.

    I’m realising that how / when you found the show has quite a big impact on how you view it.

    If you don’t mind, I’ll tell you my ‘Bones story’ now…In May 2008 I was revising at home for some professional exams. I discovered that at lunchtimes, episodes of season 1 were on TV. I think Boy in the Tree was the first episode I watched, in my lounge, having lunch (soup – I remember it clearly ha). The next day, I arranged my work around having lunch at that time again so I could watch it, and boom, I was hooked.

    I found out through looking online (and avoiding the revision for my exams ha) that the season 4 finale was about to air and so I watched it.

    And that’s the crux of the matter I think. I didn’t get angry about the 4th season finale, because I didn’t know anything else. I hadn’t seen hardly anything that went before. But I was already hooked, and in the hiatus between seasons 4 and 5, I spent a glorious summer watching all four seasons (how I wish I could have the pleasure of watching them all for the first time again!)

    Season 5 I had to watch week by week like everyone else, and I enjoyed it, and I got more involved with online discussion.

    I have enjoyed Season 6, but I don’t watch the episodes over and over. This time last year, I’d watch an episode at least twice, sometimes even three times, after it aired to really soak it up.

    But I’m nowhere near giving up, I think where we are now is a natural and necessary progression in their story. Sometimes I get a bit down, and in those instances I find it’s best to withdraw from the more ‘fan-girly’ areas of the Bones online community (I’m not being rude about fan-girls, I am one!) but away from the more whiny, moany, bitchy ‘they’re-ruining-the-show-who-the-hell-do-they-think-they-are…’ places. They just depress me.

    This tends to happen during a hiatus. Generally, if I have another episode coming in a week I can just look forward to that. Hiatus’ I struggle with haha. This season in particular, feels to have as many hiatus’ as episodes (9 eps in 14.5 weeks!)

    If the last episode before a hiatus brings me down (hello tBinE and DitP) then I just don’t watch any Bones for a few weeks, before slowly getting back into it in the run up to the return. Fanfiction doesn’t help these days as it’s all too depressing or too ‘blamey’ on either Booth or Brennan. Making scenarios up in my head helps (ok, I’m making me sound nuts now) because I can have control over what happens in there, ha!

    But, because I started watching in earnest AFTER seeing the season 4 finale, I knew in the previous 4 seasons that they hadn’t got together. That helped me stick with it. If I had started watching 5 and a half years ago – I don’t honestly know if I would still be on this journey with them. It might feel too long. I have immense respect for those that have.

    Because I knew they didn’t get together in four whole seasons, l don’t go into any Bones episode expecting Booth and Brennan to be together by the end of it. I just ask for something interesting and true to their characters. As long as an ep has them interacting closely, bouncing off each other, moving their story forward or revealing something about them, I’m interested.

    This site helps alot. There are lovely, intelligent, friendly people here. No shrieking or bullying or melodrama. It’s the place I like and respect most in the Bones community and I’m very grateful to the people who write and comment here.

    I am so sorry this comment is so unbelievably long, essentially – no I’ve never thought about giving up on it. I take the breaks that are offered in the hiatuses and always anticipate a new episode with feverish excitement.

  26. I am a relatively “late-comer” to Bones. I started watching it during the summer of 2009. I caught a couple of epis on TNT and immediately got hooked…went out & bought all the DVDs and caught up and was ready for Season 5. I have to admit…Season 5 was the beginning of a “downer” for me although I remained faithful to watching the show and hoping that things would get better. I had already begun to feel that there was something missing in how they closed/solved cases but I mainly watched because of B&B so I overlooked those irritants until the 100th epi happened. I was stunned. I was not one that read spoilers so I had no idea what was going to happen. I was also not one that joined forums but the 100th epi forced me to go online to the BY to see…what the hell happened? And my journey in “forum-land” began…and I think this…as much as the actual show…is sometimes reason for disliking the show. Angelena and Linda(cosmisgirl) understand what I’m saying. We read such depressing, and as Angelena said, unintelligible rants, that our enjoyment of the series does get impacted. Community forums carry the good and the bad and if you’re like me…you can’t help reading everything…which isn’t always good practice. But… I made it through the 2010 hiatus talking with a community of people on the BY that I consider my buddies. We helped each other get thru those crazy summer months. I looked forward to season 6 and then…BAM…another what the hell happened moment(S) began and I became one of those ranting, angry lunatics.

    Angelena, Linda and I had many talks about how unhappy we were but we tried…tried…tried to have some hope without much success…at least for me. I almost did quit. I started deliberately missing the episodes on THurs when they aired. Sometimes I’d watch it the next day with a very obvious bias that what I was going to see was going to be crap. And there I’d go onto the BY and spew my dislike of the show.

    And then…something happened. Someone had the freakin gall to send me a personal message at the BY and told me to stop with the negativity because as an “old-timer” there…my voice held weight. Well…i was obviously angry at what I’d been told. It was a slap in the face. I wanted to attack this person so very badly in public for what he/she had said to me…even though it was in private. But…I didn’t. And…it resulted in something…I became….finally….introspective. I stayed away from the BY for a little bit…not posting as much…mainly just lurking and did a lot of thinking. This began my period back to sanity…LOL.

    I think sometimes we get so immersed in the negativity…more so than the positivity…and it’s like a cancer that eats away at you…and you can’t see an episode without bias. I’ve yet to see any re-runs of season 5 or season 6…but if Linda says she was able to enjoy the series after taking a deep breath…then I may just do the same thing.

    I hesitate because I am not in a hurry to feel that “pain” that Booth so obviously felt post 100th episode. I have to say, however, that back in May and even up through last month, I looked at Booth’s pain as a minor thing. It wasn’t until I watched this last episode that I saw things differently. This last Brennan centric episode…(sorry can’t remember title…LOL…goes to show how my addiction has lessened since I usually know all the titles) gave me a new perspective on the series. I’m looking at the bigger picture now and intend to see how each epi fits into that larger picture rather than just watching each epi as a stand alone. To some degree…this last epi restored some hope for me in this bigger picture. It made me realize, again, that this is a journey for these characters. It also made me realize, even though this was a Brennan centric epi, how much Booth had actually been hurt by Bones.

    I don’t know what it was about this episode that changed me…but I was able to take my head out of that black hole I’d been in for some months and a light bulb went off and I finally understood Booth’s behavior…he’d been horribly hurt by her. He’d waited for her for so many years and in the past 9 months had suffered so much rejection at her hands…was it truly a surprise that the next step in his journey was to actually move on and try to build a life for himself? Was it really? No…IMO. And this is what many people are unwilling to see. We can see Brennan being hurt…but Booth…No…he’s to strong and to “male” to be hurt. I think we all know…this is not true…and this is what I wish people, especially at the BY, would start to pick up on….cuz I think this would change many people’s views on season 6…JMO. Well enough…I don’t know if I stayed on topic. Angelena and Linda know I tend to ramble.. Sorry!!!

  27. I love this blog, and have said it before – I am so happy to read your insights, Sarah – you often get to the heart of what I am thinking/feeling – and you express it so well!

    I started Bones the summer after season 4. Caught up before the premiere, I watched season 5 as it aired, and loved it! The post 100 eps hurt to watch, but made sense to me.

    I am taking a break now. I’m still watching, reading and very occasionally posting, but everything much less. I can’t give up the only TV show I have ever been this invested in (it still surprises me, this). I am not enjoying the current season much at all. And I’m not sure that whatever the post ‘SO’ Bones world will be – that it will be what I found that brought me to the obsessive state that I ended up in. I know many say this had to happen, but I worry that too much has been made to happen… and yes with the loss of innocence, some of the joy has been leached out of the show.

    Your blog actually makes me happier with the show – thanks for that.

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