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Scene Study: The Sin in the Sisterhood-They Make a Nice Couple, Don’t They?


Whoa, right? Doing a scene study of an ep that JUST AIRED? I know, it’s crazy…but what I can I say…it must be studied!

Let’s do this thing!

(Sidenote: If you haven’t seen this episode yet, I recommend not reading this. I don’t want to spoil you, and this post will still be here when you have seen it!)

As far as a little history to get us started…well, I think the episode is fresh enough in our minds that I don’t need to do too much. But I will toss out two sections…

Cam arrives to Booth’s office to ask him for advice on something personal, and Booth is pleased…

Sidenote: Can you think of any other times in which a character asked Booth for advice on anything? I mean, seriously? Excluding Brennan…has this happened? Perhaps Sweets, once or twice? But other than that, I’m honestly drawing a blank on any time any person asked Booth for advice. Okay, Zack in the season two finale. Any other time?

Moving on…Booth quickly figures out that Cam wants advice on her relationship with Paul, when Cam says she doesn’t think it’s working out and/or worth it, Booth tells her that, “You deserve someone great. And if you feel as though this guy is the one, then don’t let him get away.” Ah…more on THAT later!

Basically, Booth is cute.

And later in the episode, Brennan and Booth are discussing the case and whether monogamy is viable…Brennan suggests history says monogamy doesn’t mean happiness, and Booth says ‘history is wrong’ in his Booth-y way. He also says, “You pick one wife and go with it”…interesting!

Then he gets a phone call, and though it’s not necessarily important to this post, it was my fave moment of the episode, and so I’ll just share it here. Basically, Booth knows he’s right and he likes it. Me too.

And even later in the episode, Brennan comments that “Human beings are more complex than anthropological tropes. What might work for one culture is an anathema to another.”

Booth wants to know if she is agreeing with him, and Brennan sort of denies, but then admits that in that one particular instance…he might be right. Interesting!

They continue to solve the case, and all of that…

But okay, now we are at the scene. It starts with one of those sweeping shots of DC at night (is it me or have there been a LOT more almost gratuitous montages of DC this season?”)

Cam enters Founding Fathers and looks pretty and nervous. There was something almost like a first date about this meeting for her and Paul, and I thought that was very interesting and sweet. And I guess it sort of was. Or at least…it was both of them, absolutely being vulnerable and clear that they wanted to make this work between them. That’s a risk!

She decides it’s not worth the risk, and she decides to stand Paul up, but just as she reaches the door, Booth and Brennan arrive, and sort of block her in. Booth can see on her face that she’s upset about something, but Brennan doesn’t see it; she informs Cam that she’ll be pleased to know they solved the case (this is a continuation of an earlier conversation these two women had about whether or not it was important enough to be their whole life the case was important or if it could wait another day so Cam could spend time with Paul).

She asks who the killer was, and Brennan explains it was the father of the sister wives. Cam is so interested in the details of the case, right? Haha.

Brennan then proceeds to say, “Isn’t that your prospective partner over there?” Haha, way to use the partner word, there Brennan!

Booth finally speaks up, “It is! Hey, Doc!” Hahahaha…I love the look on Cam’s face, too. Busted.

Paul sees her and waves, visibly pleased that she is there. And then Cam gives this smile and says, “I am such a fool.” Meanwhile…I don’t know what’s going on in Booth’s mind. I don’t know if he’s confused about why Cam might be confused (as obviously, Paul is crazy about her, and Cam is amazing and should have someone crazy about her) or what. Brennan on the other hand shows no confusion. It seems obvious to her. What she is seeing in front of her are two people who want to be together…she doesn’t sense any of the underlying issue. Brennan’s almost a romantic maybe!

“Would you like to join us?” she asks.

“No, God, no,” Cam insists quickly and then tries to backtrack to make it sound not quite so negative. Having a double date with B&B (even if they aren’t on a date) would be kind of interesting, don’t you think?

Booth steps in again and translates, explaining that Cam just means she and Paul want to be alone.

Cam is sort of stuck, which is kind of funny to me. It’s funny to me because I’m always imagining these scenarios in which the squints will cook up some sort of scheme to trap B&B together…that sort of thing, right? And yet, that doesn’t really happen, but this does. Ha.

Cam walks toward Paul, and they kiss (kind of like French people meeting on the street, if you ask me!) and he hands her a gift and she sits, and it seems like things will work out.

Immediately (and you video people will have to help me), but the Cam/Paul scene in the foreground fades, and the camera focus goes to Booth and Brennan sitting at the bar, as Brennan comments, ‘They make a nice couple, don’t they.”

And Booth says, “Yeah, they do.”

Speaking of nice couples (in Brennan’s mind, not mine), Brennan places her hand on Booth’s arm. “Should you call Hannah and ask her to join us?”

I love the look on Booth’s face as she continues, “She enjoys drinking alcohol very much.”

“Nah,” Booth replies. “She’s working late.” And then he motions toward the bartender, “Hey, can I get the usual here?”

Look, I know that  they have probably been there 100 times, and that it’s very ‘rational’ that they would have a ‘usual’ (and oh, please be wine for her and beer for him!), but excuse me if I feel just a tiny thrill at the knowledge? It’s not like I’m expecting the bartender to come over and Booth to also ask if he wouldn’t mind performing the Booth and Brennan wedding or anything…I’m not making this moment more than it is, except to admit that it is a small little ‘moment’, acknowledging that it pleases me that B&B have a usual. (sidenote…in that pic, it almost looks like Brennan is wondering why they DON’T already have their usual order, hahaha. I’m sure she’s not thinking, “hello”, but that is sort of her annoyed face.)

Moving on…

Booth says, “So…this case proves that two’s a company” For those of you who don’t know that phrase, it’s part of a longer phrase, “Two’s a company, but three’s a crowd,” meaning (I believe) that two people should be together, but when you bring a third into the mix, it can get messy. Well, isn’t that just muy interesante! Out of everything in this scene, I kinda felt like THIS was the most blatant memo from the universe BONES writers that this whole “Booth and Hannah living together while Brennan and Booth work together and Hannah and Brennan are drinking together” triangle will not work at all. Not sure how it will all turn out (or how it will all work out), but it won’t work is the point.

Brennan doesn’t quite meet his eyes, but smiles and admits, “You were right.”

Booth smiles himself. That’s gotta be nice to hear, right?

“The Samuel wives only appeared to be happy with their arrangement,” Brennan continues. Am I reading too much into it to think that maybe SHE is only appearing to be happy with their arrangement? Probably. Probably so.

Booth adds, “Right, the one guy who was happy ended up dead.”

Now, normally, it seems to me that Brennan might argue that it would be impossible to ascertain that Ed actually WAS happy. But she doesn’t say that. Instead, she asks, “Do you think Ed Samuel loved all of his wives equally?”

“No,” Booth insists right away. “He loved the first one the most.”

“How do you know?” Brennan asks. Ah, good! Get ‘evidence’!

Booth says, “The schedule.”

Brennan needs more. “But each week, each wife was assigned two nights apiece. And he spent Sunday nights alone.”

“Well, he was supposed to spend Sunday alone,” Booth tells her.

I love the progression of the looks on Brennan’s face.

1. Awareness of new information.

2. This information was retrieved by Booth, who (like we discussed last week), has “still got it.”

I mean, we know that information/data wasn’t THAT hard to ascertain, and we think maybe Brennan shouldn’t be so impressed, but she is. She always is. Wanna know why? Because she has a crush on Booth. She does. Always has, always will. She just is fascinated by the way he works; it’s one of the reasons why she wants to work with him. She crushes on him big time. It’s true, so there! Hahaha. But seriously, you know how when you crush on someone, then all of a sudden, his or her jokes are just a little bit funnier, or maybe their information is just a little bit smarter…that sort of thing? (and likewise, when someone annoys you, you’d like for that person to stop eating, walking, talking, basically breathing around you because it’s JUST WRONG!?!). B&B crush on each other; plain and simple. She likes him as much as she likes learning new things…so when she gets to learn something new from him? Ah…yeah, baby.

3. She wants to know more. I love, love, love, love when Brennan’s voice gets lower, and she kind of leans in conspiratorily toward Booth. It doesn’t matter if it’s for more information or to try to convince him of something, or to tell a joke (as long as I don’t have to shave my head!/Dwarf in the Dirt)…I just love it.

“He didn’t?!?” she asks, kind of surprised and intrigued.

 Emily Deschanel is so great.

“He went back to the first one,” Booth tells her.

“He did?” Brennan asks.

“Every Sunday; that’s what they said,” he explains.

So Brennan weighs the facts, and she doesn’t say “I don’t know what that means,” she just asks Booth. “What does that mean?”

And he replies, “Well, it means, Bones…that, you know, you can love a lot of people in this world, but there is only one person you love the most.”

I find this an interesting contrast to Booth’s earlier statement, “you pick a wife and stick with it”. Thoughts from you? I’m not saying he’s declaring undying love for Brennan here…I’m just saying…well, it means something.

Brennan sort of weighs his words (I love when she does that)…

…and she asks him, “Well, how do you know which person you love the most when you’re confused bychemical messages traveling throughout your limbic system?”

And Booth replies…

“You just do”

If we can tear our eyes away from his brown eyes for a moment to analyze the words coming from his mouth…I think it sort of rings true. Even though it’s sort of a cop-out, it’s still a total Booth statement. What is interesting to me is that people seem to be getting on Booth’s case about his answer, as if he’s wrong. It’s not that he’s right or wrong necessarily, as much as it just is a very Booth thing to say. Perhaps the responsibility is on Brennan to make the ‘right’ reaction to his statement…though I don’t necessarily want to pin “right or wrong” on her either. But like pal Eve said this morning when she was talking about this scene, and she said, “Everyone is focusing on Booth in this scene as if it was somehow pivotal for his character. In my opinion it was not. Booth has always talked of ‘LOVE’ (the big kind) in this way. He truly believes in happy monogamous relationships and no matter what he will defend their existence to his unbelieving partner.”

I agree; his answer was very Boothy…kinda vague, but supported by his eyes, making us all want to believe it’s true.  It’s Brennan’s reaction, then, that holds the real meaning.

But I found this moment so fascinating. Remember in seasons 1-5…when B&B would have moments like this, and we’d all think, “She HAS to know exactly what he’s saying!”, but we never actually had much proof that she did? And then in the 100th, she made it clear that she’s sort of just been biding time until he confessed his feelings for her to tell him that she’s (basically) known all along that she can’t give him what he wants/needs? And then in this season, we see her acknowledge that she regretted that action, and so here…we have a major B&B moment, with the same sorts of looks and statements we’ve ALWAYS had between them, but the one difference here is that Booth and Brennan know. And WE know they know. All of those other episodes/moments/what have you…where there was ambiguity…where we only just WISHED that they’d come out and say it…those are different from this, at least, in my opinion.

Here we have two people actually talking about their relationship. Sure, they are using the case to sort of cover, like always, but it’s there. No false interpretations, in my opinion.

We’ve sort of been on Booth’s case this season as far as making sure he’s honorable…if he’s going to be with Hannah, then he needs to be with her, and not keep Brennan on the side, right? That’s sort of crude, and is NOT what has happened this season…thank goodness. But how much responsibility is on Brennan? We discussed yesterday about how they both rely on one another to sort of talk things through and work things out. But is it fair for Brennan to ask the next question? (okay…I’m getting ahead of myself here…)

Booth sort of smiles at her, and when she looks toward Cam and Paul (for evidence, I suppose), he does the same.

The camera moves to Cam and Paul.

Um, hello vague Hannah-esque smiling long-haired blonde in the way. And hello GIGANTIC picture of  Ben Frankin overlooking the love. You guys, it’s all so freaking deliberate.

So then…this happens…

Hello, Boreanaz. Goodbye, heart.

But seriously, I’m not entirely sure what to make of this look. I think it’s a toss back to his conversation with Cam, combined with the evidence in front of him that Cam and Paul are sharing a moment. Remember in Boy with the Answer, when Brennan asks Angela if the reason she and Hodgins got married was because Angela might be pregnant, and Angela says, “No, this is love”? And then B&B share that somewhat wistful look? That’s how I feel about this look from Booth. We’ve been talking some around here about times when Booth and Brennan gave themselves permission to touch one another, kiss one another, etc, and I think they both sort of struggled before with the difficulty in not being able to touch one another like Paul and Cam are kissing one another. It seems so simple; she’s thankful for her new scarf, she pulls him down for a kiss.

How many times have Booth and Brennan shared a special moment? Yet…they can’t (because they didn’t allow themselves) express their feelings (even general affection or appreciation) for each other with a quick kiss, a soft hand on his face. It seems so simple. But nothing between Brennan and Booth has ever been that simple. And they both struggle with that. I think Booth is sort of maybe wondering why it just can’t once be easy, right? I think also something very valid to consider is the idea that Booth can see that Brennan is open to the idea of love…but that maybe she just doesn’t want him. Right? There are two parts to his ‘investment’ there. I can totally see that he might be wondering where he fits in her thoughts. After all, they’ve had discussions like this in the past, and yet, when push came to shove, she literally pushed him away and said no. Of course, she said she couldn’t love him as he deserved, and all of that as we have discussed many timesBut I think that is still valid. If Brennan believes she has the capacity for love at this time, and Booth can see that…I don’t think it’s fair to assume that HE assumes that she loves him. She admitted to regretting not giving him a chance, but that’s not the same in my book. Okay…moving on.


I loved what pal xWolfspridex said yesterday, “I know Booth is going to get hurt in getting what we want, and I don’t want that.”

And that’s so well said; I feel like I’ve been trying to get that emotion across since the summer. There is no way this ends well for Booth. I mean, perhaps when the series is over, it will have ended well for Booth, but this current situation…not possible.

If he breaks things off with Hannah, he’ll feel guilty over that, and that’s bad for him. If Hannah breaks it off with him, because she’s mad at him, well that won’t be pleasant. If Hannah breaks it off with him because she doesn’t care about him as much as he cares about her…well, that’s just another crappy example of a relationship in the life of Seeley Booth, where he opened his heart and the person he opened it to wasn’t completely interested. Talk about ‘cracking a shell’ and having someone give up after that! He’s going to get hurt in getting what we want, and I don’t want that. I don’t want that. So this look on his face here…it’s hard for me to wrap my mind around it.

It’s not necessarily undying love; it’s not total regret, either, I don’t think. It’s somewhere in between. As Keane would sing, “Somewhere only we know.” And the ‘We’ there is Booth and Brennan.

I think it can also include the idea that he’s not over her and will never be over her, not entirely, which is also realistic. Even when you are over someone, when you think of that person or see him/her…there’s always that little twinge of something, right? I guess the last thing I attribute this look to is just general curiosity and vulnerability toward Brennan. I think Booth has always figured he’ll never completely figure Brennan out (which turns him on like crazy and also makes him crazy…just because of who he is), so as naturally curious as she is about him (that part of that whole ‘crush on him’ thing we talked about earlier), he’s as curious about her. So he’s wondering what she’s thinking, why she is agreeing with certain things and not others. And it’s all very fascinating for sure.

She turns to him, and he looks away immediately. And then, she gets to that question I mentioned before, and she asks, “What if you let that person get away?”

 Okay, in my interpretation, she’s sort of switched it up. Booth says there is one person you love the most; he (I believe) is referring to Brennan as the person he loves the most. Brennan asks her question, and I believe her “person” is Booth. I don’t think she’s asking him what if HE let his person get away…she’s saying…what if I’ve let the person I love the most get away? Does that seem right to anyone else? Am I missing it?”

Booth replies, “That person’s not going anywhere”.

So in that instance, his “person’ is himself, meaning…I’m still your partner, and I still care about you. And I love you the same as I ever loved you when I figured we would never be a couple. Does that seem right? So the desire he had to be Brennan’s…boyfriend? Lover? Mate? Whatever…maybe he was telling Hannah the truth when he said that part is gone, and is ‘never coming back’, but if so…he can still feel ‘love’ for Brennan, even a deep partnership love, I think. We’ll see, I guess. But what are your thoughts? And how is this different from what he said before (You pick a wife and stick with it). Does that mean ‘settling for second best?’, something we were warned we might have to do for awhile in the season five premiere.

Brennan sort of eyes him…

And then she looks back toward Cam and Paul and says something I find interesting, “We are a good team”, and then she adds, “All of us.”

Booth adds, “The best,” And heck yes, her glass of wine, and his glass of beer! Woo!

And Booth sort of smiles at her in friendship…

..and Brennan does the same toward Booth…

…as if the writers are tying to convince us that B&B will be fine without one another. As if their romantic overtures over the past year were just blips in the road, but now they are back on track…partners for real with none of that other nonsense.

Screw that.

Peace, Love & Bones,



55 thoughts on “Scene Study: The Sin in the Sisterhood-They Make a Nice Couple, Don’t They?

  1. Excellent post. I can’t disagree with anything you’ve said here.

    Oh, but in one episode…Hodgins asked Booth for advice for asking Angela to marry him. Cue awkward hug attempt. Classic scene. 🙂

  2. I agree with everything you’ve said here whole-heartedly, with one caveat: I think there is a message the universe writers were sending us in the last scene, but I don’t think it was that they’re partners ‘without any of the rest of that other nonsense,’ or that they’ll be fine without one another…though I think that’s the message Booth was giving Brennan.

    Booth’s comment about ‘that person’s not going anywhere’ was, indeed, reassurance, I think that he was always going to be there for her as a friend and partner, that she’d never lose him in that respect.

    But the larger message the writers were sending? I think it’s not to give up. It’s an expanded version of ‘nothing happens but first a dream’ and ‘this all works out eventually.’ When he says ‘you love many people but there’s only one you love the most’? Encouragement for fans. When he says that Ed Samuel ‘went back to the first one’? Message from, er, the “universe” – who oddly looks like Hart here – to fans.

    Maybe I’m wrong, but I swear that’s how the scene struck me when I watched it the first time, as if the writers were parading in front of us with signs saying, ‘hey! Booth still loves Brennan the most and this all works out eventually.’

    • Um yeah. I think this entire scene was totally a message to the fans.

      But I also think it was meant to be interpreted exactly as it looked and sounded. Maybe I’m crazy, maybe not. I guess time will tell.

    • ‘Hey! Booth still loves Brennan the most and this all works out eventually.’

      …which is why it squicked me to the nth degree. I wish they’d at least kept Booth/Hannah lighthearted and fun, like Booth and Cam used to be, rather than throwing in nonsense about consolation prizes and whatever. The guy is saying these things to Brennan and then going home and telling Hannah how much he loves her, right? Under circumstances where they spent the entire season so far establishing how much Booth is in love with Hannah (although, apparently, he dioesn’t love her most, whatever that is). In what world do the writers think that the fandom’s so blind to be OK with that? Or if not the fandom then at least you know one fan – me?

  3. First, Sulley asked Booth for advice about Brennan in The Bodies In The Book.
    Booth: Don’t let her bully you into leaving, man. Alright?
    SULLY: Yeah.

    Brennan: “What if you let that person get away?”
    Booth replies, “That person’s not going anywhere”.

    I have seen this scene twice now and both times I have tried to figure out what Booth was trying to say to Brennan. I think you are right in that he is telling her that no matter what happens between Hannah and him, Booth will not abandon Brennan. Their friendship is solid and their partnership will continue. I think he was also trying to convey to her that he loves her and though they may not be together, she can count on him. This sort of reminds me of a friend of mine. He divorced his wife and they both ended up best friends. They were too different to stay married together; but, they love each other and made the best of friends. I believe Booth does love Brennan and Brennan does love Booth; but, can they ever get together? Their insecurities are really huge and both do not communicate very well with each other. Booth is great at communicating with anyone as long it is not with someone he loves. He leave too much unsaid which leaves the person he is trying to become serious with with too much lee-way to misunderstand what is going on. I always think back to that scene in season 1 when Booth had a really horrible day and yet he sat at the dinning room table, with Tess, eating in silence. No communication.

    I also agree with you that no matter what happens, Booth is going to get the short end of the stick when it comes to Hannah. If they don’t end up together (and HH hinted that they won’t) then Booth is going to have a bad time of it. Whether it is his fault or Hannah’s fault will not matter. He is going to take the blame on himself because all he has is his past experience that tells him that the women in his life don’t want to be married to him. Gosh that has to hurt. All he he does is blame himself because he doesn’t seem to understand why he always end up alone.

    As for the end, when Brennan says they make a good team, all of them and Booth agrees, I love the looks they give each other. They are giving each other permission to be comfortable with each other, to like each other and yes to love each other at least as friends.

  4. Everything you wrote is what I have been thinking about. . .
    But then I think when Booth tells Brennan, Hannah is not a consolation prize. Umm. . . she is and Booth just proved it.

    I love your scene studies. 😀

  5. ‘Hello, Boreanaz. Goodbye heart.’
    Um, agreed!

    ‘Screw that.’

    I enjoy reading this blog so much and find it hard to have a concrete opinion until I read the different views here. I really like the way you’re interpreting this scene. I was initially unsettled about what their exchange meant but this gives me hope that they are talking again and that all that pent up, underlying ‘stuff’ they need to *really* need to talk about will

  6. Sorry.
    Hopefully they are closer to saying what they need to each other. Without the code (while I squeel and squirm) 🙂

  7. Hello! First time poster, so forgive me if I ramble on too much, but I got overexcited about this episode and this scene study and thoughts are bursting out of my head!
    There are many points I’d love to talk about in this scene, but I want to focus on the look Booth gives Brennan. Although I would dearly love to agree with those shippers that say ‘its Booth realizing holy smokes, I’m still in love with Brennan!’, somehow I don’t think it is. What it represents to me is more like your second idea, Seels, that Booth is a little stunned and curious at Brennan’s reaction to his explanation of Ed Samuels and monogamous love. It’s similar to when he was watching her interact with her dad on receiving the conch shell. What I think he is seeing (in other words what I’m seeing) is a rapidly evolving Brennan towards a new awareness and acceptance of other people’s love. I mean, compare this conversation to the one they had in the Couple in the Cave!
    I may be getting this all wrong, but here’s my interpretation: Cam said in the S5 premiere that if Booth cracked her shell and changed his mind, she would never trust anyone again. And Booth cracked that shell (it just took from 100th to DiTP to happen) but had to turn her down; there was no other way around it. Yet instead of retreating and never trusting anyone ever again, Brennan seems to be doing the exact opposite (believing her father’s innocence without needing facts, accepting polygamy is not always the best option). Maybe this will be enough to plant seeds of doubt in Booth’s mind on whether he should just ‘pick’ Hannah and ‘go with it’. He’ll eventually make that decision, right? And this episode for me made that wait a little more bearable. Although poor Booth is going to feel pain however it pans out. 😦
    One last point: I may be reading into this way too much, but the song playing in the final scene has Joshua Radin singing ‘see the years that bring/Rock and tide together/Settle down I said to myself/ things that come with time/Will always be better’. Do you think that was deliberate?

    • @middlemoon, I completely agree about the “rapidly changing Brennan.” I totally thought the same thing about the look in Bullet in the Brain and the look in Sin in the Sisterhood. 🙂

      Good catch on the background song!!

    • Everything is deliberate….Absolutely the song was on purpose. HH does not know what a coincidence is. 🙂

    • A few months ago HH Tweeted that he couldn’t write a scene because he had no music to go with it, but also couldn’t pick to music as he couldn’t agree how the scene was going to play out. After you mentioned the music comment, I think maybe this is the scene that HH was referring to.

      Thoughts anyone?

    • THE SONG!!! I was flipping out when I heard Joshua Radin in the background. First of all, because he’s my favorite, but second of all because his lyrics are often so poignant and I knew that ‘The Rock and the Tide’ was perfect for this scene. I absolutely think that it was used deliberately. That line, ‘Settle down I said to myself, things that come with time will always be better’ has been a lyric that I have been repeating to myself since the album came out, but after the episode I put the song on repeat and realized that it *really* speaks to B&B in so many ways.

      The song goes on, ‘Now the moon is in the right place after years of spinning round the sun. … Hey, Baby, I through waiting ’cause I need you now. I’ll show you how you can take my hand and save me. Come on save me.” I think HH is telling us something, maybe I am reading too much into it. I have been known to do that but, I have so much hope. 🙂

      (Sorry- I could seriously gush about Joshua Radin forever. Mixed with Bones, I’m likely never to shut up. Haha)

  8. Sarah, after reading your post I have to join in into your last sentence and say:
    “Yes Screw that”, and that will remain about “Bones” after the show ends.
    I just can’t take this, it turns my stomach.
    “Two’s Company” Three is NOT a crowd” fitted nicely in the relationship these 3 people had.
    In “Body in the bag” Booth told Sweets that he did not mind that arrangement at all. I can see that he still loves Bones and does not won’t to get completely separate from her. Before “The Doctor in the photo” he did not know how he stands with her. And just being together with her a as partner and Hannah and Bones being friends, was fine for him. But things have changed and Bones has open up, now this cozy arrangement can get very messy. He now can have hope again with Bones and Hannah, not being stupid probaly will eventually sense something and that could get very complicated.
    I know Booth still loves Bones and I definitely believe he means her as the “one he loves the most,” and giving her a wink that he will always be there, if she finally is ready for him. With Hannah it is a very tricky situation, how can he separate from her and not feeling guilt or pain. I really would not like to be in his shoes right now. I hope he just does “not pick a wife and sticks with her,” because when he said it, it sounded like he has given up on a 30,40,50 year marriage of love.
    When Bones ask how someone will know if you love that person the most, he said: You just know!” And
    I think that is good answer. But you still probably have to analyze and question this. Otherwise love will be blind and that would be not very good in a relationship. But between the two, there is so much history and they know each other so well, that the sentence “you just know” is all that is needed. And I think Bones gets it. I feel Bones believes when saying: “We are a good team” it will be with benefits.

  9. Yep I think you got it. He was telling he that he’s there for her, he’s not going anywhere.

    One thing I found interesting in that conversation was when Booth answered her question about how do you know who is the one you love the most with You just know. Brennan just nodded and smiled, she accepted that answer and seemed to understand it. In the past she would have made some comment about needing empirical evidence. I think she accepted it because she has come to accept that she loves Booth…she cannot provide proof of it, but she knows it to be true.

    Also in Doctor; Brennan may have only said that she regretted her decision, but per Booth’s conversation with Sweets he evidentally heard that she loves him. So I’d think in this conversation he still has that in mind when he’s having this conversation with her. I’m still not sure what the look was; I can come up with many different theories on it, and haven’t settled on one yet.

  10. So glad you’ve done this scene study so quickly – because it’s been driving me a little crazy, and I want need to hear other peoples take on it! Although I feel inclined to come to the same conclusions as you, I find I still can’t decide if Booth and Brennan are really communicating here! I agree with the sentiment that Booth’s answer of “you just do” to Brennan’s “How do you know which person you love the most… ?” is typically Boothy, and when Booth makes his statement about how ‘you can love a lot of people in this world but there is only one person that you love the most’ he is most likely thinking about how he loves Brennan the most, but, I really question what Brennan is thinking in this moment – surely the most logical conclusion for her is to assume that this means that Booth loves Hannah “the most” [i.e. not her – because the evidence is that he is with Hannah.]

    At the point they go back to Brennan’s “What if you let that person get away?” I think she is definitely referring to her letting Booth ‘get away’, (and certainly couldn’t be referring to Booth letting her ‘get away’ if she believes he loves Hannah ‘the most’. Plus, I’m sure as far as she is concerned he hasn’t let her get away because, well, now she does want a relationship with him, so she hasn’t gone anywhere – he has! Er, yes, this sentence may have got a little confusing – sorry.). What’s more is, I think Booth knows she’s referring to her letting him ‘get away’ [because he *is* good at reading people, and this one is not exactly a big leap] so I’m not sure what he is trying to tell her in the moment he answers “that person’s not going anywhere” ?! Maybe he is just trying to say he’ll always be there for her – as a friend, partner etc. or maybe he is trying to tell her he loves her (with or without the romantic feelings – I’m unsure?!). I just have no idea what he’s thinking. I don’t think I’m going to have much hope of weighing up what he’s trying to say until I’ve seen the next couple of episodes and what direction Booth appears to take in them emotionally. Also – what does Brennan think he’s saying to her when he says “that person isn’t going anywhere” – does she assume he means as her partner which is why she makes comments about them being a good team? Again, I just don’t know.

    Oh, and that look, in the middle of it all? I don’t think I want to get started on the look. ‘Hello, Boreanaz. Goodbye heart.’ summed up my feelings on seeing it very nicely. I think you’ve done an excellent job of summing up all the things that are probably whirring around his head in that moment… yet again I find myself lost as to what he’s thinking.

    The only thing I’m really sure about in the scene is that I agree with rynogeny when she says this is HH and co. sending us a message that all this will work out – it screams of that to me: I feel I should be reassured, but I guess I believed that anyway, so instead I’m just going round in circles as to what exactly Booth/Brennan are supposed to be thinking/feeling in this moment…

  11. I’m so glad this is the topic today, because this scene has been lying very heavy on my heart for the last couple days and I know it’s been the same way for others.

    I keep changing my mind about what it all means, and I would like to share my fourth and final interpretation of the scene.

    Booth and Brennan finally, officially, “broke up.”

    Hear me out! I said from the start that this episode was an echo of Truth in the Lye from season 2. The case is almost the same. In both episodes Booth juggles the needs of Brennan, Cam and a blonde.

    But what also happens in that episode is that Booth and Rebecca finally, officially break up. And it’s very sweet. They acknowledge the love they once had, that they will always have a connection to each other via Parker and that they still care for each other, but not like they did before.

    I think this is the conversation Booth and Brennan had as well. Booth says you can love a lot of people in your life. He has a history of maintaining healthy relationships with his exes, he is confident in saying that. Brennan, whose relationships are done for good when they are done, isn’t sure “what if you let that person get away?”). Booth reassures her, he’s still here. He’s still her friend and partner. “We make a good team, all of us” is the equivalent of “we’ll always be Parker’s parents”. Because they work so well together, and are part of such a well functioning team, they are always going to be in each other’s lives. And they still care for each other, but not like they did before.

    And despite the furtive longing looks, I do think it’s “not like they did before”. And I think that’s okay, because what I see happening is a starting over. It shouldn’t be like it was before because they are not the same people they were before. Too much has happened since “before”.

    The Truth in the Lye is also the episode in which Rebecca said she and Booth missed their moment. The moment you either catch fire or fizzle out. B & B missed their moment too (lots of them actually) but when they get another moment (which they will, eventually) they won’t let it pass.

    One of the reasons B & B always had for not getting involved was that it might jeopardize their partnership. And now they know that it won’t, because it didn’t. They loved each other, it didn’t work out, but they can still be partners. Because they went through this hideous season 6, and stayed partners, they won’t be afraid to grab the next moment that comes by.

    I hope that makes sense…I really need to stop obsessing about this scene.

    • I think what you said makes a lot of sense, Barbara, and I agree with you.

      I really think they had to get to the point they are now in order to be able to have a healthy relationship in the future. It’s almost like this was a big acknowledgment of “we’re both going to be here for each other” and “I love you, you love me, but eventually is not ours right now and that’s okay. I’ll just stand by and be your friend and you’ll be mine” and “I missed you, I’m glad to have you back in my life” all rolled up into one.

      Hopefully that makes sense. :p

    • Great assessment Barbara. Loved and understood every word and the looks seem to make more sense based on your explanation.

      Won’t stop me from watching again and trying to find other hidden meanings 😀

  12. Too funny! The post left me with a totally inappropriate smirk in church. On to more serious matters though-the look. I believe in that one instant Booth saw clearly what he’s been trying to deny to himself: he’s not over Brennan. With that look, I saw his heart sinking right into the pit of his stomach. The laughter in the car gave him permission to return to their old habits, hence “the usual.” What he forgot though is that, much like an alcoholic in a bar or a gambler in a pool hall, old habits can bring up strong emotions. He’s addicted to her, in a way, and being so close, enjoying himself so much gave him a totally unxpected kick in the behind. It’s the “oh oh, that old feeling is so totally there” moment, and now he’s stuck in an impossible situation between the woman he loves and the one that he wants to love. Being honorable Booth, he’ll tell himself he has to stick it out with Hannah since she gave up a lot to be with him. I hope Avalon and Pop’s advice starts appearing like a giant pool hall sign in his head: go with your heart; all you need is in there.

    Oh, and “the look” reminds me of an old 60’s song they plyaed on Austin Powers, “The look of Love.” It starts
    The look of love is in your eyes
    a look your smile can’t disguise.
    The look of love
    is saying so much more than your words could ever say
    and what my heart has heard
    Well it takes my breath away…

  13. I don’t know what to think about this scene, but my first tought was that he was telling brennan that she could wait for him, that he will come around, and of course he is never going to left her, but i think the real meaning of this scene will be reveal later, with all the episodes to come maybe next or valentines maybe, but what you said it’s very valid, know you’re making me think in what ireally happen.

    This scene its one of my favorite because they know that they love each other and still they talk about this, and by the way brennan it’s never going to move on, she fell and fell hard, she has really big crush on booth.

  14. I sooooo need to be grading papers for U of P but I just can’t not read your stuff.

    The scene…a nod from HH and company that this is not over.

    A commitment that their partnership and friendship is solid.

    An acknowledgment that Brennan is evolving and a possibility that they will get one more moment.

    Oh Booth…poor poor Booth. I bet he is thinking “God hates me….Why does he hate me?”

    Will he pick a wife and stick with it? I knida think he is doing that with Hannah. I think he loves Hannah but not the most. I think he feels deeply for her but remember….at the beginning of the season he didn’t know when he would see her again. He was not expecting her to show up at his door. So he feels a sense of responsibility to give her what she deserves because she gave up a lot for him. Is he letting his heart guide him….I don’t think so. I think he is doing the honorable thing and being faithful. He is making a decision to love Hannah no matter what.

    So that is why I think Hannah will be the one that calls this off in the end. I don’t think Booth will. I know Booth broke things off with Cam after the Epps stuff but Rebecca and Tessa and I think Hannah will as well, be the one that calls it off. I just hope we don’t have to wait too long for that to happen.

    I love having their dynamic back. I have so missed their friendship and connection. I have felt it had been gone since the 100th and I am comfortable saying that it is back. HH knew it was missing and is giving it back to us slowly but surely. The last two episodes have been awesome and even HH has said no one can really come between B and B.

    • I apologize in advance for all the rambling and side notes.
      In SitS, I definitely saw the “I forgot how great it is to be comfortable with Bones again and damn I still love her” look.

      I was trying to think of a way that Hannah and Booth could break up without Booth getting hurt. Here is what I come up with…
      1. Booth acknowledges to himself that he is still in love with Bones.
      2. Booth clearly wants to be in a relationship with Bones and not Hannah (and the only reason he is still in the relationship is because of his sense of duty/doing the honorable thing). At the same time, Hannah needs to realize that she isn’t ready to settle down with anyone. She is a war correspondent and her job with the press corp is not working out. Right now, her job is the most important thing to her.
      3. Cam or Angela (can’t be Sweets or Hodgins because Booth could quickly dismiss their opinions) tells Booth that while it is clear that he loves Hannah and she loves him, it is nothing like the deep love he and Brennan share. Booth does not provide an answer but he non-verbally agrees (similar to his reaction when Cam guessed that he was in love with Dr. Brennan in the first place).
      4. Hannah and Booth have a talk. Hannah confesses that she was contacted by an old friend to be a war correspondent for CNN. She loves him but she can’t just give up her passion for “real” journalism and she has already accepted the offer. (Booth reacts similar to how he acted when his Pops wanted to go back to the retirement community and Booth knew he couldn’t take care of him) Hannah and Booth break up amicably. Maybe we see Hannah comforted by the fact that she can see that Booth is not over Brennan. Booth shouldn’t have the guilt of ending the relationship or feel like there was something he could have done differently (Side note: he can’t travel around the world with Hannah because he has Parker and Hannah clearly made her decision that her job was more important).
      5. Booth tells Bones that he realizes that she was always the one and the one that he is meant to spend the rest of his life with.
      6. Booth and Brennan get together and have lots and lots of cute babies.

      I can at least hope that’s how it will happen. Right?
      (side note: At the end of the episode, I saw scenes for next week and I really wish we could have a scene study tomorrow based on those few scenes! haha)

      • Isn’t that the same look Booth gave Rebeccah as she walked away from him after they ‘officially’ broke up in tTitL?

        We may need to do a study of facial expressions a la ‘lie to me’ as Booth can be quite confusing with his facial expressions.

    • ‘Will he pick a wife and stick with it? I knida think he is doing that with Hannah. I think he loves Hannah but not the most. I think he feels deeply for her but remember….at the beginning of the season he didn’t know when he would see her again. He was not expecting her to show up at his door. So he feels a sense of responsibility to give her what she deserves because she gave up a lot for him. Is he letting his heart guide him….I don’t think so. I think he is doing the honorable thing and being faithful. He is making a decision to love Hannah no matter what.’ – I do SO agree with you here – when Hannah turned up in DC Booth was thrown into a ‘total’ commitment that might otherwise never have happened. I think this one single element has been largely responsible for Booth’s detachment from his squint friends this season – he is a very conflicted man who doesn’t want to get into deep discussions about his relationship. Being Booth, though, he will make the best of it. And the flattery of having a committed, beautiful, vivacious, loving girlfriend must be quite a sop to the insecurities he must have carried with him since his dreadful childhood.

  15. I think we’ve all been analyzing that look like crazy. But what I thought was more important than the look itself is the fact that as soon as she turned back to him, he flicked his eyes away. Like he didn’t want her to know he was looking at her.

    Because that’s what he used to do. When he was aware of his love for her.

    I don’t think it’s some big revelatory moment or anything. Just a crack. A slip into old habits. Back into his unconscious way of loving her–think pre-coma, when he didn’t really know that he was in love with her. He’s…unaware of his feelings, but they’re starting to peek through again. I thought the same thing when he tried to rush through his conversation with Sweets about Brennan’s confession in The Body in the Bag.

    To me, this seen just kindles the fire that’s been building since DitP. What I mean by that is that I thought the first half of this season was definitely lacking the spark that defined the show. But after DitP, with each new episode, the spark of the show that I loved seasons 1-5 is burning brighter and brighter. And I’m totally okay with that. I’m back to where I was a year ago. I don’t need big, relationship-changing episodes every week. Just little glimmers that these people are slowly but surely moving towards each other. And I feel like I’ve got that back now. And for now, that’s all I really need.

  16. Since it’s all been said, I just want to say I took a lot of comfort in this episode; at least the last scene. I feel after so much has happened over the season, I was a just a little bit disheartened. This scene definitely helped perk my spirits up to know that Booth wasn’t going to leave Brennan, and I’d be lying to say that was one of my fears after Hannah began to invade on B&B space! So when Booth gave his “That person’s not going anywhere” I gave a sigh of relief because yes, I do feel that I KNOW Brennan was meaning him.
    She looked right at him.
    He looked right at her.

    I mean I like to study body language; the eyes, the leans etc, and it was all there. So more than anything I was glad this episode ended with me smiling and not having to be worried for all the things we force ourselves to be worried about.
    At last some peace!

  17. Thanks for picking this for a scene study. I really need help understanding this scene as I am still conflicted about it. I am not sure if Booth is saying he loves her the most or not… these lines don’t really make sense to me as you can’t compare Booth’s idea of a 30, 40 or 50 year love of your life with polygamist relationships. So when Booth says the fact that the victim went back to the first wife on Sundays is not evidence that the victim loved her more. Sometimes I think this exchange was just a matter of them trying to get back into their comfort zone of talking after a case and sharing a drink together without it being more than that. I mean maybe that conversation is not about them at all. Then I come back to when Brennan says “what if you let them get away?” and Booth says they will always be there… they are clearly talking about themselves there. I think Booth is waiting to see if Brennan has changed and now believes in love and monogamy and his look is more of studying her to figure her out but I think he knows his feelings are still there.

    • See, I thought using the polygamy example was a brilliant move as it kind of fit with the episodic “themes” we’ve seen this season. In this case, the theme was about loving more than one person at once. And I absolutely think that the victim having a preference for his first wife was simple, yet solid, proof that he loved her the most. I don’t know, maybe I’m odd, but it totally worked for me. A polygamist relationship is an extreme example, yes, but I think there are obvious parallels and for that reason, the comparison is a valid one.

  18. So my favorite part of the scene study (I loved the scene but so many good opinions have already been posted) was when Seels pointed out that Booth and Brennan crush on each other. I’ve never had any real concrete ‘romantic’ relationships but I’ve had my fair share of crushes and this passage just sums it all up for me: “…she has a crush on Booth. She does. Always has, always will. She just is fascinated by the way he works; it’s one of the reasons why she wants to work with him. She crushes on him big time. It’s true, so there! Hahaha. But seriously, you know how when you crush on someone, then all of a sudden, his or her jokes are just a little bit funnier, or maybe their information is just a little bit smarter…that sort of thing? …B&B crush on each other; plain and simple. She likes him as much as she likes learning new things…so when she gets to learn something new from him? Ah… yeah, baby!”

    I love it! And the reason I love it so much is probably due to my extremely dorky and hopeless romantic nature. I love the idea that both partners have crushed on each other for years. Even if they never acted on their feelings… they were still there- whether apparent to them or not. To have it summed up to crushing. Now that I can see!

    So… I totally forgot the point of what I was going to say. Oh well. I liked the scene study and the actual scene. So great! Bring it on HH (and the Bones writers). Bring it on!

  19. Wow. So. I really liked this scene overall, but to be honest, I really really disliked the line “That person’s not going anywhere.”

    I interpreted it differently than others, apparently. 😉 So, they’re having this lovely, shipper-hopeful conversation about loving one person the most. I know that Booth loves Brennan best and that Brennan loves Booth best. I hope that Brennan knows these things, but she easily might not, but this does not really bother me.

    But then, “what if you let that person get away” – you know, the person you love best? And Booth essentially says he’s not going anywhere? How is that a consolation to someone you are in love with? It just doesn’t work. When you “stay” with the person you are in love with, you continually hold hope, when you shouldn’t. Even if we know that Booth will not stay with Hannah in the long run, for all practical purposes he is not available to Brennan. How can he say he isn’t going anywhere when he is already gone?

    I get what everyone is saying about him sticking around as a partner and friend, truly, but to me, this context was about love. Romantic love.

    This line did not make me upset with Booth, because I feel he means well. Oddly, I was able to take myself out of the story and feel frustration with the writers.

    I’m not missing the points everyone is making above, and I still love the rest of the scene and any and all implications behind it, but see that one line in a different light.

    • Janet, you’re not the only one who was thrown by that line. I loved the entire scene BUT that line, mostly because I’m still struggling to figure out what it means. I’ve pretty much decided to take a wait and see approach, hoping that we’ll get some insight in the next few episodes.

    • Janet, I’m with you on not liking that line…it threw me the first time I saw it (see my post below) and it’s still not sitting well with me. I too feel like Booth should already be “gone” and yet we have this moment that doesn’t comply with that.

      I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what it all means in the long run. 🙂

    • Janet, I think you’ve honed in on my issue with this line – he has technically already gone! Which is what keeps bringing me back to questioning what he is trying to say to her in that moment?! Asking Brennan to hang onto that hope when nothing will happen between them seems un-boothy to me? but maybe, as you say, he means well, but really is saying the wrong thing in this moment. Like Stephanie, I feel the wait and see approach is the best option here. :-/

    • But then, “what if you let that person get away” – you know, the person you love best? And Booth essentially says he’s not going anywhere? How is that a consolation to someone you are in love with?

      Precisely. I have no idea what he was saying except that he seems to flat out countradict the ‘Hannah’s not a consolation prize’ thing since he implies (a) that he loved Brennan first (that was in the car scene in DiTP) and (b) that he loves/loved Brennan most (what he says in this scene). I’m uncomfortable, since the next thing he’s going to do is go home and tell Hannah that he loves her. I don’t know how it works out in his head, but with that line it feels as if he’s either cheating a little on Hannah or, as you say, making a commitment to Brennan that he can’t really make. I don’t like that. Oh well.

  20. Well, if that’s what the writers are aiming at, then Brennan just got plenty of evidence that “30, 40, 50 years” is, as she’s always stated, a whole bunch of nothing. And then why bother with getting them together in the end? It would just seem fake and forced… Sorry if this all sounds negative but the last scene just depressed the life out of me. Overall, the episode was very good but that conversation was completely unnecessary; feels like something (actually, this whole season does…) that’s going to come back and bite the story (or possibly the writers?) in the butt. Seems like my faith has gone missing again; rats!

    • PS: And if the convo was meant in a romantic-love sense, then I just feel like grabbing Booth’s shoulders (ha! Who doesn’t, right? ;] ), shaking the beejesus out of him and yelling “MAKE UP YOUR DARN MIND, YOU SHMUCK!”. Seriously: feels like he’s all over the place and it’s already gotten really old… reeeeeally fast.

  21. I’m afraid I can’t say I agree with your bottom line re this scene. Lately, your posts, while interesting and thought-provoking, leave me puzzled. I read another review, by fourth_rose (, and find myself wholeheartedly agreeing with her. I haven’t gotten that result with your posts lately. It’s hard to express in words but that’s how it is. Sorry… 🙂

  22. I have to be completely honest and admit that when I first saw this scene, I was totally confused and a little annoyed by it, the reason being that my first interpretation was that when Brennan talked about letting that person get away, when Booth says “They’re not going anywhere” I thought he was referring to Brennan, not himself – as in “I know you’re not going anywhere,” and that kinda pissed me off. Then when reading the boards and chats I realized that I had misinterpreted the scene, but I find that I’m still somewhat annoyed by it. 🙂

    The reason I’m annoyed with it is that I feel kind of like what Janet referred to in her post – I feel like Booth and Brennan are sort of done (please don’t throw stones!). I really felt the finality in their relationship in Body in the Bag. I know that there are signs that Booth still has feelings for Brennan, but I sort of feel like in giving this relationship with Hannah a shot, he’s forced himself to completely close the Brennan door, and when he told Hannah about Brennan’s admission, that was it for me. Rationally speaking, I know he had to, but it just…felt final, like whatever his feelings for Brennan, he was 100% in with Hannah which meant 0% in with Brennan. Surprisingly, I was okay with that, I still don’t really understand why, but maybe it was because I felt like I had been in denial over the whole Hannah thing until that point, but then when he talked about loving Brennan in the past and revealing her personal admission to not only Hannah but Sweets, I felt like it was over on his end, and I accepted that. It made me want Brennan to move on just like everyone was recommending her to.

    Then…we had this scene, and it brought up my annoyance again. Why am I annoyed you ask? Well, it’s because I feel like it was misleading to Brennan and to himself. It felt (to me) like he had finally closed the Brennan door, accepted Hannah as his #1 (even if she’s not), he had made it clear to Brennan who his choice was in DitP, and yet, here he is implying that Brennan is his Sunday, his #1, and that he’s not going anywhere. Did anyone else feel like that whole scene was Booth coming to Brennan on his “Sunday”? (i.e. when he turned down inviting Hannah he was specifically doing so because he wanted to just be with Brennan in this context like the husband was going to his 1st wife on Sundays). It was like he was saying, “Don’t worry, I don’t know how we’re going to get out of this big mess we’re in, but some day after you’ve waited for me forever, I’ll come around and be available to you again.” That just irks me. Maybe I’m over-interpreting things and reading into it as a romantic moment rather than a partner moment, but that longing look that Sarah is puzzling over makes me think it’s more romantic than platonic. It’s the same look he once gave her in The Titan on the Tracks when she’s staring at the dolphin her dad left at the cemetery and she says, “It’s beautiful” and he says, “Yeah, it is” while he’s staring right at her. Same look, similar conversation context (Brennan admiring something beautiful wrt Cam & Paul), totally different situation now. Maybe (like back then), he’s simply admiring her wonder at what she’s looking at, but it doesn’t feel that way. It feels like a longing look…I feel like Booth was saying earlier “Pick a wife and just go with it” but not actually doing so in terms of himself, and that bugs me.

    Sorry to be negative about a relatively positive scene, but I guess I’m a little tired of the grey we’ve been getting on Booth’s end this season and I’m craving some black-and-white facts. Somehow I feel like that’s still a long time coming… 🙂

    • I so agree with you about how what Booth was saying was like Brennan was his “Sunday”… very well put. I couldn’t figure out how to say that but that is exactly how I took it which is why that exchange makes no sense to me.

  23. Hi there. I’ve been following this blog for a while, and wanted to say that I really enjoy the discussion here.

    As for the scene study, I have to agree with some of the previous posts that this scene is a message to fans from the writers that things are going to turn out fine. My belief is also informed by the lyrics of the song in that last scene – ” things that come with time, will always be better” (Joshua Radin’s The rock and the tide). Inserting those particular words into the scene can’t be accidental, right?

  24. I love that I was quoted!
    thats really all I have to say becuse I agree with you whole heartedly.

  25. Love your review, as always.

    ‘You pick one wife and go with it’ – I wonder whether perhaps Booth was speaking here from the view point of his Catholic upbringing rather than a more personal one.

    ‘That person’s not going anywhere’ – I think that Booth was probably trying to reassure Brennan that he wouldn’t abandon her, even if, currently, their lives aren’t exactly how either of them would have wished them to be.

    ‘What if you let that person get away’ – to me this is definitely Brennan’s way of saying that she let Booth get away. She doesn’t do ‘subtle’ too well, and I’m thinking that he understands her meaning very well.

    As for Booth being in line for some hurt whatever happens – I fear that will be so. I also occurs to me that given Brennan’s unorthodox views on relationships (she had a lot to say on the issue throughout this episode, and has aired her opinion countless times in previous ones) even when/if they do get together there are going to be rocky times ahead for them both, but particularly Booth, because I don’t see her abandoning all those beliefs just because she is in a relationship with him. There is going to be a lot of re-adjustments required.

    A number of people think that HH & SN are working on some damage control. This may be so, or this may just be exactly how they planned everything from the beginning. Whatever the case may be, I think the next episode might just answer a few leading questions. Can’t wait.

  26. Lovely scene study and comments. Two things that stand out to me: Brennan is not putting up armor to protect herself from the consequences of her actions. Instead, as someone mentioned, we’re getting a rapidly evolving Brennan who is softer around the edges. Just her comment about being a “good team” is not a typical Brennan statement. She’s including everyone (and this case really was a team effort to crack. No one person was the star.) She sees her place and wants some reassurance from Booth and the only hope he can give her is that they will continue to be partners– he’s not going anywhere.

    The second point is that I think Booth is being surprised by her. I really think that’s the look he’s giving her and he doesn’t want to be caught at it. She didn’t go storming after him when he told Hannah about her feelings and she hasn’t shut down. She surprised him in the car by laughing, and even though she got shot down at the diner by both him and Sweets, he goes out of his way to want to hear what she says. She surprised him by her reaction to her father on the street. (And he wants to not disappoint her.)

    A third, side note: there are no coincidences in a love story in the Bones universe. Everything is put there for a reason.

  27. Hello!

    Loved this scene study! 🙂

    Thanks! 🙂

  28. Again a very interesting Post. Awesome!

    Reading all these comments makes me realise just how difficult this situation that the writers wormed the B&B story in really is at this point. Because we don’t want Booth to dump Hannah for Bones and thereby have Booth throw away his honourability (and Boothyness), but we also really don’t want Brennan to be his second (or leftover) choice.

    What speaks volumes to me about Booth’s stare, is not the look itself, but the fact that he quickly looks away when Brennan turns back to him. He acts like he’s afraid to get caught, and in my view that means that whatever he was thinking, hé felt that he shouldn’t have thought it.
    By quickly looking away he seems to suggest that what he was doing or thinking was wrong (at least in his own mind). That is interesting to me, because there is really nothing wrong about him looking at her, unless whatever is going on inside his head while he looks at her is something that he feels he shouldn’t be thinking.
    Sorry if I don’t make sense, I’m still learning to express my thoughts in English (This is good practice 😉

    Is it fair for Brennan to ask the “What if you let that person get away?” question? Maybe not, but you know what? I think Brennan has earned the right to ask Booth any question she wants (and vice versa), and besides that: Most of what Brennan Knows about this kind of love she learned from Booth, but she still wants and needs more information (call it gathering evidence if you want), and if she can’t ask her Booth, then who can she ask.
    Booth is a big boy. I think he can handle it. And if he can’t, she left him every space to interpret her question as if she were talking about Cam.
    However you look at it. Brennan still wants to learn about love and relationships, and since she could have just as easily withdrawn into her shell at this point, I’m a happy girl.

  29. I also feel there was a message from HH there. I’ve watched that scene several times over, and I still don’t really understand it. But this isn’t the first time I’ve felt as though B&B understand each other and we the fans are scrambling to figure out what just happened. Somehow, I still like the scene despite all the ambiguity. I mean, are we even sure that Booth knows what he is trying to say? Though the wording could have some other (unpleasant) interpretations, my overall sense from the scene is that they are both interested in the business of restoring what has been lost for so long now. They’ve missed each other, and the whole situation is difficult for everyone involved, but they don’t want to lose each other. I think Brennan has realized this, but now Booth does, too. He tried keeping her at arm’s length, but realizes he just doesn’t want to do that anymore because he knows she is still important to him. Whether it’s fair or not to her, I don’t know; she still wants him in her life. They’re not really okay now, but I think they were acknowledging that they will be eventually.

  30. Screw that is right. My thoughts are a bit scrambled and not completely formed yet so forgive me if I just ramble. Someone mentioned that Booth is always looking at Brennan and then looking away so she won’t know he was looking at her. I don’t recall that behavior, at least not prior to this season. His looking away quickly is the most revealing part of that whole scene. Why look away so quickly unless you had something to hide? Why would he hide “regret” if they are both clear on the fact that he has moved on with Hannah? He was revealing something in his expression that he didn’t want her to know about. He’s suppose to be a happy man with the decision he has made. We’ve been pounded with this fact for months. He left Brennan with no doubts that Hannah wasn’t a consolation prize. So, why the quick look away? What is he hiding? If he’s happy, would he be feeling regret at this point? What does he have to be regreful about? He made his move and lost. It’s not like he “held” himself back…he went for it. So would he feel regret? If it is regret, wouldn’t that signal to him that he has doubts? And wouldn’t doubts lead to re-thinking this whole triangle business? If it isn’t regret, what is it? Is it really curiosity about where Brennan is today…how she’s changing? If so, would that mean he is becoming “fascinated” by her…again? This new facet of her personality…wouldn’t his focus mean she’s on his mind a lot more than usual since Hannah appeared? What do I think? I think I’m just as confused as he is…LOL. Is it May yet???

    • BTW. I loved this post. It made me laugh and appreciate the episode a lot more. Booth was a total charm…and I’ll admit…I fell for him a little bit more….LOL…..I guess I’ve got that crush too…..

  31. “Screw that”.

    I was reading your post and I was thinking ‘aha, so this was your moment – the moment when you say ‘OK, they’re done’. I’ve noticed this in the fandom recently: some people have begun to disengage with the show after a particular episode/scene because they’ve become convinced that Booth and Brennan will never get together and also because they’re tired of fanwanking the poor writing. For me, the moment of disengagement came with the car scene in The Doctor in the Photo, where Booth’s immobility and tight control over his emotions convinced me that he must be over Brennan. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t want him to suddenly profess his undying love to her, I just wanted him to be a better friend to her instead of offering, rather coldly, to call someone for her (that line rubbed me the wrong way so much). For some people, it was in the next episode, when Booth and Hannah clink glasses happily and Booth tells Hannah to be gentle with Brennan because she’s ‘not like other people’. It sounded condescending and a little mean to some people (who also objected to the fact that Booth didn’t have the guts to tell Brennan he was going to spill the beans to Hannah – I agree with that, because he essentially left Brennan vulnerable there and anyway her feelings weren’t his to disclose in the first place). For you, I’m guessing it’s this scene that marks the process of disengagement.

    Except that I really hope it isn’t. Your blog is really awesome and your insight truly fantastic, I for one would hate to lose that. I read regularly, comment occasionally and generally enjoy it a lot.

    Your interpretation of that scene is kinder than the alternative. The fact that they’ll only be friends from now on is disappointing, but I can handle that (while watching the show once in a while, although not regularly). A sizeable portion of the fandom interpreted the scene as a shout-out to the ‘shippers: hold on, Booth is slowly coming back to Brennan. Given the extent to which they’ve insisted that Booth is *really* in love with Hannah-not-the-consolation-prize this season, then this shout-out to the fans makes me really uncomfortable. Yes, Booth is human and fallible and all that, and yes, he can screw up. But seeing him flirt with Brennan when I know he’s just going to go home to Hannah just squicks me. It really does. So I’ll just go with your interpretation that it means they’ll be just friends. It’s safer and kinder.

    *sigh* I really wish that scene wasn’t there in the first place. Which is something I never thought I’d say about a Booth/Brennan scene.

    • I’m also becoming ok with Brennan and Booth working together as friends and have been disengaging myself from the romantic possibility. You’ve pointed out the two scenes that propel the disengaging process forward (although I still cringe when thinking about the bar scene in the Body in the Bag).

      As far as this scene, it’s not like I wish it didn’t exist. I could have done without Booth’s lingering glance. Without that, the conversation can be taken as platonic with Booth reaffirming that he’ll always be there in a friend capacity. When he looked away, I took that as Booth not wanting to get caught doing something he shouldn’t be doing in the first place. That’s where much of my discomfort lies.

  32. If anyone is still thinking about this scene… I’m kinda confused about this scene now, in light of Daredevil and the proposal…


    • I think Booth is confused also. He wants Brennan; but, he has Hannah. At this poiint, even if Brennan is in love with him and he loves her the most, he does not know if she is willing to committ to a long term relationship. She has said many times she does not believe in them and that is exatly what Booth wants the most in the world. He wants to be married. I think he wants Brennan but he is committed to Hannah and he thinks he loves her. She may not be the one he loves the most; but, he does love her and wants to marry her. At least that is how I take this scene now. I could be totally reading the whole thing wrong and I may be confused also.

    • I have thought about this scene so many times myself. I think there is the possibility that Booth wasn’t really making a personal comment when he said it. They were talking about the case, but then Brennan made it personal. I think it was perhaps one of those things, as you speak in general you may begin to notice how it resonates with you. But I think he was definitely intentional in reassuring her that he wasn’t going to abandon her, that he would always be there for her even if they weren’t together.

      Not that Booth think that Brennan would lie to him, but I think that he was hesitant to put his heart back out there without knowing for sure that they were on the same page. Saying she made a mistake is significant for sure, but there’s still a lot that it doesn’t say. And after making that one big move that got shot down, letting her come to him as she was ready, he removed any concerns about rushing her.

  33. Could Booth be reacting to Cam and Paul’s kiss? Even if he does not love Brennan anymore, it does not mean he does not want to sleep with her or remember some kisses they shared. That could explain the look and why he looked away so she would not catch him staring.
    As to saying ‘they’re not going anywhere’ – it may just be him reassuring her that he will not abandon her as a friend and partner even if they cannot have the emotional love aspect.

    Still bugs me for sure…..

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