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The Grit in the Girl


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Happy Monday! For the record; I’m not a morning person, nor am I optimistic or talkative in the morning. That’s the power of pre-scheduling a post to go live. I can write this post on a Sunday afternoon and make you THINK that I’m happy on Monday mornings. It’s all a ruse; don’t tell anyone. 🙂

So…let’s talk Brennan.

I have to say I’m proud of her. From where I’m typing, she hasn’t even made a move that indicates she might be running away from this. Of course, it’s tricky because I have never seen Brennan as an abandoner, or even someone who runs away from trouble.

When she was away during the ‘summer’ between seasons one and two, there was no sense from Booth that he felt betrayed by her (despite the fact that she changes her plans and does not tell him). Interestingly enough, between seasons two and three, Booth DOES feel sort of uneasy that she won’t work with him. She never leaves town, it seems…she just continually finds excuses not to work with him.

I ALSO contend that after season four, Booth lied to her and said he was fine and that she should go away in order for him to ‘get better’ in her absence. There has been no proof of this, except that Brennan is surprised when she comes back to find he is only coinky-dinkily coming back to work that same day. It seems as if she did not really keep in touch with him during that separation either.

Now…we do know that she went to Maluku for a couple of reasons; one of those was for the genuine study of anthropology, and she was right to do so. She’s a premier anthropologist. She should have gone. Another reason is that she wanted to clear her mind regarding her relationship with Booth. That’s not running away, necessarily, but it is making a separation.

But now…she’s not going anywhere. She also said this herself in the most recent episode. She tells Hannah that Angela encouraged her to move on. Not a literal move to another geographical location, she is quick to clarify, but to a new relationship. (Sidenote: It seems as if Brennan has confided in Angela here…more than we saw, somewhere between her conversation with Hannah and the later drinks with Hannah. What other instance would Angela tell her to ‘move on’ from? I am curious to know what exactly Brennan said to Angela…and I’m curious to know if any of you feel that is a betrayal on her part of ‘what goes on between us is ours’. It seems to be just two friends sharing with one another. But perhaps that’s another post for another day).

So…she’s not going anywhere. But I have to also ask…where else would she go? The Maluku failure sort of shows Brennan that anthropology is not the answer. She’s not quitting it or anything, but does that make sense?

I think she’s showing some real grit and real determination in sticking this out…working with Booth and giving the whole friendship thing with Hannah a shot. I don’t necessarily like the reality of those things, but I still admire Brennan in them.

Now look, this isn’t a Booth bashing post; he’s showing his own grit and determination as well, in my opinion, including being a very good partner toward Brennan DESPITE the fact that (at first, at least) she continued to make somewhat snide comments toward him regarding love. He stands his own ground, and I’m proud of him for that too.

But as far as Brennan goes…she’s sort of in limbo and she’s really hanging in there.

Of course, when I say I’m proud of her, that doesn’t mean I’m happy or smiling. Every once in awhile I think I can handle watching DitP again, but even when I just THINK about her opening her fridge and seeing everything so meticulously prepared…I cry.

That’s love from her, right? Love in her expression of it, at least. Ha, I just can’t do it.

I”m so thankful when other people are able to create things that help me express my emotions for Brennan or that episode or the show in general. One such pal, “EachofusAngels” created a gorgeous Brennan video ”  ‘This Woman’s Work” (I’ve posted it here before), and recently, she sent me a link to another video she thought I would enjoy. I do, and I love it, and I want to share it with you. It’s by “Lorbaby83” and I am not sure who that person is. But I think you will like this.

I don’t believe Brennan has missed her ONLY chance. This video…it’s good and uplifting and encourages me, but also gives me that same underlying fear I’ve been feeling this season…what IF Brennan ends up alone? And when I feel that, I think back to what pal Jen (NatesMama1128) said, when she said this to a friend of ours…

“Brennan almost always needs Booth more than he needs her, at least as far as the bottom line is concerned. Booth would live a perfectly happy life with someone else, but Brennan might never find someone who understands her as well and as thoroughly as Booth does. Is that tragic? No, not really. If the story were over [now] and they still weren’t together then yes…it might be tragic. But there is still hope. We know that even if Booth could find happiness and contentment with someone else, he is meant to be with Brennan (because that’s how HH wrote him…them) and Brennan was always meant to be with Booth. Brennan might not believe in fate, but Hart Hanson does…luckily for her. :)”

So the way I see it…Brennan’s really giving this a shot; the good, the bad and the ugly. I love that. And hey, maybe I’m the girl with the grit! Maybe a lot of us are, for sticking with this (or the guy with the guts, if you are a guy who reads BT)…right alongside Brennan (and Booth).

I’m cool with that.

Peace, Love & Bones,



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  1. Brennan is sticking it out. She has seen that the worse thing she feard in her emotional life, Booth abandoning her, did not happen. She rejected him (twice) in his attempt to form a more personal relationship and yet they are both still working together as partners. She values her partnership above all others when it comes to interaction with other people. Though both were seperated for several months and had no contact with each other in that time, they both came back together and restarted up their partnership and yes friendship. Booth says he has moved on, romantically, and Brennan believes him. Though she now thinks she missed her chance (to fall in love? ) with Booth and Booth clearly is interested in someone else, romantically, Brennan still firmly believes that she has a relationship with Booth. I don’t mean a romantic relationship; but, his friendship. Brennan has few friends in the world that “get her”. She knows she doesn’t really understand the subtle signs and words that people use in relationships; but, she does know that she has a friend that can and will explain these things to her when she doesn’t understand. She has a friend and partner that she can count on when she needs someone to count on. She has a friend that loves her for who she is and thinks she is special and the standard for beauty. Brennan is a lonely person who needs someone in life to just be a friend. What she has wanted in Booth, more that anything else, is someone to talk to, to sound things out with, to explain the unexplainable ways of human interaction. Sure, she may love Booth and he may love her; but, to Brennan that love can exist outside of a more intimate relationship. One of her fears appears to be that Booth would abandon her like everyone else in her life has. She even asked him once, will you abandon me too? Her fear is so great that Booth would do that, that she would not (up until now) consider getting closer to Booth for fear that a close relationship would blow up in their faces (and lets face it both have a terrible record when it comes to significant others) and she would indeed lose Booth. Brennan is very independant but she needs Booth as a friend and she will not run away from him or their partnership. She may be open down the road for something closer with Booth, if the opportunity presents itself. BUT, Booth will have to persuade her that no matter what happens between them, he will not abandon their friendship. If she thinks that can’t happen then they will never be a couple.

  2. Wonderful post as always, love. It’s interesting that you finished with saying that you’re the girl with the grit because it makes me kind of sad. Mostly because over the weekend, I’ve been thinking that I’m starting to lose mine.

    I’ve been a David Boreanaz fan for the last 14 years. Like a rabid one. I fell in love with the dark, brooding, but still hopeful vampire, Angel, very early in the Buffy series. It’s why I followed DB over to his own series and ultimately why I started watching Bones. Lucky for him he’s always been surrounded by brilliant showrunners – Joss and Hart.

    But things have changed very drastically for Bones in season 6 (and it kind of reminds me of the Angel Season 4 debacle and the direction that TPTB took with Cordelia — see The Assassination of Cordelia Chase..)

    I understand the need for conflict on the road to eventually but honestly, it’s just gotten out of hand. I realized this on Saturday morning while I was watching the latest episode of Fringe. (Sidenote: Gawd, that’s an excellent show.) I watched every minute of the episode with my eyes wide open waiting to see how it would unfold. It didn’t matter who was on the screen, I was involved in the story, the case, and the interaction between all the characters. Once I was done, I thought about how I had watched Bones on Thursday night and to be honest, had to think really hard to remember the case, and how everyone was involved and how the characters were being developed. And you know what I came up with — not much.

    I remember that Hart Hanson once described Bones as a procedural that focuses on the science as much as character development. And I think that’s mostly true for the first 5 seasons. But season 6, it has just been a soap opera. With very few exceptions, the cases were all throw-away and the development of the peripheral characters was minimal. It’s sad. And it makes me sad because honestly, it used to be so great.

    This is not about Booth and Brennan getting together, or Hannah, or anything like that. It’s about the show — and how for the first time in 5 years, “Bones” is no longer the answer I give when people ask me what my favorite television show is.

    Sorry to be such a downer.

    • Thank you so much for that link! As a fan of Cordelia, I loved every word of it! … And I agree with you on the rest too… 😉

  3. lorbaby83 is (for me) one of the best Bones vidders. She’s part of the italian fandom and she’s @alightonahill on twitter. I’ve been in love with her video that you posted since I first watched it, it portrayes Brennan so well! She’s also made another wonderful video about “The Right Time” for B&B that I think you’ll love too ( )
    As for Brennan… I’ll be back after I reread the post! 🙂

  4. I LOVE LOVE that video…Lor makes the best fanvids ever and I love all of them!

    Anyway back to the actual words in your post. 🙂 I think Brennan probably did tell Angela everything that happened because she needed advice and was upset about it. Before any of this had happened she would have confided in Booth, but she can’t really talk to him about himself so Angela is the next option. And seeing as how Booth basically told Sweets what happened I’d say it was okay for Brennan to talk to Angela about it.

    And I think you’re right about Brennan realizing that running away isn’t going to work this time. When she left for Maluku everything she had built her life around in DC fell apart…the squinterns left, Cam wasn’t at the Jeffersonian anymore, Angela and Hodgins were building a life that she was in no way a part of, Booth was moving on in Afghanistan. I think she’s finally realized after that that her actions have consequences and in running away she could destroy everything good in her life. And her determination to deal with this problem…to meet it head on makes me love Brennan more than I ever thought possible. The fact that she can work with Booth and try to be friends with Hannah when it so obviously hurts sometimes is amazing and shows just how strong of a person she is. And I love Jen’s comment that even if Brennan doesn’t believe in fate, HH does….it gives me a little hope. Because even though I want to strangle the man right now, I’m hoping he remembers what path he laid out for B&B in the beginning…because no matter how twisting and far apart those two paths are they both end in the same spot, together.

  5. Great post! The fact that Brennan hasn’t run (not yet anyway) shows that she is so much stronger than before. She knows now that she is loved by her family, is loved by her co-workers and is a lovable person. She knows that Booth did love her even if she thinks he doesn’t still. She knows she is capable of love and wants that in her life. That gives her the confidence to move forward and live her life without having to escape her current circumstance. She is not just working in the lab instead of running to a dig, she is fully participating in life in DC — hosting a dinner, having drinks with Hannah, taking an interest in Hodgins/Angela’s baby. She is being a good friend. Brennan is showing a lot of grit lately — it’s awesome!
    Side note on the breaks between seasons where she goes on digs — The only one of those that bothers me (besides Maluku of course!) is the Guatemala dig while Booth is recovering post season 4. It seems to me like she would have been bringing him soup from the place and updating him on what was going on, etc. I overlook that awkwardness though because Harbingers is my all time favorite ep and it is totally worth it to get to see the reunion where she almost sits on him and says there is no such thing as 110% and says why are you dressed like a furniture mover! Good times — sigh!
    thanks for sharing the videos!

  6. In reply to lo: I too was at first baffled by Brennan’s leaving between season 4 and 5, but she had just revealed some really personal… stuff (for lack of a better word) to Booth, and I think that scared her.

    Then he woke up and was’t sure who she was. I’m not sure how to interpret that (whether he wasn’t sure who she LITERALLY was or wasn’t sure whether he was dream Brennan or real Brennan…), but regardless, it would have been shocking/ disturbing.

    So she left. She ran away for a bit. I get that.


    I think the season 6 opener was eye-opening for Brennan: not only did running away NOT work for her (in my opinion), but it also disrupted her team’s lives, and that disruption, I think, really showed her how MUCH of a team they are. That she has people who depend on her and she can’t simply just leave anymore. She has a family.

    Therefore, she could not do that to these people again. Not that I don’t believe she’s grown stronger, because I definitely DO. I just think that many factors played into her decision.

    Now, I’m late to class, so I must go even though I really want to discuss this further!!!

    • I heard one person argue that she left to help “Booth” recover. That her being there confused him. In Harbingers someone makes the statement that Booth thought they were married for days. One person argued that she was encouraged to leave so Booth could get back to normal.

      I don’t agree or disagree or necessarily believe it. I just thought it was an interesting idea.

  7. Okay — brief depressing interlude, over.

    That video was fantastic. I think the one saving grace of Season 6 has been the ongoing character development of this woman. Of all the situations you described in which she has fled, she was always in some sort of denial — even in tBitE when she hadn’t truly admitted her feelings. By the time she got back from her self-imposed hiatus, she had managed to compartmentalize whatever it was that sent her fleeing. But now, the dam has burst and there’s no escaping her emotions and the reality of the situation — the man she loves, who once loved her, has moved on. It’s got to be the worst kind of torture to stand around, now fully aware of feelings that had once been locked up, and watch Booth move on with Hannah. But she’s bearing it – although I’m not sure it’s for Booth as much as it is for the rest of the team — Cam, Angela, and Hodgins. Also she came back from Maluku stating that now she sees the value of solving murders — that their partnership has purpose – and it seems to me that she’s also sticking around for that. Either way, it’s admirable and it shows that she has grown tremendously… which makes me happy :).

    (On a side note: I don’t recall hearing Booth reaffirm his commitment to solving murders as well. Does he still have the same commitment to atoning for his sniper years that he did in The Soldier on the Grave? Cause I haven’t seen that — it’s like the whole first half of season 6, he’s just been going through the motions at the FBI and in his working partnership with Bones. Maybe that’s why the cases have been so blah?)

  8. Brennan left Booth for 6wks after he had brain surgery. It wasn’t about her, she should of been there for the man that is her friend. And worse she didn’t even bother ring him once to check if he was ok. Think about it, he had major brain surgery, it wasnt an ingrown toenail. She never heard of relapses or post surgery complications? Doctors aren’t always right, she would know that better than anyone. Brennan was a total jerk to Booth and many of the fans hated her for that and still do. What happens in the show is canon not what we want or imagine to happen.

  9. Wow. That video was…incredible. Beautiful. Haunting. Just…wow.

    On to Sarah’s post. I was thinking about Booth and Brennan and the fan reaction to everything that has happened this season as I was going about my routine this morning and part of a Bible verse kept coming to mind. Now I know we don’t usually get into religious stuff here on BT, but I think it’s applicable, so I’m going to give it a go. It’s from 1st Corinthians 13 (also known as the love chapter), verse 5. This portion of the chapter (starting with verse 4) lists what love is/isn’t: patient, kind, not envious, not boastful, not proud, not rude, not self seeking or easily angered, “it keeps no record of wrongs.” Verses 6 and 7 continue the list with: “Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.” Now what jumped out at me this morning was the line, “it keeps no record of wrongs” and I’ll get to the reason why in a minute. I decided to include the rest of the “list” because I think it helps to look at it and realize that we’ve seen both Booth and Brennan do all of these things at one point or another over the course of the show (maybe not all of them currently, but we’ve seen them all at some point). What we see are not always perfect examples and they don’t always get it exactly right, but it’s still there. And I find that encouraging.

    “[Love] keeps no record of wrongs.” Is there any better evidence of our humanity than what is found in these words? We like to think that if we truly loved someone we wouldn’t hurt them, but that simply isn’t the case (remember, “how can I love without grace?”). Love may be patient and kind most of the time but sometimes it isn’t. The very phrase, “it keeps no record of wrongs” assumes that wrongs WILL be committed. It’s just that love is about learning to not keep count. And hey, sometimes we even get that part wrong, but life itself is a learning process, right?

    I mention this because I kind of feel like this is where Brennan has found herself this season. And if we’re honest with ourselves, it’s kind of where we are too (both in how we view the characters and the show’s creators). Quite simply, I think Brennan is learning the value in not keeping a record of wrongs. And I think it’s part of what has allowed her to stand firm when everything else in her is telling her to run for the hills.

    • Quick comment on Stephanie’s post: Brennan finally seeing the value in not keeping a record of wrongs is an important point because we know that she has tended to do that in the past. What episode did she have that bit of dialogue with Booth about not wanting a father who keeps score and Booth pointing out that she was keeping score too? And, that last comment from Booth really bugged her.

      • Soccer Mom In The Mini Van
        BOOTH: Ah, thank you. So um, how did your dad like his socks?
        BRENNAN: Fine.
        BOOTH: That’s sorta a way to start a conversation there, Bones.
        BRENNAN: I know.
        BOOTH: Ya know, look. I’m – I should never have gotten in the middle of all this, I’m – I’m sorry. I was just – I’m just trying to help.
        BRENNAN: He wanted me to testify on his behalf. He just wants to use me.
        BOOTH: Well, he’s s con man, Bones, that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t love you. He’s just looking for a little payback.
        BRENNAN: Payback?
        BOOTH: Yeah. He’s thinking that he got arrested so that he could spend some more time with you. I mean, you could at least return the favor by doing something nice for him.
        BRENNAN: I’m not sure I want a father who’s always keeping score.
        BOOTH: Yeah. Sounds like you are too.
        BRENNAN: You know what? You’re right. This is none of your business.

      • Thanks, Leonora for that scene.

    • Stephanie, I have to agree with you, those Bible verses are very appropriate to the discussion.

      Love, “always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres…” I think that very succinctly illustrates where Brennan is right now too.

      First she tried to protect Booth, unnecessarily, but she was trying to. She still trusts him, that trust might be a little banged up right now with the knowledge that he talked to Hannah, but I think she logically understands why he did it. I think she’s still holding out hope for Booth – whether that hope is that she ends up with him, or that he’s happy no matter what, I’m not sure. Maybe it’s a little from column A and a little from column B. And she’s persevering through this whole thing, because she hasn’t given up on Booth or their friendship or working relationship, no matter how hard it must be for her right now.

  10. Now my main point.

    Sarah Tweeted last night about which was a bigger compliment: having guts or grit. She has clearly decided that Bones is giving evidence of grit at this time.

    I totally agree that grit is what Brennan is showing right now. She isn’t running and that has got to be very tempting. Her tendency to do that in the past is one of the things that makes me so skeptical about whether B&B can get to eventually. It took a while before she ran after ep 100, so I am not convinced that she won’t yet decide to run. (Her running off to Guatemala while Booth was recovering from brain surgery really bugged me too, even if I kind of see why she did.)

    That all said, Brennan can also show a lot of guts. That’s just not what’s going on right now. It took guts to tell Booth what she told him in DitP. Her problem may be that, except for the grit she shows in her dogged pursuit of the truth, she has tended to have more guts than grit, especially where relationships are concerned. First sign of trouble and she’s gone. And, her historic tendency to protect herself from rejection also shows a lack of guts too to some extent in the relationship department.

    As different as they are in so many ways, Booth also demonstrates both. His gutsiness is pretty obvious, but he also has always shown a lot of grit. As brave and selfless as he can be, I think his grittiness is the real source of his accomplishments. Being an ace sniper requires grit as much as guts. It takes guts to be a sniper, but it takes grit to succeed because you have to have patience and the ability to stay focused for long periods of time in uncomfortable and dangerous places. His success as an FBI agent is more about grit than guts. Yes, he shows guts in his willingness to take physical risks and stand up to TPTB to solve cases, but most cases don’t require that. Most of his cases require him to keep probing, to keep throwing himself up against walls that people put up to keep information from him. As he said in the Pilot: it’s guys like him asking a thousand questions that solve murders. The thousand questions are grit and that’s what crime solving is about 99.99% of the time.

    It’s interesting to think about these in relationship to relationships. Brennan has historically had neither with regard to relationships — for good reason. Booth on the other hand has shown some guts and a lot of grit. He did take the risk with Brennan (and lost). His willingness to keep trying to find someone takes both. His willingness to wait five years to reach out to Brennan and his willingness to keep Brennan close in spite of her rejection is also grit. His relationship with Hannah is also about grit — he determined he’d move on and he’s going to do it, no matter how hard it is, no matter how hard he has to work at it.

    Now I must get to work even though it’s 7 degrees F out. That’s on the order of -12 C for those of you in other parts of the world. And, it’s windy.

  11. This season has definitely been about Brennan’s growth and has showcased more than ever just what a brave woman she really is. She’s always been able to kick butt when the time warranted and I loved that she was so capable; no damsel in distress she. This season though has got to be her toughest. Throughout the whole arc with her dad’s reappearance she had Booth’s support and encouragement to count on. Unfortunately, this time Booth is the source of her pain and she finds herself emotionally alone. As others have mentioned she has shown remarkable strength, not only by tolerating the Hannah situation, but by supporting Booth and actively including his and Hannah’s relationship in her life. I can only imagine what watching Booth from the sidelines feels for her, being that she is so inexperienced in the relationship area and has little to go on in terms of what to expect next. It has to be painful beyond belief, and I’m not sure I would have been near as generous as she has been. It’s a testament to what a big heart she really has.

    I only have a little qubble with the post and that is the mention that Brennan needs Booth more than he needs her. They both existed without each other prior to their partnership, but I would argue that neither did it well. Brennan of course had closed herself off emotionally, but Booth had major issues that made him deeply unhappy. We saw that prior to Brennan he never had stable relationships with women, probably because he sabotaged them by either picking the wrong woman or by having so little self-worth that he expected failure and created the setting for it. With Brennan he has found not only purpose, but redemption. Remember how angry and brittle he was at the beginning of the series; how pathologically closed-off he was about his personal life? The Booth we have now, while still suffering from self-doubt, has become much more open and relaxed. I credit this to the love he has allowed himself to give his partner and the unspoken love and support he has received from her throughout the years. That all of these developments happened after Brennan, that he hadn’t felt the need or desire to be with another woman for so long even though sex was off the table, is living proof to me that she is the source of his happiness. He has convinced himself that he is happy with Hannah but this survival mechanism can’t possibly last. He has not (to our knowledge) ever has a serious conversation with her about himself, his fears and his past, and I doubt he will. It’s only been with Brennan that he has shown true vulnerability and I think this will remain a constant. He said he knew she was the one from the beginning, has more than hinted at her being his soulmate, and this knowledge will stay with him always making it impossible for another to make him truly happy. Can he continue on without Brennan? Sure. Can he do it in a really meaningful, joyous way? I say no.

  12. “I think she’s showing some real grit and real determination in sticking this out…working with Booth and giving the whole friendship thing with Hannah a shot.”
    I started to write that I disagreed with this idea that either Brennan OR Booth show a lot of grit (or guts) in this situation, but I realize that I don’t actually disagree, but do think it is giving them too much praise for simply pushing through life and how it is. Does this sound cynical? Because on the whole, I am not a cynical person it’s just that, honestly, I felt like the best response at the 100th would have been for Booth to sever (or at least temporarily sever) their partnership. Sure Booth started dating Catherine and maybe there would have been others – but the way he and Brennan were still interacting? Extremely difficult to move on from that. Booth going away is what helped him.
    The current situation is slightly different in that Brennan can at least see Booth in a committed relationship and understand the boundaries – but as a woman, I know the unreasonable feeling of thinking, “maybe it won’t work out” or “maybe he’ll decide he loves me after all”. What Brennan is doing (and what Booth did) is not any different than what so many others have done and continue to do.
    On the romantic side? The fiction side? The faith in what is to be on this show? I am absolutely glad that these two are still partners and that this signifies hope. I am all about a larger than life situation for these characters because it’s fiction, but don’t want to fall into the trap of ascribing *too* much to them; I have seen an overplay of this in other areas – such as the idea that either one has betrayed the other with what each has told a friend, as well.
    Am I sounding too harsh? Perhaps it is my Brennan side coming out in maintaining a rational look at what these characters are doing – or, perhaps it is my Booth side that just feels that everyone can compartmentalize when he/she needs too. Ultimately I am saying yes, Brennan shows grit, but in this circumstance, it does not strike me as remarkable in an otherwise remarkable woman. (Does that soften my opinion, better?)

  13. Wow! These videos… I had no idea such things existed. There are some people who are so creative and so talented, and they have found a medium to express such things as I could never find the words to express. Bravo! And thank you, Sarah, for sharing those links.

    I agree with Janet (ProfeJMarie) when she says that Brennan is showing grit, but that this is not necessarily remarkable. It took guts for Brennan to tell Booth what she told him in DitP, and although her timing wasn’t appropriate, I’m still proud of her for what she did. Now, it surely must take a certain amount of grit to go about her daily life, working with Booth and building a friendship with Hannah. I’m sure these things aren’t easy for Brennan. She and Booth still have a special partnership, but the partnership has changed. She and Hannah might have been friends had they not had Booth in common, but they do, and their friendship makes me slightly uncomfortable. I hurt for Brennan because of the situation she is in, and the way Emily Deschanel’s facial expressions are speaking volumes this season makes me hurt even more. My point is… For the guts Brennan showed in DitP, I was proud of her. For the grit she’s shown since then, I hurt for her (with her?), but it doesn’t surprise me, and I don’t find it exceptional. I guess that sounds pretty harsh, but what I’m trying to say is that I have high expectations for Brennan, and so far, she’s handled her current circumstances the way I would expect.

    Parting thoughts: I’m not a writer and have never written a script, but I try to keep in mind that the writers have a limited number of minutes in which to tell their story. I don’t know how much detail Booth went into with Sweets, or Brennan with Angela, or Booth with Hannah for that matter. I think the writers make other characters aware of certain situations so those characters can help move the story along. Also, by not telling us every little thing that happens, the writers leave the story open for future plot twists and surprises. It’s storytelling, and it wouldn’t be entertaining for the audience if the writers didn’t take certain liberties – creative license, if you will – with the story. I’m ok with it, and I try not to over-analyze things we didn’t see. Goodness knows, I’ve already got my hands full over-analyzing everything we do see!

    • I think I’m pretty forgiving on the writers, too. Approximately 40 minutes per episode, and I think the relationship stuff altogether is probably no more than 10-15 minutes. That’s less than half of the show, and it involves more than just B&B. I think it would be hard to make big leaps in the character storylines with that sort of timeframe.

      There are many of the opinion that the show has turned into a soap opera. My first instinct was to strongly disagree, and then I looked it up on Wikipedia. It’s quite fascinating. I don’t watch soap operas, so I don’t know if it makes my opinion less valid here. The part of the show that’s about the characters does have elements of it that sound like a soap opera (according to Wikipedia). And by that definition, I don’t think it’s a bad thing. But maybe it can’t totally be called that, because then I would have to say the character stories in The Office, Parenthood, and Castle would make those soap operas, too (IMO). Maybe if they threw in a little bit of secret relationships, affairs, and unpunished crimes, I would agree more that it is like a typical American soap opera. But what I see is just a portrayal of what can really happen in RL, and some readers here have already attested to being in or seeing the kind of situation that’s going on now.

  14. Really like both the videos.

  15. I think a person has to have some grit in order to stick it out and deal with a situation such as the one Brennan is in right now. I’m kind of proud of her too, though to be honest, I wouldn’t blame her if she decided to run…maybe not in the physical sense, but in the emotional sense. I wouldn’t blame her if she withdrew from Booth, because in some ways she’s sort of lost Booth as her confidant. It’s weird, but I almost want her to just to get a reaction out of Booth, make him notice his difference in interacting with her is making her interact differently with him. 🙂

    Her friendship with Hannah is praiseworthy, odd, but shows that grit in not letting her emotions to sully her impression of Hannah (I for one would probably try not to hate her for what she represents, but I know it would be very hard to do so!). She’s definitely braver in that department than I think I would be.

  16. I for one find it very ironic that, for the first time in the show’s history, I’m shouting ‘Get out of there, Brennan! Go and do something that makes you happy!’. I used to have precisely the opposite reaction – for instance, about her decision to go to Maluku, when I really wanted her to stay.

    These characters – they never do what we expect them to, do they? I’m afraid this is not intended to be a compliment to the writers.

    Thanks you, as always, for an interesting post.

  17. wow! That video is amazing. It made me cry 😦

    I couldn’t help but notice the skilled juxtaposition of Brennan and Booth’s reaction from the 100th and DitP. Such different facial expressions…Booth’s long blink…like he’s trying to draw strength and can’t believe this is happening is just telling and beautiful.

    Thanks for sharing such powerful imagery.

    I still struggle to believe that people still struggle to see that HH has every intention of getting these kids together, and has always had that intention. Every single episode has had something in it to point us in that direction. And what a beautiful direction it is.

  18. ” Every once in awhile I think I can handle watching DitP again”

    Sarah I haven’t been able to rewatch DitP either & after ending up in tears just watching the vid you posted I don’t think I will be able to for a long time yet!!

  19. As much as i would love to watch the video, I am currently an emotional wreck and feel that I would scare my family if I burst into tears.

    I am typing this as I am watching Bones reruns (The Tough man in the Chicken Tender). Again, watching of episodes with a new outlook.

    I think that Brennan wants to believe in love, or at least the concept of it. I think that with her “break” in Maluku that she realized that everything she had with Booth was the beginnings of it. But it broke her belief in love when he told her that he had met someone. Did she miss her chance with Booth, yes at that moment, but as you stated the show revolves around Booth & Brennan as the center. Right now, there is a crack in the center, but it will heal.

    Will Brennan get over Booth, not as fast as she would like. I honestly think it will take her time to move on. Is Booth over Brennan, not as much as he wants to think so. They will find their way back to each other, it’s just going to be a bumpy ride until we get there.

    • I watched the vid at work this morning & now work mates think there is something terribly wrong but I can’t tell them I was bawling over a Bones video!! That will teach me not to view these things at work lol

  20. When you see a video like we just saw which compiles all those wonderful moments from the series, you can see why we hold on so tightly to the notion that these two belong together. It was written that way and we’re just not at the end of the story. I know some say that the journey that shows the evolution or the growth of Booth & Brennan is enough to make this story worthwhile….that we should be satisfied with that even though they may never end up together…that if they are “happy” at the end of the series…it should be enough. But, I can honestly say it probably won’t be ENOUGH for me. I guess what bothers me the most is that they haven’t been on the same page at the same time…they haven’t had their “moment” together. I want them to be able to look at each other and know…this is it…this is when we acknowledge that we love each other in the same way at the same time…this is OUR moment. If we don’t get that…I will be…well …I don’t know what I’ll feel……that was a great video and it actually showcased things I hadn’t seen before in the Doctor in the Photo. ONe of them being a look of real fear in Booth’s eyes as he realized what Bones was about to reveal. I have to see that episode again to see that moment again. Thanks for a great post.

  21. Sarah, I had a thought pop into my head as I was reading your post, and that thought was this: Forensic anthropology is not for wimps.

    So when you say there is grit in our girl, you’re right. She has it in spades. She has to have grit and strength to deal with her job day in and day out. It takes grit to “put your heart in a box” as she told Zack. She had to have grit to get through losing her parents, losing her brother and ending up in foster care. Those keystone moments could have led her down paths towards dangerous, if not deadly choices, but she stuck it out and hung in there and got through it alive, although not unscathed.

    It’s got to take grit and determination to see a novel through to completion. And over and over again we’ve seen muscle through and fight for what’s right, what she believes in, for victims, and most importantly, for the people she loves.

    So for me, it isn’t a surprise that she’s showing her grit now, and I’m really enjoying watching her emotional journey even if it is painful to watch at times.

    As for her separations from Booth and crime solving over the years, my take on that is that it helps her get in touch with the roots of why she wanted to be an anthropologist in the first place. Everyone has stuff that they do that takes them to their happy place; I’ll bet digs are that for her. Plus we know that she and Booth work on cases other than the ones they do together. For example, Booth’s RICO case and her work in Cuba. So it’s plausible, at least to me, that they would have periods of time where they weren’t working together as frequently.

    As for the separation between seasons 4 and 5, from what Angela says in the season 5 opener, Booth divulged to someone (my guess is Brennan, who then told Angela) that Brennan was in his coma dream, and that in the dream, she was pregnant. So I’d be willing to bet that once the dust settled and he was in for some recovery time and maybe some rehab, Booth shooed her away. I wouldn’t be surprised if he needed some space after all that, too.

    Your comment about her not talking to Booth while they are separated… I can’t say that surprises me all that much. She doesn’t really strike me as someone who can chit-chat on the phone, or send an e-mail talking about what she’s been up to, unless what she’s been up to is pertinent to a case or a dig. I think that for her, phones and e-mail are likely a means to an end, merely a way of conveying information. That’s not to say I think she’s anti-social, just that she is more inclined to want face to face communication for personal things rather than the relatively impersonal nature of the phone and internet.

    Thanks for sharing those vids – especially the one by lorbaby; it was absolutely beautiful. 🙂

    • I think that it was Avalon who guessed about Brennan being pregnant in the coma dream and Angela just happened to be there during the card reading. Still, stuff must have been said about the dream previously since several people seemed to know about it.

  22. I totally agree with this Sarah….and that hasn’t happened in a while so go us! LOL

    Now, i’ve had my….problems with Booth this season (i still can’t discuss last week without arguing with someone! LOL) but regardless of that i am proud of him. He’s…trying. Desperately at times but he’s trying.

    But Brennan………i am SO proud of her. I’ve always been torn about whether i’ve seen her as the girl that runs…sometimes i think she does, other times i don’t. What i DO think is that BOOTH thinks she’s the person that runs. Or at least she runs from him…and i do believe that the fact that she hasn’t run and has showed no signs of running with go a long way towards their eventual coming together when Hannah is out of the picture (note i said when and not if! LOL Wishful thinking maybe?!).

    Booth needs to see that when things get hard she isn’t going to fly half way across the world…and what better way to show that than sticking around to watch the man she loves love another? It would convince me!

    It’s like Brennans first step without it really being a first step…you know? 😉

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