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Booth, Baby.


“Booth is…he is what he is, and after the 100th episode, we’ll see he’s got to make some changes, you know…internally. Which is fine for him. He doesn’t see anything as a loss; he’s very optimistic, always has been. I don’t think one of his main goals is to get married. I think Booth is…he’s pretty simple, blue collar kind of a guy, and he loves…he loves the simple things in life. You know, if he were to find somebody that is a fit for him, and she is also in the same boat, then he’ll possibly entertain those thoughts. But you never know with his character. He’s got a lot of demons that we never really tapped into, and we look forward to diving into a little bit of his past next season as well as trying to figure out his path and how that works with Bones. And we’ll see what happens.”

~~~~~~David Boreanaz, March 2010


 This is the response David Boreanaz gave me when I asked him the following question, “My question for you is…about the 99th ep and the 100th ep and the future. How is Booth going to react to the fact that Sweets/Daisy and Jared/Padme might get married before him? Won’t that bother him? It’s kind of one of his life goals. What do you think?”

…And with all due respect, sir, I believe I’ll say I was right on that one, thank you very much! I’m not saying I’m the Booth expert or anything, but let’s just say…I’ve done my homework.

I guess if this post is anything, it’s a continuation of what has sort of turned into an unintentional series here on Bones Theory, as follows:

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So with that in mind, I want to study Booth in his current situation, his actions, and the reactions to his actions. Let’s tackle him! Um…I mean the subject of him. Of course I do.

All teasing aside re: David Boreanaz, I think Booth really DID/DOES want to be married. I think it absolutely is on his list of life goals. I think he was willing to go for a different outcome with Brennan, but only for her. I feel pity for Booth that he’s sort of stuck. When I’m in a pithy mood, I smile and grin at how awesome it is that Booth and Brennan won’t be happy with anyone but the other, but the truth is that the reality of that is a very miserable reality for Booth.

I think we learned a few things from him in Daredevil in the Mold. We learned he wants to be married, but we also learned that he wasn’t exactly happy with Brennan and Hannah being friends. That tiny little flinch he gives when Brennan says Hannah had called her (and for the record, I didn’t see that phonecall as being ‘BFF-esque’ or gossipy, but more along the lines of Hannah knowing Booth would be upset and wanting him to have a friend around)…the flinch and the way he just goes off right then proves to me that he wasn’t cool with it.

And who can blame him? He tells Hannah that at the time he met her, he didn’t think he could ever find someone else to be with. So then, he’s with Hannah, and it’s good…for what it was. The problem is that we didn’t see much of it. I’m sure that was deliberate. It’s not the point of this post (I’m debating on whether I take an actual post to once and for all open up a can on season six), so I’ll move on.

There’s been a lot of talk about how Hannah made sacrifices for Booth by coming to DC to be with him, and I’ll agree with that. But I think Booth also…well, I’m just not able to put in words what happened.

I guess this…he said he chose Hannah, and he did. He chose her over Brennan. For better or worse…that was his choice. Whether it was because he wanted to settle for second best…knowing the risk for pain wouldn’t be as great…I’m not sure. Maybe it was easier…I am not sure. I don’t blame him for it, though. And I feel sorry for him that it turned out the way it did.  The way I see it, Booth (mostly) did everything right. He made a choice and stuck with it. That Hannah rejected him makes him mad…because it reminds him that Brennan rejected him. And he’s mad that it comes back to Brennan again. Wouldn’t you be?

He’d tried so hard to get over Brennan, only to find himself sitting by her. And he was drunk and slightly out of control BEFORE she got to Founding Fathers…so of course THAT put him on edge.

And so he confessed that he was mad…at all of them. And he gave Brennan two choices. She could be his partner or she could leave.

Two choices.

I keep coming back to this idea of ‘two choices’, that somehow people are freaking out about Booth’s ultimatum there. You all know I’m spoiler free, and that means I don’t read articles, interviews, anything. Was this episode rushed? Maybe. A lot of BONES episodes are rushed, so that’s nothing new. Was it written in haste to wrap up the storyline at Fox’s demand? Who the heck knows? It’s impossible to say, and so I can’t weigh in on that. All I can discuss is the episode itself.

So, Brennan can be Booth’s partner, or she can leave. Let me ask you this…how many season finales have ended with Brennan leaving? Or I should say…how many season premieres have begun with Brennan coming BACK from somewhere? 4/6, right? Pilot, Titan on the Tracks, Harbingers/Fountain & Mastodon in the Room. In season three, Brennan hasn’t gone anywhere, but she has refused to work with Booth over the summer, it seems, and in season four, she and Booth go to London together. But in those four other premieres, she has been gone and come back. So perhaps Booth is sort of alluding to that. I have never begrudged Brennan going to Maluku or on any of her trips, as she is a world-renowned anthropologist. But perhaps Booth has sort of begrudged her that. Or maybe he’s just offering her the out. He figures she wants out, and he wants to make it easier for her, even if it breaks his heart again.

He says, “Me and you…we’re partners. That’s what we do.” Interesting. What does that mean? That they are deliberately partners? “Partners, ” he repeats. “And I love that. I think that’s great. And we’re good people who catch bad people, right?” He nods, and Brennan nods with him.

He goes on to explain how they solve cases and share drinks and celebrate, and says that is what he sees next. And then… “Are you okay with that?” And he nods again, assuming she will nod in return. But he quickly sees that she isn’t nodding.

She makes this face…and I think she’s coming to terms with just how much she hurt him, which of course was exactly what she DIDN’T want to do.

And we can see that he knows she’s not okay with it. Even in that moment, he can see her, and he can see that she knows exactly how much she hurt him, which was exactly what HE didn’t want to have happen. They both tried to protect each other…

She doesn’t answer, but it doesn’t matter, because he already knows the answer. He continues, saying “Great” in that way he does when he smooths things over. And he’s gotta be just so mad, right? Because he can see in her eyes that she wants more, but for one moment, he just can’t go there. If he does, then he’s wrong. And when you’ve just gotten dumped and another love of your life is sitting right there…the last thing in the world you want to be is wrong. If Brennan loves him now, then it doesn’t mean he was right all that time, it means he was wrong. So wrong. It means he didn’t wait or he did rush her, or that he was wrong about Hannah. And while it’s possible those things are true (I’m not convinced, but it is possible), IN THAT MOMENT, he doesn’t have to admit the truth of them!

Those of you who have commented that Booth was giving Brennan the chance to reject him again are correct, I believe. Very insightful, and the more I watch this scene (yes…the first season six episode I’ve rewatched!), the more I believe you are right. But I also find that the more I watch this scene, the more angry I get. Haha, I’ve told you I’m totally a Booth, for better or worse, basically, and I almost never get really mad. But when I see the reactions (not necessarily here at BT) to this scene, I just get into this red haze. If you’re like me, you don’t understand the idea that Booth is a jerk for giving her these ‘choices’. I take Booth too personally, sure, but it seems that he is being pinned to two choices as well: be perfect and never make mistakes in anything  (work, relationships, family life) or be called a jackass. Two choices.

I’m not saying he’s been perfect or anything like that. But I’d love someone to tell me ONE mistake he’s made that he hasn’t paid for. It seems to me that more than any other character on the show, Booth has to account for his actions. In fact, he often takes on responsibility for others’ mistakes too. So to me, it seems to me that he’s allowed one crappy night. He’s allowed to be mad (whether I am or not remains to be seen). He’s allowed to say things he might regret. He’s allowed to be somewhere in between perfect and not! I think he can see it plainly on Brennan’s face that he messed up. He knows it, and it’s being proven to him, and he doesn’t even look at her for the rest of the episode. That’s a crappy place to be, I think. And I feel he’s allowed to be in that spot. It’s an irrational pity party, but heck, I’ve been there. A lot of us have probably been there.

I’m very particular about BT readers NOT being called out on things they aren’t guilty of, so please excuse my one little rant there. But I guess if Booth is allowed one “I’m mad” moment (and interestingly enough…perhaps Brennan didn’t deserve to be on the end of that moment (though I kind of think it was good for her to hear), just like you don’t deserve to be on the end of my moment), I will also allow myself just one moment here. 🙂

 I’m reminded of the scene in Pain in the Heart when Brennan bust into his bathroom, and he finally just asks her, “What should I have done, Bones? What is it you want me to do?” What was Booth supposed to have done, here? Not just here…but for this entire season. Be perfect? Or be real?

Maybe DB actually DID say it best… “…you never know with his character. He’s got a lot of demons that we never really tapped into, and we look forward to diving into a little bit of his past next season as well as trying to figure out his path and how that works with Bones. And we’ll see what happens.”

Maybe, once and for all, Booth’s story will get to be told. Maybe he’ll man up and tell her he loves her one day…and not take it back. Maybe Brennan will prove to him that he’s worth loving. Maybe they’ll figure this thing out together.

That’s the path I want them on.

Peace, Love & Bones



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  1. Have I told you lately that a you are AWESOME? BRILLIANT! I’m with Booth, Baby, all the way.

  2. I want to respond to this, but I can’t right now–nearly in tears. 🙂

  3. And when you’ve just gotten dumped and another love of your life is sitting right there…the last thing in the world you want to be is wrong. If Brennan loves him now, then it doesn’t mean he was right all that time, it means he was wrong.

    Poor Booth, he so wanted to be over Brennan. He thought she had given up on there partnership when she said she wanted to go to Maluku so not only did he feel he had lost his chance with her when it came to love, he had also lost his chance to be her partner, her friend. She went to Maluku and he went to Afganisthan. He was there for a few months and met Hannah. She was interesting, probably exciting and she was interested in him. They had an affair and he was happier than he had been in a while. He leaves Hannah and comes back to D.C. He knew she was a career reporter so he didn’t expect anything from her. To his surprise, she followed him back to D.C. She moved in with him. She said she loved him. He was happy. He felt had moved on from Brennan. He could be her partner, her friend and he could still get married. I agree with you. He desparately wants to be married. He wants the stable home life he never had. He so wants a wife to come home to at the end of the day. He thought he had found that when Hannah moved in. Sure she said she wasn’t the marrying kind; but, she moved to D.C. to be with him, she gave up an exciting job for a boring one, she moved in with him. These looked like signs that Hannah could change her mind about marriage. If she was willing to give up the life of a nomad for him, why wouldn’t she take it one step further and marry him? The horrible answer for Booth, she will not take that step. He is so good at reading others, it is almost a super power; but, when it comes to people he loves, he is terrible at it. He puts too much of his wants into his relationships (and who doesn’t) so he cannot predict how the people he loves will reaact. He hopes too much. He craves stability too much. He wants the “Leave It To Beaver” family. Everytime he tries to get it, he fails. It is so hard to admit that you have made a big mistake. If he admits that it was wrong to persue Hannah then he was to admit that it was wrong to persue Brennan. How can loving someone so much be so wrong? How can wanting to marry someone be so wrong? Why can’t he have the one he loves. Yes, something is wrong. He said so. He knows it. He just doesn’t know what it is. He doesn’t know how to fix it. Brennan needs to be the friend she has been for such a long time. He needs the friendship that she can provide. Will he be able to admit that Brennan is the one he loves the most? Maybe, time heals all wounds. With time and patience on Brennan’s part, he can see that being wrong about the ones you love is not final. It is not the end. Admitting you are wrong and moving on is possible. He just needs time to see that.

  4. I want them on that path too. I desperately want it. This whole season has been a nightmare.

    I think what you’re saying is that this is a particular moment with extenuating circumstances and Booth should therefore not be judged too harshly or held too much to account. And, I don’t take what he says literally or as a declaration of how the world be henceforth. They’re the rantings of a humiliated, embarrassed, hurt, angry drunken guy.

    Lots of people have harped on Booth’s so-called ultimatum to Bones. Not only don’t I read it that way. I also don’t read the partners point as “just.” So why?

    On the ultimatum we mostly agreed earlier, he would never entrust Brennan’s safety to any other agent, so we know that that was an empty threat. And, I also think it wasn’t so much him rejecting her as him telling her that if she can’t stand to work with him any more because he’s such a schmuck, he’ll find her someone better. It was about giving her an out — as a test perhaps, but the fact that he would give her that out shows his cocky self-assurance is in the toilet.

    On that and on “just” partners, I think we have to cut the guy some slack and not over interpret or even underinterpret (take at face value is underinterpreting?) what he’s saying. He is in big pain and he’s drunk and then she’s there and she poses this question that is just too much like Hannah’s question. And, he’s drunk. He’s feeling sorry for himself. He’s hurt. He’s angry. He’s not thinking clearly. He’s just (as we used to say in the 60’s) letting it all hang out. He’s just dumping all his pain and rage and she happens to be the one who is there and who has had a big role in it all.

    I don’t think he should beheld to account for what he is saying under these conditions. We’ve never, in 5.5 years, seen him like this. Everything he’s been swallowing all these 6.5 years finally couldn’t be contained. He always warned Bones that she wouldn’t want to see him mad.

    He is leaving her to fend for herself in trying to understand what’s going on and how to respond, but, again, has he ever done that before? It’s his turn not to have to explain everything to her. It’s her turn to figure it out for herself.

    For all these years, he’s really put her first. He’s been patient. He’s bottled up his feelings, etc., etc. The man’s a saint, but he’s human and that’s what we’re seeing now.

    I’m a Booth girl, ‘nuf said. And, I hate that they’re destroying him, just crushing his heart — even if it is necessary (I don’t think so.) to get them where they are going.

  5. Well, I’m still pissed at his ultimatum. By this point, I’ve accepted the fact that I’m pretty much the only one, or very much in the minority, but I wanted Brennan to pat him on the back, tell him it’s been nice working with him, and walk out.

    He’s been an ass for the entire season. I know I shouldn’t blame him completely. No. 1 – I know’s he fictional. I mean, most of the time, I know he’s fictional. No. 2 – the whole season has been wrong. No. 3 – the ones behind the typewriters are really to blame.

    But I miss the Booth I came to know and love over five years. Season 6 Booth is not that Booth. This scene just capped it for me. So I’m going to savor my anger and frustration with him over his ultimatum and hope that soon, the powers that be wise up.

    • You’re probably sick of people trying to defend that ultimatum to you, but when he said “I’ll find you another FBI guy” what it said to me was that he felt so utterly unimportant in anyone’s life, including Brennan’s, that he could be replaced by a phone call in the morning. Yes, it was a pity party, but how devestated must he feel to believe that he is that replaceable.

      • I think what irritates me so much about all the excuses being made for him is that I’ve heard them all before, when some friend or another is crying on my should AGAIN about some guy she knew was going to be a jerk actually turning out to be a jerk.

        And I know that’s unfair because Seeley Booth is anything but a jerk. And I get that. But he’s just been on my last nerve too many times this season, and I wanted Brennan to do what I would have done . . . walk out and make him come after me.

        Not rational, probably not good for the relationship as a whole.

        Really, I just want this disaster of a season over with and to move on to better things.

    • wait, booth is fictional? what are you talking about? 😉

  6. Breaking my heart, you are, all over again for my man, Booth.

    I very much love this insight: “If Brennan loves him now, then it doesn’t mean he was right all that time, it means he was wrong. So wrong. It means he didn’t wait or he did rush her, or that he was wrong about Hannah.” And isn’t that so hard to live with? That perhaps you are the one that screwed things up with the love of your life? Even if it can’t all be put on him? My heart still falls to pieces every time I think of or view that “What is it with women that don’t want what I’m offering, here?” He is absolutely imperfect, but without a doubt, he is generous with his love, committed . . . he’s in it with at all. Is that a bad gamble? I don’t see why it should be.

    I am not upset with Booth’s ultimatum, either. He’s mad, he’s drunk, he’s hurt. We all know that ultimately a third choice will present itself once more. The beautiful thing is that even though Brennan is hurt by this “2 choices” thing, I think she hurts more for him. I really really think she actually gets him at this moment, which is why she is able to stay silent and then ultimately stay and drink with him.

  7. You are right. I know he’s a fictional character, but he is a human fictional character and he should be allowed to be human, faults and all. Booth should be allowed to have human reactions, reactions that might be inappropriate, uncalled for, or out of character. It happens in life, and at times I know I’ve said things then thought back on it later and couldn’t believe I actually said it because it was so wrong. He’s not perfect; no one is.

    The end of Daredevil, yes it was a Booth we’re not used to seeing, and it was painful to watch. Brennan looked like she’d been sucker punched as much as Booth did, but I think it was important for her to experience it. Before that point I don’t think she fully realized just how much she had hurt Booth. I fully believe that Brennan really did think that she was protecting Booth when she told him no in the 100th. She thought that by turning him down then, she’d spare him the pain that Hannah just dealt him. Even after Doctor in the Photo and her own revelation I don’t think she fully realized how much he still hurt from that.

  8. Sarah, I don’t know how many times I started to respond to your post on Monday and, somehow, I just couldn’t do it because…

    1. I couldn’t explain why, for the most part, I’m not mad at Hannah. I’m upset at the implication that she led him on because she thought they had more time, but I just don’t hate her for being honest.

    2. I didn’t have it in me to try and explain why I DON’T think Booth is an idealistic, romantic fool for asking Hannah to marry him, and hoping she would say yes, no matter how many times she told him she wasn’t the marrying kind (maybe that’s because I’m a romantic, idealistic fool too, but whatever. If that’s the case, screw what anybody else thinks, I’ll wear the title proudly).

    3. And it probably wouldn’t have done any good for me to point out that I think it’s about time Brennan heard the truth from Booth about how much she hurt him (bravo for pointing that out by the way). It doesn’t matter whether she meant to hurt him or not, she did. And I don’t blame him one bit for not wanting to just jump into her arms right then and there as if nothing had ever happened between them, as if doing so wouldn’t have left Booth utterly and completely vulnerable to destruction if things hadn’t worked out between them down the road. I saw the look in her eyes in that scene. She thought they had a chance. And don’t get me wrong, I hurt for her that he shot her down, but it had to happen that way.

    I know what it’s like to feel something so strongly, to be so consumed by emotional pain, that you’ll do anything you can to just make it go away (maybe that explains the strength of my emotional reaction to the last ten minutes of last Thursday’s episode and why I still can’t write about it coherently). So no, I don’t begrudge Booth his outburst one. single. bit. I just don’t. I’ll admit I was ready for Hannah to be gone, but I didn’t understand what it was going to cost him to see her go until it was too late. I kept hoping he wouldn’t go through with the proposal…all the while knowing that he would…and I remember feeling this sense of dread when the scene started because I finally realized just what was coming…and that nothing about it was going to be simple or easily overcome.

    Look at me, getting all wrapped up in the life of a fictional character. But then that’s how I judge good entertainment (the writer’s ability to make me feel what their character is feeling)…but I digress.

    I said it on Friday, and I’ll say it again: that scene was 100% necessary. I will take a scene like that any day over a quick resolution (the one thing about the House finale last season that irked me was how easily and quickly Cuddy walked away from Lucas – a man she said she loved, a man she lived with, and a man she had just committed to spending the rest of her life with). I want more than that for my Bones. I want to see their pain acknowledged and dealt with. I want to see their journey home…the good, the bad, and everything in between.

    Not sure if any of that made any sense, or if it was even at all on point, but I sure do feel better now. 🙂

  9. Pretty much in exact opposite of my pal, ProfeJMarie, I don’t agree with this: “If Brennan loves him now, then it doesn’t mean he was right all that time, it means he was wrong. So wrong. It means he didn’t wait or he did rush her, or that he was wrong about Hannah.”

    Unlike a lot of people, I don’t think he’s done anything wrong in respect to Brennan. I don’t think anything he could have said that night in front of the Hoover would have made a difference, and I think if he’d not moved on, they’d be exactly where they were after the 100th but before the finale. She’d be hoping he’d get over thinking he was in love with her so they could get back to their usual relationship, and that’s the way it would be forever. Brennan liked their relationship prior to the 100th. She told herself it was friendship, and that worked for her – not seeing that it hadn’t been friendship on his end of things for a long time and that she was benefiting from his love while telling herself it was only friendship. I believe that view of things worked really, really well for her. She did love him, I think, but told herself it was only as a friend. She didn’t want the risk of more – not until she was forced to see that what they’d had hadn’t been simply friendship, and that she did, indeed, want that More.

    Of course, whether or not I think he was wrong doesn’t mean he’s never wondered if he was, but if so, I tend to think it was that night in the SUV rather than in the bar after the breakup. In the SUV conversation, there was regret for both of them, I think. In the bar, I think he was just hurt and angry.

    That’s not to say I don’t agree with anything you’ve written here. I think he was wrong about a number of other things, specifically things having to do with Hannah. Should someone who has always seemed to have specific dreams about love and what it’s like have noticed that there was no depth to his relationship with her? That they never talked about anything important, that he really didn’t know her very well? (Apparent, given that he didn’t know she wasn’t the marrying kind?) Should it have occurred to someone as romantic as he is that simply picking the biggest diamond ring rather than pausing to say, ‘I wonder what kind of ring Hannah would like?’ was a red flag that things weren’t as they should be? Yes, to all of those.

    So yes, he’s made mistakes, mistakes he’s suffering for and for which he should be cut some slack, IMO. Are they greater or lesser than the mistake Brennan made? I don’t know, and I think they love one another too much to ever get into the debates a lot of the fandom seems to want to, over who hurt whom the most. What I see is that coming out of his breakup with Hannah, they’re on equal ground. They’re both hurting, they’re both acknowledged they have feelings for one another. And that’s somewhere we’ve never been before.

    • By the way, I meant to say I think I disagree with ProfeJMarie’s take on Seels’ comment I quoted there. Maybe I’ve not had enough coffee this morning. Or something. Sigh.

      • Right. Janet is still wrong wrong wrong. I got it. (levity break: hahaha – I’m totally joking around, here)

  10. I loved your post, Awesome. I am with you and Booth all the way! Would like to respond more but I keep tearing up and I have to get on a conference call in 5 minutes.

  11. Ooh great post. I love Booth and my heart just keeps getting more and more crushed for him as these storylines play out. Emotionally, he’s been through the wringer more than any other character on this show.

    The thing about the last scene in Daredevil is that what we were seeing was the man with the lion heart hit absolute rock bottom. All his demons were present – the poker chip he spun and put on the bar, the glass he looked deeply into before draining. I can’t imagine how painful it is for Booth to even consider seeing parallels between him and his father in that way. There was a despondent finality when he gulped it down, the lingering thought of ‘so I’ve come to this’.

    I didn’t understand the frustration at ‘the ultimatum’ either. It wasn’t an ultimatum to me, it was a desperate plea. He’s done. He can’t bear the thought of anything else touching or crushing his terribly bruised heart. He was begging her not to go there, not to say something that he knows could cause him pain. The ‘find another FBI’ guy bit was giving her an out, he’s hit rock bottom, his self worth is gone and at this point is turning into self loathing, he’s giving her the chance not to have to see it.

    I’m glad Brennan finally saw how deeply she hurt him. They can’t move on unless there is honesty between them about the past.

    I agree that Booth is the character who has to account for his actions, and account he does. ‘Gotta make that right’. Poor guy just doesn’t know how to and as of now, I think he’s pretty much given up trying. He’s just done. 6 and a half years we’ve been watching and we have never, ever, seen Booth like he was in Daredevil. It’s like they’ve taken his character; big, bold, cocky, fun, confident, sexy, instinctive and one by one, they’ve taken it all away from him. Chipped him down to his lowest ebb. I think we know who’s going to be the one to build him back up again, give him a reason to like himself again, but in the meantime it is supremely painful, for him and for us. But they’ll get there, and this girl’s with Booth all the way.

  12. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your defense of Booth. It kills me to watch him so hurt, but even more, it kills me to hear so many people ragging on him for this season. I could into a rant I periodically bust out in defense of season 6, but I’ll spare you all that at least.

    But Booth…at-present Booth is the same Booth as in the past. The first five seasons, Booth is pretty much powerless against the pull Brennan has on him, and we love to see all the little moments where that pull is drawing them closer together. After Parts in the Sum up until now, nothing’s changed–he’s still powerless against the draw he has to her, the difference being, she out-loud, for real rejected him. He still can’t 100% resist her–he continues to work with her, he comes back from Afghanistan to work with her again, etc.–but now, to protect himself, he needs to find ways to keep his distance. And on some level, that makes him look like a jerk sometimes.

    That’s what Booth in season 6 is to me. I mean, what do people expect from a man who chooses to work with the woman who broke his heart? He can’t help continuing to be her partner–we’ve seen how true it is that he can never give her up completely–but the man has a fragile heart, a fragile ego–despite the fact that it sometimes made him look like a jerk at first glance, he needed for the safety of his own heart to put some distance there. So many people are taking Booth’s apparently jerk-y actions out of context. It’s all brick by little brick in the wall he’s been trying (and failing so hard!) to build against Brennan.

    And the ultimatum? A huge, big old, drunken, angry brick he’s throwing down. And hey, you know what? A guy goes out on a limb and proposes, gets turned down, can’t we give him a little drunken anger? Any other guy does that, 99% of us would feel terrible for the poor guy. Why is it that we have such a hard time extending Booth the same courtesy? I don’t understand how a person could watch this scene and feel anything but heartbreak for Booth. So what if at root it IS all his fault (and I’m not saying that it is necessarily)? His heart has still been crushed, and I don’t know about you guys, but that’s all I can see at the moment. All the perceived jerkiness and what not is not actual jerkiness, in my opinion. It’s just the outward manifestation of a heartbroken man trying to rebuild his life with some semblance of happiness. Including this angry rant/ultimatum. Brennan rejected him, so he intended to make a relatively happy life for himself with Hannah. Now Hannah rejected him, and now, I think he’s kind of given up on the relatively happy part, and is just trying to make a relatively bearable life for himself. Putting distance between himself and Brennan was easy (ish, relatively) when he had Hannah to stay occupied with. Now, there’s no consolation prize as he himself so aptly put it, even though he swore that’s not what Hannah was. Now, he needs to learn to keep those walls up without any kind of distraction. And for that night, that meant the angry ultimatum.

    And yes, maybe he jumped the gun on declaring himself to Brennan. Maybe he jumped the gun on getting into it with Hannah. Maybe he jumped the gun on proposing. Maybe all these things were mistakes, and maybe all this mess is really his own fault. But Sarah’s right–why is it he has to pay for his (and others’) mistakes so much more dearly than everyone else? I think that’s just who Booth is. His open heart is what’s gotten him into all of this–he gave it to Brennan, she wouldn’t take it; he gave it to Hannah, she wouldn’t take it, not all of it. So now, he’s paying for it. A heart that’s willing to love so completely is a heart that is opening itself to the potential for great pain. And this is the pain side for Booth.

    This all feels so disjointed, but I guess what I’m trying to say is that this Booth–the flawed, angry, bitter Booth who sometimes seems like he’s abandoned Brennan–this Booth is still our same Booth. It’s just the Booth we know going through deeper hurt and disappointment than we’ve ever seen before. And I think we could all take a lesson from Brennan here–she understands what place he’s at in his heart, and instead of calling him out, she decides to have that drink, and ride it out. Let’s give him some time to heal before we start taking him to task. He deserves a little bit of wallowing in my opinion.

  13. I also feel that the episode was absolutely necessary for Booth and Brennan’s relationship. I learned 5 things. 1. Booth wasn’t ready for a different outcome with Brennan during the 100th episode. The Daredevil episode demonstrated to me that his desire to get married and have a stable life is still stronger than his desire to do what is best for the relationship (taking into account what each person wants) 2. Booth realizes that his approach/viewpoint hasn’t worked and maybe he needs to change his viewpoint/approach to be happy (“something’s wrong here…”). He can no longer let his heart just speak for itself. It’s time for Booth to use his brain more. He needs to think things through more. Rationally speaking, Booth knows that Brennan can bully people into leaving. He also knows that Brennan takes longer than she thinks to make decisions of the heart (“Don’t you know that you can’t rush her?”). If Booth started a romantic relationship with Brennan, he better be prepared to be patient and listen to what Brennan wants if he ever wants to take the next step. 3. Brennan realizes how much she hurt Booth by rejecting him. It’s time for her to stop using her brain so much and use her heart more. Brennan will need to be there for Booth in whatever capacity he needs. Love is thinking about someone else’s needs before your own. 4. Booth and Brennan need to fix themselves before pursuing a romantic relationship. Booth more brain and Brennan more heart. This is the time for Booth to utilize the lessons that Brennan has taught him – seek out the truth even if it hurts, obtain evidence that the other person is ready for the next step before “jumping to conclusions” and think more rationally about what the other person is saying instead of reacting completely based on how you feel. Brennan will need to utilize the lessons that Booth has taught her – you need to be open to the idea of love, no matter what happens the love is worth it, and everything happens for a reason.
    5. Booth and Brennan need to take their own advice.

    • Love your five steps! 🙂 Perfect!

    • I think this is great too! Like it!

      One thing that niggles me is #3, even though I basically agree. I don’t like saying that she hurt him, because it sounds too aggressive. I think that Booth was hurt as a result of her choice. The only reason I want her to know that is because it’s good for her to learn that her life intersects with those around her and her choices can have an impact (positive or negative) on people. That being said, that doesn’t mean she made the wrong choice, just like I don’t think she was wrong for going to Maluku. Being single and independent has put her in a narrow way of thinking. She thinks she doesn’t depend on others that much and tries to lessen people’s impact on herself. Then she thinks other people are the same way, but that’s simply not the case. Brennan always seems surprised when somebody reveals that they were influenced by her. Sorry, I know this post was supposed to be all Booth.

  14. ps: Rynogeny – love your post and agree on loads of your points. I too believe that Brennan would have gone on as they were forever before the 100th.

    I think part of her dreaded him mentioning taking it further because it would disrupt their carefully constructed balance between friends, partners and more. That arrangement suited her fine, she didn’t see the need to risk more. Since they’ve taken that step – she’s had to confront some painful things, but confront them she has and she’s handling her more emotionally aware state beautifully. The lady does indeed have a disconcertingly steep learning curve. Good for her. I imagine now we’ll have a period of friendship between them and then, it might just be time for Brennan to step up and fight for her man.

  15. I’m still really perplexed by those who think Booth has acted terribly this season, maybe even from the 100th. What exactly has he to apologize for? By the way, I feel much calmer with the discussions on this site because, while we may disagree on issues, well, people here are sane. The comments on the other sites? Not so much. It’s gotten to be that I rarely read comments elsewhere so I can keep my blood pressure down. It’s an ugly world where vitiriol can be posted anonymously. Whew! Got that off my chest…so back to Booth.

    The 100th. Damned if he does, damned if he doesn’t. Some people thought he should have spoken up much sooner, others that he rushed her. Me? They’ve flirted, they’ve comforted for 6 years; I don’t think it was unreasonable for him to give it a go. So maybe running out after her and blurting things out wasn’t the wisest, but I firmly believe that there’s no way that he could have said “I want to give it a try” and no amount of waiting he could have done that would have changed her mind-not before Doctor in the Photo. The writers have pretty much said that without the deep sense of loss Brennan experienced when Booth was with someone else there would have been no change for her. So no Hannah, no willingness to give things a try. And I’ll keep repeating it ’til I’m blue in the face: saying he needed to move on at the time was a knee jerk reaction; we can see he didn’t mean it right up to the finale-rewatch the end of season 5 and see in how many ways he was still wearing his heart on his sleeve.

    Afghanistan. Brennan asked him to stick around; he did although it cost him. Then she left for what was to be a year and didn’t call. It’s what she needed to do and I don’t hold it against her. But he’s shell-shocked, isolated and caught up in a very dangerous situation while in Afghanistan with absolutely no certainty he would ever see Brennan again: it’s a mega-rebound situation waitng to happen, and it does. I’m a woman and I fail to see how his involvement with Hannah in any way makes him dishonorable. Brennan said no, pretty much never. In his eyes she left their friendship and their partnership. I don’t see his desperate need for a connection as any form of betrayal, even if he was a bit snarky towards her on his return. He’s allowed to be human once in a while.

    Hannah. If we have to fault Booth for anything it should be for his excessive sense of loyalty and honor. Who knows what would have happened with Hannah after they parted; it probably would have faded. But she moved to DC for him and that pretty much dictated what he would do next because, as I recently said, he’s incapable of giving less than everything to those who give him anything. He was willing to take care of Pops despite the financial sacrifice and he’s willing to commit to Hannah despite the fact that it hurts him because he still loves Brennan and probably always will. So maybe he wasn’t being entirely honest, but he never once acted in a dishonest way towards Hannah, even though we could see that it was starting to kill him. The proposal was meant to seal the deal: a metaphorical kick in the pants meant to get him off the Brennan bandwagon for good. A bandwagon he was very close to getting back into in Bullet and Sin.

    So what exactly makes him such a terrible person in all this? That he made a mess of things accidentally? Relationships are messy, unless yours exists on a cookie-cutter tv show. Everyone else has been allowed to make a mess of things in the show without such caterwalling. Can we say Angela, Hodgins, Sweets, Daisy, and Brennan herself? In Booth all I see is a guy at fault for giving too much, being too loyal, refusing to give up hope in the face of bad odds; and all in spite of all the damage he’s received in the past. But like Brennan, instead of taking that damage and inflicting it back on the world as many do, he has turned it into good. I’ll take that any day. So, he still has issues to work on-don’t we all. In my book he’s still quite the catch.

    • I can understand why you would be feeling frustration on other boards, given your comments, as I have felt that same frustration, and my comments are pretty much in line with yours. Brennan told Hannah he would give himself completely and he did. I think throughout this mess he has tried to be the best person he could toward Hannah and toward Brennan. I agree with you. He’s still quite the catch.

      • The only thing I’d take exception to is the idea that Booth gave himself fully to Hannah. He may have given himself physically but all of his baggage, all of his inner demons he kept from her. And she wasn’t invested enough in him to try to find any of them out. There is only one person that he has shared his inner soul with, including the bar scene, and that is Brennan. And this tells me that Brennan has been and always will be the one he loves the most. The change now is that Brennan finally realizes that.

    • I agree with you about how crazy everyone is on the other sites.
      I also agree with you about the 100th. I don’t think it would have mattered how long Booth waited to ask Brennan to commit to him. She didn’t have any evidence that would make her see that saying yes to Booth was in her or his best interests. Every episode since then has slowly presented Brennan with the information she needed to change her mind about giving Booth a chance at love. I don’t see where Booth did anything wrong. He tried.

      By the way, noone seems to think that Hannah did anything wrong; but, I remember this conversation from Maggot In The Meathead:
      Brennan: One thing, Hannah. I want you to be sure about this.
      Hannah: The phone?
      Brennan: No. Although I understand the misunderstanding. No. About you and Booth moving in together. Booth will give himself to you completely… And it would be very painful for him if you aren’t as serious about the relationship as he is.
      Hannah: I am. But thanks, though. You’re a good friend, Temperance. Seeley is very lucky.

      She couldn’t have been too serious about the relationship after all. She knew Booth was going to ask her to marry her; but, she didn’t care enough to worry about it. She just thought she would have more time. For what? If he was serious about you, and you knew he was going to ask; don’t you think you would have sat him down and told him that you can’t marry him, you aren’t going to change your mind. Is he ok with that? She just waited for him to ask and hurt him. Booth is not totally to blame for this mess. He had help.

      • We were never given too much of a glimpse into their relationship other than in bed and I’m sure that was intentional. Between the thrill of physical attraction and her constant travelling, working late etc. I don’t think they had much time for serious conversations. And haven’t we all been taught not to talk about the M word for at least 6 months after the first date? Still I’m completely with you; I don’t hate Hannah and it all seems like a big misunderstanding but given how anxious he was to have her meet Parker, how quickly he asked her to move in and Brennan’s warning she had to have had a clue. Maybe she was hoping to convince him to her way of thinking. That you would agree to move in so quickly yet be so adamant about not marrying leaves me scratching my head. I guess in my view the lack of a ring gives you an easy out. (Note I would give Brennan way more leeway in this department; double standard-busted! But I like her way more…and she’s proven that she really cares for him.)

      • @maria. I love how you busted your own double-standard for Brennan. I wanted to laugh out loud, but I’m supposed to be studying quietly. Considering I’m a Brennan-girl, I tend to give her a lot more leeway than others.

        Do we know exactly how long Booth and Hannah had been together, though? Maybe Hannah was going for “loosely committed”, lol (callback to Tony and Roxie.)

      • I always go back to when Hannah said, “Seeley never went for the shot if he could help it.” It used to bother me that Hannah knew this about Booth so early on but I never saw evidence of her knowing other things about Booth – most notably his abusive alcoholic father. Perhaps, all of Booth’s relationships failed because he did do what was right rather than what was real. Like Sarah (Seels) wrote, “Maybe, once and for all, Booth’s story will get to be told.” I, for one, am in for the journey.

  16. First of all, I have to say how much I love, love , love this blog. I look forward to your posts every day. Now about the episode…
    First, everyone needs to stop hating on Hannah. I don’t think she was stringing him along. That proposal came out of left field. I don’t get the feeling that their relationship was all that deep. She was out of town a lot. When she was around, they probably spent most of their time in bed. (Wouldn’t you if that was waiting for you at home?) Everyone buys the premise that he hadn’t shared much of his past with her, why presume that they had discussed much about the future?

    Second, I think it was great that Hannah called Brennan. I agree that she did it out of concern for Booth. She knew that Brennan was his closest friend and that he would need someone to make sure that he was OK. As fas as Booth’s tirade at the bar? It was perfect! I’m not sure that Brennan knew to what extent that her rejection of Booth hurt him.

    I applaud the writers for not just wiping the slate clean. Despite what Booth said, they can’t go back to just being partners. They are too aware of their and, more importantly, each other’s, feelings. It may not happen this season, but as a certain special agent has pointed out in the past, everything happens eventually.

  17. I know I am in the minority here. but I did not hear “We can be JUST partners or you can leave” I guess that was what he was saying but that is not what I heard.

    He was mad-for good reason. I heard more of a “I don’t want to talk about it. We are partners that is what we do and will never change. Take that or leave.” I did not hear him say “Never going to happen.”

    I love Booth but I think he might need to give a little on his “Perfect forever romantic love ideas.” I know he is a commitment person and I 100% support that. I believe that was what he was doing with Hannah-Commitment 100% no matter what. However, I think he needs to have a conversation that says-sometimes you don’t feel like loving them anymore but you do. You fall in love again and again and again. Sometimes it is the commitment that gets you through the day not the feelings. I think he believes that but doesn’t say it. Sometimes it is about the commitment and not the love.

    I think Brennan will be there for him no matter what. I have wanted for a while a period of time for Brennan to be the friend and unconditional support that Booth has been for her. I hope we don’t have to see 5 seasons of it! But I really think this levels the field for them. It is her turn to be an unconditional friend and let him learn a few things.

    Maybe I was hearing what I want to hear come out of Booth’s mouth. I heard “I need a friend….period. Drink and listen to me or leave.”

    I believe all of this had to happen for them to be on equal footing.

    I expected the proposal and Hannah’s rejection because that is his pattern. He stays until the end and the female decides to leave. Right or wrong….I don’t know. But it is Booth. He did exactly what I expected and what we have seen or heard about in the past.

    I love Booth and I have really struggled with season 6 but now I am hopeful that we get to see their friendship redevelop on a much deeper level with give and take. That my friends will be the basis of a beautiful relationship!

    I might one day rewatch some of season 6 episodes but I am sooooo not there yet! I am still nursing my wounds over Hannah. Necessary yes but I sure didn’t like it!

  18. I, too, was surprised as the backlash towards Booth in regards to his two choices. But then, on further examination, all the backlash was coming from Brennanites…and in their eyes, Booth is always wrong, never does anything right, and he couldn’t win if he tried.

    That being said…I was glad that Booth said the things he did, because he was finally letting her know how much she did hurt him. I don’t think…until that moment….that she even cared that she had hurt him, let alone acknowledge that she did it. And I doubt he would have said it, if he had been sober.

    As for his choices…I didn’t see it as the only 2 choices EVER….just the only 2 choices NEXT. At that point, when he has been so focused on his future and had his heart crushed, I think he was just thinking one step at a time. Getting through one day at a time. Forget 30, 40, 50 years…what do I need to do to get through tomorrow.

    Was he serious about finding her a new FBI guy? I don’t know. One time I watch it, I think he was, and another time I think he wasn’t. Maybe he offered her the out so that he got a 2 for 1 deal on the pain. He figures that since he’s already hurting from the loss of Hannah, might as well add the loss of Brennan in there and get it all over with at once. Maybe since he obviously was wrong about where he stood with Hannah, he wanted to clarify where he stood with Brennan. After her disappearing act to Maluku (and I still call BS on her needing to talk to him before making the decision…she had soooo already decided she was going before talking to him!), and her wanting to still go back after the Cam case was wrapped up, I am not sure that Booth was all that confident in Brennan’s commitment to their partnership after they both came back.

    No matter what, I’m with Booth…all the way. My heart broke for him and I am mad at all those women, too! But I am looking forward to watching his journey back….

  19. Sarah, thank you for the beautiful Blog. It just made my day. And thanks all of you, who responded so passionately.
    Yes, I am also never thought that Booth has changed. The only thing with bothered me, was when they met at the reflecting pool and he was so obnoxious to shove the picture of Hannah into the face of Bones and telling her that it was serious as a heart attack. He could have done this with a little bit more “taste”.
    Also I did not like it so much that he was so open about his love for Hannah, he was such a private man before, that was maybe that he had to reassure himself about his feelings.
    Otherwise, he could do nothing then take a few steps back from Bones, but I never saw him hurting her
    And his eye rolling and snarky behavior was not that much and he has done this before many times. He was still her “Knight in shining armor” who looked after her.
    And then Bones and Hannah becoming friends, must have been a nightmare, even if he told Sweets he was ok with it. Come on!

    About him proposing to Hannah, I am between 2 chairs. First I thought he might have proposed to her intentionally because his feeling for Bones became very strong again. He had to make a decision and knowing that Hannah was not the marry kind, took the gamble of her saying no. I don’t know what would have happen, if she would have said yes. I think he left this pretty much in the hand of another person, so it was not his mistake about the outcome. But then I agree with Maria, that Booth wanted to get of the Bandwagon with Bones, because I think he is too bruised to want to try it again with her. (Of course I hope this would have never happened).

    I am not so worried about the 2 choices Booth gave Bones, because to me they are only, the answer of “what will happen next.” He never said from now on this is all which will ever be. He has to have some time to get over his anger and hurt, I also thing he was more hurt by the notion of being rejected, than actually the loss of Hannah, because it reminded him of the rejection from Bones. I also hope we will find out more of his demons in another episode, because there must be much, much more than just having a drunk and abusive father and of course his sniper days. And yes he is a simple man, with a big heart and he can give love to a person, we only can dream of.

    • What you describe as obnoxious, I thought of as Booth shoring up his defenses. Booth walks away from the love of his life because she instigates a separation (not criticizing Brennan here, I thought her reasons were valid and true to her character). He doesn’t hear from her in all their time apart which probably added to his feelings of rejection and made him even more intent on moving on.

      When he sees her for the first time in seven months, I think all the feelings he thought he’d gotten over kind of rose to the surface or at the very least he becomes aware that he is as not far down the getting over Brennan path as he’d like and he goes on the defensive – he whips out the picture of Hannah to say “see? I’ve MOVED ON.” It might have seemed obnoxious, but he was operating from the viewpoint of his double rejection – as a romantic partner and a professional one. He had no knowledge of why she had to leave in the first place or that she may have undergone a change of heart about a romantic relationship with him during their time apart. So Booth did what he thought was necessary to protect himself – he played the Hannah card.

  20. Booth fully expected her to leave in my opinion. She has left many times before and on top of that has often reiterated to him that she is an anthropologist first and a crime fighter second. He was insecure in all aspects of their relationship and every time he asked her to commit she avoided it.
    He is now giving the permission to leave. Sort of like, “If you’re going to do it – now’s the time.” He even asks her in the beginning of season 6 is she’s in or out and she waffles. This is the time to make a commitment or not. But the look on his face when he says, “There’s the door” and they way he breathes in, looks like he thinks she will leave and she doesn’t.

  21. I see Booth as this tortured soul who subconsciously makes bad choices. The things that happen to him are a direct result of his own actions and his inability to look at his own life objectively. He has this addictive personality. He gets attached in relationships really quickly and fails to look for the flaws because he only wants to see the good, not the bad. He doesn’t have the filter to see where things are necessarily wrong with his personal life or the misguided decisions he makes towards these. I think Booth wants it all, but is unable to allow anyone to really see the dark side of himself. He hides that from people. If he is perfect and does all the right things then he’ll be rewarded. He has a flawed outlook. We haven’t heard alot about Booth’s past or about his mother. This is my thought. Booth saw his mother pack her bags and as a little boy he begged her to stay. I think she ignored his pleas and walked out without a backward glance. If the way Booth reacts to woman can be attributed to a past relationship like this, I can see where his actions are coming from. He tries to be perfect so that they won’t leave him but at the same time he shuts down once they reject him because he refuses to beg which I believe he probably did as a little boy, when his mother walk out of the door for the last time. Hannah was given no chance once she said no, but with Brennan there was a little more pleading but not much.

    I’m a Brennan girl. When I watch Bones I am watching it for her reactions and what is happening to her. When she turned Booth down in the 100th I believe she felt there was no way she would be enough for Booth. This last episode I think she realizes how much Booth is hurting, but at the same time I think she sees how much of that hurt is also because of her, too. Like she told Gordon there isn’t anything she wouldn’t do for Booth. She is always looking out for Booth’s interests above her own. She will not compromise his happiness for hers. She absolutely feels she isn’t what Booth needs in his scenerio when 30, 40 and 50 years are what he is looking for. She still doesn’t feel she is good enough for him or what he needs. In the SUV she told him she did have regrets, but I still feel she doesn’t believe she is what Booth needs or that she is capable of sustaining any type of lasting romantic relationship with anyone that would ever really last. She regrets that she was not able to give Booth what he wanted then and she just wanted to let him know that. Booth thinks with his heart and Brennan thinks with her brain. Neither of them will ever get what they want or need until these aspects are reversed. Booth needs to start thinking with his brain and Brennan needs to start going with her heart more. When they start to do this, I think the show will be alot different and there will be a different outcome.

  22. I love Booth, Brennan, and MOST of the characters on Bones. I get DB when he says, “he (the character Booth) is what he is”, and I accept Booth just as he is. Likewise, for me, the show is what it is. Most of the time, I enjoy it a lot and look forward to seeing it again. Today while re-watching some pre-100 episodes, and seeing how close B&B were, it occurred to me that the extreme reaction of some fans might be attributable to a sort of grief. That is, they may be mourning their loss of that previous feel good relationship. Those happy wrap up scenes left me with a feel good vibe and I know I miss that. And, I don’t fault Booth for the “ultimatum”. I just didn’t see it that way. I saw it like this: Booth admitting this is all he’s got to offer right now, these two choices. Honestly, that’s all he’s got.

  23. I guess I’m odd because while I can see the pain of these people…and can even shed a tear or two, I don’t internalize it (anymore) and I’m ok with everything that is happening. (My anger this season was never at the characters…but at the writers.) In this episode, I was right along with Booth when he was hard on Bones. SHe needed to see how real his emotions had been for her and how deeply devasted he was when she rejected him. I don’t care that he was drunk. I don’t care that he was shut off. I just care that it felt real…maybe for the first time from Booth regarding Bones and what she did. Did he rush things with Bones and Hannah? Has he made mistakes in his choices? Probably…but that doesn’t lessen the pain in his heart and for that I give him a pass. This was the first time she saw that pain and for progressing of this story…I was thrilled that they dared show it. I was also thrilled that she was hurt by his words and also that she was smart enough to know…I gotta go with what he’s asking of me right now. A cold, angry Booth is a force of nature…you can see it and feel it and she took all of it from him. What happened in the 100th episode when they argued about the case? She ran away and never saw him for a year…and he didn’t display a tenth of the anger then as he did now. It was the coldest I’d ever seen him be..but this time the outcome was different..she stayed. That’s progress and I’m thrilled to see what’s next…no pun intended.

  24. Btw Brennan was already there for Booth when Tessa balked in S1, she mostly listened to him back then too. No growth here, just Brennan being Brennan.

  25. The problem is not that Boot has to be perfect or else he is a jerk, it is that he is not perfect but it is not acknowledged on the show and by the writers in their interviews where Booth is the perfect male specimen, a hero, honorable etc. Whereas it is well acknowledged on the show and by the writers that Brennan is flawed and has lessons to learn and changes to make. I certainly don’t want Booth to be perfect, not even a hero on the contrary, I want him to overcome his white knight syndrome. When I seem to bash Booth it is because he is not asked to change and learn from Brennan like she is from him, so I’m bashing the writers, not Booth for being flawed but because he is shown as being the right one in the end, the teacher and Brennan the student when it comes to life. Lately they are bashing Brennan’s way of thinking, science, reason, the brain etc, but praising Booth’s way of thinking, feelings, gut, the heart etc. Instead of praising a balance. Booth needs a better balance between his brain ans heart, not just Brennan. But that’s not what I see on the show. I see Brennan being proven wrong over and over again when it comes to life.

    • Delph, thank you for saying that so well. I think that, too, though I wouldn’t go so far as to say I’m bashing the writers. I don’t know about the writers presenting him as a perfect male specimen, but I never thought he was perfect. I am hoping he will make some changes since they are delving into his issues now. I may love Brennan, but I still sympathize with Booth. I still think he’s a great guy. Maybe I’m too invested in the show, but I just can’t seem to hate either character for what they do when I understand what motivates them. The BONES writers apparently are not afraid to show us the good, the bad, and the ugly, and I’m okay with that.

  26. Hannah just did what people wanted Brennan to do in the 100th, which is taking a chance, a leap of faith, even though she knew she might not be a fit to Booth, hoping it would work out anyway, but taking the risk to hurt them.

  27. Despite the circumstances that led up to the closing scenes of this episode- this was good writing! To me it was perfectly balanced, painful, stinging, compassionate and heartbreaking. In a way the “talking” we’ve been hoping would happen, happened. Granted in this instance it was one-sided. But honestly, wasn’t this more revealing for everyone than any other ‘let’s talk relationship’ scenes they’ve had? I mean, I haven’t rewatched the 100th or DitP today, but in this scene we see more deeply into the heartache they are experiencing than those other scenes. Brennan’s non-response spoke volumes that their coded and guarded words in previous scenes just didn’t. I just never really grasped what was going on in those other scenes as well as I did this one. It was beautiful. In every tear-producing second. Breath-taking!

  28. I can’t seem to let this topic go, but I had a new thought. I don’t think it was so much about Brennan seeing that Booth was hurt about her rejection. She already knew that – she saw it when she said no, and it spurred her warning to Hannah. What she didn’t know is that he was still hurt by it, months later. Booth did a convincing a job of how he had moved on and adjusted, so she thought he had gotten over her and was past the hurt.

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  30. Sarah I loved that you included this – “I’m reminded of the scene in Pain in the Heart when Brennan bust into his bathroom, and he finally just asks her, “What should I have done, Bones? What is it you want me to do?” What was Booth supposed to have done, here? Not just here…but for this entire season. Be perfect? Or be real?”
    This sums up how I feel about the end scene in DitM.
    I see that those who are angry with Booth & the ‘ultimatum’ aren’t seeing the realism of the situation – a shattered, angry man who is beyond hurt for the situation he finds himself in again. Is it that as women (i’m assuming most of us are) we cannot really put ourselves in a males mind & fathom their depth of pain & hurt? Yet we can totally understand any little hurt that Brennan goes through. What else was Booth supposed to have done there?
    I loved his reaction, I loved Brennans reaction. I’m good with the scene.

  31. Sorry for that very long post!
    I felt reading some of the comments that we -the fans- needed to pick a side! I am a Brennan girl like some people there and what I want to see is Booth and Brennan together, period. I don’t want to feel like I have to choose between them! Both of them made mistakes and have a very different way of dealing with them! And I love them both.
    The thing is that watching this episode, I got mad. Really mad (and sad) and I had to stay away from the Bones internet community for a few days in order to see a bit clearer.
    I am mad that he proposed to Hannah. I was really feeling that episode was the one Hannah would leave. But I wanted him to come to the realization that he loved Brennan the most (like he said in SitS – after all the looks he literally stole from her in previouses episodes) and that for that reason he couldn’t marry H.
    Then he proposed and my heartbeat dropped a bit. I am sad and just cannot believe he did it. Of course, she says no but whereas most of you see ‘rejection’ I see that this isn’t what she said. She doesn’t want to marry him, fine! But if he really really loved her, I think he would have accepted her decision knowing that she wanted to pursue their relationship. After all, she did say she loved him… A lot of you said that Booth is not perfect, but I think he was put on a pedestal for so long (by the writers, the fans and more importanly Brennan!). And he sure has a lot of work to do on his own in order to fully interact with his loved one. In my opinion, he dropped the ball too quickly. Instead of trying to make things work, he said ‘ok at least I tried’ and then ‘I need to move on’. No compromises?? I believe it was Kim who said that it may have something to do with his mother abandoning him … I think it could be a very realistic explanation and should be interesting to watch.
    Back to the bar. We see him drinking and Brennan arrived. And I am -again- mad! Did she had a comfortable shoulder to cry on in DitP? NO! So she does for him, what he wasn’t able to do for her when she needed him – her best friend! Thinking of it a few days after I realized that I may have been too hard on him on that one. After all, he did follow her and save her from a car accident. But instead, I got more mad as in my eyes this is a perfect example of how his actions betray his feelings for Brennan – but instead he proposed to Hannah!
    Then he said those words to her and from that point I am jumping on my couch ‘what did he just say to her?!?’ The door … A new FBI guy?!?!? I was in shock and mad at him for not seeing he WAS loved (by both women actually). I got that he was hurt and lost and that probably some of his ghosts are coming back to haunt him but still. Seeing him like that, saying those words to her just crushed my heart!
    I cannot pass on the fact that both time (100th and DitM) Sweets has been the trigger for Booth’s moves. I don’t really understand why.
    Bravo to swissgirl59 ‘I applaud the writers for not just wiping the slate clean.’ A lot, let’s say a majority, of the people commenting on the Internet feel the need to ‘bash’ on the writers. I do believe that this season was a way for them to think outside of the box! I don’t remember being moved or even taken by surprise by a TV show like this … ever … So I must admit that they did a pretty good job and I am thankful for that. Think a bit that if we get affected by that TV show, how do they and how will they feel at the end of the season?!? The cast, the crew, the writers, everybody has kind of been pushed to their emotional limits during this season and they surely deserves our respect for that!

  32. This was awesome. So well thought out and I agree with all of it and have thought that way since I saw the episode too. (also first one this season I rewatched)

    I think I have found a new home to come read ideas about Bones. I’m tired of the spoilers and bad stuff I’m reading at a lot of “fan” sites.

    • I agree. This is a great place where we all may have different opinions but everyone is respectful of each other. And boy there are some smart cookies about. They often get me thinking about things I didn’t notice.

  33. I dislike Booth being called perfect. Nobody’s perfect. I think of him as just an average person with a huge older sibling complex that makes him try to save every single person around him from reality, and always get the bullet for them. And I find it mean that for once, this season, he didn’t care. For once he was dodging those bullets, and yet everyone was calling him mean. I can only imagine the level of guilt he felt when he found out that he’d been dodging those bullets for nothing. That this whole time he’d been not completely paying attention to Brennan because of a woman who, in the end, didn’t even want what he wanted. So, I think the ultimatum was fair, and not rushed at all. This was him letting Brennan shoot him down for not being there and I think he wanted her to walk out because then it could feel fair. But she didn’t, she stayed. I love this scene because it’s getting back to the point that first and foremost Brennan and Booth are best friends. And that sure, Brennan loves Booth now, and Booth used to love Brennan and probably still does, but their friendship is where it all stems from and without that, they have nothing.

    Sorry for the rant up the top, I just get angry sometimes 🙂

  34. Oh Sarah…have i told you how awesome you are today? Even when i disagree with you it can’t be denied.

    Your view of Booth…i would love to see him like that. I don’t (he’s way more screwed up than that! LOL) but i’d like to.

    Sometimes actually, i think i’d like to see the whole show the way you do. Such hope 😀

    The end scene…slayed me. My heart hurt for Booth and i cried for him. Wept actually, which completely took me by surprise.

    Was he having a pity party? Totally! Did he deserve one? HELL YEAH!!

    Do i agree with the way he spoke to Brennan? Not completely, but i understood it. He was angry with the world…and she was a focus for that anger. She was there…and she could take his words. And at the end of the day if she’s not annoyed why should i be?

    What i didn’t like about that scene (and what’s annoyed me about the most recent episode) is the fact that Booth hasn’t taken responsibilty for what happened. Was it all his fault? No. Does he have to own his mistakes? Yes.

    I just hope we get to see it!

    • I think Booth is taking responsibility for his mistakes and that is sarah’s point I think when she says: “Because he can see in her eyes that she wants more, but for one moment, he just can’t go there. If he does, then he’s wrong. And when you’ve just gotten dumped and another love of your life is sitting right there…the last thing in the world you want to be is wrong. If Brennan loves him now, then it doesn’t mean he was right all that time, it means he was wrong. So wrong. It means he didn’t wait or he did rush her, or that he was wrong about Hannah. And while it’s possible those things are true (I’m not convinced, but it is possible), IN THAT MOMENT, he doesn’t have to admit the truth of them!”

      It is slowly dawning on him. he is very much angry with himself as much as with all the women but what the heck, he just let rip at the women because he had one of them right beside him. If it had been Cam consoling him, the conversation would have gone a different way.

      He needed it though.

      • Tonia, I love that you’re going older posts because it makes me look over them again, too. Being halfway into season seven, we can see what theories were right, and what is still in question.

        On Laffers comment about Booth owning to his mistakes, I think he has in a subtle way. I think he slowed down, evaluated himself, and he was definitely not rushing into trying something with Brennan. He wanted to make sure he knew where he stood in regards to her. That’s the opposite of “You came back to the states? I thought you would never do that. Live with me!” He owned up to them himself, not because Brennan demanded an explanation. Some people really wanted her to do that. At this point, me wanting that seems like it would be more for my benefit than hers. But Booth deserves his own explanation, so I thought it was better that she instead owned up to her mistakes (the strong vs. impervious speech.)

        This: “That Hannah rejected him makes him mad…because it reminds him that Brennan rejected him. And he’s mad that it comes back to Brennan again…He’d tried so hard to get over Brennan, only to find himself sitting by her.” Ummm, yeah. That kinda sucks.

        “He says, “Me and you…we’re partners. That’s what we do.” Interesting. What does that mean?”
        Well, that means a lot to them. Sort of like “See you tomorrow.” He said the exact same thing in tBwtA when he told her he dropped his case on the Gravedigger. And he says pretty much the same when he wants her to share something about herself or wants to give her a guy hug. I don’t really see what he said as an angry ultimatum at Brennan, either. Look, his world was falling down around him, and their partnership was the only thing he could think of that he felt like he could still hold on to. His romantic relationships may fail, but he’s been partners with Brennan for over 5 years by this point – they’ve weathered many storms together. Besides, he needs something to ground him because with all his demons he could easily become self-destructive. I think it was still a way of reassuring Brennan that he’s not fully rejecting her, he still wants to work with her, but that’s all he can handle right now.

      • Thanks C-bones. It’s just great to look back based on where we are now. And I love BT. Sarah sure does a great job here. This is the only blog I read and I miss all her recaps since she stopped them and moved them over to GMMR. Not interested in leaving comments there 😉

        I only started watching bones in mid December 2011 from the Pilot and I am just so hooked. Was so hooked I watched drom season 1 – 7 in 3 days 😀 Good thing it was the beginning of the holidays and my son was home from school.

      • Wow. I’m always amazed at the different rates of catching up. I started at the beginning of season 5, and caught up with seasons 1-4 in a few weeks. It’s awesome to see other people who love the show too. I wouldn’t have believed 1-7 in 3 days could be done, but I believe you.

  35. Watched day and night with no sleep and food. I lost weight at the end of it and that was one of the positives.

    • Lol. Yeah, I was wondering about time to eat and sleep. But I didn’t lose weight, just sleep, haha.
      How did you find out about Bones? Did you see any of season 7 and then decide to go back?

  36. I have always known about Bones through trailers on TV and but because I saw trailers of Angel/Buffy with DB in them and I’ve never liked anything ‘vampiry’, I just linked Bones/DB to my loathing of vampires and never watched it.
    After catching up on all my usuals – NCIS, Good Wife, Covert Affairs etc – and had the whole Christmas holiday in front of me, I decided to try out Bones just to pass the time and as soon as I watched the Pilot, I could not stop and I am still obsessed. Watched season 1 – 7 about 5 times since December 😀 – it’s not funny anymore. When I’m not watching, I read BT.

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