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Top Five Tuesday: Ten Times Booth Makes Brennan Want To Say “Yowza”


Good morning, pals! Happy Tuesday!

A few weeks ago, we took a look at the top ten times Brennan knocked Booth’s socks off. Well, it’s now time  to take a look at times our main man Seeley J. Booth knocked Brennan for a loop. Sure, she wears socks too, but that’s kind of his thing, don’t you think? I think with Brennan, she is affected,  though at times, it’s more subtle. But it does absolutely happen. In my opinion, the ‘evidence’ is that Booth takes her words away. When that happens, we know she’s affected. There are a lot of really amazing moments in this series, and Brennan is often impressed by Booth, but I was looking more for those immediate reactions from her. I can’t wait to see what you add to the list.

Until then, here are my ten, in no particular order.


#1. I’ll protect you, baby.

From Science in the Physicist


The parted lips, the flush, the way her hands fall to his chest. The way she doesn’t spout out any sort of jargon about how she doesn’t need him protecting her from anything (the likes of many other scenes). No, when it comes down to it, when it’s his body pressing hers up against the wall…no words. She wants him.

#2. It means something

Owl brought this one up, and I had to totally agree. Brennan had just finished saying that objects hold no intrinsic power, “a person’s future does not depend on some thing.”

From Man in the Morgue

Interesting! And though she doesn’t admit that there is a direct correlation between Booth holding the earring and him holding her future, haha, she does admit that it means something. In hindsight, it’s sort of surprisingly sweet.

#3. Take him down like a flea:

From Mastodon in the Room


After the season six premiere aired, I remember thinking that to me, it was just as special that Booth had repeated Brennan’s words here as it had been when she’d repeated Booth’s words in about what was between them was theirs. My initial reaction, combined with this look on Brennan’s face…I don’t know what it all means, but I think part of it means that Booth gets her. He doesn’t always get her, but  listens and he gets her more than anyone else gets her. I think that makes her want him more.

#4. There is, of course, a sexual component to an act of this sort. The knife-representing—


From Double Trouble in the Panhandle


Yeah, Sweets, as Cam said, “We get it.” And Brennan likes it. Just a little too much. But when it comes to Booth, there’s no such thing as too much. Totally in my bottom 10 episodes of all time, but Brennan’s complete trust in Booth, and the thrills she gets from his knives…well, that’s just awesome.


#5. There’s also a sexual component to him rising, naked, from his bathtub like a Greek god of a man.

Whatever she came over to his house for (answers?), she sure got a lot more! I mean, Booth really is the vulnerable one in this scene of course, but still…when he stands up, all splashy and tan and what not, she sort of blinks and then flushes, and smiles and makes a joke. The conversation continues, but in that instant, she was surprised by him. Who the heck wouldn’t be? I don’t care what anyone has said, she’s so curious about what he’s been hiding beneath his clothes. And for Brennan, a new discovery is like gold. Golden, wet, muscle-y gold…okay, I’ll stop now.

But seriously…

From Pain in the Heart


#6. For every effect,

…there is a corresponding cause.

From The Night at the Bones Museum

Brennan kind of squees, don’t you think?

She gasps out loud, like a girl. She totally does. She loves it.

#7. There’s someone for everyone…someone you’re meant to spend the rest of your life with.

Gah. That scene from Man in the Outhouse. That SCENE! The entire thing from start to finish is just money in the bank. I know that some people find it annoying when I use past scenes to sort of prove my points about B&B, but I just don’t know what to say to that. The scenes did happen, and they were wonderful, and I love them. It’s not naivete; it’s just love. This scene strikes me as so wonderful, because, like with almost everything B&B, one confesses something (in this case, Brennan-the sting of rejection) and the other reveals something (in this case, Booth, what I consider to be his desire). I don’t think he’s speaking in general terms, and I don’t think Brennan does either. Why else would he tell her that she just needed to open her eyes and see it? Oh, I love it. Once again, Brennan doesn’t roll her eyes at him; she doesn’t scoff (too much) and ignore him. She just looks at him and listens and considers it. It’s not a secret that I think her celibacy began that night (or soon after). Whether she knows that Booth is the answer in that moment, I’m not sure, but I think that in that moment, it really begins to be clear that he’s the only one who’ll do. I don’t know how else to describe it, but it’s deeper than just words. The literal tone and pitch of his voice affects her. His eyes, his kindness, his confidence in her ability to love and be loved…

She can’t take her eyes off of him, and it’s no wonder he can’t take his eyes off of her. Beautiful people!

#8. I’ve got stuff to do. With bones.

From Santa in the Slush

Yes, you just TRY to keep your eyes off of him, missy! I love that Booth says “I don’t know what that means” and she says “Stuff”. Perfect, subtle, sweet. What I also love is that even though we NOW know they had kissed before, it’s clear that he still does it for her in every way.

#9. Guy stuff

Brennan once told Booth that every element was his element, and he quickly told her that wasn’t true. But I think that when Booth IS in his element (and in this case, he was having a man-to-man talk with “the kid” in Salt in the Wounds), she responds to that, instinctively. There might be times when she is analyzing his behavior in general where she might include him in ‘anthropological inevitabilities” , but usually, in the heat of a moment, she just observes him. This moment isn’t necessarily completely in your face, but I do believe that she really wants him here, or is incredibly drawn to him. One reviewer of this episode (not me) said that Brennan swooned. Possible! I remember watching this with my parents, and it was around the time it had been announced that Stewie was going to be guest-starring to assist in the plot development of Brennan wanting a baby. I’d been discussing it with my family, mainly my brother, a big Family Guy fan, and as we watched the end of this episode, and Brennan is standing there watching, my dad looked up at the TV and said, “Ah, she wants a baby with him.” And I agreed.

#10. He knows the truth hurts, but that she needs it anyway.

Is this the first time she falls into his arms because of something happy? Okay, Max getting arrested by Booth isn’t THE happiest thing in the world, but I mean…this is different than say, Judas on a Pole when she falls into his arms, right? Again, it might not seem like THAT drastic of a moment, but for me it is, because what we see here is that Brennan…she needs more. More of him. She could have thanked him, smiled, patted his arm, but she doesn’t. She just needs…more.

So what did I miss? “I love you?” Vegas?  Ceramics? Hockey? The Making Love Speech? ConMan in the MethLab? Slow dance to Seal? Dine & Dash? I know there are more than that, right? Help me out! Let’s discuss!


24 thoughts on “Top Five Tuesday: Ten Times Booth Makes Brennan Want To Say “Yowza”

  1. I think moment #10 might be my favorite but you left out the shooting range in the pilot, the moment they meet in the 100th when she gets that little glimmer of RAWR in her eyes when she finds out he’s FBI and in The Knight on the Grid both when she kisses him on the cheek and when she finds out what he did for Russ.

  2. I loved your list and the reasoning behind them. Of your list, I love the hug she gives Booth at the alter when Booth tells Brennan that Max let himself be arrested because Max was never going to abandon her again. Just loved that scene.
    I want to add two other scenes. When Sully sailed away from Brennan (I say when he abandanoned her, in The Boneless Bride In The River) and she turned around on the dock and found Booth standing behind her. Her reaction is “What are you doing here?” and yet they end up walking down the dock with Booth’s arm around her. You could see that she appreciated Booth being there and maybe, for the first time, thought, here is someone who will never abandon me.
    The other scene (In Two Bodies In The Lab) is when Booth saves Brennan from a rogue FBI agent. Booth saves Brennan from a horrible death and her sense of relief and happiness at being saved by Booth are just so wonderful. It seems to me that when she questions Booth about how he managed to get out of the hospital, it is a question of wonder. I always think she is probably thinking, Wow, he dragged himself out of his hospital bed to come looking for me and he saved me. It makes me smile to see them both hugging each other. I never get enough of this scene.

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  4. @Lenora
    You just added my 2 most favourite scenes. When Sully left & he was there when she turned well I still swoon a little thinking of that.

  5. To me one of this moments when Booth made Brennan say yowza was on the end scene on the Santa in the slush when Brennan is having her x-mans w/ the Brennan clan and Booth arrive and surprise them and this them i mean Brennan w/ a X-mans Three.This scene is breathtaking to me cuz when Brennan thanks him saying : ” i LOVED MY GIFT BOOTH ” and he say back ” MERRY X-MAS BONES” She’s really saying : ” I LOVE YOU BOOTH “. And he’s really answering : ” I LOVE YOU BACK “.

  6. Great list!! If there was room for a few more, I would add: dine and dash, when he touched her hand while they were fixing the plumbing, the Booth waiting for Brennan after Sully sailed, and the Booth that always makes ME go yowza: when he nails his marksmanship test in front of Brennan. Ah, I can’t breathe.

  7. Mac & Cheese. . .sigh.

  8. I always get sort of breathless in The Bond in the Boot when they’re wedged under the sink together and Booth puts his arm around her and she gets this look on her face- almost like ‘keep breathing’. Yeah, she’s totally (secretly) hyperventilating over his closeness. And in The Verdict in the Story when she turns around and he’s leaning against a pillar just watching her and then he hugs her. I betcha she was blown away and once again she got the thought that he wasn’t going to abandon her as Lenora pointed about the episode where Sully leaves and Booth is standing behind her.

  9. Not sure if I have this right episode wise but, how about the scene where Brennan is upset because Angela is angry with her view that it is ridiculous to donate to the fund to save a pig…And Booth grabs her hand to comfort her as she is leaving? I also love the episode when Booth grabs her chin and tells Brennan there is more than one kind of family after her father and Russ leave her once again. Her face in these scenes shows how she just knows Booth is there for her…..

  10. Remember how Booth got the list of times Brennan knocked his socks off along with a list of times he knew that he knew? For Brennan, can we follow up this list of times Booth makes her want to say “yowza” with a list of times she knew but didn’t know it yet? Is there already a post similar to that that I’m forgetting about?

    Anyway, “yowza” moments – I’m going with steamboats, fixing the plumbing, and the making love speech (one of my all-time favorite dialogues). I mean, seriously, in that moment, how can Brennan not want to try to break the laws of physics with that man? To her, it’s science. To him, it’s a miracle. To me, it’s perfect.

    There are so many scenes that I think of, and then I’m like, no, that’s more of a Booth moment. Or is it? Maybe it is more of a Brennan moment…

    Aren’t so many of these moments not specifically hers or his, but really theirs?

  11. Great, great list with little room for improvement, but I’d like to add another one anyway. One of my favorite socks-off moments is in Con Man, when Booth shoots the sheriff. Brennan’s put him in the loser column and is now questioning his judgment as to the hostage situation. In the following seconds her lack of attention gets her shot, adding to Booth’s list of worries. Yet at the end of the day and despite her doubt he manages to save the hostage, get the bad guy and look after his partner. And she sees at that exact moment that he is the real deal, the true alpha male. Not because he wears a fancy uniform, has an impressive job title or because he extolls his accomplishments to the world, but because he quietly gets the job done-a hard job that she knows takes a toll on him, especially when he has to kill to do it. It’s definitely a “grace under pressure” scene. And she now also knows what he’s done for his brother in spite of the personal sacrifice.

    The moment is a Eureka! one for her-you can see it as she surveys the scene and keeps glancing back at him. It’s almost as if she’s he seeing him for the first time, and it’s a moment that leads her to upend some of her dearly held anthropological convictions as evidenced by the speech at the bar. And what knocked my socks off? His quiet confession at the bus stop. All in all, perfection.

    • Absolutely, one of the most underrated scenes in the Bones universe. I’ve never heard anyone else reference this particular scene, but that’s exactly what I felt when I saw it.

      • I loved the camera angles, how they sort of pan on the scene and follow Brennan’s eyes from the hostage to the dead sheriff to Booth. One of the many amazing moments between B/B where not a word was said.

  12. The ‘handsex’ moment in the diner where Booth hits Sweets under the table. Forgot which episode but it was a great moment.

  13. You know, I LOVE that you put in that bit from the Mastodon in the Room, where Booth takes down the kidnapper of the little boy. I love that. I love the way Brennan looks at him, with the awe and the conflicting emotions, and I think that’s the first time it’s explicitly obvious about how much she cares for him. I understand that one might argue that there were other times. but those other times you pretty much have to read into, and imply from such and such points of proof in the conversations, because usually it’s just shock on her face. This is the first time I think that it’s entirely clear that it’s LOVE. Great job with this post!

  14. Loved this list! I especially loved what you said about the Christmas kiss. I hadn’t really thought of it in light of the 100th episode…interesting!

  15. I’d like to say ‘woop woop’ to the people who’ve already mentioned the showing up at the pier scene after Sully left. One of my favourite moments of the entire series. I think I knew he would be there when she turned round (it is TV afterall) but it still took my breath away. The way he does that confident little ‘waving Sully off’, and then is all physical with her – putting his arm round her etc. He’s so reassuring and present. And the flick of the eyebrows when he says (promises?) ‘everything happens eventually’ is enough to make a lamppost go ‘yowza’ so I bet Brennan’s heart skipped a beat too. Mine certainly did.

    Also, Santa in the Slush = probably my all time favourite ‘romantic’ moment between them. I think it’s the most overtly romantic thing he’s done towards her.

    But another ‘yowza’ moment I think is when in ‘Woman in the Sand’ Booth is in the ring with that enormous opponent and wins the fight. I mean, I know he takes a bit of a beating, and Brennan tells him how best to hurt the other guy but it’s still impressive when Booth takes him out. And in that moment, in the red dress with the red lips, she’s totally blown away by him. I think that being undercover gives Brennan the freedom to do things she wouldn’t let herself do normally. Hence why she’s ok with running in and throwing her arms around her sweaty, bloody, muscely man. I don’t think there’s any doubt that she found him very hot in that moment.

    • I agree with you about Brennan running out into the ring and hugging Booth (or propping him up may be a better word for it) while he is all bloody and sweaty is a very good moment also. Your right, Brennan does seem to be able to be more relaxed when she is pretending to be someone else. I think she gives herself permission to be more carefree when she is undercover. I know Booth likes it when she is more relaxed and gets into her roles (although I think she made him very nervous at the risks she was willing to take in Double Trouble In The Panhandle).

  16. Great post as always…although, as Stephen Nathan pointed out to me, we don’t actually KNOW she’s been celibate. I mean, in Proof IN The Pudding she said she had been celibate for some time, but that could have been a month or two, or years. Who knows 😉

    Anyway, not my point.

    I agree with most of them, though i would have added the kiss on the cheek in the Knight On The Grid, and the xmas tree scene in Santa in the Slush. She was truly blown away i think, such a sweet scene.

    I may leave another longer comment later, but i’m currently on a downer about Bones and this is all i’ve got! LOL

  17. Double Trouble and Pain in the Heart are two of my least favorite episodes so I have a tough time including them here. When she barges into Booth’s bathroom I don’t think she has time to think ‘Yowza’ because she is too angry. The knife throwing act in DTin the P seems unnecessarily risky when Brennan ramps it up. I don’t see that as her saying ‘Yowza’ either.
    I would include Santa in the Slush with the Christmas Tree gift as #1 — as Sophia said above — the most overtly romantic thing he’s ever done.
    Also, I agree with Gemlily about the “handsex” if you mean the time when she is struggling with Angela’s request to help the pig and Booth is showing how much he cares about her friendship with Angela.
    Definitely the whole Tony and Roxie thing in Woman in the Sand. It does give Brennan the freedom to hug and faun over him which she wouldn’t otherwise risk.
    Also, the scene fixing the plumbing in Bond in the Boot.
    Clearly when she is undressing him in Goop on the Girl she is saying ‘yowza’!

  18. I love that you included the scene from Mastodon. She has that wide eyed teenage girl ‘oh my god he noticed me look’, which is so sweet 🙂

    The ending of Santa/slush was one of the first scenes from Bones I ever saw – it will always hold a special place. I knew from that moment that there was something more to these two – he looks hot and in love, and she looks so…thankful/happy. Not many people can make Bones look like that.

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