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Scene Study: The Boneless Bride in the River- Everything Happens Eventually


Please, as if I could chose any OTHER scene for this week? As if!

Let’s do this thing! But first, here’s a little history to get us started.

***Side note: Did I say I was going to make these scene studies shorter? I really do try to just analyze a scene, but there is just so MUCH CONTEXT! Sigh…My bad!***

Howard Epps is evil. Among other things, he snuck into Brennan’s apartment to try to kill her. But she expected him, and so did Booth, and as they were trying to capture him, he fell over the balcony of Brennan’s apartment. Booth tried to save him (do yourself a favor and watch the end scene of Girl in the Gator! Boreanaz and Stephen Fry are awesome!), but Epps still fell. This shook Booth up a bit, and he opened fire on a clown figurine on a moving ice-cream truck, forcing the FBI to put him into mandatory therapy, or ‘sessions’ as he called them.

But Brennan’s services were still needed by the FBI, so in the interim, Brennan was assigned to work with Agent Tim Sullivan, aka Sully. Show of hands…how many of you think that Booth signed off on Sully being the one to work with Brennan? I kinda think he did.

Anyhiz, Brennan and Sully work one case together (see: The Girl in the Gator) and then they decide to date. This produces several side effects in Booth; ulcers, cocky belt buckle, flashy ties & socks. He may have worn those things BEFORE this time, but for sure afterward!

At the beginning of this episode, Brennan is annoyed with Booth for once again interrupting her vacation with Sully. Booth says that can be a lesson for Sully then, that if he wants to take her on vacation…he should actually take her away. Hahahaha!

Brennan says he was on vacation and didn’t go away; Booth counters that it wasn’t a vacation, it was a suspension. Haha. Brennan digs him on therapy, and he says, “Don’t knock therapy. Dr. Wyatt has helped me realize that there are certain pressures that build up on the job and I need creative ways of dealing with them–”

“We do everything together,” Brennan interrupts. “What exactly do you have to contend with on the job that I don’t?”

“You, Bones,” Booth answers and laughs (though not necessarily kindly). “You don’t have to contend with you.”

Haha! Then it’s the boneless bride’s body (horrifying and beautiful at the same time. Darn you, BONES!) and later in the episode, Sully tells Brennan that he’s thinking of purchasing a boat and he wants to test it out with her. Brennan sort of gets the joke, and she kisses him

And if Twitter had been around then, there would probably be more KillSully accounts or something like that.

Whoa: Revelation. Did you guys know that Zack & Cam had the following conversation?

Cam: It’s just a kneecap, Zack. Don’t get too excited.

Zack: To you it’s just a knee cap. To Dr. Brennan, it’s the best part of a human being.

Shades of Knight on the Grid, right? Ew.

Moving on. Booth decides to get his partner and ‘ahoys the boat’, beginning a series of “lost little boy” looks on his face.

 He says they’ve got a bone. Brennan is intrigued. Sully…not so much.

Brennan goes back to the lab, but annoyed with Booth for interrupted her vacation, making it very clear that Zack could have answered any question Booth had. “You don’t need me,” she tells him. Lost little boy!

Sad Face!

Booth goes to talk to Angela about working on an identification, and she comments about how she is like Sully, they both aren’t  cut out for murder and corpses. He’s a romantic. “Oh not like me?” Booth wants to know.

Sad Face!

“Noooo,” Angela concedes. “You’re a romantic of a narrow kind. You live to catch bad guys. Sully lives wide.


They come up with an identification match and Booth leaves, stating “I live wide too. Far and wide. There’s nothing wider than Seeley Booth!” haha, love it!

He interrogates a suspect and comes away with a Chinese book. Who better than to help him find out more information about a Chinese book than his partner right? You know what that means. Ahoy the boat!

The case continues, etc, etc, and also Sully lets Brennan know that he’s in fact purchased the boat, and he wants Brennan to come with him to sail around the Caribbean for a year. She seems anxious about it, in her way, but she also pulls him into a deep hug. My interpretation is that she is grateful that he wants her to come along. I think she genuinely wants to consider it. It’s not a case of abandonment…not really. Sure, he sort of gave her an ultimatum, but she made the choice to stay. I’m getting ahead of myself here, but the point is that the hug she gives Sully is the same hug she gives Angela at the end of season two when Angela asks her to be her maid of honor; it’s a hug of ‘I fit in here’ and thankfulness. She’s more conflicted in this episode, obviously, but the idea is the same.

Brennan asks Angela what she should do, and Angela tells her to go. GO!

Booth interrogates the parents of a victim, and though this isn’t the official scene for this scene study, I do think it’s sort of overlooked and underrated as far as Brennan’s character development, especially in this episode

Her anthropologist friend is watching the interrogation with her, and he turns on her and says, “I’ve broken the first rule of anthropology; minimize your effect on the study!” (TALK ABOUT ANOTHER POST FOR ANOTHER DAY! I don’t think I’ve ever considered analyzing Brennan from that ‘rule’. Have you?!)

Brennan replies, “Do you really believe your study is more important than catching a murderer?” Ah!

And her friend replies, “You used to be dedicated to a much larger, timeless truth.” Ouch. It’s full of disdain, too. “Now you’re just a tool to those who have smaller concerns.”  Double ouch.

For my money, that’s a deeper cut than Sully’s invitation to sail away. What do you think?

In the next scene, Brennan tells Booth about Sully buying the boat. Booth makes a “Castaway” joke that Brennan doesn’t get (remember that movie?!) and then when she tells him that he’s leaving, Booth shows (I believe) genuine sadness for Brennan. He’s sad that she’s sad. But THEN Brennan tells Booth that Sully wants her to go with him, and it’s lost little boy again!

He sort of freezes up for a moment. Obviously he can’t tell her NOT to go, and he can also see why Sully WOULD want Brennan to go. Who wouldn’t want that, he’s thinking.

Brennan sort of calls him on it, and Booth says, “He’s got you.”

Ah! So maybe last week when I said that his ‘you wouldn’t have coffee with me?” was our first admission, I was wrong? Okay, okay…I mean, that was the first VERBAL admission, but that face? That’s tortured, friends. That’s…I don’t know what. Love and desire and lack of self esteem and uncertainly and Booth…all rolled up into some dark brown eyes, right?

Brennan asks him if he thinks she should go, and he sort of husks out a ‘Yeah. You know, it’s one year out of your life (shades of Beginning in the End, anyone?)… and a person’s gotta…live wide. This is kinda narrow.” AKA…stay, Bones. See me, Bones. See that my life…that…that I’m here, and I’m worth it. I don’t live wide. I’m not the guy who can sail off at a moment’s notice. I’m narrow, but…that’s me. That’s who I am. Is that enough? Am I even enough for you?

I don’t think Brennan quite understands what he’s talking about, on account of she doesn’t know what Booth and Angela talked about. She’s not any less confused it seems. And likewise, she isn’t sure (I believe) why Booth and Angela aren’t sort of fighting to make her stay. She’s so literal; she always takes words at face value. She might sense that Booth isn’t…well, sincere isn’t the right word, is it? Because in his Booth-way, in his “do I have what it takes” way, he’s being very genuine with her when he suggests that going away with Sully is a good idea. But I think she can still sense something more there. It’s sort of like in ConMan in the Meth Lab when he shrugs to Jared that he doesn’t care if he sees Brennan. Brennan sort of looks at him like “Really?” Ah!

Moving on!

There’s a stakeout of sorts and Booth gives Brennan a rundown of her failed romantic relationships. If I get into it, this scene study will never end, so I’ll just say that it’s worth a watch! Booth is sort of sweet and jealous-y and snarky all in one. Brennan is annoyed, but she gets it, even if she calls him condescending.

B&B solve the case (with Sully’s help) and Sully says, “You know…Booth is a really good guy.” SIDENOTE: I wish we’d seen more of the Booth and Sully friendship. I just loved that aspect of it. I really did.

Anyway, Brennan says, “He says the same about you.”

“Really?” Sully is surprised. “Because I figured he was the one talking you out of going with me.” How interesting is that, right? First of all, despite what Booth has told him (in the past three episodes), Sully still believes that Booth wants Brennan. And he ALSO believes that Brennan would value Booth’s opinion. Interesting!

Brennan says Booth said she should go, Angela too. What do you think of this idea that they both said that? Do you think it’s important that Brennan had to make that choice on her own?  Pal ToberLove already knocked it out of the park here when she discussed Sully’s words and actions, so I won’t get into all of that.

But I will say this. Eddie McClintock is really, really great. I really am very fond of him as a person and as an actor. I will absolutely watch any show he is in and he’s the nicest person I have ever interviewed. Ever. Okay, side note over!

I’ll also say that when Sully walks out of the interrogation room we see for the second time that Brennan is shaken. The first was what we’ve already mentioned, when her validity as an anthropologist is questioned by a respected co-anthropologist, and now, when her ability to form lasting bonds is questioned, when she (on her own) decides to stay.

I’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t feel very comfortable when Booth or Brennan are uncomfortable. I like them to be strong and kicking butt! So, this scene with Brennan always makes me uncomfortable. I mean, I get the necessity of it (and also the current storylines), but still…I’m uneasy. I have confidence in them, and I don’t gain pleasure out of their struggles is all.

But what I do love is how in that moment, she is looking through the window and Booth is sort of searching her out. He can’t see her, but he still assumes she’s watching. Sure, he is happy that they’ve gotten a confession, but it’s still incredibly, incredibly sweet.

He’s still kind of vulnerable, but maybe a little less lost? Yes? I love this so much that I’ll overlook one of my biggest annoyances on the show, which is when B&B look at one another through the interrogation room/observation room window. Why announce to your suspect that SOMEONE ELSE IS WATCHING? Okay, okay…not the point…moving on!

Brennan can’t help but smile and cry a bit and get annoyed at herself for doing it.

And then…

Brennan is at the dock, and she’s watching Sully leave. He gives her a wave, and she replies with one as well.

What do you think is going on in Brennan’s mind at that time? Regret? Uncertainty? Sadness that she had to hurt him?

Sully keeps sailing…

And he named his boat Temperance, which I also find very sweet. Brennan is definitely experiencing some conflict here. But, that’s nothing new for her, and we almost sort of see herself resigning herself to it. Again, I don’t see her as a victim in this scenario. She chose to stay. But I think if she does have regret, it’s more in the idea that she can’t be the kind of person who sails off at a moment’s notice. Hmmm…who does that sound like? This guy, perhaps?

Has anyone ever looked more NOT LOST before? A complete change in his demeanor. All because of hope and (I think) what he sees as his worth in her eyes.

Well, NOW her eyes are saying, “You’re pretty annoying, you know that?” while her mouth says, “What are you doing here?”

Wow. Wow! I mean, Booth’s gotta be thinking, “Not only is she still here; she’s gorgeous!” Seriously, so pretty!
“Waving goodbye,” Booth insists. “See?”

Brennan is not amused. “What do you want?” she asks.

Oh, so many replies.

“Breakfast,” Booth answers. And he also pulls her close in a way we haven’t really seen before. Not totally possessive, but not exactly just comforting either. Not a guy hug, but something else. How would you describe it? She says she’s not hungry, but Booth just teases her, asking her if she’s going to vomit if they come across one of those horrific cases.

“I don’t vomit” Brennan replies. Such romantic conversation, right? Hahaha. Oh, BONES! BUT, she doesn’t pull away.

Booth gets serious. “Give it time, Bones. Okay? Give it time.”

He actually IS sort of condescending here, though maybe not intentionally. More like in a ‘says the wrong thing’ kind of way. Not that he’s saying the wrong thing, just that he’s being kind of confident and very casual and worldly, all ‘advice-y’ and noble and partnerly, when that’s not the entirety of what he’s feeling, you know? It’s just such an easy line…it just rolls out of him that it’s clear that he’s either heard it before or he’s been planning it, right?

 Jen (NatesMama) joked during our FIRST scene study from The Woman in Limbo that “Everything Happens Eventually” was what was written on his fortune cookie. That’s my new theory!

Brennan gets it (I think, she’s sort of laughing at him. I don’t know if she gets it, but she does see a different in him between the scene where he told her to go with Sully and this), and  when he adds, “Everything happens eventually,”…

She says, “Everything?”

Ah! I’ve never really considered that question before, but now I want to. What does she mean? What is she thinking about? For Brennan…what IS everything? She doesn’t say, “Eventually?” She says, “Everything?”  She’s looking at him with confidence in him, I think. Very lovely. Sort of young and innocent and trusting, but also sort of disbelieving…or at least…he has to prove it.

“All the stuff, okay?” he answers, confident and sure. “…that you think never happens…it happens.”

AH! Okay…so they BOTH are just seeing a list of “all the stuff” right? But what’s on those lists? Sex, babies, wedding bells, solving cases? What?!!!

“You just gotta be ready for it,” Booth drawls, and well, that’s about that!

So why DOES Brennan stay? Because of anthropology? Because of Booth? Not because of an ‘in love’ thing, but because she believes in his higher purpose? His cosmic balance sheet? What do you think? I guess it’s possible that they are both on the same page, so to speak. In light of their kiss outside the bar? But I just don’t know! It happens so quickly, but there is this little quirk of an eyebrow that Booth gives her that really makes her laugh and smile, and THAT makes Booth smile even more. It’s impossible to sort of get good pictures of them walking together, but I don’t have to tell you that they walk off the pier, his arm around her, smiling like crazy.

They aren’t the only ones!

Peace, Love & Bones,



23 thoughts on “Scene Study: The Boneless Bride in the River- Everything Happens Eventually

  1. Ok, this post made me both sad and happy! LOL

    Happy because you got most things spot on as always (although i will admit…sometimes i think you read a little too much into Booths facial expressions…just a little and only sometimes! LOL) and sad because Sully leaves 😦 I adore that man, and i hate watching him sail away. I think when watching it i’m more cut up than Brennan is! LOL

    I always changed my mind about why she stays. Sometimes, i think it’s because of Booth (especially after the 100th and their first case…like she had/has unfinished business with him. Which she does.) Other times i think it’s because, like Gordon Gordon said, she couldn’t lead a purposeless (that’s not the word, is it?! LOL) life. She needed more at that time. And on a few occasions i go back to thinking it’s because of Booth but for a slightly different reason. Not for any romantic reasons, but because i think she made a promise to herself. A promise to help him balance his cosmic balance sheet and she couldn’t go anywhere until she’s done that….but when i do think it’s this reason, i think if anything it’d have been on a subconscious level.

    So yet again, basically i don’t have a clue! 😉

  2. I would have liked for you to analyze the scene where she is on the platform 🙂
    And I too would have liked to see a following to her conversation with the professor.

  3. My all-time favorite scene! I will have to re-read this several more time before I can comment coherently, but I love all of the stills from this scene. “Waving goodbye….see?” Best Booth ever.

  4. This scene reminds me of the scene in The Woman in Limbo where Brennan talks about missing someone always knowing where she is and Booth is already walking below the causeway saying “Bones! You up there?” I love the fact that once again, Booth is THERE for her. He is always there for her – anticipating, reacting. Most of the time, I don’t even think much beyond that moment. Hahaha. Their whole conversation is so, I don’t know, strange afterward until the “everything happens eventually” line and it has always seemed to me that the whole thing was a little ad-libbed. I mean, I think the basic lines were there, but it sounds almost awkward.

    I think GG is correct that Brennan feels that she cannot lead a life without purpose, but I certainly don’t think it is that simple. And as much as I’d like to believe that Booth himself is a primary reason for Brennan, I’m not sure at this point it is. Certainly there is a glance his way when she is turning Sully down in the interrogation observation room, but I agree it could be more the commitment to Booth’s cosmic balance sheet that holds her, which is linked to the life without purpose, but I think it is also, in the end, linked to the fact that it is BOOTH’s cosmic balance sheet.

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  6. -Sad Booth cuteness overload-
    I love these scene studies so much! I always look forward to them the most and the scenes chosen are always amazing.
    I actually really loved Sully when he was around. He reminds me so much of Booth and I think if Booth wasn’t around first, Brennan would have gone with him. To a point, I think her job did keep her from leaving, but I like to think Booth also played a role in that.

  7. Of all the things I miss….it is this deep friendship that I miss between them. I so want that back. I want everything and eventually….but I want the best friends back…..

  8. I think you should cut yourself some slack on the length issue, since you really sort of had to look at the whole episode for context before getting to the scene you were studying!

    I’ve been thinking a lot about Sully the last few weeks, but have a hard time figuring out exactly how to say what I feel. I don’t think Brennan’s a victim, and I don’t think she feels abandoned when he leaves. I think he cares about her. But I don’t think he loves her or ‘gets her.’ At least not nearly enough to be right for her in any big picture way, certainly not at that point in their relationship.

    Is it deep, true, love to say to someone, ‘I love you, but to have a relationship with me you have to change your entire life and give up everything about who you are’? Of course not. But that’s what his ultimatum feels like to me. There’s nothing in his offer about her. He’s going to sail around, run charters, and he wants her to come along.

    This is where I get hung up, because I can go two directions on Sully, both of which will get me in trouble with the ‘Sully’s a better man for Brennan’ folks. Option one is he’s not being selfish; he simply doesn’t really get her. We don’t know how much time they’ve been together (weeks? months?) but it’s not been enough time for him to figure out that what she does is not just a job for her, not just ‘corpses and murderers.’ That identifying people when no one knows who they are is an integral part of her, something she has to do. I don’t know what they’ve talked about on their dates, but he’s not figured out that most of her vacations have involved digs of some kind, by her choice.

    Is that healthy for her? Maybe, maybe not. I can see someone like Sully, who’s a very good FBI agent but who ‘lives wide’ and has other interests, as believing that she should learn to relax, to do something else, to take vacations. And I wouldn’t actually disagree with him. But he’s not asking her to take a vacation with him. He’s asking her to give up something that’s an intrinsic part of who she is, for a year, and does it seemingly without any real awareness of what he’s even asking.

    If he’d offered her something besides helping him run charters (“perhaps there are digs in the Caribbean you could attach yourself to”) it would be easier for me to buy that he really does love her, but he doesn’t. His understanding of Temperance Brennan is that she’d be happy floating around the Caribbean for a year with him, doing nothing.

    Option two, of course, is much worse: he does get her, and doesn’t care. He’s not really interested in her or what might be best for her.

    I think it’s option one. He doesn’t actually come across as selfish to me, not at all. I think he does care about her, even loves her to the degree he understands her. The problem is that since he’s missing what I view is being one of the most significant things about her, I’d have to say he loves who he thinks she is, a dream of her, not the reality. I think he believes she’s like him, good at what she does but driven by other interests and passions and with other needs than what he sees being met by her work. And if she’s like him, she’s a candidate for burnout, which he’s sincerely trying to help her avoid. But she’s not like him, not at all, and his inability to see that matters.

    And to be completely fair to him – he’s not in a good space himself. He’s still dealing with his partner’s death, and is doing that by changing his life. Perhaps he’s not capable of seeing the truth about someone else right then. It doesn’t mean he’s a bad guy, and if this story were other than it is, maybe he’d come back in a few months, or call, and say, “I get now that you need your work, but I’d love for you to take a real vacation with me on my boat, just for two weeks.” And perhaps she would, and they’d get to know one another a little better, and in a year or so, he’d realize he was ready to be an FBI agent, or at least, ready to live in DC again, where they could take their relationship to the next step. I don’t rule that out at all, because he is a decent guy. He just doesn’t ‘get’ Temperance Brennan at this point of things.

    But that’s not this story, because she already has someone in her life who gets her. Not perfectly, because he’s human, but he gets her.

    So does she stay for him? Or because she’s not ready for a life of purposelessness?

    I think it’s both, though at this point of things I lean a little more towards the latter. (Obviously, given my analysis of her above.) I think she thought of a year of doing essentially nothing and panicked. But I also think Booth was a factor, though I don’t know how much of a conscious one. Maybe not completely unconscious, though: They’ve been through a lot together by this point (her mother, Epps, the search for her father.)

    In some ways, Sully’s timing was simply off. He says, “You know, we do this job for too long, we get warped. I, I can feel it happening already and maybe you can too.” The problem is, no, at this point, she’s still finding her work with Booth to be challenging and satisfying. We know that later she does hit that point Sully’s at here, so who knows? If he’d called with the same offer during the The Boy with the Answer, he might have received a different answer, indeed. (Though note that when she took a break from murders, it wasn’t to go off and not do anything for a year, so maybe not.)

    • You said you’ve had a hard time figuring out exactly how to say how you feel about Sully, but I think what you’ve said is spot on. I’m all about character development, and I appreciate your look into the character of Sully. I’ve always thought Sully’s offer was a bit of a cruel ultimatum, asking Brennan to sacrifice pretty much everything that we know is important to her. I agree with your option one, and I don’t mind if that gets me into trouble. But then again, I’ve never been one of the ‘Sully’s a better man for Brennan’ folks.

    • Before boy in the answer Brennan had already confided in Sully at the end of girl in the gator that instead of feeling satisfied after a case she mostly feels drained. And in the meantime there are other hints that she was feeling this way. So I don’t think he was just projecting on her his feelings.
      Anyway, the funny thing here is that your description of Sully is my description of Booth lol

  9. Wow- you hit the nail on the head with this post- I love it! I also totally agree that analyzing “I’ve broken the first rule of anthropology; minimize your effect on the study” would be another AWESOME post!

  10. ok – very much stuck on those 2 pics of Booth just below the boat, once Sully sails off.

    One of my favourite Booth images EVER. One of my fave scenes EVER.

    Drool drool hdhufhrvnjkvhfd will post coherently later….this topic deserves it 🙂

  11. Oh, the waving. Oh, Brennan, with your beautiful curly hair blowing in the breeze and your beautiful sad eyes. Oh, Sully, sailing off in the boat you named Temperance. Oh, Booth, standing there on the dock. Oh, a bonus shot of Booth standing there on the dock – awesome. Just… oh, what a scene.

    What is Brennan thinking in that moment? I think she regrets that she’s not the kind of person who can choose to sail aimlessly around the Caribbean in the company of a perfectly lovely gentleman. And she’s wrestling with her reason for staying behind – her current purpose in life, as defined by her career, is to help the FBI catch murderers, not to pursue some timeless anthropological truth.

    Since you asked, I’m going to stray now from the scene in the study (clever how I did that, huh?) to address what I think about the harsh things Brennan’s anthropologist friend says to her. His words do cut her deeply. Sometimes I feel like my views of this show and a lot of what I say in these comments amount to a really lengthy, in-depth character study of Dr. Temperance Brennan. It seems to me that the friend is telling her that she’s a sell-out to pure science. Science works to uncover timeless truths, and Brennan was the epitome of a scientist until the day she met one Seeley Booth. This anthropologist friend of hers might have been able to convince her that catching murderers is a small concern if Seeley Booth hadn’t been the one to teach her so much of what she understands about humanity and the pursuit of justice. She chooses to stay behind to live a life with purpose. Her purpose is no small concern. It’s not just her job helping the FBI catch murderers. It’s the humanity in identifying people when no one knows who they are. And more privately, it’s the redemption of a man she knows is worth saving – the whole cosmic balance sheet thing.

    Back to the scene now:
    How would I describe Booth’s arm around Brennan’s shoulder? To me, it says, “I’m not going to tell you whether I think you made the right decision or not. Let’s just go back to doing what we do together.” It reassures her that she is needed and that her work is important. Obviously, having to contend with Bones isn’t really one of the pressures of his job. It’s most likely the best part.

    I really have no idea what “everything” means to those two at that point in their story. I think this whole “everything happens eventually” bit is intentionally vague. It’s open to interpretation, and that’s why we hang so much hope on it. They know what “everything” means though. That’s hope you see in their smiles.

    Also, you are welcome to make these scene studies as long as you like. They are fantastic!

  12. I think by the time Sully came along, Brennan had already formed an attachment for Booth. I am not saying she was in love with him at this time, just that she had formed a friendship with Booth. Consider that Brennan has few friends. Angela and Booth come to mind but we have seen few other friends. She has acquaintances and people she works with, friends, not very many. She has dated other guys but no close relationships had formed from those dates. Then along comes Sully. He is nice and he is trying hard to get Brennan interested in him. Sully feels that there may be something between Booth and Brennan; but, he is told no. He tries to get Brennan to run away with him. Leave her job. Leave her purpose in life. For a boat and a promise. If we wanted proof that Sully didn’t have a clue about Brennan then this was it. When she was talking in the observation room to her fellow anthropolgist, I think Brennan says it best about her situation with Sully, Brennan replies, “Do you really believe your study is more important than catching a murderer?” Before she met Booth, she would have agreed with her friend; but, her close contact with Booth has already changed her. She sees a different picture now. Sure she loves to study old bones and can’t imagine doing anything more exciting and yet she does that every time she works on a case with Booth. The look on her face when her friend tells her “Now you’re just a tool to those who have smaller concerns” can be read that he is the one with the problem not her. I feel that she considers her work with Booth very important (after all, it was Brennan who insisted that she work in the field with Booth, not the other way around) and up until that point she may not have considered the fact that she had changed and that solving murders more important to her than old bones. This is something she should have thought about before going to Maluku. By the time she was ready to go to Maluku she had changed more than she had realized. She thought she would be doing great work in Maluku but once there found out that that was not who she was anymore. Anyways, that is why I think Brennan stayed and let Sully leave without her. She was commited to helping Booth solve horrible murders and just leaving with Sully was not an option. She was Booth’s partner and I think this was when she realized that she didn’t want to work with any other FBI agent. Just Booth.
    The end of the episode is one of my favorite. Booth with his arms around Brennan’s shoulder, her not protesting, even though she doesn’t like to be touched casually. She is Booth’s partner.
    “Everything happens eventually,”… She says, “Everything?” Yes even a close friendship with a man whom she really disliked early in their partnership. Love can come later.

  13. One of my all time favourite scenes. EVER.
    When Brennan turned around and Booth was standing there is the scene that really cemented – or should that be concreted – for me that Booth would always be there for her. And even though Brennan looked a bit annoyed at first I love how Booth just ignored it & went with the shoulder hug as if to say come on let’s just get back to it.
    Oh and even though Brennan looked a little regretful when Sully sailed off, I never believed she was that upset or devasted as you would be if the relationship was serious enough.

  14. I’ve always struggled with this episode so it is nice to see you put in such a clear perspective. I had thought it said more about Booth (and how he is longing for the day he can be the guy for her) than it does about Brennan. It does take a review of the whole ep rather than just the goodbye scene to understand it. I had forgotten about the “first rule of anthropology…” discussion and how that fits in here. Rynogeny: I agree with your option one as to why Sully chooses to leave. He doesn’t get Brennan and just assumes everyone gets burnt out and needs a sabbatical to recover. I think Brennan stays for a combination of reasons… not just that she sees her purpose as giving people their identities when no one knows who they are but that she also wants to help Booth equalize his cosmic balance sheet. She sees that as a noble and worthwhile goal; as well as an enjoyable one. I don’t think she feels abandoned by Sully; just that she is ok with knowing that they each want different things. Having Booth greet her at the pier, put his arm around her and pull her close gave her the confirmation that she made the right choice, she knew she was home and she had “everything” to look forward to.

  15. ok, I’m more coherent now….
    Lots of interesting responses and perspectives here. I think that there are many reasons Brennan doesn’t leave…mainly because it doesn’t feel right. Her work, her connection to Booth, her finally having a ‘family’ and not wanting to leave it all. I agree with GG that she is not in a place that allows for purposelessness.

    The final scene is awkward – in that she doesn’t put her arm around Booth, so she looks a bit uncomfortable. As for the dialogue, well, I’ve always seen it as a shout out to the fans. We just survived Cam and Sully and then we hear this: it’s telling us that yes, what we want for them will happen eventually. The ad-lib feel adds to this – that DB &ED are telling us what we want to hear – to have faith.

    As an aside – I rewatched Cinderella in the Cardboard last night…if you’re looking for a scene study…check out Brennan’s face when Booth says ‘what if you and I were dating’….

  16. I love that scene so much. Lovely recap, Seels.

    I think my favorite part of that scene is when so nonchalantly slips his arm around her shoulder as they’re walking down the dock. The thing about it, is that he is holding onto her so tightly, it even looks he’s almost gripping her jacket in his right hand. That second to last picture says so much, I feel like. I looks like he’s so happy to have her there with him and he never wants to let go. *Sigh*

  17. So beautiful episode finale! They are so close each other in this moment! She left transient relationships with man who like to “live wide” and prefer to leave woman which he would love and serious work (when he was one of the best) for following his dream. I think Sully and Bren are very different people. He is kind, solid, but very original because he can to leave his normal life. Bren have brilliant work, team which love her and of course a partner, who is real man. Who can’t to sail out suddenly, who has commitments, who has a son and loves him very much, who has a strong past, who feels that he “need to catch up more bad boys as he can”. Real man, real male. And of course – he is always be with her! “Nothing will change between us”, yes. And he always can help her, protect her. Even else they are not a couple. I sure that he didn’t sail out because of Booth, as Angela say too. Of course she not understand it. But she always wants to be with him. Maybe as a partner now. She should understand that she loves him and wants not as a good friend only. She need everything eventually! Everything of Booth. But in that scene she needs to work with him, to be closer him. And he understand it too. Then he came to give moral support to her. And she was thankful. And he was a “real Booth”, man she can trust.

    And one else – I (like NatesMama) adore of Brennan hairstyle in 2th season. Great color, a little curl! She is beautiful!

    And sorry for my english again))

  18. I am very lucky to discover your blog.Great job done here.Love your blog theme also

  19. Wonder how she did not just run and wrap her hands round his neck when she turned round and saw him on the pier. A girl can always dream.

  20. Totally random question: I was watching Dwarf in the Dirt today while exercising (I’d forgotten that Booth is in a vest for most of the episode–that really gets the blood pumping;-) ), and…Booth. In a vest…what was my point again?

    Oh yeah. So, I noticed that there are several people (I didn’t count but I’m thinking it was four or five) who just randomly walk into the scene to have Cam or Hodgins sign paperwork. I wasn’t in the fandom at the time, but was there a fan contest or something where the winners got to come on set and have a cameo in the show? It just seemed very random and…I don’t know…strange to me. Back when I was an SG-1 nerd, they had contests like that from time to time.

    Also, Happy Valentines Massacre, everyone;-)–er, I mean, Day.

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