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Morning After Q: Brain & Heart-How do B&B Show Both?


Okay, okay, so it’s not exactly the morning after a BONES episode, but it is the morning after SOMETHING, especially if you were alive yesterday! Because of that and because tomorrow marks the beginning of a ‘week’ here at BT (more on that tomorrow), I’m doing this week’s MAQ today. I love the MAQs because I think they generate some of the best discussions I’ve ever seen. Ever.

This week, Fox is re-airing Couple in the Cave, and we have discussed that recently, so I want to look at a broader topic. In the MAQs in the past, we’ve discussed what B&B sacrifice for one another, but today I want to discuss how they show heart toward one another (and they both do) and when they each use their smarts (and they both do).

So it’s sort of a two-parter. Once  again, I’ll encourage you to use the entire series as your evidence. In what ways do Brennan and Booth use their brains and their hearts…toward one another and toward other people/things, if you’d also like to discuss that. Their jobs, their families…etc. AND…if you’re so inclined, how do both Booth and Brennan react when the other expresses heart (or brain) toward them?

Sound good? I can’t wait to hear what you have to say! 

Peace, Love & Bones,



11 thoughts on “Morning After Q: Brain & Heart-How do B&B Show Both?

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  2. We have seen may times that Booth and Brennan are able to talk to each other about events in their lives that they have not been able to talk to others about.
    In Con Man In The Meth Lab we saw Booth tell Brennan a fact about his father that he obviously felt bad about and maybe ashamed of, “My Dad drank”. That Brennan sat there and gave him silent moral support instead of asking questions was probably very important to him. It allowed him to regain his dignity with her after his brother Jared had tried to take that away from him earlier in the show by telling Brennan that Booth was basically a loser. This showed great smarts and heart on the part of Brennan.
    Even though we had known that Brennan was in foster care we didn’t see how bad that had been for her until Meyhem On A Cross. In a moment of sharing (and compassion) to Sweets and Booth, she spoke of an incident, while she was in foster care, that obvioulsy had a huge impact on her. That she was mis-treated in foster care was probably implied through the years; but, here we hear her tell of the abuse she put up with. The look on Booth’s face when he heard that story was one of shock and concern. He then felt compelled to mention that he would have killed himself if not for his grandfather. Even though Sweets was in the room, when I see this scene, I always feel that Booth and Brennan are talking to each other and that to Booth, Sweets is incidental to his confession. Both show big heart towards each other in this scene when Booth gives Brennan the hanky and then Brennan puts it back into his pocket. Booth then puts his had over his hanky (and his heart). This is a very sweet scene.

  3. I’ll give it a go

    I think in the Past Booth used both his heart and his brain to make Brennan get in touch with hér heart. He needs his brain to be able to follow her and his heart to reach out to her. Sometimes he reaches her by using logic (like in The Perfect Pieces in the Purple Pond when she’s throwing away her manuscript), and often he uses his heart to make her face her feelings (Like when he helps her face her emotions about the death of the dog, or when he talks with her about her Fathers trial)

    With Brennan it’s more a struggle between her brain and her heart, and sometimes her brain wins(like in The Parts in the Sum of the Whole) and sometimes her heart wins(like in The Doctor in the Photo). It’s realy sad that she lost in both these cases, but there have been many times over the years where the right one won. For example:
    In The Soldier on the Grave she decided to just listen to Booth and comfort him instead of serving him with rationality.
    In the Proof in the Pudding she decided to loosen the facts so Booth could be happy.
    In The Critic in the Cabernet her brain won and she ditched her desire for a baby, took a rational look at Booths hallucinations, and decided he needed to go to a Hospital.

    Right now the balance between heart and brain seems to be lost for both of them. And that can’t be the case forever. They need eachother, so stuff is going to happen until one day everything clicks in its place.

    Sorry if I’m rambling, its way past the middle of the night over here.

  4. there were a lot! Just the ones on top of my head right now are –
    1. Bones having a lot of heart as booth has said in giving the jury reasonable doubt. That she could have also killed the deputy in the ep the verdict in the story.
    2. Still in tVitS, booth saying those wonderful words about bones when he was on the stand….. Oh my, full of love and pride….. sigh!
    3. Brennan talking with zack in the hospital (her forehead on his) in Pain in the heart. We saw how heartbroken bones was of discovering that zack is gormogon’s apprentice.
    4. Brennan in the scene in stargazer in a puddle when she gave the paintings to Chelsea’s mom.
    5. In the girl in the fridge, brennan’s final speech on the stand.
    6. Baby in the bough, bones helping to rebuild the bridge of the town where baby Andy is from
    7. Booth taking the bullet for Brennan in Wannabe in the Weeds
    8. The scene with Brennan talking to Kelly at the end of the ep The Boy in the Shroud.
    anda lot lot more!

  5. You know, I read this and went, ‘awww,’ and then my brain just sort of short-circuited. (Note: exhaustion might be a factor.) But it’s almost a question of when haven’t they both shown brain and heart for one another and others?

    We see Booth showing heart toward her with ‘I know who you are’ from Woman in Limbo (you knew that would be there, right?), when he holds her in Judas on a Pole, and dozens of other times, including, I think, the dance in Death of the Queen Bee.

    One of the things that’s interested me is that Brennan seems to take his being there for her at face value from early on. Granted, they’ve been partners for a year or so when the events of The Woman in Limbo happens, but at what point – or points – did this woman who’s not had much reason to trust anyone easily for many years decide to trust him? And yet, for the most part, when he shows her heart, she accepts it for what it is, doesn’t question it. One exception I can think of to that is when she asks him, ‘what are you doing here?’ when she sees him waiting when Sully sails off.

    I think one of the places where we see him show her his smarts the clearest is The Verdict in the Story, when he quickly grasps what she’s asking of him when he’s on the witness stand. There are a lot of other places, too, of course, though his smarts tend to be more practically oriented (let’s face it – it requires intelligence to be a sniper as a well as good hand-eye coordination.) As he says, murders are “solved by guys like me asking a thousand questions a thousand times, catching people telling lies every time.” – which requires intelligence, just of a different kind than hers. (Something he figures out before she does.)

    But what of Brennan showing him heart? I think we see that when she rests her hand on his arm in The Soldier on the Grave, at the end of Con Man, at the end of Critic (when he’s waiting for her) and many other times as well. Unlike what he shows her, I can’t think of any times when she showed him heart that he was unaware of it, or seemed to take it as a matter of course. (Well, at least not if he was present when it happened. There have been times when she said things about him when he wasn’t there that showed heart. One that comes to mind is her warning to Hannah to ‘be sure.’)

    Are those the kinds of things you were looking for, or have I misunderstood the question?

    • Man in the Morgue? Of course there’s more than one point where she starts trusting him more and more, but when he gives her the earring at the end, I think that’s when her brain starts to catch up with her heart because now she has hard evidence to justify the trust she’s placing in him.

      • Sorry, that shouldn’t have been in quotes, but obviously that’s an answer to “at what point did she start trusting him?”

      • Hmm. I can definitely see The Man in the Morgue as being another point where she’s trusting him, though I think a big one must have been his rescue at the end of Two Bodies. Really, though, that’s the thing – trust usually grows slowly, particularly for someone from her background. So it was probably a lot of moments through the first season.

        But while it continued to deepen, I think it was definitely in place by The Woman in Limbo, and allowed her turn to him for comfort.

  6. Booth shows heart: taking care of Brennan when she forgets to eat or sleep. inviting her to eat and drink with him. sharing his personal story. “what’s ours is ours”. helping her solve her family mysteries and reconnecting with them. recognizing the good in Max and Russ. guy hugs. dancing with her in Death of the Queen Bee. taking into consideration the witness’s or victim’s concerns… soooo pretty much everything he does.
    Brennan shows heart: listening to his personal story, telling him how great a father he is, sharing her personal story, touching his arm and guy hugs, cheek kiss when he helps Russ, listening to Angela and Sweets when they tell her to “let him have this one”… letting him teach her about plumbing,etc. holding his hand and going into the operating room with him.

  7. Botjes you pegged two items SO perfectly that I feel compelled to comment on them directly…

    First you said: “In the Proof in the Pudding she decided to loosen the facts so Booth could be happy.” I LOVE your phrasing! “…she decided to loosen the facts…” EXACTLY! So many people say that she lied, and complain that would be OOC, but she said that her pudding experiment could’ve gone either way so she didn’t hurt future investigations into the bones. She just made it a little more ambiguous so Booth could decide in his own mind that all is right in the world. Please expect that I will be stealing your phrasing, and you may see me all over other forums using it! Just remember stealing in this instance IS the highest compliment!

    Then you said, “Right now the balance between heart and brain seems to be lost for both of them. And that can’t be the case forever. They need each other, so stuff is going to happen until one day everything clicks in its place.” Again – it’s just BINGO / Goldilocks!

    Since the 100th they have been entirely out of balance. Their balance is to be the center. It’s as if the “Bones”-world is a gyroscope with everything spinning around them, but so long as they remain the center everything stays upright / everything stays level & in control. Per Yeat’s poem “Second Coming” that B/B were referencing in “The Widow’s Son…” if the center cannot hold “anarchy is loosed upon the world.” I cannot fathom a better definition of anarchy than what we are experiencing in the Bones Universe! You are correct – this anarchy cannot be the case forever, and everything will be rectified once B/B clicks into their rightful place-holding hands-at the center!

    Wow! You inspired me to go VERY deep! I haven’t been this deep about this show…or any show for that matter…in a LONG time! Thank you! I think you restored faith that I didn’t even know was missing. I have faith that B/B will come back to the center just as I have faith that the sun will rise tomorrow & it will be a new day, and that when I add sugar to my coffee it will taste sweet!

    Have a blessed B/B loving day!~MorWeb

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