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Scene Study: The Tough Man in the Tender Chicken-Brennan Knows Booth Likes Brown Sugar on Everything


Good morning, my friends! How are things? It’s a Sunday, and around here at Bones Theory, that means it’s time for another scene study.

Today’s scene, from the end of this season five episode, is an intriguing scene in my opinion. I’ll be anxious for your thoughts!

Here’s a little history to get us started:

The episode focuses on vulnerability…for both Brennan and Booth. In Brennan’s case, she feels anxiety because she’s had a fight with Angela. A stupid fight in which Brennan was COMPLETELY in the right (in my opinion) and also VERY unfairly made to feel as if SHE was being unreasonable, even by Sweets, and to a lesser extent, Booth.

Booth feels vulnerable because the killer in this episode convinced him in his lie–something Booth prides himself on being able to spot. He’s feeling uneasy because he still doesn’t feel like he’s 100% back from his coma (or 110%, as he’d say!).

In the first case, Booth helps Brennan deal with her situation. Well, sort of. He basically tells her that he’s not going to help; he’s not going to get between two best friends. I love the looks on Brennan’s face; I really do. I also love that Booth is not really looking away from her for very long.

Everything okay, there, baby? I mean...Bones?

I like it when you call me baby. Even if you never do.

I just love that Brennan knows Booth is feeling sorry for her, and she kind of likes it! She smiles at him and then is bummed again! She sort of feels sorry for herself, I think. It’s just very sweet–that whole conversation between them. It’s kind of un-Brennan, but yet then completely Brennan-esque for the same reason. Booth tells her he doesn’t want to get involved, but when she leaves the diner, claiming she just wants to get back to the lab, he stops her…

…assuring her that everything will be fine between her and Angela. Brennan confesses she’s not used to not getting along with people. Love.

Sweets can’t quite believe THAT, but he does believe the swift kick under the table he receives from Booth. Actually, he’ll pretty much believe anything from Booth, particularly when Booth reveals he once  dated identical twins.

Oh, there's magic. Special Agent Magic.


As the episode progresses, B&B continue to work the case, and in one scene, Brennan needs to remove Booth’s tie for the purpose of an experiment.

I don’t know about you, but to me, this is not the look of a man who is merely surprised at having his tie removed. This is a man who has about 1,000 other thoughts swirling through his mind.

Luckily, Brennan is able to solve the case, despite that Booth was sort of fooled by the murderer, and the last scene takes place at Founding Fathers, with B&B sharing a drink.

And here we are!

A couple of quick notes.

1. Why are B&B sitting away from the rest of the team? Does that ever strike anyone else as interesting? It’s one thing for them to go places on their own. It’s another thing for them to be an official couple and be separate from the rest of their friends. But here, they aren’t; they really just are not near the rest of the team. Thoughts on that? Why, when (assuming it’s true), the rest of the team walks in (or they walk in to see the rest of the team) do they sit on the opposite side of the bar? What kind of message does that give to their friends? It’s interesting, I tell you!

2. For some reason, I love that Brennan prefers a glass of wine and Booth has a beer or something stronger. I don’t know why I love this so much; it’s happened in other eps too, and everytime, I just love it. It’s just this idea that they don’t have to be completely the same in order to be great for one another. They have commonality and individuality, and there’s a lot of respect between them…even down to their drinks of choice.

Speaking of drinks of choice, one of my all time favorite moments in this episode is when Brennan, trying to figure out how she can make amends with Angela, asks Booth if SHE would like one of those fruity drinks (like Angela has), and Booth says “no” right away. There’s not a question. Of course, he has other things on his mind, but to me, it’s very clear…Booth knows her and knows she wouldn’t like one of those drinks. Period.

Booth then tells her that the murderer fooled him.

“He fooled me,” he repeats…still not quite believing it’s true. “I actually believed he was trying to save the victim,” Booth confesses.

Brennan encourages him the best she can, assuring him that the murderer was a very good liar.

Booth is not convinced, “Bones, I can tell when people are lying. Or I could tell, before my whole… rectal cerebral infracture”

This is cute to me. I think he sort of is making a joke, maybe? Brennan thinks he is…she laughs immediately. Not a mean laugh…a laugh like she thinks he is being funny, and she likes sharing a joke with him. Very sweet indeed.

“That’s not a real medical condition,” she tells him.

“Are you sure?” Booth asks her. “Because that’s what I’m feeling. Right now.”

Brennan tells him that if it was real, it would be pretty disgusting. She sort of chuckles again, but then Booth gets serious with her, in a way that we haven’t seen much of. This is what I meant at the beginning when I said that Booth is vulnerable with her. He says, “Bones, I’m losing it.”

That’s a MAJOR confession for Booth, as a man and as her partner, in my opinion! Brennan begins to understand that he’s being totally serious.


He continues, “I’m not up to speed here. I woke up this morning and I realized that I don’t even know if I like brown sugar on my oatmeal!”

I’m completely serious when I say that I think this is THE most vulnerable we’ve seen with him almost ever. How much does it cost him to admit that he’s not up to speed…that he doesn’t know the things he considers to be important? I think it means a lot. Oatmeal might seem insignificant (and gross), but for Booth…it does mean more than just breakfast.

“Next time, call me,” Brennan offers. “You like brown sugar on everything.” I love that she knows this. Sometimes I get annoyed at how LITTLE we see between them (for example…this season, when they are talking about the fun times they had with Parker at her pool…). I feel bummed when the writers just allude to things. But…in the grand scheme of things, I try  to keep an open mind. Easier said than done, believe me. However, they only have about 42 minutes each episode to get everything in, and instead of complaining about how they just TELL us things instead of showing us…I’ll just try harder to be thankful that they take the time to TELL us. You know? So, even though we’ve never seen that Booth likes brown sugar…we can believe and be thankful for the fact that Brennan has many times, and she KNOWS this about Booth. She knows him!

Booth’s voice gets kind of low and shudder-y and he says, “I’m the one who’s supposed to know when people are lying.”

In other words, he has something he’s good at…the best, and he needs that thing to be okay in order for him to be okay. In his eyes, and in Brennan’s eyes (he thinks…in my opinion).

Brennan just sort of looks at him. She tried joking, and that didn’t work. She tried appealing to the idea that the murderer just happened to be a really good liar, but that didn’t make Booth feel better either.

When Booth asks who he should call for that, she offers “Sweets.”

“Sweets,” Booth can’t believe his ears.

Brennan, at this point, isn’t sure what else to say. Might as well go with the truth. Booth himself had once called him a human lie detector test, and she reminds him of that fact. Booth doesn’t argue that, but just tells her that he doesn’t like doing things at half speed.

Brennan tells him that even at half speed he’s “twice as fast as anyone else.”

And once again, we have an instance where Booth sort of weighs her words. I love this look on his face. Almost as if it’s necessary for her to be right in order for it to be the truth.

You know…I think this is still the thing that makes him love her. She just knows the truth of him, and yes, she’s dazzled by it…in her way. And Booth can see that, and the feeling that gives him…that makes him fall in love with her, in these little tiny moments in time. Yes, Laffers…I’m looking at you! Haha! But seriously, y’all…Brennan just gives Booth a confidence that no one else can, and it’s because she’s honest with him. It doesn’t ALWAYS work that way (like in the 100th, and maybe in Couple in the Cave), but for the most part…it’s true. And yeah, she’s pretty and smart and all of that…and maybe he shouldn’t fall in love with her because of how honest she is…but I still think it’s there, between them. And, for those who considered the idea that he needs someone like Hannah in order to really be understood…I have to say that I haven’t seen that this season. I heard a lot about how he deserved to be happy and feel good and deserved to fall in love with someone who could love him back, and that Hannah could provide that for him. But honestly…I’m not seeing it. Sure, he’s happy in the smiley sense. And the sex is good, we can see that. But as for knowing the truth of him…and knowing about brown sugar and those little teeny moments where he drops his guard and can admit that he feels like he’s losing it…Brennan’s the one. And he loves her because of that. I really believe that.

Okay, moving on…!

I love that Booth takes her truth and accepts it. “Want to see the fastest draw in the west?”

“Sure,” she replies, completely serious and expecting to see the fastest draw in the west. Who wouldn’t?

“Want to see it again?” Booth jokes. Super cute. That joke is so corny. They are both so corny and so fun. Brennan laughs, a real genuine heartfelt laugh, and Booth laughs too. Is there anything sexier than making the person you love laugh? I don’t think so.

Brennan keeps smiling, and Booth keeps his eyes pinned right on her. Adoration! Acceptance! Amazement! Corny jokes and genuine laughs!

And then Brennan does something I find interesting. Remember in season one when Booth explained that in order for him to share something of himself, she had to also share about herself? And once she did (for example, that she understood how Cleo Eller’s parents felt), then he reciprocated? I like this idea that in this episode, they sort of go back and forth. He asked her before what she was upset about. When she said she fought with Angela, he said he wasn’t going to get involved. She asked him if he wanted to know what happened; he said no. But after she sort of helps him out in the brown sugar sense, he is all ready to help her…to share again.

I can never tell if Brennan now feels comfortable sharing her vulnerability with him because he was open with her OR if she is trying to make him feel better about himself by asking for his advice. Thoughts from you?

Before she even SAYS anything about the pig, he’s reaching for the photo.

Look, I’m not saying that confidence=love automatically. I think Booth is experiencing confidence in this moment, and in this case…he loves her for that. She helps him be a guy, right?

She shows him the photo of the pig and can’t help looking back toward Angela. I guess at this point, she is genuinely upset about the distance between her and her artist friend, NOT just trying to make Booth feel better.

I don’t think I’ve mentioned yet how gorgeous Brennan looks in this scene. And Booth is gorgeous too…as always. Brennan also tells Booth that Sweets thinks she should humor Angela (meaning, let Angela have her way, even if it doesn’t seem rational).

Booth, hahahahaha, Booth now says, “Sweets is a bright kid.” I think this is so funny, really. When it was HIS issue on the line, he didn’t  necessarily want Sweets as his advice guy, right? But after Brennan reminds him that he himself validates Sweets, now he’s all about Sweets handing out advice. Hahaha.

Brennan replies, “I want to know what YOU think.”

Booth doesn’t really say anything, but it’s clear he’s not feeling completely qualified to weigh in with his opinion.

Brennan continues, “As a full grown man with experience…”

And Booth sort of eyes her.

…and Brennan adds, her voice getting lower and maybe less confident, “I need to know what you think.”

I find this so fascinating…the idea that she needs to know what Booth thinks. Before, I mentioned that I was never quite sure whether or not Brennan is sort of genuinely needing his help or just boosting his ego. But in these next few seconds, I find that what I originally thought (she’s just making herself appear to be less in control to offer him the opportunity to be great) might not be the case. I guess I always sort of forgot the tone of her voice when she says she ‘needs’ to know what he thinks. Brennan’s not really the type to fake that, is she?

But what always led me to that original thought is this look on Booth’s face. I think HE thinks she’s sort of just making him feel better.

He just made it VERY clear that he knows when someone is lying, right? Don’t you see that in his eyes…this idea that he’s sort of calculating the odds on whether or not she is telling the truth here?

Brennan sort of gets this quick series of looks on her face that make ME always think she knows that he knows exactly what she’s doing, and she’s sort of begging him to just go with it…to just once…let her help him in the encouragement way, right?

Because Booth is still looking at her in that exact same way.

But maybe she’s NOT asking him to just go with it. Or at least…maybe it’s that she’s asking him to not call her out on the fact that she needs something from him. What do you think? Is Brennan boosting his ego and wanting him to not call her out on that, or is she sort of silently begging him not to make a big deal out of the fact that she needs his help?

Either way, then he gives his answer, “I think you should give her this one,” meaning Brennan should indeed humor Angela.

What does Brennan say? Nothing. What does she do? Booth even asks her, “What are you doing?”

I can never tell where her confidence comes from here. In the idea that she knows what to do? That she validated Booth? That what she’s about to do will work because Booth says so? It’s so intriguing to me!

Booth, haha…he’s like, um…come back! “I didn’t mean right this second!”

But when Brennan doesn’t even pay attention to him and approaches Angela, he can’t help but smile.

Angela gets her check and she gushes to Wendell that ‘it’s everything’. And in that moment, I was pretty much done with all things Angela. If she wants to boil her friendship with Brennan down to a dollar amount, that’s fine with me. And Brennan paid her off, so that was really fine with me. At that point, I really didn’t care what she said or did ever again. That pretty much holds true. Anything good that comes her way is her good fortune and not necessarily deserved. That’s harsh, but whatever. Brennan’s earlier confusion (“You don’t want to be friends because the pig is cute?”) was COMPLETELY valid! That wasn’t one of those instances where Brennan just sort of missed the big picture in an interpersonal communication moment. And anyone who thinks that Booth can be mean to Brennan should really listen to what Angela says to her sometimes. BOO! Just…whatever. I love Brennan. That is all.

Haha. Moving on…

Booth is watching it all unfold, and he sees this moment.

And he thinks…well, THAT is interesting!

Brennan slides in to her chair and tells Booth that Angela is very happy. He replies, “I can see that.”

Brennan immediately notices that something has changed. “You said that in a funny way,” is what she says. I see that as her just sensing something is different. She knows Booth well enough to know, and she’s just sort of collecting some data here. Then…when she thinks about it a little more…

He needs her, y’all! It’s not that he just needs someone who understands him. He needs HER to understand him. I am convinced.

“You see?” Brennan reminds him. “You’ve still got it!”

Hand on the arm, big smile…wide eyes…she’s gorgeous! Even though it’s sort of awkward, in her way, it’s still perfect. Actually, it’s all the more perfect, I guess! Brennan is the only one I know who can be deliberately kind and have it not be fake. Right? She is purposefully trying to make Booth feel complimented and better, and while with anyone else, it would just be lip service, because of the motivation behind it…with Brennan, her motivation IS her heart, and it doesn’t matter what she says sometimes…her heart shines through, and that is what Booth hears/sees.

He sort of smiles and asks, “You’re not going to ask me what I saw?”

“Do I want to know?” she asks (again, for his advice!)

“No,” Booth answers right away. And then… “Do you want to know anyway?”

I love this look on Brennan’s face. I think she sort of DOES want to know, especially because Booth is smiling so much. It must be something good, right? That’s why I love what she says next so much.

“Nope. It can wait.”

Booth is sort of surprised.

But Brennan adds, “I trust you.”

 Awesome. Awesome. Awesome

They clink glasses, her with her wine, and him with his beer, and it’s perfect.

They literally can’t take their eyes off one another for an entire minute. It’s just amazing.

Series-Wide Analysis: This is the kind of moment I struggled with immediately post-episode 100. I felt like we’d sort of been jolted a bit. What did Brennan MEAN she didn’t have an open heart?!? Right? I didn’t understand why we had been sort of lifting, lifting, lifting all of season five toward this idea that Brennan was really beginning to…well, open her heart toward Booth…only to have her deny that very thing. I still struggle with that when I re-watch season five episodes. I’m not wanting to get into a discussion on whether the writers yanked us around for the sake of ratings/network veto/etc; I’m just saying that when I NOW look at these moments, I think Brennan has a somewhat unrealistic idea of what it will mean to be with Booth. Let’s also not get into a “Booth should have said it better” debate here, as we’ve done that before too, and that’s not the point of this post. All I mean here is that when this is all said and done, I think we’ll see these sorts of moments between Booth and Brennan, where when one is struggling, the other will come alongside and help. This episode was just a microcosm of that ideal. I’m glad we have these moments between them!

Peace, Love & Bones,



23 thoughts on “Scene Study: The Tough Man in the Tender Chicken-Brennan Knows Booth Likes Brown Sugar on Everything

  1. Another awesome analysis. I always love these because I get to remember how amazing certain scenes are. I really love this ending scene, compared to the rest of the episode. I do find it a bit strange how Booth and Brennan are sitting alone, but I think there is an understanding between the squints and B&B, that Booth and Brennan always hang out together after a case. They all hang out together sometimes, but I fell like the squints know to do their own thing, unless there’s some kind of invitation. That’s just my feeling on it though.
    I hate the part with Angela and I think she’s being really childish about the pig thing, but it is nice that Brennan is the bigger person, which I think is normally more expected from Angela.
    I really just love the way Booth and Brennan look and smile at each other. That’s one thing I really miss this season.
    Oh, and I have to admit that I laughed a bit too much at the captions on some of the pictures. “I like it when you call me baby. Even if you never do.” XD

  2. I think Brennan struggles with self-confidence and her worth. I mean, we all know she has an open heart, and we can start listing off instances, but the important thing is, does she know she has an open heart? How many people tell her that she does on a consistent basis? I’m not sure what her definition of “open heart” is. Maybe she needs evidence. But it could be one of those things that no matter how much people try to convince her, she has to see it on her own.

    Which ties into my thoughts on her rejection in the 100th. Sure, Booth could’ve have fought harder, but who really wants to fight that hard for someone to just return feelings? When Brennan said no, it was because she either didn’t return his feelings the same way, or if she did, she was unwilling to go there, and I’m inclined to think her feelings weren’t going to change at the time because she was fully convinced in her mind of her decision.

  3. Another great scene study!
    Angela was being ridiculous with the whole pig thing but I think the point Booth was trying to make is that the $1,500 was pretty easy for Brennan to come by and so it was a small effort to help her friendship with Angela along and was not an admission that Angela was right in asking. I didn’t like that the writers were trying to make it seem like Angela’s celibacy thing was what brought her to test her friendships in an effort to concentrate on saving one pig. I am sure at some later point we don’t get to see, Angela apologizes for her words and actions here. I hope so anyway.
    ok back to B&B – Booth says he doesn’t want to come between her and Angela but I really think he doesn’t want to discuss it in front of Sweets in the diner. When he holds her hand he is reassuring her that he will help her with it later. So then when they are in the FF alone, he is happy to help. I’m not sure which group came in first but I think B&B have an end of case celebratory time that everyone is aware of and respects. I imagine B&B were there first and then everyone else sat apart from them because they wanted to give them their space (and Angela wasn’t ready to apologize, wanted time with Wendell, etc.) I think Brennan isn’t humoring Booth when she asks his opinion. She truly wants his opinion and trusts him on it. I love that they have such a give and take and a respect for each other. I like the words Brennan chooses to reassure him that he is still the best at reading people. Saying he is twice as good as everyone else is so much better than just saying he still has it. She tells him to ask her if he doesn’t remember something like whether he likes brown sugar on oatmeal which is her way of saying she will always be there for him.
    about the experiment with the tie in lab – The fact that Brennan takes it off of him instead of asking him for it cracks me up! Perhaps they are both thinking of the other time she undressed him in the lab! Love it!

  4. I absolutely ADORE this scene. I am almost positive I squeed when she said the thing about him liking brown sugar on everything. It’s moments like that that make me love the show too much to ever leave it just because it’s not going where I want it to right now. That’s a VERY strong foundation of friendship and I think with some work they can get back to that. And the uber-corny “fastest draw in the west” joke? I love him so much. And so does Brennan. I genuinely think she wants Booth’s opinion on the Angela-pig ordeal; she’s not just humoring him. I think it’s possible she’s more apt to ask him right then since he was so vulnerable and needs cheering up and she’s pretty much the only one who could do it just then, but he’s one of the only people she trusts with her secrets and with social interactions, so he’s her go-to guy. And the “I trust you” is so perfect. It just makes me happy. We all know she trusts him, but sometimes Booth needs a little validation. And I don’t think she’d ever admit that to anyone other than Booth.

    P.S. I love the captions. “Everything okay, there, baby? I mean…Bones?” had me lol’ing because you know he was totally thinking it. And her “I like it when you call me baby. Even if you never do.” fits perfectly with her face. Thanks for the laugh and the wonderful analysis. 🙂

  5. Love the photos as well as your scene study.

    I think B&B are sitting by themselves because that is who they are. Even in a crowd, they are a partnership and they have a tendency to ignore others when they are together. The squints get that. I really like that about them. In this case, I also had the feeling that the squints were there first and when Booth and Brennan came in and they thought it would be best to sit off by themselves because Angela was being such an ass about her pig.

    That pig. The first time I watched this episode I could not get over that Angela thought that $1,500 for a piglett was important. We raise pigs in this country for food. If she had wanted money to save a bear or an eagle I could have understood that; but, she was willing to throw away a friendship for a pig? I really couldn’t understand that. If I had been Brennan, I wouldn’t have understood it either. I wasn’t too happy that Angela had got carried away and few called her on it. Hodges wouldn’t give her money (and he is super wealthy). She didn’t get mad at him. Brennan didn’t give her money and she wants to stop being friends. Talk about mean.

    I just love that Booth knows that Brennan would not like a fruity drink and that Brennan knows that Booth loves brown sugar on everything. The fact that Brennan would even ask Booth if she would like the drink or not tells me that her trust in him is complete. She knows he knows her and trusts him when he gives her advice. Booth also knows that Brennan knows so much about him and loves her for it; but, he has a hard time asking for advice. He hates the lack of confidence in himself and at this point is worried sick that the brain surgery messed him up. I love that Brennan is willing to ask him for advice about something that really makes no sense to her and yet she feels certain she is not in the wrong about. That Booth told her to give this one to Angela was good enough for her. That Angela was being ugly to Brennan over this was terrible and Booth knew it. He also saw that the only way to save Brennan’s friendship with Angela was to have Brennan give in. That is not something that Brennan does easily so you have to admire Brennan for doing it.
    I really like the fact that Booth saw that Angela and Wendell were getting to be an item and that his power of observation was better than he originally thought. That Brennan was willing to trust Booth when he said that she wouldn’t really like to know the secret he saw was also very interesting. It just confirms to him that she values his advice and that he is valuable to her. I think Brennan has a bigger hear than she knows. She uses it around Booth if no one else. She just doesn’t have any confidence in her social skills and doesn’t realize that because of her honesty, Booth trusts her advice whenever she gives it. He may think about it first; but, he does trust her.

  6. I’m glad you’ve chosen this scene for a Scene Study. I remember when this episode first aired and people were complaining that there was no B&B scene to end the episode. I was flummoxed by this because even though the rest of the squint squad was there, as you pointed out they were separated from B&B and we still had the interaction between just the two of them, and I loved what happened between them there.

    I agree with you on Angela. When she said to Brennan that she didn’t even know why they were friends (or whatever he exact wording was) I was so angry, if it had been me I would have said that after that I didnt’ know either. She was just so out of line to be so mean to someone who is supposed to be her best friend over something like that. As Brennan said it would be a merely symbolic gesture and would accomplish nothing.

    Anyway on to B&B…I love all of your screencaps by the way, those two are just gorgeous, and their expressions are priceless…I have to say I think Brennan was being completely honest with him. She just really doesn’t have it in her to be manipulative even in a good way. I do think she honestly wanted his advice and does think that even at less than peak condition he’s still twice as good as anyone else. She does love him, even if she can’t admit it to herself and does notice everything about him, and while she might want to make him feel better I don’t think she can be anything less than honest with him…and per Dwarf in the Dirt when she’s honest with him, he does feel better, even if it’s not rational. 🙂

    And he I laughed with them at the quickest draw in the west joke, even if it was extremely corny, they are just so cute there I can’t help but laugh.

    I’m not sure I ever got to the point here, but I just want to say that while this might not ever be counted among my favorite episodes I do love Booth and Brennan both in the diner scene and in the final scene. Yes Brennan does demonstrate throughout the 5th season that she is caring and does have an open heart so her description of herself in the 100th is not accurate, maybe that open heart is what she finally realized while in Maluku and it is what will eventually lead to her accepting Booth’s love for her once we’re finally past this Hannah arc and they will be the couple we know they are meant to be!

  7. The beauty of the love and trust between them in scenes like this is what has made everything after the 100th so difficult to watch because basically the writers ditched it all. Booth knows Brennan, the flowers she likes, the planets she’s interested in, whether or not she would like a fruity drink. Brennan knows Booth. In the episode from this awful season where she goes to wake him up at his apartment and he’s complaining about his aches and pains, she rattles off a catalogue of war wounds that he has sustained and how he got everyone of them. They both know the other down to the ground and the first part of the 5th season, pre-100, was wonderful in the small moments that this knowledge was on display. These are the reasons why most viewers watch the show. I think the writers have forgotten that and am hoping after last Thursday’s episode that their knowledge of what viewers really want to see comes back to them.

  8. I get the impression Angela is the sort who gloms on to causes intensely for a short amount of time and then moves on to the next. The fact that his one had a monetary angle makes it particularly meh. Angela is also not the sort to admit she was wrong…that’s part of what takes her so long to get back to Hodgins, imho, and Hodgins wasn’t going to push her. I also get the impression that Angie was already feeling vulnerable and frustrated from the celibacy thing. While I was annoyed with her, all of these considerations made her actions understandable (not necessarily excusable), and I think that is why Brennan was willing to give in.

    As for Booth and Bones in this scene, well, sigh. ❤

    In regards to these sort of scenes and their relationship to the 100th, I have to disagree with EL that Brennan's response was simply the writers throwing everything away. The greatest tragedy of Brennan claiming she didn't have an open heart is that is what Brennan thinks of herself. I don't think she understands that what is happening in these sorts of moments is exactly what it means to have an open, caring heart. Brennan has no data to compare: both the cases of "open-heartedness" she sees, Angela and Booth, are the traditional type: gushy, openly emotional, believing in love and fate and destiny. Brennan doesn't know what that (open-hearted) means. This is what broke my heart most–seeing Brennan, who is usually so confident about her skills, completely missing the fact that she IS open-hearted, caring, lovable, and worthy of Booth's affection. I think the real turning point in DitP was Brennan having someone tell her, "This is what it feels like to have an open heart, to love somebody." I don't think she changed much since the 100th, but she finally understands what's going on. She has a name for it, so she can finally start to embrace it, instead of be scared of it. And so she can confess to Booth she made a mistake…what mistake, well, she's not as clear. But I think part of what she's saying to him is that she realizes she was not so much wrong about her decision, she was wrong about herself.

  9. Great, great scene study. My first thing is, the brown sugar outside-allusion? That’s one of my favorite things about the show! Sorry they annoy you, haha! To me, they sort of reinforce the fact that I am a spectator (albeit a passionately interested and emotionally invested one), and that separation makes me root for Booth and Brennan all the more, somehow. Like it just proves to me over and over again that she is the one who knows him the best–better than anyone, on the show or off. I don’t know why that makes me feel good, but it does. 🙂 And so many of those moments are so great to me–just last episode, when she knows about the long-shot record, his knowing her two favorite flowers (in order!) and her favorite planet? I love that they have this unknown depth of knowledge of each other, that we don’t even know what we don’t know. I love it somehow.

    Which brings me to her knowing the truth of him, and her honesty with him. You are SO right here. I love that he knows she’s being honest when she builds him up, because he knows her, and knows she’s brutally honest about everything really. She would never say things like she does about him–or anyone–if she didn’t mean them, and he knows that.

    And also along the knowing the truth of him/understanding etc., I so agree about Hannah. Yes, she is fully qualified to superficially be the woman for him–beautiful, smart, intelligent, makes him feel good, etc–she’s good company for a lonely Booth. But no, I don’t think Hannah is, can be, or will ever be the one who understands him. It comes back to the white knight syndrome for me–as kitschy and psycho-babble-y as that is from Sweets, I think he’s right. The whole “You help me be a guy,” I have the feeling Booth doesn’t–and won’t–really get that much from Hannah. And I think that aspect is important to him.

    Fastest draw in the west? So cute. I love their corny jokes–only people in love can laugh so sincerely at the lame jokes they tell each other, like the earthquake research being groundbreaking, and all the times he just seems to delight in her proud little attempts at being humorous. 🙂 Love those…

    And about whether or not she’s being genuine when she asks what he thinks. I really think it’s a mix of both. I think she needs to know what he thinks at this moment as much as at any moment (she’s -ish done this before–Verdict in the Story comes to mind, at the diner–you’re the one I ask about these things). But the part that is only her concern for him and her effort to build him up, comes in in that she admits it to him. She always values his opinion–and I would say even needs it, like she tells him. But what she doesn’t always do is let him know it. In past times, she’s almost shy, almost begrudging even, about asking him for his advice, and admitting he is superior in certain arenas.

    Those looks…I think he does think she’s only saying it to make him feel better. But to me, her look is saying, I know what you’re thinking, and you’re wrong, but please don’t make me say it again. He thinks her “I need to know” sentiment is only to make him feel better, but her “Go with it please” face is not “Go with it for your sake,” it’s “Go with it for mine.” The only part of this exchange that’s strictly ego boost for Booth is in how Brennan cuts down her own. I think her thought process was less like “Maybe I should ask him for advice to cheer him up,” and more like “Maybe admitting I need his help will cheer him up.” The ego boost she intended was in the admission, not in the actual statement. That statement is 100% genuine and true in my opinion. It’s her admitting it that’s out of the ordinary.

    • That was….long. Obsessively so. Thanks for making a place for me to do this where I feel a little less weird about how much I think about this show, haha.

      • I completely agree with you (and completely forgot to mention in my post) about the “brown sugar-outside allusion”. I agree that it sort of reinforces the fact that Brennan knows Booth the best out of everyone else, and that we have really only scratched the surface of how much there is to know. And that makes me smile like an idiot 😀 Hehe, The thing I also love about that kind of stuff is that you hear about it later and can say “oh they said they were going to do that” or whatever. Like when Brennan invites them to the pool in BDitN and then she is talking about it in the Twisted Bones in the Melted Truck. It just makes me happy and go “Hey! I remember that!” and then it makes me feel obsessed which I like:)

        And don’t worry about the length, just look at my post right under yours 😛

  10. I adore these scenes! Ergo, I adore this scene stuy : D
    I always find it a little strange that B&B are sitting together, alone, however I’ve never really thought about it. I think it’s probably because Angela and Brennan are fighting though, it would make sense in either situation; whether Angela was already sitting at the bar when B&B came in or vice versa. But even when the whole squint squad sits together, it always feelsthat they’re sitting alone anyway. Whenever they’re in a crowd, whether of starngers or their closest friends they use the “adaptive mechanism” Sweets complain about in VitS where they ignore the third party. So seeing as the squint squad knows them well, they probably just let them sit on their own most of the time. But, yeah probably on their own because of the fight.

    I agree with you that the main reason Booth fell in love with Brennan was because she is always honest with him. I think he may have been lied to in his life about things such as “why his father left” and maybe is always scared that the army was lying to him when people start talking conspiracies and he just wants to make sure, for once, that he knows the truth. And Brennan tells the truth. And so he shares all these teeny moments and things with her. And I (finger-crossed) hope that he leaves Hannah because of that. I hope he realises that Brennan does know him better.

    Always laugh my head off at the “fastest draw in the west” joke as well : D

    With Angela, I never really like her to be comletely honest. I mean, she’s great (and hilarious) in the first few seasons but in the later ones she starts to get a bit iffy. Sometimes she seems genuinely nice and at other times she just seems condescending. And I think I just thought of a reason why ! 🙂 Maybe it’s because in the first few seasons Angela was the only person Brennan really trusted because she wasn’t that confident with Booth yet. She always seemed to want Angela’s advice, and trusted it. But then as the seasons went on, Booth became Brennan first post of call, and if not she would run things that Angela said through him anyway. Genuine Angela always seems to come back when the B&B partnership is a little rocky (e.g. 6th season, Widow’s Son in the Windshield and Harbingers in the Fountain) because maybe she knows, this time, Brennan will rely solely on her. I think Angela is jealous! And yes, I must admit this was low, fighting with your friend because they won’t give you money. I don’t want to be mean to Angela, I’m just a Brennan’s girl as well, that’s all.

    I found it hard to watch these eps after the 100th as well. I’m always like “what happened you guys?” But I never thought that Brennan saying she didn’t have an open heart was a ply used by the writers (even if that is the truth). I think she has complete faith in Booth by the 100th, but the person she doesn’t have faith in is herself, and she doesn’t see that trusting Booth means that she has an open heart. I don’t want to get into the argument here, but in a way I think Booth could have said it differently, not in a “I love you Bones” kind of way, because those words really don’t mean much to her. I think when she said “I don’t have your kind of open heart”, he should not have said “Just give it a chance” he should’ve laid out all the evidence and said “Do you want proof that you have an open heart? well here it is, this is what it means to have an open heart,” and then maybe she would’ve agreed.

  11. I love these scene studies just as much as everyone else. So much fun! Interested in a couple of thoughts given around the scene that you touched upon?
    I love that you brought up the “dating twins” comment in the diner as I am intrigued by that moment – but, I think that is for another post . . . 😉
    I am kinda “in the middle” with the Angela-Brennan pig thing – I can see both sides and even if I think Angela was overly dramatic about the whole thing, I absolutely believe that Booth was right in his advice. Because even if Brennan had the “rational right” in this situation, it is important for her to understand that in friendship, it isn’t always about being right.
    I’m with mrg873 on the whole allusion to things these 2 do outside of our sight- in fact, I consider the brown sugar comment to be an excellent “show not tell” situation because that casual line gives us such insight to their relationship. One little line, packed with punch (sugary sweet, too).
    And finally, I don’t think I have any marvelous added tidbits to everything you and others have contributed . . . I think for the most part, all is as it appears with honesty and whatnot … except for maybe the “trusting” Booth not to tell her what he knows at the end. NOT that she doesn’t trust him, rather, I think she “gives” him this one. Adorable B&B moment overall in this end scened.

    • I agree with your both sides thought about Angela and Brennan. On one hand, yes, Angela pretty much over-reacted–I could see her being a little miffed about Brennan not ponying up for the pig, but that comment–Why are we even friends? Ouch. That was a little too far, and a little too unmerited, especially knowing Brennan’s sketchy social skills as well as Angela does. I’m always a little disappointed that Angela never apologizes for that, that Brennan pays up, and everything’s all better. But you’re right, I also liked Booth’s advice, and I liked the idea of Brennan learning that sometimes in a relationship, what matters is not what’s right per se, but what will make the other half happy. Kind of a sweet sentiment.

  12. Ahh, this scene holds a special place. It was the last episode shown here in Australia before our summer break at the end of 2009. I recall watching this scene and feeling like all was good in the Bones world.

    Firstly though, I just LOVE that Diner scene. Brennan looks stunning. Those colours are magic on her. And that hand sex with Booth? Oh my. So sweet and nice and tender. *sigh* oh for more of those moments.

    I always watch this scene and feel like they are on a semi-date. Flirting, complimenting. So in sync with each other. I like how Brennan is his equal here. For every ounce of vulnerability Booth has (and don’t I love vulnerable Booth), she matches it with her own uncertainties. It highlights how much they complement each other – and need each other. I don’t think she is intentionally trying to make Booth feel better by asking his opinion, but inadvertently does so which makes him love her more. She can make him feel better when he’s down, because she has complete trust in him and knows him so well. Their separation for the squints adds to this, and it seems like an unspoken ‘let’s leave them alone’ approach that the squints have, hoping that maybe they’ll get their act together!

    As for Angela and the pig. I tend to agree with you here Seels, I lost my love for her around this time…because she was putting herself ahead of everyone. Brennan, and even Hodgins by hooking up with their younger mate. And she was being shallow. I recall the spoiler for this ep: something comes between B&A’s friendship, and people thought it would be A making a move on Booth. It turned out to only be a pig. My trust in spoilers diminished after this too.

    Anywho, I’ve rambled enough. Bones is back in Oz tonight, with ep 5… the sunglasses one…I’ll try not to let it interfere with my enjoyment of the anticipation of ep 12 this week.

    cheers 🙂

  13. I really like this post (and this scene). Some heartwarming Brennanlove here. I love it.

    Reading this makes me think about the differences between Booth/Hannah and Booth/Brennan. Scenes like this allways make me imagine how a conversation like this would be if you would remove Brennan from it, and put Hannah in her place.
    Hannah is a nice person and all, but would she have laughed that innocently about his lame joke? Would Booth have allowed himself to be that vulnerable and open about his fears to Hannah? Would Hannah be that proud of him for simply making an observation, and present it to him as evidence that “he’s still got it”? …Just not.
    Yes Brennan allways tells the truth, even to a fault. But what to me is just as important: She never judges him for his emotions, or makes him feel weak because of them. When Brennan feels emotionally vulnerable, she turns to him for help. She almost seems to look up to his social/emotional knowlegde like it’s a superpower (it is!). But she never pries for information when he shows his feelings (like she doesn’t pry for his observation in this scene). Brennan knows: Sometimes you don’t ask, you just give it some time and bring over some cake ;-p. And Booth can be completely himself around her.

    The Angela/Brennan”fight” being resolved with money allways makes me uncomfortable too. I guess the writers wanted Brennan to learn about how friendship is not about rationality, and give her a reason to need Booths help, but I realy don’t like that money is the solution. Yes Brennan can miss the 1500, but if that is how your friends treat you when you have a lot of money, then I’m kind of glad that I don’t.
    I don’t allways get Angela. for example: In ‘Mastodon’ I don’t understand her reaction to Brennan calling her her metaphorical sister. Angela looks more anoyed than anything else. Feel free to correct me if you think I’m reading her wrong, but her reaction just makes no sense to me. (And yes, Brennan ads that she can’t be sure because she “Has no actual sister as a control” but that doesn’t take anything away from her statement, and it’s kind of sweet and funny in it’s sincerity)
    I’m not sure how I would react if a friend (especially one who’s as uncomfortable with showing her emotions as Brennan) told me she loves me like a sister, but I’m pretty sure my reaction wouldn’t be to brush it of with a “Right, yes I know (next topic)”. Hasn’t Angela been trying to get Brennan to open up for years?
    Maybe I’ts me but these are just two examples of more moments when I just don’t gét it.

  14. Oh Sarah…your scene studies always make me laugh-out-loud, grin from ear-to-ear, and just bask in the BONES awesomeness while living these scenes through your eyes! I simply love them.

    I remember when this episode aired and while I LOVED it, others hated how obvious they made the B&B moments…the long pauses on the hand-hold, their looks back and forth in the end scene…some people were actually annoyed, and to this day I’m baffled. What we wouldn’t give to see those moments now, right? Right?!?

    Personally, I think that Brennan was genuinely asking for his advice. Or rather, I think she was looking for validation that the decision she had already made (to give in to Angela’s ridiculous cause – Side note: I don’t think it’s ridiculous to want to save a pig, I just think it’s ridiculous she would fight with Brennan over the money for said pig.) is the same decision Booth would recommend she make. In a way, I feel like she’s testing her own empathy skills, and who is more empathetic than Booth? Ultimately, her asking him helps both her and him, since it encourages him to express his interpretation of human interactions. I love how good of a friend she’s being to him, encouraging him that he DOES know people and he’s still “got it.” Love it. She definitely does have an open heart…her brain just wasn’t open enough to see it last season.

    P.S. Can I just say I ADORE how flirty he is with her at the end? *swoon*

  15. Even though Angela is not my fave (I did vote for Gordon Gordon and Sweets, after all,) I feel like I should say a few words in her defense. Angela is a free spirit, emotional and impulsive to a fault. Her break-up with Hodgins left her searching for an outlet for some of her energy and, having given up sex, she turned to the cause du jour, I mean, the pig was cute! When she approached Brennan I think she was searching for an acknowldment from her friend that what was currently important for Angela would be important to Brennan for no reason except the fact that they are friends. I believe that if Brennan had offered $20, and something to the effect of “this crusade isn’t rational, but since it means so much to you I’ll be a part of it” Angela would have been fine. There is no doubt that Angela overreacted and behaved immaturely but I really think she was hurt that Brennan couldn’t try to see things from her perspective. Had Brennan done nothing but offered a few heartfelt words at the end Angela would have let it go and they would have made up anyways. By telling her to let Angela have this one I think that Booth was encouraging Brennan to understand that what is important to people close to you isn’t always rational but still merits our support.

    And I adore the end, but what touches me every time is how gently and comfortingly Booth holds her hand in the diner. He keeps his touch light so as to not spook her, but if that caress wasn’t love, I don’t know what is. And he does it despite the fact that Sweets is there, ready willing and able to comment on the intimate gesture-and boy, it feels very intimate to me. Like in Mayhem on the Cross, it’s as if they only other person in Booth’s universe at this moment is Brennan-right up to the well-deserved kick he administers to Sweet under the table.

    • maria, I agree with you about Angela. I know it seems silly that she overreacted because a pig, but I think the pig was just a catalyst. Sweets said there was the whole celibacy issue. But also, Angela does love Brennan to pieces, but sometimes she has to work hard to be her friend. She has to be willing to keep an open mind about what Brennan says to her and how she says it and not immediately take offense. Even recently she admitted that everyone isn’t as willing as her to look so hard for Brennan’s inner child. So I think she was hoping that just this one time, Brennan can make this concession for Angela instead of making her feel foolish for doing what she did. Angela’s reaction did not make me think she was actually going to end her friendship. You can be friends with people with people who are really different from you and while you’re usually okay with them, every once in a while the differences can seem so glaring and you may wonder (hopefully briefly) what keeps you together.
      I don’t necessarily want to defend Angela. It’s not like I’m exactly Team Angela, myself. Just wanted to open up another lens of viewing the situation. Anyways, it provided a good lesson for Brennan for dealing with other people even when believing they are wrong because as Sweets said, life is not a debate. By the time “The Dentist in the Ditch” comes around, she tells Booth that she fails to see the importance of Booth being right for the sake of keeping peace in the relationship between him and Jared.

      • I said so much already, but I would be remiss if I did not say how much I love, love, LOVE this scene! Intentionally, or unintentionally, Brennan helps Booth feel good about himself, and it’s just so amazing to watch. Either way, it says something special. If that was intentional, Brennan cares about Booth to the point of doing what she can to help him feel better when she’s not naturally good at that. If it was unintentional, Brennan can help Booth just by being herself. Can’t lose either way!

  16. I’m commenting on the run, so I don’t have the time to comment as in depth as I would like to. Just wanted to say that I think this has been my favorites Scene Study so far. I loved it! So many great little B&B things to analyze in this episode. Thanks, Seels! 🙂

  17. OK, i so should have read this earlier! LOL

    Looking at me…the cheek of it! 😉 I’ve said it once and i’ll say it again…Booth loves Brennan but is he IN love with her? That is the question my friend, and i still don’t think he’s in love with her. Maybe i’ll tell y’all why someday 😛

    I do love this scene though. Booth looks gorgeous, Brennan looks stunning and the whole thing is just brilliant.

    Side note…i also hated Angela in this episode. The pig thing…then the Wendell thing….just urgh. I haven’t been able to look at her in the same way since.

  18. This is THE longer “eyes sex” between them, right ??? =) I love this moment soooo much ! Thanks for all the Scene Studies. I like them all ! You did and you do an amazing job ! Your analysis and your post are great ❤ XOXO

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