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Morning After Q: This Land Belongs to Seeley Booth: What Else IS There to Say?


Hey, Hey, HEY! Hope you are having a great Friday.

I don’t know about you, but I really loved “The Bullet in the Brain”. I’ll just say this; it was the first time an episode has been illuminating!

It’s not very often that we get the long and lean Seeley Booth stretched out on a table with a gun…

okay, okay…I’m back. Sorry about that! Um, yes, the Morning After Q. Yes, we SHOULD discuss something, right? There IS more to discuss! But honestly, I’d be lying if I said that “what would you rather be: the gun or the table” didn’t cross my mind (feel free to answer!). But we’re more rational than that. Stop laughing.

I mean it.

No, okay, seriously…let’s discuss Taffet and her death and the reactions of each person.







Each person reacted in fascinating ways that spoke to his or her character. I suppose I’m the most intrigued by Brennan’s almost lack of reaction, considering the emotional upheaval in Boy with the Answer. However, perhaps her (in Brennan’s way) near desperation at needing Max to be innocent WAS her reaction. Thoughts?

Was Hodgins too happy?

What upset Sweets the most?

Was Caroline telling the truth or merely trying to help Sweets feel better?

Was Booth really able to detatch so quickly and just DEAL with the situation?

Let’s discuss!

Oh, and yeah…

Booth, she's SO glad you're okay!

And also,

Booth, I'M so glad you're okay!

Let’s Discuss!!!

Peace, Love & Bones,



79 thoughts on “Morning After Q: This Land Belongs to Seeley Booth: What Else IS There to Say?

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  2. It never even crossed my mind that Caroline might be lying to Sweets. I certainly hope not as I think that was one of the most powerful scenes in the episode last night. I find it immensely interesting that Caroline was the one Sweets opened up to (he didn’t play that recording for anyone else) considering what was said in the premiere about her being the lynchpin personality. It really bugged me (up until that scene) that no one tried any harder to get Sweets to open up about what had happened considering that he was so obviously not okay. And I also love that Booth noticed immediately that Sweets was back on his “A game.” I know we’ve seen the signs of their friendship developing for awhile now, but that really cemented it for me.

    And Booth stretched out on a table with a gun? Just okay (for me at least). Booth staring at Brennan having a (truly) touching moment with her father with a look on his face that screams, “I just realized that I’m still madly in love with you”? That’s the stuff dreams are made of…

    • It crossed my mind that she might be lying but if she was…she was playing the part. I think at bare minimum she knew that Sweets needed someone to identify with about a very stressful experience. The fact that she was the one he shared that recording with…

      I also love the dynamic developing between Sweets and Booth. I think that is part of the way that he is going to realize that despite what the GD said, there is a group of people who do, despite the occasional teasing, care about what he has to say and contribute to cases.

      • I was sure she was lying to help Sweets. She’s way too strong a character for such a response to be credible.

      • I actually thought the strength of her character was evidence of how much she couldn’t be lying. When have we ever known Caroline to show anything more than begrudging affection to anyone else on the show? To me, a Caroline thing to do for Sweets would be to yell at him–actually, that’s interesting, because that’s what he tells everyone she did… Anyway, I imagine she would give him all kinds of bluster and be her sort-of-pretend-angry self, but maybe slip a little tiny bit of disquised encouragement in there, like she always seems to do. But the fact that she departed from that…that to me was evidence that she was being 100% genuine. Is Caroline the kind of person to affect tears? I just can’t see the Caroline we know not only embarrassing herself, but putting on a fake vulnerability for anyone. She’s just not that kind of woman to me.

      • I went back and watched portions of this episode again today. I think I would have to lean more on the side of Caroline being 100% genuine and honest. I don’t know anyone who would share what she shared with Sweets and have it not be true. I think she was the perfect person to open up to him BECAUSE of how strong a person she is and the fact that no one would see her character as having any sort of “moment of weakness”.

  3. I want to be the table. I am so loving this show. Booth’s so didn,t want the snipper to be his mentor, I see Booth is going to have a hard time justifing not taking him down if the snipper does kill on of the squints

  4. This episode was awesome. The best this year. I don’t know about everyone else; but, when the Gravediggers head was blown off, I jumped from my seat. I knew someone was supposed to be killed and I expected it to be her; but, come on. Her head blowing apart was not expected.

    Poor Sweets. He was determined to not let Taffet influence him in any way and he failed. He let Taffet undermine his confidence before she was killed. She died in front of his eyes, in a very brutal way, so had no way to show her that she was wrong about him. I loved that Caroline saw what was going on with Sweets and actually knew how to fix it. No, I don’t for a minute believe she was afraid when the Gravedigger got killed. She figured out that everyone else was either too happy that Taffet was gone or too relieved and that Sweets was not one of these. He needed someone to admit that they had been frightened by the experience, that he wasn’t alone. Caroline, is the lynchpin.
    I didn’t blame Hodgins for how he reaacted. Taffet tried to kill him, twice. Hodgins had a right to be happy that the evil named Taffet was no longer in the world, was no longer a threat to him or anyone else.
    I was really happy to see that Brennan was so concerned about Booth. He was her number one concern at the crime scene. After that, once the idea that her father might be involved came out, she really started to worry about that. She wanted proof he wasn’t involved; but, she seemed to also want to believe him just because he said he didn’t do it. She has come a long way in her relationship with Max. I think the joy on her face while she was holding the shell to her ear was a reaction to the happiness she felt that her father was not a paid murderer and that even though Booth got hurt, he was ok.
    Now I must say this. Booth was fantastic. No doubt about it, he was the Special Agent in Charge. You could see that he was fighting the idea that someone he knew could kill someone for money; but, he did except it and did his job. I wasn’t too crazy about him going to see the Seeley Booth property by himself though. He should have brought backup. He knew he may be dealing with a profesional sniper who might be dangerous. I think he wanted make sure that his friend was not involved and it got him hurt. The end was so sad. Brennan with the shell at her ear. Her face glowing with a look of happiness and Booth giving her a very sad look. That look was just SO SAD. You would have to be a cold person to not see that Booth misses the closeness that he use to have with Brennan. I can’t wait for next week. Gosh I just loved this episode.

  5. Loved that Max came to clear his name and asked Brennan if her and Booth were finally together. I did cross my mind that Caroline was lying to Sweets, not too sure why I sensed it, I just did. Booth on the table, hello!
    My favorite moment last night was, as Stephanie previously mentioned, Brennan and Max talking and bonding while Booth, like always, is keeping his eyes on Brennan. I squealed last night, it was perfect.

    P.S. Looooove this site. Thanks!!!

  6. Loved this ep. I am sure I will have to watch it several times to catch everything. There is just so much there. Everyone is struggling with what happened and they don’t stop to think how much Sweets is struggling. Booth just jumps into action. The acting, writing, direction etc was superb. So glad to see Max back and enjoyed his conversation with Angela and Brennan about Booth! The ending was great!

  7. david was amazing! It was a great epi. I know thd end scene is a talking point with shippers but it could be viewed many ways. My 1st thought was that Booth was looking wistfully at Brennan having a childhood moment with her dad, not that he was inlove with her again. This epi was always before The Body in the Bag. It was Fox that changed it not Hart or in view of how the actors were playing it.

    • I actually think this episode would have worked better if they had kept it before The Body in the Bag because I think it goes a long way towards explaining Booth’s actions in said episode.

    • I agree with you Jenniie, do to the switching of the episodes, the end scene did look a bit disconnected. So your Theory about childhood memories is a good solution. If this episode would have played right after DitP, the end scene would have been a fall out of Bones admission. And in the Body in the Bag, Booth had to deal with his emotion and even had to tell Hannah about it (hated it).
      I think Caroline “faked” her distress to help Sweets. And I have to admitt, that I am so against guns, that I can’t get over it, that I find Booth so sexy with guns (excuse, he is a law enforcer.)

  8. Booth, Sweets and Caroline, rocked this epi. DAVID got the best performances from the actors and with that DB energy throughout it was a rollercoaster. Booth watching Brennan was him sharing a moment of them in the past, of what they where and not sadly what they are now. Booth is in love with Hannah and Brennan opening up to him must give him conflicting emotions but it isnt the big I love her again moment that the fangirls are obssess squeeing over either. Imo.

  9. Ok, did that renew our collective faith or what? (not that mine was ever flagging…) With Doctor in the Photo, without a doubt the best episode of the season. Compelling story, lots of action and all those little scenes with so many of the characters perfectly compressing what each felt…and that ending…heaven. I won’t even go near that gun/table comment!

    Caroline’s times with Sweets were unexpected and very touching. I think she may have lied, but I’m not sure because you literally could see the fear in her eyes. All of the others rely on Sweets’ insight and advice and figure he can recover on his own becasue he has all the tools at his disposal; I don’t think anyone but Caroline, with all her experience, could understand that he had no real coping mechanism for this event. Her practicality and no-nonsense approach to things allowed her to figure out that the Gravedigger was going to mess with his mind on that ride and he’d have no ability to rebound on his own, not so much from the Grvedigger’s actual death, but from the awful mind games she played. Sweets has so many degrees and so much expertise that it’s easy to overlook how young he really is, but Caroline saw that. Nicely played.

    On to Booth-wow-you could see the conflict written all over his face throughout the whole thing. It must be surreal hearing all of these profiles about what makes a good sniper being described in clinical detail in front of everyone when they obviously apply to you as well. Booth is so private about everything, especially his former profession, that it’s got to be very disconcerting for him to see the sniper personality dissected so openly for all, and especially Brennan, to see. I think this exposure has at least a little to do with the “I don’t want to let anybody down” comment uttered as he looked at Brennan at the end. I also thought it was interesting that he seemed to omit the part where he let Broadsky go in his retelling of the chase. You have to figure that every person the guy harms or kills in the future is going to weigh very heavily on Booth, being as he could have put a quick end to things in that forest.

    And I loved Max and Brennan’s interaction; what could have been a very challenging time for her (as it was for a slightly unhinged Hodgins) became instead a sweet father-daughter moment. Any conflicted feelings she may have had about the Gravedigger’s death were instead deflected by her concern for and ultimate trust in Max. It was good to see her smiling so carefree as she held the shell-she looked so lovely, of course Booth couldn’t help but look at her that way. She is his rock and he wants to be her hero. The possibility that she could start seeing him in any other way has got to be killing him. I think we’re about to see another dam breaking very soon. Oh, and bravo to DB’s directing; it’s amazing to me that he did such a great job especially considering how many scenes he was in and how grueling they were. It left me wanting more!

  10. To answer your first question… I’d want to be the gun. Oh man! Those hands. *Quickly wipes the drool from chin*

    Can I just say that Caroline ROCKED in this episode. She was the only one to really confront Sweets. The others asked him if he was okay but she was the only one to actually make him confront his own feelings. Awesome! I want to say that she wasn’t lying to Sweets. I want to say that she is human and was actually scared to death about the sniper. I loved it!

    I also like how domestic-y it was between Hodgins and Angela. And I loved him calling her his ‘wife’. We haven’t gotten that much thus far in the season. And I thought his reaction was pretty interesting but considering his emotional state whenever the Gravedigger was around I don’t think it was totally out of character.

    This was a great episode and I think DB did a great job directing it. I motion that we have a more Booth-centric episodes.

  11. First, to the all-important question: the table.

    What a wonderful episode! I loved it as much as any other single episode. As soon as we saw the scene between Caroline and Sweets, I knew we were in for a treat and it felt like just the absolute best of Bones. Everyone was pitch perfect.

    The line, “This land belongs to Seeley Booth” was an instant classic and I think I actually stopped breathing at that point and didn’t breathe again until after the closing scene. That look! The black sweater. Almost too much Boothy goodness.

    Did anyone else feel terror that Max might be shot in the final scene? For some reason, I felt afraid the he would. I was so relieved to see him get in the car.

    • I agree with you Loraine, I don’t know why; but, I also thought something was going to happen to Max when he walked out of the diner. I was relieved when nothing happened to him. I guess it was just all of the action of the show and maybe a little fear that they might try to kill off someone we liked versus Taffet.

    • First I loved that you say everyone was pitch perfect–you are so right, and what a great way of putting it. This episode showcased so much of what I love about Bones as a whole series.

      About Max–I didn’t remember feeling anxiety about him specifically in the end scene, but I am feeling pretty nervous about Max in general. I mean, on one hand, the Max and Brennan time was so great. To see them finally as almost a normal dad and daughter pair, and to see her begin to trust him whole hog, instead of her tip-toe-y way from seasons past, all of that was so great. But Max still seemed so sketchy to me the whole episode. Not his behaviour really, per se, but he just still seems so shrouded in mystery, which seems to me like that should be unnecessary by this point. But all the Mexico-Thailand-Maui-New-Hampshire run around? What was that all about? It did make me a little afraid for his safety, though not specifically at the end, or really at any one particular point. I wonder how much more of Max we don’t know/will get to know in the future? Er, not to encourage any discussion of it, haha–no spoilers and all that. 🙂

  12. What a fantastic episode this was. I was clinging to hope last week, and this week, I couldn’t feel any farther away from that. What great performances! And so many great moments.

    With Caroline, I don’t see how she could possibly have been lying to make Sweets feel better. We’ve seen repeatedly from Caroline that her affection never really manifests itself outwardly. Yes, we can see little bits of it in her motives, and we know it’s there, but she is extremely loathe to let it show, but boy, to have her open up like that to Sweets–and for him to open up to her! Wow. Stephanie, the first comment, mentioned about the linchpin personality stuff with Caroline, and I too have always had a little bit of a hard time with that (“The center will hold”? Anyone? What happened to that?), and I’m still not quite solid on what that means to me, but after that moment, I got so much more that the linchpin idea could be legitimate. Linchpin or not, Caroline has a much deeper and important role than we give her credit for. Such a great moment. And as far as the maybe lying about it–I actually remember in the Taffet’s-head-exploding, before we got to Sweets and Caroline talking, I remember thinking that Caroline especially looked crazy scared. For just a split second she’s on screen, but I remember noticing the contrast from her normal dead-pan I-don’t-care face to honestly terrified. So when she said it to Sweets, I wasn’t surprised at all, and didn’t doubt her for a second.

    Everyone’s reactions to Taffet’s assassination didn’t concern me quite as much as their seeming lack of concern for Sweets. They asked after him, and checked up on him and what not, but how could they believe him when he said he was okay? I mean, the guy looked terrible. All I ever think about is the fact that HH and Co. consider so little untouchable (i.e. Zack being Gormogon’s apprentice, etc.), and I was so afraid that we were going to lose Sweets somehow. But especially the moment when Hodgins interrupts Sweets listening to the Taffet tape in the car–when he asks if he’s okay, moves on to his therapy session, and then just leaves?!? What kind of friend stumbles upon their friend sitting alone, in a car, doing absolutely nothing but looking like suicide, after he gets splattered by a serial killer’s head–what kind of friend gets up and leaves after that?? How did Hodgins not notice?? I got it though. And it made Caroline’s exchange with him so much more meaningful.

    And apart from all the Sweets stuff–probably my favorite plotline in the episode–there were so many other great moments. Ah, yes, the table…and even more so for me, the quote that provided the title of this post–“This land belongs to Seeley Booth.” The look on his face, and then when Jake’s face just drops—SO quality.

    And who could possibly forget the conch shell. Wow. I’ve been reading a lot of posts recently–including the Burden in the Faith–about our reasons for still holding on, and moments like that are my reason. Wow. Not even a single word spoken, but volumes spoken just the same. So phenomenal.

    They knocked this one out of the park. Wow…

  13. I too think this was one of the best episodes of Season 6. THE best when it comes down to all the different characters and their various reactions which totally held up with what we know of each character.

    Caroline…she was awesome in this episode I think! Even in her moment of expressing her “fear” to Sweets (whether or not she lied) there was still this strength and this feeling of her continuing to hold everything (or everyone?) together IMO.

    How about Hodgins in the car with Sweets? While it annoyed me that he dismissed Sweets as being o.k. too fast, I had to laugh when he put back the seat in order to receive some “professional help”.

    When Booth said he didn’t need a warrant because “this land belongs to Seeley Booth” the look on Broadsky’s face right before he ran was priceless!

    And the last scene…whether or not the wistfulness on Booth’s face had to do with love or simply missing the easygoing friendship he and Brennan used to have it was simply such a sweet scene. That fact that Brennan didn’t go all logical right away when listening to the shell, did you notice the surprise on Max’s face when she didn’t? I think he knows the Brennan that is a grown woman and the effects her childhood had on her better than we might think.

  14. For the record, I haven’t stopped laughing yet, and my poor coffee belongs in my MOUTH and not the screen. For sure. I actually made myself go to sleep last night (was still on a Bones-high and considering dancing in the yard) so I could wake up and read this blog, ha! Umm…table or gun? I don’t like the idea of being compleeetely inert. I’ll take gun. Heh. And, speaking of guns, can I just say that while I am a spoiled, spoiled person and knew what happens, I still screamed and clutched my chest when her HEAD EXPLODED. Seriously. THAT was alarming, and I didn’t even flinch at the bathtub full of drain-o and a body (what IS it with the crew and ruining nice, lovely, shiny bathtubs?). Her head. Exploded. Urgh.

    Ummm. Right. Uh. Oh! Sweets! Bless that boy’s heart; I agree, I mean, the character’s a year or two older than I am, but I’m pretty sure the Gravedigger could get to me, too. Seriously. I spent a lot of time gesticulating wildly at the screen last night when nobody but Booth noticed that he was waaay off his A-game. I’m not usually a talker, but I might have shouted “Oh, come ON!” at poor Hodgins. Who, by the way, I don’t think reacted badly at all. I’m pretty sure he wasn’t kidding when he said “I’d like to kill you. I hate her. I think I could murder her.”, he LOOKED serious to me, and you know what? If she’d buried me underground and then kidnapped one of my friends? I’d feel the same way. I’d dance on her grave, at VERY least.

    Back to Sweets, though. I loved that Booth was so attentive. It made me feel much, much better to see that. And Caroline! Mother of Mercy, I do love that lady. Was she acting so that Sweets would feel better? Umm. I’m not a good judge of that sort of thing. I think…I think she WOULD. I’m not sure if I think she was, though. She speaks so quietly, so vehemently — like somebody else who I can’t find now because my coffee has mostly ended up on the monitor said, I at least saw real fear there. Well, not real fear, but as close to that as can be manufactured? At any rate, “Caroline hollered at me.” was as much an instant classic, in my book, as “This land belongs to SEELEY BOOTH!”, but I could be biased towards poor adorable Sweets.

    I think you’re right, Brennan’s NEED for Max to be innocent could have been her reaction. I mean, at first she was just worried about Booth — which was amazing in itself — and didn’t even seem as protective of her skull fragments as usual when the tech tried to take them. I thought Max was as precious as usual, this episode. He’s so sweet, and I’m really, really glad that they are repairing their relationship. She needs that. Their lunch put my heart in one of those juicer presses, but it was good. Gooooood. Except…it’s sad to see everybody jumping on the bandwagon, at this juncture. I’m not sure why, but it is. Eh. The end scene!

    Booth’s need to not disappoint people wasn’t surprising to me. It was nice to see him admit it, though. Then Max and Bones…jeeeez. You know, I actually had a few of those ‘It’s not the ocean, it’s your blood’ conversations when I was a kid. I still liked to think that I could hear the ocean in them. Now this is probably a lack of coffee speakin’ to me, but Bones literally standing outside and listening to her heart while Max drives off (yes, I was VERY worried about him, in that scene) and Booth is staring at her…it was very powerful, at least. That could have been Booth, though. I’ve read through all these comments in an attempt to understand, but I still don’t know what in the name of everything happy that look meant. Was he just watching over her? Or…what?

  15. Oh, did anyone make anything of Taffet’s cryptic comment about the anti-death penalty crowd “they think I’m not the only one resposible for this”? (loosely paraphrasing). We’ve all wondered how the Gravedigger could have pulled all that stuff off by herself-do you guys think that reference was to those doubts? Just wondering. By the way, I’m a Gemini; can I pick the table and the gun?

    • I think comments like Taffet’s are part of the reason I was so worried about everything with Max this episode. All I can think of is back at The End in the Beginning when Max’s dirty politician character kept spouting all that stuff about the Gravedigger. I always thought it was weird of them to affiliate Max in some way with the Gravedigger back then, but I wonder if that was indicative of some sort of real life connection, and if that’s why he was so present–and not only present, but sketchy with his whereabouts–in this episode.

  16. Last night’s episode was fantastic. I already can’t wait to watch it again. Everything was just great! I especially love that this episode just went all out, and it was all about the case. I am excited to have a Boothy story line that involves his past.

    Also, let me just take a moment to tell you how incredibly psyched I was that both Max and Caroline were in this episode. Until I actually saw Ryan O’Neill on the screen, I thought they were just going to refer to him the entire time. When he actually mad an appearance, I actually squealed out loud a little. And as always, Caroline was fierce. One of my favorite scenes was the one between Caroline and Sweets. Both actors were perfect. I honestly don’t know if Caroline was faking or not, but either way it was just what Sweets needed and it was excellent.

    Finally, I have to agree with Stephanie that that final look from Booth to Brennnan was my favorite moment. I think it was a comment at GMMR that said we have to remember that this episode was supposed to come after DitP and that could change the meaning of that look. I however don’t think that’s true. I think that wherever that look is placed in the main scheme of things, it will always mean the same thing. Now, I don’t know for sure what it *does* mean, but nevertheless, I think it shows that Booth is still conflicted about his feelings for Brennan, the feelings that I think, will never go away.

  17. I have to say I did not enjoy the episode too much. There were parts I liked, but I feel like there was something off about it. People kept saying Bones is back, but I did not really see it. One random thing that bothered me was the chase scene. It just seemed really ridiculous/almost funny because it was so bad. I don’t usually get that feeling with Bones, that’s more of a CSI:Miami feeling. XD Did anyone else think it was bad?

    Anyway, I’d rather be the table. XD Mmmm.

    I was a bit confused by Caroline’s and Sweet’s reactions. I understand Sweets’ a bit more because the gravedigger was messing with him. I think Caroline was being genuine, she seemed very convincing. Though I don’t understand their reactions. Was it just the fact that the event was traumatizing/disturbing? My initial response was like Hodgins. I felt happy and thought the characters would too considering how she had affected all their lives.

    I think Brennan’s lack of response was appropriate for her and her just wanting to clear Max from being a suspect was sweet. I guess Booth was more interested in the sniper, than the fact that the Gravedigger was dead. I think he did care and was at least slightly happy about it, but more obsessed with the sniper.

    • I agree with the chase scene. And the music was amazingly bad. Specially for Bones, that is really good with music. But I did like the rest of the episode.

  18. Man, I LOVED last night’s episode. In my mind, it’s one of the top five episodes of the series. So much of what I love about this show packed into a single hour!

    A couple responses:
    I don’t think Caroline was lying. I don’t think she’s the sort to lie to make people feel better, and I don’t think she would make up such an embarrassing reaction. She has proven herself over and over to be a tender person who sees a lot more than anyone gives her credit for. She was the only one who had the guts to tell Booth he and Brennan were running away from each other.

    Poor Sweets. I was annoyed nobody talked to him earlier, but I didnt feel their reactions were callous. Hodgins wasn’t paying much attention to anything. On a normal day, he’d have noticed, but Jack was there to talk about himself, and was too giddy to see through Sweets’ mask. Booth, on the other hand, knew something was wrong. He asked after Sweets several times. However, I think Booth knew that he couldn’t force Sweets’ despair out of him. Sweets was insisten he was fine, even though it was obvious he wasn’t. When you push people in that emotional state, they tend to close up even more. Despite their growing friendship, it’s clear to me Sweets still has a giant mancrush on Booth. It’s even harder to admit your weakness in front of someone you idolize.

    I would have been interested to see Brennan talk to Sweets. I, too, noticed her immediate and enthusiastic response that booth was OK, but I was also struck by her genuine concern for Sweets. Especially considering their conversation in DitP, I think Brennan may have been able to get him to open up. But how wonderful was Emily in this ep? The emotional epiphany Brennan had in DitP is clearly working through her–she opens up occasionally (blurtin out her fear for max to Angela, asking her for reassurance). She doesn’t surpress emotions, either. Her “I don’t want to talk about it” response to Max said all she needed to say. She knew what she was saying, Max knew she was letting him know that she was hurting but dealing. Of course, the ending scene was just lovely. She told her father she loved him and trusted him, just not in those words. Max told her he respected who she is today even though she’ll always be his little girl.

    And Booth’s look! I’m in the shipper camp. I think that is definitely and ohcrapistillloveher look. It also makes Booth’s insistence that he’s over her in Body in the Bag make sense. Compensation! I mean, I think I fell in love with Brennan a bit at that moment: she was so full of wonder and relief with a dash of nostalgia. She was beautiful, and also proving to us and Booth that her emotional awakening in DitP wasn’t just stress, wasn’t something she was going to bury. And I can only imagine that made Booth both sad and scared. Hence, Body in the Bag (also, I get the dinstinct impression that in the original order, we were supposed to assume Booth tells Hannah about Brennan’s confession AFTER these events–Booth being the proper Catholic he is (guilt for his resurgence of feelings), confesses)

    Okay, I’ll shut up now. I couldn’t wait for the MAQ to be posted so I could chat about this ep!

    • bookishandi – THANK YOU! You said exactly what I was trying to say only in a much better way. I realized almost immediately after I hit the reply button on my comment this morning that I should have added “oh crap” to Booth’s revelation. I get why they did what they did in The Body in the Bag now and I think it makes perfect sense, especially if you watched the promo for next week’s episode. They’re setting up a conflict for Booth. Yes, he’s still fighting to hold onto Hannah, and that sucks, but the important part is that the conflict exists.

  19. First, I just wanted to say how much I enjoy this blog; I only recently started watching Bones (caught up on Netflix) but with the show having been around so long, it’s hard to find people who still care. So I’m glad I found you.

    And because I have recently been reading all the posts on this blog, it occurs to me that this episode had an “eventually” moment. It was the first time I’ve ever seen Brennan gag or react at all to the sight or smell of a dead body. Isn’t that what Booth told her would happen eventually – that she’d vomit at a crime scene? Right before he assured her that all the other stuff she thought would never happen would happen eventually?

    • Barbara, I think Brennan and Booth were both reacting to a very powerful stench that a tubfull of draino and a decaying body would make. It would be overwhelming coming from a small room, like a bathroom, even if you are used to very bad smells. Usually Brennan has to deal with bodies and their smells in the open, not small closed in rooms. Of course, I could be wrong.

    • Barbara, I caught up on Netflix, too, and am now a huge fan. I have to agree with your observation about Brennan’s reaction to the body in the tub. My husband noticed it immediately as well and commented that Brennan has never had a strong reaction to any remains. I am with you….an eventually moment!

  20. Best episode this season by far! We can only hope that the remainder will be just as good. Did anyone else catch Brennan’s line at the end, when she told Booth “You should have waited for me.”? Think there was a double message in there? I do. Also, there are meanings behind conch shells and their sounds. One, I believe, is something along the line of “thank you for this day”.

    • That is awesome. I will have to watch that scene again to hear Brennan’s line. I think you might be right about the double meaning. That is why I love this blog. So many great insights that I miss!

    • I freaked out a little bit when she said, “You should have waited for me.” I oscillated between double meanings and me just reading too much into her words, but that is a fairly provocative statement. I’m so glad you mentioned it!

    • I think Max gave Brennan the conch shell because he wanted to tell her to listen to her heart.

  21. I was confused by Sweets’ reaction because I thought he was more savvy but perhaps it was placed here to show the compassion of Booth and to show how much Booth does care about him.

    Hodgins & Angela – I was surprised that he didn’t understand why Angela was concerned by his reaction. I understand why he’d be happy but, like Angela, would wonder why there was no remorse for a person who had just died…no matter who they are. And visa versa…why she wouldn’t get why he was so happy? LOL…can’t win here.

    Caroline – shocked at her fear and her revelation. Thought she was an old battle-axe. Liked that she humanized herself. I think it’s always important when she’s a part of the episode. I think she helps forward some particular storyline or relationship…this one being Booth and Sweets’ relationship. She alwasy serves a particular purpose for being in an epi…it’s not just to throw her in there.

    Brennan – Obviously she’s at the top of her game. Nothing has impacted her. What was important was her concern for Max and also for Booth. She wanted to know how he was before hearing any details about the crime scene…not typical behavior. The diner scene still leaves me a bit confused. A lot of subtext there with her statement…you should have waited for me and his statement…I didn’t want to disappoint anyone. What does this mean?

    Booth – I always like the take charge Booth as he was here. He was also at the top of his game. I think he knew that the twins father (Kent) had something to do with the killing. I like that his intuitiveness is on track. Tracking the sniper without backup was a bit of a surprise. I’m not really sure if he believed that Jacob is the person that killed Taffet. This opens up questions for future episodes. The diner scene…well many are swooning over that look…as am I…but I’m not doing cartwheels thinking it’s smooth sailing from now on. There’s still some rough roads to travel on…

  22. OK…i’ve literally JUST watched it and i’m ridiculously giddy over here, so i apologise if in my excitement this post makes no sense! But…i guess you’re used to that so…maybe it’s just the norm?! LOL 😉

    First off…HOW COOL WAS THAT SHOT! Not that i’m condoning it or anything, but seriously…i was impressed. And Taffets head exploding….so so so so so cool (yes…i have a gory side that will not be denied!).

    The reaction i both loved and hated was Sweets…i adore my Sweetness, so anytime he is off kilter or hurting kills me. BUT it was true to character…from when Taffet was mocking him in the van, to his reactions with Booth/Hodgins/Caroline. So true to him…and loved the scene between Caroline and him. Also loved the scene between Hodgins and Sweets actually…and Sweets and Booth. Basically, i loved anything with Sweets in it!!! LOL

    As for whether Caroline was truthful or not, i think she absolutely was. You can’t fake that kind of emotion.

    Brennan was intriguing too…she had almost no reaction (though i LOVED her concern for both Booth and Sweets…one guy’s her man, the other’s her baby duck!). But i do like your idea that maybe her need for Max to be innocent was her reaction. She was very desperate for it to be true…but then again, most daughters would be so…i don’t know! The conversation between Brennan and Max near the beginning, outside on the table was very…interesting. Max poking and prodding about Booth…and Brennan not denying it, not pleading the ‘we’re just partners’…she just told him ‘I don’t want to talk about it’. To me, that revealed more than anything else she could have said. And i think the same could be said for Max…that told him more the she’d have wanted it to.

    Hodgins…Hodgins was the one reaction that i didn’t really think about because he was always going to have only one reaction. You didn’t have to be a genius to know that Hodgins was going to be thrilled…and you can’t really blame him!

    Now Booth….gorgeous, sexy, doable Booth. I left him until last because…well, just because! I loved him in this episode…full on loved him. From the beginning i was in heaven…being all FBI and in control at the courthouse. Taking control…getting his Sniper head on…just perfection 😉

    And then we had the scene in the apartment…Booth….a gun….the table……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………sorry, where was i?! 😛

    Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm…..oh yeah, the awesomeness of this episode and Booth.

    Anyway…i think Booth knew who the shooter was LONG before he pulled Bill in to interrogate. He was clutching at straws, hoping that it was someone other than the man he had admired and respected. Understandable really.

    And this…i will hear this line said by this man forever, i swear to god. It was so…..RAWR. The look on his face…the way he leapt over that fence…

    ‘I don’t need a warrant. This property is owned by Seeley Booth’- Cue hot, sexy, to die for smile!

    And i love it when Booth runs. I don’t know why but i do…chasing the suspect, getting all hot and sweaty and… know what? I may have figured out why i love it! LOL

    Finally (yeah…sorry about the incoherant ramblings…still giddy! LOL), the final scene. Possibly my favourite scene this series, just for what is going on that i can’t see going on! Brennan and Max were just brilliant together. I love seeing their relationship…still a little bumpy, and they don’t always understand one another but he adores her, and we can now see how much Brennan cares for him. Just lovely.

    And then there was Booth….sexy, beaten up Booth watching her out of the Diner window. His eyes dark, intense, locked on her smiling face. WHAT DOES IT MEAN PEOPLE???! WHAT.DOES.IT.MEAN????


    I just don’t know…but i can’t wait to find out!!!!!!

    I’ll shut up now…i look forward to tomorrows post, as for once i’m all caught up 😀

  23. I wanted to say this site is my refuge and the first thing I check on most every morning. Just a quick thought before I get back to work. I won’t be able to catch the real words until I watch the episode again, but when Booth was confronting Mr. Mentor Sniper with his gun, the guy said something like Seeley you won’t do it unless you are 100% positive. And of course, Booth couldn’t pull the trigger because he had emotional ties to the guy, and besides, he had just blown up the trailer full of evidence. My heart did it’s little happy beat because I know Booth is honorable and won’t be able to act in any other way towards Hannah, in effect, he won’t be able to pull the trigger. The episodes airing in reverse order explains his need to run to Hannah and his validate his love for her. It also explains Angela’s confusing pregnancy bump! Oh, and I think he was looking at Max and Bones thinking about how much she had grown with Max, and how fortunate he was to have been part of her family, and he missed that.

  24. Um, the gun – definitely the gun. Booth can fondle me like that anytime…

    Sorry, what were we discussing? Um, better go recheck that post…back later.

  25. I LOVED this episode. At first I thought something was a bit off (all the acting seemed very isolated and stagnant, staccato – I don’t know, but it fitted in perfectly!!) DitP and this best episodes of season 6 so far, oh and this marked the turn around for the season – we’re into the business end of this season now baby! (sorry the baby thing’s a reflex)

    First off, it didn’t even slip through my mind that Caroline could be lying. Sure it was unlike her, but how she whispered it low, like a true confession… I think she was telling the truth. It was the same tone she used in the 1st ep when Brennan told her she was the linch pin and she said thankyou. And she is the linch pin!! She’s the outsider who knows how their group functions, and I think that’s why she was the one to help Sweets. She was a step back from all the emotional stuff to see that Sweets really wasn’t on his A game still. I just loved Caroline! and the Sweet’s line “Caroline hollered at me.” will forever go done in the history books, especially as there was no needed explanation afterwards.

    I felt sorry for Sweets. Taffet completely played him. And no one (except Caroline) did anything to help him. THAT annoyed me. He was obviously distraught. Like Sarah said on GMMR, Taffet knew how to get to him – by playing on his fear that he doesn’t fit in or that someone will discover that he’s not good enough to fit in (the part that scared me the most was when she used his first name though. She made it personal.) His line that his A game deserves a C even on his best days hurt as well. But Caroline perked him up and all was well. I laughed at him playing darts? in his office, and the rubber ball thing… it sort of shows his still very young. He was very baby duck Sweets in this one.

    Hodgins – I totally expected that, and don’t think it was too much happiness either. His
    awesome-showing-off-Cam-Maths-skills were funny! And (even though he didn’t notice sweets) I loved his therapy session – the way before he started talking he made the chair lie down as if he was in a shrink’s office (i laughed so much when I worked out what he was doing) and his line at the end, about being happy now, because the GD’s dead AND because his wife was wrong. (and AWW at Hodgins calling Angela his wife…) Talking about Angela…

    Angela just seemed worried about everyone all episode. Sadly, her chats with Brennan seem to be getting shorter and shorter. But the very domestic scene in the car with Hodgins made me smile. Her complete disdain at his happiness, and then talking to her unborn child and Hodgins saying the kid was on his side. hehe, I was never a huge hodgela shipper, but I love these two together now : ) Pregnant Angela is so adorable.

    It was weird how Brennan didn’t show too much emotion over this episode… but I agree that maybe her making sure her father wasn’t guilty was her way of dealing with it. I also think she was too worried about Booth the whole time to sit back and realise what had happened. At the start, when she was so close to throwing herself at Booth, but still managed to take a step back just so she could make sure he and Sweets were alright was so cute. And the little things – like her batting his hand away with hers when they were looking at the bullet made me feel back home.

    I’ve always loved Max and Brennan together, and this episode was great. Max is such a B&B shipper, it always makes me laugh when he tries to push them together or pry. And this time Brennan didn’t even care, she just said “I don’t want to talk about it.”( I wonder what he meant when he said “Well, that name sounds familiar” or whatever it was when she said Hannah Burley, because I had the feeling he wasn’t refering to her being a war correspondant… i don’t know, i just feel it meant something else.) (oh and anyone else think Brennan was so pretty in the table scene with Max? I loved her scarf…) The Konch Shell scene was so cute, and so very little girl Brennan. THe fact that she just repeated what her dad had told her so many years ago was so meaningful. They’re really trying for a good realtionship, and they’re getting there.

    Booth, oh Booth. He was AMAZING. I’m pretty sure I also stopped breathing when he jumped the fence and said “I don’t need a warrant. This land belongs to Seeley Booth”. I probaby would’ve fainted but my eyes were so glued to the computer screen. HIm showing off with the gun was also so HOT… yea i don’t think I’ll be able to say much else… he was just REALLY good this episode. I can’t wait to see the Booth centred character development.

    I had to have a seperate paragraph for B&B because COME ON! it was awsome this ep. There were so many little things that reminded me of the old bickering B&B. Like the afore mentioned battering away of Booth’s hand, and Brennan picking on him for picking locks and then her saying “Are you refering to yourself?” when he was talking about the best sniper. But the last scene was the best. I loved them sitting at the diner – they felt so awkward and yet they couldn’t keep their eyes off eachother. It was as if she was just trying to tell him that she was so glad he was alive and he was trying to comfort her. And the “I didn’t want to let anyone down” line from Booth was so sweet. I also loved the half smile half eye-rolling look that Brennan gave Booth after her father talked (I can’t remember what about.) And at the end when Booth was staring at her through the window the whole konch shell scene, I literally yelled at him saying “how can you NOT be still in love with her Booth!?!? GEESH!” HAHA. I can’t wait ’til next week…

    One last thing (I promise). I think this episode went really well after last week’s. You could sort of see that some of it couldve caused Booth’s confession to Hannah (e.g. meaningful glances out windows) but it also worked because Brennan seemed so awkward around him at the end, as if she wasn’t sure what she was allowed to do or say around him anymore. And looks as if Cocky will be MIA for a while now…

    • Hi, I have never replied to any of these blogs, but I do read them regularly. I am a shipper all the way.
      What makes me want to comment now is the conversation between Max and Brennan that no one is really talking about until I read bones62442 post., re: the comments Max made about Hannah. He OBVIOUSLY knows who she is, but seems to think that she is more than just a “war correspondent”. He knows what she looks like because he tells Brennan that she is smarter and prettier than her. I wonder if this subject will come up again later? Maybe Hannah is not all she appears to be?? Or maybe its just because she is reporter on TV? Just wondering if anyone read more into that converstation?

  26. I can’t even pick a side on the gun/table debate because my BRAIN melted. I’ll just say Brennan has super-human willpower to deny that man. Seriously. That’s a WHOLE lot of rationality. Also, when he said, “This land belongs to Seeley Booth.” I almost died. Something about the way he said it, with that smirk, and ohhhh….

    Um, rght. Discuss? Huh?

    I don’t think Caroline was lying. Maybe because I just don’t want her to be. But she doesn’t mess around, ever, so I just don’t think she’d switch it up and lie there. I do love that Sweets said, “Caroline hollered at me.” and Booth smiled because he knew exactly what that meant. Oh Caroline, you lynch-pin you. I kind of loved Hodgins’ reaction. I thought it was so completely consistent with his character, especially after Boy With the Answer and how angry he got at Brennan for dropping the kidnapping charge. And I LOVED when Max asked about Booth and Brennan and when Angela said no all he said was “Hmm.” and was not pleased. We’re with you, Max. The look: I’m a shipper, whole hog. I was screaming at my TV “You are so in love with her!!!” and wanting to squee and jump up and down.

    All in all, I was just oh so happy at the end of this episode, because it was such a HUGE step up from last week. Maybe DB should just direct every episode. Especially if he’s going to put Booth on a table holding a gun and then getting blown up and feeling guilty and GOODNESS he is just so amazingly gorgeous. Okay I’m done fangirling. (That’s a lie…I’m just done doing it publicly.)

  27. ok – fantastic episode! A couple of pieces of business to get out of the way before I can address it coherently:

    1. Table. Table, table, table, table, table TABLE. (That word just lost all meaning, all I can remember thinking during that moment was ‘Oh be still my beating heart, to be that table would be’)

    2. Welcome back Seeley Booth.

    Ok, now that’s out the way…

    This was a FANTASTIC episode. I’m having trouble expressing myself (still thinking about that lucky table) but I’ll try and be sensible! Ok.

    Caroline – It didn’t occur to me that she might be lying. There was too much honesty there, too much emotion. What that scene said to me was that she recognised that he needed help, and she gave it by being entirely honest, entirely open. And it helped. She rocked this ep, as she always does.

    Max – love him. And didn’t he look well! It sat a bit odd to me that he would have to ask Angela whether or not his daughter is in a relationship, he’d know that surely?! But I get why they did it. And it’s always nice to realise there’s a shipper at the party 🙂

    Sweets – bless Sweets. Honestly, bless his little heart. I think what became apparent in this episode, is how much other people rely on him. The entire team go to him when they need help, or advice or soothing and he gives it whole heartedly. And not because it’s his job, but because he cares about them. I loved the concern for him and also the fact that in the end it was Caroline who really saw what he needed was interesting, because it shows how the rest of them view him as totally in control and stable, a constant for them all. Although difficult for him, it also demonstrated the respect and admiration the team have for him.

    Brennan – loved her bursting through and expressing her concern for Booth. The DitP really did change things. Her scene with the conch was beautiful, she had such child-like wonder on her face, and she stood there listening to her heart but still open to the idea (that she knows isn’t scientifically correct) that it was the ocean. Beautiful.
    When she said ‘you should have waited for me’, I saw it like ‘We’re partners. Since when did we dive into dangerous situations without having each other there for backup, huh?!’

    Finally – Seeley Booth. Ahh Booth. Thank you for the black top. That is all…

    haha I kid. He totally ruled this episode, completly in control, leading the team, doing what he must but still true to himself. I loved the small smile in reaction to Sweet’s ‘Caroline hollered at me’ -beautifully subtle. And you can totally see the set up for ‘Booth against his arch nemisis’ idea – is Booth going to be able to pull the trigger? (bring his weapon to bear? – Thanks GG)

    I liked the end, about how he doesn’t want to let anyone down and I got vague feelings like, Booth felt / knows he wasn’t at the top of his game when he went after Broadsky. He wasn’t prepared for the terrain, he got hurt, the other guy out smarted him. It’s like Booth is going to have to go back to being the guy he almost fears in order to beat this one. The cold dangerous killer of his past. This isn’t your average murderer, this is a multi-million dollar, American military issued killing machine. Booth’s going to have to access parts of himself that he’s hidden, parts he’s afraid of, parts he’s ashamed of, in order to be able to bring this guy down. In the same way we’ve watched Brennan’s walls fall, this feels like the beginning of Booth’s walls falling, the confrontation of issues and fears we first saw emerge in season 1. It feels cruel to admit, but I can’t WAIT!

    Incidentally, the way he was watching Brennan in the end, how I took it was, he was looking at the beautiful, innocent, child-like joy she expressed and he was sad, because he knows that what’s coming, what he might have to reveal about himself, might shake that innocence, might change how she sees him. It was like a sad realisation for him.

    Absolute kudos to David Boreanaz for the direction on this one. Great job on a big episode, he’s always totally into interesting shots and attention to detail and brings out the best work in the team. I look forward to the ones he directs because he just nails it, and I’m pleased for him professionally and also because it’s great to know, as a fan, that someone so central to the show just ‘get’s it’. Complete understanding of the characters and what’s happening and how to play it, moment to moment, for greatest effect. Really very impressive.

    So, in conclusion, what have we learned? I only have one answer, and it is what it will always now be. Table, my friends. Table. Night x

    • I missed your response before posting my own and you gave me a lot to think about. I particularly like what you said about Sweets (it showed how everyone relies on him–what an achievement for the baby duck!). And you are really insightful about Booth–I think you are spot on about his not wanting everyone to see what he is going to have to do/be/uncover to crack this one. If BitB was meant to follow this episode, then do you think he RUSHES to tell Hannah about his history with Bones in order to start opening up to her and gaining her trust before he shows his “worst” side and loses her too?

      • Hey Carrie – thanks, that’s really nice of you!

        Hmm I hadn’t thought of the consequences you mentioned about the switch between this and BitB – I like the idea that Booth told Hannah because he’s getting nervous about the situation and needs to cement that area of his life for something to rely on. It makes sense, and softens the blow of the disclosure. Like, he’s scrambling for something solid to hold on to.

  28. I liked this episode, no question, but it was the inconsistencies that nagged at me.

    1. Why was Booth on duty “protecting” someone who allegedly (I know she wasn’t tried for it) guilty of trying to kill him?

    2. Why when they were in the apartment was he not wearing gloves and just moving the table around willy-nilly instead of carefully looking for evidence? At that point they didn’t know who the sniper was, so isn’t it possible he/she would have left fingerprints on the table that he would have just obliterated? (I think DB is sexy but I must be too happily married ’cause my thoughts in that scene weren’t naughty at all!)

    3. Why wasn’t another FBI psychologist assigned to Sweets et al following the killing?

    I also wondered if Caroline was just lying and being kind but in the end I suspect she was telling Sweets the truth.

    I’m also curious if we will ever see Max again. I wasn’t expecting another sniper or anything in that end scene, but something about his goodbyes seemed kind of final–did anyone else think that?

    Brennan looked happier with the conch shell than we have seen her almost ever in the series–there is usually an edge of underlying uncertainty or just matter-of-factness even to her smiles. That smile was gorgeous–unrestrained, unalloyed joy, and I think Booth was wishing he was the cause, and that he hadn’t “moved on”. I had no idea before today that the episodes had been switched, but they do make better sense in the intended order.

  29. first things first: the gun. he can wrap his hands around me and pull my trigger any day…hell, he can oil me up and carry me around in a bag if he wants!

    yes guys, i ALSO noticed that this is the first time bones has ever ever gagged at a crime scene. she had, however, mentioned that she smelled a strong chemical smell when they came into the apartment, so maybe her and booth’s reaction was to the strong chemicals and not to the body itself? i definitely reacted to gravedigger’s head blowing apart…i yelled out loud! one of the coolest things i’ve ever seen on tv, right up there with the helicopter falling on the jerky doctor on e.r. and the hottie bomb squad guy being blown into a red mist of smithereens on grey’s anatomy!

    i love the dynamic developing between sweets and EVERYONE…at first they all hated him, but he’s definitely been their go to man when they are having personal issues…well, everyone goes to him except bones and caroline, but is that really surprising? i really like how he’s become part of the team and not just an annoying third wheel. caroline’s confession to him really showcased just how much he’s been accepted by the whole group as one of their own. i think they didn’t press him to find out what was wrong because they see him as the one with all of the answers…it probably didn’t even occur to them that he would not be able to just make himself feel better the way he always makes them feel better.

    maria has a great point,…i’ve frequently wondered how in the world one person could have pulled off all that the grave digger did alone. how could she drug booth, get him out of his apartment, into her car, out of the car, into the ship and chain him up like she did with no help? he outweighs her…how could she handle all of that dead weight with nobody seeing her? how the hell did she bury bones and hodgins and an entire CAR in the quarry without anyone seeing her?

    i thought it was interesting that bones didn’t immediately tell max that she knew that the conch shell was only an illusion of the ocean and that it was just a trick of the mind…you can’t tell me that she didn’t know that. I know that fact, and i’m waaaaaay dumber than bones. it was sweet how she allowed herself to be charmed by max’s little gesture, and i think that was part of what drew booth into that moment…not only was she beautiful, standing there with a smile on her face, but he could SEE how she’s changed. the old bones would NEVER have reacted like that to a present from her father, and just the fact that she did is PROOF that in spite of what she told him about not being able to change, she clearly CAN and HAS changed. maybe he’s second guessing himself for taking her at her word instead of following his heart.

    and unlike you guys, i was surprised by her LACK of emotion when she came to the crime scene…i thought she was kind of cold when she told booth that she was glad that he was ok. she should have been dying to throw her arms around him in relief the way she has in the past, but she barely even hurried over to him. has she begun compartmentalizing again? and i agree with 62442…they could NOT keep their eyes off each other in the diner. i’ve been extremely uncomfortable with the b+b dynamic this season and how cold they’ve been to each other, but i saw some definite thawing taking place in this ep.

    i also liked how max came back and was flat out shocked that bones and booth weren’;t together yet. he obviously believes that it’s just a matter of time. i’m repeatedly touched by how much max clearly loves his daughter. it must have killed him to leave her as a child, and it’s touching how hard he is trying to redeem himself…especially since he obviously knows that his abandonment of her led her to become the closed up shell of a person who rejected the love of her life out of fear of further abandonment. it must be hard for max to know that it’s almost directly his fault that she and booth aren’t together…he has to know how his actions scarred her and how those scars are ruining any chance she has at real happiness. i would love to see max be the one who finally gets them together…he needs to redeem himself for past sins just as much as booth does, and the whole point of the show IS the redemption of its characters, right? right.

  30. The best episode of this season so far. I didn’t really feel upset or disappointed after I watched it and it felt so good.
    It was sad to see how harshly Sweets took the gravediggers words though. I thought he was stronger than that. He was making me nervous for a while there.
    And the B&B moment at the end was just like old times. I’m hoping they have more of that soon!

  31. The pacing and action of this episode was thrilling! Everything ran so smoothly and seemlessly! It was a beautiful BONES ep!
    I feel like I got treated to a little reprive from the serious emotional rollercoaster I’ve been on. I’m grateful for a little mind game to go along with the dramatic ups and downs!
    It was a little jolting to see Sweets so out of sorts. I guess I have come to depend on those who orbit around the B/B universe keep their cool whilst I freak out. Glad he was able to find his ‘mojo’ / his ‘A game’ before the ep closed.

    Oh, and I don’t know about the table or the gun, but I thought Booth looked most hot at the end of the ep at the table! Confident, conflicted, wounded… I’d have liked to be the one nursing his wounds! 🙂

  32. It took me two re-watches and some questions to figure out why I was having difficulty liking this episode. It’s not that I don’t think it’s a good episode, it’s one of the best, but I felt like I was missing something. I still do. And that reaction is because I don’t know what to feel about the Gravedigger’s death.

    Hodgins’ first reaction was the one that got me. He looks at the skull fragments and almost loses his train of thought. It’s like he connected it at that moment, that it was real. And then he got happy. I didn’t like it, but I understand it, I guess. Maybe he was too happy for me to like, but I haven’t been what he went through (witnessed it, sure, and I have to remind myself that it’s all fiction *sigh*).

    I liked Angela’s reaction. She really is the “heart” of the team, isn’t she?

    Cam and Caroline both said that Booth would handle it, have everything together. For Cam, it affects her people, but it isn’t her problem. For Caroline, it was so much more.

    Caroline was AMAZING. Her conversation with Sweets was perfect. “We are only people.” So, so strong.

    Sweets blew me away. It wasn’t the death that got him as much as the fact that she found where his weakness is — he doesn’t feel like he’s being listened to, like he’s not making a difference. Which is depressing.

    Booth had to act that way — how would he be able to have run the case if he hadn’t? Bad answer. I think he knew who had done it by the time he saw the copper bullet, and definitely by the time Brennan said that he must have known who had done it. I think he compartmentalized that part a whole lot, even overlooking the man he knew who did it. That’s all I can come up with at the moment. But, um, Booth saying “This land belongs to Seeley Booth?” YES.

    Brennan’s relationship with her father is fascinating. I think that the Gravedigger getting her sentence ended it for Brennan, but there was the loose string of her father (that man is always a loose string). I loved that last conversation she had with him, and the earlier “I don’t want to talk about it” was interesting.

    Overall, really good episode.

    • I am rewatching this episode this morning and just saw the scene where Brennan brings Booth (and Caroline) the copper bullet. I do think Booth knew as soon as he saw it was copper who was responsible but he was hoping he was wrong. I also don’t know that he had a clue where to start looking for Broadsky. I’m also wondering if he wasn’t a bit bothered by the fact that he did know immediately. The fact that he was able to say right away that it was a custom job…

  33. First off, I just want to say that I visit this blog every day, and I adore it. I’ve never had the gall to comment before, though I love reading the discussions.

    I adored last night’s episode, but one issue has been irking me. Why didn’t Booth shoot Broadsky in the leg (or another nonfatal place) to stop him from running? Broadsky triggered a bomb in Booth’s face– wasn’t that enough evidence for at least grazing flesh wound?

    I liked how genuinely happy Brennan was at the end. Her smile is so beautiful.

    • I was wondering the same thing. I kept yelling at the tv – “Shoot him in the shoulder!! Why don’t you just shoot him in the shoulder!”

  34. The gun or the table? Both. 😉

    Now that the important question is out of the way, I have to say, I loved this episode. The acting, the directing, everything was amazing in this one. And even though I knew Taffet’s head was going to get blown off, I still jumped when it happened, and I loved that it was able to shock me.

    A lot of people have been commenting about the originally intended airing order of this episode, and I didn’t think about that once while I was watching. Booth and Brennan were jumpy around each other in the last episode, and I found it believable in the aftermath of her confession in DitP.

    In this episode, they’re dealing with figuring out who killed someone who has affected them both very deeply in the past. Everything to do with The Gravedigger is personal for Booth and Brennan (and Hodgins too, but I’m talking about B&B here), so the fact that they weren’t edgy and jumpy around each other, and somewhat fell back into old patterns this week, I believed it. It’s like muscle memory; default to what you know in times of great stress.

    I loved the scene in the apartment, and not just because of the table and the gun. I liked it because of what it let us see of Booth’s history as a sniper. He’s assessing the apartment and the tools at hand, checking sight lines, trying to get inside the mind of the guy who was there before. Booth wasn’t doing his usual talking it out process here. Yeah, he’s talking, but it’s different; he is completely in sniper mode. He mentions the table and is kind of talking himself through the process, but during the whole thing he never stops moving and you can almost see the wheels in his head spinning. He even takes the shot – you can hear the trigger click just as he acknowledges that he must know the guy.

    I loved that Brennan was right there during the whole process. I can even imagine her talking him in to letting her come with him. To me, it’s significant that he allowed her to be there when he knew he’d probably be working through what the sniper did. This is the woman he’s trusted with the knowledge of just how deeply his days as a sniper affected him. She’s seen him kill, she’s been by his side when he’s killed, and she’s been there in the aftermath. And she didn’t betray his secrets to Hannah when they met. So I find myself wondering if perhaps Booth needed Brennan there in the apartment as a reminder of how far he’s come since his sniper days.

    I also loved how Brennan acted inside the apartment. She was right there by his side as he first started working through it, and then backed off and gave him the space he needed to process things. She didn’t even bat an eyelash when he pulled out the gun. Yeah, she knew he had the gun, so it wouldn’t be a surprise that he pulled it out, but she didn’t ask him any questions; she just accepted what he was doing and let him do it. And I really liked the fact that Brennan knew about his record for the long shot, and the way he quietly corrected her about the distance. I think the whole scene reinforced just how well these two people know each other and how deeply they care about each other. She knows what his past as a sniper has cost him. She’s listened to him, and she’s paid attention to what he’s said. And that just adds to my feeling that, for Booth, having her there was somehow comforting and reassuring.

    And maybe that was an underlying point in the episode: that her presence keeps Booth grounded. Throughout the episode, she kept checking in on him, but she was giving him space and respecting the new lines in their relationship at the same time. She could have picked up the phone at any point to give him information about the case, but she kept showing up at the Hoover building to tell him in person. I kind of think it was her way of telling him, without words, that she accepts the situation between them for what it is, but she doesn’t want to lose him as a friend and she’ll be there for him if he needs her.

    My interpretation of the final scene in the diner, when they are talking is this:

    She says, “You should have waited for me.” But means “Why the hell did you go there alone, Booth? He could have killed you. You should have let me come with you as backup.”

    He says, “I didn’t want to let anyone down.” But it means: “This is between him and me. If I had told you I was going, you would have insisted on coming. He’s already killed and has nothing left to lose. If something had happened to you, I’d never forgive myself.”

    And at the end, when she’s with Max, and then Booth is watching her… it can be interpreted so many ways. The important thing is that it made me smile, and I liked that.

    One final thought: not that I was upset by her absence, but where was Hannah in all this? It was almost conspicuous that there was no mention of her at all since there has been in every other episode this season.

    I can see where she wouldn’t be kicking around the Hoover building as they are working a high profile case like that, but if I was dating a sexy FBI agent who’d been at the scene of an assassination, I think I’d at least call to check in with him and make sure he’s okay. I know we don’t know that she didn’t call, but we also don’t know that she did.

    By the same token, with as much as Booth has been saying he loves Hannah, don’t you think that maybe he’d want to give her a quick call and say he’d be late for dinner? Something? And yeah, I know the show is only about 45 minutes when you allow for commercials, and that’s not a lot of time to get in everything that you want to, but him walking down the hallway on his cell phone saying “yeah, I’m fine, talk to you later” or something like that would not have taken up much screen time and would have added another layer to an already complex story.

  35. I wasn’t going to comment until I’d had time to watch the episode twice, but I’ve been so busy that I barely had time to watch it once. And now the morning after has long since passed me by. Oh well. While I agree with so much of what has already been said here, I think I still have some thoughts worth sharing.

    Brennan’s reaction (or lack of reaction) to Taffet’s assassination didn’t really stick out for me. Maybe it’s just that there was so much going on with all of the characters involved. When I stop to think about it though, I think that Max’s possible involvement took over her thoughts.

    I have an uneasy feeling when it comes to Max. Maybe it’s just me, but I’ve always felt like Max is running from something or someone. It’s obvious he ships B&B (I mean, that toothbrush holder has more than one hole), and maybe that’s because Booth is everything he would want for his daughter should something ever happen to him. I don’t know – could be wild speculation on my part.

    I wasn’t surprised by Brennan’s reaction to the body in the bathtub. She had commented earlier on a strong chemical smell. I guess the chemical smell was masking the smell of rotting flesh because obviously Brennan is familiar with the smell of rotting flesh. I would expect her to comment on the rotting flesh smell, as the scent of a rotting corpse would be much more pertinent than strong chemicals. They released strong chemical fumes when they pulled back the plastic that had been taped over the tub, and I just thought the strong chemical fumes knocked them both backward. I didn’t see it as an eventually moment, but I don’t want to burst the bubble of those who did either. 😉

    I believe Caroline was telling the truth and that her emotions in that moment were genuine. I didn’t think there was an alternative until I read it here. I appreciate the other perspective, but I’m sticking with my original interpretation.

    I might be one of the only people who isn’t coming completely undone over the final few minutes of the episode. I put a lot of stock in what Booth said about not wanting to let anyone down. I thought that line might be a little bit of foreshadowing for the rest of the sniper arc.

    I just reread this comment, and realized that it sounds a little negative and doesn’t reflect how much I loved this episode. I guess this is what happens when I don’t get to comment until so late after this post went live.

    Oh, before I forget – table. I felt like such a fangirl last night. All of my tweets were about Booth and his hotness. I actually had to remind myself that I’m an intelligent, rational viewer and told myself to get off twitter and go to sleep!

    • I rewatched the episode and have changed my mind about Caroline. I agree with you that she was being honest with Sweets and that she was a afraid when the GD lost her head. As a rule, Caroline is a very honest person and tells it like it is. We saw Booth come to Sweets and check up on him; but, he let Sweets convince him that Sweets was ok. It took Caroline to figure out what was wrong with Sweets. On the other hand, she did say she thought it was a mistake to let Sweets ride with the GD.

  36. OMG I can’t write anything understandable…. I LOVED this epi, the ending the most, it gave me so much hope….. I know we keep on talking about hope and eventually but this is the first time I got something from Booth, not just what we THINK Booth THINKS. I nevel rost hope but now thats it is happening it feels so real. I know this doesn’t neccesarily mean anything but that look was not JUST some look.

    I kind of wasn’t expecting this much but we got a lot of everything and everybody, it was very well acted and directed. It was over too soon, it felt like 20minutes and it was over. I wasn’t very spoilt so it was like a christmas present, lovely….. I think I will try to remain unspoiled for the rest of the season al tho it is so hard to avoid them if you are this obsessed with the show as I am.

    I loved Booth this episode al tho his hottest moments went by with my jaw on the floor so everything that happened emediately after that was a black hole in my memory at first time watching. I love how the sniper story is messing with his mind and I can’t wait to see what happened next.

    Caroline was wonderful but I am also one of those who think she wasn’t really honest with Sweets. Maybe not the right word and maybe I’m totally wrong because I don’t know why else would she there at that time. But just before she confessed she looked fine and in the next second she started shaking like it happened a minute ago. I don’t know if this makes any scence, I think she just wanted to help him, she was not ashamed of what she felt and was happy to share that with Sweets but I felt like in THAT moment she wasn’t that frightened and maybe she just wanted to show even she is vulnerable and if she could help Sweets it was like killing two birds at once.

    I loved Max, I also hoped he would say something to Booth about Brennan but maybe its better he didn’t – he still has time :), I would love to see more Cam, more Bones&Angela, Hodgins was great. I didn’t notice the intern much, probably because of everything around but that project Brennan made was great :))

    I also don’t understand why Booth didn’t shoot that guy at the end – I mean he could shoot him in the leg or shoulder or somewhere, he is an excellent shot. I mean come one, that guy wanted to blow him up and I think thats a good enough reason… Maybe I’m wrong and I don’t know the policy/protocol about how these things work but I think he could do it.

    The ending: I have NO idea what it ment but I LOVED it. I hope this is the begining of Booth’s crack…

    Sorry for all mistakes in this post 🙂

  37. I think Booth didn’t shoot Broadsky in a non-lethal place because he was in shock from both the explosion and the fact that this guy that he obviously admires and respects might really be a cold killer. When he was struggling to pull the gun out he was probably in a lot of pain from the dislocated shoulder and who knows what else; at that point he seemed to be in an automatic kill mode. When Broadsky looked at him and made him question his guilt it paralized Booth just long enough for an escape, because at this point for Booth, it was kill or nothing. He should have recovered and wounded him, but Booth isn’t perfect and this really was a moment of great stress. I don’t know if the sniper was a role model for him but I’m thinking he might have been, making taking any shot that much harder; Booth just hasn’t had that many male figures to look up to. On the humorous side, what kind of arc would we have if the guy just keeled over right there and then? I’ll suspend my belief any day to see Booth all beat up in that black shirt!

    One more thing (I’ve probably used up all my turns-sorry, I just really loved this episode!) I was caught up in the scene where Booth and Brennan replayed the Gravedigger’s death on the street. I thought it was very sweet and Boothy not to let Brennan play the GD’s part. I don’t think it was just because he was trying to figure out the bullet’s trajectory, which she did anyway standing in Sweets’ shoes; I think he couldn’t allow Brennan to be in that horrifying position, even if it was just pretend. The fact that he wouldn’t give her an explanation as to why she couldn’t take the GD’s place cemented this belief for me-he’ll protect her even in make-belief.

    • Maria, loved your idea as to why Booth wouldn’t allow Brennan to stand in for the GD when they were re-enacting the scene. I believe you are right. Booth wouldn’t want Brennan to be in harms way, even if it is pretend. It is so Boothy.

    • good point about him not letting bones play the gd, maria…that hadn’t even occurred to me, but i think you’re right.

  38. Well, I think, Booth being unable to shoot someone he considers his mentor was another moment of the ‘cognitive dissonance’ Sweets was talking about…

  39. I may be a bit late in responding (RL got in the way), but I could not pass up the opportunity to express how much I loved this episode…and everyone in it…because it deserves all the accolades and attention it’s getting. I could talk about this episode for hours, but RL is screaming in my ear again.

    Excellent directing on DB’s part…he never disappoints. And…I tried to decide between the gun and the table…and couldn’t. Call me greedy…I want both!

    Caroline was being truthful, I think, when she was telling Sweets how she felt, but she may have exaggerated just a little. Hard for me to believe she could put on that act if she wasn’t truly shocked. And I love her for pulling Sweets out of his funky mood. Sweets and Caroline’s response to the crime weren’t unusual, given the horrific murder they witnessed. A situation like this would shake even the strongest.

    Brennan’s reaction was normal for her. When she arrived on the scene, she had no idea what she would find, and I love that she was more concerned that Booth was ok than anything else. Once she knew he was, she went into super-scientist mode and got to work. Hodgins’ reaction was to be expected, but I loved that Angela called him out on it.

    And Booth…taking control on the surface, but underneath, he’s shaken to the core. He’s edgy during the entire episode…almost frantic. Good sniper gone bad…someone he knows and called a friend…seriously messing with his mind. Someone who was just like him. So I understand why he didn’t shoot Jake when he had the chance. He needs, personally, for the killer to not be Jake…Jake says he didn’t do it, planting a seed of doubt…and this causes Booth to hesitate, because I think Booth wants to believe Jake didn’t do it…even if he knows that Jake is capable. This will undoubtedly come back to haunt Booth in the future, and he’ll end up with a ton of guilt, having let Jake go.

    Now Max is another can of worms. I don’t trust him. Never did. And I think somehow he’s involved. Booth was right to question Max’s alibi…with cash receipts he could have found anywhere…because he doesn’t trust Max either. Max is the one who tried to kill Taffet last season, and I just have to think that he may have been the one to find Jake, tell him to contact the father for money to kill the GD, set the whole thing up, yet keeping his part in the crime hidden…for now. But what interested me the most was during his conversation with Brennan, she brings up Booth’s girlfriend’s name, Hannah Burley, and Max says he’s familiar with her…but when Brennan adds that Hannah is a war correspondent, Max says “Oh, her.” Like he must be thinking of a different HB. Hmm…that’s not a common name, and it’s hard for me to believe that there are two HB’s out there…so…I think Max knows something about Hannah that he’s not telling.

    The end scene was beautifully done. Max and Brennan having a nice father-daughter chat, with the silly sea shell toothbrush holder, was very touching…but of course, the fact that Booth was watching her through the window…and then the LOOK…just broke my heart and made me smile…all at the same time. I imagined what was going through Booth’s mind…the fact that this woman still holds his heart in her hands, and he is feeling the sting of conflict and regret.

    Most of all, I want more scenes with Booth in a tight black tee shirt. We haven’t seen nearly enough of those this season. Oh, my…I miss those tees!!

  40. Yes ShrinkyMojo, I am also still a little suspicious about Max and that for him the name Hannah Burley was familiar. But you know the writers sometimes fool us.
    But one thing about the GD is still on my mind. After her trial, when found guilty (Boy with the Answer) she turned to Bones and told her: ” It is not over yet!” And somebody wrote earlier that the GD could not have acted alone. Let’s see if this comes up.
    First I thought it was weird that they used the GD and killed her right off, unless they wanted a closure for the victims or a “victim” for the next “Bad Guy”

    • I hear you, Marle Barle, about the writers fooling us, but I just have this nagging suspicion that this was done on purpose. Why would they even have Brennan HB’s name? She could have just as easily said Booth had a girlfriend and left it at that. And why would they have Max respond to the name at all? If Max really didn’t know anything about HB, he would have said nothing, I think. No reason to. It’s almost as if he had a knee-jerk response to HB’s name…and then thought twice about revealing any more…brushing off his answer as meaningless.

      I have to go with the crowd that believes the GD didn’t act alone. She had others involved who hide in the shadows…otherwise, her statement “It isn’t over” makes no sense. She may have even set events to come in motion while she was in jail. This woman cannot be underestimated. She was extremely intelligent, worked with the FBI, had access to all kinds of information about snipers, or anything else or anyone else she needed. I’ll even go back to the finale of Season 4…when Max admits to working for the GD, among other things. I don’t think those ideas were thrown in by mistake either. Oh, dear…I must be becoming a conspiracy theorist like Hodgins…LOL!

      Killing the GD was definitely the set up for the next Bad Guy. Her story was played out, but it was a great way to bring in her replacement…another evil doer to create a whole new arc…with connections to the GD.

      Someone on another site had a theory about how all the episodes are tied together with certain themes, describing them episode by episode. They made perfect sense to me – and they even apply to upcoming episodes we haven’t seen yet. So…again…I’d like to believe that the writers are using this entire season as a set up for coming events, if we only connected the dots, as this person did. I’ve picked up some themes, but didn’t put them all together quite as coherently as he/she did. The reoccurences are just too tightly woven to be the work of writers out to fool us. But I’ve been wrong before. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see…but the potential is very interesting .

      • I keep coming back to Max as well. When I initially watched the episode, I thought his familiarity with HB was that she was a war correspondent and maybe he saw her on t.v. But…as I rewatched it, there just seemed to be something else there and Brennan’s “I don’t want to talk about it” was probably too easy a way out of the conversation for Max. And there also was a real sense of goodbye at the end, I think someone else pointed that out already…

        I feel like Max could have totally been the person to hunt down Mr. Kent and ask him if he would pay two million dollars for the GD to be killed and then finding the sniper. He has contacts in his not so little world. There is just something that tells me Max isn’t totally innocent in all of this, but then he seemed to need to know that Brennan trusted and believed in him…

        Several people have also mentioned about the GD not acting alone. So it seems there is someone else out there…

  41. you know, the more i think about it, the more i realize that the writers don’t just throw in stuff like booth watching bones with that look on his face for no reason…they WANT us to see that reaction and to wonder what is going through his head. i totally don’t think we’re reading too much into it. i can guarantee that he’s not thinking “what did i ever see in her” or “i wonder what hannah will be wearing when i get home.” he’s thinking one of two things…either “i still love her and how can i be a good man and still do right by hannah” (which is what i HOPE he’s thinking) or he’s thinking “i should have never have told her how i feel, because now i love hannah and i can’t do right by bones”. the thing that really made me flip out and gives my shippery little heart hope was the promo for next week, and the way he’s LOOKING at her and then she looks at him and he looks away. i paused it and squeed over it for a good 10 minutes! imho, he’s totally still in love with her and tortured about what is the right thing to do.

  42. I needed a make-my-shipper-heart-happy episode and I was thrilled to get it. By the way, I haven’t had a chance to read all the comments so I apologize if I’m just reiterating what everyone else has said!

    The Sweets situation was interesting. The fact that everyone came to check in on Sweets showed me that they all care about him. The evidence that no one understood what he was going through showed me that no one knows him very well.

    A linchpin is “a fastener used to prevent a wheel or other rotating part from sliding off the axle it is riding on.” As the linchpin, Caroline will make sure that no one “falls”. She won’t let Cam lose her job because she can’t identify a body or make Booth feel worse that he’s not with Brennan or allow Sweets to feel like he is the weakest link. Caroline has no problem lying to protect the people she cares about (getting everyone to help out Cam, telling Booth how nice it is that he’s with “I like the set of her chin“ Hannah, etc.); but, there is no way the writers would have Caroline reveal something that humiliating to Sweets unless it was the truth. That’s just my gut telling me that. I have no real evidence to support it ☺

    Interestingly enough, Daisy didn’t show up to console Sweets. I wonder if that was intentional. She was clearly concerned when Sweets saw a man die before his eyes on the metro (fThe Bones of the Blue Line). Maybe Daisy has left for good! Anyway…

    IMO, Booth reassuring Sweets during the episode ‘(“If I need help, you’ll be the first one I call” and “he’s not on his A-game”) was indicative of Booth’s character as the protector and defender of his people as much as it was indicative of Sweets’ insecurities.

    When Brennan tells Max that she “believed him” when he said he didn’t kill Taffet, I finally realized – Brennan has truly changed permanently. The DitF was not a confession. Her heart opened and it’s beautiful seeing her express her feelings to everyone (“Booth, Booth…I’m so glad that you’re ok!”)

    When Booth watched Brennan listening to the conch, he looked like he really missed her (btw, my heart was screaming with joy. I must have rewatched that scene a million times). Right then, he looked like he just wanted his best friend back. Brennan is the only person Booth can talk to about his feelings about being a sniper and how the whole situation is affecting him. (At least I want to believe he can’t share this type of information with Hannah). When Booth said he didn’t want to disappoint people, he looked straight at Brennan almost as if he were privately confiding in her. No one else existed for that moment. I don’t need Booth and Brennan to get together yet. All I need right now is to see Booth and Brennan connect again.

    For now, I’ll settle for Booth’s wistful look.

  43. now that I have watched the episode again —
    Caroline – I think Caroline was totally serious with Sweets. She was the prosecutor in the Taffet case and those are her people so she was definitely personally affected and she wanted Sweets to know that is ok to be affected by this. It is not an easy event to recover from. They will all still have lasting repercussions — especially those who witnessed it.
    Max — I don’t trust him either. He had no reason to lie about his whereabouts. Why would Booth think he was in Mexico and Angela think he was in Thailand and then he tells Brennan that he is in Maui when clearly he wasn’t. Max always seems to have a hidden agenda and enough contacts to come up with fake cash receipts for an alibi. Did he pay for those or forge them or what — and why? I don’t think he had anything to do with the sniper but there is something fishy there.
    about Max knowing Hannah – I think he just recognized Hannah’s name from TV and Brennan probably brought it up so she could tell her Dad who her competition was without having to come right out and say.
    Hodgins — In the back of his mind I think he is feeling a little guilty about his happiness – even if he can’t quit smiling!
    Booth’s look at the end — Logistically I am thinking Bones would be giving him a ride home as he twisted his ankle and has a crutch along with the shoulder injury. Is he even driving? Would she leave by herself and have him take a cab? That seems unlikely. I wish we were able to hear that conversation. Hannah must have been on assignment again and couldn’t get away. In my imagination, Booth is thinking as he looks at Brennan — she is the one who understands me and takes care of me and Hannah isn’t here when I need someone.

  44. I say Booth could not just wound him because than what Booth was hurt too bad to physically arrest him even if he shot him first, plus Booth thinks they are the same he did/t correct the sniper when he said we’re the same and when did Booth go regulation FBI. staid tie and no cocky belt buckle .I blame Hannah

  45. I saw a couple of people thought that Booth should have wounded Brotsky when he had the chance; but, anyone familiar with guns will tell you that there is no such thing as winging someone. When you shoot someone, no matter how good your shooting skills are, you risk hitting an artery. The person could bleed out in minutes if you make a mistake. Booth would not have wanted to have put his old mentor at risk with such a shot when he was uncertain as to his guilt or not. We have seen Booth chase people a lot, with gun in hand, and he hasn’t take a shot yet, during the chase. He knows that any shot he made could be fatal. I feel that Booth is going to beat himself up though when more people are killed. He will blame himself for not shooting; but, Booth didn’t shoot because he is a good man, an honorable man. He wants to make sure someone deserves to be shot before he can take the shot. His mentor knew that and took advantage of that.

    • Of Course, I forgot he shot the cop in the Con Man In The Meth Lab when chasing him. But, my point still stands about risking shooting someone.

      • I always thought law enforcement could only shoot when their life or someone else’s is in imminent danger. Booth had already established that Jake didn’t have a gun on him and the explosion was already over so legally I don’t think he could shoot him in the foot to keep him from escaping. That kind of action would be taking the law in his own hands and I think he had a legal and moral obligation not to shoot at that point.

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