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Knowing When to Fold ‘Em: Sully vs. Booth-Loving Temperance Brennan


Temperance Brennan is a strong woman. Most of us can agree on that. She has no trouble speaking her mind (“I will speak my mind, Booth. I will speak my mind”: Priest in the Churchyard, Season Two)

(from Intern in the Incinerator)

AND she can stick up for herself. In short, she does not NEED anyone to look after her.

On other side of our B&B equation, we have Booth. Booth cares a great deal about those close to him. He is a protector.

from Woman in the Car

But it is undeniable that he…hovers. To some extent, he does so to the point of being stifling.

Whenever I watch the D-Day episode (100th…yeah, I said it), I find myself yelling at the screen, “Don’t do it, Booth. NO! Booth! Don’t do it!” But, of course, he does. He opens his mouth, and he says, “Well, then let’s go for a different outcome here, alright? Let’s just-hear me out, alright? You know when you talk to older couples who, you know, have been in love for 30 or 40 or 50 years, alright, it’s always the guy who says ‘I knew’. I knew. Right from the beginning.”

But his evidence…it’s anecdotal. He’s doing the same thing he’s done to Jared their whole lives. He gives one option, an options that should seem like the only option. He wants to take care of them so badly that he wants to make the decision for them.

He tells her that he wants to give them a try. But…he doesn’t give her a choice. He doesn’t even ask her anything. He only tells her.

Now…let’s flashback to three years earlier. Bodies are popping up, being killed exactly like in Brennan’s book. She’s scared, and Sully comes in to take her to lunch. And he says,

“When you can’t stop thinking about someone when they’re not around…that’s not a fling. When you remember their touch just like they were still right next to you? That’s not a fling. If you need to be alone with this, fine-but we both know what we have.”

And with that, Sully turns and walks out of her office, leaving Brennan to think about it. He lets her choose. Booth doesn’t.

And Booth never really did. Sully let her stand up for herself. Booth tends to step in and stick up for her.

In Girl in the Gator, Sully ASKS her if she would like him to buy her a piece of pie. Booth (according to Pain in the Heart) has been begging her to try a piece of pie for years.

Booth is a great man; I’m not trying to say that he isn’t. I just think that maybe, just maybe, he’s not the best option for Brennan. Because he doesn’t give her an option. Thoughts on this?

Booth: I’m the gambler. I believe in giving this a chance. Look, I wanna give this a shot.

Brennan: You mean us? No…the FBI won’t let us work together as a couple—

Booth: Don’t do that. That is no reason why we can’t.

Brennan: No. No.

Booth: Why? Why?

Brennan: You-you thought you were protecting me, but you’re the one who needs protecting.

Booth: Protecting? From what?

Brennan: From me! I-I don’t have your kind of open heart.

Booth: Just give it a chance…that’s all I’m asking…

Brennan: No, you said it yourself; the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome.

Booth: Well, then let’s go for a different outcome here, alright? Let’s just-

And then…that’s where we sort of started. So, Booth…doesn’t really give her a choice. Or is it that by that point, were they both unable to give each other a choice? It’s interesting that Sully did. He gave Brennan a choice, an option.

Sully: So I’m gonna tell you something, and I want you to think about it awhile before you answer.

Brennan: Okay.

Sully: Well, you say okay, but it takes you microseconds to think things through. So this time I’d appreciate if you, ah, took a breath ‘cause-it’s big.

Brennan: What is it?

Sully: I’m headed south, in the boat to the Caribbean.

Brennan: When?

Sully: When this case is done.

Brennan: You quit the FBI?

Sully: No. No, not yet. I’ll take a couple of months to get used to the boat. Ya know, really check it out and then I’ll start running charters-probably for the Turks and Cacaos which is—

Brennan: You’re…you’re really talking a lot.

Sully: I know. And I haven’t even gotten to the main part. Which is, um, I really, really want you to come with me.

Brennan: You do.

Sully: I do.

And Booth, when she turned him down, simply lets her go.

“Alright. Okay. You’re right. You’re right.”

But Sully, he goes down fighting. He leaves her something to think about.


Sully: Everyone except you. But you’re not gonna go, are you? (Brennan shakes her head no)

Why, Brennan? Sailing around warm oceans with someone who loves you? Please. Tell me what is holding you here. Look. I don’t…I don’t want to sound conceited, but, um…I think I’m worth the risk.

Brennan: You are. You definitely are.

Sully: Alright, well, you’re the logical one. What’s your thinking?

Brennan: Rationally thinking, I want to go. And I know I should go, but…I can’t.

Sully: What you’re doing; it’s important. But it’s not important enough to be your whole life.

Sure, there’s something to be said for the fact that we only saw Sully in four episodes. And his gamble doesn’t feel as personal because maybe we don’t feel as much hurt FOR him after Brennan’s rejection. But maybe four episodes IS enough time to know enough about him to know that he saw something in Brennan that just made sense. Or maybe he had, no matter what happens on the basketball court, enough confidence in himself to know what he had to offer, and to know what Brennan could handle. Like I said before, Booth is a good man, so maybe the “Booth vs. Sully” title is a little bit misleading. I just think that when we look at both of these guys, it seems clear that Sully understood something about Brennan that Booth either doesn’t or forgot. And what about this bit of advice from Booth to Sully? “Listen. Don’t let her bully you into leaving, man. Alright?”

Does it seem like he didn’t exactly follow it himself? Or was he just too close to the situation to do anything but back away?

Thoughts from you? Do you agree that Brennan doesn’t need a man? If that’s true, then what might she need from a man? Can they both be true? Let’s discuss!


37 thoughts on “Knowing When to Fold ‘Em: Sully vs. Booth-Loving Temperance Brennan

  1. I don’t know about the rest of it, but I have said before that I thought that if Booth had asked her to give a romantic relationship a chance in the same way that Sully asked her to sail away with him we might have had a different outcome. That in that way Sully really did seem to know how to communicate with Brennan better than Booth does.

    Booth himself told Sweets that you can’t rush her and then that’s exactly what he does in the 100th. After years of a line that cannot be crossed; a line which he himself drew, he suddenly expects her to change her whole view of their relationship in seconds.

    Brennan may be a genius and can look at evidence and make a decision in a nanosecond, but when it comes to relationships and emotions she is really clueless and their whole partnership Booth has been her guide there. Throughout the 5th season he was confusing her about relationships, about love and I think by the point of the 100th she wasn’t sure of anything, she was no longer sure about the things that she had learned through the previous 4 seasons. So just maybe if he had approached her as Sully did, instead of blurting it all out at Sweets urging things might have gone better. Present his case for why they could be more than partners and friends and tell her to think about it.

    On the other stuff, yes Brennan doesn’t need anyone to protect her, she can take care of herself; but, Booth does need to feel/know that he can and is protecting her and she gives him that. She really does allow him to be the gun that goes first because she knows that is a part of who he is and it’s something she accepts about him and I think even enjoys (should I say loves) about him.

  2. The difference between Sully and Booth is that Sully will never be satisfied with anything in life and Booth will. Sully came across to me as a Pied Piper. He wanted Brennan to leave a job she has trained for and loves very much. A job that really identifies her to herself. Sully appeared to want Brennan; but, clearly he never said the magic words, I love you, I want to be with you for 30 or 40 or 50 years. A man like Sully could never commit to such long term relationship. Booth clearly is commited to what he does in life, his job, his family and to his Bones. Booth would never ask Brennan to leave the Jeffersonian, to leave a job she loves so much. Booth is the rock in the stream. He is the one you can count on in life. Sully if the one who will break you heart. Booth is the one to protect your heart.

    Booth: I’m the gambler. I believe in giving this a chance. Look, I wanna give this a shot.

    He does give Brennan an option. It is a silent option and she took it. He asked her to take a chance (knowing that she is not a risk taker when it comes to her emotional life) he asked to overcome her brain and go with her heart. She wouldn’t do it. Not that she couldn’t do it, she wouldn’t do it. She has to see for herself that Booth is the one. She has never allowed herself to be anchored to any one person. Everyone she has loved in the past has left her, so to her, nothing is permanent. Even Sully abandoned her because she wouldn’t change go with him. Booth did not abandon Brennan when she wouldn’t change for him. Who is the better man for Brennan? Booth all the way.

    • I think I’m going to have to go with Lenora on this one. Two observations:

      1. Booth: By the time he gave his 30, 40, or 50 years speech he was flat out desperate. He saw everything slipping through his fingers. In a lot of ways, I think he panicked. Did he say the wrong thing for Brennan? Perhaps. Should he have said it differently? Maybe. Did he know better than to just blurt it all out the way he did. I guess. But he was honest. And I can’t for one minute blame him for that honesty. He wanted a shot at forever with her and so he took the chance. And in the process he put himself in an extremely vulnerable position. Did it scare Brennan? Probably. But it was a straightforward question with a yes or no answer. And Brennan chose no.

      2. Sully: Yes, he knew how to finesse Brennan. He knew how to say all the right things. BUT he also made a fatal mistake that I don’t think Booth would ever make. Sully asked Brennan to choose between him and the job that she loved. Booth, on the other hand, stepped back and let her walk away from him AND their partnership to pursue her “first love” because he knew what it meant to her. That tells me that Booth knows Brennan better than Sully ever did, no matter what he said in the 100th. Not only that, but he respects what her job means to her. Who knows, maybe there will come a day when Brennan is willing to walk away from her job for Booth, but I have a feeling if that were to ever happen, it would be because Brennan made the decision, not Booth.

      And to answer your question about whether or not Brennan needs a man – sadly, I think Brennan herself has already answered that question (eg. The Couple in the Cave and The Doctor in the Photo).

  3. I get what you’re saying here, that she said no to Booth because he pushed her and that means Sully is the better choice for her, because he did a better job of leaving it up to her. While I think you’re making a valid point I don’t honestly think she would have given Booth a different answer in the 100th, no matter how he worded it.

    Despite what she says at the end of Cinderella in the Cardboard, she doesn’t think she wants love in her life at the 100th. She wants what she thinks she’s got – a satisfying friendship/partnership with Booth, one she could walk away from at any point (to her way of thinking.) She doesn’t want to be in love, doesn’t want to be part of a couple, doesn’t want to need someone. And nothing Booth said would have swayed her on that, no matter how he said it.

    Does Brennan need a man to be happy? Does she need to be taken care of? No. Of course not. The problem is that she does need love in her life. All humans do. Even independent women. And she had that with Booth, much more so than she realized when she turned him down. It’s only now, that it’s changed because of Hannah, that she understands the degree to which she needs what she had.

    Yes, Booth is always going to try and take care of her, and that’s something they’ll have to deal with if they ever wind up in a relationship. At at guess, it will be a permanent source of tension in their relationship, though I think he generally tries to reign in that impulse unless her life is at stake or he’s in a really vulnerable position himself (as he was that night.)

    But notice what she was left with when Sully left it up to her: nothing. From my perspective, he gave her more of an ultimatum than Booth did: ‘if you want me, if you want to be loved by me, you have to give up everything else that’s important to your life and follow me and my dreams.’ She said no, because she understood that other things – like her career – were more important to her than being loved by a man who didn’t understand her driving need to find justice for victims.

    So I’d say that Sully gets one thing about her that Booth doesn’t: that she needs to be given choices. But he doesn’t get her in some absolutely fundamental ways that Booth does, in terms of understanding that she needs love, whether she wants to need it or not (no, she doesn’t want to need anyone, doesn’t want to need love. But she’s human, and does need it.) And she needs someone who will stick with her, who will put her first.

    I don’t blame Sully for what he did, as he’s got his own issues – he’s not sure what he wants to do with his life, and is still recovering from the loss of his partner. But at the end of the day, he always strikes me as selfish: “I’ll love you if you give up your life to follow me.” In fact, it’s a bit ironic to me that he’s portrayed as modern and willing to let her make her own choices, when the choice he gave her was basically the same as men were giving women a hundred years ago: ‘my life and dreams are more important than yours, so if you want me, it’s on my terms. Come with me, or there’s nothing between us.’

    Not trying to be difficult here, as I think you’re making a good point. I just don’t ever see a man who said ‘I’ll love you on my terms, but it’s your choice whether you take those terms or not’ as being all that wonderful. But that’s probably just my issues coming out. 🙂

  4. I just don’t agree when you say Booth is not the man to Brennan. I think he is. He just need learn give her space to make her decisions for her own. I think maybe now he can do that. And they are meant to be no doubt about that.

  5. What I think is interesting is how much Brennan’s changed since Sully left. Since Sully came, too, for that matter. I know those words look a bit strange, so I’m going to clarify: I don’t mean that Brennan changed because Sully left. But Sully left three years before Brennan rejected Booth. That’s a long time for a person to be expected to stay the same. Since she met Booth, she’s gotten a little savvier with the pop culture references, the sarcastic humur, the girlier clothing, ect. every season. I think that Booth is changing her to be slightly less rational, but still having that side of her brain to contend with. I feel like she didn’t have quite that much irrationality in her life when she had Sully. It was almost like it was two different Brennans. I guess what I’m trying to say is that you shouldn’t compare the two men to Brennan because you’re comparing two different men to two different women (in a metaphorical sense, I mean). I feel like Sully helped her with that overly-cliched “extra push she needed” to do something irrational. It was the first irrational thing I’d seen her do (since I didn’t watch all the episodes in order) and I think what she did affected her. and then when Booth asked her to stay go that extra distance, she said no, because it was rational, and she knew that irrationality killed her last relationship. She knew she had romantic feelings for Booth when he asked her to give them a chance, and she said no because she thought their relationship would end poorly, like with Sully. Does anyone else agree with me or am I just being crazy?

  6. Although I disagree with your outcome, I think this is a very interesting, thought provoking question. On the surface I would agree that Sully looks like the better man for Brennan. He did after all get her to go out with him, to kiss him, to sleep with him and commit in a way that made her vulnerable-no small feat. It wasn’t just about satisfying biological urges. She cared about him enough to feel sorrow when he left, a testament to how well he seemed to mesh with her. But in my opinion he never truly offered her a choice. Sully had his own dreams in mind when he set out to woo Brennan. He was going to be a free man living his fantasy life-at sea, island hopping, maybe opening a restaurant, all with a beautiful, intelligent woman at his side. These things weren’t too thought out and to any rational person, let alone Brennan, they would appear as fantasies and not real plans. Not the stuff to leave a beloved career, a passion for. When he met her he told her he was thinking of buying a boat; when he bought it, he didn’t ask her-he just did it with the expectation that she would get on board with his dream regardless of her own dearly held ties and beliefs. This, in my opinion, is no choice at all. And ultimately he did what so many other people in her life did before; to pursue his own agenda and without regard for her feelings, he left.

    I’m not going to argue about Booth being a “hoverer”-there is no doubt he is. But in doing that, he does what no one else does for her-he stays, through the best and worst of times, even when she is not being entirely lovable. He stays even when it hurts, through Sully, through Hacker, through the rejection. Stays there right up to the point when she cuts him loose. The choices were all hers; for him there were none-he loved her, and so he couldn’t leave, at least not voluntarily. And when he protects her, even against her wishes, he does so because he knows she needs to be shown love and loyalty, an unmoving center whether she likes it or not, unlike what Sully offered. This why he reassures with the “things will never change” line from Fire in the Ice. If this seems paternalistic, maybe it is-no one has ever argued Booth is perfect (pretty darn close though); no one is. But while he protects, he never pushes. If he had, he wouldn’t have continued to be her partner after the 100th. What he offered her was not an ultimatum; it was a choice which she was free to take or leave without drastic consequences. If some feel that the offer was rushed, I would counter that it was five years in the making. The wonder isn’t that it was fiinally made-it’s that it wasn’t made sooner, given what was so obvious for all to see. Others made offers to Brennan which she accepted. Was it really that far-fetched then for Booth to hope that she would accept his? And he remains the faithful protector, her constant, even after the 100th. That he said he had to move on is irrelevant since he didn’t seriously do this until she effectively broke up the partnership (Catfish was never a serious interest, more like salvaging pride). So like Lenora, I definitely believe that Booth was always the better man, and the better man for Brennan; allowing her room to grow without ever backing her up against the wall, as well as allowing himself to be changed by her.

    Like others have mentioned before, I want to make clear that this is not in any way about Brennan bashing. I love her character, every aspect of it. She has so many wonderful qualities, such strength and integrity and she is what gives the show its weight. Its just that as that wonderful post in Booth’s Turning Points noted (I don’t remember the name of the author and if I look it up I’ll lose all the verbiage I’ve written!) the show is often about how others see and relate to Brennan, especially Booth, so it is sometimes easier to visualize the story from his point of view.

  7. You make some good and interesting points…but I’m not sure it would have mattered how Booth would have worded it. Bren knew what he was asking and she simply wasn’t ready.

  8. Sully was and is selfish. He told her that he loved her and that he knew her after what 3 epis?! better than anyone, he had an ego. Yet he wanted her to give up everything for him but he wouldn’t stay for her and be there for her. It was his terms. The grass was always greener. Brennan doesn’t even consider any relationship she had since she met Booth serious via 100th epi, that includes Sully. Booth would give the world to Brennan, do anything for her, if she would let him. And that is a flaw with Booth, he wants his loved ones to be happy at his own expense and when he grabs the brass ring to live his life and be happy, when he gets rejected and that is somehow a fault?

  9. If you put aside the obvious, that Brennan loves Booth, whether she acknowledges it or not; Sully’s admission of his feelings and his request that she leave with him was kind of inconsequential. Regardless of her response Sully was going to leave. On the other hand Brennan and Booth’s lives are so intertwined. Brennan believes that if they did give it a go and something went wrong everything that she holds dear: her job, the Jeffersonian, her Jeffersonian family, and her partnership with Booth could be destroyed. I don’t think the question is who presented their case better but rather what did Brennan perceive as the possible outcome.

  10. Hmm…I never thought about the differences between Sully and Booth in this way. Very thought-provoking!

    I guess for me I still feel like Sully was not a good match for Brennan. Yes, he did seem to read her fairly well and knew how to approach her and her logical mind, but in the end he still put his needs before her own. To be fair, their relationship was still fairly new (a couple of months at most?) so the advent of Brennan in Sully’s life might not have played well into his already-planned-out-before-he-met-her trip to the Carribean, but the fact is he claimed that she was very important to him, enough to want her to come with him, enough to imply that he loved her, yet when she said no that was the end of their relationship. He gave her a choice in the way he worded the request, but essentially it was an ultimatum of all or nothing. If he truly cared about her and wanted to keep her in his life, he could have suggested that they keep in touch, that she come down for a visit, and then another, and then, once they’d established a permanency to their relationship, THEN asked her if she wanted to stay with him longer term. Instead, he basically said, “you have a choice, either choose to be with me or be with your science.” Personally, I myself would not have reacted well to that choice either, and I wouldn’t have let such a brief relationship influence my entire life.

    I definitely agree that Booth jumped the gun. He knows she needs to go slow, but he rushed a response from her anyway. That being said, both of them made mistakes that night on the stairs, and neither reacted well. I was disappointed in Booth for giving up so easily, yet I understood it. I was disappointed in Brennan saying no, yet I understood it. Did they understand each other’s perspectives? Definitely not. Herein lies the problem that we have yet to resolve between them, and I truly hope we get that resolution this season.

  11. I have often thought that myself….that Booth didn’t take his own advice. Also….remember when Sully was trying to get her to go watch him play basketball and she asked why? He said “Ok…how can I make this anthropological…. and he went into an explanation that she understood and she agreed.

    Maybe you are right…. Sulley did not give up at just “No”

    He said “Why”

    Booth just said “Your right…I gotta move on”

    I love the article. Still a B and B shipper though!

    • Sully only knew and dated Brennan for a few months. He asked her to go with him and Brennan said No. He sailed off in the sunset without contacting her again. Booth on the other hand was standing on the dock behind Brennan, proving to Brennan that she was not abandoned. That he, Booth, was there for her.
      Booth has known Brennan for several years and had tried to get her to commit to him emotionally twice and has been rejected twice.
      Booth said he had to move on because he had already waited (more or less) for several years to get Brennan to see that love was real; but, with the second rejection he probably felt the whole thing was hopeless. He was so sad when she rejected him again that he actually wiped tears from his eyes. I don’t think anything Booth said would have made Brennan see that he was the one for her. He knew it and was crushed by it.

  12. I could kiss you right now….my new favourite BT post (although that maybe because it’s the only one that has any focus on Sully but….let’s just say it’s because you’re awesome instead!).

    Anyone who knows me at all will be aware of how much i love and adore Sully, AND how much i think he was (is!) perfect for Brennan. It’s not the same perfect as Booth, as they are two very different men with very different relationships with Brennan but still…perfect is perfect 😉

    I agree that, as much as i love Booth, he can be very stifling…expecially for Brennan. He…prevents her from growing emotionally at times. On the one hand, he has pushed her to face her past, Russ, Max, her mother etc and for that i take my hat off to him. But other times…his need to protect her (which is admirable) can be detremental to her. If he continually steps in front of her, she will never grow and she will never learn.

    Sully, on the other hand. He was straight with her, and then he left her to decide on herself. He doesn’t tell her what she has to do, he leaves with the hope that she will come to the right decision (or the decision he is hoping for) herself. I think in that way, Sully is better for her than Booth. He gives her room to grow, he allows her to learn. He understands that.

    What i always find amusing is that people are very critical of Brennan when she is insulting to Booth (which is fine). But what gets me is that most times (not every time!) he let’s her get away with it, or he excuses her for it. How will she ever learn if people (not just Booth…people in general) don’t call her on her shit? Sully did that…the scene you mentioned when Brennan dismisses him as a fling is a testament to that.

    I know a lot of people say that he left her, so he can’t have loved her. I don’t buy that (in any way, shape or form! LOL). He left because it’s what he needed to do, and she stayed because it was what she needed to do. It doesn’t mean they didn’t care for one another, it doesn’t make the feelings (whatever you believe them to be) any less. People seem to see Sully as this simple, everyday guy. I don’t see that. He had suffered a tragedy (the death of his partner) and was dealing with that in the way he could.

    I also agree (mostly) on your opinion on the 100th. I have A LOT of issues with the 100th. A LOT, way too many to address here 😉

    But i do think that Booth pushed her too far. Like you said, this is the man who told Sweets you can’t rush her yet that is exactly what he did. Sully gave her a choice…Booth told her how it had to be. For me, this shows that when it came to his own feelings Sully knew Brennan better. He didn’t let his feelings for her blind him…i think that’s what Booth did. He’s human, sure. But he should have known better.

    I know some think she would have said no regardless of the way he phrased it but i really don’t understand that. For me, the past 5 seasons showed us that the way people approach Brennan (be it professionally or personally) is vitally important. Two people could ask her the same thing in two different ways and get two very different answers. So i believe, that if Booth had addressed it differently things would have been different.

    Coz to be honest, if Booth had said to me what he said to Brennan i’d have said no too…regardless of how hot he is 😉

    Anyway,m gone so far off track as usual but one last comment.

    I LOVE SULLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

    • Dear Laffers… 🙂

      Can I ask both you and Tober something, to make sure I’m getting what you’re saying?

      Sully was better for her even though they wound up with no relationship at all, just because he left the entire decision up to her? And thus it really is better for her to be alone her entire life if that’s what she thinks she wants, than to have someone pushing her?

      That’s what I keep feeling like you’re saying, that Sully was right for her even though he left her because he framed it as her choice. He let her decide on her own to be alone, and being completely free to make that choice is better than being with someone?

      I’m really, really not getting it. I’m just not.

      • OK, I can’t speak for Tober so I’ll try and explain myself better (though you know I’m pretty poor at that so we shall see! LOL)

        Maybe it’s not a case of one being better for her than the other…for me, it’s the fact BOTH of them are perfect for her in their own way.

        Booth pushes her, but he goes too far. He doesn’t allow her that space to grow herself…he’s constantly pushing her OR protecting her…and sometimes he needs to alllow her to stand or fall on her own merit yet he won’t do that. It’s not because he’s a bad guy…but his need to protect those he cares about is so ingrained in him that he doesn’t see the damage it sometimes does (case in point: Jared).

        Sully on the other hand….he let her choose. He put forth what he wanted and allowed her to make the choice. And maybe…maybe he was too far the other direction. Maybe he should have pushed more…but the fact is he allowed her to grow on her own. He treated her like the adult she is, and that she was capable of making her own decisions, and dealing with the consequences.

        Do I think Brennan refusing to go with Sully means she chose to live a life on her own? No. She just wasn’t ready for the commitment her asked of her, but still he left it as HER choice. He didn’t tell her what she had to do, or what she should do. He gave her the choice.

        And for me, allowing someone a choice is ALWAYS better than pushing them in the direction YOU think they should go.

        And in terms of your questin about ‘it’s better for her to be alone than to have someone push her’…i think the answer is yes.

        We (the fans and most other characters) treat her as if she doesn’t know her own mind. Yeah she’s a genius but she’s useless at relationships so therefore it’s our (the fans and Booths! LOL) responsibility to tell her what she should want.

        I don’t agree with that. She doesn’t have the same ease in which most people approach relationships but the fact is she is an adult. We should treat her like one. We can’t push her towards the life WE think she needs to lead…she needs to decide for herself.

        Will we always agree with the decisions she makes? Hell no, but it the end want we want for her doesn’t matter. It’s what she wants.

        Make sense?

    • I agree with the post and your comment. Booth provided Brennan with anecdotal evidence, he knew right from the beginning, he just knows, it was apparently love at first sight, fate, he didn’t know her that well and immediately thought it was going somewhere. For someone like Brennan that means there is no reason for his love, he just loves her, he never said why (And maybe he doesn’t know why, the way Booth thinks he may be fine with it, he just feels it so it is valid and doesn’t care why he feels a way or another “When it comes down to it, it is always about what you feel”, he believes everything he feels, so if he feels it will last he knows it will, if he feels he loves her then he does and who cares why? Well Brennan does) he does love her (Brennan needs causes – “For every effect there is a corresponding cause, I find that reassuring”), which means that his love can go away just as it came, just like that, poof, by meeting another woman across a crowded room and the same old black magic happens again and he is out of love with Brennan. And so far he didn’t prove her wrong, on the contrary. I think Brennan has a more realistic view of love, she just has to accept it and take chances and be as strong as she says she is, which is also what Sully was about, after losing his partner he wanted to live wide, take chances, not just be one thing in life (“I don’t want to be just one thing in life”, “What you’re doing is important, but it’s not important enough to be your whole life”. I think he was more talking about crime-solving than her real love and he never said she should totally give it up, it just shouldn’t be her whole life. Also when there was any bones involved but just a crime to solve Brennan said she would rather spend time with him than be at work) and where do we find this theme (not being just one thing) again – end in the beginning – “people say we only live once, but people are as wrong abut that as they are about everything. […] What life is she leading, is the same life the woman was living an hour ago….”
      Also, Brennan said herself at the end of girl in the gator that she didn’t feel satisfied after solving a case like expected, but she felt drained, to what Sully replied that’s why you can’t do this job for so long, again crime-solving not her real love, so I don’t feel that his proposition of taking ONE year off was out of the blue, and we saw that 2 years later (boy with the answer) Brennan still feels drained by crime-solving not anthropology. He didn’t ask her to leave her job forever for his dream, and Brennan’s real love is anthropology not crimes-solving (passenger in the oven, end in the beginning : “I’m glad we are not crime fighters” – “crimes, violent murders, the closer you get, greater the shock” or something like that), and she recognized herself that she wanted to go, but it was her fear of a deep emotional relationship that kept her from going, just like she acknowledged it in glowing bones. Brennan missed a chance with Sully, I would have liked for it to be mentioned in doctor in the photo, or I hope maybe later, and not just Booth as being her one and only chance at happiness. One more thing, Brennan said herself that Sully was perfect, they communicated well and was puzzled that she didn’t go. I didn’t see Sully trying to change Brennan but I have always seen Booth (and others) trying to, which I have never liked, especially because she accepts it. She speaks her mind, but she never tells people how they should live their life. I always was Sully as expressing his opinions, not pushing them on her.

  13. I totally agree with this. Exactly what I have been thinking since the 100th episode first aired. I love Booth and the thought of him with Brennan seems right, but I agree.

  14. First of I want to say that while it is always tempting comparing Booth to Sully (or vice versa) is like comparing apples to oranges – while yes they are both fruits they each are unique and as different as they are similar. They are two different people who mean two different things to Brennan and while they each fit a specific role – potential mate that is where being able to align them ends. So while I think for our own individual preferences and reasons we can argue how one is right and one is wrong for Brennan I think that in relation to her and her life they each were/are exactly what she need(s) them to be. But this does get one to think about the Booth/Brennan relationship and that is always a good thing!
    I think the key to this whole situation is the question you posed at the very end: Does Brennan need a man? I think it has to be asked in a different way, but I think if you answer this question then it all makes sense. I think the question should be does Brennan want a man in her life vs need a man in her life. I think she has always wanted a man but is her fear that she needs a man in her life that holds her back from having one (I think this is true in other areas and relationships in her life as well but for this post it is about a man). Hear me out, hopefully I will get it expressed the right way (it always sounds so good in your head and then you start typing….). I think you have to eliminate all the other “noise” from the equation. Like Booth vs. Sully, how Booth asked her in the 100th, Brennan’s past, Sweets pressuring Booth to go for, etc.. None of those variables matter or can be controlled because it all centers on Brennan – those things are all irrelevant. I think we all look at Brennan and say here is this strong, independent woman, who has full control over her life. I disagree, until Doctor in the Photo episode I see Brennan as a capable woman but not a complete woman (I like this better then independent but either could work here). Don’t get me wrong Brennan is smart, she is capable, and she is functioning on a level of independence (care for herself, job, home, etc.) – but I do not believe she was completely independent until DitP episode. There is a difference between being alone and capable and being independent and complete. Her overriding fear of needing someone versus just wanting someone makes her unable to be complete. I think that no matter who it was, Sully (who she liked) or Booth (who she loves) when either one suggested something more she was not able to say yes. I think she had not come to a place in her life where she was capable of saying that she wanted a man without the fear of needing that man was to paralyzing. If you think about it no one can abandoned you, disappoint you, or hurt you if you never allow yourself to need them. I think in that lies the key to Brennan, and for me it is not just with Booth but with all of her relationships but again this post is just about Booth/Sully. I believe that when she fled to Maluku she was at a pivotal moment in her life. I think while there she dug for more then bones, she dug deep within herself for answers and found the truth of herself. I think she has known for a long time that she loves Booth; I have never had a problem believing that or thinking she believes that. I think it has always been this belief that has kept her in this mode of self preservation and had her keep Booth at arms length. I am not going to sight a lot of evidence where I find this to be the case, but one is in Harbingers when Booth says I love you …pause… look at her face. She has so many emotions all at once hope, happiness, relief, fear, sadness. I firmly believe had he left it at that she would have pushed him away. Not because she doesn’t love him but because she is afraid of what that means. I think when she was in Maluku she came to terms with allowing herself to need Booth because she could no longer deny that she loves him and wants him. In MitR when she is getting the snake out of the truck and she says: “funny how I am never afraid of snakes unless Booth is around” is to me her admitting that she is aware of her dependency of him. They way she says it is another admission to me that she can finally handle the thought of needing him as a possible outcome for her life. I think this is the start of Brennan becoming Brennan (I know that there will be a lot of people who will not understand this, but up until this point I really feel like Brennan has been what she believes she should be, what her past has told her to be, and what others have projected her to be – but not who she inherently is or who she needs herself to be. I think this is why she struggles so much and why she is angry and aloof a lot) and for me this is when I realized what I was seeing in her all during season 5. I was seeing this person who was at war within herself, fighting to find herself and fighting to find her path (not the one she had been on but the one she would have to journey if she ever wanted to be a complete person). For me it was almost like a coming of age story, watching this person who seems so together, so sure, suddenly be exposed for what she really is this lost, unsure, half baked person. I think that when she left for Maluku she knew she was running and part of her didn’t want to (the scene on the bench all but begging Booth to tell her not to go and the goodbye at the airport) but she had to. She had to go and find for herself the answers no one could give her. I think she came back settled and ready to embrace that having a life with Booth was more important to her then being afraid of losing it all by needing him and I think she still believed that she could remain in control be guarding herself in the levels of need and intimacy she would give. I think she had opened a part of herself and was finally coming to terms with who she was and what she really needed and wanted in her life, but she was still holding back and still able to rationalize and compartmentalize her life (or so she thought). I still think it wasn’t until DitP that all of it finally clicked. For me this is when I finally saw Brennan. Up until this point we have seen bits and pieces of Brennan but not all of her because I think until this point she has been incomplete and not ready to show all of herself – ESPECIALLY to herself. I think what happened in DitP is that all the moments leading to that point fell into place and Brennan was able to say: I am capable of being on my own, I can live the rest of my life alone and not be lonely or unhappy but I CHOOSE to want him and give myself to him. It is in that moment that she is complete. It is in that moment that she can confess to him – not because she has to but because she can without fear of it. I think his answer wasn’t important, I think her coming to this point and being able to realize that she isn’t going to love Booth because she “needs” to and if she loves him she gives him the power to leave her and hurt her – she is going to love Booth because she wants to love him and wants to allow herself to experience it without regret. I think she knew what his answer was going to be (just as I contend that Booth knew what Brennan’s answer was going to be in the 100th episode). I think she still hoped, but she knew. I also think that now that Brennan has reached this point there is no going back. The signal she heard was bigger then you love Booth, it was that you can be alone and capable all by yourself and you can be you without any reservations or fear and that will only be enhanced by allowing others in. There is nothing to loose by loving and opening yourself to others only to gain because you don’t need that to survive – instead she wants it to be happy. Now that that has happened I believe that she will be ready for 30, 40 , 50 years and it doesn’t matter who that person is (for me all I have to say is it BETTER BE BOOTH!!!)

    • Very good. I like what you wrote and I feel that you are right. I think the snake scene in Maluku was a big hint as to changes that Brennan was making in her thought process. I agree that she started to rethink her self-image at that point and Doctor in the Photo was the culimation of that change. Very good post.

  15. This was really different, and interesting… so thanks : )

    I agree that on the surface (or even not) Sully does seem like the better man for Brennan. He gave her options, and never stifled her decisions, and he really did care about her. She had fun with him, and we saw that. I understand all this, but yet I still think that Booth is the better man for Brennan (and no, i’m not just being stubborn). I know, Booth is overprotective and instead of saying “i love you, think about it?” he said “I know that I love you. Because I love you, you must love me back!”. It was stifling to Brennan. He said it himself “Don’t you know by now you can’t rush her?” But yet I still think he’s right for her. Why? you might ask.

    Well, I think a reason is BECAUSE he doesnt give her the option. He never questioned her, he sort of just found it out on his own or waited til she let something slip. And I think Brennan needs that. Since she became the best in the field and an author and since she is awkward around everyone, people always ask her questions, and need to know the answers to everything. She herself needs to know the answers to everything. But Booth just lets her be. Sure he has slowly been changing her since they met and he is way overprotective, but he doesn’t question her, he just understands/trusts that she is doing what she thinks is right. And on the rare occasion that he doesn’t trust what she’s doing is right or sees that it will hurt her too much, he tells her and explains it to her. He has the confidence to tell her off and tell the truth, which no one else does. I think that Brennan also finds the overprotectiveness reassuring (as much as she might say to the contrary). It gives her (or at least gave her) a reassurance that he would always be there, no matter what, and that he would always have her back. He is the only person that Brennan has ever been able to trust because of this protectiveness and consistent honesty.

    Now whether or not Brennan needs a man. She doesn’t need a man in the way that she can take care of herself, but I think she does because all she has been doing is taking care of herself her whole life. She needs someone else to share the work load (and what I explained Booth does above helps to do that.)

    Anyways that’s my thoughts. Thanks for the post !!! : )

  16. This is such an interesting question! I tend not to agree on the whole. In the interest of full disclosure I was with a guy for 6 and a 1/2 years. We lived together for 2 of those years with him becoming increasingly unhappy, with his life and his job and our relationship. He decided that he wanted to go learn how to build wooden boats in Maine. Partway into his um… “studies” things really started to get worse in our relationship and he asked me to move to Maine to be with him. Now I had 2 jobs (60 hours a week), I was going to school, my friends were where I was living and so was my family. I had an apartment (in a housing crisis) and a dog and a cat. He could not understand why I didn’t just jump at the chance to change MY WHOLE LIFE to be with him because HE was unhappy. So when I watched Sully ask that of Brennan, my internal monologue went something like: “That rat bastard! Asking her to give everything up for him! Oh. Wait. Huh. Wow. Still angry about that. Huh. Interesting.” And I liked Sully until he sailed off into the frigging whatever! Sully didn’t give her a choice. It was a non-choice. Booth just gave her a chance. I agree that Sully gave her more space than Booth which was probably healthier for her at the time but I agree with many people here that she is more than used to Booth being Boothy. She knows he’s there and she knows he hovers. It’s saved her life um… several times now. I would also argue that she is also in the perimeter keeping an eye on him even with Hannah in the picture. No she doesn’t NEED a man. But a healthy relationship with the right person, who you can be yourself with, enhances your life. I am a better version of myself with my husband than I am even when I am alone. Because he brings out the best in me and still sees the worst. That is what Booth and Brennan have with each other that they don’t have with other people. I am really enjoying the journey of these characters. I will ship them for life, baby! 🙂 I hope they get together soon but I can wait a bit longer. If I find out I only have so long to live, then I am contacting Make a Wish and Hart Hanson and whomever and I’d better have a copy of the Booth-and-Brennan-get-together-and-live-happily-ever-after script in my death bed! I don’t think that’s too much to ask. 😉 So sorry for the ramble and the pure narcissistic focus of my post but I really enjoyed thinking about this! 🙂

  17. Everyone needs someone…. even strong, rational and independent Brennan. But with a person such as she and given that she lived more than half of her life alone the thought of committing to someone…. of being dependent on someone much more romantically, is very irrational and is tantamount to losing everything that she had built for herself all these years despite her family abandoning her. So because of this, I know that no matter how booth handled his confession of love, Brennan would have still said no in the 100th.

    As for the question on who’s the better man for bones, I will have to go with booth – a 70 / 30 score. Although I admire how quickly sully was able to tap the irrational and loving Brennan, he’s not the one for her. He loves life and its adventures more than he could love Brennan. Although his passionate, he lacks consistency and stability as evidenced by his numerous and unfinished studies. Booth on the other hand is like an anchor to a floating Brennan ship.

    I disagree that booth rushed or pushed bones too far in 100th, as Maria said, it was 6 yrs (adding the 1 yr they did not speak to each other after their 1st case) in the makinghe waited and been thru a lot with her before he came to that point. And when she said no, he did not need to ask why or push Brennan more coz he understood immediately what she was saying, what she was feeling and where she was at that time…. because he knew her so well. This was definitely booth not giving up so easily.

    I just hope that after DitP, B&B will find their way each others arms at last. Just want it to be slow and romantic though as I still want bones to reach at least the 10th season! c”,)

  18. I’ve always thought of Sully as a pleasant diversion for Brennan — sort of Booth-lite like Jared and Hacker. They each have some qualities in common with Booth, making them somewhat attractive to Brennan without the risk of losing what she really wanted all along. Sully didn’t love Brennan — he only wanted to be with her on his terms. To me there is no comparison between B&B’s love for each other and her casual relationship with Sully or Hacker. Thanks for the post and the very thought provoking replies here. I appreciate everyone’s insights, especially gerrytart5 and your comments about how Brennan needed to find out who she is and then choose to be with Booth but not because she needs him.

  19. @ MellBert
    “If I find out I only have so long to live, then I am contacting Make a Wish and Hart Hanson and whomever and I’d better have a copy of the Booth-and-Brennan-get-together-and-live-happily-ever-after script in my death bed! I don’t think that’s too much to ask.”

    This made me laugh….and no, I don’t think it’s too much to ask!

  20. I love this idea, and everyone’s reactions to it. I also am completely in agreement with anyone who says that Sully did not abandon Brennan but rather, she chose to stay. Sure, he made her choose, basically, but still…she was the one who chose. This wasn’t another scenario like her parents leaving her; it’s not abandonment.

    Now, on to the Booth vs. Sully argument. I love the look into how Sully was right in the way he approached her, in that instant. Of course, we also have multiple times in which Booth was absolutely correct in the way he approached Brennan. The difference is that Booth’s approach when it’s HIS heart on the line, or his love for her…well, then he always seems to mess up. That’s a Booth issue, for sure.

    I think it’s also interesting to consider…what does Sully need in a relationship to be happy, and what does Booth need? And…does Brennan fulfill either of those things? I think Booth wants someone he can be sweet with. For the most part, Brennan usually responds to his sweetness. I think she would find it annoying at times, and probably tell Booth, and then he’d learn to sort of temper that and use it sparingly…mainly when he wants his back cracked or something 🙂

    Sully, well, we don’t see a lot of him (and honestly, I think his presence is JUST as much for Booth’s character development as it is for Brennan’s), but what we do see indicates that he needs someone who is lighthearted and up for anything. Hey, he does convince Brennan to take a little mini-vacation, which is impressive…that is, until Booth decides to “ahoy the boat” hahaha.

  21. There are loads of thought-provoking comments to this post, and the original was really interesting too.

    I have to admit to not being a fan of Sully. I didn’t hate him, but let’s just say I don’t watch the episodes he’s in very often. I don’t think he ‘abandoned’ Brennan. But at the same time, he did leave. And no matter how well he brought it up, it was still a ‘my way or the highway’ scenario for Brennan. ‘Do what I say is best for you (taking a year off from work) or lose me’. He was fun and he cared about her, but not enough to stay. He didn’t even tell her of his plans or discuss it with her. I’m also one of those who believes that part of the reason Brennan stayed was because of Booth. Her eyes slide very obviously towards him through the window when Sully asks why she won’t leave.

    I believe one of the reasons Booth is the one for Brennan is because he’s proved over and over that he will always be there for her. That reliability is something she hasn’t had since she was a teenager. You could argue he’s sacrificed things himself in order to be able to prove that to her. For instance, there was definitely a frisson between him and Perotta, but Booth decided not to pursue it because Brennan revealed, in her own way, that she was a bit threatened by it.

    This is why I don’t understand it when people say that what Booth said in the 100th was a) out of the blue, or b) an ultimatum. I don’t think it was out of the blue because the whole 100th ep was about how they were both aware that the attraction was there from the very beginning. Brennan had had as long as Booth to decide whether or not to be with him and when he asked her in the 100th, I believe he’d reached the end of his line. He’d waited and waited and been as patient as possible and finally he had to bring up what had been bubbling between them for 6 very long years.

    I don’t think he gave her an ultimatum in the 100th, he ASKED her to give it a shot. He asked for a chance. He asked to go for a different outcome, however she wanted to play it. He told her he’d be there for her for the next 50 years. She asked him for evidence? Everything he’d done for the previous 5 years was evidence.

    Brennan has now realised and admitted that saying no to him in the 100th was a mistake. She said she doesn’t want to live with regrets, because she regrets saying no. I agree with the previous poster that Brennan had no idea what she was turning down, she didn’t realise that their relationship that she enjoyed so much was the way it was partly because he was completely in love with her. Him being with Hannah has been painful for her no doubt, but it was necessary to make her realise what she actually wanted.

    Since about season 3, Brennan’s dates have been lesser versions of Booth. Sully – the fun loving FBI agent she was partnered with, Jared – literally a Booth, Hacker – FBI agent again. She’s been trying to find what she wants to have with Booth without actually having to take the scary step of being with Booth. Angela tells us this ‘it would be a creepy way of having sex with a Booth, without having to actually have sex with the real Booth’. Brennan’s wanted him for a long time, she’s just been scared of what being with him would mean. He means more to her, which is why she’s always kept him at arm’s length. Booth is the man for her. I believe she’d be able to have satisfying relationships with other guys, but no one will bring her the joy that Booth will. There’s no comparison to the weight of her feelings for Booth to these others, which conversely is exactly why she’s been ok with entering into casual relationships / flings / dates with them.

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  23. can anybody tell me what episode and season this is?

  24. I think you make some good points: However, the main draw – the very center of the show is Bones and Booth. You can find differences in how Sully and Booth handled their rejection but isn’t it more accurate to say that Booth understood no amount of arguing would change Brennan’s mind? Therefore don’t you think that takes understanding? Then consider if Sully really loved her would he give her an ultimatum? Booth and Bones are an attractive potential couple because of the friction between them and Booth is the one reliable person in her life who she never had as a child, she stayed for Booth.

  25. I just wanted to say that Booth does the same thing in “The Daredevil in the Mold” when he gives Brennan the option to either stay and be his partner or leave and sever the partnership. I do think that Sully communicated better with Brennan, but there’s ultimately some reason she didn’t go with Sully and stayed with Booth. I think after the 100th episode catastrophe and the Hannah debacle, Booth finally just lets Brennan decide to come to him.

    However, Booth does use Brennan’s first instinct/reaction. Sully told her to think something over for a bit whereas Booth sort of demanded an immediate answer. I think that that moment isn’t ultimately fair to judge because he didn’t have much time to process his own thoughts. Sully had obviously been considering his proposition for a while. So I think Booth’s impulsiveness really played a heavy part on that scene.

    • Maddy, I agree, I don’t think the two reactions to Brennan are comparable. The only reason Booth made the proposition that he did is becasue Booth was put on the spot, and I blame Sweets. It took me until The Blackout in the Blizzard, Season 6 to forgive Sweets for the 100th episode, and that was only because Booth threw a bag of peas at him. I think the way Sweets handled the therapy session on the 100th episode was terrible. To put Booth on the spot that way and set him up emotionally was unprofessional at best. I blame Sweets for the 100th epi. catastrophe, not Booth. Like B&B were saying in the beginning of the 100th, Sweets would not respond well to their new story about their first encounter. Well, he didn’t. Damn you, Sweets!
      Ultimately, Booth realized (after the Hannah debacle — god I hated that woman’s accent), that if he wanted Brennan to come to him he had to wait for it to be her decision. That’s fine, it worked out how it worked out even if if had to be in the wake of a terrible loss. In the Twister/Tornado episode season 7, Booth freely admitted that he would not stop hovering (esp. now that Brennan is pregnant with their child). I admire his admitting that as an attribute that would not go away, because even though he knows he can’t protect her, it comforts him to at least try.

      • This was a very interesting discussion, and still interesting to discuss now. I “know” what an ultimatum is, but I had to look it up because everyone had such good points on why what Booth did is considered an ultimatum or not. According to my “research” (, everyone is right. It gives two definitions for ultimatum:
        1. a final, uncompromising demand or set of terms issued by a party to a dispute, the rejection of which may lead to a severance of relations or to the use of force.
        2. a final proposal or statement of conditions.
        If I focus on definition 1, I would say that it was definitely not an ultimatum, as we know they continued their partnership. But if I look at definition 2, I would say yes, because Booth said he needed to find someone to love him, and he needed to move on because he gathered that it wasn’t going to be her.

        They both have changed enough to the point where they are together and trying to make it work. But essentially they are the same people. That’s realistic. People don’t change just because you get into a relationship with them, and you can’t even expect them to. Booth hovered before, so in no way does it surprise me that he has been hovering since Brennan has been pregnant. Yes, extremely annoying. But there are worse things to be. He actually reminded me of the behavior of some mothers. They love you so much and want to help, but it can be a bit overwhelming. Their response to a situation is more about helping them cope with not actually being able to do anything about it. Even though if I was Brennan I would have wanted to knock him upside the head, I really appreciated that Booth realized that and told her that it wasn’t about him trusting her, because he did. He knows he can’t always protect them, but as an alpha-male he needs a way of dealing with situations out of his control. I think that Brennan definitely has to accept that Booth is the kind of guy who protects, provides, and wants to be there for his family. Basically because that’s always been the type of guy he is and she chose to be with him. And I think Booth has accepted certain things about Brennan that he knows she probably won’t change, even if he wanted her to. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying compromises can’t be in order. I’m just saying telling a person to just stop a certain behavior almost never works, at least not for long.

  26. I enjoyed the main post a great deal. I was looking online to find what people were suggesting as Brennan’s reasons for not going with Sully when I found this. I was actually pretty disappointed by those suggesting Sully was asking her to leave a job she loved. In my opinion, those folks missed the point. Perhaps a few of them. But rather than argue the other side of it, I’ll simply let Angela do it for me. When Brennan asks her advice, she gives the best reasons for going. It is not forever. It is a year of love and adventure out of her whole life. It is not about giving up her job — not like some comments made it seem anyway. Clearly Brennan has issues, and despite the rational explanations from Angela & Sully she still said no. At this point in the show she knows what happened to her family, but I guess whatever has driven her for so long is still driving her, unfortunately.

  27. Completely agree– the way Booth approached her in the 100th would never have worked. He was going with his romantic gut feelings which she doesn’t believe in.

    I love the way you referenced how Sully used anthropology in his argument. That’s what Booth needed to do. Use logic/evidence on her. That’s why the Bren and Mr B from the coma dream worked. Brennan asked do you love me and he responded with “do you want me to prove it to you”. Or when she was worried about being a cold fish, he told her if she was then she wouldn’t worry about it.

    Sully gave her time to adjust and made her think before coming to a decision. As he told her, he knows she makes decisions in microseconds but he really wanted her to consider it. Booth should’ve known her better. She was considering a relationship, her main worry was that they weren’t compatible. The way Booth approached her only reinforced that. She was a scientist not a gambler.

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