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Scene Study: Yanks in the UK: Part One- Define Good Things


Good morning, friends! I hope you are having a great Sunday so far! Today’s scene is one of those that I really like but don’t always think about. It also makes me CRAZY curious. More on that later!

Here’s a little history to get us started…

Brennan is called to the UK, to Oxford to present a lecture.

Sidenote: Though he’s incredibly cute while doing it…it’s a little rude of Booth to be sleeping through it, right?

Either way, Booth, for some reason that requires a bit of hand waving in my opinion, also goes along and lectures Scotland Yard. But it’s a good thing he does go along, because while they are there, they are asked to participate in a case of an American heiress, Portia Frampton. They join forces with Scotland Yard Inspector Cate Prichard and her smart anthropologist partner Dr. Ian Wexler.


If you want to smile, watch the scene where Booth talks about how the no jurisdiction thing doesn’t really fly with the FBI. Trenchcoat wearing, dimple flashing, eyes sparkling awesomeness!

They say they are going to speak to the family together, because “that’s what we do”. Pritchard says it’s sweet in a condescending tone, but we all know it really IS sweet.

B&B work the case and Booth is intrigued with some armor, finding the 1490’s version of the codpiece interesting.

Of course, Brennan’s explanation of royal syphilis is not as interesting to him, but it doesn’t really matter, as we all know the important codpiece has an arrow pointing straight toward it (anyone else ever notice that Booth’s ties tend to have very pointed ends when he wears that buckle? No…just me? Um, okay…moving on.)

Also as they work the case, it becomes clear that Pritchard and Wexler find Booth and Brennan attractive, and for the most part, those ‘affections’ are returned.

In a scene where Pritch and Booth are sharing a beer, he tells her that he’d like to see the London Bridge open. Pritchard replies, “Really? Why?”

Booth smiles in his way, “Luck.”

Pritchard, “Well, you’d have to be ridiculously lucky to see something like that, wouldn’t you?”

And Booth replies, “That’s my point.”

Pritchard tells him that he did get a little lucky and she passes a gun toward him. If you really want to smile, watch the way Booth handles that gun from start to finish. Ah! Also, show of hands…who doesn’t feel a tiny thrill when he taps her finger with his? Right?


Do you know what else is smile worthy? When Brennan wears green. She just looks so pretty in it, always. In this episode and Science in the Physicist and in Foot in the Foreclosure. More green for Brennan!

I think Wexler notices how pretty she is. When she asks him what’s a good plan for the evening, he says, “A quick drink, back to yours (place) for some sex and then out for a late supper.” Brennan is caught off guard, but then tells him she is inclined to accept. He’s pleased, but then Brennan says this, “But Booth says I shouldn’t trust you.”

 Haha, I love that!

Likewise, I love when, in a hilariously ironic scene, Brennan decides to really open up and have a heart to heart with Booth about relationships…but of course it’s when he’s quite busy trying to move out of a parking space.

Mr. Adaptable!

Brennan tells him, “Would it make you less agitated if I told you I didn’t sleep with Dr. Wexler last night?”


And Booth replies, “Look, I’m not agitated, okay? I’m agitated because I’m driving this little car, that’s all.” I just love everything about that sentence. And it gets even better.

“Look, Wexler…he’s just…I’m not agitated because of you and Dr. Wexler. Wexler’s just another guy looking for a one night stand.”

“So?” Brennan asks him.

“So?” Booth tries to concentrate on two things at once. “He doesn’t take it seriously.”

“Seriously?” Brennan wants to continue this conversation…hahahahaha…and she asks, “You mean,  you never laugh during sex; because I do.”

“I laugh during sex. It’s not that kind of serious.” Booth finally explains, still trying to pull a thumb-sized car into opposite traffic.

“Well, I think Dr. Wexler is very serious about having sex with me. Very interested.”

Booth just can’t take it any longer, and he gets his Boothy look and tries to breathe deep.

And his compliment is kind of sweet I think when he says, “Okay news bulletin, Bones.  There’s not a guy in this country that wouldn’t want to have sex with you. You could probably have gay men.”

Check out Brennan’s face! Haha

She wants to know, “Are you being nice about me or awful about British men?”

Booth has gotta be thinking that he cannot even believe this conversation is happening, right?

“Wexler is not special; you are” is all he says. Gosh, I love annoyed Booth.

Cam calls on the phone, and is distracting Mr. Adaptable from getting the car into traffic, but more than that, Brennan (even though Cam has new data on the case on the phone) says, “You think I’m special?”

Booth’s voice gets high in that way that sometimes means he’s lying, which is kind of funny to me. I don’t think he’s lying, but I think in that moment he just can’t believe it’s really happening, and he says, “Of course I think you’re special. Yes! ”

Brennan says, “Thank you,” in kind of a patronizing way, and adds, “I’ll take your romantic advice under advisement,” which is one of my all time favorite Brennan season four lines.

If you really, REALLY want to smile, check out the Sweets and Angela “Party Wagon” scene. I won’t go into it here, but this episode really, really is fun. It took me awhile to sort of weigh it as an episode on its own, meaning not putting too much pressure on it as a post season three finale magic pill sort of episode. Once I did that, I really enjoy this one.

Anyway, the end of this episode is really what I want to discuss.

The case ends, and Wexler, Brennan and Booth are sharing a drink near the bridge.

That really is very pretty. Well done, BONES!

Booth still can’t believe the irony that in a British murder, the ‘butler did it’, but Wexler shrugs. They’ll never know for sure. The important thing in his mind is getting Brennan back to Oxford with him.

You know, I’ve made it this far without saying “that’s a post for another day”, but here’s something, okay? We talk a lot about how Brennan isn’t exactly Booth’s normal type, and that in some cases…that’s what makes it even better that he loves Brennan. I’m starting to think the opposite is true, also. I think Booth might not be Brennan’s normal type. I think she totally would normally go for more intellectual types (Sully works in this case, on account of his degrees and such). Not that Booth’s not smart…you know that’s not what I mean. I’m just saying…Wexler probably IS totally her type. But she says no. Also, I think we’ve also discussed how this episode was written to take place after Man in the Outhouse (and the Someone for Everyone speech), because of the strike and FOX needed a big slam dunk of a season four opener, this two-parter was moved to the beginning of the season. I just see that Brennan sort of turning down her usual type (after the Mark and Jason deal) in Wexler on account of Booth’s advice as interesting. But I’m getting ahead of myself, right?

Back to the episode!

Booth says, “You know, I do have a gun in England, and I really have been dying to use it.” Well, that’s just plain old fierce Booth. More on that later!

And Brennan, bless her heart, puts her hand on Booth’s arm to soothe his savage goodness and says, “I’ll handle this.”  Don’t worry about a thing, baby!

As Brennan walks away with Wexler, Booth is sure to announce that it’s a James Bond gun, a Walter PPK. Booth may or may not be drunk. More on that later as well.

I think Brennan looks beyond gorgeous like this. Her eyes are pretty and her hair is kind of windblown, and she just looks fantastic. Plus she’s turning down a dillweed, so that’s a plus. “Look, Ian…I think you’re a lot of fun,” she begins.

“Oh, hells bells and buckets, I think I know where this is going,” Wexler laments.

Brennan clarifies, “It would upset Booth if I slept with you.” Interesting, my dear Brennan-fans!

But Wexler does not back down and goes for what he considers to be Brennan’s ideal pick up line, “You see…rationally speaking…” Ah, he thought he had her at ‘rationally’, didn’t he! He continues, “If you were to have someone operate on your brain, for example, you would want a surgeon who had done the procedure many hundreds of times. Someone who’s absolutely at the top of their game. I don’t really see why sex should be any different.”

And Brennan gets this look on her face that intrigues me. I think she’s realizing that Booth is right, that Wexler does in fact like to rack em up!

“Rationally speaking, you’re absolutely right,” she replies.

“Good,” Wexler agrees. “Then we’re settled. Off we go.” He sort of gives Booth the single nod and (in my opinion) condescendingly says, “Look out for the bridge opening; they say it’s good luck.”


Um, those hands. Those eyes. That jaw. What is Booth thinking? Is he mad at Wexler? Is he really sort of waiting to see what Brennan will do? If she has really taken his romantic advice under advisement? And this is where it all gets sort of tricky for me and begins to make me crazy as I mentioned at the beginning of this thing. He looks pretty fierce here, wouldn’t you say?

And he also gives this almost predatory little confident smile, right?

Can I hear an amen on this Sunday morning!?!!?!

What is going on in his mind? Is he confident that Brennan will return to him? Is he confident that one bullet would end Wexler? Is he confident he could crush that glass in his hands? These are all questions I ask myself.

And Wexler says, “That should keep him occupied for hours.” And there’s the difference between him and Brennan (it’s also a difference between Pritchard and Booth). Wexler is not really a nice person. Brennan is at heart, I believe. She tells him, “Common sense says you don’t offend your partner for an hour of fun.”

Wexler makes one more attempt, appealing to the idea that he would certainly last more than one hour.

Brennan laughs and kisses him on the cheek…basically sending him on his way.

It’s interesting to me, what Wexler says to her as he’s leaving. He says, “I’ll call you before you leave. Who knows; you could be in a more rational frame of mind.”

I also love this look on Brennan’s face. I can just see her weighing her options here. Of course, she completely understands that she is turning down probably very good sex to spend time with Booth. We’ve seen him do that before for her, so it’s nice to see a turn around on that. Remember later in the series when Dr. Wyatt tells her that it’s impressive that she’s learned the difference between facts and truth? I feel like this is one of those moments. Is having sex with Wexler really the rational choice? Or is hanging out with Booth rational? And does it necessarily matter to her?

Okay…moving on…

And this is where it gets sticky. Because to me, it’s pretty clear cut: Booth was plenty annoyed at the idea of her and Wexler. Brennan clearly turned Wexler down because of Booth. So why does the next conversation go the way it does?

Starting with this…

Brennan turns around, sort of embarrassed, I think. She doesn’t like to admit when Booth is right, but they both know he was. I think she is also sort of anxious to know if she pleased him.

And Booth…instead of being ‘real smooth and natural’, he gets very edgy. He taps his fingernails against the glass, and his eyes are almost unreadable, almost challenging.

I don’t know why, exactly. I always see Brennan as sort of vulnerable here, but maybe that’s just me. I mean she really did, honest to goodness, turn down another man for Booth, and right in front of him. She has to go back and sit with him.

So…what does Booth say when she gets there?

“Why are you looking at me like that? I’m just here to help you pick out a guy, you know?”


What? What does that mean? I don’t get it. There has to be another conversation that we’ve missed, right?  Here are my two possible thoughts;

1). I think at some point someone told Brennan (and either Booth was listening or she later told him) that she needed to find a man in England. That would make sense as to her telling Wexler that Booth had already told her not to sleep with him, right?

2). Brennan also went to Oxford to find a replacement for Zack, and that’s really why Booth is along…to help her find a guy. This one feels the most right to me. I am almost SURE this has to be right. Why it wasn’t taken out of the script? I have no idea.

I do know that it wasn’t like they could just open and close the London Bridge over and over for BONES, so they pretty much did this scene in one take and had to put it in the can so to speak and call it done, no matter what.

But that line from Booth still makes me crazy. CRAZY, I tell you! AH! ESPECIALLY because Brennan makes this face.

And then Booth makes this face.


What? What are we supposed to do with this?

It’s like the make-up scene of a fight we never saw; don’t you think? And obviously (to me, at least) Booth blew it. And he knows it. It’s not just that he’s kind of tipsy, right? Brennan is hurt somehow by what he says in a way that is MORE than just having rejected Wexler for him. Maybe? There’s just this edginess in this conversation that comes out of nowhere in connection to the rest of this episode, and I just can’t figure out why. My money’s on the Zack thing, in conjunction with the fact that this script was generally supposed to be after some other season three ones.

Booth says ‘never mind,’ and Brennan still looks at him


“I’m just here to bring a little luck…” Booth adds.

Drunk, charming…apologetic? You’d think that since this moment is over, I’d be happy with the rest of the episode, but if you thought that scene just now made me crazy…just wait. Let’s do this thing.

“I don’t believe in luck,” Brennan replies. Naturally.

“What do you mean, you don’t believe in luck?” Booth sort of demands to know.

And…we can see that the bridge is starting to open. And they are bickering.

“Okay,” Booth says, “Well then how do you explain how good things happen out of nowhere.”

Gorgeous. Kinda vulnerable, right? Probably drunk.

Brennan, awesome Brennan…she sort of says okay, let’s do this. “Define good things,” she offers. I see that as sort of a challenge from her, but also an attempt to see things from his point of view. Also perhaps sort of a peace offering from whatever issue we never saw before.

Booth says, “Good things, you know…money in the bank. Doris Day parking (sidenote: I had to look that up, and special thanks to pal Smurfs for telling me what he really says: Doris Day parking is: “Any parking spot that seems as though it was meant to be, as evidenced by the spot’s convenience to one’s destination as well as the smoothness with which one can park their car in said spot.” Derived from the sort of parking found by Doris Day in any Doris Day movie. Yay for Doris).

Booth continues, “A big piece of the pie…that’s good luck.”

Brennan clearly disagrees. And that bridge is still opening. Remember what seeing that bridge open signifies? That’s right. Incredible luck. Being in the right place at the right time; what Booth wants to have happen. To be incredibly lucky. And they are missing it. MISSING IT! Because they are bickering again.

“I call that a solipsistic perceptual response to the random nature of the universe.”

“What?” Booth can’t believe his ears. “Tomato, potato…call it what you want.” Hahahahahahahaha! I love that, though, I do have to admit. “It’s still luck.”

Brennan sort of falls into his trap and says, “You are lucky I understand you when you say things that make no sense.” Meanwhile that bridge keeps on opening.

Booth: “You see, you just agreed with me that it was luck. You just agreed…right there, so I’ll take that!”

“I did not agree,” Brennan insists.

“You agreed that it was luck, so cheers.” Booth basically says and lifts his glass to their mutual agreement

And Brennan clinks her glass against his in compromise or mutual agreement, whichever. And I cry just a tiny bit.

Every time I watch this scene, I get teary…because they just do miss it. Sure, what they have between them is special. I love their bickering most of the time; it’s funny and fun. And I can see the underlying idea that what they have with one another is MORE luck than watching a bridge open. But I can’t help feeling like they are missing the big picture that’s all around them. I can’t help feeling like “If you guys don’t stop bickering and just look around once in awhile…you’re going to miss it.” To Booth and Brennan, I mean. That’s who I say it to when I watch this episode.

But…I guess I could also say it to all of us? I don’t think this scene is meant as a metaphor to the entire fan base or anything like that (at least, certainly not when it aired). Not like the “nothing happens unless first a dream” quote from the 100th or the literal mastodon in the room from the season six premiere kind of thing. But I still think the metaphor can be applied to us today. Let’s remember to take a step back, stop bickering, look at the big picture and see that there is incredible beauty to be found there.

I say cheers to that.

Peace, Love & Bones,



22 thoughts on “Scene Study: Yanks in the UK: Part One- Define Good Things

  1. Totally agree on the comment about them missing what’s right in front of them…but then, isn’t that the entire theme of the show? Smartest crime fighters on the planet, picking up insignificant, minute clues and tells to find the bad guys…but their own happiness is right under their noses and they completely miss it. Yeah.

    And the line about Booth being “there” to find her a guy? I don’t think he *physically* meant “here” as in London. I think he meant “here” as in “with her”, beside her…helping her see that she really is special and that she needs a special guy to recognize that. Maybe even say it out loud….oh, Brennan. I love her cluelessness but damn she kills me sometimes.

    Another great post. Well done!

  2. I’ve always thought it was interesting why Booth was in London. I could see Booth finding out than Brennan was going to London and trying to come up with some convincing way so that he could go to. Maybe arranging a lecture for himself, maybe even going the bodyguard route, anything to convince his bosses why he had to accompany her.

    But yeah, I don’t really have a lot else to contribute for this, because I’m not sure exactly what happened at the end. But that doesn’t surprise me, because I don’t think they did either.

  3. Sarah, I want to thank you again for running this blog. Your posts, in particular, are helping me get through a season I have so far found incredibly disappointing. I always finish reading them with at least a few shreds of hope.

    Yanks in the UK, especially Part 1, is one of my least favorite episodes. It was the beginning of Goof!Booth, which I find amusing in small doses but not when that’s how he’s presented during most of the episode, as he is in this one. But now I see I missed a few things.

    I always thought Booth and Brennan were just bickering about Wexler in that final scene. I am very intrigued by your theory that the “guy” Booth is supposed to be helping Brennan find is Zack’s replacement, not her next Sully. Maybe it’s a little of both? And Booth being tipsy, or at least bordering on it — also something I never saw, but it makes perfect sense. I forget whether it’s in Part 1 or 2 that Pritch comes up to Booth and Brennan in a pub and observes to Booth, “That’s not your first pint, is it?” Probably Part 2, but it does suggest Booth may be compensating for the lack of coffee with a new appreciation for warm beer. (Nudge, nudge, wink, wink?)

    And the bridge opening behind them. How many times have I watched that in despair, silently screaming “You’re missing the OMEN! Turn around, it’s a SIGN, you idiots!” Now you’ve got me thinking I was the one missing the sign. They don’t have to see it to benefit from the luck. They are lucky to be themselves, Booth and Brennan, partners, together for the long run.

  4. Loved that scene. I think that Brennan does consider Booth’s opinion when it comes to her love life in season’s past. I loved how she turned Wexler down for Booth, because she didn’t want to upset Booth. So I have to wonder this, is this when Brennan started to realize what she does affects Booth. We have seen the jealous side of Booth in the past and it is very evident in the scene with Wexler just as you have pointed out.

    I think back to what Sweets said in the 100th, you missed your moment. Booth is superstitious, we know he believes in luck and all that comes with it. They missed their moment (watching the London Bridge open) because they were bickering as usual. Knowing what we know now, they have missed plenty of moments. I look at the past episodes as if they were new, because of what I have seen this season so far. I pick up on moments that we may have missed because we are too focused on what we see on the outside, so to speak. Take a step back and look at the new episode as a stepping stone towards the right direction. The show is an adventure in itself and no one said that it wouldn’t be an easy ride.

  5. see, i take him saying that he’s trying to help her find a guy to mean just that…not just in england or just at this particular moment, but in general, he’s trying to help her find a man who deserves her and won’t ever let her fall. of course HE’S the one who deserves her, but i don’t even think he necessarily means that. i just think he is actually trying to give her some tips and pointers about the losers she should avoid, because he wants her to be happy with someone. just like she actually really wants him to be happy with hannah. because THAT is LOVE…just wanting the other person to have a happy life, even if it isn’t with you.

    (oh, and have i mentioned that i’m SO disappointed in this season so far? NO magic at all, with the possible exception of the look on booth’s face and his obvious delight in bones’ chicken autopsy. just angst and heartbreak. wouldn’t it be ironic if this turns out to be the season where they finally get together? i’ve read that the producers are actually discussing that possibility)

  6. I was going to say that bored, sleepy Booth in the first picture is kind of cute. Then I got to thinking about Booth and the little car. How every scene with Booth and that car is pretty hilarious and how various things seem to pop out. Not just that Bones is special, but also Cam’s comment that Booth shouldn’t be driving because he’s not adaptable. And, Booth has a lot of trouble “popping out of” the back seat when they get to the mansion. And, how that car is making him crazy to the point where he implodes in the middle of an intersection (which I should probably recognize, but don’t).

    All of that got me thinking: is the car a metaphor of some kind? The car also turns out to be the key to solving the case.

    Since minute analysis seems to be the order of the day: Booth wanted the James Bond car, but got that silly little car and got wildly frustrated with it. Is that kind of like Bones? She frustrates him sometimes and isn’t exactly what he wants her to be (in love with him). Getting untangled from Bones is like getting out of the back of that car (a foreshadowing?).

    It also, like his car back home, is a place where they can have meaningful conversations. And, like back home, Booth does the driving. He retains that control and way to take care of Bones — even, or maybe especially because they are, away from home.

    The car is really another character in this episode. It’s clearly an antagonist for Booth, although it does provide a situation in which, because he’s doing something else, he can tell Bones she’s special.

    The car highlights that Booth is kind of out of his element away from home. Maybe, given the comment about how he got to be there, the car (as well as England more directly) represents just how far Booth will go for Bones. How much discomfort he’s willing to tolerate to be with her, to take care of her.

    I realize this may be over the top analytically, but, hey, that’s what we do — and we’re very good at what we do here. ;-D

    • and then of course, at the beginning of the episode, they have to take a limo to the airport because booth’s tiny car can’t hold all of bones’ baggage. hmmmm, you might have something here.

  7. Sarah, loved this post, especially about them being so closely involved in the fine details, that they are both missing the big picture. They need to stop and take a step back. I agree with Jen that he’s there with her in spirit, not physically to help her find a guy. Ian was definitely a dillweed. I loved Booth’s little confident smile, but I wasn’t thinking that he might be thinking he could kill Ian in one shot! I loved that.
    I always think that Booth acted like a moron in most of this episode-that it was the beginning of the “goofball” Booth so I never really enjoyed this episode, but having you pull out different scenes and talk about the good stuff going on gives me a new perspective of it. Thanks for another great post.

  8. I think Booth is just being Booth. He thinks he is not good enough for her because he thinks she is special and probably deserves a special treatment in his mind he can’t provide. That’s again Booth trying to fix something she never asked him to fix, because he thinks that’s the only thing he is worth for, fixing things for others. That makes him feel needed, that’s his duty, making other people happy even against their will cause supposedly he knows better, but he thinks he doesn’t deserves anything, happiness, and nobody will love him if he is needy too, just like Brennan thought Sully would run away if he saw her vulnerable in the end of bodies in the book. I think Booth feels the same way. So to keep her he keeps fixing things for her even when she doesn’t need it, but doesn’t ask for help himself (except that she should let him fix things – perfect pieces in the purple pond), he thinks that he can only be loved if he is strong and there for her and that he doesn’t deserves more than being there for her, he doesn’t deserves her to be there for him too when he is needy cause he is not worth it in his mind, and he thinks she deserves a non-needy man with no issues…

  9. I’ve enjoyed reading your analysis of this episode, and you have in fact helped me to appreciate this episode a lot more, because, being English, every time I watch it I get distracted by the awful stereotypical representations of us Brits depicted throughout this episode, and in the second part (the guys in the rowing team, in particular.) Don’t get me wrong – I’m not trying to be precious here, I’m pretty sure we Brits can be, and are, equally guilty in our perception of other nations. (It also struck me that there was considerable irony to this – the Director is Ian Toynton who, I believe, is English! Did he feel incensed by it at all, I wonder?)
    Anyway enough of my griping. I felt rather sorry for Booth in parts of this episode, and I could have very happily decked Wexler on Booth’s behalf several times. I thought Booth showed great restraint by only threatening him with his gun right at the end! Wexler was a rude, condescending, patronizing oik and he really, really wasn’t good enough for Bones, at all.
    I’m totally with you on that last scene – it made no sense to me either, although Brennan’s admission that she was unwilling to upset Booth was indeed telling. I reckon, too, that the look on Booth’s face is saying that one bullet is all he needs to do the deed on Wexler – the smile was Booth indulging in a bit of wishful thinking. As for the ‘helping you pick out a guy’ remark – maybe he was just re-confirming for her that Wexler was a jerk ,and totally wrong for her and she made the right choice by listening to him. But It’s really not clear and l’m inclined towards thinking this whole scene was heavily edited , maybe due to time restraints (i.e. Tower Bridge opening) so that there was no chance of re-writing and/or re-filming anything. Just a thought.
    Would you believe that I never even heard the ‘Doris Day parking’ remark? Love it! And thank you for the explanation. I’ll have to go and watch this episode again just to hear that.
    Oh one last thing – purely on a practical note, there is no way that they would have missed Tower Bridge opening, bickering or not. From that distance they would have HEARD it! Sorry. Final gripe. Going to shut up now and go away.
    Love your brilliant site.

  10. Booth’s comment about helping her find a man…you said it yourself in this post. This episode originally was to take place after Man in the Outhouse and the situation with Mark and Jason, where Booth told her there is someone for everyone. I think with that in mind that he was talking about helping her find her someone. He’s said before she has bad judgement when it comes to men so I guess he thinks she needs his help (afterall you’ve speculated that he requested Sully as her partner in Gator didn’t you?). They were probably able to remove any other references to the situation in Outhouse in this episode, but with the bridge opening an all probably didn’t want to mess with this one.

    I also was almost shouting at them to stop bickering and turn around because the bridge was opening. Those two are just so wrapped up in each other that they do miss so much that is happening around them (unless it involves the case).

    I loved the scene with him trying to pull into traffice, both thier discussion and the look on Cam’s face as she overhears the special comments. Her expressions really are great.

    The Yanks episodes really aren’t among my favorites, but they do have some scenes in there that are fabulous, but it’s difficult not to have at the least a good scene when you have B&B alone together. For us to have something less than great someone must really be working at toning their chemistry down.

  11. “Why are you looking at me like that? I’m just here to help you pick out a guy, you know?”. When I heard this line the first time, I took it to mean that he is the guy she should be interested in and that he is doing his best to help her see that anyone else she would be interested in would be a poor choice. He looked a little drunk to me and I don’t think he meant to say that. When he realized that he had said out loud what he was privatedly thinking, he winced and looked like he was kicking himself. Brennan looked annoyed because it sounded like sarcasim and she is not good with sarcasim. She is too literal. I think Booth was pleased that Brennan turned down Wexlar as he thinks she deserves more than a dillweed who is only interested in conquest and not long term relationships. On the other hand, we know Booth knows that you can’t push her when it comes to love and I think his campaign to win her had already started at this point. When he tells her never mind, he is trying to get her to take what he said as not being very serious. He is determined to show her that her choice in men is pretty bad. He feels that by giving her advice about the guys she dates may make her see that a permanent relationship is possible and he is the guy, he is the permanent relationship she should expect and accept.

    When Booth and Brennan start bickering about luck and miss the fact that London Bridge is opening I feel that we are being shown the irony of Booth and Brennan. They are lucky that they ever met. They are lucky that because the first time they worked together was a disaster and yet they are working together now. They are lucky that all in all they get along pretty well. They are lucky that two people who have had pretty unlucky lives are very lucy to have found each other. The irony is that they don’t see it.

  12. Thanks for giving a new perspective on this ep. The UK ones were never my favorites. I don’t like that Booth seems weak and not in control because he is out of his element with the driving, because it is not his case and because he is drunk during part of it. When Brennan even considers a one-night-stand, that bothers me too because it seems like she should get it by now. There are some great conversations here that you pointed out. I do like that Brennan considers Booth’s opinions and that Booth tells her she is special. I took the line ‘I am just here to help you find a guy’ as Booth saying he is there as her protector and that part of that role is to keep her from making a bad decision regarding Wexler. It’s worth another viewing for sure.

  13. You know Seels, I had my response to this formulating in my head as I read the post.

    And then I read the last bit. Stop bickering. You’re right. We are all spending so much time bickering about the current affairs that we are missing the beauty, the potential. Not every moment is a masterpiece, but enough happens to keep us going and looking forward to more.

    So that I say, Salute!

    PS. I always kind of hoped that they would just find a room after this ep…

  14. I never knew they’d changed the order of the episodes. I was always surprised by something Booth said in The Man in the Outhouse….he’s just met Mark…it’s the driving scene taking them to the outhouse and Booth says something like …who knew you were even dating. This always seemed out of place for me because viewing the Yanks in the UK episodes, you could see she was somewhat interested in a man…Wexler. This statement made me wonder why Booth would be surprised and now it makes more sense…I think.

    I initially disliked the Yanks in the UK episodes, mainly because of Wexler who was annoying and I hated the idea that Bones could be remotely interested in him when she has all she could ever want front and center, Booth. But I later learned to appreciate it precisely because of Booth’s “goofiness” which was done perfectly by DB. I find this part of him to be very charming and some of the revelations (Bones is special) and Bones turning down Wexler for Booth…well that went a long way in changing my mind about this episode. I find that road trip episodes seem to push Booth and Bones closer together…at least in terms of how we, the viewers, see things. They may not be closer to becoming a “couple”, but there are things found out that aren’t normally addressed when they are at home. The two of them…alone together…depending on each other creates a stronger bond between them. A bond that they tend to ignore once home…but it’s there nonetheless. The London Bridge scene is a favorite of mine but I’m like most of you…never really know what Booth means when he says…I’m trying to find a man for you. I have generally thought he’s being a bit flippant or sarcastic here….just throwing this out there to make himself feel less guilty for influencing her decision not to go with Wexler and her stern look is her way of saying…see what I did for you. And then the bickering begins and they miss the London bridge lifting but I loved how they missed it because for me…it just showed how they are so into each other that even this “lucky” event escaped their notice. This bickering is who they are and even if they do become a couple…I think it will contine. Their bickering is charming to me because it generally excludes everyone else in the room. As Angela once said…it’s hot! I guess it’s their form of foreplay although they have no idea they are doing it….Hmm…or do they?

  15. i have to admit that i really dislike both Yanks in the UK episode. (i think it’s just the idea that both Booth AND brennan have people hitting on them that really annoys me) but I do love the “you think i’m special?” scene. it always makes me laugh at the idea that this conversation is at the worst possible time and yet Booth still answers her, in a defeated sort of “isn’t it obvious way”.

    When it comes to the end scene I always find myself screaming at the tv going “turn around! turn around!” I never really thought it as a metaphor that they aren’t or we aren’t lookning at the bigger picture. But now i can see that. I do think that B&B’s bickering does sometimes distract them from what they really want to see, or the world around them.

    When it comes to Booth’s line about being there to find her a man, I think it makes more sense if you place the episode after Man in the Outhouse and Booth’s line “I’m looking out for you. You don’t have the best taste in men.” I find it unlikely that they are looking for a replacement for Zach, as I don’t think Brennan ever wants to replace him, just have someone that will help out a little. I dont know, that lines just a little bit of a mystery. Thanks for clearing DOris Day Parking up for me though!! 🙂

  16. Oh boy, this is a difficult comment for me to make, because I think this is probably my least favourite episode of all time. I’m sorry, I just can’t really handle this one all that well.

    I’m not going to write a mammoth comment about my issues with it, but I accept that most of my problems with it stem from the fact I’m British and live in London, and this is the most absurd, stereotypical, laugh-out-loud awful portrayal of London I think I’ve ever seen, which annoys me because:

    1. They wasted an enormous opportunity. London is one of the most multi-cultural, vibrant, exciting cities in the world and all they could find to talk about was aristocracy?! Talk about a boring and predictable approach
    2. Tower Bridge opens 1000 times a year (according to Wiki). It’s not as big a deal as they made out.
    3. There is no way on this fine earth a car could wind up in the Thames smack in the middle of Embankment
    4. The British police force do not carry guns, unless they’re airport security or secret service and the like. The idea that Booth would be given a gun is totally ridiculous.
    5. Bones is better than this!
    6. Our coffee’s not that bad.

    My other issues are to do with the characterisation…I mean, what happened?!

    1. Booth’s an intelligent former soldier who has travelled all over the world – and they make out he’s some ‘dumb American’ who can’t cope with being outside his beloved states. That’s just insulting to Booth’s intelligence and we know it’s not true.
    2. Wexler’s a total creep and really unattractive, I think the flirtation between Brennan and him was pretty unrealistic, she’s got better taste than that!
    3. This is totally irrational and unfair, but although the idea of Brennan sleeping with Wexler made my skin crawl, I’d have quite liked it if Booth slept with Pritch. He just never gets any! (haha) and she was attractive and clearly interested. As was he. Sex wise – it felt that it was all about Brennan in that ep.

    There are bits in the episode I quite like – them missing the bridge opening is not one of them. It broke my heart, it was so unfair. It would have meant so much to Booth, it’s sad he didn’t see it. Although I appreciate the metaphor of the fact that their bickering means they miss the best things in life (for something better perhaps?).

    In terms of their fairly weird exchange at the end, I saw it as kind of Booth messed up his chance to be in Wexler’s shoes, which deep down he wanted – ie being the one with the chance to take Brennan home. Instead, he’s kind of jerky to her. And then regrets it on two levels – the fact he messed up the moment and the fact that he’s kind of been mean to her in the process.

    I can watch this episode every now and again, but, man it winds me up! Sorry for the rant – I promise never to sully Bones Theory with such negativity again!

  17. First off, was that a little Ferris Bueller reference I caught there? (“If you guys don’t stop bickering and just look around once in awhile…you’re going to miss it.”) If so, you rock even more. Bones + Ferris Bueller = Pure Awesome. If not, please disregard the first part of this comment. Lol

    Ok, moving on, I was kind of surprised going through and reading the comments about how much people disliked this episode. It wasn’t my favorite, but I enjoyed it just fine. I think I tend to only refer back to my favorite part with Booth and Brennan in the thumb sized car. I do love that this is the moment Brennan decides to have a heart to heart. She has impeccable timing. 😉 I love that entire exchange about Brennan being special. I don’t think Booth was lying, I think you were right, he just can’t believe he is having that conversation at that moment…in London, in a teeny tiny car. Haha.

    As for the bridge moment, I think that Jen hit the nail right on the head when she said, “…but then, isn’t that the entire theme of the show? Smartest crime fighters on the planet, picking up insignificant, minute clues and tells to find the bad guys…but their own happiness is right under their noses and they completely miss it.” I was, of course, kind of upset that they missed the bridge, but for the most part I just laughed it off. It was just so…typical.

  18. Thank you Sarah for a one another great scene study! You gave me most complete understanding of this beautiful scene! When I saw it I was charmed, but forget to think deeper. It’s great idea about metaphorical sense of scene! Yes, it is – they are working together for a several years but they don’t want to see that is between them!

    About “finding man”. I don’t think that it’s about finding new man in UK or finding substitute for Zack. Several episodes ago Booth said that Brennan can’t find a good gay for her own, she always did mistakes. Maybe he meant that he feel, he should to help her to recognize a good man.

    But I sure that he (despite he didn’t face it) meant himself. Because only he is “that gay” for Tempe. He brings the luck, he said. So romantic moment! So beautiful conversation!

    I think it was sort of pre-100th conversation. Because he sort of open his heart for her. But she rejected him – “I don’t believe in luck…”. I sure it was a usual for Brennan attempt to defense from her feelings. And she begun a dispute about definitions. I sure their bickering is substitute for … can’t find word … sexual relationships maybe. They are so deep in one another, therefore they missed that they wanted to see.

    It was a significant moment when he rejected Wexler. It wasn’t at first time. I remember scene from 1st season when she was going to date and Booth was in a hospital. Bren canceled meeting and stayed with him. She loves him. Right from beginning, yes. She can’t hurt him, she can’t leave him alone as in this scene. She trust him and often appreciate his advices, I should say always if we talks about feelings.

    Beautiful scene, great post! Thanks again and sorry for my English again :))

  19. And one else – Brennan is definely very, very beautiful when she talks with Wexler! Those eyes! She is wonderful!

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