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Lines & Moving On


Okay…yeah, that’s a loaded title, isn’t it?!?

But I just keep coming back to it over and over, particularly when I hear (read) everyone’s replies to the MAQ and to the episode.

Like what seems to be happening to me all of the time lately…the more ‘answers’ we get, the more questions I have.

So let’s continue the discussion…

1. We’ve discussed a few times about how it’s very natural for Brennan to confide in Booth, even when it’s regarding him. My opinion is that it’s not necessarily fair to Booth, yet he also has purposefully made himself available in that way in the past. Again, not in some sort of Pygmalion way has he molded her to his whims or anything, but just that the natural expression of her emotions is in the shape of him and the context of his opinions. Perhaps that is what HH is trying to break her from. We’ve also discussed how HH and the writers have made it a point to separate Brennan from any thing or person that might prevent her from going to Booth. Goodbye Dr. Goodman, goodbye Zack, goodbye Angela (for a time)…but does Booth also have to be removed from her life in order to be in it in the long run?

2. Having said that…I think it’s also clear, based on this week’s ep, that Brennan really is THE ONE Booth goes to when he has something on his mind, and he’s dealing with that too. Sure, he’s been confiding in Sweets, but as Smurfs pointed out…it was clearly just adding agitation to Booth’s life. Like we talked about in the scene study last week, Booth asks her, “Who do I go to for that?” And the that could be anything, but in this case, it’s his feelings for Brennan, I believe.

3. They are sort of stuck, aren’t they? The both of them? Is it possible to move on? And what happens when you realize it’s not possible?

For us, that’s a “HELLO MCFLY!” moment and we’re shouting at the screen, “WE’VE BEEN TRYING TO TELL YOU THIS!” and we feel a modicum of satisfaction at being right (much like Brennan and Booth do when they are right). But for B&B…they are very much in this, and they aren’t feeling that satisfaction. All they feel is the truth and terrible about it.


So then what? A new line? Unspoken, but there more than ever? Booth will spend time with Brennan after a case if Hannah’s not available (last week vs. this week)? And what about “the usual”, as Booth called it when he motioned toward the bartender. That’s gotta be deliberate (on the writers’ part…not necessarily Booth’s).

Thoughts? Are they doomed? And while that’s good for us…is it good for them?

Talk to me, my BONES friends!

Peace, Love & Bones,



33 thoughts on “Lines & Moving On

  1. Ah, BONES, it’s like a game of chess, where the pieces are moved around and just when we think we’re getting somewhere…oops! Check…crap! Checkmate. Employing the chess analogy, Season 6 has started a new game…with a different game strategy. But the pieces on the board are the same, as are the fundamental rules. Once Booth and Brennan do get their act together, they should be on the same side, not opposite sides.

    As time goes on, I’m seeing all these ‘lines’ turning into a tangled skein. So much of the discourse and drama between Booth and Brennan is at the threshold of these arbitrary lines…and they just hold each other back. Relationships evolve best without the complexity and constraints of too many lines. Perhaps the writers have taken the big eraser to the B&B relationship with the whole seven month separation / reset intervention…it certainly goes some way toward explaining the unravelling that Season 6 has brought.

    Despite the reset, there are historical bells that cannot be unrung between Booth and Brennan. When it comes to the crunch, there are those that you trust, confide in, and indeed those that you love preferentially. Yes, their relationship is delightfully platonic. Yes, they have potential to be something so much more *cough*eventually*cough*… and ‘Yes’ darn it, I find myself inclined to get the jump cables out of my vehicle and send them to California via express courier, to encourage a jump start to the the B&B relationship instead of the slow push with Hannah at the steering wheel.

    Could they be doomed? My opinion on this changes from episode to episode, probably because I don’t subscribe to the ‘love conquers all’ fraternity…and also because I’m not a fly on the wall in Hart Hanson’s office LOL!

    • I wish being a fly on the wall in HH’s office would do it. I think you need to be in his brain. 😉

    • I’ve been discussing with a Bones friend your tangled skein concept, though we hadn’t discussed that particular analogy–it’s a good one! We’ve been talking about how it seems like it would only make sense that for Booth and Brennan to get to the eventually–or really, to get anywhere, they’re going to have to get back to the beginning. Not start over, because like you say, no matter what happens in the Bones world, no matter what the writers decide, the history is there, and it’s impossible to erase. But sort of restarting, resetting, whatever you prefer to call it, it seems to be the only course of action for the story at this point. Going along with your tangled skein analogy, it seems like They (the powers that be, HH, etc.) might be taking a big old pair of clippers to the whole tangled, knotted mess. It seems impossible for Booth and Brennan to untangle it themselves–things are just getting clipped. I think Hannah really is here as part of that giant pair of scissors cutting out the tangles. Her presence has so forced Booth and Brennan apart, like nothing else has–not even the seven month Maluku sabbatical. It’ll be interesting–and IS interesting right now–to see how the long-in-coming, very necessary IMO separation plays out with the Booth and Brennan relationship.

  2. I didn’t read anything into Booth saying “the usual” They go for drinks after every case, as stated by Hannah herself and they have been doing so for 3yrs at the FF so of course they have a familiar routine, drinks, familarity with the bar keeps. Imo

  3. @Matty totally agree. You go to the same bar week in week out you get to know the staff and them you.

  4. It is not possible for either of them to really move on at this point. Brennan has feelings for Booth and Booth still has feelings for Brennan. Booth also has feelings for Hannah, so has a little more to deal with at this point than Brennan does. There is a line between them. They are both on either side of it, having a staring match at the moment waiting to see what the other is about to do.
    Brennnan is experiences regrets, but is holding onto anything Booth is willing to hand out to her. Be it him working with her, spending time with her and really just still being in her life. She wants anything he is willing to give her. So she will not move on at this point in time. She thinks she needs Booth and is unwilling to give up this relationship. Whatever it maybe at this moment.

    Booth is on his side of the line. He started a relationship with Hannah because he felt there was no hope that there would be one with Brennan. He returned home from Afghanistan and was surprised when Hannah followed him. He started up his partnership with Brennan again because this is his work and Brennan is someone that he loves and really does need in his life. Hannah is uncomplicated to Booth, she makes his life effortless. He doesn’t really have to think anymore with her. She doesn’t really add anything to his life, but she settles the internal conflict and stress Booth has been dealing with. In a way she is a band-aid. She hasn’t really taken away the pain, cut or blood but she has slowed down the bleeding, that had resulted for what went on with Booth and Brennan.

    To me, looking at these two people, neither of them are really ready to jump the line towards each other. They both still have major issues they need to deal with. They both get each other and understand underneath how vulnerable each other is. They are really unable to communicate that to each other, though. They share certain parts of themselves but hold back the most damaging and vulnerable parts of themselves.

    Brennan needs to feel and know that she is worthy of love, just because she is who she is, worts and all. Booth neeeds to think about what he really needs to make himself happy and go with that. He needs to learn to fight more for what is important and stop giving up all the time. The line will always be there until either one of them, in essense, starts to really fight for what they really need and want in life.

    • Kim, I agree almost totally. I don’t think Booth gives up. I think he lives by his code – honor – and in my mind he considered that making his proposal to Brennan would terminate the partnership.

      Life moves on, and future eps may bring events that may change things between them. I am still wondering about Max’s comment “oh, that girl”, about potential revelations about the gravedigger’s death and Max’s past. I am wondering about the sniper “arc”, and what we may learn about Booth. I am also wondering why Booth said “I’m your guy” (as did Jack), – is that California-speak for “I love you”?

      Oh, have we heard if Bones has a S7? There were reports about negotiations, but I haven’t heard conclusions. The drop in viewers can’t be good! That may influence the speed at which the story is told.

      • I see instances where Booth does tend to give up. Look at his situation with Parker. If I was Parker’s father I would have gone to court by now to establish my need for more parental rights. Booth complains he doesn’t get to see Parker enough, yet he has never stood up to Rebecca and done anything about it. This is something that has always bothered me about Booth. He tends to give up alot and doesn’t really fight where his personal life is concerned.

        I think we were shown that Booth really did love Brennan especially in season 5 but he never made this known to her until he was egged on by Sweets. He forced his ill thought out confession on Brennan at an inappropriate time, in my opinion. In many ways, Booth actions prove how really insecure he is where matters of the heart matter most. I don’t think that Booth believes he is entitled to get what he really need and wants in life. I never get the feeling that he is really satified with his lot in life. His past relationships tend to prove this, like with his brother. He tends to see failure alot in his personal life. I don’t get the feeling that he expects all that much and never really gives it his all. It is almost like he expects that he isn’t enough and doesn’t feel that trying overly hard will ever amount to him ever getting what he wants. Instead of exposing himself to Hannah and really showing himself to her, in a way, it is him giving up on this relationship too. He may think he is doing everything right but he is not being truthful or forthcoming with his past, in his relationship with Hannah.

      • I’m fairly certain we haven’t heard of a conclusion in potential season 7 negotiations, though it reportedly looks good, based on the success of being moved to the post American Idol slot. Bullet in the Brain had the highest Bones ratings since 2007! I’m no expert, but it seems like optimisim might be warranted…

  5. I agree that “the usual” was deliberate on the writers’ part. But I don’t think B & B are stuck. Here’s where the reality of being a TV show intrudes on the storytelling.

    The changes in their relationship that we saw in this episode were probably intended to take place over several episodes. It’s clear from tweets and interviews that HH was completely surprised by the huge negative fan reaction to Hannah. At the end of the day Fox still calls the shots and I think they looked at declining ratings and said “move this along”.

    • I wonder about that too, the question of how much the network squeeze is having to do with the way the story is moving. To me, the “one person you love the most” conversation, while admittedly good news, seemed like it came on a little bit out of nowhere, a little rushed somehow.

      On another note, I have to wonder–as much as I am really thrilled with the direction of the show and the realized and potential effects of the Hannah storyline, how on earth could Hart Hanson not expect that kind of reaction? Haha, I hope he finds it as flattering as it should feel that he’s created characters that we so fiercely love… Though lashback at Hannah isn’t necessarily an indication of our fierce love for Brennan and Booth separately, but another discussion for another time…

  6. Sometimes we read too much into moments. And we mistake “being in love” to “plantonic love” between friends. Yes B&B were in love but that does not define every moment that they have as he /she said/did that due to that. . Like the end scene of the last epi. Fans are raving about it as being in love. At no stage did it say that. It was more that they were refinding their friendship after the awkwardness of the correct epi order of “body in the bag” . . What Booth was implying that we had love and it meant something and just because I am in love with Hannah doesn’t demean that. And just because you let me go, doesn’t mean that I will leave your life and emotionally abandon you now that I have Hannah, which soothes her greatest fear of them. There are many types of love that cos people to do and say things. That is the grey area that fans have a hard time grasping.

  7. @Barbara all due respect these plots for B/H/B have been talked about since the fall. The Body in the Bag where Hannah/Brennan have probs since Oct. The proposal epi was planned in Nov. The sides had these details and they have been out for months. . .The ratings dropped a little in Dec, ironically Emily’s heavily promoted epi, but a lot of shows did in Dec. In fact Bones was getting 9m+ on average for the most part of the season. It was solid. . . Hannah was only meant to be in FIVE epis which got extended to SEVEN and maybe more who knows. So saying that Hart listens to foot stomping fans doesnt fly with regards to Hannah and plots, when the fact is he extended her run not decreased it. 🙂

    • Okay, if that’s the case then I’m calling this simply shoddy storytelling. As a shipper, I am happy at what I see as the obvious direction this arc is going, but I don’t think it’s going there at a natural or believable pace.

  8. I think that, as cheesy, cliched and power ballad-y as it sounds, yes, Booth and Brennan needed the separation in order for her to see the “don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone” in her life. And I think that after all the deliberate separation Booth was doing earlier in the season, her admission to him in DitP made them both realize that something is missing.

    In Brennan’s case, it means she is trying to be more open with everyone in her life. It’s awkward and a little cringe worthy at times, but I love that she’s making an effort. That said, she is still guarded around Booth, or at least that’s how I interpreted her hesitation to “be the periscope”, and I think it was perfectly natural for her to be guarded with him at that point, because she didn’t know where they stood. But he cajoles and smiles, and there’s a subtle shift, and it’s okay for her to give in to what he’s asking.

    In Booth’s case, the realization that something is missing is a whole lot messier because it’s not just about him and Brennan. Booth is stuck between a rock and a hard place right now. We all know that he’s an honorable guy and isn’t going to “go there”, but I think what we are seeing right now is him starting to question everything, whether he realizes he’s doing it or not. Kind of like when Brennan was studying the X-ray of that little boy – her eyes were seeing something her brain refused to process. I think that’s where Booth is right now – his eyes are seeing things he’s not allowing his heart to process.

    I think that in the back of his mind, he’s questioning everything. He’s got his best friend on one side, the person who has been there through thick and thin, the woman who knows everything about him and is still there and just accepts him for who he is. And on the other side, he’s got this incredible woman whom he loves (because I believe he loves Hannah, I just don’t think he’s IN love with Hannah) but he’s keeping her at arms length. He hasn’t shown her the real Seeley Booth and he probably thinks that if he does, she’ll run for the hills at top speed and never be seen again.

    So are they stuck? Absolutely. Or I should say, I think Booth is the one who is stuck. Something is going to have to give with him in order for any forward movement to happen. And I say it’s got to be Booth because I think that Brennan has decided that, while she’s going to be there for Booth and be his friend, she’s not going to ask any more of him than that.

    She had her breakdown in DitP, then they were very awkward and edgy around each other in Body in the Bag. Then Bullet in the Brain happened, and she was just there for him. And in Sin in the Sisterhood, they had the periscope moment and that ridiculously funny car scene (which on a second viewing I like much more than I did the first time) where they were just being goofy with each other. What I’m getting at is, I kind of feel like underlying thread of the last two episodes was the reconnection of their friendship. Neither of them is going anywhere. It feels a little different than it did before, but it’s still just them.

    And I think that’s what Booth’s ordering in the bar scene was all about. We’ve seen him gesture to the barkeeper in the past, so that was nothing new. You go into a bar a lot, a good bartender is going to get to know what your preferences are. So part of me thinks that in this case, a drink is just a drink, but I think that at the same time, it was a nod from the writers that these two are finally comfortable together again. He orders, she lets him, there’s no discussion, it is just accepted and it’s comfortable.

    And no, I don’t think they are doomed. I’m still holding on to “everything happens eventually. 😉 If anything, I think that they are both going to come out stronger, both individually and together, on the other side of all this.

  9. The moment that Brennan said that she had regrets that was the game changer in the season. How could it not. Just like Booth’s in the 100th . . Hart likes to move the relationships at his pace some too fast and too slow for others. Look at Hodgins and Angela. Broke up out of the blue. Few epis later Angela was dating Roxy and wanting to live together. Jump to S5 Angela was with Wendall for 11 epis and 3 epis later Hodgins and Angela got married. My point is that if Hart wants to move H/B&B fast after 3/4 epis he will and it was probably his plan to do so.

  10. @Abbey Thank you! ITA not everything Booth or Brennan say equate to them being in love with each other. Booth is a big hearted guy. He will always be there for Brennan when she needs him. The epi highlighted that with how he was there for Cam, whom he loved in his own way, doesn’t matter what happened to them. He was there for Cam. As she is there for him. AND that was what Booth was conveying to Brennan. We may have loved and lost. But I am still your friend and we are still good.

    • You’re both right that not everything they say is about being in love, and when Booth said he’s not going anywhere he might not have meant he expects something romantic to happen, just that he’ll still be there for her (I kind of hope that was his intention at this point, because it reflects better on him).
      BUT that conversation started out being about romantic love. They were talking about a man loving multiple wives, but there’s that one person he loved the most… that’s not platonic love.

  11. @Becky that is true. They were talking about romantic love at the start. And to begin with Booth was talking about the case, it was Brennan that was turning it personal. Or did they? They could of just of been talking the case and caught up in their own experiences. ~ BUT I do know, not here, that people are misquoting Booth saying that he said that you love the first the most. He didn’t say that he just said that you can love a lot of people in the world but you love one the most. (If he had meant first then that would mean he meant Rebecca whom he loved) ~ And what he said is true there is always someone special but that doesn’t mean they are right for you or it works out. But you can still be there for them, support them ~ And that is what I think what Booth meant.The end scene was written to confuse.

  12. I agree, Sarah, that HH separated Brennan from Booth and Angela so that Brennan could come to her own conclusions and decisions without their direct influence. Absolutely necessary, but I was only thinking in terms of distancing her from Booth. I know a lot of people, including me, wondered why there wasn’t more interaction between Angela and Brennan, but this makes sense…and I hadn’t looked at it in that way. But you’ve asked some tough questions, at least for me, because since last night, I’ve had a different take on this whole situation…just when I thought I had it figured out. I can’t express all the reasons I changed my mind, because that’s getting into spoiler territory…darn! Anyway…

    The domino effect seems to apply here. Once B&B started feeling more comfortable around each other…particularly this last episode…it’s a little like the dam breaking…or at the very least cracking…and from here on out, things will start to change rapidly. Once those dominoes start falling, you can’t stop them…they just keep going until, in this case, at the end there is a point when all the dominoes have fallen, and what you have left is B&B having to face the music and be honest and open with each other. It won’t be easy. Both feel damaged and hurt by past events and will need to express those feelings in order to heal them. They’re not good at this, and that’s been the crux of their problems. That line is still there…and my definition of that line is more like the door (that represents the dam) Booth mentioned in Death of the Queen Bee that neither one of them wants to open.

    I wanted to read more into the bar scene, but didn’t, even considering Booth’s longing glance at Brennan. Booth ordering their usual drinks, and B&B doing the usual…being in the bar after a case is solved and being work partners is just that. The line is still there. Part of what changed my mind last night is I viewed this scene differently. Not as a sign that Booth was going to cross that line or change his mind (as my ‘shipper heart wanted it to be), but rather he was firmly (even if in denial) of the belief that he and Brennan are just partners, but that they can still be friends…laugh and joke with each other like old times. Booth’s statement about your first love being the one you love the most is validating his feelings for Brennan and the place she holds in his heart. Booth will be there for her, as he always has, and I have no doubt (and neither does he) that she is his first true love. And I also have no doubt that Booth is committed to Hannah and loves her – for who she is. But the dominoes haven’t stopped falling yet. And that little crack in the dam will get bigger and the emotional waters will come pouring out. There must be a catalyst coming that breaks this stalemate…and I can’t wait to see what that is.

    I had more I intended to add to this, but several posts here have already touched on those things and done so very well, so I’m not going to repeat them.

    The word “doomed” is such a negative term…so I’d prefer to think of B&B as “destined” to realize they need and complement each other, like no one else can. I have faith that this will all work out eventually, as Avalon said. That’s the ‘shipper in me talking again…LOL!

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  14. Quite honestly, though I would love the two of them as a couple as much as the next person, for me it’s their sweetness and what have you as partners that makes me squeal. So I think these questions are a lot easier to answer if looked at from that point of view first. I feel that that long of a partnership has to mean something. I mean, when you face death on a daily basis you have to have someone to turn to or you get swallowed up(And we’ve seen this through Brennan and through episodes that eat at them if not everyone). So these two have learned to trust each other, lean on each other, have each other’s backs and we’ve been sure of that fact. But when that was challenged when Booth really went for it in the 100th, I found myself holding my breath when Brennan asked the question I was worried about. After she(In my words) said she wasn’t ready, scared even (My thoughts, feelings ended) she asked if they could still work together, and Booth paused. I was screaming inside, despite the fact I understood that pause. Who would would want to be around the thing that caused that pain of rejection over and over again? But luckily, I think he still cares about her more than that, then just to say, “No, I can’t do this anymore.” or whatever. Their partnership is still one of the greatest things in his life. Making Brennan one of the greatest things in his life.

    So though I’ve done this horribly, I don’t think anything could separate them from being partners. At least, not after so much has happened; so much of their past they’ve confided to one another. So even though Booth has been hurt by her in that partnership(Betrayed, if I may be so biased), I don’t think he’s willing to quit, therefore as they are continually forced to rely on each other as the fears, and cases attack them, I think there will always be chances for them to grow because they can’t just leave! They’re too involved! And I have no answer to Hannah, just because either way I know Booth is going to get hurt in getting what we want, and I don’t want that.

    So I have no idea if this post had anything to do with these questions, I had good intentions and I hope it did! Just another day in my ranting I guess…

  15. At this point in their relationship, I think that Booth and Brennan value their friendship more that anything else. They have both put themselves through emotional hell and only now are leaving that behind. Above all else, Booth and Brennan need the friendship that gives them stability. That is what their friendship does. It gives them someone to talk to and someone to rely on. They may both be flirting with thoughts of love; but, I don’t think either one is willing to ruin their friendship, to cross that line, not again, at least not right now.

    Booth and Brennan are emotionally scarred people who have had little love in their lives. Brennan was abandoned by her family and Booth was left to be raised by his grandfather. Up until now, Brennan has not been capable of becoming emotionally involved with anyone. Booth has tried and failed also. Both have come to rely on the other for emotional support and when Booth tried to get Brennan to commit to him and failed both seemed to get lost. They lost the ability to console each other and no one was their to replace them. Though Brennan now has her father and brother back, they are not the people that Brennan can trust. She still has it in the back of her mind that they can abandon her at anytime. When she started working with Booth she found someone that actually listened to her and was willing to help her navigate through the mine field that human relationships can be. Angela gave her advice but her advice was more of a push Brennan into the real world thing. Booth would tell her of his past and present her with reasons why she should consider this belief or that belief. Altough Booth loves Brennan, he is not willing to go through life alone. He wants someone to commit to him, to marry him. To stay with him for 30 or 40 years. He may think Hannah is that someone; but, does Hannah think so? Probably not. She is a gypsy. She values her career and as far as I can tell, has never commited to anyone either. If Booth pushes her to commit, there is no guarantee that she will be willing to do so. Everyone assumes that if Booth asks Hannah to marry him that Hannah would go along with it. I don’t think she is capable of commiting to anyone. Brennan has been going through a learning process and is probably learning things about herself that she never considered. One of those things is that she may just be able to commit to someone after all. Hannah has not gone through anything that would make her rethink her position on commitment. Just recall how she reacted when she thought Booth was going to ask her to marry her. Booths’ and Brennans’ future is really in the hands of Hannah. How far Hannah is willing to go with Booth will determine Booth and Brennans possible future as lovers and not just friends.

  16. We are being way more critical of Booth and his relationship with Hannah then we were with Tessa and Cam.

    Any emotional lines crossed when they played Tony and Roxi in Vegas? There was quite a look and even a WOW when she walked out in that dress. They loved playing those roles and allowed themselves a little too much freedom when he was involved with someone else.

    What about how close they were in the Pilot at the shooting range? Drinks after the cases after he had to shoot a guy? Dancing in Washington State on the cannibal case? During a Girl with a Curl he deliberately choose paperwork and Ti food with Brennan over sex with Cam.

    I don’t see his actions and conversations any different now in the past few episodes than they were when he was involved with Tessa and Cam. Is it the knowledge that they both have confessed they feel for each other more deeply? I think that is our issue. They are getting back to the point they were with their deep friendship which makes us happy but doesn’t look to good for Hannah. HH has even said that regardless of Booth relationship with Hannah, Brennan will be the most important person in Booth’s life.

    Brennan was a good partner and good friend to Hannah. She encouraged Booth to call her for drinks. Hannah is often with them at the diner and even in Booth’s office.

    Is he/Are they crossing an emotional line? Probably. But have they done it before. Absolutely. There relationship is getting back to its pre 100th status but now they have all the knowledge that the 100th and Doctor in the Photo revealed.

    The lines they are crossing are no different than any others that they have been crossing for years.

    • I don’t think that the Cam or Tessa examples are really on point. IMO. Cam, in particular, that was simply sex, not a romantic relationship. Cam herself said so when she said she had been satisfied and happy to go back to her own place during the original relationship. I think when they were together after she came to the Jeff., it was just about satisfying biological urges. Booth and Cam were, to use the current phrase: friends with benefits. So, staying with Brennan rather than sleeping with Cam was in no way a betrayal of his relationship with Cam.

      Tessa is a little tougher. They were not living together, a significant difference from the relationship with Hannah. Now when year 1 first ran, we didn’t know that there had been this prior attraction between B&B, so anything that happened at that time is cast in a new light once we know that, but …. There wasn’t anything that could be construed as B&B doing something that was inconsistent with Booth being committed to Tessa. Remember Bones sent him hone to Tessa on at least one occasion. And, on that occasion we saw that perhaps Booth and Tessa weren’t all that great together (that awkward dinner scene with Tessa drinking wine and Booth drinking milk). Then, of course, it was Tessa who decided not to take the vacation with Booth. So, to me, the parallels between the relationship with Tessa and the one with Hannah — well they aren’t parallel or comparable, so we shouldn’t assess the behavior the same way.

  17. Ok, so I’ll have to read the comments later — I’m only on here because I’m also doing some homework (discussing Alfred Hitchcock and Salvador Dali on an online discussion board… fun…), but I really want to respond to this.

    1. I whole-heartedly believe, ever since Doctor in the Photo, that Brennan needed to be “alone” to make her discoveries, and yes, that includes Booth. Now here’s the kicker — I think that her time of alone-ness from Booth is over, starting with “following you to a dangerous part of town and saving your life, like usual”. In the episode, that was when the world went right-side up for the first time. The glasses came off in the car, and the world turned back upside down again after their conversation (if you think I’m talking crazy, that’s OK, just listen to Micah’s story again — there are a total of SIX days in the whole thing, three days with glasses and world is upside down, world turns right side up, glasses off, world is upside down for three days). That moment, with Booth rescuing her, was needed to show Brennan that she’s not alone. I definitely think when Booth said “the usual” in the last episode shows that, in essence, that things are returning to normal — maybe the world is starting to turn right-side up again for both of them. Brennan goes to Booth a lot for those types of questions, even the ones about him. It’s fascinating to watch. Notice that she didn’t in Doctor in the Photo? And she didn’t even ask Booth first if her father was the sniper in Bullet in the Brain? There has definitely been a change. Has she returned back to asking Booth everything now? I don’t think so, only because I think she thinks he’s the only one that can answer those questions (and, well, it’s circumstance, and the writers using circumstance to get a message across). Do I think she will ask Booth questions like that as often as before? No.

    2. Yeah, poor Booth really doesn’t have anyone really to turn to in all of this (well, he, in theory, could go to Gordon Gordon Wyatt, but I think Stephen Fry is a bit too busy at the moment), so the show’s circumstances are actually effecting who Booth talks to (ouch). I mean, he’s not comfortable with Sweets (although he’s getting better about it), he obviously can’t talk to Brennan, and if he wants to keep his illusion of happiness up, he can’t talk with the lab folks. Ouch. This does not bode well for Booth. Hey… is Booth also “alone” like Brennan has/had to be?

    3. I don’t think they’re stuck. I think they’re reached the point where there is nowhere to turn and it sure feels like they’re stuck, but maybe it’s my inner optimist (which is most of me), but I think we’re rounding the corner. That statement “the usual” shows that they’re still… them… but if you think back to the past season (or even over the past five seasons as a whole), there’s change. They aren’t exactly returning to “the usual” (which is probably why, when Booth said “usual” in both episodes, I felt uncomfortable). Look at how the show itself was shaken up by everyone leaving. There is no “usual” for any of them. Hodgins and Angela will have a major life change coming up. Cam is transitioning from “boss” to part of the team, actually relying on the others and learning that she can’t control everything (notice that she actually said to Brennan in the last episode “do you need me?” Boss Cam wouldn’t do that.). Sweets is discovering things. Still working on him. Even the interns are changing. They’re in a state of stasis at the moment, but I just have a feeling that things are going to change (gradually again). It’s good.

    So this line thing: is it a new line? Maybe it’s the old one. Maybe they’re starting to think, “oh, well, I missed my mark, maybe that line we didn’t think needed to be there really did need to be there”. It’s going to be a push and pull. And yes, this is incredibly good for them. Now that they’re aware of what’s going on, and hopefully will become more aware, they can actually do something. One of my life mottoes, it seems, is “it’s not the awareness that matters, it’s what you do with it”. So, for our wonderful crime-solving team (I TOTALLY just wanted to call them superheroes, just to let you all know), it’s going to be awareness, then action.

  18. I don’t think Booth and Brennan are stuck. They’re on that journey to “eventually”. They were on a high point at the beginning of season 5, they essentially “broke up” and went their own paths for a while , and now they are reconnecting as friends. The best relationships are those where the couples can say they are each other’s best friend. I think Booth and Brennan hit rock bottom a couple of episodes ago and are now on their way back up. It’s been an emotional hell for both of them over the course of the past year, but unfortunately, I think both still have a great deal of emotional growth to go through before the “eventually” happens. Brennan has changed; we see more and more of her open heart. Booth still has to conquer his demons. Who better to help him deal with that than Brennan? She knows him (and his background) so well. When he finally understands that she will be with him, no matter what happens, no matter what she finds out about his past, their friendship and their relationship will grow even deeper, setting up a forever for these two soulmates (I watch a lot of Disney princess stories… Can you tell?)
    I love the fact that we can now see the friendship back in the relationship. This is what I missed so much… Those looks they give each other (deep sigh!!)…
    Many of the posts here were talking about what Booth was implying in the conversation in the end scene at the Founding Fathers..but what about Brennan? The whole case was about being able to love someone and have a strong relationship with them (marriage in this case) and then love another and have another relationship with that second person, while still loving the first. The story was a complete metaphor for their relationship. Booth told Brennan about how the husband kept going back to the first wife (Booth always going back to Brennan), and that (despite the fact that you can have another relationship going on at the same time) you love one person the most. I think he was referring to Brennan and somehow trying to communicate to her that he still loves her. After he was subsequently staring at her, Brennan asked ” What if you let that person get away?”. There is no doubt in my mind she was then trying to tell him (in her round about way- because these two have never really directly said “I love you!”) that she loves him- he’s the one she loved the most and she let him get away. He knows he is “that person”- he is that guy, because he says “that person isn’t going anywhere”, reassuring her he is still in her life and won’t abandon her. He still loves her, he’s conflicted, and how he deals with Hannah in the next episode will tell us a boatload. All those feelings that he’s tried to suppress by telling everyone (as well as himself) that he’s such a happy man will come boiling to the surface, and he won’t be able to keep a lid on those emotions anymore. Go B&B!

  19. Hello!!

    I don’t think they’re doomed. I just think that they’re stuck. Okay, maybe not stuck, maybe “paused.” (I hope that makes any sense) They naturally confide in one another because they have so much history between them. (I may be stating the obvious in this comment but I’m trying) As I read some of the comments above, I can see how we could possibly be reading WAY too much into that last scene. I know that I personally am. (But I like it that way)

    I’m going to stop rambling now because I can’t quite phrase everything I’m thinking. :/ But I agree with most of the comments above. 🙂

    This may be wierd, but when I listen to “Stuck in the Moment” by Justin Bieber, I think of BB.
    Here’s the lyrics that (in my opinion) really make me think of Booth and Brennan.

    “I wish we had another time/I wish we had another place/But everything we have is stuck in the moment/And there’s nothing my heart can do/To fight with time and space cause/I’m still stuck in the moment with you/”
    “Now you don’t wanna let go/And I don’t wanna let you know/That there might be something real between us two/Who knew/Now we don’t wanna fall but/We’re trippin’ in our hearts/And it’s reckless and clumsy/Cause I know you can’t love me here”

    Thanks! 🙂

  20. The B&B relationship is more than the two of them being “IN LOVE”. They are truly BFFs and partners in work so although it breaks my heart to even think about this, I have to accept another possible reality or my favorite couple of all times — they may be “THE ONE” for each other but because of all the many missed chances that they already have and the big possibility that Hannah may indeed be a good romantic life partner for Booth — B&B may just really be doomed not to have their 30, 40, 50 years as a couple together but the friendship and partnership will remain… and have to add, even the loving and longing stares to each other will stay. c”,)

  21. Everyone is focusing on Booth in this scene as if it was somehow pivotal for his character. In my opinion it was not. Booth has always talked of ‘LOVE’ (the big kind) in this way. He truly believes in happy monogamous relationships and no matter what he will defend their existence to his unbelieving partner.
    This was a moment like in the Death in the saddle case where he tries to ‘enlighten’ Brennan to his way of thinking about making love and crappy sex. He was not commenting on his relationship with Brennan or even his relationship with Hannah, he was just trying to get Brennan to open up to his way of thinking because he believes that if she is able to believe in ‘LOVE’ the way he does she will be more open to it (the man in the out house) and she will find it, whether it be with him or not. After all he just wants her to be happy too.

    Brennan questioning Booth was her showing personal Growth. Brennan loves to learn, theory before practice. She like’s to know what kind of situations she is getting herself into. the point of this scene was to show that even though she has been she isn’t giving up on his theory just taking a step back to do more research.
    If you view Brennan approach to the subject of ‘LOVE’ as an experiment, from my days of studying science in school I remember that there are stages of an experiment.
    1) the question- does LOVE exist? Am I loveable?
    2)posit a Hypothesis- Love exist and there is someone out there for everybody. Its about needing someone.
    3) research- asking Booth observing Angela and Hodgins etc.
    4) experiment- testing the Hypothesis- Doctor in the photo etc
    5) analyse results-examine experiment, and hypothesis with this new knowledge then you either go back and start again if you Hypothesis is flawed and the reasoning is skewed or move forward whit a theory.

    In my opinion the fact that Brennan is still asking question says a lot more for her personal growth because she has gone back and is willing to try again instead of coming up with a Bad theory that would not hold up to testing.

    Booth has been successful in getting her to open up… more successful than he is aware of really because he isn’t a scientist he doesn’t understand her process.

    Ok I have lost the Plot…. right the question as whether or not they are stuck then my answer is No they are moving forward and being successful in there pursuits. Boot to convince Brennan that ‘LOVE’ exists and Brennan in her Experiment with love. she has already disproved one concept of LOVE as just needing someone. She is working towards a new one which will be better.
    As for them being together do not believe that is what either of them have been working toward so they can’t be doomed either. I think if either of them decided to take this path to be together properly they would make it. But it has to be a conscious decision not just falling together because that is where they have ended up. They have to want it, they have to realise they want it.

    Ok Thats all I have to say I think. I could write so much more but I will stop.

  22. I am firmly of the opinion that Booth has def tried, but simply cannot move on and that realization is something that HH has wanted us to grasp from the beginning. Not that everything HH is gospel, but one thing that he’s said that sticks with me is that this is not a story about Seeley Booth falling in love with someone else, but rather a story about the journey between two people meant to be together-or something along those lines.

    Do I like the Hannah storyline? No. Do I think it was necessary? Hell no. Do I accept it? A grudging yes. And I only accept it as a plot device to move along the BB relationship. Do I think there would have been better, less gut-wrenching ways to do so? Yes, I do, but no matter how much fanfic I write, lol, these are not my characters and I respect HH’s decision to tell the story his way. I actually think that even through this Hannah fiasco, he’s kept fairly true to the characters, both Booth and Brennan.

    I def do not feel like the end of this last episode meant Booth was suddenly thinking, “oh my god, I’m in love with Brennan and must now dump Hannah. Of course not. I think that end scene is just a representation of the struggle that Booth has been facing all season (and especially after DiP). And I think it feels rushed only because this is the first episode that we’ve been allowed to actually SEE that struggle. I believe that when Booth says, “there’s only one person you love the most”, he means Brennan (what other interpretation makes any sense?) and that his chance at true, 100% ecstatic happiness slipped away with her. But that doesn’t mean that he can’t try to find some happiness (settle for second best, if you will) and that’s just what he’s been trying to do. And I don’t find anything wrong with that, but therein lies his struggle, his feelings of guilt, etc.

    I think we’ve established that Booth is an honorable guy and he’d never try to purposely hurt anyone, but unfortunately when you can’t get over the person you love the most, the person you’re currently with will inevitably get hurt. I do absolutely believe Booth does not want to hurt Hannah and part of why he’s so desperate to believe that he’s moved on is because if he even entertains the thought that he hasn’t, then he also has to recognize that Hannah (who seems perfectly nice and actually moved to DC for him) will get hurt. I just don’t think he’s ready to do that but more and more, the show seems to be driving to the point where that’s exactly what he will have to do. I guess we shall see! 🙂

  23. I know this post was about some serious stuff, but other people have already made great comments. I just love the fact that Brennan crushes on Booth. Or maybe I should say Bones does, because it’s kinda funny to think that world-leading forensic anthropologist Dr. Temperance Brennan finds herself irresistibly drawn/attracted to Booth and can’t quite rationalize herself out of it. He’s been able to charm her into doing things she initially resisted. We talk about her being so (painfully) honest, but for what other reason can we give when she tells Booth that he’s “a very good singer” (tRitRC)? Say what?!

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