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Morning After Q: Did Brennan Lie?


Good morning, my friends! I hope you are having a great Friday.

How did you like last night’s BONES episode? I admit I liked it. It wasn’t perfect, but BONES episodes rarely are. I think we’ve gotten some MEGA episodes this season. I also admit that I tend to (but try not to) put pressure on episodes to be these amazing things. Interestingly enough, that pressure carries over to Bones Theory sometimes, where I feel the need to always have the MOST insightful posts OF ALL TIME! Especially because the MAQs have generated some of the BEST discussions in this site’s history.

Having said that, I had a couple of questions at the end of this episode.

1. Did Brennan lie when she turned down those men who called her and said she was ‘busy’?

2. Did Brennan lie when she said she and Booth both chose to be alone. Did they both choose that? And I suppose in the context of this episode, she could have been referring to the reality of their Valentine’s Day plans, but was she…

Was she alluding to more than that?

3. This isn’t so much a direct lie…but was she completely ‘acting’ when she tossed her accusations toward Greg Bovitz in the interrogation room?

And what about the one time in which she told the truth to Cam?

Thoughts from you? I can’t wait to hear what you have to say!

Peace, Love & Bones,



56 thoughts on “Morning After Q: Did Brennan Lie?

  1. On 1: That was a classic little white lie, I think. A lie that makes something easier on the other party. The alternative was to say that she’s not interested in having Valentine’s with them. It also cuts off any attempts to try to change her mind. Net net: ok to lie like that.
    On 2: Took me a moment to figure out the point here: that they’re choosing to be alone more generally at the moment. I think that’s also a little white lie on both their parts in the sense that now is not the time for great declarations of their love for each other (if they have even admitted it to themselves). It puts less pressure on each of them for themselves and it puts less pressure on the other one.

    And, Brennan still figured out a way for them to be together anyway. It’s nice that she’s the one taking that initiative. It’s her bringing Chinese food because she saw his lights on as she was driving by his place. It was perfect on so many levels and so Brennan. Doing something with her heart but reframing it as not — a Valentine’s Day Massacre gift. Also, taking something they both like to do as a stress reducer and making it 1) even more fun and 2) something to do together. Reflects how well she knows Booth generally and right at this moment and what he needs in light of that.

    This answer also cuts off others from pursuing the issue right now, which neither of them is ready to do.

    On 3: I’ve got to go back and re-watch. Can’t just yet.
    Ditto on the truth with Cam.

    • … I can’t remember the scene with Cam either. Can anyone enlighten me?

    • Remember early in the series (I think the pilot) when Brennan confronts Booth for lying and he says something like they deserve the lie instead of the horror of the truth. Is it bad to say that Brennan is “growing” because of her ability to be kind in a lie?

      • I think this is an interesting connection you’ve brought up! I think we see time and time again that Brennan is a quick learner to the suggestions Booth makes, even if he isn’t directing them at her actions. She observes and stores all of these reactions as the best possible response in certain situations. I like this explanation as the best option as to why she acts the way she does for Booth.

  2. I just finished watching the ep, and I only recall one instance where she out and out told a guy she was busy. Most of the others she just said no outright. And was it a lie when she said she was busy? Technically, I suppose it was at the time, but is a white lie to spare someone’s feelings necessarily a bad thing?

    I don’t think she was lying when she said that she and Booth each chose to be alone for Valentine’s. Clearly, she had plenty of offers, and Booth is an amazing, good looking guy. If he had wanted to find someone for the night, I’m sure he would have had no problems doing that. But that’s not how Booth rolls.

    Clearly, Booth is done with the whole idea of love and romance at the moment, and rightfully so. So, in regards to that, I think that yes, he is making a choice to ignore Valentine’s day and be alone.

    I got the sense from Brennan in this ep that she’s keeping a close eye on Booth and taking his lead on all things concerning romance and love. And thus, also making her choice for Valentine’s day and for being alone. That is not to say that she isn’t thinking for herself, but in last week’s episode, she saw how much hurt and anger Booth has been burying, and I believe she is concerned about him, and isn’t going to do anything to add to that hurt and devastation at all.

    I don’t have any empirical evidence, but I got the feeling through the ep, that Brennan has made the choice to be open and available for Booth no matter what. And if they get another chance, she’s not going to let anyone or anything stand in the way of that. Including Booth. Which, I think, is partially responsible for her showing up at the range with the tommy guns; she wants him to know he’s not alone, that she was listening to what he had to say, and I think she just plain old wanted to do something special for him. And from the look on his face when he opened the case, she clearly made the right choice.

  3. Jeez, Seels! I didn’t even have to go to sleep for this MAQ. 😉 It’s only 3:30AM. Good job! I approve of the whole not sleeping thing. So, I keep typing up half a response to these posts, deciding that mine looks inane and exiting before I post…but I am GOING to post this response! I am! No matter that now that it’s loooong. Oh well. It is still fresh on my brain, and I’m still a little bit tempted to go dance some more, but writing a lot is way more productive.

    I don’t know…this episode, at least, generated the most discussion as to who did it than has been had in a while, around my house. I was convinced it was the bald man was the guy; horse-guy was…a horse-guy! Oh well. I don’t think it was as emotionally stunning and leave-you-blubbering as a few this season have been, but they can’t ALL be like that, right? I thought it was good. I laughed a lot. There were sweet inter-personal scenes. There were little things that reminded me of old times — and while I’m not saying that new times aren’t awesome, I’m…I just like the nostalgia every now and then.

    Now, as for the questions! Did Brennan lie when she said she was busy? Not as far as I can tell, nope. She looked pretty busy to me. I mean, if you count being an awesome friend and partner (and, you know, crime-solver) as being busy — which, I do. Then again, it’s always possible that that doesn’t fall under the category of ‘automatic duty’ and my brain is skewed a little. So yeah, I can see how she could have been lying to them. It was amusing, whatever it was. Was she lying about both of them choosing to be alone? I haven’t the foggiest. Seriously. There’s a reason I miss Zack, beyond that I loved him insanely — it’s nice not being the only one who is way too frequently stumped, sometimes. I just don’t know. I do know that it WAS a lie, since neither were alone, in the end. *g* And that their way of being not-alone was absolutely one of the most heart-fluttery things I’ve ever seen. You’re right, Angelena; it was totally a I-saw-your-lights-from-the-road moment, and that she was the one delivering it just…I had to smile. She is an incredible woman. And boy, those Tommy Guns were awesome! I’d look like a kid on Christmas if I got to play with one, too. As long as it was only paper hearts I was shooting at.

    Was she entirely acting? Um…okay, confession time. I have absolutely no memory of what she said. None at all. I just remember her little throaty question about who she’d be playing before that and that I’m pretty sure Booth and I had the same expression. Oh, and how proud he looked! That was an awesome scene, but as to if she was acting or not…well, maybe I’ll have a more reasonable answer once I go back and actually pay attention to something other than facial expressions.

    Speaking of facial expressions, that one truth with Cam? It was like getting punched in the solar plexus. Jeez, Cam! Way to push the right buttons there. Talk about painful. Booth seemed to hold up pretty well, but that’s pretty Boothy (and by Boothy I mean one day he’s going to explode into a billion little bits), and…for Brennan to just get that stricken look on her face? Ow, ow, ow. I’d rather not see that one again, all things considered. I don’t like it. Can I just be a sap for one second, though, and say that Paul’s limo full of roses was precious, and Cam’s reaction was awesome. Oh, and I may or may not have gotten teary at Hodgins’ Angela-slime. Figures.

    • Amber, When Brennan interrogated Bovitz with Booth, when talking to Bovitz, she compared Bovitz to Wuthering Heights’ Heathcliff, Brennan gets Bovitz to confess. I thought it was pretty funny. I just loved the look on Booth’s face. He looked like he was a little confused about where Brennan was going with the conversation.

    • Cam’s quip sent me reeling, too! I like Cam, and I can tell she was sore from Brennan’s statement (which makes sense considering how anxious Cam is about getting this relationship with Paul to work) so she shot back without thinking. What I think is really telling was Brennan’s reaction.

      Seriously, can you imagine Brennan reacting like that a year or two ago?

  4. I like to think that Brennan turning down all of her offers is somewhat similar to Booth not really dating after he “realizes” he’s in love with Brennan. Granted, Booth is in a fragile emotional state right now and it may just be her being considerate of his feelings, but I think after DitP she really is evolving as a character. Gah, I love BONES!

  5. I loved that Brennan went out of her way to turn all of her potential dates down (for one thing, it was hilarious that they kept calling), and as tlm2338 said, it was reminiscent of what Booth did in earlier seasons. I think it shows her commitment to Booth – that while they may not be together now, she’s not going to put herself in a position where she’s unavailable if it becomes a possibility in the future. Making the conscious decision to not move on shows that she’s fighting for him. As to whether or not she was lying to the men – I don’t know. As was already mentioned, she told at least one of them a flat-out no, so if she did lie, I’m not sure that it was really intentional or even that she really thought about it.

    And I don’t really think Brennan lied when she said she and Booth chose to be alone because I think they both did. I don’t think either of them WANTED to be alone, per se, but considering the circumstances, they were. Booth did it because he’s angry at the world, but Brennan did it because, well because of the reasons I stated before.

    Hmmm…as far as number three, I think I have to go back and watch again. I’m tempted to say that no, she wasn’t lying completely, but I’ll admit that I got caught up in the moment (how cute was the high five?) and may not remember specifics…

    The conversation with Cam…wow! Brennan’s reaction was so very telling and I think Cam picked up on it too (which made the moment even sadder). It makes me wonder just how much Cam knows about what’s gone on between Booth and Brennan since the 100th episode.

    Oh, and I know this isn’t on topic, but I just have to ask/find out if anyone else noticed – was the suit Clark wore in the cupid scene with Nora the same outfit his character wore in the season four finale?!?

    • YES! The second he walked out I actually yelled, “C-Sync in the house!” Lol! It’s a good thing I don’t have a roommate. Heehee

      • Good. I’m glad someone else noticed it too. Cause I was starting to think I was crazy!

      • Hahaha, I kind of wondered if that’s where they were actually going with it! I was like, uhhh, how does Nora know about Booth’s secret-dream-version of Clark?! Haha, funny times…

    • I thought I recognised C-Synch baby!! hehehe EiTB reference!!! LOVE IT! Sorry…totally off topic!…but I LOVED this ep!! Faith is back in a big way baby!!

  6. When Brennan kept getting the phone calls last night and she told her callers that she was busy, I took her for her word. She wasn’t telling a lie. What sealed it for me was when she complained that her callers were calling her because they assumed she didn’t have any plans. It was at this point I realized that Brennan did have a plan for Valentines Day and it probably had something to do with Booth. She realized that Booth probably wanted to be alone; but, she wasn’t going to let that happen. Did she lie when she said they chose to be alone? No. Not really. Circumstances were forcing them to be alone on Valentines Day; but, not alone like Cam meant. Brennan didn’t want to date anyone for Valentines Day and Booth definitely didn’t either. I guess Brennan figured that she and Booth could be alone together. When Booth mentioned that he would probably go to the range and Brennan said that sounded interesting, I realized that Brennan was fishing for an invite; but, Booth was either being dense and didn’t see it or he really wanted to be alone. Brennan being Brennan, found a way to be with Booth on Valentines Day without it being Valentines Day date. Happy St. Valentines Day Massacre Booth. Loved the looks on their faces when they were shooting the Tommy guns. Pure Fun.

    • I hadn’t thought of this. Is good. Her “plans” were to make herself available to be with Booth knowing he would be moping over his breakup (maybe) and wanting to be alone. She freed up her calendar and said…this night is for Booth, as a friend, because that’s what he needs right now though he may not ask for it. And thru the course of the day she figured out what she’d do…lol….tommy guns. How’s that for our Brennan who was totally flexible and not compartmentaling. Love it.

  7. I have to say that I absolutely loved this episode! There were many scenes that either made me laugh or just say “awww!” Did anyone notice that Brennan actually gave Booth a present?!! She said “Here is my Valentine’s gift to you..” Can anyone recall the last time Brennan gave Booth a present? She is the one who always thought that when you give someone a gift you enter into a “social contract” with that person. Brennan’s character has made so many steps forward- and it’s apparent that Booth is still dazzled by her. In this episode they just fell so comfortably back together- it was so nice to see that again! I think she chose not to go out with any of those guys, and that she was already “busy” because she knew this would probably be a hard day for Booth and she was going to stick around for him. When they entered the reception hall, discussing the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre, she asked him what he was going to do this day and he told her he was going to be at the shooting range. That was her opportunity to do something nice for him in the end- remember the theme of the show was it’s not the value of the Valentine’s day present that’s important when you give something to your significant other, but rather, the personal touches and thoughts (and pieces of yourself) that you give to them. This was a very good episode! Looking forward to the next two!

    • I noticed that too, about Brennan all of a sudden being the gift-giver. I have a big old mess of theory and interpretation on that, but I’ll spare us all, haha. But I DID love the way the tables kind of turned, with her looking out for him, and bringing him something that he completely didn’t expect. And all the social-contract, I-hate-Secret-Santa, the-receipt’s-in-the-book-and-I-don’t-take-credit-card stuff just made this moment all the more precious to me. 🙂

  8. The random guys phoning Brennan was suppose to be funny. It wasn’t. As if you really analyze what it meant. It was men who where crawling out of the woodwork trying to get a booty call with Brennan as they thought that she was forever single and easy. Even Brennan noted that, that these random men that she once knew maybe as friends or more, assuming she would be single. It was degrading.

    • Althought I TOTALLY agree that to you or me this would be insulting, these men of her past are probably unaware that she has evolved into an emotionally person- with her heart actually set on someone. The Brennan they knew (or Brennan Season 1, or instance) would have probably considered it a totally logical assumption that a night with her would be something to desire (in bed- she’s quite good, you know! LOL).
      I may be wrong. I sorta understand Booth more between the two of them- Brennan’s acute reasoning is not my forte. I can see Brennan (in earlier seasons) bragging that she had so many interested in her for a booty call.

      BUT I LIKE that Brennan is a little more aware of her situation now. And although Cam threw it back in her face, what Brennan said to Cam is true for Brennan as well. Not that they are desperate, but that they should value the good men in their lives and focus on building those trusted relationships up. Thinking of the future and who you want to have it in is not an act of a desperate person, but a loving one. 🙂

    • While I disagree in that I DID in fact think they were funny, I have to say, I got a little bit of a twinge about them as well. For me, it didn’t seem necessarily degrading. After all, Brennan of all people can appreciate a person’s need to fulfill biological urges, or so she says. What made me sad was that all of these men just assumed she wouldn’t have someone special on Valentines Day. I didn’t think it was degrading so much as terribly sad for her. To know that the way she lived her life suggested to people–men specifically–that she would kind of always be alone. That to me, while I laughed at all her straight rejections, was actually really heart-breaking. In DitP, she’s seen the potential tragedy of what the future holds if she continues to live the closed life she’s been living, and I think because of that, we’ve all seen her slowly start to turn things around, start to live in a new, open way. But that doesn’t change the way she lived life in the past, and I think all those phone calls were just a sad reminder of that old way she had, and of all the time she wasted being so detached. That was just the feel I sort of got from all the phone calls, and the look on her face after Cam’s “I have someone!” (“unlike you” being added in Brennan’s head, even if not in Cam’s intentions) I loved this episode–it was such a joy to watch in almost every respect, but there was a tiny undercurrent of sadness, especially in those phone calls for me.

    • I don’t think she would have felt terrible two seasons ago. Brennan is logical, so, guys who are aware of her reasoning expected her not to be romantic on V-day. Things have changed now. Because she is in love, the fact of feeling offended is plausible now that she knows what it means not to be with the person you want to be.
      The calls definitely had a mission. I think it was to reflect Brennan’s new approach to dating and interpersonal (or well couple) relationships. She’s done with casual sex and dates that don’t fulfill her both intellectually (because Booth also does that) and emotionally.

  9. 1. i Dont think Brennan lie when she rejected all the men offers to spend V-day. When she said she was busy was her way to say to them she was not interested anymore on casual dates. Showing clearly she want spend the V-day w/ Booth in some way.2. For me when Brennan said she and Booth choose be alone she meant she choose be alone with Booth cuz she knows mostly after last week he’d been very upset about the V-day. 3. i don’t think Brennan totally act on the interrogations scene. She did of course to help Booth with the case of course but what is amazing is how she did this wonderfully. Shows how much Brennan is letting herself go on a amazing path to show Booth she is and she’ll be ready to love him and be loved by him when he’ll be ready.

  10. @jane ITA. It played to me that these potential suitors had a long list of women and Brennan was a last resort. . It was like they were desperate for a date any date and were phoning her out of the blue. . But thankfully Brennan didn’t want to be played. . I didnt really like the epi. I had issues with how whipped Hodgins is by Angela. I want him to grow a set, he is too wet. And Cam lost a lot of respect for her with her ego in wanting the case to wrap just cos she had a date and it was V.Day.

  11. My poor Booth. They were so insensitive to him. He is still hurting. And still denying how he is feeling about Hannah and him. He is not over her just doesnt want to talk to anyone. Esp Sweets. That damn will break again. Fix our Booths broken heart. I hate seeing him so down.

  12. I didn’t see much chemisty between Booth and Brennan. It was strained, awkward and forced. Booth is still in partner mode. And rightfully so, he hurt still. He wanted to be alone on Valentines Day. It was Brennan who wanted to be with him. Forcing herself in his space. I am totally meh on this epi. Cam was ridic bad. Clarke is a pod person. I think it was too sugary and vanilla.

  13. Well, she was actually busy at the time she got the phone calls so technically, it wasn’t a lie. (My favorite line – “Can I call you back and tell you no?” Ha!)

    I also think she was telling the truth in a very basic way when she said she and Booth had chosen to be alone. Booth deliberately chose to break up with Hannah when she turned down his proposal instead of continuing the relationship in its current form. And obviously Brennan could have had plans if she chose – but I also agree with her feelings of being insulted when those calls come in on Valentine’s Day. Who calls and asks for a Valentine’s Day date ON Valentine’s Day? Kiss off, dude.

    I loved the pathos ED put into Brennan’s reaction to Cam’s not so subtle dig. Brennan wasn’t expecting that response, and it was a shot directly to the heart. Badly done, Cam. Badly done.

    • Badly done, except that Cam apologized for what she had said. Brennan had essentially insulted her seconds previous and showed no remorse for huriing her feelings.

      • For me, the difference is that Brennan doesn’t realize what she’s saying might be insulting. It’s just the truth, or the truth as she sees it. Cam’s response was a Mean Girl’s “Yea, but at least I have a boyfriend!” response. Subconsciously, she meant to strike back and only felt bad when she saw her remark had hit home.

        To be honest, I also have a problem legally with the rush to “solve the case.” Yes, Cam, let’s rush to solve the case so you can get laid tonight, and if we make a mistake because we’re rushing, and an attorney can use that mistake to get the guilty off, that’s okay. At least you got laid.

    • I don’t think Cam was intentionally making a dig at Brennan. She was somewhere between defending herself and setting the record straight, but it came out wrong.

      • Oh, I think it was absolutely intentional but intentional on an instinctive, sudden-strike level rather than something that was planned out in advance. I think Brennan’s comments about Valentine’s Day, and about Cam’s age hit a nerve and Cam got a piece of her own back.

        Once she saw Brennan’s reaction, I believe she was truly sorry for that direct hit, because they have developed a friendship.

  14. Bland, bland epi — I miss Hannah. At least she brought the drama. If I have to endure another empty epi of fluff like this again. I am going to start my own Bring Back Hannah campaign. Serious.

    • They can’t show us episodes, like last week, every week. It would be too draining. We need the quiet episodes to calm down and prepare ourselves for the next drama. I can take the fluff because I know that the next episode will probably will be very intense.

      Hannah is gone. Good riddance. I mean that in a nice way of course.

    • No, Hannah is now looking for another candidate for her fig tree. It is now obviously what she wanted out of Booth, a roll in the hay. He wanted more out of life and I want more for him too.

  15. I just watched it- SO CUTE!- and am wondering if she didn’t happen to say she was busy AFTER she learned that Booth was going to the shooting range? I can’t remember directly, but it would seem right. She said no atleast once and declined in another fashion to someone else, but I think maybe she said busy after being out in the field with Booth and he shared he would spend it in the shooting range because that would be “fitting”, or something like that… And she probably decided wherever he was going to be, she would be too 🙂 LOVE!

  16. I also have to say that Hodgins creating rose-scented slime for Angela was just . . . well, it was just Hodgins. Only Hodgins. And only Angela would appreciate something like rose-scented slime.

    It’s going right in the middle of my list of favorite scenes.

    • Oh I thought that was very reminiscent of the glowing shrimp scene. Even before they revealed the slime I was thinking of that scene. I thought it was great.

  17. Hmm. Brennan’s lies huh? When I saw the post title in my email I was really wondering where you were going with the. 🙂

    On the first, no I don’t think she did lie. I believe she had plans even if the person she had plans with didn’t know. I believe that she had planned all along that she’d do something special for Booth that Valentine’s day because she knew he’s the kind of guy that normally would make a big deal out of the day but with his current circumstances was dreading it. So she might not have known just what she would be doing, she knew she’d be doing something.

    On the second, I’m not sure. I guess I do think that she was covering there. Maybe not ready to admit that really neither of them chose to be alone. Or maybe that they’d be alone together, or should that be together alone. I can’t figure out wich order conveys the right thing.

    I don’t think she was completely acting in that interrogation. I think what she was saying was coming from a very real place, but yes she was using it to get a confession from him.

    The scene with Cam was WOW yep bald truth, and OUCH.

    Now I just have to say I absolutely loved Booth and Brennan in this episode. I loved the scenes with them together, but also the way in which each of them interacted with others.

  18. @lenora we have to agree to disagree. IMO This epi was bland. If it was in S2 I would say the same thing. Like Spaceman was bland. It doesn’t matter what charActer was in it. I meant at least when Hannah was in the show, her arc on/off screen mixed it up. Just becuse she is gone doesn’t mean that the epis are automatically great. This epi was boring for me. The only thing I liked was that Booth is still upset and they didn’t sweep Hannah hurt away. Her presence was felt. So I stand by bringing back Hannah, maybe S7. I expect that to happen. Hopefully.

  19. I loved how Brennan is acting more and more like Booth did in earlier seasons. It’s clear to me that she’s totally focused on him and what he needs, and it’s not just to see what she can get out of it. There’s no pressure from her, but she’s obviously keeping her dance card open for him. I don’t mean in a romantic way at this point, but more in a “lean on me” way. Those tommy guns reminded me so much of Booth’s Christmas tree gift in Santa in the Slush; giving them made her happy simply because it (and her) made him happy. Plus, it makes up for the fact that she didn’t get to give him that phone before. Brennan, so awesome of you, you go girl!

  20. 1. Did Brennan lie when she turned down those men who called her and said she was ‘busy’?

    You know, I don’t think that she did, Seels. Despite the time constraints that Cam put on ‘wrapping up’ the case, Brennan did what Brennan usually does. She had already formed her opinion and stated her disdain of what the whole V-Day debacle represented to her at the home of the victim. The way that each of those calls was handled within the context of her opinion…four guys called, she made it clear that she wasn’t going to enter into what she knew would be artificial expectations of companionship & sex. Her handling of the suitors was about where she is at personally, regardless of where Booth is right now. It echoed back to ‘Mastadon’ where she said that she didn’t have the time or the inclination to go there.

    2. Did Brennan lie when she said she and Booth both chose to be alone. Did they both choose that? And I suppose in the context of this episode, she could have been referring to the reality of their Valentine’s Day plans, but was she…Was she alluding to more than that?

    This question took me back to Doctor in the Photo, where Brennan is sat mid-monologue and says “People assume that when you’re alone, you must be lonely…like most assumptions, it’s erroneous.” Booth and Brennan chose to be alone, for their own reasons. Within the context of V-Day, there are additional social pressures and expectations around choosing to be alone…where perhaps being alone is even more erroneously associated with being lonely…even being sad and lonely. I think that Brennan is comfortable with her choice, but recognises that Booth is not…when she complains to Booth about the suitor’s last minute enticements, he tells her that she is available…which is why she tells him that it is her choice to be alone – just like Booth announced his choices after being slam-dunked by Hannah. It’s an arms-length kind of empathy from Brennan, respecting Booth’s boundaries, showing that she is resolved in her own choice, conveying that she respects and acknowledges his feelings – Yes, there are deeper allusions – there are always masses of subtext between Booth and Brennan, but I don’t believe that the allusions were a motivating factor.

    3. This isn’t so much a direct lie…but was she completely ‘acting’ when she tossed her accusations toward Greg Bovitz in the interrogation room?

    Hmm. I guess it depends on how one defines ‘acting’ – as Brennan evolves, I think she experiments with her emotional depth through acting…letting it out…even Booth suspects that her acting ability may have improved in the last couple of years…and oh boy, Brennan did not disappoint. I watched the interrogation scene for the second time a little while ago and it occurred to me that she surprised Booth, possibly even surprised herself at her emotive delivery. Her dialogue was directed in part to both Bovitz and Booth…masterfully done by ED of course… For me personally , it was a little bit of a ‘Being John Malkovich’ moment…I was ready to pay my $200 and enter the portal into the mind of Temperance Brennan (granted, I am mighty quirky when it comes to interpretations).

    Overall, I enjoyed the episode. Cam pushed it too far IMHO, but it is what it is… I adored the Tommy guns and the anti-romantic gesture of shooting the crap out of targets. The “Oooh, you dirty rat!” quote post-dates the St Valentine’s Day massacre of 1929 – but the FBI used the Tommy gun from 1933. Interestingly, the actual James Cagney quote was “Mmm, that dirty, double-crossin’ rat,” from the movie ‘Blonde Crazy’ (1931). I don’t know whether this is an intentional dig at Hannah, but it amuses me no end!

  21. On second viewing, yes, Brennan did lie intentionally to the first guy (and she admitted that to Clark and Cam), but not to the other three (she just flat turned them down). I think it’s significant, though, because in explaining why she lied, we learn that she has no interest in either affection or sex from other guys. That’s a definite change from previous seasons and, like I said before, I think it’s an indication that she’s essentially waiting for Booth (as she has been since her time in Maluku, whether she’s realized it or not), the same way he waited for her prior to this season. Either way, I really like the way this is being set up (Brennan being the one to show Booth that what he taught her about love is true).

  22. It seems to me that eveyone was trying to be so clever about their gifts for Valentines Day and yet Brennan turned out to be the cleverest of all. She gave Booth a Valentines Day gift and had a Valentines Day date (sort of) by telling Booth it was to celebrate the St. Valentines Day Massacre. She could be with Booth, make sure he wasn’t feeling so lonely on the Heart day of the year and yet lightened the mood and made him and herself happy. She really has blossomed from season 1 and I really think that is cool.

  23. After months of reading on this sight, I finally have the courage to post! You are all so eloquent in your responses that it sets the bar very hi 😀

    Surprisingly for me, the lies aren’t what stood out to me, but rather the truth. I think there was one shining bright truth hid amongst Cam’s harsh truth. Just before this, Brennan tells Cam that she can understand the importance Cam is placing on Valentines day because “you reach an age where every male must be treated as a perspective mate.”. I rewatched that line a good half dozen times before I even gave Cam a chance to respond. The thing that stood out to me right away is that Brennan is talking about herself as much as she is talking about Cam. Cam even acknowledges that they are close to the same age. This one line outs every single one of Brennan’s date turndowns into perspective: she doesn’t see ANY of them as potential mates!

    Loved this episode!

    • Happy to have you on board! I haven’t been posting here too long myself, but I can tell you that this is a very welcoming place. You’ll be happy you braved on in!

    • Very good insight! I hadn’t really thought of that. I was interpreting as Brennan just being her totally unfiltered, truthful self. And I winced when Cam delivered her response and Brennan had that hurt look on her face. Maybe Brennan was looking for a “I know how you feel because I feel it too” moment and it backfired. I will go watch that scene again several times with this new perspective.

  24. The men calling Brennan for a V Day date at the last minute seemed a little too contrived, so I can only assume the writers intended to show that Brennan is not about to date anyone, unless it’s Booth. And yes, I think Brennan told a little white lie or two, along with turning down a couple of men with a direct “no” answer… but the point is…she turns them all down, because she’s no longer interested in a one night wonder …she’s now a different person who wants it all…love, romance, and sex…and she knows who she wants to fulfill those needs. The exchange between Brennan and Cam is ultimately very revealing of how Brennan has changed.

    She takes the chance to show up at the firing range, even though Booth just wants to be alone…and after last week, rightly so. I got the feeling that Brennan wasn’t ok with being alone…not this year…and she doesn’t want Booth to be alone either. And her gift to Booth was perfect…and perfectly selfless…totally original…and how fantastic was that? She won the most heartfelt gift of the day, if you ask me.

    I do believe Brennan has made up her mind that she is not going to let Booth get away from her this time.

    The first time I watched the end scene, I loved how they just let go…shooting the heck out of those targets…which made me laugh. The second time I watched, I got all teary-eyed. Gah! I’ve never known rapid gun fire to have this effect on me before…LOL…but I was just happy to see them happy…together.

  25. I can’t add anything new to the lies vs. truths discussion. But while you can frame the episode in terms of what are the truths and what are the lies, I think the show was more about friendship and what we are willing to do to help out a friend.

    Was she waiting on Booth? Rationally, probably not since he made it clear they were merely partners.
    Was she waiting for an opportunity to do something special for Booth? Who knows? But when the opportunity presented itself, she made the most of it.

    I think it’s interesting that Hodgins makes something entirely special and names it for his wife, something reminiscent of his enlargement of a fungus and his declaration of love written out in florescent seafood, and Brennan comes up with something similarly off-kilter but perfect for Booth. The other two couples go off and just have their romantic evening, but the two “main” relationships do their quirky best to be extraordinary. It’s more about knowing the other so well that you can give them exactly what they need.

  26. I’m only gonna answer #2 because I’m not sure how I feel about the others. 🙂

    But, yes, Brennan did lie when she said her and Booth were choosing to be alone. Booth, if he had the choice, would’ve been with Hannah. And Brennan was choosing to be with Booth. Now, I don’t think Brennan is the kind of woman who is plotting this grand plan to get Booth to be with her now that Hannah is gone, but I do think she’s the kind of woman who sees her friend in pain and was going to put her own needs (in this case, multiple offers for a romantic Valentine’s Day) aside and do whatever she needed to make him smile. And man was it great to see these two smiling, and laughing with each other again. 🙂

  27. I really enjoyed this episode.
    1. I don’t consider Brennan’s responses to her potential suitors lies because it doesn’t matter what her plans were. She was ‘busy’ whether that meant sitting at home, working, or trying to make sure Booth was ok. ‘Busy’ doesn’t have to mean she already had a date.
    2. She didn’t lie when she said she and Booth both chose to be alone because they did both choose it in their current circumstance. Being alone (especially being alone together) was a much better alternative than being with someone just because it is Valentine’s Day. They both did make a conscience choice not to celebrate in the expected way. I think Brennan is convinced now that her ‘satisfying biological urges’ idea is not what she wants out of life. Booth chose to be alone because he is still a little mad at the world. Glad they could let off some steam there at the end.
    3. She wasn’t lying to the murderer either. What she did was sort of the same (only a little more theatrical) than other times when they elicit a confession from someone by trying to empathize with their situation… saying that the victim was wrong to have expected that he change careers because of what she needed and then bringing up the infidelity was a way to break him so that he would confess. Well she did overstate their evidence though so I am on the fence on this one. I thought Brennan’s acting was great there. I loved her sultry comment back to Booth when he asked her if her acting had improved and the high five was awesome.

  28. 1) Did she lie to all those guys? Absolutely. But who hasn’t done a similar thing at some point in their life? You’re not lying to be cruel you’re lying to save someone’s feelings. That’s what she was doing…no hurting them.

    2) Did she lie about her and Booth? Yes and no. Did Booth choose to be alone? Yes. That was very much his choice. Did Brennan choose to be alone? No…Booth chose for her. We know that Brennan wants more from their partnership than she’s got but Booth made he choose. So, being alone isn’t her choice. It’s his…because I can’t see her seeing someone else now she knows how she feels about him. She’s not that person.

    3) I’ll have to rewatch because I can’t decide…I’ll only be rewatching that one scene though because I can’t sit through the rest again!

    4) And Cam…I didn’t like her for this entire episode and what she said to Brennan didn’t help her cause. Brennan told her the truth and I understand that she wanted to hit back…but she hit below the belt. And you saw from Cams reaction to Brennans reaction that she knows she did

  29. This episode’s last scene really reminded me of The Dwarf in the Dirt. After being worried about loosing himself, Booth invites Brennan to the shooting range to prove himself and her, that he was the same after the coma thing. This time, Brennan is not invited but I think this action would be one of the validations she is probably going to give Booth for now on. I don´t know if it’s intentional from the writers to put them again in there, when they previously had this very interesting and important (for Booth at least) moment. For me, it felt like he again, needed Brennan. it didn’t have to be with a romantic mood but at least something to prove she still got him, but this time, she was the one realizing what happened.

  30. After Brennan turned Jean-Paul down, and said it was insulting that they would all think she was available, and that it was her choice to be alone, I think Booth remembered what Angela said earlier and mentioned he would be at the shooting range. The decision is up to Brennan to join him there or not but he would not have invited her outright.
    She showing up was just great and with the tommy guns – I’m happy 😀

    • I always kind of thought he was deliberately NOT inviting her there. Perhaps subconsciously he was by letting her know where he would be that evening, but I’m not sure. He wasn’t initially happy when he saw her. But I think Brennan’s first step allowed Booth to become less angry and just enjoy being with her again (cue next episode where he finds her running in a park and offers to go to a lecture on war at the Jeffersonian with her in case SHE might want company.)

  31. If you look at his face when Brennan was angry that they all thought she would be available, it sort of softened a bit and then be volunteered the information.

    I thought he was annoyed because she got him a gift. His ‘Bones, what are you doing here?’ was more like a ‘Hey there. Fancy you coming out here’.

    I think Brennan’s gesture broke the ice and was able to reciprocate in the next ep with the war lecture. Off to watch that now 🙂 I watch, then read what everyone has had to say about it. Wonderful, insightful people here at BT.

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