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Top Five Tuesday: Wisdom From The Family


Hey, my friends! Happy Tuesday to you!

I hope you are having a good day. This Top Five Tuesday is a little different than what I’ve done before, but I hope it still makes sense. I’m going to take a look at five different times someone from Booth or Brennan’s family spoke some truth and wisdom. The intended recipient could be Booth or Brennan or you and me. It’s different, but good, I hope. 

Let’s get to it!

1. Parker

Ah, Parker! I have to say that for the most part, I don’t always love Parker episodes, though it’s not really his fault. Often times the writers give him dialogue that is SO not age-appropriate as far as insight, etc. And he’s sort of used as a plot device, you know? A very cute and Boothy kind of plot device, sure…but still.

However, there is one moment that always, always works for me, and it’s this conversation.

Parker (to Brennan): Couldn’t you be his girlfriend?
Booth Buddy, you’re gonna have to quit that.
Brennan: That would be inappropriate.
Parker: Why?
Brennan: Because… we work together.
Parker: That’s a stupid reason.

Well, there you have it, Brennan and Booth! I know neither of you want to be stupid, so why not give it a shot! As Brennan said earlier in the episode when Booth asked her to be his village, “it might actually be fun”.

2. Max

Ah, the wily old Max Keenan. Does anyone else have just a teensy bit of a hard time trusting him, but yet…you really want to? That’s how I feel. There’s something about him that just has this edge into the B&B relationship that is kind of hard to define. It’s almost like they don’t want him involved, but he doesn’t care. He just says it straight up, doesn’t he? Of course, there is still also the vigilante side of him…which face it, is kind of cool. And I think more than any other character, his presence sort of stirs B&B up, right? Think back to season two, three, five…six…yep…heck yes, Max. But probably my favorite Max moment is in Judas on a Pole, when we’ve sort of just learned that he IS Max. It’s in season two, and he tells Brennan, “Listen to me; If you find someone you can trust…hold on to him.” I love that.

Of course, at that moment, Booth comes flying around like a bat out of hell, and the look on Max’s face is priceless.

 Brennan, pal, hang on to Booth. He’s the real deal, baby! And maybe once you do, Max will go normal and buy you a sweater like a regular dad.

3. Pops

Pops: “He’s big and strong, but he’s gonna need someone. Everyone needs someone. Don’t be scared.”

Brennan: “Scared? What? I”m not scared…”

Pops: “It all goes by so fast; you don’t want any regrets.”

Brennan” “I don’t understand.”

Pops: “Yes you do.”

I love this moment, because it’s not threatening toward Brennan, and she is comfortable, for the most part. And of course this…

Pops (pointing to Booth’s heart) : “Now listen, you remember… it’s all in there. Everything you need to know. You just do what it tells you.”

You hear that, Booth, baby? You know the truth. Be a good boy, as you said. But not too good, as your leather jacket and dark eyes say…

4. Russ

This one is a little more obscure, but I think it’s a lesson we can all keep in mind. Specifically, I’d like the BONES writers to take heed of this little pearl of wisdom.

Booth has gone behind the scenes to help Russ stay out of prison as much as possible, and he escorts Russ away after his parole hearing, and says, ”

“Okay…here’s the thing, Russ. You run again…you disappoint that woman and her kids…and break your sister’s heart, I will–”

“Do something terrible.” Russ replies.

Look, I’m not in the “Brennan is the main victim and Booth is to blame” group AT ALL! They both have instances they must account for. Yet, I urge the writers (who are not reading this, but still..) to remember that if you break Brennan’s heart…there will be pain. Not just for her, but for Booth as well. There are ramifications to it.

5. Jared:

Jared actually has several little gems that are worth exploring, and one of these days, I’ll get around it. But in this one, I think his line from the season four finale, “You think everything that you feel is true” is just one of the truest statements about Booth that I’ve ever seen/heard. It’s sort of some wisdom to us viewers…something to keep in mind.

It just kills me to wonder if Brennan literally wrote that in her story…in the story she read out loud to Booth. If she was writing/working through her feelings for Booth in that way, I can see how that very statement might be a concern she has. It’s such an important message to keep in mind when we’re considering Booth and his actions. He bases his work, his life on his gut…it does not fail. He trusts his heart to tell him the truth. Even when it’s broken, do you think?

Okay…what say you? What other little moments of wisdom or advice have we, or B&B received from their family members? Thoughts? Let’s discuss!

Peace, Love & Bones



21 thoughts on “Top Five Tuesday: Wisdom From The Family

  1. I love Max. He is devious and you are never sure what he is up to but I liked this conversation:
    Max: Can I ask you a question?
    Booth: Sure.
    Max: You, are you uh … are you sleeping with my daughter?
    Booth: (looks shocked) No.
    Max: Why? Are you gay?
    Booth: No.
    Max: Is she not attractive enough?
    Booth: Bones is beautiful.
    Max: Is it because of me? Because I killed one man and, we both know he deserved it.
    Booth: All right, just cut it out Max, all right? I’ll talk to her. Probably not gonna get anywhere with her but, I’ll talk to her.
    Max: You’re a good man, and I want that for her.

    I think Max, in his way, is trying to get Booth to commit to Brennan because he knows if the relationship is going to get serious it will have to be Booth who makes the first move. Max may think of Booth as the more law and order version of himself and therefore someone he would like Brennan to consider committing to. In this conversation, I think Max is trying to push Booth into at least think about the possibilty that Brennan is the one. When it comes to the B&B relationship, Sweets and Max are ones that really want that to happen. They nudge and prod Booth whenever they think they can get in a word about it. I know Sweets is not a relative; but, Booth has sort of adopted him as a baby brother and cares what Sweets thinks. I think Booth cares about what Max thinks too. Booth admires Max and really likes him (though he doesn’t trust him very much).

  2. That line from Jared you quote makes my stomach swoop every time not only because I agree with you that it rings true, but also Booth’s reaction. I think it embodies Booth’s character perfectly.

    I love Max for the fact that he does not begrudge Booth in the whole romantic mess that is he and his daughter. As protective of Brennan as he is, he IS wily – clever and smart — so that even in the end of Bullet, Max is not angry or upset with Booth. Perhaps he knows, too, that it all works out in the end.

    A very powerful line for me has always been from Russ in The Woman in Limbo. Brennan is trying to blame him for abandoning her (which he did), but Russ calls her on it and reminds her of what happened afterward and how he tried to fix things, ending with this line:
    “You’re the one that gave up. You turned your back on me and made yourself a new family.”
    I appreciate this honesty and how Brennan listens to it. I think she needs to be called out on things more often.

  3. I’m with you on Parker. He’s very cute, and I love seeing him interact with Brennan, but sometimes I’m like come ON, people, have you never been around kids? That moment from Judas on a Pole is one of my all-time favorites! The look on Max’s face is priceless, not to mention the fact that Booth is crammed into Caroline’s itty bitty car. I think my favorite part of it, though, is Booth being torn between his job–getting to Max and arresting him–and Brennan, who is handcuffed to a bench and keeps insisting she’s fine but you know he never believes her until he can see it for himself. And Brennan wins, because Booth takes care of her, always, no questions asked.

    Pops is awesome. He needs to come back. (This is completely unrelated, but that same actor who played Pops played Papa Gibbs on NCIS, so in a round-about way…Gibbs is Booth’s uncle. YES. I’d like to see some of that, please.)

  4. This is a lovely post – considering how much time we spend thinking about how there’s ‘more than one kind of family’, it’s nice to think about their actual family members and give them some kudos every now and again.

    Of all their family members, I like Pops and Parker the most. I wouldn’t mind having Pops in every episode actually, he’s adorable. He gives us some much needed Booth back story (I’m constantly desperate for more Booth-history!), he shows us the best of Booth, he brings out affection in Brennan and he’s in a unique position of being able to call Brennan out and say the things that need saying. And he gets to call Booth ‘big and strong’ which makes my heart beat just a lil bit faster 🙂

    I agree that the writers sometimes have Parker saying things a bit beyond his years, although it doesn’t bother me too much. More I feel a couple of the exchanges he prompted between Booth and Brennan were a bit forced and odd though. For instance, I think I’m one of the only people who found themselves squirming uncomfortably with the ‘you’re awesome’, ‘yeah, I’m awesome’ exchange last season and I don’t even know why! I think I just find it embarrassing when Brennan’s doing her ‘no modesty’ thing. I love her for it, but it’s still a bit blush inducing for me. Moments when I have absolutely loved Parker – when he was playing football with Booth at the beginning of Finger in the Nest, when he didn’t want to go back on the carousel at the end of Blond in the Game, when Booth gave him the robot in Fallout, the ‘Merry Christmas Bones’ with the Christmas tree in Slush, when he showed up at the FBI in Slush, when he calls Rebecca’s boyfriend Captain Fantastic (ha!)

    I will never forgive Jared for a) going out with Brennan and slagging Booth off to her and b) for being an ungrateful ass when Booth’s just sacrificed something huge for him. Again. Grr.

    However, I will concede that what he said in EitB hits the nail on the head, specifically in relation to Booth. Although, how revelatory is that? Don’t most people find some truth in what they feel? Aren’t characters like Brennan, who don’t trust something BECAUSE they feel it, more unusual? I think what you feel is a form of truth – it’s the truth for you that you feel that way. (Does that make any sense at all? I’m fearing not!)

    I can never figure out what Booth thinks of Max. We know he acknowledges that Max is honourable in his own way, we know Booth would also kill to protect the people he loves and we know that Booth has things in his past he’s not proud of, we know they’ve hung out in the past (Christmas, and ‘thanks for letting me get the tab again Max’ in season 5), but there’s also a sense that Booth doesn’t trust him. I felt there was an edge to Booth’s ‘it’s always a pleasure Max’ comment at the end of Bullet in the Brain and I didn’t quite get where it had come from?

    I do like Max, he makes me smile. He’s so slippery ha. Even in Bullet he kind of manipulates Brennan over lunch about how because she believes that he didn’t kill the GD, it’s kind of her job now to convince everyone else (I’m not phrasing that right, but it’s a brilliant line and delivery).

    I’d like to see Russ again – I love that he called Brennan out on giving up on them. I think it’s important for her to see that the things she’s done to protect herself over the years have hurt other people (such as not responding to Russ’s attempts at reconciliation and going to Maluku when things got tough last season). I don’t mean that in a ‘punish-Brennan’ kind of way, more that it is through seeing what affect her actions have on others that helps her see how much she matters to people. That she has roots and that other people’s roots are entwined with hers and if she suddenly yanks them away, the people closest to her suffer their loss.

    • I think Booth holds a certain amount of respect for Max – but has a hard time trusting him because of what he did to Brennan.

      You mention not being able to forgive Jared . . . I have a hard time, also, but it is because he has made Booth feel guilty for his dishonorable discharge. He makes some crack like “Saving your life, getting me an interview – yeah, we’re square now” . . . it’s no wonder that Booth never feels like he is doing enough (that and Brennan saying that “taking a bullet for her only goes so far”) or that he is continually trying to “make things right”. And then . . . to stray more off topic, is it any wonder that he loves Hannah – who appreciated him saving her life and took a job in D.C. just to be with him?

      Don’t get me wrong – Brennan does so many other things for Booth, but I do get a little frustrated with her sometimes (and Booth, of course, before someone misinterprets . .. hahaha!) 😉

  5. I absolutley love Parkert. I honestly think they don’t use him enough as he is key to a side of Booth that we rarely get to see. Many of the writers, the ptb are parents themselves so they do know how kids are. Max in the sniper epi was just balantley there to hit us with the shipper anvil, I thought it was uneccessary . . That said what Pops said was key. He warned us fans and Brennan that Booth would need someone eventually and she would have regrets if she didn’t have trust in them. And Booth followed his heart and we know that got crushed and lead to Hannah, who is now there. Hart is a genius. We may want to Gibbs slap him every now and then 😀 But he knows these characters and their essence better than anyone.

  6. I do love that line “you think everything you feel is true” It is just Booth. He is the gut man. The heart man. He does everything with a good heart and does it with genuine intentions. So when he fails or gets heartbroken it hurts him a 100 times more ~ I will always question what part of the AU world was written by Brennan and what was Booths interpretation of what was said and told through his eyes. If we check what Brennan typed at the end was not word for word what was said by Hodgins in the coma dream. I seen a lot of Booth’s pov in that dream as well as Brennan’s to be honest.

  7. I agree with those who mentioned what Jared said to Booth in EitB, “you think everything you feel is true”…cuz that is our Booth, through and through. And that’s what we love about him, but it also means he gets his guts ripped out (emotionally) much easier than others. *cough…100th…cough*

    Pops is my favorite relative who made me smile and laugh at his honesty. His love and pride for his grandson was heartwarming, and he knows that Booth is vulnerable as anyone else, even if he’s a big, strong guy, who might need a shoulder to lean on someday. We’re all waiting for Brennan to do just that, right?

    In The Goop on the Girl, Max is trying to get Brennan to stay in town and have Christmas with him (family), because being alone at Christmas means that nobody loves you. She considers that Max may be right, and she invites Booth to have Christmas with her and Max, because she doesn’t want Booth to be alone (not feel loved). Gotta love her for that.

    And then there’s Parker…adorable kid that he is…who in The Beginning in the End asks Booth if it wouldn’t be better to go to Afghanistan and save lives, instead of catching killers here – and that he doesn’t want to be responsible for keeping his dad from saving those lives. At first I was upset that the writers made Parker say words that seemed to be indicative of a much older child, but then I thought back to several times when they allude to Parker being a very bright child, and I backed off a little…giving Parker credit that he could really be thinking like that. He knows what his father does for a living, and he’s aware that war is very bad and kills a lot of innocent people…so I changed my mind. It was just the outcome (Booth actually leaving) that bothered me the most. Parker reminded me so much of his dad in this scene, because I could picture a young Booth saying the same thing. Like father, like son.

  8. Okay, so I am gathering that people are thinking that Parker’s lines are too old for him? I need to hang out with more 10 year-olds. His lines all sound about right to me . . . and err on too young, I thought. In fact, he sounds far more like my 8-year old than my 11-year old. Hmm.

    • Well the actor is 11, but the character would have turned 9 sometime toward the end of the year, definitely before Christmas…that is unless they’ve messed with the timeline more than we are aware of. It tough to know what age he sounds like just because I haven’t had those particular conversations with a kid his age…at least not lately. I don’t know but to me he seems age appropriate on the show.

    • Yes, Janet, there was an outcry from many people who thought Parker was too young for that conversation…mainly because they believed Parker would not want his father to leave town and go overseas for an entire year. Does that help explain it better? My own child at 8 or 9 years old didn’t talk about things like that, but I knew friends’ children who probably would have. So…I think it depends on the child’s level of maturity, and other factors.

      And…Frankie707 is right…Parker acts age-appropriate on the show, except this time…so maybe that’s why this seemed a little hard for some to accept.

    • Well, the war convo (though my beef was with ‘rebecca’ who was the one who’d announced it to Parker, apparently), was one, but also the whole “my dad needs to get his sex on” stuff (even if it did just end up being pool-related…that’s not really how it played out at the beginning, though) in season five, and even some of the stuff in season four, though much less in seasons 1, 2, 3. I guess, for me, it’s clear that his dialogue is solely there to move the plot along, and that is never good dialogue, no matter how old a character is.

  9. Interesting post and I would love to see more about each of these family members.
    Pops and Parker are definitely my favorites. They are both so adorable. Parker’s lines seem age appropriate to me though I have to look back to when my boys were that age for a frame of reference. I like how Brennan can be so open and honest with each of them. They don’t see her walls like we do and her sweetness is apparent to them. She is drawn to them because she knows how important they are to Booth.
    I don’t trust Max so much so that I wonder if his interest in his daughter’s love life is sincere or if it is more self-serving (for example; it’s good to have someone at the FBI on your side when you’re a criminal).
    I’d like to see Russ again especially if he can be more of a successful relationship role model for Brennan. I wish at least the show would address Brennan’s relationship with Russ again.
    Jared has always kind of bugged me. Booth has so few blood relatives that we know of and it seems like his brother should be the one he is closest to as I assume they both went through the same kind of abuse from their father. Instead Jared brings bad memories and trouble though Booth is compelled to do the right thing. Booth just deserves so much more than he gets. It would be interesting to see if Jared is still with Padme and how much his character has grown since he last appeared.

  10. I think what is also important about Jared’s phrase: “You think everything that you feel is true” is what he adds next: “You need to grow up”. As much as Brennan needs to listen more to her feelings when it comes to her personal life, Booth needs to listen more to his brain when it comes to his personal life. They both need a better balance between brain and heart, reason and feelings, not just Brennan.

    • Hey, that’s a pretty good point. I never thought about it that way. I’m not one who believes that there is no room for rationality in love. People give Brennan such a hard time with her views, but I agree with her about not letting emotions control our lives. It’s not wrong to have them, but it’s not always wise to act on them, and discernment requires rational thought.

  11. I have to say that my favorite is Max. He’s got this charming quality and I can’t help but like him even if he is a criminal. And I like how he’s so blunt about Brennan’s love life. It’s obvious Brennan doesn’t really talk much with her dad, at least about personal things. I guess I just like the fact that Max is the only relative to really say out loud what we’re all thinking, “Why aren’t Booth and Brennan together?” and “Booth is a good man.” And other stuff that I can’t really think of.

    So really I have no specific examples. I just wanted to say that I liked Max. I’m very interested to see where things go with all these relatives though. Hopefully, we see more of them.

  12. I love that their families see the special connection B&B share and say their piece. I struggle with how much impact I want them to have. After the 100th, I thought that I wanted someone to try and talk some sense into Brennan and/or Booth. But I think it’s so much more special and meaningful that Brennan comes to the realization that she loves Booth on her own instead of someone else telling her or having to pull it out of her. Now I hope Booth comes to his own realization of what it is that he really wants.

  13. I would say that even after her death Christine Brennan/Ruth Keenan gave Bones some wisdom. In the video she left for her daughter she states, “What I did may have been wrong but I did it out of love.” This not only helped Bones understand the mother’s perspective for killing her daughter for the case but I think it helped to open her heart. She could forgive her father’s actions (and anyone else who may have done something she felt was wrong) because his actions were done out of love.

  14. So it’s no longer Tuesday, but I couldn’t let this one go without posting a comment. I like the idea of this post because I think each of these family members has been included in the overall story because they fulfill some purpose.

    I don’t always love Parker episodes either, but the kid is really adorable, and I love seeing Booth as a father. I think Booth would be a very different character if he weren’t a father and if he hadn’t tried (unsuccessfully) to remain in a relationship with Parker’s mother. These circumstances greatly affect Booth’s perspective, and it’s a perspective that I believe is crucial to the overall story. Parker says things that might be a reach for a child of his age (I don’t know – I’m never around children), but sometimes, he’s the only one who can get away with saying them.

    Max makes me nervous. I’ve said it before. I’m sure I’ll say it again. Everyone was all in love with that conch shell scene, and sure, Brennan was beautiful and innocent and all, but I don’t think Max is completely innocent. He just makes me nervous. Maybe I have nothing to worry about. For Brennan’s sake, I hope that’s the case. I guess we’ll see if there’s anything left to learn about ol’ Max Keenan. He does ship B&B though. And when he does, he says some really great things – things the viewers have surely thought a time or two.

    Pops. Love Pops. You can always count on older folks to call it like they see it. No regrets, Brennan. Follow your heart, Booth. Isn’t that where we are in the story right now? Waiting to know what Booth’s heart is telling him. Listen carefully, Booth, and in the metaphorical, Boothy way. Not in the literal, Brennan way. You know she’d be reaching for a stethoscope. (And that’s why we love her!)

    I’m skipping Russ because I’ve got stuff to do, and this comment has already gone longer than I anticipated…

    But Jared. Jared gets one of the best lines ever. He just sums up Seeley Booth in one little sentence. “You think everything that you feel is true.” Does Booth also trust his broken heart to tell the truth? Technically, his heart would be crushed (couldn’t resist!), and I think he should trust a crushed heart equally, maybe more. Some underlying truth is exposed by virtue of the fact that the heart has been crushed. Pain can be revealing. We’ve all said that no matter what happens, we know it will be painful for Booth. It will be painful for us too. But I’m holding on because I believe truth and beauty will come from that pain. Gosh, I’m so sappy these days.

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