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A Streetcar Named Eventually


I like you to be exactly the way that you are, because in all my experience, I have never known anyone like you.

~~A Streetcar Named Desire~~


Happy BONESDay to you…..

Okay, okay, I’ll stop singing, but come on…seriously…it’s gonna be a great day, right? Just want to toss out a quick reminder that BONES is on at 9 PM EST tonight, instead of 8. And since it’s following American Idol, it’s probably worth setting the DVR to record 10-15 minutes after 10 PM too.

And hey, we’ve made to the end of Eventually Week! THANK YOU to each one who has come along and commented and joined in the fun. Eventually is so much more worthwhile when you have someone to share it with, don’t you think?

And that’s sort of the theme for today; that the B&B eventually means a togetherness!  I’ve got to give credit again to pal ShepHerdsTV for recommending this title for this week. So smart! She mentioned that the quote, “Whoever you are, I have always depended on the kindness of strangers” applies to the show since they literally wouldn’t even HAVE a show if we (the strangers) weren’t kind enough to tune in week after week. We are very kind indeed!

I had to smile when Pal Ann (NelliesBones) commented the other day about “A Streetcar Named Eventually”. Here’s what she said,

“I had to think about “eventually” a lot, and even if it’s not the topic, to me it has always been something like “A Streetcar Named Desire”, only that our streetcar is named eventually. It’s the final destination which name you read every day, and somehow you’re familiar with it even though you’ve never seen it. Like Marcel Proust’s walks to Meseglise and Guermantes.

To me, Brennan’s “eventually” are the unknown but still familiar final destinations of her streetcar. I think she has been aware of the two possibilities right from the beginning, but she hasn’t been able to choose her direction. That means, she hadn’t been until Doctor in the Photo. Now that she has chosen she has to realize that the train doesn’t stop at her station, that she cannot reach the desired destination that easily. (Maybe it’s a streetcar named desire after all…)

However, now that she knows which line she wants to take, I’m convinced she’ll make it to eventually rather sooner than later.”


And I thought that was great. What do you think about that idea that “…somehow we’re familiar with it, though we’ve never seen it”. Is the same true for Booth? Is that what gives us hope for B&B? Have we seen enough that it feels almost familiar? Throughout this entire week, you’ve all given example after example of what we want to see between Brennan and Booth and SO MUCH of it is what we’ve already seen…just sort of heightened I guess. I kind of like this idea that in the end, Booth and Brennan will appreciate their journey. Of course, I want more than just ‘appreciation’ if you catch my drift…but I can totally see that.

 When we look at the streetcar idea regarding Booth…I think it also works, but in a different way. With Brennan, like Ann said, she could sort of see the two tracks and she made a choice. With Booth, it’s almost like he’s just been hanging on tight and riding it out…knowing in his heart that he’s on the right track and not letting go. I think Brennan sort of pried his fingers loose, but maybe that was a good thing. It doesn’t feel like it at the moment, and it doesn’t feel like it will get better unless it gets worse first, but in the end, I hope this will all be worth it.

Yet, throughout the series, there are these little interesting moments between them where they sort of smile knowingly at one another…almost like, “Nope…not yet.”

Like this moment from season two, after Booth declares that his relationship with Rebecca is completely over, and Brennan tells him she is sure he has other options for satisfying biological urges.

Or this one, from season four. I love this picture, but there is just this feeling like they are sharing some inside joke, right? They’ve just complimented (and comPLEmented as always) one another on book smarts vs brain smarts, but it’s like they both know they don’t really have to say it…they just know it.

And this moment from season five when they are relaxing out under the stars.

It’s as if they both recognize that they are on the same journey.

Maybe “eventually” isn’t what we should focus on. Maybe “keep on tryin” is a better phrase and more realistic for B&B. Or maybe they are the same thing!

Talk to you tomorrow with a real, honest to goodness morning after Morning After Q!

Peace, Love & Bones



13 thoughts on “A Streetcar Named Eventually

  1. Of course I love it, Sarah, and you’re right, I prefer “Keep on Trying” over “eventually” as well. For Booth… I always pictured him sitting on a bench at the final destination, patiently waiting for her (encouraging her with “keep on trying” I don’t know).
    Maybe that’s why it hurt so much to realize that now – where she finally managed to arrived – he has somehow left his bench and walked away.
    And now our girl is standing there all alone, at a place she’s never been before, looking around with wide blue eyes… and we are angry that he didn’t wait for her, although it is not fair because it has taken her so long… well, I’m losing myself in metaphors.
    Thanks again 🙂

    • Oh, that metaphor made me a little sad. I need to help it out. Booth waited at where he *thought* would be the final destination, but realized he was at the wrong stop. He’s back on, waiting for not *his* stop, but *their* stop.

      • Oh my gosh you two, what a beautiful mental image! Now I’ve got visions of them like something out of an old noir movie…

        A train chugs along, slowing as it approaches the station. You see Brennan staring out the window, her elbow on the sill, chin in her hand, but she’s not really seeing anything beyond because she is deep in thought. Cut to Booth standing in the aisle of a train holding onto the back of a seat with his left hand; in his right, he holds a poker chip which he is playing with absently. The train stops and they each pick up their bags and make their way towards the exits.

        Cut to the exterior of the station. There is a sheen of dew on every surface, and the lights from the depot are muted by the fog swirling around. We see each of them in turn as they make their way to the stairs and descend to the platform. One from one car; one from another. They were on the same train after all.

        A slight puff of breeze clears the air a bit, seeming to encase them and the train in a cocoon of mist. Each stands on the platform to survey their surroundings. They turn and their eyes meet. They say nothing, but their faces reveal everything. The fear, the hope, the anticipation, but over all of that is the love. They just look at each other. Then they move towards each other in unison. It’s not one moving towards the other, it’s them moving towards the center.

        They stop. Inches separating them. Each clutching the bags they are carrying. They look at each other as though wondering if the vision before them is just a trick of the fog that has closed back in around them, closing them off from everything but each other. Seconds pass. Emotions play across their faces.

        And then. The bags are dropped. And then they are kissing. It’s impossible to tell who moved first. It’s as though they were drawn to the center by a magnet. His hands cup her cheeks and she slides her hands up to cup his face. The kiss goes on, time ceases to exist for either of them.

        Then, slowly, the urgency goes out of the kiss. It becomes tender and loving. They promise each other the future without saying a word. Slowly their lips part, their breathing erratic and shaky. He lays his forehead against hers, and she strokes his cheek. They pull back enough to look into each other’s eyes. The look that passes between them speaks volumes.

        She slides her thumb down to his lip and strokes it. He presses a kiss to her fingertip and she smiles, then looks up at him, her eyes shining. “I love you, Booth.”

        He smiles at her, and strokes her hair. “I love you, Temperance.” And she smiles, because she understands. He wants her to know that he knows who she is; that he knows the truth of her, so he uses her given name, because no one else in her life does.

        They kiss again. It’s sweet and tender. The kiss ends, and he pulls back and gives her a smile that’s infectious, and they stand there grinning like love-struck teenagers.

        “You want to get some coffee?” He asks.

        She raises an eyebrow. “Isn’t it kind of late for coffee, Booth?”

        He grins and shakes his head. “It’s never to late for coffee, Bones.”

        “Oh…” she says, her eyes lighting up as she nods in understanding. “You mean coffee, coffee.”

        He wiggles his eyebrows at her and bends to pick up her bag. She puts her hand on his arm. “Booth, I can carry that.”

        He sighs and gives her a look as he slings her bag over his shoulder. “Bones, just once, would you let me be a guy and carry the bags?”

        He bends for his own bag, but stubbornly, she grabs the handle before he can pick that one up, too. “You don’t have to carry them alone, Booth. You’ve got me.” And they look at each other. And they both know she isn’t just talking about the bag at their feet.

        Something washes over his face. Something she’s never seen before. He pulls her towards him and kisses her again. She returns the kiss fervently.

        They break the kiss and pull back to look at each other. They smile. By an unspoken agreement, they walk down the platform back towards the train, his right arm across her shoulders, her left arm across his back, under his coat.

        Ever the gentleman, he helps her up onto the train, his hand at the small of her back. They make their way to a compartment. The bags get dropped again, forgotten for now. They come together, wrapping their arms around each other. Just enjoying the feeling of holding and of being held.

        Her head is on his chest. The train jerks and beings to pull out, they sway a bit, but do not fall. Together, they are stable. “Where are we going, Booth?”

        He brushes a kiss against her hair. “To the future, Bones.” The motion of the train has them swaying against each other. “Let’s just enjoy the ride.”

        “‘To the future…” she repeats, as though mulling it over. She smiles and nods in approval. “I like the sound of that.”

        “Me too, Bones…. me too.” He looks down at her and grins. “Now… how about that coffee?” Her face lights up, and he pulls her in for another kiss…

  2. Booth and Brennan have been riding the Streetcar Named Eventually since the Pilot. They both started their journey together with the same goal, to catch murderers and to seek justice. While on their trip, they both started to grow close, they found that they are attracted towards each other. Though their original mission is what still keeps them together, their motives for being together change. Booth sees an Eventually that includes Brennan as someone he wants to travel with forever. He wants to be closer to her, to love her, to care for her. Brennan sees Booth as her connection to the world. She is independent and can travel down the road without Booth; but, it would be a lonely trip. He provides her with a different view of the world and how it works. He keeps her from being insular. Because of this, Brennan didn’t want to do anything that would jeopardize that trip with Booth. Booth tried to persuade Brennan that the trip together as a couple was the Eventually they were both seeking. Brennan was afraid that the change in their relationship would destroy their mission and end their trip. Eventually, they got off the streetcar, thinking that they had reached the end of that trip with each other and needed to get on another car. While traveling alone on their new journey, they discovered that the trip was a lonely one and now they are both back on the same streetcar, continuing their journey that they started long ago. Will they reach their destination together as a couple or just friends? That is what makes this trip interesting. We don’t know and neither do they.

  3. Wow! Wasn’t expecting to come on here and read fanfic 🙂 What beautiful imagery.

    I too like the idea of ‘keep on tryin’, only because it implies that they are both still working towards it. ‘Eventually’ suggests that it is inevitable, and will keep happening – just like fate. And whilst I believe that these two are fated to be together at some point, the fact that they both keep trying to keep some form of connection gives me hope.

    Now lets see what TPTB think…

  4. I had a very busy day today and didn’t get a chance to read this post. When I finally got home, all I wanted to do was watch tonight’s episode of Bones on my DVR. I absolutely couldn’t wait any longer. Following the episode, I wasn’t at all compelled to read about or write about “eventually.” But then I checked my google reader, and there was this post with a couple of great B&B pictures, and I couldn’t help myself. I’m so glad I did. You people have beautiful thoughts and a gorgeous way with words. And while I’m in no condition to contribute, I’ll just say thanks. Thanks to everyone at Bones Theory. This is my Bones “happy place!”

    BTW – I am so gonna stalk that Morning After Q tomorrow! (Er, later today – yikes.) For now, I’ve got to sleep on tonight’s episode and watch it again in the morning.

  5. *blush* Ann and Linda, thank you both very much. I can honestly say that when I checked the site this morning, I really didn’t expect to end up writing that. I was just inspired by the visuals Ann and Janet provided, and my reply took on a life of its own.

    I’ve never written Bones fanfic, before, and honestly never intended to, but once I had that response written I just felt like it needed to be shared. So thank you both, again. I’m glad you enjoyed it so much. 🙂

    • Jade, I’d guess quite a few of us liked your comment/story, thank you! Sarah, I’m sorry to see Eventually Week end. Awesome posts and discussions! As soon as I can stop looking at the pic of Booth in the military uniform (from a couple days ago) I’ll try to add something coherant 🙂

    • No worries! I wrote my first fanfic just before the S6 premiere…it was a one shot set 2 years in the future where Booth married another woman…
      I’m really hoping that your first piece becomes reality more than mine does…

      • Hmm? Jade’s story reminded me that I never referenced coffee in my fanfic. LOL. I’d forgotten that moment when they first met Sweets. One of my favorite scenes in the entire series. I loved your reference to coffee Jade as well as Sarah’s (Seels) discussion on it….one of my favorite posts.

    • Awww, you’re all making me blush. Thanks to all of you for your lovely comments. 🙂

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