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Booth’s Last Stand: The Evidence in the Theory


Hey there Bones Theory friends! I don’t know about you, but my head is spinning after the wild and crazy roller coaster ride called Bones that we’ve been on the last few weeks. As Katy Perry would say, Booth has been pretty hot and cold lately where Brennan is concerned, and that’s left a lot of us struggling to figure out exactly how much to read into recent developments. On one hand, he’s taken up staring at her when she isn’t looking (be still my rapidly beating heart).

On the other hand, he (perhaps justifiably) told Hannah about Brennan’s confession of feelings for him and his own “past” feelings for her

and, at some point after The Doctor in the Photo, began wearing decidedly NOT-cocky belt buckles and ties.

With all these conflicting actions and reactions, what’s an unapologetically positive shipper fangirl (who likes to think about Bones way too much) to do? Ah well, I’m sure you’ve figured out by now that I’m going to tell you exactly what I think has been going on inside of FBI Special Agent Seeley Booth’s head lately and then invite you to tell the rest of us what you think.

Before I get started, I think it’s worth mentioning that Sarah brought up some very interesting points in her scene study of The Sin in the Sisterhood on Sunday (“They Make a Nice Couple, Don’t They?” 2/6/11) and Bones friend Andrea Gilroy posted her own interpretation of Booth’s recent actions in the comments for Friday’s MAQ (“Gotta Be Bad to Be Good,” 2/4/11). Both are relevant to today’s discussion and well worth the read if you haven’t done so already. As for me, I’ve got a slightly different take…  

I’m going to be honest and tell you that the end of The Sin in the Sisterhood left me feeling pretty confused. I wasn’t sure how to interpret Booth’s reassurance to Brennan that, “he’s not going anywhere.” Even now I still don’t know that I fully understand the intended meaning behind his words. But if there’s one thing I do understand, it’s that he was referring to Brennan when he said, “there’s always one that you love the most.” The only problem with that, of course, is that he’s in a serious, committed relationship with another woman (who, apparently, is not the one he loves the most). And this is the point at which my brain explodes because, let’s face it, if you’ve figured out who you love the most (and it seems like he has) and you know that said person loves you the most too (and it seems like she does), then why on earth are you still with the one whom you do not love the most?

Yes, I know, he’s scared. All things considered, a relationship with Brennan, even now that her heart and eyes are wide open to the beautiful reality of love, is still a huge risk, especially from where he’s standing (next to a beautiful woman who not only loves him, but sacrificed to be with him). Why step out into the cold unknown when you’re perfectly warm and cozy at home? And then there’s the same old fear that if they attempted a relationship, and it failed, that their partnership and friendship would never be the same. I get that. They’re all valid fears. But why, if the answer is that he’s afraid, was there no fear in his eyes in that scene? He was confident. Cocky almost. “There’s someone for everyone, you’ve just got to be open enough to see it” Booth-y. It’s all downright odd, especially when you consider that he’s had three drastically different reactions to Brennan in three consecutive episodes. So what gives? Well, as the title of this post implies, I think what has “given” is Booth himself. He’s in the middle of what is, literally, his last stand.

Booth’s Last Stand, of course, is a reference to Custer’s Last Stand and that’s actually the first thing I thought of after noticing the missing cocky belt buckle in The Body in the Bag. For reference purposes, General George Armstrong Custer is rather infamously known for leading his troops to a crushing defeat at the Battle of the Little Bighorn in 1876, also known as Custer’s Last Stand (check out Wikipedia for additional details).

By telling Hannah about Brennan’s confession in The Doctor in the Photo (and by abandoning the cocky belt buckle and flashy ties), I think Booth was trying to reinforce his new center (his and Hannah’s relationship) by rebuilding the metaphorical walls around his heart after the pounding they took in The Bullet in the Brain (which we’ll get to in a minute) and to a lesser extent, The Doctor in the Photo. Confident that he had adequately patched the holes in his armor, he made the fatal mistake of rushing headlong back into battle and, for lack of a better term, he got annihilated.

After The Bullet in the Brain aired, I said that I wished the episodes had been aired in their originally intended order because I felt that Booth’s attempts to distance himself from Brennan in The Body in the Bag were better explained post “look.” Now my personal interpretation of “the look” is that it’s the moment when Booth realized he was still in love with Brennan (or for those of you who prefer a more non-committal approach, that he still had feelings for her). Regardless of the level of emotion involved, I don’t think this was a happy realization for him. I think he felt like he had suffered enough; that he was happy now; that loving Temperance Brennan wasn’t worth the risk to his heart and his current relationship. And cue the emotional distancing we saw in The Body in the Bag.

 But then the The Sin in the Sisterhood aired, and I found myself flip-flopping like a weak politician. I couldn’t figure out how to explain what would have essentially been an 180-degree turnaround in his behavior towards Brennan from one week to the next, had the episodes aired in their originally intended order (The Bullet in the Brain, The Body in the Bag, The Sin in the Sisterhood). The intensity of his reaction to Brennan in The Sin in the Sisterhood seemed better explained when viewed as part of a more gradual progression (the way the episodes actually aired as opposed to how they were supposed to air). And that really kind of threw me for a loop…until I remembered General Custer.

I think it was a blitz attack. One he didn’t see coming until it was too late. Perhaps he should have recognized the signs that he was starting to let his guard down around her again. Sarah mentioned their “almost manic laughter” in the Prius scene in her MAQ on Friday, pointing out that perhaps, “they were both sort of surprised by how much they were feeling in that moment.” It must have felt so good to laugh with her again, to simply relax after holding her at arm’s length for so long.

Does it come as any surprise, then, that by the time they sat down for drinks at the Founding Fathers at the end of the episode, he had unwittingly let his guard down completely? It was so natural, slipping back into the Booth and Brennan they used to be, that I simply think he forgot to be aware of what was actually happening. And for the first time, as Sarah said in her GMMR review, he toed the line between honorable and dishonorable. It’s not like Brennan didn’t warn him. He just didn’t listen. And, like General Custer, he walked into battle ill-equipped and unprepared for what lay ahead. And this time, his walls were completely obliterated, leaving his heart naked and exposed to the reality that he’s been trying so hard to protect himself from. The reality, of course, that while he can, and does, love two women (albeit in different ways), that ultimately he can’t have them both.  

If what we’ve seen up until this point is any indication, there will be consequences. For every action, after all, there is an equal and opposite reaction. The walls, they may be gone now, but the conflict? The conflict remains. 

So what do you think? Is this Booth’s last stand? If not, how do you interpret Booth’s recent actions? If you have an alternate theory, feel free to post it in the comments. Obviously this is all conjecture, and I could be completely wrong, but the real fun is in the speculation (we won’t tell Brennan we’re jumping to conclusions, okay?), so let’s speculate! Please remember that Bones Theory is a spoiler-free zone, so no references to future episodes. Thanks!


26 thoughts on “Booth’s Last Stand: The Evidence in the Theory

  1. I believe that Booth has been fighting with himself since Doctor In The Photo. He finally heard what he wanted to hear from Brennan (although she didn’t really use the exact words) that she made a mistake by not trying to commit to him and that she loved him (unspoken but loudly heard). When he went to Afghanistan he was determined to move on. He thought Brennan had abandoned their partnership and friendship. He felt he had to find someone else. He didn’t think Brennan would ever change and he no longer wanted to be alone. He found Hannah and he was determined to make it work with someone who really cared for him. Then came Doctor In The Photo. Brennan cares for him. What can he do? He is afraid that even though Brennan has said she made a mistake, he doesn’t really know what that all means. He knows Brennan does not believe in committing to anyone. He desperately wants commitment. He distants himself from her emotionally and continues to work with her. Then comes Bullet In The Brain. He realizes that he still loves her. Again, he is afraid. He has Hannah, he loves Brennan. He so desperately wants to do the right thing; but, what is the right thing? Do you stay in a relationship with someone who loves you; but, you don’t love the most? Do you try to get out of that relationship and try to get Brennan to consider committing to you, jeopardizing the friendship and partnership that gives you stabiltiy in a life that has little? Booth appeared to let his guard down and try to be more open and more Boothy in his friendship with Brennan. What harm can it do? Then he finds himself very comfortable with Brennan. Their friendship appears to be back. He likes it and is giddy with emotion because it looks like he can be close to Brennan again. Now, he has a major problem. Booth has to to decide. What is the honorable thing to do? Do you continue with Hannah, even though she is not the one and in the end could cause you to turn bitter because you don’t have the one you really want or do you walk away from Hannah and try to get Brennan to commit to you, knowing that if it does not work out this time, you could lose your best friend? I feel sorry for Booth, Brennan and Hannah. Someone and possibly everyone is going to get hurt.

  2. I don’t agree that this is the first time Booth toed the line between honorable and dishonorable.

    The very first time he met Brennan, he admitted he was dating someone, but that didn’t stop him from taking her up on her tequila-fueled proposition (of course she knew he was dating someone and she made the proposition anyway…)

    In the first season, Man in the SUV, Booth and Brennan are at Sid’s after the case and he’s miserable and she makes it better and he offers to buy her another drink, and the look on his face is very clearly NOT “hey we’re just colleagues!” It’s obvious enough that Brennan feels the need to remind him to go home to his girlfriend.

    In season 2, he is all over that line, which is ironic given that season 2 is the year of the infamous professional line. Does anyone really think that if Brennan knew about Booth and Cam she’d have been so enthusiastic about Tony and Roxie? You could argue that Booth and Cam weren’t serious, but the way Booth slammed the computer screen down, the look on Cam’s face when she overheard Booth calling Brennan “hot” – the fact that in the very next episode Cam is pushing for them to take their own vacation…and regardless of what Booth and Cam might agree to, I don’t believe for a second that season 2 Brennan would let Booth slap her on the but and share a hotel room while he’s sleeping with Cam.

    Booth also blows off Cam in Girl in the Curl in one of the steamiest, flirtiest B&B codas of all time. The entire relationship with Cam is one big exercise in putting Brennan first all day and going to bed with Cam at night.

    When Brennan is with Sully, he toes the line again. Sure, he seems supportive, and he guiltily tells her to sail off at the end, but why does he feel guilty? Because he’s been purposely interrupting Brennan and Sully all along, knowing she won’t know why he’s really doing it. And his unrestrained glee that she didn’t go off with Sully…well it isn’t dishonorable per se, but it’s certainly selfish.

    For the next three seasons Booth and Brennan don’t have significant others, so the issue disappears, but I, for one, am not surprised that Booth cannot effectively balance his personal relationship with Hannah and his whatever-it-is-now relationship with Brennan. As the last 5.5 seasons have borne out, he will basically do anything to keep from being parted from her. As he told Sweets back in season 3, “That’s not going to happen.”

    I’m not trying to bash Booth here – I love Booth! I just think his recent behavior isn’t so surprising, because he’s always had this problem. He does have an addictive personality, after all.

    And like an addict, he’s not going to quit trying to have them both until he hits rock bottom, which has to be coming soon because at his heart he is an honorable person and he’s going to feel guilty pretty soon, if he isn’t already.

    • Barbara – I agree with the examples you’ve given here. Booth didn’t toe the line in previous seasons with Brennan as much as he trampled it, and while I think you can argue intent (did he really realize what he was doing?), it’s a very valid point.

      However, when I mentioned Booth being right up against the line for the first time, I was specifically referring to his behavior this season. His actions in The Sin in the Sisterhood were very reminiscent of previous seasons, but it’s definitely the first time we’ve seen this type of behavior from him since he’s been with Hannah. And I think that’s very intentional on the part of the writers. It’ll be interesting to see if he falls back into that old pattern again…

      • I agree that the writers are being intentional. And I think the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior, which is why I wanted to bring up all those past examples.

        (Ftr, I think the behavior with Sully in Boneless Bride was intentional. He knew exactly what he was doing when he ahoy’ed the boat. Which is why he felt so guilty afterward and dragged them to see Gordon Gordon. The stuff with Cam, I think, was subconscious, but once she was in the hospital and it got real, so to speak, he realized what he’d done and felt horribly guilty.)

        Which brings us back to past behavior predicting future behavior. When push comes to shove, he cannot stay away from his Bones. He will remove any obstacles between them no matter how horrible and guilty it makes him feel once those obstacles are gone and he realizes what he did to get rid of them.

      I said it in another post that what we are seeing with Booth and Brennan now is no different than what we saw when they were involved with SO earlier. The only thing different is that they have both admitted to having feelings for each other at some other time.

      I am very pro-Booth. He is an honorable guy, but their “talks” and “looks” when they had SO are no different now than they have been before in earlier seasons. There is more knowledge behind it but flirting with a line and their actions are no different.

      Totally agree!

  3. Oh wow, they are in such a pickle aren’t they!

    This is a brilliant post, and I also really like Laffer’s comment above. Booth is totally stuck between a rock and a hard place.

    Before DitP, Booth could be content in the knowledge that he made the right choice in moving on and was pleased that he’d found someone with whom he could build a life and find some happiness with. He was pleased that, while maintaining an appropriate distance, he could also have his partnership and working relationship with Brennan.

    Then, boom. DitP happened and it was like a wrecking ball through Booth’s carefully maintained emotional landscape. The bright flame of hope that had been so definitively extinguished through the end of season 5 suddenly flickered back into life. It was only a weak glimmer, but it was there again.

    Hence why he battened down the hatches and defiantly tried to keep that light out in BitB – (probably saying to himself something like; ‘look, see, I’m ok, Brennan saying that hasn’t affected me at all, I’ve even hold Hannah about it’) – he tried to hold tightly onto this new life he’d created, which actually was starting to tilt on its axis after Brennan’s admission.

    Then comes Bullet, and Booth is thrown for another loop. How he feels and believes about his past as a sniper, to which he was previously fairly well reconciled, is suddenly being challenged. Someone he trusted is now the bad guy. And he sees Brennan with that conch and her sweet, childlike innocence pains him because he knows it’s going to be a long tough journey to stop this new unexpected enemy. But he watches her standing there looking happy, listening to her heart, and the candle flame burns a bit brighter inside him.

    Sin in the Sisterhood was an interesting episode – it felt like one from a much earlier season. They were so much more relaxed than they’d previously been, laughing together and just relaxing and enjoying being around each other again. But it was a ‘slip’ on Booth’s part, a slip in the ‘I’ve moved on’ facade – he didn’t see it coming, but in those weeks since DitP his world has tilted almost completely back towards her. This is why I feel he’s still on the ‘honourable’ side of the line, purely because Booth had no idea bless him. He’s tried so hard, but he can’t help it. I’ve struggled with what he meant when he said ‘that person’s not going anywhere’ and I’m still not sure exactly what he meant, but I do feel fairly confident that that exchange with Brennan was one of the only times this season we’ve seen Booth be unguarded and unconsidered in his response to her. His truth slipped out. And the look he gave her made me feel like that small flame of possibility that flickered into life in DitP is now a raging fire inside him. Does he realise it’s there? Will he try to extinguish it? Or will he bravely confront the heat and risk of burn like he did once before?

  4. Poor Booth; he’s been pummeled emotionally since the coma dream. I think he loved Brennan way before then but the dream, combined with the knowledge that she wrote the story, coalesced into the “Aha, I’m in love with her” moment in Harbingers. He spent most of season 5 trying to figure out what it all meant, gauging her reactions, double checking his feelings until he took the polar plunge in the 100th. Now the woman he loves but figured he could never have has seemingly opened the door a little but he’s hitched himself to a fig tree. He’s painted himself into a corner with Hannah and getting out is bound to be very messy. (Enough metaphors for you?)

    Booth, being the heart guy, tends to be impulsive; with Tessa, Rebecca, Cam and with the declaration in the 100th he’s essentially jumped into emotional situations head first without really considering the consequences. Sure, he went back and forth before the 100th, but ultimately he let Sweets talk him into taking action even when he must have suspected Brennan wasn’t ready. His words in Sin were spoken on impulse as well. The longing look in Bullet was born out of a slow recognition that old feelings might still be there; in Sin, I’m totally with you on the “letting your guard down” thing. Booth let himself get comfortable in the car, unaware of what it would do to him later. Brennan essentially snuck back into his life through the back door when he was only prepared for a frontal assault. Brennan is just being Brennan in the bar; no flirtation, just genuine curiosity. But he had already been lulled into a false sense of security in the car and now when he responds to her he’s in full heart mode. He lets the moment take over and, to me at least, his words sound an awful lot like an acknowledgement of how he really feels.

    I don’t think Booth was sorry about what he said at the time because the rational part of him wasn’t fully operational, but I’m pretty sure he’ll be sorry later (possibly today) because he has essentially allowed himself to acknowledge that he still loves Brennan even with all of Hannah’s charms still in the picture. I’m sure Booth will end up seeing his words and lingering feelings as a form of cheating, an emotional betrayal, and guilt is bound to make him overcompenaste to Hannah. This should get interesting very, very soon. Happy Bones Day everyone!

    • Oh my gosh – I need to stop reading comments while I’m eating. I nearly spit milk all over my computer screen when I read “hitched himself to a fig tree!”

  5. Great, great ideas here! I just have to add to your ending here, where you say the walls are gone, but the conflict is still there. I absolutely agree with you here, that the conflict is still there, but I would add that it’s blazing hotter than ever, as it were. I don’t know how much longer Booth can ignore it, not after Sin in the Sisterhood. Before, the conflict was there. He had feelings for Brennan, but somewhat successfully was convincing himself that he really was in love with Hannah, and Hannah alone. But he’s past the point of convincing himself now. You’re right–now he’s let his guard down just the teensiest bit, and it’s like the floodgates open up, and his feelings for her come rushing back, in a way that he can’t possibly ignore for much longer. This needs to be dealt with, and I think he’s aware of that. How he deals with it is another story, but I don’t see how he could possibly pretend much longer that his feelings for Brennan are in the past. We’ve always known it, but now he knows it too. The conflict is not only there, but it’s grown so big that it’s impossible to miss. Hannah or Brennan? We’re waiting, Booth…

  6. I’m a shipper to the bone (no pun intended) so I never say “last” with these two. No matter how messy things may get for a while, I’m always going to hope with a shipper heart…as crazy as that sounds.

  7. Awesomeness Steph!

    Love this post.

    I’ll keep this brief for once. Booth is….well, basically he’s screwed! LOL

    I’ve always said that for me Booth (in the 100th and prior) has been in love with the idea of being with Brennan but not actually in love with Brennan…make sense? Probably not but that’s not my point…in Bullet and Sisters it’s the first time that i’ve seen more from him.

    We’ve know he cares…he’s always cared nd he’s always wanted her (even when he hated her! LOL) but now…i kind of feel like i’m watching him fall for her…Brennan i mean.

    To be sure his timing sucks…he’s with Hannah. But now it’s almost like the reverse…the idea of Hannah is perfect to Booth. She’s beautiful, sexy, funny and loves him…she’s the easy option and i think that was what was so attractive to him. He doesn’t have to work at it and his heart is much safer with Hannah then Brennan.

    With Brennan nothing is easy for him. She makes him work for it…she doesn’t always mean to but she does. I think for a time that he relished the challenge…but eventually he got tired, as we all would. So he settled for easy. Not as thrilling, but easier to live with.

    But…bugger, i’ve completely lost my train of thought and have no idea what i was trying to say! 😦

    Right, i may have to come back tomorrow to finish this…hopefully by then i have found my train of thought again! LOL

    • Yes. Yes, yes, yes, a million times, yes! I don’t know where you were going either, but you’re spot on with this first bit.

      Sometimes, when cannon gets really dark to me, I like to think about how all this awfulness is changing our beloved B&B, tempering them, making them better and stronger than they would’ve been before…
      Because you’re right, pre-100, it was easy for them both, and now they’re seeing each other in a whole new light. A gritty real-life kind of light, and I can’t help but hope that the harsher light will show them both to be even greater people than they were before. To our eyes and to theirs.

      • Hahaha, glad you agree!!

        I’ve reread this again today and STILL have no idea where i was going with it 😉

    • I’m more fascinated that you think he was falling in love with her in Bullet and Sisters than in your basic theory. LOL. Why now? What’s changed, particularly since he’s got Hannah?

      • FINALLY got back to this…how bad have i been?! LOL

        Falling for her, not falling in love with her. How fussy am i?! 😛

        I just think he’s seeing her for her…you know? Before, for me (and this is very much a personal thing), Booth had this idealised idea of what being with Brennan would be like. And in a way, he had an idealised idea of who Brennan is.

        I’m not doing a very good job of explaining myself, am i? I’m blaming my excitement about watching the new episode…i think i’ll go watch it now, then maybe i’ll be a bit more coherant! LOL

  8. I really, really like this post today. So many people have made great insights. I agree with the general consensus here, of Booth trying to hold down the fort on his feelings for Brennan. Of course, we’ve seen him wavering now, so how much longer can he hold on? What I really like about it all is that Brennan has wormed her way back into Booth’s heart without even trying and being completely unaware of it. It didn’t take some near death-experience to get the fire going again. It was just being around her, and she was just being herself. But Booth can’t have his cake and eat it, too. Two’s company…

    I want B&B together, with no one in between. I know there are people who think Hannah will fit the bill because she’s so wonderful. And you know what, I think she is, and she would be great as somebody’s girlfriend, just not Booth’s. It’s note even just about who Booth loves more. When I think about who loves Booth more, hands down it’s Brennan. When Brennan really believes in something, she throws herself into it 100% (because there’s nothing more.) I disagreed with the implication in tDitP that she’s not a very passionate woman. In HitF, Avalon had a point about what lies beneath her outside rational layer. Can you imagine all her love and attention being focused on Booth? At times, she even adores him. She hurts when he hurts, even from the beginning. I don’t see Hannah being anywhere close to that in terms of an emotional connection. Here’s hoping to the end of Booth & Hannah tonight.

    • What has given me hope for a while now is that they didn’t expand on Hannah’s character. What did this tell me? That she was never intended to be the love of Booth’s life. As you said…Hannah has never been anywhere close to Bones in terms of an emotional connection. This is true precisely because she was intended only to be a speed bump in the road of B&B. Mind you…it was a large speed bump…as cosmicgirl liked to say…a blonde speedbump…that we all screamed and cried about. But, for me…the lack of expansion on Hannah and her connection to Booth signals one thing…she was never the ONE nor was she intended to be the ONE…that belongs to Bones.

  9. Sarajade, I agree with you 100%. But it feels somehow a bit strange to add a person, with no character, to a show for so long. Nothing was really achieved, except stress for us fans.

    • Yes. That’s why the whole premise of a GF didn’t make sense. This was my biggest complaint as the season started. Of course, I don’t know what’s going to happen in future episodes. I could be completely wrong….but I’m thinking not…hoping not. There’s no substance to Hannah’s character so I’ve always seen her as a very, very minor character who was only brought on to upset the apple cart.

      • I don’t think nothing was achieved. Brennan has confronted her feelings enough to express her regret and not deny them anymore. Something I think would have taken longer to happen. Obviously, close calls with death aren’t enough with these two who are constantly facing down death. Also, I think it also brought out the fact that Booth needs Brennan, too. In previous seasons, it was usually about Brennan needing Booth. One can argue different (and possibly better) ways to go about achieving those things, but it’s Hart’s story, not mine, and it was within the realm of possibility.
        If Hannah is on one more episode after tonight, she has overstayed her welcome for me. I know she took up half the season, but at least she wasn’t in every episode. Or maybe they should have done it straight through, back-to-back episodes with her until she finally left? *shudders*

  10. This many be totally off-topic, but do you ever think that the B&B we’re seeing now is the beginning of the B&B from Brennan’s story in the season 4 finale? The quote from the end, where she writes “Maybe they’ll break your heart, maybe you’ll break their heart and never be able to look at yourself in the same way”…maybe that’s where they’re at. They’ve both kind of confessed to the other one AND broken the other one’s heart, and now they don’t know what to do. Especially Booth. He has Hannah to think about, along with Brennan. I think he’s just trying to hold onto what he knows he has, but losing himself in what he wishes he had. In Brennan’s words, it’s heartcrushing to think about. But it’s just a theory.

  11. Saw 6×13. That’s it. I’m officially giving up on Bones. Sorry, Emily D!

  12. Brennan/ED was just too gorgeous in BitB with the conch shell. I am a girl and I went ‘wow’. I think it was unfair on Booth they had to use such a breathtakingly beautiful scene for that. the guy had no chance whatsoever.
    The eps should have aired in the proper order as it made more sense IMO. I can see that being the reason why he had to tell Hannah and Sweets what Brennan had said. But after the SitS look, another intervention should be round the corner as being a Catholic, the guilt will kill him if not Hannah if she finds out anything is amiss.

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