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I do mean it when I say I need you. ‘Cause I’m lonely. You think I’m lying, don’t you?

Nobody ever lies about being lonely.

~From Here to Eternity~

Good morning! I hope you are having a great Saturday! Sorry for the delay; I’m having computer problems! It’s no fun, but it’s better than the ‘plumbing’ problems I had during the 100DaysofBones project (to clarify…they were actual pipes and plumbing problems like Booth…not that he or I ever had to wear diapers!). The point is, I had to re-write this post this morning from memory.

Thanks to each one who has commented here for Eventually Week. I’m having a great time! Yesterday, we discussed what we want to see ‘beyond eventually’. I loved everyone’s responses, because for one thing, it made me glad to know I’m not the only one.

On the flip side, I think it’s worth taking a look at where we are now and what it will take to get us there, from ‘here’ to ‘eventually’, so to speak.

Because…the reality is that it sometimes seems as if we’re further away from eventually than ever. There’s this strange inevitability occurring in current BONES episodes, and I find it very legitimate. When Booth says he needed to find someone who was going to love him for 30,40,50 years, Brennan says, “I know”. She understood completely. She wanted to know if they could still work together, and Booth said yes. But, I believe, that for a long time, she knew. She completely knew that one day, Booth would find someone to love, someone else to spend his special moments with, someone who would take more of his time. I don’t want to get into much more of that yet (we’ll get there…eventually, haha, okay, one day next week), but the point is that the reality of that is realistic.

But where does that leave us in terms of ‘everything happens eventually’? I’m not just talking about the ‘and beyond’ from yesterday…I’m talking about even getting to that single moment, the turning point where eventually is even a possibility.

What’s it going to take?

In the past, we’ve talked about how the series is called “BONES” for a reason. Pay Sayan said it best, ‘The series is ‘about Brennan, as seen from the perspective of Booth’. Hence, the title (her, using his name for her.) So our entry to the story, our tour guide, our emotional center, is Booth.’

I loved that. I think that makes a lot of sense. It also makes sense in the way that we’ve talked about how it might come down to the fact that in the end, Brennan will be the one to ‘save’ Booth. What does that mean? It means that my heart will break because in some way Booth will need saving. Ouch.

I am not sure whether eventually depends on there not being any more obstacles in Booth and Brennan’s way or in the finally, once and for all, determining what the obstacles are, confronting them, and working through them together. Thoughts from you?

What obstacles are in their way? I’ll tell you one. I think Brennan will never, ever get in the way of what she considers to be Booth’s happiness. I think it would take a lot…a big time ‘sign from the universe’ for Booth to really put himself out there again.

I think, like the beginning of this post, that Brennan will come to terms with the difference between being lonely and alone. I think there’s an absolute reality to the idea that before Brennan knew Booth, she wasn’t lonely. She may have been alone, but not lonely. Being with Booth makes her lonely. It’s a paradox, but it’s true. She’s with him, and others, more than ever, but then it just makes the times when she is alone all the more glaring. Does that make sense?

Of course, this is all just general terms. Once again, if you know something I don’t…don’t tell me!

See you tomorrow,

Peace, Love & Bones,



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  2. What obstacles are in the way of getting to eventually? Obviously, the fact that Booth is in a serious relationship, for starters. I can’t wait to see how the writers get us past Booth’s relationship with Hannah and to a point where eventually is a possibility again. It needs to feel real and not forced. Booth’s honor needs to remain intact. Brennan might need to save Booth in some way, but the Brennan/Booth relationship cannot be a rebound one for Booth. And then there is the debate as to whether or not Booth could have ever truly loved Brennan, seeing as he moved on so quickly. Or has he never stopped loving her?

    It does seem as if we’re further away from eventually than ever. But I appreciate that you can say how Booth being in a relationship at this point in the story is realistic. Going into season 6, armed with what he said in the 100th, I assumed that Booth would have some sort of romantic attachment, but I managed to stay relatively spoiler-free regarding the details. My heart has been crushed watching Brennan’s reaction to Hannah, but I’m fascinated by the way Hannah’s presence has affected the development of the character of Brennan.

    You said that you think Brennan would never get in the way of what she considers to be Booth’s happiness. I’ve thought that too, but then she told him what she did in DitP, and I thought maybe I had been wrong. Why did she tell him those things when she knew the timing was wrong? Were we wrong in our thinking – did she act without regard for Booth’s happiness, or does she not consider Booth to be happy? I’m conflicted here because I can’t see Brennan taking it upon herself to define happiness for Booth.

    Then I go back to Booth and the fact that he can’t un-hear what Brennan told him in DitP. And I always go back to when Cam talked to Booth about Brennan – “if you crack that shell, and you change your mind, she’ll die of loneliness before she’ll trust anyone ever again.” After DitP, I feel like the first crack in that shell has been revealed. So what will Booth do? Will he be forced to decide if he really has changed his mind? Maybe instead of changing his mind, he’s only focused his attentions elsewhere to protect himself from the feelings that are still there.

    Eventually depends on working through a lot of these issues and finally addressing some of the questions that the series has presented but not yet answered. I don’t know what will happen between here and eventually, and I’m glad I don’t know because I love the story, and the story has yet to play out.

    • I was really interested in this comment because I had not thought about what Brennan said in DitP in terms of her stated position that she wants Booth to be happy. You are so right that spilling the beans as she did was not going to contribute to Booth’s happiness. Logically, she had to have known that but I think she was so overcome by dealing with her own emotions and her own realization of how she felt that she could not help but put herself first. I would not be surprised if she has given herself a mental head slap (or two) for the Big Reveal; if she now regrets that she told Booth at all. I do think in that moment she acted without regard for Booth’s happiness because she was so caught up in what she had just discovered about herself.

      • I’m so glad you replied and addressed the issue of Brennan’s actions vs Booth’s happiness. When I wrote that paragraph, it came out as just a stream of consciousness, questions without answers, answers starting to come together in my thoughts. I agree with a lot of what you said. I think part of the character development for Brennan in DitP involved letting her allow her emotions, rather than reason, guide her actions. I think this was a big step. Remember how she said in the 100th that she didn’t have an open heart? I think she’s learning how to open her heart, which is huge for her.

    • But Bones did put herself in the way of Booth’s happiness at least from the 100th ep. Her rejection of him in the 100th is her first/most concrete way of getting in the way of his happiness. DitP doesn’t become an issue without that rejection.

      • I think Brennan rejected Booth in the 100th because she thought that ultimately, he wouldn’t be happy with her. In a way, she rejected him in the interest of his long-term happiness. She tells him that he needs protecting from her because she doesn’t have an open heart. She also tells him that she can’t change, but I think she’s starting to change, and she’s learning how to open her heart.

        In the 100th, Booth had to go for it because he’s the gambler. And Brennan had to reject him because of who she was back then. But that whole experience set certain wheels into motion for Brennan, and DitP can be viewed as a huge step in Brennan’s characterization in light of how much she’s grown emotionally, especially since the 100th.

        Just my opinion, of course, and I love hearing what others think!

    • Interesting. I saw the ‘gamble’ that Booth took in the 100th as the ‘cracking of the shell’. He made Brennan consider something that had never been spoken, and she has struggled with it since and insists she doesn’t need a life partner.

      Her admission in the DitP was, I think, a sign of healing. She was desperate, but needed to FEEL – like the victim – rather than hiding in her world of logic. And yes, she may be hurt, and sad, but I think she is on the mend. In acknowledging she made a mistake in that area of her life, maybe she’ll reflect on other areas too and rebuild her confidence (just as Booth found his confidence under a fig tree…) to a point where she will be open to a relationship with Booth – eventually.

  3. Many obstacles will have to be overcome –the breakup with Hannah, the healing after the breakup, rebuilding trust, then putting themselves out there. I do think Brennan realizes now that she is lonely — now that she recognizes she is missing something/one. Brennan will have to be the one to move the relationship along. “Eventually” they will start facing obstacles together instead of individually — to get to their one life shared.

  4. Well, obstacle number one, as BonesDontMelt already mentioned, is Hannah. The writers have gone to great lengths to present her as a viable love interest for Booth. At this point, even if their break-up is inevitable (which common sense tells us that it is), there’s going to be fall-out for Booth. And I think that’s going to take some time to work through. The fall-out is what worries me the most at this point. I’m guessing there’s some truth in what you said, Sarah, about Brennan eventually having to save Booth. And if that’s the case, I have two questions. How far is he going to have to fall? And when he finally hits bottom, is he going to be able to believe that Brennan loves him and accepts him no matter what? If he can, then I think they can work through things together. If not, then I think he’s going to have a long, hard, solitary recovery.

    As far as Brennan is concerned, I’m not so worried about her shell cracking because as I said in my first BT post, I think it needs to happen in order for her to face her fear of abandonment. And this is something I think needs to happen BEFORE eventually. It sucks that it’s Booth that’s taking the fall, but that’s life. And the thing is, I don’t know that he’ll ever be able to truly “leave” her (as he proved when he saved her from the car in The Doctor in the Photo) – even if eventually were to never happen. It makes no sense at all, but I think she’ll be able to face her fears because she knows he’ll always be there to back her up (in a completely non-romantic way). It’s like walking the high wire. He may be the one that put her up there in the first place, but he’s also the safety net that will catch her when she falls.

  5. I’m a relative newcomer to the Bones universe. I discovered the show late last winter thanks to TNT and fell in love with it. I discovered Bones Theory after reading your review of The Doctor in the Photo on GMMR, which I absolutely loved, btw, it was beautifully written (both the ep and your post). And I’ve been poking around here for the last few weeks reading. Thanks for creating such a positive fan community here – there are way too many angry hordes of fans on the internet so it’s refreshing to find a group like the one you have here.

    Your post is actually something I’ve been thinking about over the last several days. And I think that what it’s going to take to get “from here to eventually” is for Brennan to get over her fears, take a leap of faith and completely open herself up to Booth and fight for him.

    I’ve been poking around your reviews over at 100 Days of Bones and here, and have noticed people commenting on the change in Brennan from Season 1 up until now. How she was more of a firecracker and more snarky and sarcastic back in Season 1 and it’s true, she was. You said I think there’s an absolute reality to the idea that before Brennan knew Booth, she wasn’t lonely. She may have been alone, but not lonely. Being with Booth makes her lonely. It’s a paradox, but it’s true. I absolutely agree. And I think that point also explains the changes in her from S1 to now. Before Booth, she was the one in control. She had her nicely ordered little world and was relatively safe within the walls of academia where emotions really didn’t have a place. Where you have to “put your heart in a box” as she said to Zach in S1. She is the best, was used to people deferring to her and was, if you’ll pardon the pun, Queen of the Lab.

    And then in sweeps Booth, this brash and charming FBI agent who isn’t afraid to call her on her crap. Isn’t afraid to push back at her when she pushes him. He argues with her, he challenges her, both professionally and personally and she’s not used to it. He doesn’t fit her ordered little world and while she’s fascinated by him and attracted to him, the more she tries to figure him out, the scarier it is for her. So she slowly closes ranks.

    My feeling is that the deeper she falls for him, the more she tries to compensate by tightening up the control she has on herself and the things within her control. She doesn’t like to be vulnerable. She toes the line of vulnerability in the moments when it’s just her and Booth and they’re staring into each others eyes (eye sex, I believe I someone called it – such a wonderful term – love it!). But she never lets herself fall into his eyes, never lets the moment go farther. It’s her defense mechanism, it’s about the control. And in wielding such control, she becomes a little more uptight and more regimented as time goes on. It’s her way of dealing with all of the fear she carries around with her. The biggest of which being her fears of abandonment and loss. She’s also afraid that she not good enough to be loved by anyone. That fear is not just about Booth. Her own parents abandoned her, her brother abandoned her. They were her family and said they loved her. Why should she believe Booth when he says he loves her? To her, loving someone means losing them. Love means taking a chance. Taking a risk. And she’s lost too many people to risk losing Booth.

    But by pushing Booth away in the 100th, by not being able to see what he was offering her, her fear became self-fulfilling. He wanted everything from her and wanted to give her everything and she was too scared to take the chance. So now, here she is stuck in this uncertainty and unhappiness and she doesn’t know how to deal with it. Booth is still in her life, and she’s finally admitted to herself – and to him – that she made a mistake, but she’s feeling hopeless. It brings to mind a line from Anne of the Island by Lucy Maud Montgomery: “The rose of love made the blossom of friendship pale and scentless by contrast.” That’s where Brennan is right now. Booth is still in her life, but it’s not the way she really wants it.

    So what’s it going to take? I think the thought that she may have to “save” Booth to get to “eventually” has a lot of merit. There are a lot of ways to save a person. Physically. Emotionally. Spiritually. I don’t know how that could or would happen in the context of the show, but I think that the catalyst will need to be a moment where they end up saving each other. And whatever it is, it will be something that puts another crack in the emotional dams they both have built up around themselves.

    No matter what the catalyst event is, Booth and Brennan are going to have to do is deal with the mastodon in the room once and for all. They’ve been dancing around it for years, but until they face it together, head-on, nothing will give. And to do that, they are both going to have to open up to the other completely. But I think Brennan is going to have to be the one who starts it and reaches out, because Booth has a lot of the same vulnerabilities and fears she does, and I think he’s tired of being rejected. He just deals with his issues differently than she does. He knows he needs someone to help share his emotional burden whereas she’s not willing to admit that she needs anyone and doesn’t want to need anyone. They are complete opposites in some respects, and yet in others, are more alike than either of them would be willing to admit.

    As for the obstacles in their way, that’s an easy answer: Booth and Brennan are the biggest obstacles in their way. 😉

    • Hurray for quoting “Anne of the Island”!! There are actually quite a few parallels between Anne and Gilbert and Brennan and Booth. Like Anne, I think Brennan thought for a while that she could have as much of Booth as she did while staying within the parameters of friendship. When Gilbert needed more and Anne said no, she wanted things to stay the same and they couldn’t. There was too much pain involved for Gilbert to stay close to her in that way. Same with Booth. He had to remove himself from Brennan and close off and in doing that Brennan was forced to realize how empty she was without him. I love where all of this is going!! I hope the payoff is worth all of our anxiety. I think it will be. 🙂

      • Let us not forget that HH is Canadian–surely he is familiar with the ANNE books!

      • HH worked on (Road to) Avonlea, an offshoot of the Anne series in a strange way (they adapted The Story Girl to put it in Avonlea), so I wouldn’t put it past him, at all, to know the books. Also, Bones is sort of reminiscent of The Blue Castle (also an LM Montgomery book), because Barney Snaith reminds me more of Booth than Gilbert Blythe (although I could also make the argument that Valancy and Barney are really like Hodgins and Angela). They’ve even used similar names (for example, Brennan’s mother was (re)named Christine, and Christine was the young woman that Gilbert was almost engaged to but really wasn’t).

        Jade, I LOVE what you said, and completely agree with you. In the series, they’ve mentioned that Booth and Brennan have control issues. I think that in order for them to drop their barriers, they’re going to have to relinquish that control.

        And Loraine, you’re right, there are a TON of parallels between the book and the TV show, even in the timelines. It’s creepy and fantastic.

    • Anne and Gilbert were probably my first literary and then on-screen ‘meant to be’ couple.

      I will parallel them with Booth and Brennan anyday 🙂

      • LOL! Holy cow! The line from AoI popped into my head as I was typing. I had never actually compared Anne and Gilbert with Booth and Brennan before that moment, but I couldn’t think of a better way to put it than what LMM wrote. Who knew there would be so many approving kindred spirits in the Bones ‘verse? Awesome!

        Lorraine: Hurray back! And I love where it’s all going too, and I’m with you in the hope that the payoff will be worth watching the struggle now.

        Carrie: I think the Anne books are probably required reading in Canada. 😉

        Owl: Thanks! I totally agree that they’ll have to relinquish control to drop the barriers. No idea how that’ll happen, but I totally agree with you. And it’ll be fascinating to watch it happen. (Please oh please let it happen…) I haven’t read The Blue Castle in years, but I think a reread is definitely in order now, because I am intrigued by your parallels.

        Linda: Me too. 😉

  6. ‘The series is ‘about Brennan, as seen from the perspective of Booth’. Hence, the title (her, using his name for her.) So our entry to the story, our tour guide, our emotional center, is Booth.’
    The truth be told, I never looked at the show from that perspective. I always assumed the show was from Brennan’s perspective. This is very interesting.
    From Booth’s point of view, we see Brennan as a person who is honest, beautiful and extremely intelligent. She is a person who was abandoned as a teenager and who has since surrounded herself with like minded people. Her surrogate son, Zach, was the only one that she cared to love (in her own way) until Booth came along. Up until she started working with Booth, the second go around, she had controlled her enviornment, who she worked with and worked for. When she needed physicall relationships she picked someone that would satisfy her physically without emotional attachment. Then Booth came along. Here was someone who looked under that controlled exterior and saw the real Brennan. Booth is someone who will call her on it when she crosses the line, socially. Booth has tried to interest Brennan twice in a relationship and up until now, she has been unwilling to let her emotions dictate how she will live. She says she is doing that to protect Booth; but, really, it is to protect herself. Life is messy and she very afraid of that mess.
    What will it take for Booth and Brennan to get together? That is very tough. I can say, that like others, I believe Hannah is the main obstical. But, Booth’s relationship with Hannah has not been an honest one up until now. Hannah has an idea of who Booth is; but, she really doesn’t know him, not really. She knows nothing of his sniper past and his fear that he may not be a nice person because of it. Booth has walled his past from her and has not allowed Hannah to see the real Booth. Brennan on the other hand, has learned over the years, all of the things that makes Booth think he is unworthy of a happy life. She know the sorrows and the fears that Booth lives with every day. Hannah does not. Sooner or later, something is going to happen and Booth is going to need someone to lean on, hard It will probably be pretty bad and since Hannah does not have any idea who Booth is, she has not build up a relationship of trust with Booth. She does not have the strength he needs to rely on to get though tough situations. So far, Booth and Hannah have just been the boyfriend and girlfriend of happy times. They haven’t really been through anything dramatic. Booth has relied on Brennan in the past to get through some pretty rough patches. She knows him, knows his past and someone Booth can count on in dangerous situations. She can be relied on to help Booth when he needs it. I think this is going to be the key to get Booth and Brennan together. I know this sounds like I don’t think that Brennan needs the help in life that Booth needs and I don’t mean that. Brennan is very controlled and has gotten help from Booth when she needed it. She knows her weaknesses and is willing to let Booth see them. That is in fact her strength. She knows that ultimately, finally, there is someone out there who will not abandon her. She has put Booth through the emotional wringer and yet he is still in her circle. He is still her partner. Booth on the other hand, at this point in his life, probably thinks that he doesn’t have anyone to help him in life. If he thought Hannah was really the one, then she would know everything about him and she would be the source of his strength when the chips are down. She is not and he knows it. When the stuff hits the fan, that is when Booth and Brennan are going to realize that it their partner who they need in their life. That is when their relationship will finally evolve.

  7. There are so many obstacles. In fact the path is so littered with them it’s becoming unreal…Hannah, B&B’s self esteem issues, will the FBI allow them to stay together if they are together, the fear of further rejection, fear of losing the one thing which has become a constant in their lives, etc. The list could go on but I’ll stop there. But the only way they’re going to get to eventually is to start facing these obstacles together instead of individually. Once they start doing that we’ll finally be heading down the right path.

    And I think along the way Brennan will save Booth and Booth will save Brennan. This whole relationship is built on the power of redemption…starting in the pilot when Brennan agrees to help Booth catch as many murderers as people he has killed. These two damaged people find each other and somehow eventually they will be able to overcome the damage. I could definitely see sometime in the future when the inevitable Booth and Hannah breakup occurs Booth freaking out that yet another relationship has failed and starting to gamble again. Brennan will find out and save him from himself…after all she is the reason he quit all those years ago. And Booth will save Brennan from living the life she planned…the one where she’s alone. He’ll save her from the self doubt that she has about herself every day. The doubt she hides away and doesn’t let anyone see often.

    I’m not sure how the exact road to eventually will play out, but it has to start with B&B learning to trust each other again and most of all learning to trust THEMSELVES.

  8. “I am not sure whether eventually depends on there not being any more obstacles in Booth and Brennan’s way or in the finally, once and for all, determining what the obstacles are, confronting them, and working through them together. Thoughts from you?

    What obstacles are in their way? I’ll tell you one. I think Brennan will never, ever get in the way of what she considers to be Booth’s happiness. I think it would take a lot…a big time ‘sign from the universe’ for Booth to really put himself out there again.”

    As I noted at the top, Brennan has already gotten in the way of Booth’s happiness: her rejection in the 100th was a big “getting in the way” even if she saw it as the opposite.

    My main point tho’ is my usual: this is just what scares me. I think the obstacles have gotten darn near insurmountable. Does Brennan yet realize that rejecting Booth was the biggest “getting in the way of his happiness” she could ever commit? Can she ever put herself out there again after her rejection in DitP (I easily see her closing up completely and permanently)?

    I actually think that Hannah is the least of the obstacles. Ironically, HH wanted/DECIDED to put Hannah in there and claims it was a natural, organic thing, but I think they’ve done a fairly poor job with Hannah. They met in a place and way that allowed for an intense, but superficial relationship. She clearly doesn’t know Booth that well. She clearly doesn’t want to settle down in DC as a political reporter. Booth is clearly unconvinced himself about the relationship, even if he doesn’t see it at the moment. (He is protesting way too much that he is so happy with Hannah. Someone somewhere pointed out that he’s working awfully hard to ACT like he’s a good, committed boyfriend who is in love.) Etc., etc., etc.

    I agree that they have to surmount the obstacles together. Or, I guess, that’s what I want to see. Some say they have each have to heal before they can be together, but I’ve argued that in RL (and fiction) a lot of folks finally heal because they get together and grow together, healing together.

    I like the idea of saving each other, except that if either of them goes any lower, I don’t how anyone can save them. I just personally feel that they’ve been driven so far apart by HH and so low by each other that I am skeptical that they can find their way back to each other (esp Booth to Brennan at this point) and/or be pulled from the abyss (esp Brennan at this point).

    Sorry that I’m still in this negative place.

    • I think what you say makes sense. I guess to me, one major indicator will be how the Booth and Hannah break-up happens. I have no idea how it will, but I think that might sort of show how things will go. It will be interesting to see what happens in the episodes. I guess Booth could be pissed, but not crushed, you know? He could blame Brennan, and she might confess that she loves him/wants him, etc. He could doubt her, and they spend the next season with her convincing him. Doesn’t have to be the depths of despair (to pull from the earlier Anne of Green Gables analogy, haha) so we’ll see.


      What is interesting is that throughout the entire series, B&B have saved one another, and whenever one is down, the other picks him/her up. So I don’t know how they can both get lower either, except that there does still seem to be this balance between them.

      • I agree: there has been a lot of “saving” or picking each other up back and forth over the seasons. It’s just: how much longer can that (level of understanding and attention) go on, esp given where they are regarding each other?
        So, since Booth saved Brenna’s life n in DitP, that makes it Brennan’s turn to save Booth in some way, I guess.
        I’ll just leave it at that. 😉

      • I agree with you about Hannah, Angelena. I also think that she’s the least of the obstacles.

        I think you’re right on the money with your observations about Hannah and Booth’s relationship. Booth is very insistent that he loves Hannah. Almost as though he’s trying to keep reminding or convincing himself. And I don’t doubt that he loves Hannah; I think he genuinely cares about her and is attracted to her. I just don’t believe that he is in love with her. And I think sooner or later that distinction will be what ends the Hannah/Booth relationship.

        And Sarah, I agree that the manner in which the end of the Booth/Hannah relationship goes down is going to be the controlling factor in how Booth reacts and where he goes from there. I think whether we end up with snarly, pissed off, cranky Booth (which might be kind of hot…) or end up with depths of despair Booth 😉 or something in between, watching his emotional journey will be fascinating. And it’ll will be just as fascinating to watch Brennan figure out where she fits in all of it, and hopefully she will come to her senses (or Angela will knock some sense into her) and she’ll see her second chance and reach out to Booth. *fingers crossed*

  9. Some very interesting reading Seels – thanks for including the insight about Bones being from Booth’s perspective…hadn’t thought of that before. Sigh. Yet another reason to rewatch past eps and see if I’ve missed something 😉

    MMM. So, where too from here? Well, I always sprouted post 100th that it was now Brennan’s turn to take a risk. For me, Booth had been so hurt that she needed to take the next gamble. And she did.

    So now, well, H needs to go. But it needs to be Booth’s choice – bc anything else makes him look like a victim, and Bren second best. She is now open to a relationship – which used to be the biggest hurdle. So I think that B&B need to find each other again. They have drifted and are no longer spinning on the same axis. They need to refind their sync, their centre. But I also think that they need to learn to trust each other again – as best friends. Spend time together, share, laugh, sparkle and see what happens. Which drives me crazy because we did that for 4.5 seasons, but for me anything too fast will remove the legitimacy and finality of their union.

    Because when they hook up, they WILL hook up. No breakups, no 2nd thoughts. This has been their breakup, and they will be stronger when it does happen.

  10. As others have noted, we are our own worst enemies. No external roadblock can compete with the thousand ways we can dissect and destroy our own hopes even as they are born. We are beset by our fears, and our fears constrain us, limit us, choke the words in our throats, root our feet to the ground, and prevent us from taking those little risks needed to become a little more of who we were meant to be.

    For him it means overcoming self-doubt, self-hatred and outright rejection to remain open to the possibility that this could indeed happen (someday), and when it does, could indeed be even more than he dreams (comatose or otherwise). It means not to pursue, not to force an outcome, but to stay vulnerable and to keep sharing those vulnerabilities with the one person in the world he can be vulnerable with. 30, 40, or 50 years of not being with that one person that could love his true self isn’t a worthwhile compromise, and I think he knows it.

    For her it means staring into an abyss of irrationality, uncertainty, fragility, doubt and faith. It shakes the very foundations of the rational fortress she has built to safely live inside, and I think, it feels very much like going mad. To outright choose to return to a world where people you love can die, or disappear, or abandon you, and at the best of times is unpredictable and chaotic, seems like a poor bargain. And yet. And yet. She has learned to trust him and to value him, and he is convinced convinced convinced it is worth it. What if he is right? What if the purity of her rational world is the cleanliness of sterility? What if inside these walls she has built, a little girl is still scared despite having no rational reason for it? What if someone could help her reach that girl in that place that logic can’t reach, and then what if he would stay with her forever?

    She can’t unask that question once asked – and he can’t either..

  11. What are their obstacles? I agree with whoever said that they are each other’s obstacles. Yes, we have this Hannah issue, but more importantly there is a lot of murky feelings between them that have never been addressed. They’ve helped each other and hurt each other several times, but they’ve never talked about it. Now that I think about it, them actually TALKING to each other ABOUT each other might just be their biggest obstacle. They are both so afraid of declaring things clearly – yes, Booth said he wanted 30-40-50 years, but he didn’t really say why (i.e. I love you). Brennan said no, but she didn’t explain why (i.e. she doesn’t think she’s good enough for him and fears she will ruin his ultimate happiness). Brennan may have been the most open when she told him in DitP that she didn’t want any regrets and she made a mistake, but it still gets us nowhere.

    How will they get to eventually? At this point, I guess I’ll just have to wait and see.

  12. Really liked this post!! Especially Pay Sayan’s quote on what “Bones” means and your idea on Brennan and her loneliness vs being alone. You can definitely see how much Booth and her people has effected her (her line about it in Boy with the Answer always gets to me). At that time when she said that, i think she was just terrified of losing EVERYTHING. Yes, she wasn’t alone beforehand, but she’d seen the good life, and i doubt she wanted to go back. That’s why she took that trip to maluku, she thought they’d just all come back together afterwards, she wouldve worked out her problems with Booth and they could keep on going as they had done for the last 5 years. But No. Booth returning with Hannah made her feel the most alone that she has been for the last 5/6 years. Sure it rivals nothing to what it used to be, but now it’s worse because the solution (Booth) is right there in front of her, just she can have his full attention anymore. And now Angela and Hodgins are preoccupied with the baby, Cam’s worrying about Michelle, all the squintern’s come and go and she doesn’t have the sessions with Sweets anymore. Everyone is back, but no one is there. I think that is the worst type of loneliness. And the most heartbreaking thing is her line from DitP “People assume that when you’re alone you must be loney, like most assumptions it’s erroneous” There Brennan is just trying to make herself believe that she isn’t really that lonely. I just hope eventually means that she will never have those thought again.
    Thanx! hope you’re plumbing’s ok… hehe

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