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Top Five Tuesday: 10 Times Booth & Brennan Give Themselves Permission


Hey, hey!

So first of all, I wanted to make sure you all knew that pal JennyJenWho had put together a mini-squeecap for Bullet in the Brain, and you can find that here.

And now, back to Tuesday! I don’t know about you, but where I live, it’s very icy. Cold and windy and freezing rain and just generally intense. What warms me up on a day like today? Booth and Brennan moments. I loved everyone weighing in the other way on which we’d rather be, the gun or the table. The other day I was joking with pal Marisa and saying I think I want to add a third into the mix: those pants.

Come on…just one more time.

Okay, okay, okay…I’ll stop posting that pic all of the time.

Let’s talk about times when Booth and Brennan have given themselves permission…PHYSICAL permission. Sometimes we talk about ‘the line’, and whether or not it’s that big of a deal. My impression isn’t so much that there is a line BETWEEN Brennan and Booth as much as it’s them both sort of standing on the same side, looking out over the edge of the unknown…like at the top of the Grand Canyon or something.  Thoughts?

Okay, back to Tuesday! Like usual, I didn’t stay with five, and like usual, I’m over it! Let’s do this thing, and once I’M done, of course I want to hear what you have to say.

1. “I still feel close to you”

From Season Five: Bond in the Boot

Brennan could have easily opened up that little door and turned on the faucet herself, but Booth, in the moment, sort of took the opportunity to reach around her. Not in a sleazy way…but just in a way that made sense. And Brennan…yowza…well, she’s got three amazing things going on: She’s giving Booth a little ego boost–a result to a little social experiment I believe she had in place based on Sweets’ advice. She’s learning something new–a genuine pleasure for her. She’s literally wrapped up in his arm, against his chest, etc. It’s no wonder she gets kind of wide-eyed. Wouldn’t you?

2. The Door Neither of Us Wants To Walk Through Feels Pretty Darn Good About Now

From Season Five: Death of the Queen Bee

Of course it’s just so scathingly ironic that the time B&B feel free enough to share a slow dance…it’s AFTER their ‘break-up’, so to speak. I mean, I think some of us would have killed to have seen something like that in 99 previous episodes, right? The dance they share in season one (Man in the Bear) is sweet, but this was just something different. And it goes back to that permission thing. Since this is episode 101, and theoretically, everything is ‘said and done’, there should be no reason why B&B shouldn’t share a dance (in their minds). But, I must say, their eyes tell a different story. A true story.

3. It’s just evidence.

From Season Five: Goop on the Girl

Do you ever stop sometimes and just think, “That really happened. That actually HAPPENED! Brennan took Booth’s clothes off. In the LAB.” I mean, besides the boxers, he was (as he’d say), “Stark-o”. Socks and Saints; that’s about it! The more scientific Brennan gets, the more I think she’s covering for how affected she is. Don’t you? That’s a lot of permission going on!

4. Only One I Want to Work With

From Season Four: Fire in the Ice

This is actually the moment/scene/episode that inspired this list. When we talked about it in a scene study at the beginning of this year, I remember thinking that just for one night, Booth and Brennan were allowing themselves to be together…in a way we hadn’t really seen much of before. There was a lot of give and take that night, and it’s just fantastic. It really is. We talked then about how they touch a LOT more than is necessary, but it’s all under the guise of Brennan needing help on the ice and Booth needing help staying awake. The scene feels so good because they are both feeling very good and very happy.

5. Guy Hugs

From Season Two: Headless Witch in the Woods

There are a lot of examples of guy hugs, but this one is the original (at least…it’s when Booth told Brennan they WERE guy hugs!). Interesting that it came exactly after one of her failed dating experiences. They had hugged before, but it had always been related to her family issues. This time, it was about sex/love/etc, and Brennan made Booth convince her that it was okay to hug. He did, and she bought it, and haha…the rest is history.

6. 1 Steamboat, 2 Steamboats, 3 Steamboats…

From Season Three: Santa in the Slush (like you didn't know that!)

What always makes me laugh is the look on Caroline’s face. Even though she’s getting EXACTLY what she wanted…it’s funny that she’s still so surprised by the reality of it. And yet, like Rynogeny pointed out in the Turning Points that Weren’t, the kiss is just basically kind of sweet, but B&B can go back to their regularly scheduled destined to be together lives without much incident. Puckish prosecutors…mistletoe…Christmas for Max…those are all great ‘reasons’, and for just a second (okay…for several steamboats!), Booth and Brennan let themselves just…be. It’s clear in the way they both sort of blink and react once it’s over that it was awesome. Plus, she freaking gave him her gum.

7. Look Me in the Eyes and Tell Me that You Don’t Feel a Thing

From Season Five: Night at the Bones Museum

Oh, please, Brennan. Booth’s tie was already perfectly straight, and you know it. And Booth…as if you really needed to run your finger through her hair then. Come on!

Haha…but seriously, I love that they almost literally can’t help themselves. Does anyone else feel that way? The moment they had was SO intense…TOO INTENSE FOR ONLY WORDS, which is sort of new for them. Their words and smoking eyes over a plate of fries has usually been enough, but not this time! This time, literally, Brennan had to physically do something, and so did Booth. And it’s just a fraction of permission…but it’s there. It’s just a fraction of what they want to do to one another. Not to be crude or anything…I’m just saying. It’s sweet and all…but tip of the iceberg, my friends. Tip of the iceberg.

8. Quid Pro Quo

From Season Four: Perfect Pieces in the Purple Pond

I’ll include the repeat moments at the beginning of Princess and the Pear along with this as well…just as general permission they enthusiastically give/receive for Brennan to fix Booth’s back. They like touching each other; they like helping each other. Quid Pro Quo.

9. Vegas

From Season Two; The Woman in the Sand

What just keeps me coming back to this episode is just how restrained/unrestrained Brennan and Booth are with one another. When you watch the absolute ease they have with touching one another (Booth slaps her butt! Are you kidding me with that? She likes it!) and being completely all over each other…and then combine THAT with the way the episode ends? You can’t tell me that they don’t know exactly what is happening. Exactly. That big bed, the talk they have. They are so deliberate. Not a single touch or moment wasted, I don’t think. Right?

10. Eyes Wide Open

From Season Three: Widow's Son in the Windshield

I think this was the first time we’d ever really seen Booth sort of physically jump on Brennan to protect her…or at least, it was the first time she sort of laughed at him and called him on it. Don’t you think? He sort of hems and haws about it and we are left with the feeling that they are both enjoying it a little too much. I can absolutely see Brennan finding pleasure in making Booth stammer a bit. Of course, I also love it when he makes her absolutely speechless as well. Oh yeah, baby. They are awesome.

So what did I miss? The kiss on his cheek? The hand on her back? There are SO many great Brennan and Booth moments that don’t necessarily involve touch. What does it mean when they DO touch one another? Thoughts? Let’s discuss!

Peace, Love & Bones



53 thoughts on “Top Five Tuesday: 10 Times Booth & Brennan Give Themselves Permission

  1. I loved all of your examples. I would just add when Booth holds Brennan’s hand in the diner in “The Tough Man In the Tender Chicken” and the hug in “The Hero In The Hold”. Wait, also the hug in “The Stargazer In The Puddle”. Just love those hugs.

  2. I can’t let talk that moment on the Science in the Physicist when Hodgins scream Fire in the Hole and the only thing Booth thought was Protect Brennan against the wall. I was breathless w/ the scene and we can see Brennan too.

  3. We are snowed in here in Cleveland and this warms my heart right up! I love all of the examples. I would add “Tough Man in the Tender Chicken”, as well, and also, “Mummy in the Maze” when Brennan jumps on Booth’s back in snake room. 🙂

    • I loved in Mummy in the Maze, with the whole bit where she jumps on his back. 🙂 That’s definitely a favorite of mine–and I love the call-back in Mastodon in the Room–“I find it interesting that I’m only afraid of snakes when Booth is around to be jumped upon…” She didn’t forget that moment, sigh….

  4. You made me SO happy with this list =)

  5. I love this Top 5 (ok 10). I think you’re absolutely correct about the line. It’s like they are standing together on one side holding hands looking across the line, but whenever one starts to step across that line the other pulls them back. Maybe one day, hopefully before too long they’ll take that leap together!

    Of course you’ve already listed 10 top moments and do have to have a cut off at some point…another point I really do enjoy is drunk Booth on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in Soccer Mom. I just love it, and they are so comfortable with each other there.

  6. This is such a great way to start the day. Another one from the Tough Man in the Tender Chicken is when Brennan removes Booth’s tie for an ‘experiment’. Oh pu-leaz! The woman just wanted to take his tie off! Along with some other pieces of clothing…

    …Anyway… I liked these 10 moments. They make me grin and they give me hope for the future. It’s not totally over is it? Not with the arm touching and the eye sex happening again. 🙂

  7. I just LOVE the skating in Fire in the Ice. Could they be any cuter?? Not by much. Bond in the Boot comes veeeeery close though. I have to agree with Frankie707 with the Soccer Mom in the Minivan and dunk!Booth. For some reason I cannot watch the part where Booth butts his head against Brennan’s shoulder only once. It’s a must-repeat moment for me.

    And please please NEVER stop posting that picture. The table…the gun…the pants…serious yowza. Yowza times ten billion.

  8. Brennan slaps Booth’s butt back when she pushes him toward the punching bag 😉

  9. Now here’s the feel good list of the year! And to top it off, you bring up those pants-that motion! I’d like to add a coule that also got my heart beating faster even if they don’t technically qualify as “permission”-but they were still amaaaaazing: the rescue hug in two bodies in the lab-it’s like they’re drowning and they’re each other’s life preserver. And when he holds her and calls her “baby” in Harbingers; she’s holding him right back. Oh, and the one that started it all: Booth an inch away from Brennan in the pilot when they’re at the gun range: can you spell “hot?” Sets the tone for the whole show…

  10. You made me so happy with this list. The Harbinger – there’s my wife/oops, partner hug. Love that one.
    Also, I LOVE Jenny’s squeels too. LOVE THEM.

  11. I love, love, love the Roxy and Tony episode. I actually love all of season 2 and think it’s probably the best season in terms of telling the story of Booth & Brennan falling in love. It helps that it’s the rare season that was actually aired in order, so we can see the gradual progression of the relationship and it actually makes sense.

    I always wondered about them sharing that room, with the one bed. I imagine Booth would insist on keeping one foot on the floor all night, or rigging up a sheet down the middle of the bed a la “It Happened One Night.”

    And when Booth asks her about the wad of cash in her cleavage, and Brennan says she couldn’t sleep the night before so she went downstairs to play craps, my interpretation of that dialogue has always been that she just couldn’t handle the temptation.

    • LOL!!!!! Oh my gosh. Barbara, I love that “It Happened One Night” reference One of my favorite movies ever. I can just see Booth as Clark Gable’s character…

      “Booth, what are you doing with that blanket? And where did you get the rope?”
      “This is the wall of Jericho, Bones.”
      “The wall of Jericho? Booth, that’s a blanket. Not a piece of a mythical wall that was allegedly destroyed by people playing trumpets.”
      “There you go again with the myth talk… listen, Bones, you know, you really should just watch a movie sometime. Just trust me, okay? It’s the wall of Jericho. You on that side, me on this side.”
      “Oh… you’re suggesting that this ‘wall’ is going to act as some kind of modesty barrier.”
      “Yeah, something like that.”
      “I really don’t think this is necessary, Booth. If you’re concerned about modesty, you could just change in the bathroom. That’s what I did.”
      “Trust me, Bones. It’s necessary, okay? It’s necessary.”
      “If you say so.”
      “I do.”
      “Okay… I’m going to sleep now, I think.”
      “Good idea. Me too. Good night.”
      “Good night…”

      Also, I love the idea of her not being able to sleep and going down to gamble because of the temptation of him. I’ve never looked at it that way before. So awesome.

  12. Sarah, you go right ahead and post that picture however many times you want… after all, it is your blog… you should post whatever pictures you want on it, however often you want… it’s only right. 😉

    Also, top five… top ten… who cares? Don’t hold back because lists are fun!

    I have to say, I love the canyon analogy for “the line”. It fits so perfectly. They just kind of keep tugging each other back from the edge. When they finally take the leap, it’s going to be beautiful.

    I’ll throw in my vote for the Lincoln Memorial steps scene. Tipsy Booth is awesome. And they way they keep leaning on each other. Le sigh. It is just so perfectly sweet.

    I’m also going to add in one of my own. Maybe it’s not as intense as the scenes you posted, but I like it quite a bit: It’s the scene from The Titan on the Track when they are staking out the heroin dealer, and Booth is telling Brennan what he does when he goes to the cemetery and talks to people. She wants more information, so she leans in and taps him on the shoulder, and she’s almost murmuring in his ear. And she just keeps her hand there, and she’s in his space, but neither of them care, and she keeps stroking his shoulder with her finger. It’s almost like her finger has a mind of its own and really likes being on that shoulder. She is confused by what he is saying, but her finger is not confused. Her finger likes his shoulder and wants to keep touching it. And he doesn’t seem to mind at all.

    And its all topped off by one of my favorite exchanges ever: “My mouth moves. Words come out. But nothing gets across the drawbridge to the princess I know who waits within”. And he bolts out of the car, and she runs after him yelling “What princess!?” It makes me laugh, it makes me sigh happily. It’s just such a perfect moment. And if that isn’t a good example of him being dazzled by the truth of her, I don’t know what is.

    • I love that scene too; the air is crackling inside that car.

      • There really *is* a lot going on inside that car. Their seats are reclined, at least twice Booth pulls her back into her seat. Brennan is looking especially lovely and I think Booth is well aware of it, based on his expression when she is asking what they are supposed to do on a stakeout. She’s looking out the window, but he’s looking at her in a dazed sort of way and when she asks how long they are supposed to wait and he says “as long as it takes” well…these are the little things that make my shipper heart sing.

        A couple episodes later, when Booth and Rebecca are discussing why they cannot keep having sex, Rebecca mentions “that stakeout” which makes me wonder just what Booth was thinking back in that car with Brennan…

        It’s sort of ironic that the season I consider most romantic between B & B is also the season in which they both have different partners.

      • Maria, crackling air is an awesome way to put that. You’re right, it is crackling in that car.

        Barbara, you’re right, the lead up to the shoulder tap is great, too. Can’t believe I forgot to mention the “as long as it takes” line! The look on his face when he says that makes my little shipper heart sing too.

        I’m currently working my way through season two again. I’ll keep an eye out for the conversation between Rebecca and Booth. Very interesting.

        Maybe part of the reason why you consider season two to be the most romantic between them has to do with the fact that they are with other people. Both Booth and Brennan are way too honorable to “go there” as people have put it regarding the current situation. That said, the fact that they are with romantic partners in season two means that there is a line for them already firmly in place. They don’t have to work at remembering where the line is. It’s just there. They can flirt and be playful and go undercover and it’s all “just friends” and “just partners”. There’s no pretense or expectation from either of them that the relationship is going somewhere. Everything is safe because they have barriers. The barriers keep them apart, but also allow them to get closer because there is no worry that either will be searching for more than the other is able to give to the relationship.

        I hope that makes sense…

    • Oh my goodness, I can’t believe I forgot about that, the time in the car during the stakeout! I remember my brain kind of shorting out for a minute when she did that, kind of like–“Did that just happen?? Did she really just do that?!” It was so subtle and small, but in the kind of way that would suggest such an intense intimacy with someone. Like yes, I love all the more intense/obvious moments–the flotilla kiss, the Tony-Roxie love taps, haha, etc. etc. But there’s something different about moments like the one in Titan on the Tracks. I don’t know if I can articulate what that difference is, but it’s big, in my opinion.

      • mrg873, I know what you mean exactly.

        I think it’s that the small, quiet moments like this are more intimate and personal. This one, Jasper the pig, Brainy Smurf, when Booth saves her book and quotes her reviews back at her (omg, swoon), drinking on the sofa, in the office, at the bar… you get the point. Those moments, the still quiet ones, where it’s just Booth and Brennan and the world seems to fade away around them, that’s where the magic is.

  13. Another scene I love is the ending after Brennan gets Max off on the murder charge and she’s waiting on the courthouse steps. Booth comes out before the verdict is even read because he knows she needs him and Brennan just walks into his arms. It’s as if someone were whispering to her, ‘Where is the only place you ever feel truly safe?’ And there he is.

    • I can’t believe I forgot that one! The best!

    • OH my goodness yes, and after the hug when everyone else arrives and she’s hugging her father the way the two them them look at each other gazing into the other’s eyes. She may be hugging her father, but she’s still connected to Booth as though there is an invisible tether binding them together. Definitely giving themselves permission there.

  14. Okay ALL of your examples are wonderful but one of my personal favorites is Booth grabbing Brennan’s hand in “The Tough Man in the Tender Chicken.” It was so…cute without being cheesy? Oh and when she takes his tie (also in TMitTC) for an “experiment.” Uhuh. Okay, Brennan. LOVE this list! =)

  15. I love all of those.
    I liked the handholding in “Tender Chicken”, and another one of my favorites is the hug at the Angela/Hodgins notwedding, because its timing is so deliciously inappropriate, plus it’s VERY public and intense.

  16. Great list! I agree with almost everything, the only thing that I thought was really missing was that hug in Stargazer In the Puddle. It makes me squeal and laugh every time. Especially because of Angela’s expression. She’s like, “Can I get married now?”

    I think I’m missing something, though… In which episode does Booth put his hand on Brennan’s back?

    • He puts his hand on her back a few times, but the one that’s coming to mind right now is in Mayhem when they’re on their way to pick up Sweets. There’s just something so…yummy about how Booth swaggers towards Brennan and he says “We’re going duck hunting” and she says “Not literally” as he walks past her and guides her out with his hand on her back. So coupley…

    • I didn’t notice it much on my first round through the episodes, but it seems like he does it fairly often, and it’s just subtle enough that it could slip by undetected–neither of them make a big deal about it. Which is funny to me, because I sometimes imagine that if it were someone else, Brennan would make a big deal out of it…

  17. LOVE the list! You made me grin like an idiot at work again…P.S. You can post that picture up however many times you want and I won’t complain…by the way, I’d want to be the table myself. 😉

    About other moments where they’ve given themselves permission, I’d to throw in Brennan’s whole book in The End in the Beginning. I feel like Brennan gave herself permission to fantasize about a life shared with Booth, and maybe in addition, Booth’s sub-conscious finally gave him permission to feel his love for her outside of the box he had put his heart in. Even though it wasn’t real, to me it felt like the first time she had truly thought about what a life with him would be like, and we got a glimpse of a softer side of her – the person she would want to be with him…


    I really can’t wait for some more B&B moments like these ones…

  18. “tip of the iceberg”…is right….OMG…when you see all these wonderful scenes…you know that these two belong together. This is where “faith” comes in when you realize how much of a love story HH has already written…despite where we are today.

  19. I just remembered one as I’ve been thinking about the post and reading through the comments… In the Cinderella in the Cardboard, when Booth and Brennan go to Bertolino’s, where they see Daisy, etc. They walk in there, he’s got his hand on her shoulder, they’re mistaken for an engaged couple, and they protest, oh, we’re not shopping, we’re not a couple, blah blah blah. But minutes later, what does Booth do? He puts both arms around her! It’s not necessarily in a romantic way, he’s just kind of reading over her shoulder, but the fact that he does it at all is always a little sweetly surprising to me.

    This post reminds me of how confused I always get with Passenger in the Oven–where she says, “Why do people always assume we have a sexual relationship? We barely ever even touch each other!” I can never figure out if we’re supposed to agree with her. I, for one, do not at all. Even apart from these permission moments, there is touching going on, at least regularly if not often, even if it’s just a hand to the back on the way into the interrogation room or whatever. It’s just the way she says it–she can’t possibly be that ignorant, haha, so it must be denial? Because let’s face it. They touch each other. Not in a handsy way, and they would deny it ever gets romantic, but touching? It happens.

    • I agree, it’s silly for Brennan to say they hardly ever touch each other when there are four years of episodes showing that they are all over each other’s personal space.

      It’s lines like those that remind me that HH is really serving two masters: the story he is telling and the needs of the network. There are episodes that I think serve the story, and episodes that serve Fox. Passenger in the Oven, I think, served Fox.

      I also think that had there never been a writer’s strike and if Bones had received early renewal in season 3, we’d all be watching a totally different show. But that’s a thought for another day.

      Anyway, I still have hope. One of my favorite lines from another HH show, Judging Amy, is “Everything will be fine in the end. If it’s not fine, it’s not the end.”

    • I’m not sure why she says it either. Maybe because it’s done so unconsciously?

    • i take her saying “we barely touch each other” to show that a) she is hyper aware of EXACTLY how much they touch each other and b) that apparently even though they actually touch each other all of the time, it’s not REALLY touching each other in her book. i’m sure we can all imagine what thoughts go through her head when she thinks about REALLY touching booth.

      • I like that take on it, too 😉

      • Very good point. Perhaps it’s got more of the classic Brennan-compartmentalize-and-deny stuff in it than it sounds at first listen. Sort of a “Keep saying it and maybe you’ll believe it” type of thing…yeah, I could see that. And yes, along those lines, I bet she tries to convince herself all the time that whatever physical contact they have is normal partner stuff–“brother and sister, colleagues, French people meeting on the street” type of contact, haha. She’s more than willing to be on the receiving end of the physical contact so long as she can rationalize it as inconsequential, which is why this list even exists.

    • In regards to the “we hardly ever even touch each other” thing, I’m always torn between “I think she doth protest too much” and it being a bit of tongue-in-cheek dramatic irony on the part of the writers. Either way, my usual reaction is scoff and laugh. 😉

  20. LOL on the guy hugs. Looks like someone wanted to get their partner in their arms because his face does not say “I’m just helping a friend”!
    This is an awesome post. These are the kind of scenes you can rewatch over and over again and they never get old. How about when Booth puts his finger under Brennan’s chin – one time when she’s in the hospital in New Orleans and the other time outside the diner for Zack’s celebration.

  21. this post made me really happy…these are some of my favorite moments. i super love any time that they get to pretend to be someone else because they really give themselves permission to be real with each other when they aren’t restrained by the ideas of “booth” and “bones” and “forensic anthropologist” and “fbi agent” and how these people are supposed to act around each other. roxy and tony are CLASSIC, and i really love in double trouble in the panhandle that they share the trailer and the small bed in it and bicker like an old married couple about booth’s underwear on the floor. so, here’s what really rolls around in my head after viewing these episodes: they kissed years ago after a tequila binge, and we only found out about it in episode 100, right? it was a secret that they kept between them. have any of you considered that maybe more has happened in the bed in vegas and the bed in the trailer than anyone but them knows about? they act so differently around each other when they are roxy and tony…how far does the act go? i’m sure this is just the evil little shipper in my brain coming up with this stuff, but still…

    i LOVE the end of the night at the bones museum…in my opinion, this is the closest they have ever come to actually letting go and just BEING. they are thisclose to giving themselves permission. so close and yet so far. the way they look at each other, the way they touch each other, the whole conversation they’re having, and the fact that they seriously honest to god would have kissed if they weren’t interrupted. it just makes me squee.

  22. Thank you for this post! This is one of those posts that I read over and over again, and I find myself staring at the pictures too long!

    Good theory about how they give themselves permission to make some sort of physical contact. Right now, I’m in the process of rewatching the entire series (seasons 1-5 in order). I watch one episode each day while on the elliptical machine at the gym. You should all try it – I’ve never been so motivated to work out! I am also slowly turning into the crazy girl who laughs out loud while exercising!

    Anyway, one thing I’ve noticed is that Booth and Brennan have always been up in each others’ personal space. Without going all the way back to jog my memory, I had just started to assume that they didn’t really touch one another so to speak until further into the series. But in only the second episode (Man in the SUV), Brennan touches Booth’s arm. It’s at the end when they’re sitting at the bar at Wong Foo’s. I love that scene.

    I think that they are able to give each other permission because after their real first case, they crossed a line and backed away from it. It’s sort of a “we’ve been there and done that, and we’ve made the conscious decision that ours isn’t going to be a romantic relationship, so we can get away with little things that thrill us but mean absolutely nothing.” And it’s those little things that mean everything to us fans!

  23. What a fabulous list! Made my day!

    There are so many awesome touchy feely moments…but I can’t get past thinking about the pants at the moment…and if I were them and Booth could get inside me…yep. That’s about where my brain stops functioning.

  24. I just agree with everything everybody has said! I love these posts so much and now have a big smile on my face! I love the Vegas episode so much! And where Brennan kisses Booth on the check. His face is just priceless!

    Thanks for highlighting all my favorite parts! 😀

  25. ahh!! I squeed at the Night at the Bones Museum picture! That line in Rain or Shine, to me will forever encapsulate everything that is BB. “Look me in the eyes and tell me that you don’t feel a thing.” That’s right, Booth. Look in her eyes and say it. Same goes for Brennan. Despite the mutual “rejections” that has never happened and I’m almost positive it never will. 🙂 I just had to pipe in with that!

  26. I absolutely love bones. My favourite moment was in season 2 when he’s sitting with brennan and then he see’s cam and says he has an appointment but then he changes his mind, which I thought was soooo sweet. I also thought that was kinda showing that he prefered brennan to cam and that she was the one he really wanted. I also loved the episode in season 2 where cam says to booth if I were to fire brennan would you leave and he says he’s with bones all the way because that was also sooooooo super sweet xx

  27. in what episode does bones tell booth she regerts not dating him???? and i love these episodes!!! list more of them 🙂

  28. Now this is a great way to start a Monday morning!

    Thanks for the link back, BB!

  29. I love your analysis along with the screenshots. Are you one of the writers if Bones? If you’re not, you should be! You’re awesome!

  30. I Love this. I just watched season 4 episode 10 Passenger in the oven. I really like when Booth sees Brennan with those large glasses on. He says: All right. Bones, take those glasses off, shake out your hair and say Mr.l Booth, do you know what the penalty is for an overdue book. This has got to be one of the hottest scenes pre-baby.

    And also in The Princess and the Pear, Booth tells Perotta that Bones is her responsibility. If anything happens to the silky black hair and that soft skin…..

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