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To Eventually…And Beyond!


Good morning, good morning! No MAQ today, but we did do one on Wednesday, if you missed it.

Thanks to everyone who chimed in for yesterday’s guide to BONES! I loved all of the ‘entries’, and I’m thinking that, yes, most certainly, it must be expanded into an official document here at BT. I’ll have to work on that! Check our literary selves out!

As I was coming up with my list for yesterday, I’m sure you won’t be surprised to know that it was very easy to come up with a lot of phrases and words…and each one represented at least one, but often more…moment. A moment. Yeah, BONES is a procedural, but to me, it’s really a collection of some wonderful people who experience hardships and likewise some wonderful moments.

And it got me to thinking…when this is all said and done, what do I really want for B&B?

Yeah, yeah, they are fictional; I get that. I really do ***convinces family and work colleagues and non-Bones watching friends***

But still…there’s this sense that I’m really rooting for them to get their ‘eventually’. The questions remain, however: What does eventually look like, and will we know it when we see it? How can eventually be both a moment and an idea? And how can ‘everything’ happen in that ‘moment’? Yes, these are the questions I ask myself. Perhaps you do too.

I’ve always thought that the best endings feel like beginnings; this probably lets you in to the fact that I’m a romantic at heart. Stephanie talked the other day about what happy endings mean, and how they can mean different things in different life-stories. And it was clear from the comments that each of us has an idea of what ‘happy’ means. I won’t go into that here, except to say that for me, the ‘end game’ isn’t B&B sleeping together. Sure, I want it to happen, but it’s not all I want to have happen between them.

I want “all the stuff” as Booth said to Brennan in the end scene of Boneless Bride in the River (I smell a Scene Study!). And to me, ‘all the stuff’ means a B&B baby, it means a committed relationship with roots; it means that their partnership might be dissolved, I don’t know. It doesn’t have to mean a wedding, and to be honest, I can never decide whether I see Booth and Brennan actually getting married. I can see Booth wanting her to be his wife, but mostly just wanting her and not making a big deal out of it. And I can see Brennan being willing to marry him because it’s what HE wants. So then, does he say yes? Or no, knowing that she might not really want that? Ah! Hahaha.

So the wedding…ah, I’m easy. The baby? Non-negotiable!

And frankly…I want to see it happen, too. I understand it’s not likely that we’ll have many more seasons of BONES in which to see that all play out, but I still want it. I want ‘eventually’, meaning a single moment when two people become one, but I also want… “and beyond!”, meaning real life and bickering over setting the coffeemaker and all of that. I want twice as many B&B ‘home’ scenes as we’ve seen between Brennan and Stires or Sully and between Booth and Cam or Rebecca or Hannah, you know? I want the ‘and beyond!’; I really, really do. I want the moments where Booth freaks out just a teensy bit more when she puts herself in danger, and she realizes he feels like he has even MORE to lose. I want the moments where Brennan is moody and annoyed and Booth brings her a glass of her favorite wine and listens to her describe a new theory. I want Brennan to rub Booth’s back when it’s sore, and I want him to (as Jack Johnson once sang), kiss her on the lips, just for coming home. I want the arguments of life; I want the subtle and underlying sweetness that has always run alongside this B&B journey. I want family holidays, really and genuinely co-hosted by the two of them. I want Christmas gifts and birthday surprises and frustrations and misunderstandings and make-ups.

 I want this! Again, don’t get me wrong. I want this too…

From End in the Beginning

…but I’m greedy. I want more after that. I feel fear when I consider the possibility that the beginning of End in the Beginning is really the end. I want MORE! I want BEYOND!!!

And there is a big part of me that really believes that I’m not the only one who wants this. I think (I HOPE) it’s Hart Hanson’s end game; I hope he wants the payoff for the investment of these two and their time together to be worth it. I want this to be true; “Everything we think won’t happen…it’ll happen…we just gotta be ready for it.”

To me, ‘everything’ doesn’t mean just sex, or kissing…it means everything. Everything, Bones fans!

Thoughts from you? What does ‘eventually’ mean in your mind and in your thoughts regarding B&B? Is it a moment? A realization between the two of them? Is it more than that?

One quick PS…I’m still spoiler free and conveniently, so is BonesTheory, and I realized last night that I don’t know a single thing about next week’s episode except that it airs  next Thursday at 9 PM. And I know that ‘tis the season for scoopage, but please, please, please, do not even allude to anything at ALL in your comments. I am begging you. With hot fudge and a Booth on top.

Ooookay! If you can break yourself away from that image, I’d love to hear what you think.

In the meantime,

Peace, Love & Bones



37 thoughts on “To Eventually…And Beyond!

  1. When we saw the episode of Double Trouble In The Panhandle we got to see what Booth and Brennan living together could be like. She fused at him for leaving his underwear on the floor, he refused to drink from the flowered coffee cup and switched cups with her (at the end of the show). These are things I want to see. I want to see the interaction of a couple living together, fussing at each other and yes living, and I definitely want this, working together. I don’t see why the FBI would break up the team. Think about it. The FBI needs Brennan and she won’t work with anyone else but Booth. All Brennan has to do is tell the FBI, Booth and I are a package and that is final. Believe me the FBI wouldn’t break up that team if Brennan threatened them.
    Like you, I want to see Booth being just a little bit more nervous when he and his wife are out in the field on a case. I want Brennan worrying about Booth worrying about a case. I want to see kisses and hugs and heads together doing quiet talk. I want to see the Charm smile when he is trying to talk Brennan into something knowing that she may or may not allow him to get away with it. I want a season of Booth and Brennan living together and definitely having a baby. I want to see Booth freak out when Brennan goes into labor and the joy on his face when she has his baby. I hope that isn’t too much to ask for.

  2. Lenora, I am just going to ditto what you said, and said so perfectly. That is what I want. I want a nice, long glimpse into their life together. 🙂

  3. My. Thoughts. Exactly.

    We are witnessing the journey so far, hoping that it could lead to “Eventually” but we want to see what’s beyond. For me, that’s a given.

  4. I agree completely – the kiss, the declarations of love etc are definitely what I want to see but I also want to see what happens next. I don’t want the relationship to overshadow the rest of the show – the cases need to be the thrust – but I think the show can work with B&B in a relationship – just give us more of those little B&B moments that we love from time to time.

    I really want to see them hiding their relationship from the team – and then it all coming out.

    I then want to see them as a proper couple and the potential issues that could bring. Like a “Hart to Hart” for a new generation – but much better/not as cheesy….!!

    Bones pregnant or them with a baby is going a little far for me – I think that would hit the dynamic too much, but Bones being pregnant by the end of the show would be fine – a la End in the Beginning.

  5. I think they can make the show work with Booth and Brennan together as a couple. I do believe though that they’d have a fine line to walk. If they shifted the focus of the show from being about this group of people working together to solve crimes with B&B as the central driving force to it being focused on B&B as a couple they would lose too much of their audience.

    They would have to slip in those moments between them when you can see they are together, deeply in love, and admitting it; into the show without disrupting the whole FBI/Jeffersonian crime solvers. Yep those bickering arguments would be a little different and the scenes where they gaze into each other’s eyes while discussing whatever the case brought up…crappy sex vs. making love…fully realized man…someone for everyone…would now be able to end with a kiss (or end at home instead of the diner or Found Fathers so they could slip away to the bedroom).

    Then all of the time we’ve seen of them with someone else could now be replaced by seeing the two of them together. When watching some of the episodes this season I kept thinking that it could work with Booth and Brennan together by replacing those Booth/Hannah scenes with Booth/Brennan scenes! As much as we (or at least I) hated seeing him kiss her as they parted at the diner, or his office, or the apartment, etc. Wouldn’t it be great to see that if it were Brennan he were kissing. I really wouldn’t mind if they maybe didn’t have the drinks at FF after a case if it were instead a scene at home with the two of them.

    And Oh a B&B baby would be so awesome! Brennan pregnant and Booth going all alpha male. They definitely could get a season out of that. So yes I think they could make it work and give us some wonderful episodes beyond the opening scene in EitB. I think the question really is do THEY believe they can pull it off.

  6. I agree with everyone above. I want to see a relationship. I want to see the fighting, the making up, the morning routines, the nightly rituals and yes, coitus as Brennan would say. I want to see it all. One of the things that I loved about The End in the Beginning was that we saw ‘B&B’ as a couple… doing couple things. I loved hearing about their nightly glass of wine, granted, I want to see it more than hear about it. I want to see them struggle with pregnancy and morning sickness. I want it all… I just hope we get to see it.

  7. As a rather new member of the Bonse community, I have to say I loved that post. I’ve been watching BOnes for a little over a year, but only found all of these sites about a month ago. I have not been living spoiler free, but I’m not going to reveal anything. My mom told me that someone died in a book that i wanted to read, so I get it. But I haven’t actually heard much about what’s going to happen recently, thanks to school, but I’m praying for more than just getting to eventually too. I want to see them go out on a legitament DATE, where he buys her dinner and they go and see some date-y movie. I want to see him bring her chicken soup when she gets sick, and I want to see her taking Parker to the zoo with Booth. I want to see a wedding. I do want Hannah to leave peacefully, without real bitterness that could tear Booth andBrennan apart, but I’d like to maybe see her come back and cause a bump in their relationship that’s overcome. (speaking of which, has Wendell adressed the whole Angela-married-Hodgins thing?) This was a great post! Can’t wait until next Thursday!

  8. I agree – I would love to see it all. But I really do want to see them married too. Call me crazy or old-fashioned, but I just do. And I think it’s something that Booth really wants too (he couldn’t give Parker a stable family life and I think that really eats at him). But I also think he’d be willing to let that go if it was the only way he could be with Brennan. Of course, we’ve also seen Brennan relax her stance on marriage over the years and I could see that coming full circle in her agreeing to marry Booth; her realizing that she loves him enough to make that kind of a commitment.

    As far as the baby thing is concerned, I would love to see it, although I agree that for some viewers, it could be going too far. Personally, though, I think it would be hilarious to watch Booth think of creatiave ways to try and keep Brennan in the lab and out of the field/out of physical danger if she were pregnant with his kid (lock her in her office, sit on her, etc.). He would TOTALLY freak out about that.

    It remains to be seen exactly what HH’s end plan is and how much of eventually we’ll really get to see (I think we’ll see at least some, but how much is anybody’s guess). I hope they have enough faith in themselves and in their viewers to give it a shot, but at the same time, I understand the inherent danger in that course of action. Whatever happens, I just hope it’s worth the wait! 🙂

  9. I agree with you, I definitely want to see all the beyond too!! Especially this season with all of the Hannah and Booth at home scenes that we have seen I keep thinking how much I hope if/when B&B finally get together that we will have just as many, if not more, scenes like that with them. I can also understand what you mean with the whole wedding conundrum. I often think about that too lol. I can never decide which way I think it would go best. Also, particularly since they really opened up the idea in season 4, I have wanted a Booth and Brennan baby. I really really hope that happens before the end of the series. I mean, come on, how adorable would their kid be!?!? I used to think that I was the only one who pondered in so much detail what would happen after B&B initially got together. I guess that is one of the things I love so much about Bones Theory, it shows me that I’m not crazy and that there are a lot of people as invested in the show just as much as I am. None of my friends or family watch Bones, or at least not as religiously or intently as I do, so I love being able to come on here everyday and have good Bones conversations with other dedicated Bones fans!! 🙂

  10. Eventually,to me, means something quite simple and not flashy. I think it means Booth and Brennan realizing what they have–realizing that their relationship is unique and that it couldn’t be classified merely by terms like “couple”, “partnership”, “friends”, “lovers” etc. It’s more like “all of the above”. I want to see a realization of how they are “one life shared” and how closely their “everything” are intertwined that being apart would just be a joke. It is the point where both of them realize that it doesn’t matter who else or how many people they know from there on end, they would not find another person like each other.

    And,yes!! I would like to see what happens AFTER this moment/idea DEFINITELY!! It’s rude not to really!!

  11. First, with hot fudge ON TOP of Booth — a Booth sundae — that would be worth going off your diet for. LMAO.

    Second, I also want EVERYTHING. The problem is I don’t think HH cares about giving us “everything.” (I remain unconvinced that he’s committed to giving us “anything.”) I think he’ll be happy to give us just the moment — of recognition and perhaps one scene of, shall we say, coupling (as in EITB), but I think he thinks that “everything” will bore us and we’ll stop watching.

    Everything is enough to see that they will be together as a couple and as happy as couples can ever be. I’d loved to see them with the baby (Booth with a little baby Bones — oh my gawd!), but at least an indication that a baby will come.

    I guess it boils down to just wanting to see what life looks like for Brennan and Booth as two people who have successfully made a life together as a man and woman who are devoted to each other. I want to see what Booth is like when he is sure that Brennan will be with him forever and what Brennan is like when she finally believes in Booth and love forever and recognizes that she’s better off feeling love than protecting herself from the possibility of pain.

    A wedding — either way. Maybe once Booth gets to: “I’ll take her any way I can get her,” then maybe Bones will get to “ok, since it matters to you so much, I’ll marry you.”

    I’d also like to see them working out some of the “petty” details: where to live, what to do about TV, what to name the baby, whether and how to raise it religiously and so on. There’s room for a ton of humor as well as seeing how they grow and the relationship deepens as they work these things out.


  12. I couldn’t agree with you more. I want it all and I don’t want it to end. Eventually has to include all the good, the bad, the ugly. 1-Because that’s what life is. 2-Because this is a show about life…despite those pesky crimes that need solving! 3-Because Booth & Brennan are just so danged good at all of it! Especially together!

    I also know that…eventually…this show will come to an end and we’ll not get to see the continuing lives of our favorite duo. I’ll state for the record that I will be among those that cry profusely! *read bawl like a baby* Because B&B’s Eventually have brought me so many awesome Here & Now’s.

  13. I would like Booth to give up something for once, it’s always Brennan who gives up/changes her values to adopt his, so it would be nice if Booth gave up marriage. But if they do get married I want Brennan to do it because she really wants to, and not just to please him, I mean, how could he be happy if she only does it to please him, what’s the point of marrying someone who doesn’t share the same desire to get married, it would be like getting married alone, he will marry her and she will be here for the formalities, it would mean nothing for her, but everything for him, or at best it would just not mean the same thing… There would be no sharing. But the whole point is 2 people getting married, not just one to the other…

  14. I’m probably the odd ball here, but I just want the romance which includes the bickering back and forth cuz that’s who they are. However, I’m not waiting for a wedding or all the details of living together…or even a baby. The “romance” …the flirtation….the stares or “eye sex” as some call it…those secret smiles…the laughter together…that’s what I want. I want to see the fun of a budding romance…the happily ever after with reality included is another show for me…LOL.

    • I should add that I do want to see them having fun between the sheets…not just eye sex …LOL. I actually enjoy the leading up to those “big” moments rather than what comes after…so maybe I’m more like HH than I realize..Hmm???

  15. “To infinity……and beyond!!!”

    OK, now all i can think of is Toy Story! Must….focus…..ok, i think i’m good now.

    What do i see as the ‘end’ for B&B?

    I don’t really know to be honest, it changes depending on my mood. (Just so you know, i’m out of my Bones funk. Yay! LOL)

    I think i’m like you…i want everything. I want to see the mundane things…them building a life together. Don’t need a wedding, and to be honest don’t even need to see them have a child. I’d be happy with it ending with Brennan telling Booth…very S4 finale.

    I suppose really i just want to see them live.

  16. Everything, everything! We’ve seen them hurting, wounded for so long, I want to be able to savor the healing that will come once they begin to be really together. There is so much material there for more than just the last episode of the series that I would feel cheated if the eventually didn’t include all those things we all want to see. I would love if they would sneak around for a while-think of the comedic potential. I also want sacrifices-him swallowing his pride to accept how wealthy she is, she buying into marriage because of what it means to him. Finances, religion, dangers, family issues-so much room for bickering and reconciliation, I hope it doesn’t all go to waste. Because when all is said and done and we no longer have them with us every week I want to at least have a pretty solid notion that they are happily on their way together for the next 30, 40, 50 years not only as a couple but as a family. And just think of lovely Cam and Angela (maybe Daisy?) in bridesmaid dresses and the spectacular reception at the Jeffersonian (although maybe not at the lab!)

  17. Oooh, this is a tough one! I am also rooting for them to get to their “eventually,” but I kind of want it to be a long, drawn out process just so that I can enjoy it for as long as possible!

    I want to continue to see meaningful conversations between them because I feel like them just declaring their love for one another and “defying the laws of physics” won’t feel like “everything” to me.

    I want to see how Brennan and Booth change and grow as they commit to one another and how each comes to accept being loved by the other. I want to see Brennan learn to define love in a way that goes beyond changes in hormone levels and brain activity. I want to see Booth’s dreams come true in ways that amaze him.

    I would like to see how the FBI handles their relationship, as well as how the team at the Jeffersonian reacts to it. I think it would be awesome if little things happened between them before they were into a full-blown relationship, giving them little secrets they could keep from the rest of the team. It would be fun to see if the team starts to figure things out or what. Angela would be adorable – wanting details from her best friend and being so happy for her. In fact, the reactions of most of the other characters would make for great entertainment – Sweets’ reaction, as he’s studied them (and shipped them!) for so long now. Cam’s reaction, as Booth’s former girlfriend and current good friend. Dr. Clark Edison’s and Caroline Julian’s reactions, just because they would be so entertaining!

    Writers – take note: The unresolved sexual tension is hot. Hopefully “eventually” this tension is resolved, and as we saw in EitB, that resolution is also very hot! But the bickering and the sexy little grins and glances are also hot, and these are welcome to stick around once B&B are a couple – I think this will be crucial to maintaining the current feel of the show.

    I have had the exact thoughts you mentioned regarding a wedding! I don’t need a wedding either. But it is undeniable that a B&B baby story line has been on the table for a while, so they’ll have to tie up that loose end for sure. Call me crazy, but I would be ok with the announcement of a pregnancy or the birth of the baby to coincide with the series finale. (Gosh, it pained me to type “series finale.” Ah well, everything happens eventually.)

  18. Yes! I want the “beyond” almost even more than the “eventually”…. I want them being a family, I want Brennan taking care of Booth, I want the issues with the FBI because they’re a couple (even if that means they would have to split -temporarly- their partnership) and more! So I totally agree with you… and frankly can’t wait to see that!

  19. Nice post. Dreamy!

    I completely agree. I don’t need a wedding but I do want a relationship. I already commented on what I hope for at the ‘Ending post’, but I have two big fears:
    1. That they will give us the relationship but get so afraid we will get bored that they’ll break them up again to “keep things interesting”. That’s the only thing that I can think of that might actually make me stop watching. I almost rather have them not get together at all than having to watch them break up after they get together.
    2. That they will keep putting getting them together off untill it’s to late and they have to rush things or shoot the last episode before knowing it’s going to be the last episode.

    Yeah, I was a Gilmore Girls fan.

    But I refuse to be anything but optimistic. BONES is going to be the show that gets it right!
    I hope.

    • I agree with you on the break up. I actually don’t think the break up will happen. Remember someone’s earlier post talking about this being the break up. I agree with that. On again off again does not seem to be something we have to worry about. I prefer then getting together later in the series and staying together. Hopefully, since we have had to wait for soooooo long we won’t have to see a break up.

    • Yep, I watched Gilmore Girls or at least I did until they went the whole break up and then hookup with the ex thing. When Loreli woke up in Christopher’s bed I stopped watching. It was one thing too many for me.

      I really would rather what we’ve had this season than for them to have gotten them together earlier only to break them up to drag it out. I do want it to be that when they get B&B together they are together for good.

      I’m not looking for a happy ending, but a happy beginning to the rest of their lives, and I’d like to be able to witness that happiness for a while before we reach the end of the show.

  20. I don’t think I can put “eventually..and beyond” in any better words than the above posters, so I will just add….I would like to see Brennan in Booth’s FBI tee-shirt! And as an added note, that goodness we have never seen Hannah wearing it. So far anyway!!!!

  21. Oh, I totally agree. I don’t like to think that the series ends with them bedding each other. I need beyond. I need to see them be a couple. Preferably for more than one season. There is so much potential there for a wonderful story. I invested too much time into this to see them bump uglies once then fade to black. 😛

  22. I am with you…I want eventually and beyond!!!

    Last year after the Beginning in the End my mom and I were talking and she said “Oh if they get together that will be the end of the show!” I looked at her and said “Are you kidding me? Do you honestly think a relationship would be easy between the two of them? I want to see it all play out on screen!!! It will be awesome to see how it all goes!!”

    I don’t want the end game to be them together. I want to see everything afterwards. I actually think the “End in the Beginning” was focusing on her wedding ring not just them together. Just like the Beginning in the End was focusing on the airport scene where the series began. But to be honest. I have as much literary sense as the quadratic equation… I am probably wayyyyy off! But look at the scene again and watch for the screen shot of the wedding ring!

    • yes, thank goodness I’m not the only one who has taken the titles of BitE and EitB literally. I noticed that the last scene of BitE was in an airport, just as the first scene of the pilot. And I also noticed that Brennan has a wedding/engagement ring in the begininning of EitB, while Booth doesn’t. I’m really glad I’m not the only one who’s that crazy. 😛

      • I’ve noticed the ring as well. In fact, when I was pulling the screen caps for the post about Angela and Hodgins’ relationship mirroring B&B’s (the end portion), what I really wanted was a shot of the ring. But I didn’t want to use the love scene and the only other scene where you can see the ring is at the beginning when they’re in the Diner with Max and she has her arm over Booth’s shoulder. I just couldn’t get a shot with the ring and without credits on the screen so I gave up.

        I was also curious about her only wearing what looks like an engagement ring and Booth not wearing a ring at all. I thought perhaps I had misunderstood and that they weren’t married after all, BUT Booth (I think it’s Booth) DOES refer to her as his wife in the episode so I don’t know why there are no wedding rings.

  23. ‘Eventually’ for me, when it comes to B&B (hehe, that rhymes) means them being together, being their old bickering selves, knowing that they love the other person and that that person loves them too. They spent their whole journey falling for the other, but at different times, it would be nice to see them fall at the same time for once 🙂 After that though i do want the ‘beyond’

    I’d love to see them try to hide their relationship from everyone- maybe it’s just the amount of fanfic i read, but i think that would make for a very enjoyable storyline. I’d love to just see them bickering as a couple, and living together and interacting without that infamous “line”. I too doubt the FBI would break them up – personally i’d never want to be on the business end of an angry Brennan – and i’d love to see Booth being slightly more protective of Brennan now that she is officially “his”, and Brennan being annoyed about it but secretly loving it the whole time. Also Brennan wearing Booth’s FBI t-shirt… soo cute, and probably a must. Yep, a must.

    I’m not too fussed about a baby (although OMG THAT WOULD BE SO CUTE!!!) or a wedding (that argument gives me a headache as well), i just want to make sure that the future is okay. I want to know that they’ll be fine together. I’d love to see that stuff, but just knowing that it will/might happen is good enough for me. Really, I don’t want it to end.. but i know that’s sortta unlikely. I’d love EVERYTHING but if i don’t get that, I just want them. I agree, HH just seems scared that we’ll be bored by the whole couple thing, but them as a couple could NEVER be boring. Them as partners has NEVER been boring. Sure he’s doing that stuff with Hodgela, but they are two completely different couples. I really hope he’s not like, “well okay B&B are together now, end of series”. I don’t want just one couply scene, i want them ALL!!

    PS. A & Pdlbean, you’re not alone. I always thought that about EitB and BitE.

  24. From your keyboards to Hart Hanson’s er… computer screen!?! In fact, perhaps someone should send him this link… Not me, I always screw it up. 😉

  25. I so so so agree with you! I’m negotiable on the child though…it would be great, but if that doesn’t happen, well there’s always fanfic. 🙂 I want to see them learn to live with each other. To learn what it is to truly build their life together, which I think is something neither one of them has ever done with anyone. I want to see all those little arguments and moments of everyday life that are what life is made of. There’s so much potential with those two…and I would feel so cheated if we weren’t there to see it unfold.

  26. I’ve been thinking about this over the last 24 hours…for me, it’s about the promise. I don’t mind if I don’t see the ‘beyond’ at the moment – that’s what reading fanfic is for 😉

    I want a bit of the innocence back. I want the flirting, the hand sex, the dating, the subtlety. I was watching the S5 commentary last night for TBitE, and HH said that fans were angry with the ending bc they thought B&B should have kissed, but that you can’t start something in the finale. This gave me hope! I don’t need to see babies, or weddings, or rocks. Because this is bigger. B&B are so fragile at the moment. They are struggling with basic friendship. For me now, it’s about recapturing the moments that made us all think towards the end of S4 that it was time – that it would naturally happen.

    We all hung out for the kiss; the casual viewers still comment that ‘they should just do it’. But for the true believers (yes, us!) it’s the merging of the hearts and the mutual promise of the 30, 40, 50 years that is what we need to see…eventually.

  27. (A hot-fudge-covered-Booth… Hmmmmmm! *drools on computer*)

    Whoops, sorry! Just zoned out for a second there. Right, eventually and beyond, yes. I totally agree with you: I want to see what happens after the happy ending; and, after all this time and after all those obstacles, I really hope we do.

    I’ve recently gone back to watching “Ugly Betty”, a show that I loved during the first two seasons, but then abandoned later on because it just seemed to be dragging its feet. (In the words of Elle Woods, “I have a point, I promise.”) Anyway, UB’s series finale was somewhat vague and left a bunch of possibilities up in the air… And I loved it for that! It felt right not to have everything resolved, you know? Just seemed fitting – kind of like in Veronica Mars (yes, I love it; don’t judge!) – that viewers be left to imagine how life went on for Betty et al.

    But for Bones? No way, José! I want me some real-life-we’re-a-couple-in-love-but-we’re-still-B&B situations! None of that “imagine for yourselves, dear viewers” stuff; we do that already and have been doing it for six years now! So give us the dating, the juggling work life and personal life, the “where’s this headed” conversations (the marriage talk is one I’d love to watch), the baby (agreed, it’s non-negotiable!), the sweet family moments with Parker and much, much more. After all this time, I think we deserve some fluff to go with our science and criminal investigations, don’t you?

    And then I fall back to reality and realize that this is probably not happening… But still, I’m hoping. This show has always been so real and so honest when it comes to relationships that I dare to hope it’ll keep it up – even though I know it’s very likely my heart’ll be broken when all that doesn’t come around.

  28. It’s so bad that my English so poor! I’d like to say so much! Of course I want to see B&B as a couple! Maybe wedding not necessary, but I want to see they living together, sleeping together, having breakfast together and so on!

    I want to see how they try to hide they new relationship from team. And how team just guess all about it. I want to see Angela’s face and smile when he say something as “We are slept together eventually! I sad you right from beginning [first season] that Booth was made for you!”.

    I want to see new investigations when they are couple! Maybe a little kisses, gentle touching each other, tenderness in eyes and so on.

    Some people say that show will over if B&B will be together. I sure – it will be interesting, new situations, new relationship. I hope they will get together at the end of season. And if we will see new season, when they are couple. It would be terrific if after 6 years of sexual tension we will see B&B together only in last episodes. I want see ALL! New relationship, new problems and more, more sincere LOVE between them!

    What about child – I want to see this too. It’s a pity that storyline when Brennan want have a child was so short and scenarists forgot about it. How it would be? They was wanted a baby, then elapsed time and she forget about it! She can to find any great sperm donor, but apparently she want only Booth and Booth’s baby! It would be so interesting to see investigations with pregnant Brennan. How Booth would try to safe her and so on.

    Brennan changed himself a lot from 1st season. I sure that relationship with Booth – one man she wants – will change her more and more. And I want to see it!

    Uffff, sorry for my English, I try to learn it very well! In my country (Russia) there are no good sites about Bones, but I LOVE BONES and want to communicate with all of us! 🙂

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