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Is It Important Enough To Be Their Whole Lives?


Good morning, Bones Theory peeps! I hope you are having a great weekend so far. If you aren’t having a great weekend, I hope this post makes it just a bit easier.

I have another question for you, and it’s this.

“Is the work they do important, but not important enough to be their whole lives?”

When Sully presented that idea to Brennan, he was telling her the truth, but at a time when she (as Dr. Wyatt pointed out later) was not able to ‘hear’ it, nor were we interested in any of Sully’s attempts to convince Brennan to sail away with him. Sure, as pal Tober suggested a while ago, Sully was a good fit for Brennan, and in hindsight, we can appreciate that a bit more.

But at the time, I at least, rebelled against this idea of anything that would take Brennan away from what I considered to be her mission…helping Booth catch bad guys.

Of course, I also wanted her mission to be to fall in love with Booth in the process, and likewise, for him to help her and also fall in love with her in the process.

But now, almost four seasons later…(and whoa! that is so incredible to me. Fans of Sports Night or Freaks and Geeks or any other show that would kill for more seasons know what I’m talking about. Six seasons of Bones is like…a bountiful gift from on high! 🙂 )

…okay, back to the question. Now, four seasons later, does the question still remain? Is the work they do important enough to be their whole lives? And I don’t just mean for Booth and Brennan; I mean…for all of them.

Perhaps this most recent episode was a little love letter from the writers to the characters. A lot of people were displeased with the episode, saying it was in poor taste for the team to be so caught up in the idea of wrapping up the case so quickly in order to have a special Valentine’s Day night. It’s both a day and a night; it’s a valentine miracle. Hahahaha. But…to be more crude and quote people a little more directly, some people felt the team should have been focused on justice and the dignity of the wasted human life in the form of Wendy Bovitz and shouldn’t have been so concerned with getting laid.

These may or may not be the same people who were pissed at Booth for ‘abandoning’ Hodgins and Angela and the team in order to spend time with Hannah. Just saying.

But it does sort of raise the question. Do they all have to be 110% committed to their jobs, and if they aren’t…are they abandoning each other? To answer my own question, I don’t think so. I don’t think it’s fair to expect the characters to give everything to their work all of the time.

In fact, that’s sort of what we (okay, I’ll just speak for myself, what ‘I’) have been wanting for Booth and Brennan…and that’s sort of what we got at the end of this episode. Booth and Brennan were spending time together. It wasn’t an after case drink where they hash out all of the case details. For those keeping score, it wasn’t exactly chit chat or small talk, either. It was just hanging out and shooting guns.

Look, I was plenty annoyed in Rocker in the Rinse Cycle when during an investigation, B&B chose to spend MORE time messing around with rock and roll. It would be like if in Gamer in the Grease, they’d had their little Punky Pong session in the middle of the episode instead of at the end, after the case is solved.

To the credit of the characters, they DID see the case to completion, and then they had their nights. If push came to shove, and the clock had ticked down to 0.00.00, would they have bailed? Or would they have bailed on their loved ones (in the case of Paul, Nora (who holy cow was gorgeous!), and I guess we can include Daisy in on that, though not Hodgins and Angela). And…did they need to bail? Should they be punished for impatience, and also judged on a supposed outcome? We can’t say for sure what they would have done if the case hadn’t been solved.

Sure, that it was solved in one day is pretty improbable, but the solving of BONES cases is usually pretty improbable, as HH and even Kathy Reichs have mentioned. The science they use is accurate; they just speed it up a lot, they’ve both said. Haha, but the point is this…perhaps, on Valentine’s Day, the writers wanted each character’s evening to end happily…just once, in a way.

And it’s interesting to me that for each and every single one of them, probably for the first time ever on BONES…each character had another person to be happy with. Remember at the end of Death in the Saddle, when Booth is telling Brennan that each person is searching for that special someone, and it sort of shows a montage of each character, including Cam applying lipstick for some proposed date that never went anywhere, and it shows Zack at the lab, studying?  That’s not where the characters are right now.

Yes, it DID rub me the wrong way that they were all so eager. But it rubbed me the wrong way LESS than it made me smile, because each of them was just so incredibly happy.

 And…I want that for them. I feel like many of us have expressed that over the past several years. What they do matters, but justice doesn’t exactly keep you warm at night, right? We’ve seen that; that has been one of the most natural and also blatant progressions in Booth and Brennan’s character development. They both take/took solace in their work success, putting personal lives on the back burner. But when it comes down to it…their work will never be enough, not completely. Not for any of them.

The work they do is important, but it’s not important enough to be their whole lives. So, I say give the characters a break. They are allowed to prefer ‘romance’ to ‘death’ as Cam put it. And considering they did solve the case before they went out, I think it’s clear that while they can be impatient, their priorities are/were in the right place.

Thoughts from you? Let’s discuss!


33 thoughts on “Is It Important Enough To Be Their Whole Lives?

  1. Work is never enough to be anyone’s whole life. There has to be balance. This show is more about personal feelings than just the work even though we see them at work much of the time.

    That’s what makes it wonderful, knowing that they have lives that can encompass joy and pain just as we do.

  2. i think the whole point of the show is to take these imperfect, baggage laden, barely human characters and turn them into whole, functioning, well balanced human beings. they were ALL a mess at the beginning, not just booth and brennan, and one by one, they’re figuring out where all of the puzzle pieces need to go to make their lives something other than a string of late nights spent alone at work, eating ramen noodles from a cup and ignoring major holidays. is it possible that the end of this week’s episode was the first time that they were all happy at the same time? it thrilled me to see cam finally happy…i’ve felt bad for her ever since booth blew her off for brennan and thai food all those years ago.

    speaking of happiness, i was jumping up and down, running around the living room with a face splitting grin squeeing my brains out when brennan rolled those guns into the shooting range! my heart broke into a thousand pieces when she GAVE hannah the perfect present for booth when she told her about the vintage phone, but this little act showed me that the phone wasn’t even close to the perfect present, it was one of a million perfect presents that brennan has stored up in that brilliant little brain of hers. her rolling in those guns and saving the day for him demonstrated that, in the same way that he knows her favorite flower and planet and that a plastic pig will make her smile, she knows HIM equally well and will always be able to find the exact thing that will thrill him and touch his heart. wouldn’t you just give anything for someone to know you that well? even hodgins needed help figuring out what to get for angela, but bones, in spite of her social awkwardness and general emotional cluelessness, is clearly so in tune with booth, she didn’t have to even think about what he would like, she just KNEW (and it wasn’t just a present for him, because she enjoyed it too…which made it extra fantabulous, because not only did he get to shoot the gun, he got to shoot it with someone else who ALSO wanted to shoot the gun). this level of compatibility really demonstrates that although they are dedicated to their work and spend most of their waking hours working on cases, it’s their common goals and the enjoyment of time spent together that is really what their lives are about.

  3. No, this shouldn’t be their whole lives and I think most people know that. I know a couple of things: 🙂 if they hadn’t solved the case…no one would have been going anywhere….regardless of their dates lined up; no matter the rush they put on this…these people are the best at doing their job in this story. So, no corners were cut and they were able to give attention where it was needed despite their moments here and there of wondering what to do about Valentine’s Day. I don’t think their desire to have a night off and how they joked about it takes away at all from doing their jobs. Heck, even preachers can be irreverant at times…I know cuz my father is one, so everyone needs a break from the job every now and then and trying to rush it doesn’t take away from the fact that they will do their best at the Jeffersonian.

  4. I never thought of this episode that way, like Cam and the others were doing something wrong by hurrying the case along. I really believe that they would have stayed at work if the case was not solved in time. Any death is obviously very serious and tragic but when you deal with it every day you can’t always think of it that way. I smiled and laughed a lot during this episode and I was glad to get a break from all the emotional, heavy episodes we’ve been seeing lately. Both the characters and the fans needed an episode like this one.

    Cannot wait to see what happens with everyone during the rest of this season. I think we will see a lot of progress between B&B!

  5. When Booth started working with Brennan (and the Squints) they all appeared to be very lonely people. Their jobs were their lives. They had few outside interests and none of them seemed to be able to find someone to make a life with. Booth was an FBI agent with a mission to solve at least 50 murders in his life. He needed the best help to do that so he got Brennan and the Squints working for him. He had his mission; but, he didn’t have someone in his life to give him the love he craved. Brennan had isolated herself from her emotions and lived to study ancient remains. She feared to get close to anyone because it hurt too much when they left. Hodgins was caught up in conspiracies and though he dated, it seemed to be purely physical, no emotional attachments were involved. Zach lived at Hodgins house and dated a little; but, he too was emotionally detached from people. Angela was a free spirit and didn’t seem capable of committing to anyone on a permanent basis. This is the reality of everyones lives in season one. Now in season six, so much has changed. The mission to solve murders and seek justice is still there; but, everyone (except for Zach) has evolved into caring people. Though Booth has failed to find someone (at least he thinks so) to committ to him, he has found someone who loves him for who he is, faults and all. Brennan has finally realized that love exists and that it will not make her any less of a scientist. She has found someone to love who will not leave her. Hodgins has calmed down and looks at the world a little more rationally and has connected to Angela. Angela has realized that a free spirit is fine; but, loving someone doesn’t hold them down, it does not makes them less of an artist. Yes, their jobs are important to them and they do their best to solve every murder that comes this way. They don’t want anyone to get comfortable thinking they got away with taking someones life. But, in the grand scheme of things they have grown into themselves also. They have each found someone that loves them and loves them back. Booth has been through the emotional wringer lately; but, if there is one thing he can count on (and in the back of his mind he knows it) it is that Brennan is there for him like he is there for her. Their jobs glue them together; but, it their love and respect for each other that makes life worth living.

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  7. I don’t think that they have to give everything all the time to their jobs. In fact, I dislike shows that do that to their characters. It makes them less human. Now, if it had been written in a way that made them skimp on the quality of work, and just arrest anyone, I would have had an issue with that, but that didn’t happen. They did their jobs. They caught the bad guy. They just did it speedily. Quite honestly, I would think that would be good because if putting bad guys away is the name of the game, isn’t faster better?
    Their work gives their lives meaning, but their personal lives… the people they love… gives their lives depth.
    And I wouldn’t want the show I love to have unhappy characters.

  8. I think for some people work actually is thier whole life and it is important enough. Before Booth, I get the feeling that Brennan’s whole life was devoted to her work and even in earlier seasons everything is about her job. I believe that for some people, their job really is their life and that’s all they need if it makes them happy, but most people do want something more. I did not see anything wrong with Cam wanted to get the murder solved that day to be able to celebrate Valentine’s except when she was trying to say it wasn’t a murder, just to avoid solving it. I also didn’t see why they couldn’t work on the case all day, leave and then come back the next day and continue the case. It’s not like most their cases are solved in a single day. Anyway, I think in the beginning, some of the characters may have spent their whole life concerned with their job, with the exception of Angela. Now, as they have grown and found people in their lives, started families and such, they all need more than their jobs. Even Brennan wants to spend her life with someone and have more than just her job. We saw that in The Doctor in the Photo. She wants to be remembered for more than her job. They are helping to solve muders, so it’s hard to say that their jobs aren’t important enough, but I think it’s more a matter of what makes you happy, not how important your job is.

  9. I’ve never commented here before, but I just had to this time. In response to this thought:

    “…some people felt the team should have been focused on justice and the dignity of the wasted human life in the form of Wendy Bovitz and shouldn’t have been so concerned with getting laid.”

    I guess I think that way of thinking is really unfair to the characters. They deal with wasted human life on an almost daily basis. If they were to dwell on that fact all the time, they’d never get any work done because they would be an emotional and mental wreck. My husband is a doctor, and as such he deals with death and dying and illness every day. He really does HAVE to compartmentalize at time, or he wouldn’t be able to function. These characters need to have other aspects of their life. Yes their job is to solve murders, but do we really expect them to work 24 hours a day to do so? If we do, we shouldn’t.

    Also, as much as I love love love this blog, comments like these are a little unsettling to me:

    “These may or may not be the same people who were pissed at Booth for ‘abandoning’ Hodgins and Angela and the team in order to spend time with Hannah. Just saying.”

    To me this makes an assumption about viewers/fans that simply isn’t fair. I for one, was pretty upset at Booth for the way that whole skipping the baby announcement thing went down, but that was just it, it was the way he handled the whole thing– his attitude, allowing Brennan to lie about it (not that she should have offered to), etc. I don’t want to get into all of that again, but a statement like the one above seems unfair and judgmental and it’s really off putting to me to be honest.

    Most of all, in my experience it isn’t accurate. I didn’t think anything of this past week’s episodes and the characters wanting to enjoy their Valentine’s Day, but the baby announcement thing bothered me, because in my mind, the root issue was not the same. I realize other people may feel differently, and I like reading other perspectives as well, but to make an assumption which comes across a little bit to me as trying to invalidate the feelings of those who didn’t like either event, seems unfair to me.

    • Ah, good point! Thanks for the kind words, first of all. I certainly didn’t mean to offend. I only meant to point out that there were people who weren’t upset about Booth’s actions, but then did call Cam, Hodgins, Angela, Clark (in other words, any non-Booth character) out on their actions in this episode. And the two scenarios (one– their work, solving of a case, and the other was just hanging out with friends/people they work with), both had the end results of someone (presumably) having sex with someone. Booth caught a lot of flak for wanting to have sex with someone a lot of people didn’t want him to have sex with or want to have sex with, being called an abandoner. But really, that scenario (in my mind, and in the realm of this post) was another example of this idea: does what they do have to be their whole lives? Can they have meaningful relationships with people outside of the Jeffersonian, or is that a betrayal? An ‘abandonment’? If it is for Booth, then maybe it should be for Cam. If it’s not for Cam, then it shouldn’t be for Booth. Though it made me uncomfortable in my B&B loving ways, Booth’s actions in that scene (in my opinion) weren’t any worse than Cam’s in this episode. If Brennan had to lie in that episode, in this one, she had to rush her work, both are ‘crimes’ against her, so to speak.

      While I certainly wasn’t trying to offend you specifically, I did see what I considered hypocrisy in the fanbase in general. Not in every single person, but there were some who ‘may’ or ‘may not’ be ones who had complained. I didn’t mean to lump fans into a category. I’ll be certain to weigh my word choice (and the tone of them) in the future.

      Like you said, it’s not necessary to bring all of that up again (Booth stuff), so I’ll leave it at that. 🙂 Except to say that I’m so glad you chimed in! I always love when new people comment for the first time. Welcome, welcome!

  10. It’s funny how perceptions change when you come online. At first blush, I loved this last episode. It was light, kinda fluffy, but not over-the-top goofy like some episodes. A perfect counterbalance to the heart-crusher from last week. I loved the countdown being for a happy reason and I saw Cam’s actions as more of followthrough from her decision in Sisterhood to re-prioritize her life. As has been pointed out, this crew was essentially a group of individual workaholics back in the day and over time they’ve evolved into a family, as well as people who know that your job can’t define you forever.

    It was kind of a rude shock then when I hopped on Twitter to a slew of negative vibes, chief among them Cam’s actions. I’m not saying there isn’t some credence to the fact that she as short and a bit self-serving in her actions but at the same time she seems like a woman who knows what she wants so she’s going to pursue that with the same fervor she gave her job. Thanks for pointing out that the work wasn’t done in a shoddy way, just quickly. I’d like to think too that if they had gone into overtime everyone would have kept going. These are professionals.

    Like I said, after last week my heart needed a lighter episode that ended on a happy note for all involved. I’m okay with it not being an epic episode or not having all of the events be uber realistic. That’s TV and it’s TV I enjoy when my heart needs a break from heavy drama. Now, if someone would just get that pesky American Idol to stop preempting Bones I’d be happy as a clam!

    • I’m with you, I wasn’t offended by Cam’s actions because it was directly addressing her experiences in “SitS,” and because, you know what, sometimes happiness and romance should triumph over death, even if that means being able to spend a nice evening not worried about the pending case.

      I actually really loved the episode. I was grinning when it ended, I thought it was cute and funny and I liked seeing a lighter side of the characters. I’m enjoying Clark coming out of his shell this season, and would like to see more. Booth was kinda grumpy, but he gets a pass. I loved Brennan this episode, too, she’s grown so much! And her laugh and smile after her very convincing “act”? Awesome. I’m happy all my dearies (the characters here who are bit more real to me than may be healthy) got the chance to have fun and relax after what has been a pretty tense couple of months.

      Sure it wasn’t necessarily realistic that everything got solved in one day or that they were able to finish all the questioning and testing, etc. But, come on, as Seels mentioned, this is fiction and things are always sped up (or slowed down) for character development and drama.

  11. I haven’t had a chance to read all of the previous comments, so my apologies if I repeat someone else’s comment. The students are taking an exam, so I only have a minute.

    My comment is a question that kept bothering me throughout the show: Do they really have to get it done tonight? What if they work until 6:45 and come back to in the morning if they’re not finished? Did it really matter in this case if they took any extra 18 hours or a day to figure it out?

    The husband would continue to think they didn’t suspect him, so he wouldn’t flee. The assistant might have had a night in jail, which is awful, but it happens. Exonerating him was still going to happen. Was there evidence that would have disappeared?

    Was it a case that was so urgent that it should be their whole lives on this particular Valentine’s Day?

    • This was exactly my thinking. Why did it have to be completed in a day? Few other cases they’ve handled have been. Where was the rush? There was always tomorrow. The time frame was artificially imposed for the purposes of the plot and eliciting the humor but it was obviously artificial. The least the writers could have done was think up a plausible reason why the case had to be solved so quickly. Once again, sloppy writing.

  12. I think the larger problem here is that we have lost sight of the fact that, in real life, people routinely go home at the end of the day whether a case is solved or not. Because of the speed with which cases are solved on television, it’s easy to think that no one rests until the bad guy is behind bars, but that’s simply not realistic. As far as I know (which I’ll admit is not a lot, but still, I do occasionally watch Dateline!) most cases aren’t solved in a day or even a week in real life (heck, DNA and tox screen results wouldn’t even be back that fast). It’s completely unrealistic to assume that someone would work on a case non-stop until it was solved.

    Sure, the pursuit of justice is a worthy goal, but it can’t be these people’s entire lives. Honestly, I didn’t see anything wrong with Cam leaving work at a decent time (even when the case wasn’t solved) in The Sin in the Sisterhood to go to dinner with Paul and I didn’t see anything wrong with her leaving for her Valentines Day dinner in Thursday’s episode either – in fact, I think it’s healthy. In real life that would have happened and nobody would have thought twice about it. The only reason it seemed like a big deal in Thursday’s episode is because the writers made it a big deal (I’m guessing in an effort to be funny).

  13. Just wanted to say that the way you laid out the pictures made me laughed out loud!! Cam and Paul kissing…*scrolls scrolls*….Angela and Hodgins looking happy…*scrolls scrolls*…*Clark and Nora in bed….*scrolls scrolls*…..Booth and Brennan shooting guns!!! LOLx10^23. And guess who’s STILL my favourite couple? *HINT: the couple’s that having the most fun* 😛

    On a more serious note, I was slightly bothered by Cam hurrying up the case but not so much since I knew they were going to give it all they’ve got anyway. I agree that things are definitely working out for everybody….but if only we could get B/B to join the rest of the gang. Ha!

    As for work being everybody’s whole life….here’s what I think. I think what the J-team+Booth do is very important. They’re bringing justice to the world, they’re putting dangerous people away, they’re giving closure to family/friends/loved ones of the victims. In a job like this, I would imagine that they might feel obligated to dedicate as much time (if not all of their time) to it. I guess it’s kinda like a doctor saying “if I stay for a few more minutes I might be able to save another life”. But then this begs the question of where the “cut point” is? The J-Team+Booth takes care of the world, but who takes care of them? With this in mind, the whole team rushing off to celebrate (a successful) Valentine’s Day seems to be justified, even deserved. They owe it to themselves to be happy!! The B/B moment at the end of this episode reminded me of what Seels said before about how Booth and Brennan rarely give themselves permission to enjoy each other’s company. It makes me very happy that they did this time. 🙂 Good for them!!

  14. I think the pairing of Booth blowing off the baby announcement with this episode is inaccurate. I can’t speak for everyone, but it wasn’t that Booth was going home to have sex with Hannah that bugged me, it was that he completely blew off sharing in one of Life’s Moments with people he presumably thinks of as friends. Sex with Hannah couldn’t have waited 15/20/30 minutes? No? He had to rush away right then or the bedroom door was locked? Okay then. For me, that was one more example of Booth gone wrong this season.

    The rushed timing of this episode was wrong because as scientists and de facto members of law enforcement, they should know better. I realize that the show was wrapped around Valentine’s Day evening, and every couple having their special moment on that day, but it could have been handled differently and they’d still have gotten in a few rounds of sweaty sheets. Just find the body a few days earlier and you still have the quickness of TV-time case solving and you keep the Valentine’s Day alarm clock.

  15. All I can say is that all the flak this episode is getting seems ridiculous to me. What amazes me are the people that complain bitterly how the show has sucked for the last two seasons, but yet continue to watch AND take the time to go comment about it. I’m sorry but if something has made you unhappy for 2 years, why are you still watching?

    I don’t think I’ve never read a comment like that here(which is why this blog rules), but out there the reaction to the show is out of control and not in a good way. It’s like the writers can’t win. If they do an emotional, episode, they don’t like it, if the episode is lightheaded, then that’s wrong too. Jeez.

    For one, I enjoyed last night’s episode. Yes, it’s true that the whole must solve this case in 8 hours was maybe artificial, but I think the whole point is that if the case had not been solved, Cam or the team wouldn’t have been going anywhere, hence why she wanted it solved. Doesn’t that speak to the level of their commitment? That they wouldn’t have put the case on hold for 18 hours to go have Valentine’s day? I’m sure the innocent assistant was glad he didn’t have to spend another 18 hours in jail.
    Maybe other people would have, but the J-team would not. They work until the case is solved. So I have no issues with Cam’s insistence that this get done especially quickly. I was laughing at some of the scenes in the lab, so hey, I’ll take more episodes like this, no problem.

    • ‘All I can say is that all the flak this episode is getting seems ridiculous to me. What amazes me are the people that complain bitterly how the show has sucked for the last two seasons, but yet continue to watch AND take the time to go comment about it. I’m sorry but if something has made you unhappy for 2 years, why are I you still watching?

      I don’t think I’ve never read a comment like that here(which is why this blog rules), but out there the reaction to the show is out of control and not in a good way. It’s like the writers can’t win. If they do an emotional, episode, they don’t like it, if the episode is lightheaded, then that’s wrong too. Jeez.’…… I agree with you 100%, bbmagic! It is beyond understanding.

      • To be fair, I don’t think it’s that easy to drop a show after loving it for so long and hoping it would go back to the way it used to be. But I agree. Sometimes enough is enough. Everyone’s opinion is just that, their OWN opinion, which some others may share, but not everyone. It’s like because they think the show is going down, the show IS going down. Never mind that there are people who still enjoy the show and some who have even started watching the show this season. Ratings for the show have been quite high, and that doesn’t happen when people stop watching a show.

        Ok, so maybe they’ve lost some old fans because of the direction they wanted to take. But artistic vision isn’t a right or wrong thing. This is Hart’s show, and he can’t cater to fans when everybody’s screaming at him to tell the story they want it told. Sometimes it feels like some people think Hart owes them something. That’s not how it works. We don’t get to tell our favorite artist what songs to sing or blast them out if they want to experiment in a different genre. It’s their prerogative. And it’s okay to not go with them in that direction if you don’t like it, but it’s not okay to act like they’ve betrayed you and decide everything they do from then on out is terrible.

        I didn’t have any intentions of doing my own rant when I started this comment – I just wanted to agree! 🙂

  16. Apparently, I took the whole time (Clock) issue a little diffrently from a lot of other people. Cam wanted to set the clock and wrap up the murder in 8 hours because she knew that if that did not happen, NO ONE would be doing any Valentines Day celebrations. For once, Cam wanted to celebrate love and the day put aside for it. We have seen the group spend hours and days working on a murder because they don’t want to go home when a murderer is out there. For once, Cam wanted everyone to go out and celebrate a day of love with their love ones. I don’t see anything wrong with it. She knows how dedicated everyone is to their jobs, to justice. I felt the clock was just her way of making everyone move fast on the case so they could all have a night to themselves. She knew, that if it was not done in 8 hours, someone or everyone would decide to stay and work. She was absolutley resolved to prevent that. I agree with bbmagic, it was a good show and I thought the writers did a good job.

    • Thanks! That’s completely how I saw it too. The point of the clock was that if they didn’t solve it by then, they wouldn’t be making those V-day plans because they would have continued to work on it.

  17. The problem is the way it was done, not the message, and the fact that apparently it was not supposed to be wrong the way it was done. By rushing them they could have made a mistake.
    In Man in the Bear they went to a bar because they had nothing else to do:
    Charlie: So, I was surprised to see you here. You know in your book you don’t sleep until you get your man.
    Brennan : Well that’s not me, it’s just a character. In real life, you have to wait for lab results.
    So, Brennan had time to dance and maybe even for a one night-stand with Charlie…
    In the meantime they often can’t do anything case-related, so it was stupid to want to solve the case in 8h suggesting they can’t have a moment for themselves until a case is solved. In man in the outhouse, Brennan went to the movies in the middle of a case, Angela once went spying on Tessa in the middle of a case etc…
    Also Cam could have celebrated it another time, what is important is the time they spend together, not when, and there is also off-screen time, they can tell us about their life, and there can’t be that much murders. Before they were also portrayed as people having a passion, not just lonely people that had nothing better to do, it’s not the same. They were young, full of energy, passionate.
    Now that they are older, if they want more and want to settle for a quiet life, they should let a younger crowd that is all about their passion take over their jobs, and so on.

    • What did Cam say to Brennan in Mastodon? “What happened is you put your own desires ahead of everything else”…

    • On thought I had on why Cam was so insistent on getting out of there on time to make her date with Paul was that just the last episode she was complaining about him continually breaking their dates because of his job, and that she wasn’t sure he was serious about her because of that. I guess she felt she couldn’t very well cancel on him when he went through all the effort she knew he had put into this date.

      That said I do think she was way to uhm witchy in this episode, way to strident about it. She was just rude and I really think could have let up with all of that. I also don’t understand the insistence that they had to solve the case before leaving for the day. I mean what if they hadn’t solved it by then would that mean they would just give up and never solve the murder?

  18. The work they do is NOT important enough to be their whole lives. I say this with some experience, as I’ve been a workaholic in the past and have since changed my attitude about where work falls in my life hierarchy.

    I’m a graduate student studying science. My life revolves around the lab, as does everyone’s around me. Obtaining results is imperative, regardless of how long an assay might take or how many hours you have to wait before something happens. When I first started, I let my science dictate my life…I frequently stayed late, worked weekends, and missed spending time with my family, friends, and boyfriend in my efforts to get ahead in my research. It was exhausting. I ended up getting married part way through my studies. As life tends to throw us curveballs, I ended up having to undergo a very important exam three weeks before my wedding. I was a wreck…not because of my wedding, but because of my school exam. My wedding went on the back-burner, and then once the exam was over there was a mad rush to get all of the wedding stuff done. I regret that a lot, not being able to just enjoy the day as I was meant to because I had work looming over my head.

    After that experience I changed my priorities. I still work hard at school and put in the time when necessary, but I no longer let it be my whole life, and I’m a lot happier for it.

    It’s true there are many people out there who prioritize their job above everything else. If that makes them happy, then I’m all for it, but I don’t think it should be their whole lives. People need a break every now and then. It’s not selfish to make that time. I have to be honest, I wasn’t overly thrilled with Cam and how she was rushing everyone because it seemed very self-centered of her – she was only really thinking of her own Valentine’s Day and not anyone elses until Hodgins called her out on it, and she was generally being sort of unprofessional about it. While I didn’t like how she was acting, I didn’t necessarily disapprove, and I fully agree with others in that they could have just worked until the end of the normal work day and left whatever was left to do until the next day. It’s not possible for them to burn the midnight oil on every case, it just doesn’t seem feasible or realistic. In the end, I’m glad they were able to do their jobs and still get the case solved – that was great!

  19. I didn’t mind Cam trying to make sure everyone focused on the case to get it solved. She was a little preoccupied putting too much emphasis on Valentine’s Day because she finally got Paul to stop canceling all the time because of work so then if she canceled, maybe Paul would think that was hypocritical.
    They only time we really see them with a true time constraint is when someone’s life is currently at stake… like the gravedigger episodes, Man in the SUV and the Donovan Decker episode etc. In this case, the killer likely wasn’t going to kill again and if he left, he could still be extradited.
    Their work is not their whole lives and rightfully so. The 8 hour clock was just a nice plot device to show us how Valentine’s Day was affecting everyone. It didn’t bother me at all.

  20. They solved the case. Who of us has ever been less than enthusiastic about their jobs? Do we get on Hodgins when he’s clearly enjoying a lab experiment? Do we berate Angela for finding the victim hot?

    Cut them a break. It’s meant to be a celebration of love and sometimes love needs to trump death. No one cut corners in order to solve the case. The victim will get justice thanks to some creative license.

  21. Absolutely Seels. The reason we all love this show is because these characters have become real for us. I find it sad that there are people annoyed at the fact that they wanted to have lives. Bones has always been about integrating a crime into the ‘real life’ of the people who solve it, and I find it harsh that people can’t appreciate the tongue in cheek nature of this episode. Honestly if they are looking for robots who don’t have lives to solve their crimes, go find another show.

    I apologise for the rant, but it’s starting to get very tiring just how cynical some viewers are. They got rid of Hannah, and now they’re still whinging? Seriously, I’m starting to wonder whether these people have such high expectations that they’ll never enjoy another episode again.

    *sigh* I for one LOVED this ep and thought the balance was fine. It made me laugh, smile and get all gooey and mushy inside and whilst I felt a bit put off by the celebration of the massacre with the Tommy Gums, everyone was happy, so I was too 🙂

    As an aside, this blog inspired me to drag out my Anne of Green Gables DVD’s. Such joy 🙂

  22. This is where we disagree 😛

    You can’t compare Booth ditching the Squints for Hannah and what happened in this episode.

    Booth was ditching a pretend get together to spend time with his girlfriend. Should he have gotten Brennan to lie for him? No…I think if he’d have poked his head around the door and said ‘Sorry guys, Hannahs just got home. Do you mind if i skip it?’ they’d have understood and been fine with it. No big deal.

    But in this episode…it was all about Cam. She wanted to get out for Valentines day and nothing else was important. A young woman lost her life and, basically, she couldn’t care less.

    I understand that their jobs can’t be their whole life. I don’t think anyone is saying it should be. What I am saying is that there is a time and a place. If Cam had mentioned at the beginning of the episode that she wanted to be gone in time for dinner and again at the end it wouldn’t be an issue.

    But every scene…and her impatience seeped into the others as they all rushed to find the killer NOT for the victim, but so Cam can get laid.

    How is that right?

    There have been numerous occasions where the case hasn’t been solved and they’ve gone home, recharged, and gone back to work the next day to finish the case.

    The entire episode was based on this ridiculous premise that they wouldn’t leave and enjoy there evening unless the murderer was found. And we all know from past episodes that that isn’t true 😀

  23. So I can see the point where people are saying why is this case so different that it must be solved in one day when that’s not the norm. I can justify almost anything, so I kind of had a different take on it. First of all, I don’t think Cam wanted to just get “laid”. It’s already been established that she doesn’t really have a life outside the lab. I think she just wanted to be romanced (could include getting laid), because really, I’ve felt bad for Cam in that department since her semi-relationship with Booth who insisted he was with “Brennan, all the way” and dumped her when she was in the hospital. Not attacking him, just sayin’. Was her pushing others to be done a little over the top? Yeah, but she’s done it before and I’m not taking major deductions off and her colleagues just kind of took her with a grain of salt. It’s not like they would have minded leaving earlier, either. And she never asks them to cut corners and they would never do it either, even while wishing for different results.

    The other thing I wanted to say is that they could have gone home and celebrated Valentine’s day – but with a murder case hanging over their heads. That could kinda kill the mood. I’m sure they’re used to being so engrossed in their work, and probably even thinking about their cases even when they’re not on the clock. Solving the murder would give them the peace of mind to enjoy the evening freely with their loved ones.

  24. We’ve seen time and again that the team puts their personal lives aside to work on a case late into the night and wee hours of the morning…sometimes not even going home to sleep at all…so Cam’s insistence in solving the case in 8+ hours is not normal. Yes, Cam wants a great evening with Paul, and the others are just as anxious to spend V Day with their loved ones…but the whole point is…this is not normal. And the theme of “We’re Not Getting Any Younger” plays into this…which brought to mind that the digital clock ticking off the hours left to wrap up the case may also symbolize the clock is ticking in their relationships’ department too.

    To answer the question…is their work that important? Yes, it is…but here they are all distracted to some degree, so it’s not just Cam, although she’s the one who puts the pressure on the team. It would be interesting to know what would have happened if they had not solved the case in that length of time…would they stay or leave and work on it the next morning? We know they’ve not been able to solve other cases in such a short time, so the urgency of this one seems out of place. Which brings me to this…

    The whole scenario is awkward, and we wonder…what’s gotten into Cam? It came to me that she’s just the latest character that is acting out-of-character, off-kilter, not normal – whatever you want to call it. We’ve all questioned the changes or strange behavior we’ve seen in Clark, Fisher, Brennan, Sweets and Booth…individually – or at least I have. Now it’s Cam’s turn. Put all of these together…and…do you see a pattern here? Just sayin’…everything is off…and I think we’ll see more of this in the future. We haven’t seen Nigel-Murray, Daisy or Wendell in recent episodes yet, but when we do, I think they’ll be different…part of whatever this is that’s going on.

    My first thought…is the world turning upside down? All of this weirdness started after Brennan’s revelations in The Doctor in the Photo. Just a coincidence? I don’t think so. Can’t wait to find out where all this leads…

  25. ShrinkyMojo, I always like your replies, it’s like I am thinking, but can’t put it in words so good.
    I think you are right, with everybody off this season and not just after the Doctor in the Photo one. I have been picking my brain and I came up with a couple of theories (can’t talk about them, might be spoilers) and now I have to wait until maybe May before I find out.

    Is there life after work? I hope! And it is true; no case is solved in a day. So everybody goes home at night and starts over again in the morning. (Sometimes they might stay for a special reason.) Maybe Cam should have said, get things done as much as you can on this case, but I let you know, that we are going to celebrate Valentine’s Day and I let you out earlier. That would have been more realistic. But………?, we are not writing the story.

    So saying that Cam was not sensitive enough with the victim, makes no sense because justice will be served eventually, which is mostly always the case.

    I really think we might not see the whole picture. Everybody has time for private business. No job is worth spending your life for. And you know we don’t really have a good timeframe with the show. Remember when Booth went to the gym and told Sweets about what Bones had said to him, he said: “a while back …….” . So what happen in between? But this show is about the Jeffersonian and the FBI and except for a few private occasions between the gang, we only saw Booth and Hannah before and after work.
    But if we think about having a more grand way of living our life, I think the Sully Episode of going to exotic places sounded just great , but Bones was not the type of living that large, she really loves her job and I believe she also did not want to leave Booth. She still wants to help him catch a bad guy for everybody he shot.

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