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Top Five Tuesday: Eventually, Nowish


Good morning!

This title is a little shoutout to all the ANGEL fans out there. And hopefully you get it, or I’ll feel really dumb. But I must first add my thanks to pal @ShepHerdsTV for recommending it (by way of Eventually…Now) to me when I told her I was doing Eventually Week. I knew she’d have creative ideas, and she did not disappoint!

She described how it might work to take a look at moments in the show that COULD have been eventuallys but might have ruined the ‘real’ eventually if they’d actually been the eventually. How about that, yeah? I LOVED the idea, but couldn’t actually come up with five!

I asked four of my oldest (as in I’ve known them longest (almost three YEARS!), not because we’re all 29 and 365/365ths at least!) BONES pals what eventuallys they think we HAVE seen and what they still WANT to see.

I’ll weigh in with my own, and then you all can weigh in with yours.

First, from Jen:

“Eventually, I want a morning after scene, and I think we have seen them both acknowledge their feelings to the other…just w/really crappy classic B&B timing.”

I completely agree! Maybe that’s what I meant yesterday when I asked if their confessions were them catching up to their own realities (aka…eventuallys)…not that they missed their moment necessarily. I also would love to see a morning after as well…as well as the ‘before’. Oh yeah.

From Mary,

“I think Brennan is finally ‘open enough to see it’…that’s an eventually we’ve seen. And I’d like to see B&B have an honest discussion about all the things they assume about each other…even if it’s painful”.

Ah, I hadn’t put two and two together…the “someone for everyone/open enough to see it” moment alongside of her acceptance of the universe. As for the conversation, I couldn’t agree more. I think B&B are honest with each other, but are they always honest ABOUT each other to each other? Not sure.

And now from Steph,

“I want to see B&B really try the romantic relationship, even if it doesn’t work out (NOT just have sex). And I think that even though she didn’t say it outright, one eventually we got was Brennan basically admitting that she loves Booth, which means Brennan knows and accepts that she was wrong about her feelings…and her ability to feel them.”

I agree! Of course, I know you and I know we’d both REALLY like to see their romantic relationship work out…but I agree that I still want them to give it a shot…an honest to goodness shot.

And Lauren,

“One eventually we have seen is Brennan admitting her feelings. I always thought it would be when Booth was available though. But I like this better J  AND it wasn’t just about her feelings for him, but how HUMAN she seemed in that moment. Finally!

I can’t think of an eventually I want to happen, probably because I accidentally came across spoilers the other day, so I lost my ability to dream ahead. Unless it’s Daisy getting run over by a steamroller. I can always envision that…”

Haha! I swear I didn’t pay Lauren to say that. Okay, I am going to cheat and do two. You can do as many as you want! Here are two of mine: things I want to see and then the things I think we have seen.

First of all…I would love to see Max back, and while yes, I’d love to see him have a heart to heart with Brennan, I’d also love for him to have another talk with Booth where he lays it on straight and just makes Booth feel good about himself.

I did already lay out a few things I want to see…a B&B baby being one, but another thing I want to see is more of this kind of thing.

I want sweetness between B&B. I love their struggles and their strength, but what I want for them is an ability to have all of that and still be sweet with one another. Their sweetness should be reserved for one another; that’s what I want.

What have we seen?

Besides things like Booth in fatigues (mmmmm, so good), we’ve seen Brennan admit to Booth (and Sweets…sort of stuck right in the middle there) that she imagined a life with him when she was in Maluku:

Is anyone able to watch that scene WITHOUT flinching like Booth and Sweets do? I know it’s coming, and I still can’t quite believe that she says it.

We’ve also seen (earlier in the series) that Brennan hosts the team (along with Max and ‘Maggie’ as Booth calls her (totally a Booth thing!), aka her ‘family’ for Christmas. I love that, and I think her role as the head of that ‘house’ (whether it’s the house of reason or a ‘family’) will be a defining point in this series.

Okay…enough from me. What say you? What eventuallys HAVE we seen? Does that make you feel good about the eventuallys to come? Let’s discuss!

Peace, Love & BONES


PS…I’m totally cheating…but here’s one more I want: The “Someday” Pops talked about, and Brennan telling Booth the truth and holding him afterward!


19 thoughts on “Top Five Tuesday: Eventually, Nowish

  1. Angel reference totally not wasted on me! Well played :).

    As for the things I’d like to see eventually, I tend to agree with you Sarah. As much as I’ve LOVED all the angsty fan-fic that I’ve been reading, I don’t want them to drag out the fallout too much if and when they finally get together. I’d like the sweetness back; their easygoing, playful relationship… but with more kissing. I’d also like to see them deal with some of the more mundane aspects of being in a relationship — I think it would make for some very amusing television and wonderful B&B moments.

  2. The eventually that seems to show a Booth family comes to mind. Parker and Booth swimming in Brennan’s apartment swimming pool. We know Brennan swims with them because Parker thinks it is cool that Brennan does cannon balls. I would love to see that scene. It would be such a ‘family’ scene. The knowledge that Booth and Parker already treat Brennan as family gives me a lot of hope.

    • Not to mention how awesome it would be see B&B in swim suits!!

    • I totally agree. When Parker mentioned about Brennan doing a cannon ball in the pool, I actually paused my player and tried to imagined the scene – the 3 of them as family. God, how I loved picturing it in my mind…. actually watching it someday in an ep would be a dream come true!

  3. I have to agree with Catalina. I want to see them experience the mundane aspects of being in an honest to goodness ‘romantic’ relationship. I feel that so often on TV and in movies we see the sex and passion and the sparks that beginning a new relationship bring but what about the real stuff. Folding laundry together, arguing over what movie to watch, what to have for dinner- Thai or meatloaf. Stuff like that. I think it would be so great to get a glimpse into how they mesh their personal lives into a functioning one together. You know, the whole two becoming one thing. That’s the Eventually I want to see.

  4. Daisy getting run over by a steamroller. Hahahahaha. That’s too good…

    An eventually I’d like to see is one reminiscent of the Two Bodies in the Lab scene with Booth and Brennan in her apartment: the happy discomfort/ awkwardness followed by some loosening-up. It felt very real, very sweet,… very new couple-y. That scene definitely hinted at what B&B would have been like at THAT MOMENT (season 1).

    Would their coupledom be similar now? I don’t know. But it’s that innocent eventually I crave, even if it isn’t realistic…

    • Also, I agree about wanting to see them try a relationship. This isn’t going to be popular, but I’d rather see them give a relationship an honest to goodness try and fail than see a few scenes that merely hint at a perfectly happy ever after, because knowing B&B, it’s going to take much more than just the right timing for them to have a lasting relationship– it’s going to take work! And if we don’t see that, the end result simply won’t feel real to me.

  5. First of all, love the Angel reference. It made me smile. 😉

    I agree with you and everyone else that has commented, that I would like to see more of the sweetness between the two of them. One of my biggest fears, fueled by the teen angst I have been watching recently *Cough*DawsonsCreek*Cough*, is that B&B finally get together and it’s more conflict than sweetness. There’s no doubt in my mind that B&B would be great together in a romantic relationship, and I can’t wait to see it, but I worry about these things. I want the sweetness, and the sense of normalcy/comfort, and most of all, I want them both to be happy (with each other, of course).

    Ummm…I don’t think that was an answer to any of your questions, but that’s what I’ve got for today. Lol.

  6. I think we’ve seen a lot of “eventually” moments from Booth and Brennan, but for me, I think the moment that started the path to eventually it is from “The Man On Death Row”.

    The episode starts with them squabbling and being snippy to each other, and then later Booth comes to her for help and asks her a personal favor. Before this episode, their relationship is kind of antagonistic and grudging at times. But with the case in this ep, she gets to see a side of him she hasn’t before, and you can almost see the wheels in her head turning at each turning point in the case. She’s working on the case to get to the truth, but she’s also doing it for Booth because she sees how much he needs to know that he was right. Booth needs to know that this man who has been sentenced to death as a result of his investigation is there for the right reasons, and she gets that without question.

    But for me, the moment that kind of cements them going from “we just work together” to “partners” comes late in the episode when Booth and Brennan are in Cullen’s office and asking for men and equipment to search the marsh for evidence. Cullen starts in on Booth, and Brennan jumps in like a mama bear and defends Booth to Cullen. There’s just this moment where Booth looks at her and it’s like his entire perception of her changes in the blink of an eye. In that moment, she has his back completely, and I’m not sure that he’s had anyone do that for him before. In the Army and in the FBI, sure, but not on a personal level – other than Pops, but that’s a different topic. But for me, it’s in that moment that the whole dynamic between them changes. As the scene ends, Sir Galahad Booth comes out in full force and saves her from her own mouth by pulling her out of the meeting with a “come on, Bones”. He hadn’t really done the white knight routine with her before then, and it’s like he’s thanking her without saying the words. He has a whole new appreciation for who this woman is.

    And at the end of the episode, when Brennan breaks Epps’ wrist and Booth just shrugs and says “it was self defense” as he escorts her out of the interview room, it cements the bond between them even further. To the point that the post-case drinks at Sid’s place have them sharing bits of themselves. They aren’t sitting shoulder to shoulder, there is still a literal gap between them, but the bond is there and it’s a start.

    As for what I’d like to see, I’d like to see them rediscover that bond and take a chance on each other again. And I’d like to see them grow into to the people that they won’t otherwise be without the other in their lives. I believe it’s like the line from End in the Beginning: they are halves of the same whole. And until they can see that, neither one of them is going to be truly happy or truly complete.

    • I think we got to see a glimmer of how they would become close in the Pilot,
      Booth: You ok?
      Brennan: Don’t be nice to me after I got you in trouble.
      Booth: Your heart was in the right place.
      Brennan: No. I’m not a heart person, you’re a heart person. I’m a brain person. You vouched for me.
      Booth: Forget it.
      Brennan: No, I won’t
      I think that Booth being nice to Brennan even though she got him into a lot of trouble with his boss made an impression on her. I think it allowed her to see Booth as a trustworthy person and someone that may have her back. It was early days; but, I think this showed us that their friendship was possible.

  7. I’ll keep it simple: I want to see them smile and laugh together. We haven’t seen that for so long, and I really miss it. I wanna see flirting and laughter and chivalric Booth and caring Brennan…and a lot more eye & hand sex.

    Now that’s not too much to ask for, is it?

  8. I would like to see them try to keep their “eventually” relationship a secret initially from the rest of the group. Hodgins, Angela and Cam are too perceptive. I think it would be funny!

  9. What I’d like to see, when Booth and Brennan do get together, is everyone else’s reactions.  I’ve always enjoyed their being mistaken for a couple then the stuttering and tripping over words that follow to make it clear that they’re just partners.  So whether it’s someone that we’re used to seeing like the squints, Gordon Gordon or some random person related to the case of the week, it would be great to see a third person’s view on Booth and Brennan in a relationship.  It could lead to a number of fun and entertaining moments.

  10. Thank you SO much for mentioning what Pops told Brennan! I want that moment, too. I feel like that has been a really overlooked, meaningful exchange in a great episode.
    I think every time they have had the opportunity to be with the other’s family has been a glimpse into ‘ eventually’. Despite their incredibly different family lives, they have always fit into each other’s family…. Had a beautiful understanding and acceptance that is incredibly rare. Ahh. Eventually is so meant to be. It doesn’t get more beautiful then the two of them. Together. 🙂

  11. Brennan’s admissions in DitP were huge in my opinion and felt like some of the “everything happens eventually” moments I’ve been waiting for. The things she told Booth showed me that she understood what Booth was trying to offer her and that she believed that what he offered was something she deserved. I also loved that she admitted that she felt something.

    I agree with linda. I want, no I NEED some more B&B smiling, laughing, flirting, eye sex!

    And I’ve said before (and have to agree with karen and rls) – I would love to see B&B in a relationship, but trying to keep things secret. These characters and the interactions we have come to expect from this team – I think the writers could have a field day with a secret romance, and the viewers wouldn’t be able to get enough of it!

  12. My eventually includes Brennan saving Booth-not necessarily in a physical manner, more of a saving of his soul (oh my, am I being too Buffy and Angel here? Purely an accident, I swear!) It’s just we’ve seen him help her through such terrible things, I want her to be the knight in Jeffersonian standard issue armor for a change. His past is something I would love to see addressed more. And I definitely want to see the reactions of friends and colleagues to their (hopefully secret for a while) relationship. The look on Caroline’s face after the steamboat flotilla is just the tip of the iceberg…

  13. OK, i am WAY behind on these so I skipped the comments. I apologise now and I know i’ve missed some awesomeness!

    Eventuallys I want to see?!

    OK, I want the Pops someday. Desperately. I want Brennan to tell Booth about that moment, and be there for him in whatever way he needs. Be it a hug, or a touch, or a drink. What ever he needs, she’s there.

    I would also love to see the relationship between Brennan and Sweets evolve. We’ve seen Booth and Sweets…they have their own relationship seperate from Brennan. Now I want to see the relationship between Brennan and Sweets seperate from Booth. In Knight on a Grid I think, the one with GG, where Brennan reveals that moment for Sweets. I love that. And then in Dr In The Photo…I think we finally got more of Sweets and Brennan & I saw the potential their friendship has…I just pray we get to see it develop.

    And finally, I want what we saw in the S4 finale. The opening scene is one of my fave ever…and I want that for real.

    Now…that’s not too much to ask, surely??! 😉

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