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What’s Trust Got To Do With It?


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I have to say…Bones Theory pals…you rock the party. I also wanted to mention again that I do read every comment and I love every comment that comes through these posts, even though I pretty much never manage to get into the discussion. Please know that your comments and discussions spur other posts for me; I try to mention that when I can, but I don’t always do that.

I used to teach high school English, and just the other day, I was thinking about how this blog sort of reminds me of those days…in a good way. I loved being able to toss out an idea and have people write about them. What I love so much about this is that I don’t actually have to grade anything! Hahaha. It’s the best of both worlds, my friends. It really is. You would all get As, though…just so you know.

But okay…back to today’s question. I wrote my review of The Body in the Bag (ps…anyone else think the title was kind of strange? I was sort of expecting a body…you know, IN a bag!) and asked a few questions at the end…including this one:

Will Hannah be able to trust Booth enough to believe him and not dig deeper?

And last night on Twitter, I asked a general question… “Does Booth trust Brennan? And…should he?”

I didn’t get a lot of answers to the first question on GMMR , and the awesome responses I received to the second question on Twitter encouraged me to want to ask all of you the same questions.

So…we’ve got that, and now a third question for you to consider today as well.

Does Brennan trust Booth so much that she is accepts his behavior as correct at all times?

This is a hard question to ask, because I think it deals with Brennan’s self-esteem and the idea that Booth has somehow been manipulative toward her…and I really do not intend to imply that. Yet…I just have this feeling that Brennan trusts Booth almost implicitly when it comes to matters of relationships and the heart. What he says, she will accept as the truth, because she is not the expert in that area. Does this make sense? And so…even if Booth makes a mistake, she still trusts him enough to believe he’s right. Yes? No? Maybe so?

Ah…I feel like ALL THREE of these questions make my brain want to explode. That’s where you come in. Help me keep my brain matter in my head, will you?


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35 thoughts on “What’s Trust Got To Do With It?

  1. Booth is very honest in his relationships, although protective. (He’s been incredibly deeply hurt by two women – Parker’s mom when she rejected his proposal to marry, and by Brennan for whom he has deep feelings). But, yes, Hannah should trust him. Because he will do what is right and honorable.
    I believe that Brennan’s trust for Booth runs very deep. And she believes that he is correct at all times. She doesn’t trust herself completely in all things (especially now that she discovered she has feelings that she didn’t know before). She has been leaning on Booth, relying on him, and she is realizing right now, what it means to her, to try to rely less on him. I think she is still conflicted, but she knows when Booths has been involved in her issues (with Russ and Max, and yes, her Mom) they have come to a solution she would not have been able to achieve on her own.

  2. I think the kind of trust Brennan has on Booth is different the trust she has on Angela as her friend , on Hodgins in his professional skills or Cam or the Squinterns to help her.Brennan trust on cuzhe taught her basics things but so important to her that is live out side the world of science that to her aways were the only world she known. And the most important Booth taught Brennan the meaning of love. So for me the trust Brennan has on Booth is special cuz is a mix of Trust and uncondicional love. That’s why even so he make a mistake she’ll never judge him but she’ll always will be with him and in her own special way make him see his mistakes and make him do right like she did several times on this 6years.That’s the kind of trust that everyone should have to the persons you love.

  3. I was kind of surprised by Hannah’s reaction to avoid Brennan. I thought she would have wanted to talk to Brennan. I’m constantly suprised that Brennan wants to talk to or just hang out with Hannah, but that’s a whole different issue. xD I wish we would have seen the scene with Booth telling Hannah about Brennan’s feelings towards him. I think I need to watch the episode again to try to figure out how much Hannah knows and if I think she really does trust Booth.

    I think Booth obviously trusts Brennan or they wouldn’t have stayed partners this long. There are so many examples of Booth trusting Brennan in cases and with the personal information he shares with her. I don’t see why he shouldn’t trust Brennan. She’s not the type to violate his trust. I think Brennan should be more concerned about trusting Booth at the moment.

    Yes, I think Brennan definitely trusts Booth to the point that she accepts his behaviour as correct, but not all of the time. She questions his behaviour less than she did in earlier seasons and looks to him to try to figure out how to act or what to say in various situations, but I don’t think she trusts him completely. When she confessed her feelings to Booth, it shows she doesn’t completely trust Booth’s actions. She knew he was with Hannah, yet she still confesses her feelings because a part of her knows that what he’s doing isn’t right. Well that’s my opinion on it anyway.

  4. It’s all about trust including whether you trust HH and SN and what they say they intend to do, but that’s an issue for another day. ;-D

    It’s all about trust for B, B and H, but the types and depths of trust vary among them and over time.

    I think that Brennan trusts Booth implicitly when it comes to people and to whether he will take care of her, even if just as a partner and friend. I think that in spite of a certain lack of paitence he may have exhibited recently. Remember, he has always had a certain level of impatience with her from the beginning. I think that also includes trusting that Booth knows what’s best for himself (even if we can see that that may not be true). When Booth says he loves Hannah, she takes that at face value. I don’t think it occurs to her to question that. She’s not the heart person and the/her head tends not to look beyond surface meanings.

    I think that Booth still trusts Brennan to a high degree about most things: science, truth (even about himself), right and wrong, but not his heart. He certainly has good reason not to trust her with his heart, and I’m not just referring to ep 100. He clearly felt betrayed when she told Hacker the meatloaf egg story. She has also in her truthful, scientific way insulted him repeatedly. He clearly understands that that’s about her lack of people and emotional intelligence, but it has to have given him pause. It’s ironic because he clearly has trusted her (and apparently still does — even more than Hannah) with his deepest, darkest secrets.

    I think that ultimately Hannah trusts both Booth and Brennan. Brennan has no hidden agendas and hides nothing. Even the revelation about her feelings for Booth doesn’t necessarily have to be a problem if Hannah trusts Booth that his feelings for Brennan are purely platonic and partnerly. So far, she has accepted what Booth tells her and trusts him with regard to Brennan, but I think (I hope?) that doubts will start to creep in causing her to look more closely at B&B’s istory and that that will ultimately lead her to see the truth that B&B can’t see.

    The students are coming back, so I will have to stop for now. More later, maybe.

  5. I think for now Hannah trusts Booth…but in the future I can see her encountering a situation in which B&B seem a little too close and she’ll start to dig to find out if those feelings are truly in the past. I think she trusts both of them not to act on their feelings, but I don’t know that she could help it…after all she’s a journalist so I would think her natural inclination would be to research/investigate situations in which she feels the whole truth is not being told. Maybe I’m letting my own inclinations color my view of what could happen though…because after seeing two people as close as B&B are I don’t know that I could let it go.

    As for Booth trusting Brennan…there are some situations in which I can see the trust still there and others in which he seems vary wary of her. In science and case related things he trusts her almost implicitly. She’s the brain and he trusts that when he fails with his investigation she’ll be the one to pick up the slack. In personal matters however…it’s probably a mixture of trust and doubt. He’s afraid to trust her with too much of his heart because she’s broken it before; however, with Parker I could see him still trusting her.

    And I think Brennan trusts what Booth does in social situations pretty much. She has so much trouble with interpreting them she’s begun to rely on Booth (and to some extent Angela) to help her through awkward social situations. However, I think sometimes she goes along with his behavior, but doubts that it is the right thing to do. But she’s not sure enough to call him out on it. For example, I’m pretty sure she knew it wasn’t quite right to lie about the reason Booth was skipping the A&H baby announcement, but she trusted that he wouldn’t do anything that would hurt his friends so she lied for him. I think some of her implicit trust in him was broken by him coming back with Hannah, but there’s still enough there that she relies on him.

  6. Does Brennan trust Booth so much that she is accepts his behavior as correct at all times?
    Yes, she absolutely does. At some point along the way B&B had an unconscious agreement, her to need & him to be the one she needed. He’s been, up until now, guiding her and teaching her – helping her connect w/others and herself – as S6 has gone on, he’s pulled way back from that, especially where we are now. But, because of that role he took, she takes his teachings as Gold. When he says something, it’s certain and final, and she trusts it, throwing herself behind it 100%. Which is why she confronted him about his teachings back in Dentist in the Ditch, where he was upset about Jared & Padme and she made him reevaluate b/c he can’t teach her something different for her family versus his family. He not being congruent in what he’s guiding her or teach her through makes her anxious and uncomfortable. Sorry, i know there’s a lot of psych gobbldy-guck.. but, that’s the basics 😉

  7. Trust can be a tricky thing. Hannah should be able to trust Booth but the problem is, he is holding back from her. He apparently has not talked to her about the things that make him question himself. He is too busy being the perfect boyfriend. Hannah can trust that Booth is not a sleaze who would dump her in a heartbeat because of a past love. On the other hand, his lack of total honesty with Hannah about his past is going to be a wedge sooner or later.

    Booth trusts Brennan. The fairer question would probably be “does he trust himself with Brennan”? He knows she is a very honest person and not deceitful in the least. He can trust her when it comes to most things; but, lets face it, after putting himself out there twice to Brennan for something more meaningful, he probably can’t trust himself with her on an emotional level. He thinks that she loves him; but, so far, she has not been willing to commit to him. She herself told him that she can’t love him like he needs. He believes her because she is honest. He probably would like to be able to tell her that he is willing to give it a go, to try again, if he thought she would honestly commit to him; but, he is commited to a relationship with Hannah and there is no honorable way out of that right now. His trust in Brennan is solid; but, his trust in how he feels towards Brennan right now must be a jumble. He wants to work with her; but, he is afraid to send out any messages to Brennan that can be construed as anything other than he wants to be her partner. He has changed his clothes style back to what it was when they first started working together, professional attire, nothing flashy, nothing to attract Brennan to him. He has to regain his own trust in himself before anything else can transpire with Brennan.

    Brennan trusts Booth. Over the years she has used Booth as The source of social information. Remember when Cam was trying to get Brennan to tell Wendall that everyone makes mistakes and Brennan didn’t get it. Cam sort of called her on it and Brennan told Cam that Booth says she sucks when it comes to non-verbal communication. When it comes to relationships and personal interaction, if Booth says it then it probably true. This has probably caused no end of confusion for Brennan. Over the years, she has heard Booth say that personal relationships at work can be dangerous. Intimate relations between them could cause them to lose their partnership. Then Booth asks her to commit to him. She won’t risk their partnership because she fears that if their relationship failed, and all of hers has (as well as his) then she would lose Booth, permanently. I don’t think she could stand that. Booth is the one person in the world she can count on. She trusts him; but, she does not trust herself with Booth.

    Again, Booth and Brennan trust each other. They don’t trust themselves with each other. Gosh I hope this made sense. I re-wrote it three times.

  8. Will Hannah be able to trust Booth enough to believe him and not dig deeper?
    Hmmm… that’s an interesting question, but I think that she does. I don’t think Hannah’s going to go blind into anything and not ask questions, but I think she does trust him, or at least trusts him (or wants to trust him) enough to go and ask right away.

    Does Booth trust Brennan? And…should he?
    Yes, Booth trusts Brennan, but as a partner. And a little bit further, but his own lack of trust in himself will prevent him from taking anymore steps for a while. I think the same thing is happening with Brennan (both in the way that she trusts him (as a partner) and in her own self-trust).

    Does Brennan trust Booth so much that she is accepts his behavior as correct at all times?
    You know… I was thinking about this last night, but I was actually thinking about Angela instead of Booth. I think Brennan feels like she has to trust them when it comes to social situations — we hear her say “Angela says” or “Booth says” all the time — because she does not trust herself in those situations. And yes, I do think that her trust in them both in that angle is a little bit blind. I think the past two episodes will change that a bit. A couple of weeks ago, when I was watching Blond in the Game, both Booth and Angela told Brennan that she must remain objective, and leave the heart stuff to them. And Brennan took them very literally. That was the last episode I heard her, aside from Boy with the Answer and Doctor in the Photo, actually connect with the victim (meaning in one of those speeches she used to make about what happened to the victim, and why they had to stop the bad guy). She connected with them, and with other people in other situations, but I think that was the last time we saw her do that so openly. In Doctor in the Photo she even struggles with it — she says she shouldn’t. This is where she is now — she’s alone because she doesn’t have Booth and Angela to rely on anymore when it comes to the connecting side — they have other (understandable) distractions. This is evidenced in Doctor in the Photo. With Body in the Bag, I think Brennan saw that she can’t place blind trust in Booth (hey, she said before that he could say something about her perfect murder scheme to his girlfriend — foreshadowing?), and I think she’s been unable to rely on Angela for a while due to Angela’s crazy flip-flopping around in the fourth season. Now she’s basically alone. Maybe she’s relying on her friendship with Hannah to feel a little less alone, but she’s (in her mind, at least) alone.

  9. Will Hannah be able to trust Booth enough to believe him and not dig deeper?

    I think as of the last episode yes Hannah still is able to trust Booth, and doesn’t feel a need to dig deeper. She still seems very confident in him. Now it’s possible that in the upcoming episodes something could happen to change that, but as of right now I think she’s satisfied with trusting him.

    Does Booth trust Brennan? And…should he?

    Yes I think Booth does have total trust in Brennan. At least that she’d never knowingly betray him in any way. Now he might not totally trust her not to unintentionally say something that could end up hurting him, but he does know that Brennan can be trusted to have his best interest at heart, and he is right.

    Does Brennan trust Booth so much that she is accepts his behavior as correct at all times?

    I think Brennan has Booth on a pedestal when it comes to emotions and relationships. She seems to think he’s the expert on that and takes everything he says to heart. Whatever he tells her about love and relationships she then trusts it is correct, even when it contradicts what she believes herself. At least to the extent that she then doubts what she ‘knows’ and starts looking at his perspective and seeing it might be true…at least for other people. Her admitting in pony play ep that he’s right about crappy sex vs. making love, and telling him she wishes she could believe that love was eternal instead of ephermeral.

  10. Seels, you are amazing! Taking the time from your busy life to keep us Bones fans entertained is very much appreciated. We’re blessed to have someone like you who is so dedicated to this blog. Thank you! I don’t get to post as often as I’d like, because…well…like everyone else, RL gets in the way – a lot. But I read every post, every comment, every day. I love it! And you know…I had the same thought you did about the title…Body in the Bag. It didn’t seem right…there was no body in a bag…and they have always used titles that fit the episode. Did we miss something?? If someone figures it out, I hope they let us know!

    On to the topic of trust…

    Does Hannah trust Booth? We think Hannah should not trust Booth, because we know he hasn’t been exactly and completely truthful with her. I’ve always believed that he withholds his past from her – or doesn’t tell it all – because he is afraid she will not love him if she knows the whole truth (Brennan knew all of it and rejected him…proof that his theory is correct). Although Hannah is not privy to everything we know, she is an intelligent, intuitive person and I’m thinking something may happen to plant seeds of doubt in her mind, if they aren’t already there. After all, she is a journalist whose job it is to ferret out the details, and if she believes she’s been kept in the dark about certain things, she will move heaven and earth to find the truth. Currently, Hannah appears to be content with what she’s been told, because she has no reason to suspect any different. She sees Booth and Brennan’s partnership as just that, because that is the way B&B are acting now and that is what Booth has told her. He’s given Hannah no reason to not trust him, and she knows he’s an honorable man…so I think she takes him at his word. For now. On the other hand, we don’t know that much about Hannah…really…so it’s difficult to say for sure if she’s truly ok with the current situation. There may be hints of distrust swirling in her mind that we haven’t seen, just because it’s her nature to dig deeper. The more I think as I write, the more I’m convinced she isn’t as ok with things as she seems. Argh! I’m wavering…

    Does Booth trust Brennan and should he? My first reaction was yes, but then again, my brain keeps thinking back to the fact that Brennan changed her mind…made a mistake…whatever you want to call it…and admitted she has feelings for Booth. A big aha! moment for her. Up until this point, I believe Booth trusted her explicitly, because Brennan has never changed her mind before. But now? Booth must be wondering that if Brennan could change her mind once, it could happen again, and it’s confusing to him, because she was always rock-solid on her ideas and opinions. This may have shaken his trust in her, because Brennan expressing her feelings is new territory…she’s trying them out…and Booth just may have doubts that she really understands what her admission means. It’s too vague to be of real benefit in ascertaining the truth. Saying she regrets that she didn’t give him a chance isn’t an admission of love, and therefore, questionable in content. I’m going with the idea that Brennan will have to work on convincing Booth that she can be trusted in matters of the heart, because, she has no real experience in this area.

    Does Brennan trust Booth to always behave and do the right thing? In the work environment, I believe she trusts him completely – which she does every time they go out in the field. If she didn’t trust him, she would not go. She knows Booth will protect her above all else. On matters of the heart and love, I started to say yes, again, and then I changed my mind. For all those beautiful words of encouragement Booth has given Brennan over the years, many times she has questioned his beliefs in love and was not convinced that the things Booth said to her are entirely true, because she always has to factor in the scientific facts…and has witnessed occasions where she believes his theories don’t work out. She sites his own failed romantic relationships as evidence that he doesn’t always know the right thing to do. Even now, Brennan isn’t convinced that Booth loves Hannah, as she tells him that his feelings for Hannah are only the results of chemical reactions in the brain, but again, she has little to zero experience in knowing the difference between chemical-brain love and real heart-felt love. Booth will also have to convince Brennan that what he feels for her is true love and not just chemical reactions.

    The question becomes, to me, can you really, truly trust another person beyond any doubt? Can you know that person inside and out? I don’t think so. All you have to go on is past behavior and their word…you can’t know for sure that the other person won’t change in the future, but that’s the risk you take in opening yourself up to loving another. So what you have left is faith. Faith that the person you have come to trust will remain trustworthy through all the ups and downs of life.

    Will B&B have enough faith to trust each other and take the risk? Somewhere down the road (soon, I hope)? I’m betting on it. 😀

  11. Re: Hannah trusting Booth–if I were her, I sure wouldn’t. I guess it’s not so much about trusting Booth as opening your eyes. No matter what Booth says or how open he is with Hannah, Booth and Brennan have a connection. Until that connection ends (and it can’t as long as they’re partners, even just for survival), it’s at least partially blocking the connection Booth can have to any other woman. No one knows Booth the way Brennan does, and no one can with Brennan still there.

    As for Booth trusting Brennan…I think he wants to, but what’s holding him back is still his own issues with self-worth. Deep down, he can’t understand why Brennan would give up her ideas about chemical reactions in place of love for him. He still struggles with trusting that she really wants to be partners with him, and the Muluku Islands thing so did not help. The Daisy/Sweets manipulation/misunderstanding thing was a huge blow to Booth. He thought Brennan was going to jet off without a backward glance at him, and that affirmed all his secret fears that she didn’t want to work with him, let alone have a relationship with him. Then there’s the fact that she didn’t keep in touch with him for those 7 months. It wreaked havoc on his trust for her, in my opinion, and his efforts to distance himself from her stem more from that and self-preservation than any feelings he has for Hannah.

    I think Brennan still trusts Booth almost completely in matters of the heart and people skills. I say almost completely because I don’t believe the scientist/abandoned child in Brennan would let her have 100% confidence in anyone, though with Booth it came close in the past. But I think she still does, even despite him not jumping at the chance to be with her when she confessed. And I think it’s because he never denied his feelings for her. When she told him she’d made a mistake in not giving him a chance, he didn’t say “I don’t feel that for you anymore.” He told her he was with Hannah and he loved her. Maybe I’m just reading way too far into it (lol obviously, look at the length of this post), but it seems important to me.

  12. Does Hannah trust Booth? Right now, yes. It’s not like she saw that revelation of feelings coming even though she has been with them on several occasions. In the future, she may be dissecting it more, but I think she really wants to trust Booth with this. And Brennan basically told Hannah she has no intentions of acting on her feelings, but rather, moving on.

    Does Booth trust Brennan and should he? Like others said, it depends on about what. For a general answer, I’ll say yes. I would say no if one of them felt truly betrayed, but that’s not the case. He was just hurt by her rejection. But they still make the best crime-solving team. Even though Booth is known for his protective mode, I think he likes to work with Brennan because she is independent and can take care of herself most of the time. He’s used that to his advantage in several situations. As for the emotional stuff, not so much. Brennan said she can’t change, but sometimes there’s a fine line between can’t and won’t. Then she changed her mind. And she has a tendency to run from emotionally intense situations. I think if they get together, they would each have to prove how committed to the relationship they would be.

    As far as Brennan’s trust in Booth, it’s a lot, and truthfully, it’s a little scary. However, it has been very beneficial to her so far. I think she at least challenges his theory before accepting it. If it looked more like blind trust, I would feel uncomfortable with that. But Booth has a good track record, and he’s always had her best interests at heart. I little more self-confidence from Brennan wouldn’t hurt, even though I can understand how that would be hard to come by. Brennan may never be good with people, and continue to make many social faux pas, but one thing she has done well on many occasions is read Booth. She has gauged his mood pretty well many times, and works hard to choose her next words wisely. And, she needs to know that she can make him happy, as she’s done so many times in the past.

  13. Does Hannah trust Booth — yes I think she does. She has no evidence that Booth is not worthy of her trust. She seems to take what Booth says at face value and not look deeper – so far.
    Does Booth trust Brennan — yes, very much so. Especially with her abilities in solving the cases. He also trusts her with the personal interactions in the cases. But I do agree with some other comments that he may not trust himself with her. Should he trust her — yes. She may be still trying to find her place in the world but she has never been deceitful.
    Does Brennan trust Booth — Yes – She trusts him completely with his abilities in solving the cases and dealing with the people involved in the cases. She mostly trusts him with the more emotional stuff. She knows he always has a good (lion) heart and wants to do the right thing. However, that doesn’t mean his actions or even his opinions are right — just that he means well and is doing what he thinks is right at the time. She trusts that he had to move on and that maybe Hannah is a better match for him than she would have been. I don’t think it is a blind kind of trust — maybe she questions his decisions but not his intentions.

  14. I don’t know if Brennan trusts Booth. She is more unsure of herself this year than any other. In Doctor in the Photo she repeatedly asked Booth if he believed her and she wanted his assurance that he did. She doesn’t feel or acknowledge that Booth does trust her. Brennan’s self-esteem and confidence are lacking this year. She is more aware that she doesn’t get clues in personal situations and this is bothering her more this year than in the past. Angela telling Brennan that Hannah was avoiding her shook Brennan. I think it bothered her that Angela knew that Hannah was doing this and she didn’t see it. All these little things that she doesn’t get and understand are making her more aware that she is different and that those around her are seeing it. It is hard when these differences are pointed out to her. Brennan is aware now of these limitations and I think they are starting to bother her. Season one Brennan was all about science and work. Season six Brennan is about how she relates to people. She is feeling unsure about how others perceive her and I don’t believe she trusts herself, let alone trusts anyone else 100%. Hannah telling Brennan that Booth told her about them was hurtful. She wasn’t prepared and for a moment was unsure of how Hannah was going to treat her. Brennan only trusts things that can be proven. Brennan chose personal relationships in the past that would create the least amount of difficulties for herself. One night stands were easy for her. Friendships, other than with those with people she worked with were not necessary for her. This year we see her opening up and sharing herself more. Maybe this is what her friendship with Hannah is about. I don’t get it but I am trying to understand it. Brennan wants to be liked. She wants to be normal in others eyes. I have yet to see an episode where Brennan opens up from an emotional standpoint on how she feels about herself and how this has affected her as a person and in her personal interactions with others. When we see her really exposing herself we will see her ability to trust come through. Will it be to Booth? I don’t know. It could be to Angela. Brennan does trusts Booth in some areas, but not with her heart. She doesn’t feel like she is worthy of someone else’s complete trust, because of how she feels about herself. Brennan is unable to place complete trust in anyone. Brennan only places her trust in science. She doesn’t know how to completely trust another person because of her past experiences. Brennan likes Booth but she does see his flaws. She has called him on things when she knows he is wrong. Brennan sees that he is human and does make mistakes and because of this she knows that he isn’t always right. Booth has made poor decisions in his life and Brennan is aware of this. She is aware he is capable of making poor choices. She still lets Booth make his own choices and mistakes. Like Booth, Brennan knows that she too, is not perfect. Brennan will trust someone 100% when she is able to trust them with her heart, as well as her brain. I have yet to see this happen on Bones.

  15. Will Hannah trust booth enough to believe him and not dig deeper? Yes, Hannah trusts him and with she’s seen so far with the current B&B situation, she has no reason to doubt that everything between those two is indeed already in the past. And as Hannah seems to be fairly mature and rational enough not to dig up old skeletons that might just bring problems into their relationship, she will take booth and brennan’s words that there is nothing going on nor will never be anything more than just them being partners. But looking into the past and what she might actually see in the B&B relationship in light with what she now knows about the “past” romantic possibility between the two, she wil (hopefully) see that she cannot trust B&Bs words and actions at face value because she will eventually see and feel that there are a lot of unsaid words, deeper meaning into their actions and the strong emotional bond that is just being neglected and hidden from everyone else including themselves. And because of this, she will realize that she cannot trust both B&B as they themselves do not trust their own self when it involves the other. I hope I’m still making sense here. I think this realization will be the reason for Hannah to step out of the picture. She will see that although booth loves her and in his mind he decided to be with her, his heart still belongs to Brennan. Brennan is his true north, his anchor and nothing can ever change that.

    Does booth trust Brennan? And should he?
    My answer to this is yes. Booth trusts Brennan right from the start. He tells her things that he don’t usually tell other people, even Hannah. He trusts her in a sense that he knows that no matter what he tells or do, she will not judge him… She will not pry. She will not force him to tell her more than he is ready or willing to share. He believes that his secrets are safe with her. In terms of their work, he trusts her completely— anthropology wise that is— he trusts her so much that he believes that she will never commit a mistake with her findings. On the personal front though, he trusts her to always tell her the truth no matter what but he doesn’t and shouldn’t trust her when it comes to her decisions involving relationships and commitments as these are areas for which Brennan still have a lot to learn about. She still needs to develop a sense of faith and positive outlook on this and she has yet to accept that yes, no matter how broken and how unworthy she feels about herself, someone can truly live her for what she is.

    does Brennan trust booth so much, that she accepts his behavior to be correct at all times?
    For me, Brennan doesn’t only trust booth. She has faith in him. Faith that he will always do the right thing. That even he do make a mistake, she’s sure tha he had a valid reason or there is reasonable explanation for it and that after he realizes his mistake, she knows that he will do everything to make it right.

  16. Hum… I’m not sure that Hannah has ever trusted Booth and Brennan as the show would like us to believe. When Hannah and Booth met he surely mentioned Brennan more than once, and she is a journalist. She would not have said anything, she just did her research first. In any case, she didn’t seem concerned at all when he talked to her, just very surprised. And I was bothered by the fact that she started on all the “Brennan’s my friend and she would know that I know”. She just did not want to keep her mouth shut. Which is fine. But don’t tell me that Brennan would necessarily know, because that is not true. Hannah seems confident in her relationship, and the fact that Booth talked to her just reinforces that.
    I think that Booth trusts Brennan, is just that he doesn’t feel comfortable around her anymore. I don’t see any reason why he shouldn’t. She has never hurt him willingly and has never broken any rule that he has established.
    About the third question… I have asked myself that sometimes. The answer that seems to be the more plausible is that Brennan would accept his behavior as correct… most of the times. She is too smart and independent to not have her own code, but she does trust him enough to reconsider things when his point of view is too different. She sometimes trusts a little more in what he says that what she thinks… But not always.

  17. Anyone else think the title was kind of strange? Yes, me. I’m raising my hand, but you can’t see it. I’ve been trying to figure out if that’s a metaphor or an allusion that I’m just not getting or what. The body wasn’t actually in a bag. It was in a shower. Why not call it “The Body in the Shower?” I hope one of those wicked smart Bones Theory readers has some insight to share. 🙂

    Will Hannah be able to trust Booth enough to believe him and not dig deeper? (A little trivia for you – “dig deeper” is the tag line they use for the Bones reruns on TNT. So when you said that, it made me grin.) Addressing the question though – I don’t think we’ve seen enough of the Hannah/Booth relationship for me to judge how much Hannah trusts Booth. From what we have seen, she seems to be taking Booth at his word. She might develop a curiosity about Booth and Brennan’s shared past, but I don’t think she will feel threatened by it. Booth hasn’t given her any reason to question him. His affection is clearly reserved for Hannah, and he hasn’t been at all disloyal to her.

    Does Booth trust Brennan? And…should he? I thought the response from @brainysmrfs last night on Twitter was perfectly stated – With his life, absolutely. His heart, not at all. 140 characters wouldn’t have been enough for me to go into detail, but I think that while he doesn’t trust her with his heart, he was, at one time, willing to put his heart on the line and take a chance. I have to assume he believed the risk was worth the potential reward. He understands risk. He is the gambler, after all.

    Does Brennan trust Booth so much that she is accepts his behavior as correct at all times? Brennan trusts Booth in a way that almost seems impossible, given what we know about her character. I think that’s one of the reasons why the Brennan/Booth relationship is so intriguing and a Brennan/Booth romance seems so likely. I think Brennan sees Booth as being very adept, but maybe not an expert, in areas that are not exact science – reading people, interpreting their motivations for doing things and saying things, sensitivity to others’ feelings and beliefs, etc. She knows that sometimes he makes mistakes and his behavior isn’t always correct, but this doesn’t keep her from deferring to him in most social situations. She also understands that Booth’s motivation to be a good person drives his behavior a lot of the time, and I think she trusts Booth in this effort to be a good person.

  18. Does Hannah trust Booth? The foundation of their relationship is sex under a fig tree. What’s trust got to do with it? It’s a case of this is nice, it’s working right here, right now. The future? I don’t think Hannah or Booth had the future in mind when they started. And, I don’t think that Hannah will be able to trust Booth when the chemicals wear off. Not because he isn’t trustworthy but, because she’ll figure out that he hasn’t been honest with himself.
    Does Booth trust Brennan? I think he does and I think he should. What she said in the 100th was that she didn’t trust herself, that he was the one who needed to be protected from her. I get that, Booth should too. What do you do if you are physically attracted to someone and feel an emotional connection to them but you know, intellectually, that odds are a relationship with that person will not work out? Do you “give it a shot” anyway? Rationally, no, you don’t.
    Does Brennan trust Booth? She trusts him but she knows his behavior is not correct at all times. Booth is a man of good intentions but he is human and humans are fallible.

  19. I’m may end up repeating what’s been said here already, but figured I’d throw my two cents in anyway.

    Will Hannah be able to trust Booth enough to believe him and not dig deeper?

    I think Hannah can take Booth at face value for now, and I think she trusts him because she doesn’t have any reason not. to trust him. She knew he and Brennan were solid from the word go. We know he talked about Brennan in Afghanistan. It’s not like Hannah came to town and got blindsided by the fact that Booth’s partner is gorgeous and that they are close.

    Hannah may, however, start asking questions about what’s going on with him if the edginess that we saw in Thursday’s episode continues and spills over into their home life. It doesn’t take much of a stretch to imagine Booth keeping the edginess and bottled up emotions under a tight lid when he’s around Hannah, but he’s barely keeping it together right now. Sooner or later she’s going to start to notice the cracks in the facade. If she doesn’t ask him about what’s going on with him at that point, I’ll be shocked.

    “Does Booth trust Brennan? And…should he?”

    I think Booth does trust Brennan. He doesn’t really have any reason not to trust her. I think he’s still hurt. I think he’s confused. He’s probably questioning what happened in DitP, running it over and over again in his head, trying to make sense of it all and figure out if he missed something along the way. I think he probably has some regrets where she is concerned… probably more than “some”. I’ll bet he’s wondering how things got to be such an all fired mess, and would really just like things to go back to the way they were, but I don’t think he has any reason not to trust Brennan.

    Brennan said no to him in the 100th and said she needed a break from crime fighting at the end of season five, but those things are not untrustworthy acts. Booth may have felt rejected and possibly betrayed because of those things, but he made a choice to stay with her professionally. He could have made a clean break. He chose not to. When she turned him down, he was open to continuing to work together. And it was Booth who said they’d meet at the coffee cart in a year. They could have just gone their separate ways, but he wanted more from her, and they made that promise. And she was there waiting for him at the reflecting pool. They hadn’t talked in seven months, and we have no reason to think they talked before arriving back in DC, but they both went there before they went anywhere else. They each trusted that the other would be there.

    Booth asked her, point blank, if they were getting the team back together, and he was satisfied with her answer. Even if he is edgy and uptight, he clearly still wants to work with her, still wants her in his life in some capacity, and in their line of work, trust is essential. And really, I don’t think they could work together effectively if they didn’t trust each other.

    Does Brennan trust Booth so much that she is accepts his behavior as correct at all times?

    I don’t think so. She definitely trusts Booth more than she trusts anyone else in her life, both with her life and her emotions, but she’s not afraid to challenge him and tell him when she thinks he is wrong or being a jerk. She may defer to him in matters of people reading and his “something stinks aptitude”, but even that is not done without questions from time to time. So no, I don’t think her trust in him is completely blind, but she does put up with a heck of a lot more from him than she does anyone else in her life. But then, he puts up with a lot more from her than he otherwise would, so I think they’re even in that regard.

  20. So the Body in the bag, ‘in the bag’ being an idiom for ‘won’, ‘got it’, ‘achieved it’ (is that everywhere or just here in Australia?) ….So they had the body in the bag, in that they solved the murder again as the experts. God that so does not sound right.

    Maybe it should have been the Body and the Bag. As in referencing the counterfeit bags, from the case. Anyway I can connect this to the triangle…nope…if it had been the body in the sunglasses I would have had a much better chance…

    Man…I’m digging deep here…

    • Linda – yes, in America we have that idea of “in the bag.” Taken care of, done. But, I agree, that doesn’t help much interpreting the ep title. ;-D

    • Did they solve the murder? Without a doubt? I’ll have to watch it again to pick up that conversation with Jacob.

  21. On the password protected post, I’m not sure how you get one; am I missing something? Please let me know. Thanks

    • Click where it says “click here and sign up” in Sarah’s post. As for the password: “The password is the first name of our favorite genius forensic anthropologist, all in lowercase.”

  22. I think the episode title is a little odd as well, but if I had to guess, I would say that “in the bag” refers to the evidence bags that Brennan told everyone to scrape the body parts into after they got hit in the open.

    Does Hannah trust Booth: I think she does to a point, but in the final scene when Brennan said “I am quite beautiful” I thought there was a quick look that passed over Hannah’s face of, I’m not sure, doubt, rivalry, something. When she first came to DC, she questioned Booth about Brennan, so the seed of doubt is there, I think.

    Does Booth trust Brennan: within the realm of their partnership, absolutely. When it comes to things Brennan isn’t so good at: feelings, emotions, gut…I don’t think he does and I don’t blame him.

  23. i agree with jade that hannah trusts booth because he hasn’t given her any reason NOT to trust him (as far as she knows at this point. only WE and booth know that there are plenty of things that he’s keeping from her. although, i wonder if the fact that bones was able to pick the perfect present for booth based on her encyclopedic knowledge of his past even crossed hannah’s mind at the time, or if she was just thrilled to be able to get him such a great present). the fact that he told her about bones’ confession should only cement in her mind that he’s trustworthy. it’s like when your boyfriend goes to a strip club and then tells you that he went…you think “oh, i know he’s trustworthy because he told me about this before i found out about it.” the question hannah should be asking (as a good little journalist) is what ELSE has happened that he hasn’t bothered to mention yet?

    gen made a really good point about bones confessing to booth, but i think the fact that she didn’t confess her feelings earlier is PROOF that she trusts him implicitly…she knows he must know what he’s doing when it comes to matters of the heart, and who is she to do anything but simply sit back and be happy for him and hannah? i think she only confessed for the simple reason that she didn’t want to have that burden on her anymore. she didn’t want to regret keeping her mouth shut, just in case it made a difference. she’s since moved on and accepted that booth knows best, and is even hurt when hannah doesn’t want to hang out with her.

    you know, i really think she trusts him more than he even trusts himself…look at the episode with the knife throwing act where she totally totally trusted him not to hurt her, even when he was nervous and unsure about his skills and his ability to throw with accuracy. he goes above and beyond to keep her safe from others, and then HE is the one who throws knives at her. that IS the entire series in a nutshell, isn’t it?

    angelena brought up something that has been bothering me booth’s recent lack of patience with bones. it hurts me every time he cuts her off or rolls his eyes at something she is saying…it’s just like he was in the first few eps of season one before he really knew her. we’ve all been in the situation where we are with someone that we don’t really like or are maybe a little tired of, and we find ourselves rolling our eyes and snapping at them every time they open their mouth. everyone at bones’ reunion treated her this way, most of the people she meets treat her this way, and now booth is doing it too. i’m a little worried about his love for her…has his relationship with “normal” hannah irreparably damaged his feelings for bones? if he’s so irritated by her and embarrassed by her, why doesn’t he just find a new partner? i’m really mad at booth since ep 100.

    • Eye rolling with Booth towards Brennan is not new. I don’t think we should worry too much about it as it is not new. Booth is impatient and he makes remarks and faces when he is annoyed. I was worried about it at the beginning of this season; but, when I started rewatching episodes from earlier seasons I noticed that he did it then also.

      • I agree with Lenora. I think the difference is that we are missing the softer side of Booth, so it doesn’t balance out as well. I’ve always thought that there was a part of Booth that was a little obnoxious. It’s not like he’s known for being really nice to the squints, and he pretty much has to act that way to be effective at ferreting out the truth in investigations.

  24. Oh….i now understand why Frankie asked if i’d commented here yet. Have just been discussing trust over on twitter 😀

    For me, Booth and Brennan both trust each other with their lives with no question. They know that in matters of life or death the other will be there.

    But when it comes to their hearts? I think they trust each other…but not implicity. Because honestly…how can they trust each other completely with their hearts when they don’t trust themselves?

    To answer your questions ‘Does Booth trust Brennan…and should he.’

    I think he used to trust her, but after the 100th and since S6 his trust in her is now limited to as a partner. Workwise he has trust and faith in her, but in anything remotely personal he no longer does. Do i think that is fair? Honestly, no. If he thought about it he would realise that all she has done is try and protect him…from herself. Her actions shouldn’t have resulted in her losing his trust…but i think we all know when our heart is broken rationality goes out of the window! LOL

    ‘Does Brennan trust Booth so much that she is accepts his behavior as correct at all times?’

    For the most part…yes. She trusts him when it comes to emotions, relationships and love. She believes what he says is true and right.

    And the irony is, Booth doesn’t understand emotions, relationships or love himself. Not really.

  25. Will Hannah be able to trust Booth enough to believe him and not dig deeper?
    It think she trusts him, sure, but I also think that it’s in her nature to dig deeper. She’s a journalist, that’s what she does. But I doubt she’ll be obvious about it, maybe she’ll just ask a few questions, get a few answers and make her conclusions from there. She definitely doesn’t want to hurt Booth, but I can’t help but think that she’s just a little curious about the whole thing. I know I would be. But after all this, she still trusts that he’ll do the right thing only because he hasn’t given her any reason not to trust him.

    “Does Booth trust Brennan? And…should he?”
    I think he definitely used to, but now i’m not quite sure. Personally, I feel that he’s been treating her as a child for the last few episodes now, not quite talking to her face to face, but looking down on her, as if if he treats her as a child who sometimes makes bad descisions he can just overlook what she’s done to him, and overlook his behaviour towards her. It’s terrible, and cruel, and Brennan does not deserve it one bit. I can understand his uncertainty not to trust her, but I believe that she really hasn’t done anything wrong. He half expected her to reject him, could see that she needed a break when she left for maluku (anyways they agreed to meet up and he decided to leave), and then all she did was express her feelings for him. He knows she needs a little more time then everyone else (“you can’t rush her”). I think that he should trust her, but I can see that he just isn’t.

    Does Brennan trust Booth so much that she is accepts his behavior as correct at all times?
    Just going to say one thing – I love this question. Anyways… I believe the answer is yes. He is an expert in relationships and behaviour and she isn’t, and she knows that, so she trusts that whatever he does is right. Not only that, but she also trusts that everything he does is right for her. I think that’s what makes it sad. At the end of DitP, when he says “i can’t” she just excepts that. She doesn’t argue, she just says “I know, I understand. And for me that was the most heartcrushing part. Even in “the body in the bag”, brennan tells hannah that Booth shouldn’t have told her about her confession, and then only a few lines later says “I shouldn’t’ve said anything to him”. I believe at first she is just shocked and surprised that he broke the whole “what’s ours is ours” rule they have, but as soon as Hannah reasons that he had to do it, because they are a couple, Brennan understands that the situation is different now, and this must be the correct way to deal with things now.

  26. My opinion, is [NO, SORT-OF, and YES].
    I don’t know if it’ll happen on the show, I’m not really sure about what in the world the writers are going to do next, but Hannah is a reporter. I think it’s sort of her ingrained nature to ‘dig deeper’. If they don’t have her do it, in maybe just the form of trying get to know more about both Brennan’s and Booth’s relationship/pasts, it might be a sort of betrayal of what little we have seen of her character. Which will do one of two things. Either make me mad at the writers, or pissed off at Hannah for betraying herself. Depending on how the writers choose to portray it. (Speaking of which, I might hate/feel uncomfortable with Hannah less if we actually saw some more of her character or background. At the moment, I’m just getting annoyed at the little space filler who seems to be trying to be the center, when she has no depth).
    I say sort of to the two part second question, because I believe Booth does trust Brennan. But not being the sort to separate his feelings from any other part of him, he’s just plain confused about everything so maybe that’s making him confused on trusting Brennan not to pull something out of no where (or at least maybe seemingly to him) that’s just going to make him more confused. As to the second part of that question, whether or not he should trust her, my ‘sort-of’ applies to many things. First, I think he can trust her to be honest with him. That was what she was essentially doing in DitP. Before that, she was intentionally ignoring her feelings, making her feel dead inside to save herself from pain. However, when this proved harmful to her, she subconsciously realized why. At least part of it was that she was lying to Booth. Not part of her nature and definitely not part of their relationship/partnership. Second, I think he can trust her to do almost anything to make him happy or at least spare him as much pain as she can. (Case in point, the 100th episode- the whole ‘you need protecting from me, and your feelings for me.) Ever the rational one, she was trying to spare him more pain in the long run. Third, she will always stand by him. He can trust that.
    Your last question gets a resounding YES! from me. I’ve said it before, she trusts his heart, his interpretations of hearts/emotions/behavior and expressions. She trusts it so completely, that she’ll listen to him even when he’s contradicting himself. Which he does. She even extended this trust to another ‘Booth’, Jared, when she first met him. She accepted his surmises about Booth’s behavior because it’s what she’s done with ‘the real Booth’. Until she realized how very different the two of them really are, got mad at herself and Jared, and shoved him off a bar stool. (to resounding ‘woots’ and ‘yeahs’ from my sister and I) She’ll complain about him not making sense or even sometimes realize he’s contradicting himself, but every time, she trusts him to ‘aim’ her the right way as well. Despite his flaws (very few I admit, given his past, but including contradicting himself and sometimes being a jack-… jerk) he’s worthy of it. So very worthy of it. And hot. Did I mention hot?
    I love these posts. They’re so thought provoking. Most of my family doesn’t understand my love of the “Bones”, so it’s nice to have someplace to “discuss” the show. Thanks.
    P.S.- Totally agree with what ‘bones62442’ said, but I thought I’d add my own thoughts as well.

  27. I always find it interesting that even though Bren will argue with Booth and tell him what he says makes no sense (i.e. college kids need to expand their frontal lobes by being bad), she still ends up kind of believing him. Just more proof to me of her ‘faith’ and ‘love’ for him…

  28. Thank you for new interesting post, Sarah! I try to answer your questions, despite of my very bad English 🙂

    Will Hannah be able to trust Booth enough to believe him and not dig deeper?

    I think she belives him because he is very responsible, honest, strong. He is “real man” who always care about people which he loves. He said Brennan that he never lie her and surely Hannah knows that he wouldn’t lie her too. Maybe she is nervous about B&B past relationships, but she trust Booth, she can rely on him.

    Does Booth trust Brennan? And…should he?

    I sure he trust her. He knew Brennan for 6 years, he saw to the death face together many times, she proved that she can do all to save him, to help him. Of course she hurt him very much in 100th episode. But I think he trusts her anyway. Brennan worth him very much, loves him very much, she is very rational and Booth is a center of her Universe, maybe she not still admitted it. And he understand it. Maybe because he told Sweets that she said hit that she loves him.

    Does Brennan trust Booth so much that she is accepts his behavior as correct at all times?

    Of course! Same things – she knows him for many years, they both passed through big dangers. She is scientist, she usually very innocent, she not understand many of human behaviour, she can’t “read peoples”. Booth is her partner which she trusts. She can not achieve many things without him. He is great man, successful agent, he almost didn’t mistakes… Of course I think that she is accepts his behavior as correct at all times. Brennan is perfect partner despite of they are have different views about same things 🙂

  29. and one else – thank you for this blog! for that you coming from hard work and long way and writing excellent articles for us! I LOVE this blog! I begun to learn English well to read your posts and write comments for you!

    I’m too have difficult work (web-site editor-in-chief) that needs many time and I can’t read new post every day because it needs many time too – I sitting with vocabulary and trying to understand all 🙂 But I hope that soon I can read easy and write not so foolish comments))

    Thank you for blog again! I love BT like I love Bones, honestly!

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