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5×500: Fight Me Baby, One (More) Time


Hello, my friends! I hope you are having one great day!

The other night on Twitter, I mentioned to some pals that I’m really, really itching to see Booth and Brennan fight. Not physically (though if they were to ever meet at the gym one night to wrestle…I would watch), but to just once and for all say what needs to be said, to actually yell at one another and both call each other on crap and admit some stuff, right?

And maybe that’s what’s got me on edge this season…I really don’t want B&B to just ignore everything that has happened. As nice as it is, I think I’ll weep if it all comes down to soft smiles over pie or something. I really will. I want a FIGHT! It’s like in high school, when one kid pushes another and the whole hallway erupts, shouting “FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT! WOO!” Haha. As a former teacher, I hated those fights. But as a BONES fan, I’m all about it.

As the evening continued, pals @morebones, @wellsbones and @choebe (and maybe others…sorry if I left anyone out) decided that once there is a B&B fight, the inevitable is…

…up against the wall, baby! I’m certainly not opposed to that. So, for fun, the little acronym FtW started: Fight then Wall. Then someone wanted to add “table” to the mix, as in “Fight, Table, Wall”– all the things we want to see in the B&B um…consummation of ‘feelings’. So, FTW was created, and today, Wednesday, is officially FTW day!

It seemed like the perfect opportunity to kick off the 5×500 project. I emailed 5 friends, asking them the same question, and they replied in 500 words or less. I can’t wait for you to hear what they say, and I know they can’t wait to hear what YOU have to say about it also!

So here’s the question:

Why haven’t Booth and Brennan really had a fight? An honest to goodness argument?

And…what would happen if they did?


From Laffers:

All of us will have a slightly different opinion on this but for me there is one reason. One incredibly big reason. Well, two incredibly big reasons. (Changing my mind already…if I keep this short it’ll be a miracle! LOL).

Firstly there’s honesty…or a lack of honesty. Now you could argue Booth and Brennan tell each other everything (you’d be wrong, but you could 😉 ) but, personally I think they don’t. Do they share secrets? Yes. Do they share their past? Of course. But their feelings for one another? No. Even in the 100th and DitP they weren’t completely honest. They revealed their feelings but kept a part of themselves separate…the words I love you never left their mouths. Both Booth and Brennan revealed their feelings believing they would be rejected so they kept that part of them to themselves. Understandable of course, but still in that one moment where you’d think they’d bare all they…well, they flinched. (I couldn’t resist…I LOVE that line from Brennan to Michael Stires. She’s so…fierce! LOVE IT…sorry, back on point.) For Booth and Brennan to have the fight to end all fights they’d have to be brutally honest with both each other and themselves…and that’s not something I see happening any time soon.

The other reason (and my personal favourite) is the fact that if they have that fight they’ll pass the point of no return. It’ll be do or die for them…they’ll either have wild monkey sex and live happily ever after (have you guessed why it’s my favourite yet?!) or they will destroy any hope they have left of a romantic OR platonic relationship. One of the few good things about how Booth and Brennan revealed themselves (emotionally not physically…although naked Booth is always a plus!) is that they could retrieve their relationship from the wreckage. It was damaged and would never be the same again but still…it was salvageable.

 Booth and Brennan bicker…it’s meaningless and (mostly) harmless. But a fight…an actual yelling in each others faces fight as they air everything that has ever gone unsaid between them. It could be catastrophic. OK, maybe i’m being a tad over dramatic but when I think of everything that has happened between them. The 100th, DitP, Hannah, Hacker, Brennan leaving, Booth leaving…for me, this will be the biggest risk we would see either take. And I’ll be honest. Right now, the Booth and Brennan we know and love…they aren’t brave enough (nor reckless enough!) to take that chance.

Personally, I would bow down at Hart Hanson’s feet it we were to see this fight. Can you imagine it? Minding your own business on a Thursday night, settling down to watch your favourite TV show and then wham! Booth and Brennan going at it in her office…the shooting range…his apartment…her apartment…i’m still talking about them fighting, but who knows where it might lead?! 😉


From M:

My immediate reaction was, “Fighting and arguing are totally different things. Booth and Brennan argue a lot. But they don’t fight.”  In case I read too much into it, I turned to Merriam Webster for some guidance.  

Argue (verb): To give evidence, consider the pros and cons, prove/try to prove or persuade by giving reasons.

It strikes me that B&B have already done all of the above. They argue. All the time.

Fight (verb): To attempt to prevent success or effectiveness, oppose development or passage, struggle to endure, gain/resolve by struggle.

Booth has argued his case with his own unique kind of evidence to prove to Brennan that real connections, that love exists. Booth’s arguments differ wildly from Brennan’s scientifically tested, anthropologically approved arguments, but they’ve had success in convincing the other about the validity of their own respective arguments. Brennan has accepted Booth’s premise on love first then the reaction. Booth has accepted, however begrudgingly, the need for squints and science to solve crimes. But in both cases, they argue over things they know to be true. It’s safer because they discuss and bicker over things based in their own knowledge. 

But fighting entails something different altogether. You don’t fight over knowledge. You fight over what you feel. There have been clear signs of internal struggles and hints of brewing fights or fighting words, but then somehow, they managed to avoid a knock-down, drag-out fight and return to a status quo. A fight between Brennan and Booth would be deeply personal and require revelations of sentiments and passions that originate in the (metaphorical) heart, not in the brain, but they’ve become too skilled at keeping their feelings for one another under wraps.

The way I see it, Booth argued his evidence about his love to Brennan in the 100th, but he didn’t fight for her.

Brennan argued her newly dawned realizations to Booth in TDitPhoto, but she didn’t fight for him.

A fight between these two is necessary to let go of their bottled up emotions and let the other know the depth of their passion for one another. Booth has got to let Brennan know about his despair over her rejection and brief repudiation of their partnership. He’s got to tell her how much he’s come to love her. Brennan has got to tell Booth how much she regrets not giving them a chance and why exactly she went to Indonesia. She’s got to tell him how much she’s grown to love him. A fight won’t endanger their partnership; if they can endure everything they’ve endured up to this point, they can most certainly endure a fight. Once the words are shouted into the universe, there’d be no changies or take-backs. And in the end, even if they again somehow manage to say all the wrong things, hearing them shout at one another would be further proof, to me at least, of their enduring passion, love, and feelings for one another, and sigh, wouldn’t that be so cathartic?


From Lenora:

I believe that though Booth has a short fuse when it comes to someone making him feel stupid, he really is afraid of his temper.  He tries to control himself most of the time when it comes to Brennan. 

 He makes snide remarks, rolls his eyes, even raises his hands sometimes, as if he wants to shake her; but he leaves it at that. 

His childhood was a nightmare, being the victim of child abuse. His father beat him and his brother, Jared, so Booth is aware that physical abuse is very dangerous and would probably die before he ever considered laying a hand on Brennan.  Booth is a man of integrety and loves Brennan even though she doesn’t always give him the respect that he deserves.  I am sure there are times he wishes that he could take her by the shoulders and shake some sense into her; but, he knows that she is very protective of herself and would probably hate Booth if he ever tried to do that.

In the first season, we heard often enough, that Brennan does not liked to be touched.  Brennan is an expert in self-defense and can use weapons also.  Booth knows that she is quite capable of protecting herself and thinks it is foolish when someone tries to cross the line with Brennan. Booth  tries to sneak in Guy hugs in once in awhile; but, I think that is the limit of physical contact that Booth would consider with Brennan, at least for now.  Booth is very protective of Brennan and admires her too much to every consider a physical confrontation. 

Of course, I wouldn’t mind some passionate kisses between them.  They are so beautiful.


From Maria:

They say the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior, so you’d think that in the 7 years they’ve been together our star-crossed duo would have had more than their share of fights to draw upon for  future inspiration, right? But if memory serves me right, I can only think of two instances where the usually harmless but hot bickering turned ugly. So I’ll work with what I have, and give it a shot.

The first fight was in the flashback. It was ugly and pretty devastating; they didn’t see each other for close to a year. That the fight was seemingly over nothing yet managed to escalate to the level of, say, tear gas in a meth lab, is indicative of the level of UST between these two. She says he’s overbearing, he says she’s a snob, but we know what’s really going on. Talk about subtext! Translation: she’s afraid of his intense need for a deeper connection; he, blown away by the certainty that she’s “the one,” pushes way too hard and makes her retrench. But ultimately it comes as no surprise that it’s Booth who ends up breaking the stalemate and seeking her out again because, well, “he knew” and couldn’t just let her walk away. That he probably obsessed over her during their separation is evidenced by his going all-out to stage her arrest at the airport. Even after a year she’s still on his mind.

No. 2. Fast-forward to Con Man. Just as things are starting to look good, in struts Jared. Technically, the scene in the interrogation room isn’t a fight because the only one angry is Booth, but it still feels like a fight. It’s the one time we’ve seen Booth unable to control his anger towards the woman he’s usually so patient with. This was deeply personal though, her words leaving him shocked to the core. But unlike in their flashback argument where the operative word was withdrawal, Brennan actively seeks a solution for their problem without any retrenching. It’s she who now breaks the ice, who almost immediately reaches out. And just as quickly, he lets it go. This time, thank God, there’s very little down time between anger and harmony.

And the future? Since the events of the flashback we’ve witnessed B/B’s increased ability to be honest with each other, making it unlikely that we’d get another fight where the real issues aren’t more clearly spelled out. And much as I’d love it, I also don’t see wall-pinning in my crystal ball because anything worth fighting about will probably be too important for that kind of resolution. Unfortunately, with so much currently on the line any future fight will likely be extremely painful; still, I have no doubt that there will also be a quick reconciliation. No matter what, B/B will compromise because the deep love and respect they have for each other will make no issue insurmountable: not marriage, finance, family or faith. Let the bell ring!


From Loraine:

Bickering is the very foundation of Booth and Brennan yet they have never had an all-out screaming match, despite years of  intense situations and probably even more intense feelings for each other. The closest I can remember either of them came to very angry was Booth in “Player Under Pressure” when he felt Brennan was insulting him for being a jock. That has happened several times, actually…Booth being hurt by Brennan’s insensitivity.

 Our Booth is very sensitive and especially when it comes to Brennan’s opinion of him. He is also a bit touchy about her dating other men, in particular those who factor largely in his world, also, like Jared and even Hacker. Booth seemed geared up a for a fight in “Night at the Bones Museum” when he came to Brennan and presented her angrily with the egg. If they hadn’t been interrupted, I think that could have escalated.

At this point in their relationship one of the the most intimate things that could happen between them would be a knockdown, drag out fight where they both just totally lost it with each other. There are so many years and layers of things unsaid, moments that slipped by, I think the ensuing argument would be incredibly passionate. I don’t know what the future holds, but I do think some kind of argument of this nature is in their near future and stands between them and their eventually.

 This argument hasn’t taken place yet, I think, because of Brennan. Her emotions are very powerful but frightening to her and she keeps them so closely guarded that I don’t even know if she is conscious of how strong they are in relation to Booth. We saw a little evidence of that in the “Pain in the Heart”, which, while not as in depth as I would have liked, definitely showed us how deeply she feels for Booth. We have seen her become violent several times because of her feelings for Booth, both in PitH and in “Killer in the Concrete” when she punched the bounty hunter. Because of those glimpses I think Brennan would become very heated in a real fight with Booth. I would so love to see that.

 I think it would be much easier for Booth, who is ruled largely by emotion and intuition, to reach the point of being ready for a really big, bad fight with Brennan. But, I think he protects her at all costs and doesn’t want to “assault” her emotions in a way she can’t handle. 
A huge fight between the two of them is something I would welcome with enthusiasm. The heart of the matter would become clear quite quickly and it would be so fascinating to watch! Bring it, Bones Writers!!


Awesome! One question; five responses…the comments are open. Let’s hear what you think! Why HAVEN’T Booth and Brennan really had a big fight? Can you answer in 500 words or less (don’t worry…I won’t be counting). It’s harder than you might think!

Peace, Love (and please, oh please let it be loud and angry at least once!) & Bones




28 thoughts on “5×500: Fight Me Baby, One (More) Time

  1. We know Booth & Brennan bickering all the time and this is part of their relationship is one of the ingredients that spice their chemistry. But i think the term FIGHT here we’re talking is their finally calling each other to clarify things. Lot of angast happen between them with Hannah mixed on their relationship and Booth said and did certain things that can be hurt Brennan as she did with him last season too. And we don’t saw them discussing this things yet .Lot of things are bolttled up between them and when this dam of unanswered questions break, we could see a volcano erupt and when this happen any wall or table or anything will stop Booth & Brennan.I think this fight is nescessary to this two expunge any kind of doubt or resentment that can be an obstacle to Booth &Brennan be really a couple on their not so distant future. So i’m for FTW ALL THE WAY BABY AND TODAY IS THE DAY.

  2. Booth and Brennan really haven’t had a real knock-down, drag-out fight on the show. They do bicker- a lot; but, those are about anything other than their emotions. My thoughts on that is that both are too afraid to let loose and have a full out fight. In those type of arguments you do tend to lose a bit of control and too many things can be revealed. Things get said that cannot be unsaid and they both seem to be very afraid of losing control, of revealing too much of themselves; even to each other. They only seem to reveal themselves in a very controlled way, so they hold themselves back when it looks like things are getting too heated.

    Really I think they are afraid that if they do let it all out and get into a no holds barred fight (verbal of course, not physical) that they would say things that would cause them to lose the other. That would really be the worst thing that could happen to either of them. To say or do something that does cause the other to want to have nothing to do with them. As Maria mentioned we did see in the 100th that the argument they had on that first case did result in their not seeing each other for a full year…well actually 13 months less one week. I can imagine that anytime things do start to get a bit heated in their “bickering” that it’s always at the back of their minds that they have to be careful not to risk it all.

  3. I think the closest thing to a real fight B and B have had, was when Brennan thought Booth was dead. She was FURIOUS when she punched him at the grave site. Then later when he was in the tub that was on the way to a fight but Booth stood up out of the water and….. what was I saying? Oh yeah, I think maybe the upcoming trapped in the elevator episode may give us Fight and Wall but no table. I hope anyway.

  4. They are way too smart to fight. Bicker: yes, fight: no. In this partnership in which each partner would go to any length to protect their partner, fighting has no place.

  5. Such good thoughts on this! I love the 5×500 format! It gives such a wide range of things to ponder…

    As for the question, I think part of the reason there hasn’t been any fighting thus far is kind of the eggshell way they tiptoe around their feelings for each other. I think the closest they ever came to a real, about-personal-things fight was in Pain in the Heart, and I always thought it was interesting how, as soon as anyone would suggest that she was angry because she cared, Brennan would immediately retreat almost. Like when Booth asks if she wants him to see why she wasn’t told and she replies, “If it’s important to you…” She’s always been too afraid of being hurt to ever admit the kind of feelings she might have for Booth–if someone’s constantly in denial, there’s nothing to fight about. On Booth’s end, I think he’s always been so hung up on the “assault” idea, that if they were ever driven to that kind of honesty about their feelings, she would break, and not in a good way. I think the non-fighting precedent that’s been set holds because neither one of them have ever had the courage to really, really be honest with one another about their feelings.

    Right now is a different story, as there’s a third wheel involved–Hannah. I think now the reason we haven’t seen a fight is Hannah, in a roundabout way. Let’s say that with Hannah around, there is no admitting any present true feelings between Booth and Brennan. Booth will never be honest about his present feelings while he’s still with Hannah (though the borderline honesty of last episode was surprising, to say the least). And I personally don’t think Brennan will go any farther than DitP in confessing her feelings to Booth as long as Hannah is around. She can see that he’s happy (debatable in my opinion…), or at least that he does not want to go there, not now that he has Hannah. So as long as Hannah’s around, they’ll never be open about the true feelings that they still have. Okay. Now, let me also say, there is no getting into Booth and Brennan’s past either, while Hannah’s around. I’m saying that they still have feelings for one another, but right now, where Booth is concerned, he promises any feelings for Brennan are strictly in the past. Theoretically, they could discuss or even fight about this while Booth is in a relationship, but in Bones-reality, I don’t think they can. Because to do so, to get it all out, all the hurt he felt over her rejection, etc., to spill all that would prove in a way how much he isn’t really over her. Fighting=honesty, and honesty is something that, regardless of whether they’re ready for it, neither of them wants right now–Brennan because honesty will cause Booth pain as far as she can tell, and Booth because he’s not even being honest with himself.

    Not sure if I made any sense, or if I hit on all that I wanted to, but those are my ideas, poorly formed and communicated as they may be!

  6. First off, LOVE this topic. Wow! What a way to get my heart beating a little harder, this idea of FTW.

    To answer the question. You know when you sort of reveal to the guy/girl/person that you like that you have an interest in them and they kind of get all tense and don’t look at you. Then it’s awkward between the two of you for… like forever. That’s kind of how I see Brennan and Booth. They both revealed that they liked the other one and then that person sort of tensed up and couldn’t meet their eye.

    What do you do after you’ve revealed this sort of thing and don’t have it reciprocated? I know that I usually ignore that the situation ever happened. That’s what Booth and Brennan are doing, ignoring that these moments ever happened. That’s not to say that I wouldn’t love them going at each other… in a fight… using words. I once heard that an expression of anger usually reveals more of the true feelings of a person than they might think. (Not sure if that made any sense.)

    I definitely want Brennan and Booth fighting and revealing all of their feelings and all that they’ve been through together and apart. I want them yelling and getting upset and stomping off only to have the other rush off after them, determined on finishing the ‘conversation’. And then, after all the bombs have been dropped and emotions have run high, I want them in each others arms (against a wall, on a table, in the backseat of Booth’s Toyota, the place isn’t really relevant).

    I want a fight and then I want the make-up whatever that comes after it!

  7. Fighting is personal and while their relationship is improving they are still walking on egg shells together.

    I would love a fight….I would love Brennan to say something like “You did not even listen to what I was saying before you moved on…” and Booth to say “Why were you so convinced you don’t deserve love? Can’t I make my own decisions about risking my heart? ” And of course I moved on you didn’t even try to contact me for 7 months? and Brennan say “I was trying to get perspective on you!” Booth “YOu never told me that….don’t you think I have a right to know about that!”

  8. I’m with those who think they’ve not fought because they’re afraid – yes, sometimes flights clear the air and can be a good thing, but sometimes – probably most of the time, honestly, where the kind of fights we’re talking about here are concerned – they simply destroy the relationship and everyone involved. And I think they both know that.

    I think we like the idea of that kind of scene because of all the energy and sexual tension and hotness that would be released, but the truth is that while we pretend that just clearing the air fixes what’s broken…it doesn’t always.

    What are we assuming they’re enraged over? For Booth, is it that she told him no? Wouldn’t take a chance on him? For her, is it that he moved on? So is the idea that they’re somewhere bickering about a case and he slips and makes a snide remark about her being a coward, and then she shoots back about fickle men and suddenly they’re spilling out years worth of bitterness and hurt on each other? Does he let lose on her for all the years he loved her while she tells him she was obviously right to have done so since his supposed love was so transitory? And then he shoves her against the door and they go from there?

    Then what? I guess this is where we cheat a bit and say that because it’s fiction and we know how the story ends, they have wild monkey sex, calm down, tell one another they do love each other and they both live happily ever after, with neither of them permanently wounded by the things the other said in the middle of the battle. But since that’s not usually the way it works in reality, I think the characters are right to hesitate, especially when I suspect they’re both quite capable of saying unforgivable things to each other – and that they recognize that. If he comes out of it thinking she believes him fickle, if she comes out of it thinking he believes her a coward…apart from wall sex, how do they get beyond that?

    LOL. We’re cheating because we want them have a fight like that because we know it would end well for them and the thought of all that energy and tension is irresistible. But as characters, they’ve been right to put a lid on it because if they weren’t being steered by benevolent writers with the goal of ‘this all works out eventually’ …there would be fatalities.

    • That’s a good question, what are we assuming they’re enraged over. I hadn’t thought a ton about it, but now that I do, I think it’s a harder question to answer than it might seem at first. Maybe in this supposed, imagined fight, Booth is angry at himself for not waiting for Brennan, or maybe she is mad that he moved on, though I personally don’t think so. If we’re saying this fight theoretically happens, and begins or becomes a fight about their feelings, I don’t think Brennan would be the start of it. I’m not trying to say she’s a saint or anything, but really, she knows it was her fault. She says, “I missed my chance,” not “Why didn’t you wait?” I think she takes all the personal blame for whatever kind of mess she and Booth are finding/will find themselves in from this point on. Whether or not it really is her fault, I’m not trying to discuss, just that I think she considers it her fault, and as such, I don’t think there’d be any reason for her to get into any big angry fights with him. To me, if anything, she’s finally beginning to heal from all the super deep-seated hurt, and I don’t see a person–Brennan specifically–coming through that angry for the past. Who knows though?

      And I think I agree with you about the fatalities. Despite our recent clues as to normalcy and comfortability between partners (“the usual,” etc.) Booth and Brennan’s relationship at this point is quite tenuous in some respect, and I’m not sure the way things are now, if they would stand up against a big fight. I would love to see it, but maybe later on down the line…

  9. Even if I don’t like a fight, but sometimes and especially with Bones and Booth I think it could be something that would clear the air of regrets and misinterpretations about them.
    Booth letting out his hurt out about Bones rejecting him as a man, a partner and also a friend (when she did not contacted him), which consequently let him find a substitute and Bones disappointment about Hannah, and that he did not wait for her and found somebody else so quickly. In “Sin in the Sisterhood”. Booth told Cam to hold on if she likes somebody and keep trying, like 9 times.
    Bones and Booth are probably shortly before exploding, because they don’t want to separate and move on, since their hope for each other is not gone. So still working together has helped a bit, because they still in each other’s life. But Hannah in my opinion is a very unhealthy relationship. , especially for Bones. Nobody can tell me that she is “cool” about it. It must eat her up inside. Of course Booth is“happy”?????
    Obviously there must be a lot of other things in their life’s, which have been buried down deep inside of them, which in a good relationship should surface, but the anguish of letting loose to your partner is not simple. But I have not given up faith that eventually ……..!

    This is just a little remark of how it feels to clear the air of anxiety. On a trip I went with some friends to a volcano, which erupts every hour, best seen at night. We hiked up to about ½ mile from the top and there we were waiting. First you saw the sky a little pink, then getting more pink and then red. Then the first little sparks of Lava was seen, the tension was unbearably and when the whole mountain top erupted, everybody was stunned, but then the big Ahhhhhhhh!!!! of relieve came out and it felt like a burden was taken from our shoulders, we survived it. Only some ashes fell upon us, which is ok.

  10. Sweets: […] striking Agent Booth indicated the depth of your feelings for him, it was a very passionate act!
    Booth: Thank you! You hear that, passion?
    Brennan: Yes, passion, because anger is a passion, anger at being manipulated!
    (The Pain in the Heart)

    For me, their argument at the beginning of The Pain in the Heart was the closest they’ve ever had to a fight during their partnership (not counting the fight we saw in the flashback part of the 100th episode, I mean). And there we have it, voiced by supposedly-ignorant-about-feelings Brennan: anger is a passion.
    Oh yeah! Anger is a passion. Fighting, whether it’s physical or just plain yelling hurtful things to each other, is a passionate act, full of emotions. Emotions boiling and forcing their way out in the form of words in a speed that makes it impossible to keep them under control. And that, I think, is what both of these characters are afraid so much: the loss of control over their feelings towards each other. I believe, on the few occasions that things got a little more serious than plain-ol’-bickering (that the authors and other commenters mentioned before me), they both felt their control slipping; and they stepped back.
    I would love to see a fight between B&B too, although not a physical one; just see them go at each verbally and more honestly than they’ve ever had. I believe they’re in a point in their relationship where they’re so important to each other that it won’t take them 13 months less a week to speak to each other again. And I agree with everybody that this would be the incident that would change their relationship forever; in the good way, whether it’s played out on-screen as “Let’s be together” or in less… verbal ways (see: wall, table) :p
    I do agree with mrg873 though that this fight can’t happen with Hannah around. And I think, the only way I can see it happening is if something happens that takes away their ability to control themselves, something that makes them feel they’ve got nothing to lose anyway; and that’s grief. Maybe it’s the angst-lover in me, but I feel this fight will only happen if something happens to change their life so much. And I’m not sure the writers are inclined to take things down that road…

  11. Oh my gosh – they both flinched. Laffers, I love that! It’s like the perfect explanation for what happened.

    Oh, and I’m all for an impassioned “clearing of the air.” I think it’s about time (assuming, of course, that passion is the key word and nothing mean-spirited is said).

  12. I think they are both afraid of a real fight because it would be an interaction with a high level of intensity. It would be passionate and raw and real, and I think it would require both of them to really GO there. To express how hurt each of them is, how scared, it would necessitate a level of vulnerability and honesty about the depth of their feelings that neither seems ready to do. I think they are both currently trying to keep things under control, contained. How will Brennan continue to be “adept at hiding her pain” while fighting with Booth? How will he keep up the facade that he no longer wants to be with her? Only if they don’t light a fuse to the whole thing. Fighting between them at this point would be explosive.

  13. Points (or “arguments”?) that resonated with me from this post . . .
    From Laffers:
    “Both Booth and Brennan revealed their feelings believing they would be rejected so they kept that part of them to themselves.” (Referring to the “I love you” bit.)

    From M:
    “But fighting entails something different altogether. You don’t fight over knowledge. You fight over what you feel.”
    “Once the words are shouted into the universe, there’d be no changies or take-backs. And in the end, even if they again somehow manage to say all the wrong things, hearing them shout at one another would be further proof, to me at least, of their enduring passion, love, and feelings for one another, and sigh, wouldn’t that be so cathartic?”

    From Lenora:
    “I believe that though Booth has a short fuse when it comes to someone making him feel stupid, he really is afraid of his temper.”

    From Maria:
    “The first fight was in the flashback.” And what an interesting and revealing one that was . . .

    From Loraine:
    “At this point in their relationship one of the the most intimate things that could happen between them would be a knockdown, drag out fight where they both just totally lost it with each other.”

    I am uncertain how I feel about a fight. I know I don’t need one, but in fiction it is pretty exciting. 🙂 However, based upon that pre-pilot one, a fight worries me for various reasons. I’m with Ryn, overall, in that I don’t thing there is anything to really cause this big blowout. I sometimes feel that some attribute far more problems to coming between Booth and Brennan than actually exist and a fight might just add to the problems, rather than clear the air of any. Sure, they have some issues to work out, but enough to warrant a big fight? Perhaps not.

    In the end, I do not need the fight, but I’ll go along with it. Hahaha. 😉

  14. I like what Maria said about that first fight in the 100th episode…the one that separated them for a year. I completely agree with her assessment. Not many people talk about that fight. If they do, they leave at Booth was a jerk and so Brennan walked out in a huff. As if it were that simple. I agree with all the sub-text explanation Maria gave. It completely addresses their over reactions and why it took them so long to get back together. They would have continued to be apart if Booth hadn’t taken that first step back. Brennan was so freakin scared of the different emotions she’d felt with Booth, something she’d never felt before, and so she ran. She had no intention of ever seeing him again. But, good old Booth never gave up. Maybe that’s something to hope for in their future…the fact that Booth ultimately never gave up…even after being apart for a year. Yes…I know…it “looks” like he gave up when he went with Hannah, but I don’t believe this. He just had temporary insanity. I’m waiting for him to wake up…and I don’t just want FTW…that’s good…but I’d like to see eventually get to the bed….LOL. Here’s hoping. And BTW….I would absolutely love to see them lose it in a fight and reveal every hurtful, angry word…I want it to be intense so that they can both see clearly…that their strong, angry words hide strong emotions of hurt because they love each other. Both of them have held their emotions in check for so long….it’s gotta be released somehow.

  15. For the most part, I have to say I’m with Lenora, though a fight…oh that would be so beautiful I’d have to pause before it really started to take a breather! The thing is I think because of his past and his want/need to keep their partnership together(Last I checked they’re still “the center” and love their jobs together), the chance of a real fight is slim.

    But — if we put all that aside, my only question would be “why?”.

    So far, all of the accounts of arguments or close to fighting instances I can think of were started by Brennan, typically because of her insensitivity and unhumble method of understanding things by blatant questions. Besides, the only time I can think of a fight that was started by Booth was in the 100th in a flashback, but I’d imagine those times are past them. For me, Booth never struck me as the kind of guy that “likes” to yell at the people he cares about; he just has one of those hearts. Of course, I can think of instances, even once at his own son(“The Main in the Cell”), but like most cases, it was more thanks to fear or nerves. When it comes to other issues though, those that don’t typically pertain to the case, he seems relatively calm since they really never bring up his past.
    But now Brennan. Brennan doesn’t seem to have a problem in bringing up that past I’m itching to dig up! And yet, Booth guards those old bones(no pun intended) with his life more times than not.
    So so far, if there was ever to be a fight, I can only see it happening in this battlefield. We’ve explored almost every high and low of Brennan’s — there’s not much to do there, Brennan would never make a fight out of Hannah, and there’s never been a case yet that would make them bicker so far as to fight.
    So where else to go BUT Booth’s own past?

    I think with Brennan’s innate ability to ask those questions and not back down, and if something called for it, this would be the place it would happen. But still, it’s hard to see the exact scenario with so many instances of Booth walking away! He even did it when Brennan brought up his heritage of John Wilkes Booth(“Proof In the Pudding”)! So I don’t know how it would happen. But, it seems like a fight might be the only way for Booth to talk about it now that I think about it, unless Brennan broke down again like she did in “Mayhem on a Cross”, someone dies like in “The Soldier on the Grave”, or Jared is an idiot again like in “Con Man in the Meth Lab”.
    Which, are the three moments where Booth himself agreed to talk about anything.

  16. I’m more with Ryn and Janet on this. At first I wanted a fight, but I’m afraid of the harm it could do. Does it have to be a fight? Is there another way for them to clear the air? I hope they can sit down one day and have an honest conversation and express everything that they’ve felt – hurt, anger, love, jealousy, happiness, whatever. Even if they need a mediator for that conversation, but I hope not. If they did I would have to pick Gordon Gordon over Sweets because he’s more respected by both (maturity and experience) and has a better chance of being listened too.)

    I also agree that some people have made the issues between B&B bigger than what they are. I haven’t seen Brennan blame Booth for anything – she only claims to understand why he’s made the choices he’s made. She doesn’t claim to be happy with them, but she does accept them. So far it looks like she blames herself more for not even giving him a chance and letting something so special to her slip through her fingers. I’m not convinced that she feels betrayed by Booth. She understands the need for distance – she’s the one who initiated that by going to Maluku. She understood that things couldn’t stay the same.


    I am NOT spoiler free so I know the temptation to spill, but we MUST honor & respect Ms. Seels’ desire to stay spoiler free. She’s given us SO much the least we can do is keep our comments clean of any spillage!

    On topic…

    Bingo baby! This is EXACTLY what BB needs to get back on track! So long as nothing physical is involved – I still have issues with Brennan hitting Booth in TPitH…although I attempt to give her leeway because that episode was so emotionally momentous for her! But yelling? Screaming? Hitting tables and walls with fists? Hell to the YEAH! And yet…I don’t want it to end with anything sexual. No kissing. No sex against walls or on tables. That can wait until later. Those things must be kept VERY special. The end of a nasty fight…that deserves a long, lingering guy hug!

    I’ll be misting…okay, who am I kidding – I’ll be bawling like Bones in the car scene from TDitP!~MorWeb

  18. I had a lot I was going to say (maybe I was scared off by the limit of 500 words – LOL!), however, it just comes down to this:

    My idea of the best case scenario: no big fight…but…

    I’d like to see B&B let it all out…all those pent up emotions…then cry, hug and comfort each other…ending with a kiss and maybe other things *evil grin*. I can dream, can’t I?

  19. Oooo. Interesting question! That was fun to think about. *fans self* I think the reason that Booth and Brennan haven’t had a real fight is the same reason they haven’t gone at each other and had the Wild Monkey Sex we’ve all been waiting patiently for, they both have phenomenal self control. Booth is the child of an abusive alcoholic. We tend to avoid conflict at all costs. And Booth, because of the physical violence in his past and probably with his skills and physical size would be extra careful not to unleash the anger. Brennan also has trauma in her past and also sort of cloaks herself in her “mania” for purely rational behavior at all costs. Also, I believe they fight less and less as they know more about each other’s past. Neither of them would ever deliberately hurt they other and they are more and more careful not to do it unintentionally as time goes on. A fight really could clear the air between them. It just depends on HOW they fight. Do they fight dirty and insult each other? Or do they just let it all out? I think ultimately they’ll be able to be safe enough with each other to just let it all go, all that self control, and just be in the moment with each other and it will be really stunningly beautiful when those two incredibly strong, controlled people finally just “snap”. (And I mean that on two levels) I will be looking forward to it even more after this post! 🙂 As a slight aside, did anyone see the Dancing With the Stars season with Erin Andrews and Maksim Chmerkovsky? They fought constantly but still worked well together. When it was rumored they were an actual couple they showed one of their arguments and my husband and I looked at each other and said “The sex must be amazing!” I don’t know if you can ship an actual couple but I totally did for those two! 😉 FTW, baby, for the win! 🙂

  20. It is a very interesting question and when reading the post and comments, I kept asking myself: what would be a sufficient reason for them to fight? There has always had some hot topics between them (like religion and Booth’s faith in God and monogamy) and if Brennan used to say out loud what she thought of those topics in her very special and direct way, it isn’t the case anymore. While she agreed on some topics that Booth was right (like monogamy in SitS), she is now more and more open and is able to communicate her opinions in a more delicate way-even when she disagrees! Honestly, when thinking of a topic that would bring them to fight I simply cannot find one!
    Though I fantasize on them having a big fight and having make-up sex afterward (!!) I agree with Janet (ProfeJMarie) that it would probably add more problems to their –already complicated- situation/relationship/partnership (whatever they want to call it!).
    Overall, I would not like them to fight in a violent or aggressive verbal way as I guess that would cut too deep BUT I definitely want to see them fight for each other. On the 100th, we see Booth asking her to take a chance on them and when he is rejected he simply walks away with Brennan, telling her he has to move on. He didn’t try to prove her she was wrong (for more that 2 minutes I mean!) nor to really look behind what she had said … The same thing with Brennan in the DitP. She didn’t try to convince him otherwise as of course, she wants him happy so she won’t do anything to hurt him.
    So yes, I would like to see these two fight for each other; being confident that they could bring happiness to the other one and also to themselves. And maybe one of them –or even the 2 of them- may spill the L word!

  21. Oh, wow, this question is genius. Genius, I tell you! There are so many thoughts running around my head, I’m having trouble being coherent. But … the first thing that jumps to mind is that they haven’t yet have a real, drag down, yelling some much needed TRUTHS at each other kinda fight because it will leave them scraped raw and with absolutely no barriers left.

    I think it was mentioned above and I agree 100% that the type of fight we’re talking about might be exactly what they need but could also leave their relationship damaged forever and I don’t think either one is willing to risk that. But I’ll tell you this much, if all we get are soft smiles over pie, I will be pissed, lol! Not even kidding, there’s got to be more than that and HH better realize that! 🙂

  22. I don’t think they need to fight. I think they just need to have an honest conversation using “I” and “You” not “some people” and “that person”.

    B & B have spent the last 5 1/2 years dancing around each other and hinting and telling riddles and speaking in metaphor and saying things without actually saying them…

    Even the infamous “line” was never specifically drawn, it was implied and inferred.

    Even in the “breakthrough” episodes, Booth doesn’t say he loves her he says let’s give this a shot and I want to be loved for 50 years. Brennan says she made a mistake and missed her chance. Still vague, still deniable. They each think they know what the other means but they don’t, really. They assume as much about each other as they do about themselves.

    So I don’t want them to fight. I want them to be forced to only say sentences that begin with “I feel” and end with “about you”.

    If Sweets were even the slightest bit competent as a therapist he’d have done this with them years ago. We need Gordon Gordon to kidnap them and lock them in his restaurant freezer until they work things out.

  23. Just want to say a huge congrats to the 5 authors of these fab responses! You have certainly set the bar high for the rest of us who have signed up for 5×500.

    Thanks for your insightful, thought provoking comments and to Seels for allowing us to be involved on this level.

    Do I want a fight? Well, I want something. I want passion and fire. I’m in the ‘it’ll happen eventually’ camp, and have wondered how that eventually will happen. Maybe they just need to yell, accuse, hurt, apologise & reconcile – you know, get it out of their system. I feel like there is so much just below the surface…

  24. I found all of these answers really interesting, so thanks and congrats responsers!

    I am itching to see a B&B fight, and I really think they need it in order to move from their stalemate and onto eventually. Although we have gotten so close before, I think the last true fight they ever had was in their first meeting in the flashback, when Brennan slaps him across the face and tells him she’ll never work with him again (oh how wrong she was…). That was full of passion and truth. They didn’t hold anything back. They said what they thought, and just left the other person to deal with it. That was a fight. And they worked through it. They have this realtionship now because of it.

    In the past they have come close to other fights, but most of the time I don’t believe they were fights as much as Booth getting frustrated. Con Man- he is annoyed at Bones for believing the lies his brother says about him; NatBM- he’s upset that Brennan talked about Booth at her dinner with Hacker because “what’s ours is ours”, but really he’s just annoyed that Brennan’s going out with his boss of him in the first place; Player under Pressure – he gets annoyed at Brennan for calling him a jock, but he doesn’t fight it, he just is frustrated with what she thinks about it. None of these were really a fight, they were more just a serious end to their bicking… but all of them ended with someone walking away frustrated. And that’s the problem right there. They were frustrated because they didn’t say what they wanted to say.

    And this brings me to their problem, why I don’t believe they have ever fought since their first meeting. They are terrified of the truth. Not only the truth of what the other person thinks but the truth of what they feel as well. In the first meeting they were able to just go all out, say what they felt, not scared of the honesty because they probably wouldn’t work together again anyway. But now, there is soo much more on the line. There are so many more things to say. They’re first fight was volatile enough as it is, imagine one with 7 years pent up annoyance and frustration. I’d be able to hear it all the way over here, on the other side of the globe. However, i think it’s needed. And I think, if they ever want (and lets hope they do) a proper relationship, then they NEED this truth.

    Also just like to add something… I find it interesting that Booth is nearly always the one to get frustrated or mad at Brennan, and never the other way around. Sure, Brennan gets annoyed when Booth proves her wrong, but a lot of the rest of the time she just excepts what he does as being the right thing to do. Booth, however, will just get annoyed at her bluntness, no matter how sweet she is trying to be. This is also something that they need to fix in order to have a big fight. Brennan needs to, for once, hold her ground and instead of thinking Booth is always right when it comes to human interaction, she should think “hey, wait a second, that’s just not fair!” and tell him. She needs to believe in what Booth has taught her.

    Doubt that is 500 words, but ah well, it’s just such an interesting question. Oh and nearly forgot, I’d love the fight to end in a little FTW! hehe

  25. One of the things that Booth loves the most about Brennan is that you can’t intimidate her…she doesn’t back down…”Nobody can make Bones do anything if she doesn’t want to”… His life was filled with intimication…back down…cowering…avoiding getting beaten. He is clearly struggling with that in his life, hence shooting clowns…having outbursts of temper toward people who try to put him down or intimidate him…But when it comes to Bones, I think he actually loves and respects the fact that she’s not someone you can scream and yell at. She makes him a better person because she’s so strong. So, A huge fight? I don’t see it happening. I think that reduces her in his mind. I think that Brennan will use logic to present her she did in the episode when she tells Booth “I find that I have a sick feeling in my stomach becuase if you don’t believe that love conquers all, then what you told me about my father and I, is not accurate” or something like that! She presents her feelings…very clearly, in a rational thoght out way, and accurate, clearly reasoned way, which takes all the wind out of his anger. He can’t help but stop and think. I think this is so much more effective than an all out fight! I find that kind of fight, then up against the wall to be beneath them…and Cliche’. I’d love to see her say everything that calls him on his crap…using the same kind of thought out reasoned logic, mixed with some real deep emotional feelings…and see Booth sit and think….then let her know why and what he feels, really bare his soul,….And Booth can deal with his anger, abandonment, worthlessness, guilt issues here…admitting it all! Brennan can then use Logic to completely erase all fo those issues in his mind…or possibly just a hand on the arm…. “I know Booth…I know all of this, logically this should diminish my adiration for you, yet it seems these things only make me admire you more.” I think this would be so much more Bones…and so much more emotional than an up against the wall fight!

  26. There are so many good ideas and explanations here that I feel I would only re-hash something someone has said.

    I think they need to air out their issues and really get to the heart of the matter– they have deep feelings for one another and they are too afraid to act on them for fear that they will lose the other in their life. Someone pointed out that “they flinched,” which I think is an accurate description of what they did and have been doing.

    As Brennan becomes more emotionally open, I think the floodgates could swing wide. What will they fight about? I really don’t think they will air out everything from the past; in fact, I think something metaphorical for their past slights will trigger the fight. Booth could feel abandoned by her, their partnership and friendship dismissed, if Brennan decided to go on another dig and cause Booth to question her commitment to them. Out of frustration and bitterness and self-pity, Booth could erupt in self-righteous anger that she’s doing what she’s always done and she hasn’t really changed. Both have tempers; both are right and wrong here. Both could fight about the current issue but really be ripping into the past slights that have kept them apart. They would both know that the fight is more than skin deep; they would both know that they are fighting to find a new equilibrium for their relationship. They both have abandonment issues and I really think that could set off a fight and allow them to unearth the old hurts and deal with them in light of a new possible separation.

  27. They will be forced to confront a whole new life thats coming thats going to be presented to them and there could conceivably be difficulties along the way. He used to be Booth and Brennans therapist but now it seems to be a little unclear.SN Initially they tried to dismiss Sweets because he was so young and so inexperienced but in the last few years theyve come to realize how brilliant he is.

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