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Love Eventually


 You’ve seen the films, kiddo. It ain’t over ’til it’s over.

~~Love Actually~~


Hello pals! I hope you are having a GREAT Wednesday! Isn’t there a little crackle in the air…a sense of anticipation? Perhaps you are eagerly awaiting the day when I’ll ‘eventually’ be done with Eventually Week! That day, my friends, is tomorrow. Or perhaps you’re feeling excited because of what ELSE is happening tomorrow. Oh yeah. BONESDAY, baby!

PS…I solemnly swear on page 186 that I will not go into tomorrow night’s episode with a judgmental attitude based on my dislike for episode 101 and will in fact be open minded toward it, even if it fact it is not a series game changer.

Okay, we’ve gotten THAT out of the way and now it’s time to talk about one of my all time favorite subjects: the man, the myth, the legend…Seeley Booth.

What I find so fascinating about him is that he’s developed into this incredibly complex character. The series starts out presenting him as the ‘straight man’ to Brennan’s quirks. They aren’t ‘The Odd Couple’ or anything like that, but the underlying principle is the same. She’s the one with people skills issues…he’s sort of what tethers her to ‘the real world’. And then, somehow, over the course of a few years, he’s tethered to her and his world revolves around her. “You’re in love with her,” Dr. Wyatt tells him. “You’re building a world around her.”

So…how did that happen? How did she become the steady? Right? When did it get to the point where his redemption was found in her?


Does that seem over-dramatic? I don’t mean to be, but I do mean to be very serious about it, because I’m completely serious about it.

How does Booth believe in love? And don’t say he just does, because that will just annoy me. Haha. And…honestly, what is it about Brennan that keeps that hope alive?

What is it about her that makes this inevitable?

What does Brennan represent to Booth? And what makes it (and her) so worth it? Her sweet innocence? Her harsh reality? Her quest for the truth? Her acceptance of his truth?

That’s the hard part for me; not because I don’t love Brennan or see her worth, because I do…it’s more that I’m just so curious about Booth and what motivates him. I think Brennan is ALSO insanely curious about him; it’s something we have in common. Plus our far superior intellect. Haha, kidding, kidding.

Is it love that encouraged Booth to convince Brennan to work with him on the Cleo Eller case? Or was it just his desire for justice for Cleo’s parents?  What is it that keeps him close to Brennan? He’s literally sought her out over and over and over again. I’m not saying all of those times have been ‘in love’ moments…but they’ve been something. Some sort of giving of himself in a way that seems reserved for her from someplace deep, deep down.


And at the beginning of the series, the idea seemed to be that Booth would be the strong one. He’ll be the one to help Brennan break through her pain. Gifts, guy hugs, saving her life, a Christmas tree…

But as the series continues, a new question circles around the core of this storyline. What about his pain? Where does it fit in this story? What about his desire to just once…is it too much to ask for once in his damn life…get what he wants? Is that what keeps him coming after Brennan? Is that what ties him to her? To love?  Is it because she trusts him?


Is it because the MORE she gets to know him, the more she trusts him? Has that ever happened to him before?

We talked on Monday about the ‘real’ Temperance Brennan, based on what we know about her childhood and what we’ve seen so far.

What about Booth? Is he genuinely sweet and giving? A boy with a sensitive heart? Stubborn about what is right? Did he give his mother grubby handfuls of dandelions? If he hadn’t been a (at least) 3rd generation soldier for the United States…what else would he have done?

As desperate as Brennan can be to block love from her life, I see Booth just as desperate to believe in it, despite his surrounding circumstances. He’s just as desperate to know that love is strong enough to ‘overcome evil with good’, basically. That his good deeds will outweigh his bad; that his love for his country will be justified…that his protection of his brother will keep him out of trouble…

And that the love he has for Temperance Brennan will be worth it.

…That even if he has to settle for second best for awhile, that everything…all the stuff, as he told Brennan on that pier that day so long ago…all the stuff he thinks won’t happen…it’ll happen. He’s just gotta be ready for it.

“Come on, Booth!” I want to cheer for him. I love Booth. I want him to get what he wants…what he desires…what keeps him up nights from the center of his heart and what helps him get up every morning.

I want to repeat his words back to him, “It is worth it. And everything around it is worth it… Every moment. Everything is worth it.”

It’s not over till it’s over, Booth. You can do it, baby!

Peace, Love & Bones,



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  2. Ding, ding, ding – I think you hit the nail on the head, baby!
    ‘Is it because the MORE she gets to know him, the more she trusts him? Has that ever happened to him before?’
    I don’t think this has ever happened to him before. Not only that but who else has ever known every thing about him and still liked him? Actually liked him more the more she knew?

  3. Booth is the enigma we would all like to understand. Over the years we found out that his early childhood was a horror show. His father was a drunk and beat Booth and his brother. Apparently his mother was not in the picture or had no way to stop what was going on. He only found love when his grandfather chased his father out of Booth’s life. This had to have a great influence with Booth’s life. His grandfather was a military MP so Booth entered the military and became a sniper. He did things for his country that made him question his goodness. To make up for the lives he took, he joined the FBI and his mission became to hunt for murderers and bring justice to victims where he could. In this quest, he found Brennan. She is extremely smart but socially inept. Booth is probably of above average intelligence (after all he is very good at his job) and no genius but fairly good with people. He has a short fuse when it comes to incompetence or people who try to make him look stupid so he is not perfect when it comes to social interaction. I think at first he became drawn to Brennan because she helped him to achieve his goal of hunting for murderers. She helped him serve justice. Over time, he became interested in Brennan and because he wanted to know more about her, told her about himself. I think that the more he told her about himself the more he realized that she was the first person he had ever been able to talk to freely about his weaknesses and fears. Booth knew that Brennan wasn’t very good about keeping informationt to herself; but, the things he fears the most are secrets that she does keep. I think this has made her more attractive to him because everyone needs someone that they can trust. Before Booth met Brennan, he didn’t appear to have many people he could trust in the world. He can trust Pops and he can trust Brennan. That is the small world he lives in. Because of his trust in Brennan, he has grown to love her. His trust has been put to the test by Brennan but she is still trustworthy to Booth. She may not be his love at this time and he may feel that Hannah is the one; but, it is Brennan he trusts. It is Brennan that he relies on (and her him) and it will be Brennan that he loves in the end.

  4. I love this post. Makes my think of one of my favorite songs by The Smiths. I hope it’s not inappropriate to post these lyrics, they just seem so fitting:

    Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want
    Good times for a change
    See, the luck I’ve had
    Can make a good man
    Turn bad

    So please please please
    Let me, let me, let me
    Let me get what I want
    This time

    Haven’t had a dream in a long time
    See, the life I’ve had
    Can make a good man bad

    So for once in my life
    Let me get what I want
    Lord knows, it would be the first time
    Lord knows, it would be the first time

    • I love, love, love that you brought that song up! (A) Because it’s exactly what my brain went to as well and (B) it’s such a great song! I agree, I think it fit’s Booth perfectly. It does seem that he often just can’t catch a break.

      Just to go music geek real quick, the original Smiths song is amazing, but Zooey Deschanel also does a beautiful cover for all of you Deschanel fans. 😉

      • Just heard the song for the first time, ever. Thanks for pointing this song out. It is very sad and gosh your right, it fits Booths’ predicament perfectly.

      • Ack! Haven’t been able to find the ZD version of this song. That she covers it though, is so wonderfully appropriate. I’ll keep looking. 🙂

  5. I think what first drew him to her was a pretty face…and then as he worked with her he was intrigued by her intelligence and her little quirks. And then they got in that HUGE fight, but he just couldn’t get her out of his head. Maybe it was because he felt like he had done something wrong and his need to make it right took over…maybe it was the question of what would have happened if Brennan hadn’t gotten in that cab and left him standing on the sidewalk. So he tries to get her to work with him, eventually succeeding and they work their second case together and as the case goes on he reveals a bit of himself and she doesn’t laugh (much) when he tells her his goal for catching just as many murderers as people he’s killed. She actually offers to help when she realizes how important it is to him. And as the years go on he reveals more things he’s probably never told anyone or if he has it’s probably made them cringe and turn away from him, but Brennan stays and despite knowing about all the horrors of his past sees him as a good man, as someone she can trust. I think you hit the nail right on the head when you said that the more she knows about him the more she trusts him…and that’s never happened before. He’s never had another human being who knew so much about him actually stick around, try to help him deal with it, and come to him with their problems for him to help solve. And that’s why he loves her. That’s why he built a world around her. And as much as he says he loves Hannah…his world is still built around Brennan, albeit a little shaky after all they’ve been through lately but still there. And that is why we all are still waiting for eventually and that is why despite everything, even when I feel like I’ve lost faith all together, I can come back to Bones and suffer through the now looking forward to eventually.

    And I LOVE that picture collage at the end of the post. 🙂

  6. oops, I mean page 187!!! Haha. Thanks, to the person who emailed me! 🙂 Will change it later!

  7. I love that Hart has made Booth more complex than ever. He isn’t FAN FIC BOOTH. He isn’t perfect. In fact he has never been. Which makes him all the more compelling to me. As a fan I want a flawed relatable hero and not Mr.Perfect. . Living in the house from hell as a kid must of been soul destroying for child Booth and what saved him? love did. Pops. That is why he believes, he wants to be loved and to love. That man has had a horrible life at times and why I won’t begrudge him his happy time with Hannah. He deserves to be happy. And we know H/B won’t last hence more heartache. And I want Booth to get his dream life too with Brennan so freaking much. And he will.

    • I agree. Booth is not perfect. He’s had some hard knocks in life. Even though he is considered the “heart” of the partnership, he doesn’t have all the answers. Besides, I don’t want the forgiving to be all one-sided, where he has forgiven her on several occasions. We could really see Brennan’s open heart if she has to forgive Booth. Like discussed in a previous post, how can you love without grace?

      I think Booth has always been good at heart, but being with Brennan makes him want to be his best. Before he met her, I suspect his darker side caused him so many issues and he struggled with his inner demons. That’s the Booth we are not used to seeing, but it’s real, and maybe not swept completely under the rug, as Sweets has suggested and Booth refuses to confront.

  8. I have this whole idea about the backstory of Seeley Booth that fills in a lot of what they’ve left out in the show, but that’s for another post…and as soon as I state it they’ll probably show something on the actual show that will invalidate it.

    So on to what I have to say about today’s post. We of course saw what first led him to Brennan (the NEED to solve a case) and his initial reaction to her (instant strong attraction). I really think that he sought her out on the 2nd case because he did want her help on the case; that he was so impressed with her abilities that he thought he had the best chance of making a difference on the type of case he’d been handed if he had her assistance. The fact that he was attracted to her sure didn’t hurt, but I think by that time he didn’t think he stood a chance with her, and he was already involved with Tessa by then.

    From what I could see Booth’s feeling for Brennan developed over time growing stronger not only with each thing revealed about her, but also when something was revealed about him and she didn’t turn her back on him, and just accepted him as he is. As Brennan’s trust and belief in Booth grew, his feeling for her also grew.

    Gordon Gordon was right he really did build his world around her, and after the 100th he realized that he had to expand that world to survive because she may never come to the point where she’d be able to acknowledge or accept that it was ok for them to be what he wanted them to be. That doesn’t mean he stopped loving her just that he realized (rightly or wrongly–are those even words) that he had to have something outside of her.

    Now that he’s there with Hannah, and now that Brennan has admitted that she regrets her previous decision how will he reconcile his feelings? He’ll have to struggle for a while to work out what the correct path is now, but I have confidence he’ll find his way back to his true center, that Brennan is the only one who could truly happily share the rest of his life with an not just be settling for second best.

    Each of them is truly the only one that could be the best match for the other.

    OK did I even stay on topic here? I had so many interruptions while typing this up that I’m not sure I ended up where I intended going. But it’s still what I believe about Booth.

  9. I kept thinking about all these things I had to say about Booth, but then my brain melted upon seeing the collage of pretty much all my favorite Bones moments. That is giant-poster-to-hang-on-the-wall worthy. It might already be my desktop background.

  10. I will add my two cents and say along with the others that Brennan’s trust in him does a lot for him. Of course, she’s offended him many times (although usually unintentionally), but she can be so, so sweet. She may not believe in giving compliments, but when she says good things about him to him in her honest-to-goodness sincere manner, that’s gotta be worth gold to him. He knows she doesn’t generally say things to people just to make them feel good (that’s his superpower). She’ll make a few exceptions, namely him, and whatever she says still has to be what she believes to be true. How many people have done that for him before? I think a lot of it is knowing he sees a softer side of Brennan, which he loves (don’t we all), and feeling privileged that she allows him to see it and trusts him with it. And like he said, the fact that by helping him balance out his cosmic sheet she helps him be a guy- fix things and be one with the universe (tPPitPP), and thus redeem himself.

    • I was actually intending to say something else but I guess my thoughts got away from me, or just went in a different direction. I’ve been wanting different people’s opinions on a certain scene, and it has to do with this post because it’s about what Brennan and Booth think they do for each other versus what they actually do for each other. In the last episode of S5, as Brennan was contemplating going to Maluku, Daisy tells her that “Maybe you’re holding him back the same way he’s holding you back.” Even though she apologizes, I wonder how much, if at all, it influenced Brennan’s decision. Because if she believed that, I can see why she thought her decision to leave would have been in both of their interests. You can tell she didn’t want to believe what Daisy was saying, but she gives this look like she’s really thinking about it, and it just breaks my heart (again). Does anyone think she made up her mind to go before she went to see Booth, or she decided to go based on the tone of their conversation in the park? And when did Booth make his decision? Before, when he thought she had decided already, or when she said she wanted to go? Basically, I do think Brennan thinks that she holds Booth back, but not just in his job. She told him no in the 100th so she wouldn’t hold Booth back from the kind of relationship that incorporates his beliefs about love, marriage, and kids. But now, she can see what she’s been holding back on herself, and she never imagined it would hurt that much.

    • I agree with you. The conversation in The Double Death Of The Dearly Departed between Booth and Brennan after they visit the grave of the murderer always makes me think that Booth really loves it when Brennan gives him compliments. He knows that her compliments are honest, that is why they are rare, so he really likes it one he gets one:
      BRENNAN: Well, you will die, Booth. It’s inevitable.
      BOOTH: Alright, whatever, Bones. When I inevitably drop dead before you, I’d like you to come out and, you know, spend some time and talk to me every once in a while.
      BRENNAN: I’ll feel foolish knowing that you can’t hear me.
      BOOTH: Promise me.
      BRENNAN: I promise.
      BOOTH: Heeey, there you go, huh? You agreed, I didn’t think you would agree. Now, why did you agree?
      BRENNAN: I believe that if I pretended you were still here, I’d feel better for a moment. Also, speaking to you would require me to figuratively look at myself through your eyes, again temporarily, and I think that would make me live my life more successfully.
      BOOTH: Mmm. You know what, Bones, that is the best thing that anyone has ever said about me.

      • Awww. I absolutely love that conversation. The more complicated version of “You help me be a better person and I would miss you.” It’s right up there with their conversation under the sink in “The Bond in the Boot” and the one before playing the video game in “The Gamer in the Grease.”

        One of my favorite things about BONES is that they have the romance without all the cliche phrases. A few words say so much, or even just a look. Like when they reunited in the S6 premiere, Brennan’s expressions and actions said so much, and I liked seeing it more than hearing it. But then, that’s just a testament to the incredible acting.

  11. That was a lot of questions!

    I think the true Booth is genuinely sweet and giving, yes, and idealistic, which is what makes him believe in love even when he hasn’t had a lot of evidence to back up that belief.

    I don’t think it was love, yet, that motivated him to bring Brennan in on the Cleo Eller case – it was about the case, and probably a little about the fact that he was intrigued by this woman and wanted to get her back in his life. He’s motivated by wanting to help people, to fix injustices, and once he sees that Brennan trusts him (and pretty much only him) to help her, doing that becomes pretty central to his life. And he comes to appreciate her faith in him and that total acceptance of him and everything he’s done, so much that she becomes his redemption.

  12. Great post, and great comment Frankie707. I agree with so much of what you said that I’m trying not to repeat too many of those same thoughts.

    I think Booth and Brennan were originally just flat out attracted to one another, and that’s fine with me. It’s honest, and it’s believable. It’s the way things really happen. Again, from my favorite Booth speech, the “breaking the laws of physics” speech – “two people meet and there’s that spark. And yes, Bones, he’s handsome and she’s beautiful and maybe that’s all they see at first…”

    But why was he so honest with her in that moment in the rain, when he admitted he had a gambling problem? I’ve never once thought this was the first time Booth was ready to spend the night with a woman he barely knew, but was incredibly attracted to. And yet, I am willing to bet this was the first time he admitted something so personal in a moment like that. Why? Because he knew? I would love to reference all sorts of dialogue from various episodes to support some grand thesis, but to be honest, I trust Booth when he says he knew.

    I think Booth has always wanted to believe that love really is everything it’s rumored to be. And then he meets Brennan, and there’s that spark, but she’s a challenge when it comes to love. She has so much to learn, so much growing to do emotionally. And they’ve both come from pasts where they had to learn the hard way the meaning of trust and who deserves their trust. But I think yes, the more Brennan gets to know Booth, the more she trusts him, and he never saw that coming.

    Do I cheer for Booth? Yes. But I’ll always cheer for Booth and Brennan. Some people are just meant to live a single life shared.

  13. I remember two times when Booth talks about Brennan to a third person. Once to Cam, when he tells her you can’t intimidate Brennan, if you want her respect, take care of her people and always go for the truth. And once to Hacker, when he tells him “Bones doesn’t feel the pressure to act or do or say anything that she doesn’t want to. And no one can make her. That’s what makes her…Bones,”.

    So what he basically says is: Bones cares, and she doesn’t manipulate people, lead people on, or play people. She is always true, honest, and sincere.
    And yes, sometimes that drives him nuts and she sucks at interrogation, and telling white lies, but some of these traits also make her a good partner. For example:
    – She doesn’t fall for intimidation (On their first case she punched the judge who was trying to intimidate her, showing she cared with a passion in the proces. And Booth was impressed)
    – She is always truthfull to the family of the victims. She doen’t always show a lot of tact but many people just want to know the truth about what happened, and they appreciate her honesty.
    – She relentlessly pursues the truth.

    And then there is one major thing that I think is very important to Booth: She doesn’t pry.
    There is a lot about Booth’s past that we do not know (for sure), and admit it; Many of us would have tried to worm information out of him (at the very least aks him about his mother), or make him talk about his past. Let’s be fair, that’s what most women do. But Brennan doesn’t. She waits for him to tell her (“My dad drank”), and when he does, she just accepts it without judging or commenting.
    (Speaking of that, did anyone notice that she is actually crying when he tells her about his sniper past horrors at the end of The Soldier on the Grave? If you look very closely you can see shiny tear tracks on her cheeks)

    One final thing: She needs him. (to learn how to deal with the emotional, irrational part of life) And as humans, the people who need us are the people it tends to take the least effort to love.

  14. Oh Seels, I knew today was going to be a good day when I opened your blog and saw SO much Booth:)

    Right, onto the point: Booth has a natural tendency to protect and help those around him. Brennan’s strength, tenacity and independence makes looking after her a challenge. She allows him to make the world a better place but insists on them being equals. She thinks she doesn’t need him, he wants to help, and therein lies the challenge.

    I had a discussion elsewhere that Bones is not Booth’s ‘typical’ choice. Hannah is. I know that the series has intentionally drawn parallels between the two and I tend to agree. But what Bones has that the others (Hannah, Rebecca etc) didn’t/don’t is the complete trust and faith in him that comes from their working relationship. The other difference is that with Bones, Booth feels needed. Both professionally and personally. He helps her bring justice to the world, but also helps her understand the way the world works, and as an alpha male, he would have to feel chuffed by that.

    I know I said in an earlier post that I don’t want these 2 to have the ‘can’t live without you’ love thing – and I still stand by that. The ‘need’ I’m talking about is the ‘you make me a better person’ need. I think that Brennan brings out the best in Booth. He could be safe, and stick with Hannah, but the challenge of Temperance Brennan and being to help her whilst she helps him will win. He will choose the creme brulee over the jello.

  15. Wow Sarah, yet another thought provoking post. And really, who doesn’t like to think about Booth? 😉

    I apologize in advance that this got a little long, but I love a good character study and Booth is a great character.

    You ask how does Booth believe in love? I think that Booth believes in love because he has to. It’s part of who he is. In spite of all the dark things he’s experienced and in spite of all the dark things he’s seen and done, he is, at heart, an open and loving man. And his belief in love keeps him going. It gives him hope because he’s seen what love can do. At one point, he said that if it weren’t for his grandfather, he’d have killed himself. This is a man who has been at rock bottom. He knows what pain and suffering are, but his grandfather’s love – knowing that someone loved him – saved him.

    I also think that Booth’s faith in God plays a large part in his ability to believe in love. I don’t intend to get into a theological discussion here, but the founding tenants of Christianity have to do with ultimate love. Booth believes very strongly in that love; his faith and his belief in God, in a power greater than himself, are a huge part of his character, and I believe they help him get through the dark times. I can imagine that church may have been a refuge for him as a child. In fact, if Booth weren’t a sexy FBI agent, I can kind of see where he might be drawn to the ministry, a definite Father Whatawaste to be sure, but Booth is driven by his need to make the world a better place. To live a life in service of the greater good. Which is what he did in the Army and is doing in the FBI.

    Booth may wrap his job at the FBI up in the context of evening out his cosmic balance sheet, and I’m sure that he is sincere in needing to that. but I think it’s more than that. I can’t see a point in time where he tallies up the arrests against the kills and says “okay, that’s that, balance sheet balanced, time for something else.” He’ll keep going even after the tally is even. In fact he probably has more than evened it. It’s just that, like Brennan, Booth needs to live a purpose filled life.

    And I think part of his need for purpose is that it is how he finds his self worth. I think that for all of Booth’s strengths, and all that is appealing about him, he lacks the ability to see himself in a positive light. That’s probably baggage from childhood. He’s a good soldier. He’s a good cop. He has awards and commendations to prove it. But when it comes to his personal life? Not so much. He doesn’t have anyone there telling him he’s a good man day in and day out.

    At the end of The Beginning in the End, the powers that be chose the song “Kandi” by One EskimO. I’ve heard that song a dozen times, and the other day I was listening to it and really HEARD the lyrics and suddenly realized why they chose it for that sequence. That song is Booth. Especially the part that goes: “Does my love ever touch you? Does my love ever reach you? It’s never enough. Why is it never enough?”

    Booth has a string of broken romances. I believe that he has loved every woman he has been with. That’s not to say that I think he was IN LOVE with them, but that he loved them. He’s the kind of guy who gives a piece of his heart to everyone important to him. But every relationship ended. None of the women stayed. And that has got to feed his feelings that he’s not good enough. Good enough to sleep with and have fun with, but long haul stuff? The deep, important things in life? Nope.

    Heck, even the woman who bore his child didn’t think he was good enough – at least that’s the way he took it. She wouldn’t marry him. She fights with him about custody and visitation. We know he had doubts about what she thought of his ability to be a good father. It took a lot for him to confront her about that. And while she said he’s a good dad, the fact that she continues to fight with him about visitation probably doesn’t help his doubts.

    And speaking of Parker, I would love to see more of Booth and Parker. I think that Booth gets a lot of validation by Parker. And he is driven by a deep need to prove to Parker that he is loved in this world, and that little boy will never doubt that his father loves him. One of my favorite Booth/Parker moments is from Santa in the Slush when Parker finds a cop to take him to Booth. The amount of pride Booth had when he told Rebecca how Parker said “my dad works at the FBI” just makes me smile.

    So how does all of that tie into the eventually that we all want for Booth and Brennan and what she represents for him? I think that, other than Pops, she’s the first person who’s ever given a damn about him. She defended him to Cullen and won major points in his book with that. But I think that he feels Brennan just gets him. They may not always understand the words coming out of each others mouths, but deep down, they get each other. And I don’t think either of them could explain it if they had to. They might squabble, and they might bicker, but at the end of the day, or when the going gets rough, he knows she’s got his back. They really are partners in the truest sense of the word. Booth and Brennan against the world.

    And although they’re at a bump in the road, hopefully they’ll be able to find their way back to each other.

  16. It’s hard to add anything new to the discussion since I agree with just about every one of the points made above. It’s the reason I find this blog so inspiriing and I look at it every day-it’s nice to be metaphorically surrounded by people who are thoughtful and measured with their words. What a wonderful community to be a part of! If I haven’t said it enough, thanks to all of you who’ve put this site together; it’s a calm refuge in the angry storm that is often the internet.

    Off to Booth and Brennan. Booth is such an inherently spiritual guy that when he sees Brennan he doesn’t just see her beauty, success or intelligence-he sees her “inner light,” her truth, and as Avalon said, he’s dazzled by it. Her deep need for social justice, her unwavering search for the truth and her total honesty make her special in his eyes. As others have said he values her opinion of him because she never praises falsely and of course he loves being able to help her, not as some sort of personal project, but because in helping her he himself becomes a better man. But above and beyond this, I honestly believe that it’s an ineffable spark that attracted him in the first place and keeps him there. Hence the “I knew from the beginning” comment. It was much more than just a momentary attraction; it was something so rare and unexplainable that he has been compelled to expose every vulnerability he has ever had to her, to bare himself in order to try and become one with her-something you can’t begin to do with all of your armor in place.

    It’s hard to pinpoint why Booth’s so spiritual in the first place given the potentially spirit-crushing life he’s had; just look at Jared for another way Booth could have turned out. While I agree that his grandfather definitely had a lot to do with this, I also think that some people just naturally “are” this way-I’ve seen it- although without the proper influence this quality may get buried. Booth simply has the same “inner light” that Brennan possesses despite all the terrible things he has silently lived through; it’s what causes him to have and retain a strong moral compass even when faced with the most amoral of situations. Brennan recognizes this quality in him just as he does in her and is drawn to it (as are we!). Two halves of a whole my friends, if they would just be open enough to see it-and they just might be at this point this season.

  17. Yes … that is all.

  18. Hmmmmmmmmm…..this one is harder for me to respond to. One, i have no clue where to start! And Two…i kind of think you read to much into certain things, and it makes it hard for me to form a coherant response! LOL

    I’ll just say that for me…i’m not sure Booth knows what ‘Love’ is. Not really…he has this idealised version in his head. The perfect, one and forever love, where everything is smooth sailing and easy.

    That’s why i think he thinks he loves Hannah. It’s easy, there’s no bumps in the road, no arguments. Not really…and that’s what i think he thinks love should be.

    But anyway…my thoughts on whether Booth even knows what love is is irrelevant.

    I just can’t think of a good answer to any of these questions! 😉

  19. I’m not so good with the psychology of Booth but i’ll give it shot, try and add something to the myriad of fantastic answers posted above this one.

    I think (i think) that 1 reason why Booth was so drawn to Brennan in the first place was because she tells the cold hard truth, no matter what. She doesn’t care about what other people think she says it as it is and maybe he didn’t get that enough in his life. People may have tried to protect him after his father left, or after killing those 50 people in the army saying it’s okay, it was for the better, their families will be fine. But Booth knew they probably wouldn’t be fine, knew on some level that these people were just lying to him to get somthing. But Brennan doesn’t do that. I think Booth has this fear that at any point of time someone will tell him they were lying and his whole world will unravel. That’s why he wants the truth of everything. And who is more truthful then a woman who knows nothing else (well in beginning she didn’t anyway).

  20. wanted to thank you for the post, and for the incredible photos! I’m being mellow with my bones love nowadays (season 6 has been tough for me), but I love your love of seasons past (cause I share it!), and the potential that is there.

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