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Morning After Q: Gotta Be Bad To Be Good?


Hello, hello!

So, how are things? How did you like this episode? I liked it a lot, and I just want to take a quick moment to remind everyone that Bones Theory is spoiler free. I know the promo for next week is a heart-stopper, but there are some people who don’t even watch them, so let’s keep the discussion today centered around “Sin in the Sisterhood”, okay?

Thanks a million!

I’d love to know your thoughts on this episode, and specifically, I want to talk about that car scene between B&B. Okay, yes, it was a Toyota plug, but like we talked about before (  Excuse Me, Your Avatar is Blocking My Prius  ), at least Booth wasn’t driving and extolling Toyota as great as an American Federal employee, right? The thing is, though, the car-talk was not the only thing that was awkward about that scene.

At first, it seemed very sweet. Booth made Brennan laugh, and it was beautiful. He sort of called her on it, and she apologized, and that was B&B-esque, still sweet and kind of fun. And then Booth laughed, and they both laughed…and it was still fun.

And then it kept going. And going. I was thinking,”‘What the heck? Maybe, if we’re lucky, that ‘Toyota-sensing the car in front of you function’ will not work and you will crash…that would be better than all of this weird laughing going on”.

Haha. I honestly sort of wanted that to happen. Not that I want them to crash, but I really just wanted it to stop. Then…like a good theorist, I took a step back and re-examined it, and I realized it was exactly as it should be, or “it’s all good”, as Smurfs taught us on Monday.

There was this edginess to the scene, like neither Brennan nor Booth wanted to stop having fun with the other one. They kept callling themselves bad or terrible, but that was just to cover up the fact that they were really enjoying each other’s company. It was almost manic laughter from both of them, leading me to believe that they were both sort of surprised by how much they were feeling in that moment. I way off base? Or is it still true that they had to be bad to be good? Thoughts from you?

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PS…here’s the link to my GMMR review, if you are so inclined. You should note that people mentioned next week’s ep in the comments there. So it’s not completely spoiler free!


72 thoughts on “Morning After Q: Gotta Be Bad To Be Good?

  1. The worst part of the scene for me was the blatant commercial at the beginning. I would rather have them force me to watch actual commercials rather than have commercial in my Bones, but I digress. The rest of the scene was just really adorable. I agree that they just wanted to laugh with each other and were just almost giddy. I loved that. It was very infectious and you could really feel how much they had missed each other.

    I loved this episode, everything about it, especially the end. I don’t think Booth was being at all disloyal to Hannah. He is just realizing with full force that he is in love with Brennan and I think we will see him deal with that shortly.

  2. I see that car scene between B&B one more sign that how they can be able to have fun and laugh with each other with out pression and without have to explain why they thought this or that is funny. It’s a sign for me that their relationship can work. Booth and Brennan can be able to loose themselves as partners and as a couple too. Booth is awering he can have this kind of Happiness with Brennan.And Brennan is awering this about Booth too. I don’t think was awkward i just think was them being like a couple having fun without pression and withoutt professional obligation the way they can allowing themselves be together as a couple on the future.

    • Glad I’m not the only one okay with it. Since when do we have to approve/disapprove of the humor they share? I thought we just wanted them happy together. We have no reason to suspect they would make a “normal” couple. And I really liked the episode.
      Product placement does not bother me in the least bit. Really, it takes money to run a show. And I’m not paying for it. Somebody else is, and if they want 5 secs of time, no biggie, IMO. It’s not like I have to buy anything.

  3. I’ve already accepted that whenever the prius is on screen there’s going to be sponsorship. Granted last night was overtly blatant but hey if we have to deal with some product info to allow us to b&b onscreen I’ll take it.

    Sarah, I wish I had the ability to look at things the way you. To me that scene was just full on awkward and I think it was the language. I cannot buy Booth saying nitwit. Idiot? Yes. Doofus? Sure. Asshat? Hells yes (btw Brennan saying asshat was made of win). The entire dialogue seemed so weird I just couldn’t buy it.

  4. The car scene was lame. It was a cheap joke at the expense of the characters. The epi was lame too. I do not care for Paul nor even give him one thought since last season.

  5. Booth and Brennan were so painful too watch it wasn’t cute just plain silly and unfunny. And Booth was just saying what we all knew that Brennan was special. He didnt say he was in love with her again. Just that what he felt mattered in the past.

  6. Okay, I really loved that scene – it was the first scene I rewatched. I think you have a point about it making up for lost friendship time, because I thought that too. The shipper in me thought there might have been a little “dazzling” going on, but I don’t have hard evidence for that. I think people’s own sense of humor will have a lot to do with their reaction to this scene. It was right up my alley, but I’m pretty sure all won’t feel the same. I think if you think “It’s all good”, it’s because it felt good to them. Booth really can be goofy and corny, and his humor can be off-beat. I don’t know if he’s always been that way, or he’s hung around the squints too much. But can I just say “chicken autopsy”. He was super excited about that.

  7. @Pearl ITA of course the shippers are running riot that Booth is in love Brennan. He did not say that at all. He was establishing that we love in varying degrees. Booth loves Hannah just not in the way that he did Brennan. That doesn’t mean that he is in love with Brennan TODAY. He isn’t fully aware of that yet.

  8. My wife and I rolled eyes together at B&B. . I can’t even say how unfunny and forced that car scene was. Did the car people write it, it was that bad! . . AND the last scene was totally confusing. . Booth could of been referring to Rebecca, Tessa, Cam, Brennan or any other woman that he loved first the most. Who is to say that it was Brennan at all. My money is on Rebecca in honesty.

  9. It’s true that Booth may not be fully aware of his love for Brennan emerging again. But now that the words came out his mouth, they both have the chance to rewind those words in their heads and think about what it means for themselves. It actually sounded like HH was sending a message to the viewers.
    Like I said before, I’m not an official shipper, and I try not to read too much into things. But really, Booth was caught staring at Brennan with his mouth slightly open in the end scene, and we’ve seen that look before.

    • “It actually sounded like HH was sending a message to the viewers.”

      I agree C-bones. I thought the same thing last night.

  10. I totally felt the car scene was awkward – but by the end of it I was totally laughing with them. I like this idea of the subtext .. . “There was this edginess to the scene, like neither Brennan nor Booth wanted to stop having fun with the other one.” . It was as if it were a tension-breaker – because as I said, I felt like it was very awkward and “forced” as Matty has said. But I WAS laughing at the end and I think it was because I needed that tension breaker for this whole season. A friend mentioned that she felt that the episode was rushed in what the writers were trying to show us in building back the B&B chemistry and I think she might be right – but maybe this weird car scene was meant to be symbolic of this season and the ultimate shift.

    In the end, I’m good with it.

  11. I cringed at the blatant commercial, I think I muttered something like “are you kidding me?” and I rolled my eyes. It was awkward and a little painful to watch because of the awkwardness, but I found myself laughing like an idiot at the inanity of them going back and forth like second graders spouting out “naughty” words.

    I have to say though, other than blatant commercial, (because really, why would Brennan be driving otherwise?) the one aspect of the scene that bothered me, was the fact that they were having a laugh at the victim’s expense. They have always been respectful of the victims in the past, which I like. Having them laughing at this guy just seemed slightly out of character.

    And I know it doesn’t pertain to the car, but did anyone else squee a little when Booth said, “and this here is my partner, Doctor Temperance Brennan from the Jeffersonian” when he introduced Brennan to the sisters? He used the “p-word” again. He hasn’t said that in several episodes and I, for one, have missed it, though understood its absence. It was just really nice to hear it again.

    • Yep I noticed it. I really think last nights episode felt very much like a pre-100 episode in many ways. Maybe even a pre-season 5 entirely. I was saying last night it was just in so many ways a fun episode.

    • squeeee… noticed it too! had to replay that scene when I heard him say the P word because I thought I just imagined it. But he really did say it! wowee!!

  12. I love how bones handles their sponsorship. I would rather have it completely in my face. It’s like a huge wink at the audience. I love how Brennan laughs and that alone makes me chuckle. The scene did go on longer than was comfortable and I’m sure that was intentional. It seemed to me they are finding their way back to being comfortable with each other and part of that is getting through awkward moments.

    • I can see what you mean about the commercials in the show. It does seem like a moment where producers, writers, actors, and audience just roll their eyes together. I like this way of looking at it!

    • Absolutely – not a fan of the ad, but a good blend for Booth to say that the car was smarter than the victim. Lemons? Make lemonade.

      • yeah, me too – it so obviously in your face that they are clearly taking the p!ss out of everyone involved. I find it quite clever… no point wasting time with subtlety.

  13. Brennan and Booth have been under alot of stress. When you are in a stressful situation or have alot of stress the greatest release for that stress is laughter. I’ve heard interviews were people are asked how they were able to cope in very difficult or stressful situations over a extended period of time. Such as people in the military, or doctors who provide help over extended and difficult situations. Usually a soldier or a doctor will say they have these moments that help relieve some of that tention. To the outside world looking in on these times, it may seem inappropriate to the situation, but in reality it is necessary to keep on functioning as a human. Joking and laugher are just some examples. This is what this scene between Booth and Brennan felt like to me. It was a little inappropriate and silly. Yet at the same time it reset their moods and gave them some relief and a renewed ability to move forward.

  14. Oh but I found it interesting!! At the beginning I was thinking if they were going to stop at the ‘nitwit’ but then they went on laughing and I actually found it funny! It’s always refreshing to see Emily/Brennan laugh but I also think that it didn’t do much for the story. I mean, B&B aren’t really them this season, and that was trying to be a little bit like previous seasons, except Brennan never laughs of murder… so it’s not old times Bones either..It was odd, but I don’t think it was bad. I agree that it probably means they are enjoying that little moment they have for each other, and no one is bothering them. ^^

  15. First off, thanks for the warning about not mentioning promos, Sarah. I had no idea they were off- limits and would have totally said something.

    As to the car scene, am I the only one who thought someone hit the rewind button and just reused the Prius “adaptive cruise control” dialogue between Angela and Hodgins from The Witch in the Wardrobe? I’m used to the product placement, and I’m okay with it for the most part, but that was kind of annoying. If they’re going to incorporate this stuff into the show, they could at least be a little bit more creative.

    As to the actual scene, it was definitely awkward and kind of over the top, at least on the first viewing (I really need to go back and watch it again). I did notice that some of the old B&B banter was back and wondered how much of the awkwardness was intentional, but still. I don’t know. The episode as a whole was a little slow for me so that may have had something to do with it.

    All that being said, I could definitely see the old chemistry rushing back and I think it’s a sign that Booth’s “walls” have pretty much been completely obliterated. Whereas the car scene was kind of an awkward dance around the obvious, the end scene was not. Booth was clearly right up against the line Sarah mentioned in her GMMR review and I’m pretty sure that was intentional as well. I’m still not exactly sure what I think it means, but I have theories aplenty.

  16. Ok, I loved the whole show and didn’t find anything awkward about the car scene. Last night felt like the wall had finally come down between Booth and Brennan. Booth has been so busy keeping his distance between himself and Brennan that obviously something happened to make him change his mind. Maybe it was the combination of telling Hannah about Brennan and therefore fewer secrets from her and then almost getting killed; but, whatever it was, Booth has decided that his friendship with Brennan is ok and he appeared to be having fun with Brennan last night. When was the last time we saw him actually laugh around Brennan. When they were in the car, it felt to me, that they were both guidy from the fun they were having. Lets face it, they have been so strained around each other for so long, it must have felt like a breath of fresh air to them to be able to kid around. They were like kids together and I for one loved it.
    I thought about the scene in the bar last night, and there to, I found happiness. Booth and Brennan were by themselves, having their usual. Hannah was not there and Booth was not uncomforatable with being alone with Brennan. I felt that when he told Brennan that he was not going anywheres (in a round about way) that this was telling Brennan that no matter what his relationship with Hannah turns out to be, he will not abandon Brennan (one her biggetst fears). I thought about his remark about first loves to. I don’t know who he meant, he could have meant Brennan or not, we will see. What was important to me is that it looks like their friendship is back. I realized that was very important to me and this is now my favorite show of the season.

    Also, I thought it was cute when Booth offered to hold the periscope and Brennan wasn’t sure she wanted to do it and Booth then asked her if she wanted to hold the periscope. The look on her face was odd. It was like she was trying to figure out if Booth was kidding or not. He seemed playful to me at that point in the show. He has been serious at most crime scenes for quite awhile.

    By the way, I don’t care about product placement either. It pays the bills. To get quality shows on the air costs money so if they want to show me a car and what they think is cool about it that is ok with me.

    • On the periscope thing. I think I caught a hint of a smile on Brennan’s face when she decided to just go along with Booth and be the periscope; kind of switch in her look from frowning dismissal to a small grin of acceptance. Like she had decided then not to be a stick in the mud and just see what happened.

  17. I am so glad you brought this up, Sarah, because this scene was bugging me for all the reasons you mentioned. I finally figured out what it was that made the scene seem weird to me. Here’s the question: all the bickering and banter aside, have we seen B&B like this ever? Have we ever seen a scene (example for when we play homonyms with the nephew) where they play with each other like this? Not just this season, but ever? He said silly words, she said silly words, then he said more silly words, and it just kept going. I’m pretty good on past eps, but I don’t remember anything quite like this with them sort of egging each other on and just being kind of silly. For one thing, Dr. Temperance Brennan of the Jeffersonian Institution does not “do silly” very much.

    • Brennan was only silly around Booth. She may have not done silly in the past; but, maybe this is the new Brennan. Maybe she has realized that it is ok to be silly with her best friend.

      • I agree, Lenora. I don’t think we have seen exactly this type of scene before, but they have never been in this place before, both knowing that their is mutual love between them. That is freeing them in ways we haven’t seen. I love it.

      • Though the car scene was clearly sillier, their dialogue reminded me of the end of the “x in the file” episode.

        “You just basically said that aliens are nice anthropologists.”
        “I do not think so.”
        “You think that aliens are you!”
        “You got me. I was sent down as an advance scout.”
        “Ha! I knew it. No probing. No probing!”
        “Hey, probing is a valuable way of gathering information.”

    • There is the beginning of Verdict in the Story that had potential for back and forth laughter with the odd position of the skeleton and her poking fun at his idea of the rug deteriorating . .. plus the ep that Seels references in the first place with “gotta be bad to be good” when they are “dining and ditching” – that was pretty good relaxed laughter and fun.

      Truly, we haven’t seen much of it, but the actual idea that they are giggling together doesn’t throw me – that seems real – but the other stuff we’ve all talked about here so far, of course, is where struggled a little bit.

      I gotta say, though, that the more I ruminate on this scene, the better I like it. (Not that I’ve been obsessing over it all morning or anything. . . .*cough cough*)

  18. I always get excited for a new Bones episode. I enjoyed this one. It was pretty mellow… you know besides the Cam thing and the laughing in the car thing. And the very end scene when Booth keeps looking at Brennan when she’s not looking. Oh my! I think that was my favorite thing because it gave me hope. The man could literally not keep his eyes off of her as he spouted out how you love one person the most yada yada. I think that’s what made this episode for me. But I’m a hopeless romantic… it’s not surprising. 🙂

  19. I am actually kind of surprised by how polarizing that car scene was for people. I mean, I’ve felt that awkward second hand embarrassment while watching B&B before in the past, and I didn’t think it was a big deal…but I am fairly new to the fandom.

    Anyway, I have to agree with Seels and Janet. It was awkward, but I got over it. I think it needed to be that way. I think Seels hit the nail right on the head. I didn’t realize it at the time, but I totally think they kept going because they didn’t want to stop laugh with each other. Janet mentioned that that scene was a tension breaker. I think that is exactly what it was. Aren’t all ‘tension breaking’ moments like that? You have to kind of just have to pop the awkward bubble, and once you do things feel better. (Not sure if that made sense).

    I don’t know about everyone else, but I laughed with them, I laughed at them, and I got over the awkwardness of it all. After that it seemed like B&B were more comfortable with each other again. Long story short– it was silly, and a little uncomfortable, but necessary.

    As for the product placement: it happens. Sure, I think it’s annoying, but if it means we get Bones, by all means, shove the Prius in my face. (It worked, right? We all know it’s the Prius! 😉 ) And as HH once said, if the product placement is blatant like that, the sponsors don’t accept it. Gotta do what you gotta do.

  20. I enjoyed that scene and I enjoyed the whole episode. It was fun, and it seemed to me that they were back to enjoying working together, being together, disagreeing, and agreeing. I mean Booth just loves it when Brennan agrees with him on something, he just got absolutely giddy and Brennan caught that giddiness. 🙂 By the end I was laughing along with them just because it was fun to see them enjoying themselves.

    As for the product placement, it really doesn’t bother me. I mean I know what it is, I’m not going to run out and buy a Prius because of it, but I can live with it (although to a certain extent we’d already had that one. Last season in devil they had one in there with the adaptive cruise control)

  21. I also thought that scene was awful. It made me laugh that you almost wanted them to crash. It didn’t even cross my mind. I was just thinking “Cut , please, cut it now. I understand. They are laughing, they’re Ok. It’s just like all times and all… Why do you have to make it so long and redundant? Why?” AND I had the time to think all that and still wasn’t over. But well… They made it clear we are now on better ground. They laugh together again. They have their drink together again. Thank you so much Bones writers, we now can see Bones with Bones and Booth talking and laughing and … Yeah, even if I hated the writing on that scene, I enjoyed them laughing. And loved that drink at the end. And the not calling Hannah part. All is well.

  22. Product placement was as much for the brand as is was for driving responsible cars – that’s what I got out of the Prius thing. Plus it pointed out a neat feature! So it didn’t bother me at all. (Not any more than seeing “Dell” on the back of TV screens or the Apple logo on the lid of laptops in prior eps.)
    I think the scene in the Prius was supposed to be edgy. They finally laughed together, – the first laugh since Brennan’s rejection. A bit forced by both of them, but it’s a release! And they prolong it by breaking a standard they’ve never broken before for the sake of a shared moment.
    I see Booth still struggling with Brennan’s rejection. When they first met he found her attractive, then she blows his socks off with her science, geeky science – but accurate. So throughout working together they develop a truly ideal partnership, and both accept the FBI’s “hands-off” policy about dating. In the 100th, he went all out (after being rejected by Rebecca), puts his heart out there and gets rejected again. He makes his decision to “move on”. Hannah makes him happy. But she’s in his other world – the world away from the job. (That’s why I think he doesn’t want to have Hannah join them at the FF). Being Booth (and honorable, btw), he knows he is committed to Hannah. I see Booth protecting his private world from the world at the Jeffersonian. Yes, he continues to see an attraction in Brennan, he did from the first day they met. I foresee a big struggle in Booth – Hannah is there, and real, apparently very successful, and she is with him. Brennan said no to him, she is awkward, geeky, has been a fabulous partner and told him she has regrets about saying no.
    It ain’t gonna be easy!
    I just re-watched the ep – and yes, I really liked it!

  23. Product placement used to bother me, but I got over it. If it helps pay the Bones’ bills and keeps them on the air, it’s fine with me. They don’t take up that much time…but every time Brennan drives, I say to myself…here comes the ad…

    I loved the car scene! It was a spontaneous moment, but the significance was the fact that Brennan started it…and she laughed! Booth is surprised. They kept it up…and I was laughing right along with them. I have a twisted, sarcastic, goofy sense of humor, so I guess that’s why this scene did not feel weird to me at all. I would have done the same thing…probably even longer. It may have been out of character for them to laugh at the expense of the victim, but they admit feeling bad about it, yet can’t help themselves. It just feels good to laugh. They are caught up in the moment, feeling more relaxed with each other than they have for a long time. Maybe that’s what makes people feel it was awkward, because we haven’t seen them really let go like this in ages.

    The conversation in the end scene about the first being the one you love the most was pretty much the same thing Booth said to Brennan at the end of Couple in the Cave…”It’s still love.” He hasn’t changed his mind on that…even if he has moved on. I’m not sure what to think of Booth’s stolen glance at Brennan, but I’d like to believe that he’s becoming more aware that she means more to him than he’s been willing to admit lately. Hannah may or may not have been actually working, as Booth says, and unavailable to join them. We can’t be sure. But it seems to me that Booth doesn’t want to share this moment with anyone else. Another part of me wants Booth to realize that he needs to go after what he really wants…just like he told Cam to go after Paul and not let him get away. It’s about time Booth applied his own advice to himself.

    I have to admit that this change in B&B’s behavior feels a little rushed, but then I realized whenever it happened, I’d probably feel the same way. They’ve gone on so long in one direction that any change in the season-norm would seem startling, even though we’ve had clues and the looks…but maybe not enough for some people. Does that make sense?

    • I think it is funny that Cam and Sweets ask Booth for advice abouts affairs of the heart and yet he has a very poor track record when it comes to his own love life. I am not being mean here, this is just an observation. I think they respect Booth and consider him a good source of advice when it comes to human interaction. He just doesn’t seem to understand how a woman could really love him for himself since he has been rejected so many times. He can see how love works for others but not for himself. If he would just step back and look at what and who is interested in him, he may finally understand that he is loved, for who he really is. He doesn’t have to be the perfect boyfriend.

      • I agree that Booth couldn’t see that a woman could love him just as he is…what with the rejections, etc., but then…DitP happens. Brennan does know him – everything about him…and she finally admits she should have given him a chance…which has to make him feel better about himself. Her acceptance in that car was all he ever wanted.

        But then…it’s much easier to be an observer of others and give advice than to take a step back and analyze our own lives, so it seems ironic to us that Cam and Sweets seek out Booth for “heart” advice when we know he hasn’t done so well in that department (and I’m not being mean either). The key to his self-discovery is Brennan’s admission. That was the game-changer. And Brennan is acting different. She laughs and jokes, agrees with him. He’s seeing these changes and falling in love all over again.

      • Truth be told, I don’t think Booth has ever fallen out of love with Brennan. Brennan told him no so he moved on and found someone else he can love. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t love Brennan. I agree that Brennan saying she made a mistake is a game changer. I just don’t know how Booth is going to handle this. Does he go ahead and try to stick with Hannah or not? The ball is now in Booth’s court. He has two women who love him. That has to be a huge problem for him. He will probably try to do the honorable thing and stick with Hannah so maybe, ultimately, the ball is really in Hannah’s court. Gosh, I can’t wait until next week. I haven’t been this excited about Bones in months.

  24. This just struck me after reading the other posts. To go all “Seinfeld”: this scene was truly “cringeworthy.” “Not that there’s anything wrong with that.”;-D

  25. I liked this scene. I think as much as we as fans have missed these Bones/Booth moments the charters have missed each other two. It was the first time, in a long time, that they seemed to let their guard down around each other.

  26. Take a look at some of the earlier scenes where Brennan attempted to tell a joke and then laughed loudly at said joke even though no one else was laughing. (OK, maybe Hacker did.)

    Now re-watch the car scene.

    Brennan was being spontaneous, and silly, and her laughter was unforced. And I think it astonished and delighted Booth. So much so that I think he began to believe she really has changed. That the girl listening to the “ocean in a seashell” was genuine. And that he wanted to find out how far he could keep it going, sure.

    I loved the scene.

    Hello, my name is Barb, and I’m a shipper.

  27. I liked that episode very much. Yes, there was a product placement and that laughing moment felt awkward. But as most of you already said, it serves greater purposes. It does break the tension they had (and boy … they really needed that!) and also allow them to share a special moment, just the two of them with nobody else around looking at them. Yes, it did felt a bit rushed too but if it means having B&B back to normal or almost by the end of this season, then I am all for it!
    Totally agree with ShrinkyMojo that Booth should start following his own advices … ‘Another part of me wants Booth to realize that he needs to go after what he really wants…just like he told Cam to go after Paul and not let him get away.’ I was telling my TV exactly the same yesterday night LOL!!
    I must say that the end scene left me quite confused. As I enjoyed (very much!!) the stolen glance from Booth, and what he tells Brennan about Love, there is something in the back of my mind about next week … We’ll see how it turns out I suppose. (@Sarah : hope I didn’t cross a line about you-know-what – let me know if I did).
    And just like in the car they shared a special moment, it felt like Booth wanted more at the end of the episode and when Brennan asked about Hannah joining them I was really happy to hear him saying no (and I don’t care if it was the truth or not as I was just glad she wasn’t there!!).

    • Exuperance18, I must be in a silly mood today. I was laughing so much about your quote: I was telling my TV exatly the same yesterday night!”, I could not stop.

  28. I felt that behind all the banter was a dam breaking; when have they been this comfortable around each other this whole season? Sure, they were silly at the rock camp and they’ve been silly at other times but not since they were reunited at the start of season 6. The laughter seemed like a great big sigh of relief, that they could be together and enjoying the moment; it was meant to be awkward because they’ve both been walking on pins and needles around each other for so long that they’ve kind of forgotten how much they enjoy each other’s company. They were giving themselves permission to lighten up and I consider that a big step forward. I think any topic would have created this avalanche effect and there was really no offense meant towards the victim per se. The sheer giddiness of the situation and their joy at laughing together is also bound to make Booth think twice about his choice. I believe he already did at the end when he so quickly dismissed the idea of Hannah joining them and then gave Brennan that long, hungry look.

  29. I agree that the scene was awkward, but I think that was the point. As awkward as it was to watch, it was for them to be in.

    Here they are, both knowing what they know and that the other one knows that they know what they know…you know! And they are alone in close quarters (yes, they’ve been in Booth’s SUV, but it’s much bigger, the space between them is bigger, and somehow that’s more “official”). But here they are, inches apart in Brennan’s little car, each aware that at one time they had feelings for each other and that the other reciprocated, at the wrong time unfortunately, but still…and all the fear and tension of the Gravedigger shooting last week and Brennan worried about her dad and Booth worried about his old mentor…so it *is* awkward in that car.

    And then Brennan laughs. Probably for the first time in a very long time. And let’s remember too that even though The Doctor in the Photo was months ago for us viewers, within the show it was only a few weeks. A few weeks ago Brennan was moody and depressed and withdrawn, and Booth *was* worried about her, it’s why he followed her in the rain. But here she is laughing, and Brennan is just so innocent about jokes…she doesn’t cuss, she doesn’t raise her voice, to her calling someone a “nitwit’ is probably tantamount to *&$@%.

    I think Booth was just so relieved to see her happy, he just wanted to keep it going. Her laughter was contagious, it made him laugh and yes, they kept it going too long because it was the first happy, relaxed moment they’d spent around in each other since who knows when.

    Now as to the rest of the episode…much like The Truth in the Lye the victim’s life mirrors Booth’s. Booth has three women wanting something from him, Hannah, Cam, Brennan. He has to balance each of their places in his life.

    It’s interesting that in past episodes, Brennan has argued that it’s illogical to expect one person to be all things to you (Player under Pressure) and that there’s nothing wrong with having one person in your life for sex, another for companionship. Booth talked her out of that idea (Man in the Outhouse) but at the end of the episode, it seems to be the place he finds himself in.

    The conversation they had was probably the first time they both talked in generalities while both being fully aware that they are talking about each other. I’m confused at Booth’s statement that the person you love most will always be there, even if you missed your chance. Does he mean himself? Does he mean Brennan? Does he mean he’ll still be her friend, even though he’s staying with Hannah? Or is he asking Brennan to give him enough time to extricate himself from the Hannah relationship? I don’t know what we – or Brennan – is supposed to take away from that conversation.

    • “The conversation they had was probably the first time they both talked in generalities while both being fully aware that they are talking about each other. I’m confused at Booth’s statement that the person you love most will always be there, even if you missed your chance. Does he mean himself? Does he mean Brennan? Does he mean he’ll still be her friend, even though he’s staying with Hannah? Or is he asking Brennan to give him enough time to extricate himself from the Hannah relationship? I don’t know what we – or Brennan – is supposed to take away from that conversation.”

      That confusion and ambiguity reminds me a little of a conversation that Anne Elliot and Captain Wentworth have in Persuasion. Captain Wentworth says he was foolish for letting Lousia Musgrove jump off the ledge and at the same time he was also saying that he was foolish for letting Anne get away from him.

      Maybe Booths ambiguity is intentional and means more than one thing–he could be referring to both himself and Brennan at the same time… I know that sounds weird, but that’s immediately what popped into my head when he talked about first/best loves always being there.

      • I’ve actually been thinking about that scene all day and the conclusion that I’ve come to is this:

        Booth is telling Brennan that they loved each other, it didn’t work out, they might each love other people, that doesn’t mean they will stop caring about each other or be in each other’s lives.

        When Booth says you can love a lot of people, but there’s one you love the most, I think he’s saying “That I love Hannah now doesn’t diminish the love I had for you.”

        When Brennan asks what if you let that person get away, I think she’s saying “can we still be friends and partners, with all that’s passed between us now.”

        When Booth says “that person will still be here” I think he’s saying “Yes we can. We loved each other, it didn’t work out, but I’m still your partner and your friend.”

        I also think I understand now why HH said this miserable season 6 needed to happen. Brennan’s biggest fear in terms of getting romantically involved with Booth was that if and when it didn’t work out she’d lose him as a friend and partner too. But this experience, of effectively “breaking up” but still being able to remain friends and partners is teaching her (we hope) that her fear is unfounded. If they get a second chance, it will be worth the risk to take it.

        I do think B & B have gone back to their old selves a bit quickly…but my guess is that the massive fan backlash against Hannah forced HH to shorten her storyline, so we are seeing in one episode what might gradually have happened over several.

        I’ve read lots of other forums that are very down on Booth for what they see as either cheating on Hannah or egotistically assuming Brennan will always be waiting for him. I don’t think they are reading the scene correctly. The sweet and mature way that Booth and Rebecca ended their relationship and the way Cam and Booth have always treated each other as former lovers and friends just don’t lead me to see Booth as so cavalier with the women in his life. I think he values and respects all the women in his life, and the relationships he had with them.

  30. Yeah, I think it was a bit awkward, but I’m on the “dam-breaking” side. From the opening scene of the episode, there seemed to be an ease between them. And I found it kind of charming, laughing at stupid words. I think they were intentionally using names that were outdated and silly, and I think they were laughing more at the words than the person. The ease betwixt B&B seems to me to be ebbing and flowing from Booth. Here’s what I mean (and it makes more sense to me using the timeline as originally planned (with Bullet before Body)), if you’ll indulge me 😉

    Pre-Doctor in the Photo: Booth is in self-protection mode. He’s not sure what’s happening between him and Brennan and chooses to withdraw from his relationship with her rather than find out.

    During DitP: Booth begins to realize how much his withdrawal may be affecting Brennan, and begins to interact with her more proactively.

    D-Moment-itP: Brennan says her peace. I think Booth’s reaction here has several steps. First, holy crap she loved him (whether she said it in so many words or not). There’s a certain amount of his pain about her rejection that would have been healed by such a realization. Second, he didn’t cave in. He IS serious about Hannah. Third, he can therefore, be with Hannah while allowing Brennan to be a part of his life and letting himself be a part of hers.

    Bullet in the Brain: Notice how they seemed a bit back to their old selves in this episode? I read this as being the result of the response I listed above. But, then, oh, when they start to get close again…Booth realizes he is NOT over Brennan. He can’t have it both ways.

    Body in the Bag: Booth runs back and confesses what happened in Doctor in the Photo to Hannah. He returns to being a bit colder to Brennan. He works triply hard to convince the world around him it’s all about Hannah. He figures he is back out of loving-Brennan land, and it will be safe to be around her again.

    Sin in the Sisterhood: Booth seems comfortable around Brennan. She seems comfortable around him. He’s now established Hannah’s his girl, so there’s no guilt in the comfort. Then something happens: he has fun with Brennan and Cam. Cam comes to him for advice. The world of the lab is reaching out to him. I think it’s no coincidence Wendell is our squintern this episode, as Wendell is kind of a Booth proxy in the lab. I always got the impression he and Booth were friends outside the lab. The car scene happens–a dam breaks, and they are silly together. Like at the Rock Camp. Like at the karaoke. Like in her apartment singing “Hot-Blooded.” And even better than that, nothing catastrophic happens this time. They are being nerdy and silly and the pretenses of being worried about what is between them is gone.

    And then. Then, the case itself brings back another relic from their past relationships: discussions about the meaning of love and life. This is dangerous territory. Worse than simply getting into these old, eye-sexy conversations, Brennan actually is willing to AGREE with him. And Booth figures out what we’ve all known all along: he’s never going to be over her.

    So, without going into spoilery detail, it seems to me the events we are supposed to expect next week are Booth’s reaction to this realization similar to his reaction in Body in the Bag. I’m totally Brennan’s girl, but post DitP, it seems to me that the ball is in Booth’s court.

    And Booth’s trying to play basketball with a football.

    ((Thanks for indulging my longwindedness))

  31. When I saw the car scene last night, I really didn’t know what to think about it. But I just watched it again, and I’ve decided that I love this scene for a number of reasons.

    1) Brennan is learning and using slang terms! (Last episode, she wanted to “unsquash” the bullet. That was great too!) I love that she is throwing around words like nitwit and twit and numskull and enjoying using them in kind of inappropriate situations. It’s adorable, and definitely cuter than her suddenly tossing around curse words. I’m a firm believer in a good dose of silliness every once in a while 🙂

    2) They seemed unable to stop themselves from running with the joke. It was so endearing! Don’t you love those moments where all it takes is a look or something seemingly random to set you off into uncontrollable peals of laughter? (A few nights ago, my friend and I were incorporating chicken clucks into random words – like mcbaaastard – and laughing until we cried. Honestly, there was nothing particularly funny going on, we were just being weird, and those watching us looked awkward and baffled and uncomfortable the entire time. But it didn’t matter to me or my friend because we were having a riotous time.) So maybe Brennan and Booth’s laughter looked awkward and a bit forced to us, but maybe it was just right for them. The scene was also a lot less awkward for me upon a second viewing. I just think the lightheartedness caught me off guard the first time. Don’t know if that’s a good or a bad thing.

    3) I can’t recall ever seeing them egg each other on and make each other laugh like this before. But the fact that they can laugh in such a free and lighthearted manner after all that’s happened tells me that the best friendshippy magic is still there and strong, baby! Yay!

    4) Booth may be gloating that Brennan had to agree with him, but she still sticks to her guns. Now this is a bit tangential, but I gotta say it. I love Brennan even more than I already did because after everything that’s happened with Booth, she’s not lost confidence in her basic abilities, her knowledge, her ability to grow, and her beauty. It seems to me that she knows it was her actions that led to her situation with Booth. But she can change her actions. She hasn’t let the rejection shake her confidence in herself and all the little things that make her the Brennan we love. Does that make sense? Last time I was let down by romance, I started doubting everything about myself, and I hated myself more for doing what I knew I shouldn’t be doing. But Brennan knows who she is and is confident in that knowledge now, and I think that’s reflected in her actions. She doesn’t turn into a mopey muddle of lovesick and heartcrushed mush around Booth; but rather, she’s still open and friendly while still being her. She still questions, challenges, and teases him. I admire that above anything else.

    5) Brennan/ED possesses one of the most beautiful smiles I’ve ever seen. I’m down to see her smile like that (and like in the end of TBitBrain) anytime.

  32. The scene was strange.  It felt as though they should have cut 30 seconds earlier.  But I love when Brennan laughs that hearty, genuine laugh so that alone saved it for me.  Someone said that it’s not like Dr. Brennan to be silly and I agree.  The word choice (nitiwt, etc.) was off in that I don’t imagine Brennan saying those words.  But she does it for Booth and anything that reminds me of “I’m becoming quite amusing” or “You should laugh at my jokes too” is great.  Overall, I did end up liking the scene.  Or maybe I’ve been so deprived of this kind of interaction between Booth and Bren that I’d take whatever at this point, awkwardness and all.

  33. I loved the car scene, even with all the awkardness. But the little thing that I’m still thinking is in the diner scene with sweets:they’re talking about polygamy then bones asks how does he knows all that and Booth says “College baby!” It just seemed kind of weird him calling her “baby” given the circumstances. Well, I tought that would be worth discussing 🙂

  34. It was an awkward scene…but I couldn’t help laughing at them laughing…it just made me happy that they were happy together.

    as for the whole promotional thing…I just take it with a grain of salt…it’s not going anywhere, no matter how much fans complain about it…so I just go with it.

    I’m ok with the end scene, too. I, felt that Booth was talking about Brennan as his “most”. But as we know from Avalon, sometimes you just have to settle for 2nd best. I loved all the little looks he was sneaking when she wasn’t looking.

  35. I liked the car scene – it was unusual for Bones, (I don’t think we’ve ever seen them just be really silly and crack each other up like that before) and I was aware that it was unusual. But that’s ok, it felt like an easing of the tension – they both just let go a bit and had fun, and they haven’t let themselves do that in so long. Also, I liked that the humour was ‘theirs’ rather than either one of them making a joke that the other one doesn’t quite get.

    Regarding the product placement – to be honest, I really don’t mind. Those 20 second slots are what keeps Bones on the air, it’s an expensive show to make and it has to be financially profitable for the network in order for them to keep it on. I would actually pay money per episode if it meant having Bones to look forward to each week, so I don’t mind them doing that at all. Specially since it’s all done so tongue in cheek. I rolled my eyes a bit, but am completely accepting of it at the same time.

    The final scene – I loved it. I know it’s treading a fine line for Booth because of his situation with Hannah, but I feel like it’s ok, because it’s not like he’s done that all season. It’s as if, he’s finally realising – yep wow, I really do love you the most. When Brennan mentioned asking Hannah to join them, his face flickered in such a way that showed he wanted to spend that time with Brennan. I’m ok with that, it’s not conscious, he’s not thinking ‘ooh yeah, I get the best of both worlds’, but he might be waking up to his own reality. And the reality is that, his heart wasn’t free to give to Hannah in the first place, he gave it to Brennan a long time ago. He’s realising that, and not only is that fine by me – it makes me really happy. (Does that make me a bad person?! Maybe – but bad in the same way that Booth and Brennan called themselves bad in the car, when we know they’re not)

    ps: ED / Brennan has the best laugh in the world, I love it when she let’s it out. More brilliant characterisation from ED in showing the subtle changes that have happened in her character.

  36. Oh gosh!! That Toyota scene was uggggh….most obvious product placement EVER. That aside. I actually rolled my eyes as B/B went on and on too, but now that I’ve read this I’m feeling much more positive about the entire scene. Definitely loving their dynamic nonetheless!! We’re back, baby!! 🙂 🙂

  37. i loved this episode. Cam is one of my favourite characters, and it was good to see her with a big subplot. Wendall, Hodgins and Angela were also hilarious. I loved it when Hodgins shushed Wendall, telling him Mother Nature could hear him. The case was not that great (not a lot of science) but great conversations came from it, and that’s all that matters : )

    It felt as if B&B were back!! The periscope thing was cute (especially Brennan’s little smile beforehand) and their bickering was a lot sweeter then it has been in past episodes, a lot more harmless. Booth also seemed to be once again accepting of Brennan’s forthrightness, whereas lately he has seemed a bit more embarassed by her, he didn’t tell her off for the sex comment around the sister wives. (It also seems Booth isn’t as squeamish around the topic of sex..) The scene in the diner was probably one of my favourites, how Booth spun around on his chair with that smirk on his face and Brennan just knew that he had proven her wrong. Classic!
    I have to agree, the car scene was so awkward that them crashing probably wouldve been a nice interlude, but although it was … odd… it was right. I think they were just trying to prolong the moment. And nothing too bad can come from Brennan laughing at calling people boneheads.
    The Founding Father’s at the end was also unusually them, still awkward, but them. Booth ordering their usual then telling Brennan that you can love many people in this world but you only love one the most. I read somewhere (may have been Sarah’s GMMR review) about how there was that line between Brennan and Booth that if crossed by Booth, meant he had cheated on Hannah (if that makes sense). I kind of felt like Booth was tip-toeing that line in this scene. As much as I loved the swoon-worthiness of it all, I couldn’t help but feel a little awkward knowing that Booth was going home to Hannah afterward. It just felt too pre-Hannah especially the “their not going anywhere” line.

    I loved the episode, but the awkwardness was definitely prominent, which if you think about it is probably a good thing for us shippers, and a bad thing for Hannah.I just hope it goes away soon. Can’t wait for next week!!

  38. The car scene reminded me of a middle-school crush. You make that cute boy laugh and it’s such a HIGH and you have to keep him laughing, even though it’s inevitable you’re going to cross the line from funny into too far. But they were both doing it. I think middle-school crush is sort of where they are (though obviously they’re more mature than middle school) in that they’re super tentative right now. They were friends and then they sort of weren’t and now they’re just not sure how to go about this whole thing. Also very middle school-y: Booth stole a look at Brennan and she CAUGHT him! I loved it. And maybe I squeed a little. Don’t tell anyone.

  39. I watched the episode another time today and MUST say I laughed watching the car scene.
    Now, as Brennan always said she doesn’t believe in monogamy, I think this episode mainly serves to explain how and why she changed her mind on the subject. And I feel we may not see it this way yet but we will in a couple of episodes from now.
    To Marle Barle : Glad I was able to make you laugh! 🙂

  40. I must say, this episode made me wish HH had never forced she who will not be named on us. But … let’s not go down that dark and twisty path. Seels, I know how you feel about emotional cheating and I think that Booth is def toeing a fine line. But I’m okay with that because he hasn’t crossed it. I think that if any of his feelings for Brennan are real then there’s got to be a struggle ( and as much as I can tell myself that he MUST be struggling) we need to be able to see that and I believe that’s what we’ve gotten in the last few episodes.

    The fact of the matter is that to me, this Hannah thing can only end one way and that’s with Booth realizing that no matter how “perfect” she may be and how much he may want to move on, he just cant’t because she’s just not the person who completes him. “Somebody out there who you’re meant to spend the rest of your life with …” those words have to mean something, and if this thing ends any other way, then they become meaningless.

    I’m fine with Booth’s attempt at happiness but if we don’t see the struggle, then how can we care when the inevitable happens? Am I right? 🙂

    • Totally with you; if we don’t see it it’ll sure seem strange when he gives in to Brennan’s siren call. I don’t thiink he crossed the line; he was just falling into his old behavior pattern where he speaks from the heart. It might be a little bit dangerous for him to go there, but I trust him; he won’t go much further without dealing with Hannah first. Besides, dangerous is fun!

  41. You know, I’m not sure if anyone has says this because 65 messages was a long time ago, and I just now refound the site after 100daysofbones, but I still want to add my 2 cents! You know the car scene was a little strange for some, but I think for old time viewers(least for me), it was a “welcome back” to the days when the show was much much more partner related. And to the days where we didn’t have to fight through each episode to push out the next person who got in the way of that friendship, partnership, and of course — love. So yes, my fellow viewers just kind of looked at me while I laughed along, but I didn’t mind because I was reveling in the moment of fun they enjoyed. But the best part of this episode, besides this car scene, was a specific part the end that made me fan-girl squeal. Why? Because when Booth walked into the bar, he sat down and said to the bartender, “We’ll have the usual.” Guys! They have a usual! Great, great subtle line for me.

  42. When Angela asks Hodgins if he would like more than one wife, his answer was so sweet. The case was an interesting backdrop for everyone to reflect on relationships and what works and what doesn’t and why.
    The car scene was more than a little awkward. I guess it is a slow, small step in the right direction but it still seemed off to me. I did like the end where B & B share their end of case drink again. The fact that Booth tells the bartender to give them “their usual” meant something to me….as if he intends for there to be many more times to go for “their usual”.

  43. First off, the product placement…used to it by now. It’s always SO blatant, but part of me thinks maybe they don’t want to waste time incoporating it into the story realistically, when they can just get it over and done with immedaitely. Who knows…i just ignore it now (possibly not the idea they’re going for but oh well! LOL)

    As for the car scene…i liked it. Like, really liked it. I didn’t find it awkward or forced…there’s been many more moments this season that HAVE felt awkward and forced but this wasn’t one of them.

    I enjoyed watching B&B let go with one another, enjoying just being again. It was all good for me 😀

  44. the scene seemed contrived to me, but it was a relief in some ways to see them laugh and not be so awkward/tense together. it was too long – I think it would have been smoother if they had shortened it – then there would have been less of a ‘what are they doing’ in my mind.

    like a lot this season, the intent of the scene is pretty evident, but the execution leaves something to be desired.

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