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Scene Study: The Night at the Bones Museum- It Just…Popped Out


Hello and Happy Sunday to you!

Today’s scene is from season five, and it’s not too long, but it is chock full of awesome, in my opinion.

Here’s a little history to get us started:

Brennan is approached by Booth’s boss, Assistant Director Andrew Hacker, in Booth’s office. She is flattered. I don’t think she learned her lesson about shiny baubles vs Booth.

Booth asks her not to date Hacker. “All you have to do is just turn him down, be polite, and no one gets hurt.” AKA, so HE doesn’t get hurt. Brennan wants to know why she should turn down Hacker. Booth says because it would be awkward for him, as his boss.

Later, Booth is generally annoyed after Hacker got on his case, and he tells Brennan (regarding the case) that a bunch of eggheads are caring about some exhibit nobody wants to see. Ouch!

Brennan says the Egyptian remains are a great find. Booth says that going to a museum is like sleeping standing up. The zing, the sauce, as Sully once said. Brennan doesn’t comment, but then when Booth says he did a little investigating on Hacker, I think she knows what is up.

Side note: I love Booth’s profile (meaning, I love David Boreanaz’ profile!)

 Brennan wants to know why it will be awkward. He tells her that it’s because they have one thing in common: him. Naturally, the conversation will turn his way.

Brennan assures him that if he’s concerned about her bringing up any perceived shortcomings, he shouldn’t be, and she assures him that since she and Hacker are attracted to one another, they will likely not even think of Booth at all.

Booth is not pleased.

This whole Hacker idea strikes me as interesting. Part of it is that of all of the potential romantic roadblocks that have been tossed between B&B, Hacker is the LEAST attractive to me. He’s the one that makes me scratch my head and say, “him?”. Pretty much any other character (Cam, Sully, Jared, Hannah, Catherine), I’m on board with. I mean, hello…I’m not on board on board, but…I get it; that’s what I’m saying. Just not Hacker.

But what also sort of strikes me as interesting is that I really do believe Booth’s original reason for not wanting Brennan to date Hacker. It would be awkward, as Hacker is his boss. Yes, he did date Cam, so it’s a little hypocritical, but for some reason, in this instance, I really found fault with Brennan for dating Hacker, as Booth asked her not to, as a partner and friend. Of course, that he does a background check on his own boss proves to me that Booth is also up to his old tricks, and I think that’s what Brennan sees. She sees him as just wanting to come between her and a romantic partner.

So then THAT is what is fascinating to me, because at that point in the series, I was sort of like, “Okay, I don’t like what Brennan is doing, but hey…it’s not like Booth has really made a move, right? Maybe she’s just getting him to wise up and make a move.” Except that when he DID make a move (100th), she said no. Yes, yes, she wasn’t saying no TO him as much as she was saying no ABOUT herself, but the idea is still there. If she’d been sort of staving off the inevitable, hoping he wouldn’t ask her so she didn’t have to turn him down, then she’s not exactly egging him on (Rimshot! Ha!) to make a move, right? So then basically…well, I’m back where I started. Good times.

Later in the episode, Brennan and Hacker have a date.

 Brennan does talk about Booth, about how he likes the meatloaf at Founding Fathers but has them take out the hardboiled egg because his mother told him that it was a human eyeball.

Hacker sort of calls her on it and says that her partnership with Booth is an unlikely one. Brennan says she’d prefer not to talk about Booth, if he doesn’t mind. Hacker is fine with that.

But just as they are going to talk about more, Brennan is called back to the lab. She talks with Angela, and confesses that Booth was annoyed at her dating Hacker. Angela says, Um, yeah! It will upset the natural order of things, and besides, Booth wants to be the one dating her. Brennan says, “I have drinks with him all of the time, but with Andrew, there is the potential for sex.”

To which Angela replies, “And there isn’t with Booth?”

To which Brennan replies…

“You said there was something you wanted me to see?” Meaning, as Booth would say, “Can we just focus on the case, please?” It would be fun to sort of go through the series and list all of the times one of them says something like that as a deflection, whether it’s to one another or to someone else butting in.

Later, Hacker arrives to Booth’s office…

He wants advice from Booth on Brennan. He wants to know if Brennan is only interested in him as the boss. Booth tells Hacker, “Bones doesn’t feel pressure to do or act or say anything she doesn’t want to. And no one…no one can make her. That’s what makes her………Bones.”

Hacker believes him, and as he’s leaving Booth’s office, he tells Booth he really should try the meatloaf with the egg, leaving Booth completely aware of what went down. Basically, if what he said was true (That she says what she wants), then she wanted to talk about him. Interesting…


So now, we’re to our scene. And I don’t know about you, but when we saw this first shot…

…it about took my breath away. Something was about to go down, right? Booth rarely calls Brennan on stuff like this, but this was going to be a blatant confrontation. Okay, breathe…

(plus he’s wearing that gray suit. Yeah, baby).

“What’s this?” Brennan asks.

“What does it look like?” Booth replies.

“An egg,” Brennan replies.

“And when was the most recent time you talked about an egg?”



It’s almost like an interrogation, the way his body language communicates that he’s not happy with her answer.

“Well, he asked me what was good to eat, and I mentioned that you liked the meatloaf–”

“Stop. Right there.” Booth interrupts her. “You said you weren’t going to talk about me, and you talked about me.”

“Well, I didn’t mean to talk about you,” Brennan offers. “I told him I didn’t want to, but you know…I like that story, and I guess it just…popped out.”

That entire response from Brennan is so fascinating to me. For one thing, it sort of discredits what Booth had just told Hacker. So, does that make Booth wrong? My impression is that Brennan is being even more honest than she knows. She doesn’t realize just how entangled (maybe not the best word, but I can’t think of another one) her life is with Booth’s. There’s this innate context in her life that IS Booth and his life. She honestly didn’t MEAN to talk about Booth, but when asked a question, her point of reference was something that happened to also involve Booth, and so she answered as such. Not that her world revolves around him or anything like that…but just that…well, it’s the context. Everything she has learned about Booth, she stores away in her brain. That he wants that old time phone, that he wants to shoot a Tommy gun, that he likes brown sugar on everything, that when something makes him laugh, he usually feels better. She knows every injury he’s had, and the cause, and she knows he doesn’t like hard boiled egg in meatloaf. Those are all facts about Booth that she has stored in her mind. The extraneous (she might call them anecdotal) circumstances surrounding those ‘facts’ (that he gut a gunshot wound from the overweight woman, or whatever she says, haha, and that the egg in the meatloaf is referenced to his mother), those are sub-facts, basically. They aren’t relevant to the fact. Does that make sense? Am I on the right track? She wasn’t being sneaky and talking about Booth behind his back, I don’t believe. It’s more just that his enjoyment of the meatloaf as a fact makes the meatloaf a worthy choice. So I think that’s why she’s shocked that Booth is upset by it.

Booth doesn’t buy it, though, because he doesn’t weigh his words based on facts. He’s more about ‘doing’ the right thing. She said she wasn’t going to talk about him, and she talked about him.

“Popped OUT?!? I don’t need Hacker knowing about my mother’s meatloaf!”

Remember at the beginning of this scene, when I said that Booth walking into her office with that egg just took my breath away? This entire scene really does, but I also see that same reaction in Brennan. She genuinely is not sure what is happening here, or why he’s quite so upset about it. They’ve bickered before, but this isn’t bickering. Also, Brennan hates to be wrong, so she’s (in my mind), frantically trying to match up all of the facts and data to figure out what is happening.

And so, and I absolutely adore this, she just asks, “Why are you so upset?” It’s not that she’s justifying her actions (in my opinion). It’s just that she can’t figure out the answer, and so she asks. It’s this sort of scenario I can imagine happening between them for years to come. Sure, she and Booth will fight, and instead of just trying to figure out his feelings, she’ll just straight up ask him. “What are you so upset?” Again, not to say, “Why are you overreacting?” but more to say, “What are your thoughts right now? I have no idea, and I just need you to tell me what exactly is happening here.”

“Because.” Booth answers. “What goes on between us is ours.”

Yeah, and that breath I was holding? Just escaped in a whoosh. Whoa. Booth. Whoa.

In her 5×500 piece, Laffers brought up Brennan’s season one phrase to Stires, “You flinched”, and I think that’s a good way of putting it. She mentioned it in regards to Booth and Brennan both, and I think it can apply to this scene and others in BONES history. In this next moment, Brennan flinches a bit. I guess I’m defining that as “knowing what is right, but still trying to not do it”. Does that seem right? Brennan can sense in that moment that, well…I can’t know for sure what she is sensing. Either:

1. She was wrong for bringing up Booth and the meatloaf.

2. She’s hurt Booth’s feelings because of it.

Perhaps she’s sensing both of those things. But instead of apologizing (she really does not like being wrong), she says, “Come on, Booth. You must have told a lot of people that meatloaf story, right?”

That look slays me every single time. I’m not sure else how to describe it except for ‘vulnerable’, in some ways. I wasn’t very popular in high school or college (or any time before that…or now, or…hahaha, okay moving on…), and one of the side effects of that is the idea that whenever someone confides in me or compliments me or heck…even approaches me to say hi, I’m immediately surprised. Sort of a “Oh, me?” kind of reaction. Even if I’ve known the person for years or also if it’s a complete stranger, it’s the same immediate reaction. Sometimes, I want to look behind me to see who the person is REALLY smiling at, right? We talked a little bit about that kind of thing in the “Hannah: Why I’m Nervous, Why I Shouldn’t Be” so I won’t get into that here. But basically, I see a little bit of that in Brennan. Perhaps I’m projecting onto her, but I think she sees Booth as this pretty impressive, fantastic, smart (in his way), attractive (in a good breeder kind of way, haha), intuitive, successful, fully developed man. She knows he’s worked for a lot of his success, but she also sort of envies his ease with people. I don’t know that she knows that the comfort level he has with her is almost obsolete with anyone else. She wouldn’t necessarily have evidence of that, so I’m not expecting her to know that. She sees work Booth in FBI mode and she sees the Booth that is with her.

She doesn’t always see the Booth we get to see when he’s around other people. So it’s a combination, I believe. She sees him as supremely skilled and confident with people and comfortable. I think she sees herself as very skilled and confident, but not always that comfortable, if that makes sense. This moment where she can’t quite believe that the meatloaf story was a ‘secret’ is sort of an “Oh, me?” moment. As if she might look behind her and say, “Me? I’m the one you chose to share that with? Me? Are you sure?”

I love that Booth doesn’t reply with words. He doesn’t exactly need to, and she gets it this time.

He doesn’t flinch at all, and Brennan understands the truth. The moment, for me, was very intimate. It was basically an admission of intimacy. Whereas Brennan might not have understood that Booth was being intimate with her when he confided in her about his mother, now she does know. And that sort of signifies to me that there might be several other moments. They might be in the guise of, as Brennan told Angela earlier, them drinking together all of the time, but the reality is that over the years, Booth has confessed things to her.

I can’t imagine that he usually says, “Look, Bones. There’s something I’ve been meaning to tell you. I haven’t really told anyone, actually. It’s about my mother, you see. Yeah, she uh…well, she used to make this meatloaf, and, I can’t believe I’m telling you this, but she told me it was like eating a human eyeball.”  If he’d presented it like that, she would have understood that it was a secret.

I’m imagining that he just brings up that kind of thing in conversation, “Yeah, my mom never put egg in meatloaf. Said was like eating human eyeballs.” and that was that. They might laugh and move on, but while Booth was being ‘intimate’, sharing something he didn’t discuss with hardly anyone (and by this, I mean his mother, not the egg), Brennan was just gathering data, storing it away as fact.

Now she knows. Now she knows that this guy who is great with people (in her mind) and could probably date any woman he wants has chosen to tell her. She might not know exactly why, but she can see that it’s true.

One of my favorite parts of this scene is the very end of it, when Hodgins is walking into Brennan’s office. Booth snatches up the egg immediately. Even the egg is between him and Brennan, right? I love, love, love that.

Normally with a scene study, I’ll show how the scene fits within the rest of the episode, but honestly, the end scene of this episode deserves its own study. So I guess this is part one, and next Sunday, I’ll continue with a study of the end scene, in which Brennan, who Booth sees as this smart, sexy, confident, woman, confesses something to Booth and they make a couple more admissions to one another.

Oh, and in other news, they actually use words too. Hahaha.

But that’s for next week. For now, I’ll just say that this entire idea of what happens between them being theirs has been circulating through my mind all season. I’ve been sort of harping on how Cam never called Booth out on Hannah or how I was expecting Brennan to sort of fall apart to someone, and I almost wanted to place bets to see who it would be: Max, Sweets, Angela, Hodgins (my fave choice), even Hannah maybe. That it was Booth (DitP) was perfect. That Booth sort of expressed his frustration to her (DDitM) was also great. What is theirs is theirs, and I think that’s sort of a promise that HH and the writers have kept. They aren’t having moments about the other one with anyone else. Their ‘moments’ are still private and between them.

Okay, more on that next week. For now,

Peace, Love & Bones,


PS…Sorry for the delay today. Oh, and Bones Theory is going to be offline tonight from about 11 PM EST to tomorrow morning at 8 AM EST. I’m doing a little testing on it, and don’t want to mess up anyone’s viewing experience of it in the process. Just FYI! See you tomorrow!


39 thoughts on “Scene Study: The Night at the Bones Museum- It Just…Popped Out

  1. Exhibit No. 1 in what was wrong with Booth betraying Brennan’s confidence when he told Hannah about Brennan’s remarks when she admitted she was wrong when she turned him down.

    “Because.” Booth answers. “What goes on between us is ours.”

    Except when it’s Booth betraying Brennan’s confidence. Then, apparently, it’s all good.

    • Booth was caught in between a rock and a hard place. The woman he was living with and whom he loved was friends with his best friend (Brennan). If during a conversation, Brennan mentioned her rethink about Booth to Hannah and yet he had not told Hannah about it before hand, he would have been toast with Hannah. He agonized over telling Hannah for days and finally told her. He didn’t tell Hannah to betreay Brennan’s confidence. He told Hannah because he probably was afraid of the consequences of not telling her.

    • It really was a very different circumstance. I don’t see how the two situations match up at all. Booth was in a serious relationship. He told his girlfriend something that could directly impact their relationship. Now if he had told Hannah something about Brennan that she had revealed not related to him…like her abuse in the foster care system I’d be in agreement to you, that would have been a betrayal, but this…if he was serious about moving forward his relationship with Hannah he unfortunately had no choice.

      • Yea, I don’t agree at all, obviously.

        There are times I feel like Negative Nellie here. Everyone else is all Yea! Booth! Poor Booth! We totally forgive Booth everything! Don’t be sad, Booth! blah blah blah And here I sit . . . grumble, grumble, aggravated, ugh, I’m mad at you, Booth. What the heck are you doing, Booth? blah blah blah.

        And here I am again with the negative. Booth completely betrayed a heartfelt, personal confidence from Brennan. I call bull**** on that ‘We’re a couple, he had to tell me” stuff. Booth had already made clear to Brennan that he was with Hannah, that he wasn’t going to act on Brennan’s revelation. That’s where it should have ended. Since he’d been clear that he was staying with Brennan, there was nothing to affect Hannah.

        Booth knows – he KNOWS – how private a person Brennan is, he knew how hard it was for her to open herself up as she did in the car. And yet, he laid Brennan bare in front of Hannah, without her permission and/or knowledge. One look at Brennan’s face when she found out Hannah knew was enough to know how much that hurt.

        So much for that “what goes on between us is ours” thing.

      • Brennan’s confession of love to Booth was strictly in confidence. His only obligation to tell Hannah was if he felt something similar or it was something that could come between them. Otherwise he betrayed Brennan’s confidence by telling it not only to Hannah but to Sweets. As long as he didn’t participate in the emotion, as long as he loved only Hannah, as he claimed to the world that he did, then Brennan’s confidences were just that, confidences, between them, and should have been kept that way.

    • Hey MJ, I don’t think anyone here has said anything like the following,
      “When it’s Booth betraying Brennan’s confidence…then apparently, it’s all good.”

      “There are times I feel like Negative Nellie here. Everyone else is all Yea! Booth! Poor Booth! We totally forgive Booth everything! Don’t be sad, Booth! blah blah blah And here I sit . . . grumble, grumble, aggravated, ugh, I’m mad at you, Booth. What the heck are you doing, Booth? blah blah blah. ”

      I mean, sure, I’ve said poor Booth at times, but not that I (we) forgive him everything. I know I do tend to focus on what I like about the show and not what I don’t like, and I think in this instance (where Booth did confide in Hannah), there is still the opportunity for Brennan to maybe call Booth out on that? It will be interesting to see if that happens. Booth talking to Hannah about Brennan was not a deal breaker for me, even in this “What goes on between us is ours” scenario, though I admit that the scene between B&H was INCREDIBLY uncomfortable for me. I want there to be more repercussions for that scene. In this episode, we saw the ‘offense’ (Brennan mentioning the egg and meatloaf) and the repercussions. Because we HAVEN’T seen Booth sort of atone for his ‘offense’ doesn’t mean he won’t have to eventually. I don’t want to do a scene study of that scene with him talking to Hannah, because it hurts too much, and I promise I would never say “It’s all good” about it. 🙂

      It’s possible that (without talking or opening up talk of spoilers), this issue might come to light again. I think that is sort of what I have in mind with this wish that B&B might fight. Not that I want them to hurl insults toward one another, but I would love to see the day when they are emotional enough to be up in each other’s faces. “Why did you run away to Maluku? Why couldn’t you just tell me to my face?!?!?!” or “Why did you tell Hannah that! You had no right!!!” That sort of thing. Once that happens, then we can sort of weigh to see if Booth suffered from his actions of telling Hannah.

      Of course, this is based on a shared idea that Booth was in the wrong, which I am not sure how I feel about it. On the one hand, I FEEL like it was wrong, because it hurt so badly. But I also can see where Booth was trying, as best as possible, to commit to Hannah. It’s the Hannah and Brennan part of that whole deal that rubs ME the wrong way to infinity, actually. And for me, moments like the red bow and that phone and the end of sin in the sisterhood just make me want to puke sometimes. Because the ‘rightness’ of them feels so wrong in the context of what I want to have happen. 🙂

      All that to say, I hope studying a scene like this one doesn’t bum people out, but I know it does sometimes. There are some past scenes that do bum me out, because of the context of a season six scenario at times. But in this post, I did bring up what I consider to be two of Booth’s faults. One, that he does background checks on Brennan’s potential dates, but never really actually (at that point) had made a move on her himself. Sort of passive aggressive. And two, that he’s not comfortable or open or as good with intimate relationships as he is with Brennan. She sort of assumes that her experience is enough data to know the truth of him, but the reality (in my opinion) is that she does get to see A truth of him, more than anyone else, but that he’s also closed off toward other people.
      So Booth is not perfect, but he’s not awful either (Not that you said he was or anything like that!).
      Not everyone else here is a Booth cheerleader or anything. I guess the point I’m trying to make is I don’t want you to feel wrong around here with your opinions about Booth. Please don’t feel like “negative nellie”, because honestly, I don’t see it like that. 🙂

      • Sarah, I hope (really really!) that what I said wasn’t taken as criticism of this site, because that was by far and away not the way I meant my comment at all. Pinkie swear.

        If there’s a line in the sand, a ‘whose side are you on?’ choice to make, I would fall 100% in Brennan’s camp. To heck with my Free Bertha Rochester! tshirt, I want one that says I Brennan! It’s possible there’s a little bit of self-identification going on, but there are times I want to stand in front of her, holding a flaming sword, ready to take on all naysayers.

        Because of that, I often feel like I’m yelling through glass at the people on the other side who have clasped Booth to their bosoms and make excuses for and understand everything he does. Not that I don’t love me some Seeley Booth and chocolate brown eyes and shoulders the width of a door, but (to paraphrase Harry Potter) I’m Brennan’s (wo)man, through and through.

        That scene you describe, where Brennan is in his face about betraying her confidence, I want that. That would make me feel 100% better, because at least then Booth would have to acknowledge that he hurt her. He didn’t see that look of pain on her face that we did when she said to Hannah, “He told you that?” I don’t even have to have the yelling. I can settle for a sit down, heart-to-heart, “why did you do that?” conversation. Something that acknowledges that there were two choices, and he made the wrong one.

        I do feel Negative Nellie-ish because I think most people blame Brennan for turning Booth down first, and so this journey of Booth back to Brennan is acceptable, and her pain is justified based on causing him pain.

        I feel Brennan had to turn him down, because of who she is and where she was at that moment. And, I blame Booth for not recognizing that, especially knowing her as well as he does.

        I absolutely love this site! It has the most intelligent, well spoken commentary on the show and themes in the show that I’ve found. I learn something new, and reconsider something else, with almost every post.

        But I still have that flaming sword nearby, ready when Brennan needs some backup. 🙂

      • Hey I just want to say, of all the charcters on Bones my favorite is Brennan. For me she does edge out Booth. It’s just so often in the fanbase people feel the need to defend one by bashing the other. Now I’m not saying anyone here is doing that, but it’s just that I try to be very careful not to do it myself. Yes when Booth told Hannah about Brennan’s confession I was upset, actually I was hurt by it. When I thought about it though…put myself on the other side of the equation I have to say that if I were in Hannah’s place and I were to find out that the man I was living with…sharing my life with…had a conversation like that with another woman, a woman he spends a large portion of his daily life with, and he kept it from me it would feel like a betrayal from that end. Booth was really in a no win situation, and I truly feel it was a very different thing than the meatloaf situation. Booth was planning on building a life with Hannah; spending the rest of his life with her. This was not just a casual date, or really a casual anything for Booth.

        Now I would have very much preferred if Booth had let Brennan know that he was going to talk to Hannah about it, or at least let her know about it after he did talk to her; instead of leaving Brennan to find out from Hannah. That is where I have a real problem with the situation. When Brennan confronted Hannah and learned what Booth had told her I just wanted to cry. I really think with some of this I feel more of a betrayal than the characters on the show (of course they are fictional so I guess I really do). Also the way he went to Sweets about it was just so wrong in my book.

        And he in my book I still don’t think Brennan rejected Booth. To me it was more that she was rejecting herself because he didn’t think she would be good in a realtionship with him, that she wouldn’t be good for him and would only end up hurting him (much like Hannah did, because she was afraid she couldn’t do a long-haul relationship). But hey that’s a whole other issue.

      • Lesson learned – when you type something between the side triangles, it disappears. “I Brennan” was supposed to be “I {heart} Brennan.”

      • The thing is, like I already said it, that Booth not being perfect and making mistakes and maybe sometimes being a coward is not the problem, it’s the fact that it is not acknowledged on the show, Booth is not called out on it, nor by the writers in their interviews in which Booth is not at fault here at all, only Brennan is, and she now has to pay for saying “no” to Booth the most honorable, heroic male in tv land.
        But it’s clear on the show that Brennan is not perfect, and she is often called out on it. But Booth is the normal guy, the compass , so when he does something that he called Brennan out on it for doing, it’s okay, cause if he, the normal/heart guy, does it then it’s okay…
        That’s really how I interpret the show 😦

      • To be clear about Booth is not at fault here according to the writers, I meant that for them Booth’s declaration of “love” in the 100th was perfect, he didn’t make any mistakes the way he approached her etc, and then he was honorable about everything etc. Yet, I think almost everyone agrees that both are at fault and made mistakes, that both are bad at talking to each others, that Booth didn’t approach her the good way etc. That’s what I’m talking about.

      • It was only Brennan’s fault for not being able to gamble, because she is a scientist, because she needs evidence, because of her way of thinking etc, to sum up because of who she is, or was since she changed in DitP. Not Booth’s fault for not giving her facts that he loves her and why he does etc. Again it’s all about Brennan has to change cause her way is wrong, and Booth’s way is right. It was not about Booth not being able to rationalize his love for her and present her with fact etc. It’s all about the heart chooses what it chooses. The heart has its reasons that the reason ignores. Well that’s not true, couples that know why they love each other last longer than couples who just know they love each other but are unable to explain why.

      • I do understand what MJ means. When you share something with a close friend/work partner you are particularly close to, you would expect them to keep it to themselves. When Brennan spoke to him, she did so like she has always done. he’s the one she shares it all with. It just so happened the revelation she was sharing was about Booth.
        Booth only told Hannah to feel better because he still had feelings for Brennan. If Brennan had mentioned it to Hannah, which I think is unlikely, Booth would just have said to Hannah that what does it matter because he no longer loves Brennan and that she only mentioned it because it’s what they’ve always done as partners – discuss almost everything.
        But we have to remember, Booth is not perfect and he reacts in the way he thinks is appropriate.

        What Brennan told Hacker just actually popped out. She did not sit and think about it for days. It just happened in the course of a conversation and she was trying to be sociable.

        It’s not the same situation per se but it had the same effect.

  2. When I saw this scene, I felt that Booth was upset because Brennan had told him that he would not be mentioned when she dated Hacker and she did it anyways. He didn’t want her to date Hacker and it may have been because he was his bosses boss or maybe Booth was afraid she would become intimate with Hacker. Hard to say. Booth has a history of hating anyone Brennan dates (or at the very list very touchy and unsupportive). That the egg talk was done innocently and a kind of a by the way moment for Brennan didn’t matter to Booth. Brennan knows a lot about Booth, including his fears and foibles and the last thing he wants is his bosses boss to know any of it. I also felt (and still feel) that when Booth tells Brennan personal things about himself he really does believe that he is telling his best friend private stuff. He doesn’t want the world to know his private thoughts, just Brennan. Brennan also considers Booth her best friend and absorbs everything he says. When she was talking to Hacker she just mentioned the meatloaf story because to her Booth says the meatloaf is good, just no egg. She didn’t mean anything about it so I think she was shocked when Booth got upset about it. If sort of reminded me about the time when she mentioned that Booth was related to John Wilkes Booth and Booth got upset at her for mentioning it. She didn’t think she had promised not to mention it; but, when she realized that Booth was upset she promised not to mention from that point on. I think Brennan thinks it is ok to mention Booth related items because she is with him a lot of time and a lot of her small chatter will center around him. Her circle of friends is small so she only has so many people and life experiences she can reference. She considers Booth an expert on emotions and personal interaction so she uses him as a reference all of the time. (we get this just from asides like “Booth says I stink at non-verbal communication”.)
    By the way, I think Brennan actually liked Hacker because he laughs at her jokes and is dazzeld by her. Why wouln’t she be interested in him?
    I also thought at this time, that she really didn’t want to think about being in a closer relationship with Booth because she was fearfull of losing his friendship if a closer relationship failed. She has great fears of abandonment and considers Booth the one person who will not leave her. At this time, she just didn’t want to risk that. If her affair with Hacker failed, then it would be no loss to her. A failed affair with Booth would be a disaster for her (and by the way him).

  3. I adore this episode and nearly died at the end – I recall rewatching it about 5 times that night! I love all the little detail that the episode shows us about B&B, and Seels, like you, I don’t get how Brennan went all ga ga over Hacker.

    Anyway…A lot of time passed between this ep and the one where Booth tells Hannah about Brennan’s feelings. In this ep, there is this feeling of potential – which is why the ending is SO amazing. It’s one of the first times that we feel that Booth might really make a move (damn those squints). After this, he was rejected, they separated and then Hannah turned up. And the B&B relationship was not the same. I’m not going to Booth bash about the fact that he betrayed confidence given the shift in the relationship. I’m not surprised that he did, because the depth of their friendship at this stage was nothing like what is was back then.

    I’m just glad that Hannah is gone. At what point do you think we’ll stop talking about her?

    • The talk will stop when TPTB finally clear the air with a confrontation/discussion between Booth and Brennan. It has to be made clear that H was a rebound or else the entire five years between B&B and Booth’s confession in the 100th were lies. Brennan is either the love of his life or he was sincerely in love with Hannah. The writers can’t have it both ways and they have to decide soon so that we all can ‘move on’.

  4. Yeah, I never really got the Hacker thing either. I think he’s hysterically funny when he’s interacting with Booth, but he comes across as a total doofus when he’s with Brennan.

    This is a great scene and you nailed it perfectly. I could actually “hear” B&B’s voices in my head (including tone and inflection) as I was reading the dialogue and looking at the pictures. Yeah…I have issues. 🙂

  5. Let me first say I too loved this scene. I loved that Booth came to her and let her know that he was not happy, that he was hurt. I love the way she said it “just popped out”.

    I do agree that it just never occurred to Brennan that the story about the meatloaf would be something he’d told only her. I have to say I wouldn’t have thought it was something confidential not to be shared with others. Now once informed of that, knowing that he’s telling her things that he doesn’t reveal to anyone else I think she did kind of change the way she looked at things, and is the reason she didn’t bring Hacker to the opening and instead was with Booth.

    Now why she told Hacker about the meatloaf in the first place, I think you hit it exactly Booth is so enmeshed in her life that she really can’t get through any period of time without him coming up on conversation because he has become her point of reference for so many things. It really wasn’t gossip or in any way trying to trivializing Booth.

    As for why the interest in Hacker…I wonder with her spending so much of her time with Booth, both work time and free time (after case drinks, swimming with Booth & Parker), how much time does she have to meet other men, and how many men would not assume she is “with” Booth and not bother approaching? I just wonder how many opportunities for male companionship she was offered at that time. And I really think at that time she was completely convinced that Booth was not an option.

    I am really looking forward to nexd Sunday’s scene study now. 🙂

  6. Thank you for all your work. I just love this literary view of the show. So wonderful! I don’t have the insight that you and many others have but know I just love it!

    Now if you want to create an equation on why they are perfect together from now until infinity I might be able to pull something like that off. 🙂

  7. The thing I see about Brennan is that no one can tell her what to do. Booth does work for Hacker. Yet at the same time, Booth, other than him feeling akward about her dating Hacker, doesn’t really give Brennan a really compelling reason why she shouldn’t date Hacker, so she does. Booth feeling weird about it isn’t a good enough reason for her.

    Hacker, because he is a doofus, is non-threatening to Brennan. He doesn’t come across as being someone who takes anything seriously so she sees him as someone who she could date and have a fleeting relationship with. He likes to laugh and he actually shows interest in her and is open about this. Brennan likes self-assured men. Brennan doesn’t feel like she has to worry about them in any type of relationship they might form because she doesn’t feel like couldn’t handle the relationship failing or falling apart. Which is what eventually happens with all her personal intimate relationships. Again we get back to what Booth says about Brennan. She makes up her own mind, no one and I mean no one is going to make her do something she doesn’t want to do.

    Brennan doesn’t always filter what she says before she speaks. Booth didn’t want her talking about him during her date with Hacker. I don’t believe Brennan associated Booth’s meatloaf story with actually talking directly about him, with her saying he wouldn’t be a direct topic of discussion with Hacker . Brennan bringing up the meatloaf story was more about the meatloaf, not necessarily about Booth in her opinion, I think.

    When Brennan saw Booth with the egg, I think she did notice that Booth was upset. I honestly don’t think she realized how much her actions could affect Booth and how he really viewed the partnership they’ve established. She didn’t realize that he shared more with her than with others at this point and that he expected certain things to actual stay just between them. This episode did open her eyes to what their relationship had become. I think in this episode she saw that she could hurt Booth and that she now has that ability. Brennan came to realize that what goes on between them is important to Booth and that she needs to be more aware of what she shares with others about them.

  8. I loved the moments in this episode. the egg scene is amazing, I also held my breath when he he brought it out – I thought, oh here we go…

    firstly, I was a bit miffed with Brennan for dating hacker when booth specifically asked her not to. She didn’t ask him not to date cam, he never asked her not to go out with jared, but for one of the first times he asks something of her, and she didn’t do it.

    I agree that booth is so entwined in her life that she can’t help bring him up – which is why booth asked her not to go there.

    Considering one my biggest curiosities about the show is the story behind booth’s mum, as soon as the egg story wad told my breath hitched. I know, as a viewer, that booth is guarded about his family life. Brennan probably doesn’t, she didn’t get why it was a big deal. When booth gives her ‘the look’, I see vulnerability, but also a steely honesty. Like, ‘yeah, that’s right, you are the only person I’ve ever told that story to’. And it’s only in that moment that Brennan realises what she’s done wrong.

    she makes it up to him with the wonderful gift of ‘our-ness’ by taking him instead of hacker to the exhibit. I believe it’s this display of affection for him that gives booth the courage to make the most of that moment alone together and brush her hair away. I really think we might have seen a kiss there had they not been interrupted. I think its the one if most ‘eros-y’ (thanks rynogeny!) moments between them.

    I love these scenes because it was through a mistake, some anger and honesty that ultimately brought them closer together. how ‘real life’ is that? there’s honesty there.

    ps. sorry for spelling and grammar, writing on a phone!

  9. I’m so glad we got a scene study today! (wow, how much is my day affected by BT!?!) LOL

    I loved this ep too. Between the jealousy, protectiveness, vulnerability, things popping out !! and it all ending with ‘everything between us is ours’. Gosh, I, like you, have always been kind of surprised and grateful that people noticed and talked to me… A guy saying that to me, esp as HOT looking as DB, would SHOCK me. It’s one of those phrases, like ‘You make me nervous’ (Dawson’s Creek) that would take. my. breath. away. Um, yeah…. 🙂

    G reatscent

  10. ….. Sorry. Great scene, good thoughts, and a BT post. The world is in order again 😉
    Thank you!

  11. Hello!!

    I loved this post!

    Can’t wait for part 2! 🙂

  12. This is one of my favorite episodes and I like the egg scene a lot. I have to say, if somebody told me about the meatloaf in a casual way, I would not have taken it seriously and would have told somebody about it too. It is sort of funny. Why did Booth got upset about it? I think he probably would have not been so upset, if he did not have some family secrets in his life. Where is his mother? We don’t know anything about her. Maybe this was one of his few memories about her and then “what is between us stays between us” is valid.
    Telling Hannah about Bones confession was so much more of a “betrayal”, at least that is what I think. It was done without any witness, in the car and I also felt very sad for Bones, after Hannah told her that Booth has told her. The only thing in defense for Booth is, that he was worried, that maybe Bones would say something to Hannah, because they were just “so good friends” and that would
    put him in an awkward spot. I know he was debating about his for a while.

  13. Thank you, thank you, thank you for doing this episode as a scene study. It has SO much in it, that it is definitely deserving of breaking it up into two weeks.

    When Night at the Bones Museum first aired, I was not part of the online fandom yet. I wasn’t on Twitter. I wasn’t on any forums. I didn’t see the promos. I was just a regular gal watching Bones in the privacy of my home, completely and thoroughly unspoiled and not influenced by the opinions of others. One of my favorite gaspworthy moments was the shot of Booth in his office after Hacker tells him he should try the meatloaf with the egg. The way Booth’s facial expressions change when he turns around in the chair with his back to the door gave me CHILLS. (I was so happy that you included that screen shot!!!) I’ve always thought the way DB can convey so much from Booth with just a look or raise of his eyebrows has always been amazing (and underrated!), but that one scene floors me every time. It’s like you can see the clouds coming over his face. And then to have that followed up by the shot of the egg being held by Booth took my breath away too. The whole episode just has so much depth to it, in the acting, in the way it highlights B&B’s relationship, and also in the beautiful way it was directed. I’m looking forward to part 2 of this scene study. 🙂

  14. I think Brennan didn’t intend to betray Booth’s confidence at all. She just didn’t realize the importance this story held for him. After Booth confronts her about it, she understands and respects that privacy. This brought them even closer together because it helped Brennan recognize the depth of his feelings for her.
    In the context of season 6, Booth has an obligation to tell Hannah that Brennan revealed her feelings for him and I don’t see that Brennan was bothered that he did. I agree with the earlier comment that it would be different if Booth told Hannah something private about her childhood, etc but this directly affected Hannah and the H & B relationship.
    Back to Brennan agreeing to go out Hacker to start with… that makes no sense to me. Other than the possibility of gaining insight into Booth (which would not be fair to Hacker), I don’t see the draw there for Brennan. And there are so many negatives to it. Even if Booth hadn’t asked her not to, it seems like she would have recognized by that time that it couldn’t end well. It would make Booth’s relationship with his boss awkward and couldn’t possibly help her relationship with Booth so why would she choose that? I guess she was just flattered by the attention.
    Looking forward to part II.

    • If we can take what Brennan says at face value, we know why she went out with him. They are attracted to each other, and he was a potential partner for sex. Later on, we find out she doesn’t actually have sex with him, and we can only speculate reasons why besides job obligations. True, she heard all of Booth’s talks about “Eventually” and whatnot, and she probably abstained for quite awhile. She probably got sexually frustrated, but knew she couldn’t go there with Booth, if she was even waiting for him at all. She still has “biological urges”, and she’s a grown woman. I think sometimes she gets too much flak for dating when she is technically available. It was cute to watch Booth get flustered and jealous when another guy would show interest in her. But in RL, if it was me, I would really get frustrated and annoyed at my “friend” doing background checks and showing up at my dates when he has no claim on me at all. That’s why I think Brennan thought that Booth was just trying to block her again. Brennan may have felt twinges when Booth was with another woman, but she never did that to him.

  15. Great scene study pick! The whole “what’s goes on between us is ours” theme, for lack of a better word, is one of my favorite ones on Bones. And one I think the characters, for the most part, have kept true.

    Now, I am one of those that agonizes over the question of: did Booth forget all about it when he told H (and Sweets) about Brennan’s feelings? I still don’t have an answer and must go ponder this some more, lol!

  16. I havent read all the comments yet so if this has been said sorry….

    The egg in my mind was Booth outlet for his anger toward her dating Hacker. He wanted to comfront her about it but because he was still unsure of his feelings or whatever and they werne an official couple he felt he had no right. He wanted to her to see he was hurt without telling her the reason for it this is when the egg came into play and he had a valid reason to be angry.

    The what happens between us is our comment was his way of saying we are a couple. we are together. We are intimate. We are all we need.

    Taking this sceen into the sixth season and Booths relvelation of Brennans feeling to Hannah we can see Booths new perspective he needs more. He no longer belives that what he has with Brennan is enough, hence Hannah. I find this horrible, typing this is actually upsetting me.

    Telling Hannah they’re secrets wasnt a betrail to Brennan but a betrail to the Booth he was before the 100th episode. The guy who really believe one women, his woman (Bones) could be enough for him. The Booth he was desprately trying to move on from because he thinks that he wasnt enough for her. In His brain Brennan cant be enough for him anymore, she practically told him herself in the 100th that she wasnt. He needs that more that he didnt have with Brennan, he wasnt willing to live without it.

    In order to resolve this Booth and bones both need to start beliveing they are enough for each other again.

    • I agree with you that they need to believe that they are enough for each other again.

      I don’t necessarily agree that Booth was indicating to Brennan that she wasn’t enough. Sure, he did want more. He wanted to spend more time with her, get to know her better and in a different way. That doesn’t sound like a bad thing to me. In fact, “more” is what a lot of the us are looking for them to have. I don’t know whether it was anything to do with his traditionalism or not, but Booth believes in a relationship where each person is fully invested and gives themselves wholly to the other (IMO). Booth and Brennan are close, maybe even really close (we only know what the writers let us see and hear about), but in a lot of ways they can still be closer. As much as they know about each other, there’s still so much they don’t know.

      • I sincerly believe that Booth was devasted when Brennan turned him down. He was seeking a closer relationship with her and really thought he had to be the one to advance the idea.
        Brennan turned him down and then:
        Brennan: (after telling Booth she can’t be in a relationship with him) Can we still work together?
        Booth: (pauses) Yeah.
        Brennan: Thank you.
        Booth: But I gotta move on. You know, I gotta find someone who’s, who’s gonna love me in … thirty years, or forty or fifty.
        Brennan: I know. (They walk off together, and Brennan puts her head on Booth’s shoulder.)

        Brennan understood that Booth needs someone to committ to him. Up until then, she had seen him rejected by Rebecca and Tessa. Brennan knows that Booth craves a traditional family, marriage. She just didn’t think she could do it and told Booth she would understand if he moved on and looked for someone else. She just wanted their partnership, their friendship. Booth also understood that the partnership was very important. Now that Booth has been rejected again, Brennan has a shot at making Booth see that Love is not out of reach. She may need to be the one to advance the relationship this time and I hope she does. I would like to see them as a couple living together. They both have a lot of room to grow emotionally. They both are deeply scarred people. They are not even remotely perfect and I don’t think we should judge them that way. There are too many people out there who are angry at Booth or Brennan or both. They are judging them from a perspective that does not seem to match Booth and Brennans place in this world. They both went through a horrible childhood. Both were abandoned by parents and took their world view from that. Both have serious emotional problems; but, they have found in each other, someone that they can trust. Be best friends with. Hopefully, to love. That is what I hope for in the end.

    • I think you are spot on about the egg being an excuse for Booth to show how upset he was. He was jealous of her dating Hacker and so the what’s between us is ours was a way of telling her how much their relationship means to him without taking their relationship to the next level. Interesting!

  17. The only thing going for Hacker, in my opinion, is that he has a sense of humour that Brennan seemed to respond to, and I think her lack of ‘street-smarts’ was the reason why she couldn’t understand Booth’s objection to her dating him. Booth is well aware of this facet of her personality and knows that she can be somewhat unaware of the social niceties involved with general conversation. (Her remark to No.1 wife about how the deceased husband must have enjoyed sexual intercourse with his, as was assumed at that time, constantly pregnant wife in ‘Sin in the Sisterhood’ comes immediately to mind, but there have been countless times when our Brennan has ‘blurted’ out her thoughts, bless her). I also found her behaviour in general in front of Hacker was annoying. But that’s just me.

    WE know next to nothing about Booth’s mother, but maybe Brennan knows more. Maybe he has told her things that he holds very dear to him, and was suddenly fearful that, if she was prepared to mention the egg thing, she might just let other things ‘pop out’, which to him would constitute a betrayal of his mother’s memory. Brennan of course would probably not understand that, especially if he hadn’t actually been specific.

    I just adored how DB went from ‘smiling bonhomie’ to ‘ white hot anger’ in the half-turn of a chair! (Shades of Angel/Angelus there, swoon.) I too love his profile, btw, it was one of the first things (of many, cough!) that caught my attention back in his Buffy days.

    Purely incidental and non-related to your post but can I just say that I thought the clothes they dressed Brennan/Emily in for this episode in particular, and the whole season in general, were awful! Thank goodness she’s back to ‘Brennan’ clothes this season!

    It’s interesting how people are so divided about Booth telling Hannah about Brennan’s confession, To me he was damned if he did and damned if he didn’t, and he spoke to Sweets about it because he was floundering. He didn’t tell the entire world. Hannah would have been gutted and quite possibly very angry if she had discovered his omission at some point further along in their relationship – maybe from Brennan herself, in one of her ‘blurts’. (I know I would be.)

  18. When Booth whirled round in his chair, his face was content and happy to start with, because he’s just got to reassure Hacker about one of his favourite things about Brennan. He’s thinking how much he likes and admires her, and how well he knows her and he’s all fuzzy-feelings towards her.

    Then Hacker makes his, entirely unintentional, dig about the meatloaf and Booth’s face falls because in that moment he knows that Brennan betrayed his trust and his boss now knows something deeply personal to Booth. Sure, it doesn’t sound personal because it’s a story about an egg. But Booth had a horrendous childhood, of which we only know the tip of the iceberg. One nice memory or story about his mother might be extremely precious to him because he hardly has any. That’s why he was so devastated. It also showed that there was an usurper in his midst. A threat to the relationship, ‘the world’, he’s built around Brennan, someone who could come between them.

    I didn’t like that Booth told Hannah about Brennan’s feelings because it cemented Hannah as the woman in Booth’s life who came first, and so it’s understandable why we all find that so hard to stomach. But Booth was stuck between a rock and a hard place, I really don’t think he had any other option. Hannah said it, ‘he had to, we’re a couple’. That’s it. He wanted it to work with Hannah, and because of that, he had to put her first.

    I think Booth had been treating Brennan like the ‘woman in his life’ for several seasons before the 100th, and Brennan was perfectly content with that arrangement. She got all the benefits (well, I can think of one or two she didn’t make the most of but, you know the idea) at very low personal risk or cost. I honestly believe that Brennan would have carried on forever as they were had Booth not upset the apple cart in the 100th. I think she knew it was coming and almost dreaded him bringing it up because then she’d have to do what she ultimately did, and reject him because the risk was too high.

    Since then, Booth pulled away – he stopped treating her as the ‘woman in his life’ and indeed found another one. It’s only been in the absence of his adoration and affection that she’s realised how much it meant to her and how much Booth did admire and adore her. I don’t think she’d have got to where she is now unless she’d felt him pull away and therefore missed him. It’s made her aware of the depth of his feelings, what she gave up and what was actually on offer.

    I’m confident that they’ll get back there – or actually move forward together to a place where neither one of them is feeling more, or risking more, or putting more out there than the other. They’ll be honest and exposed and vulnerable together and all the better for it.

    • Wow, it’s so awesome you posted that because I was having those same thoughts. Maybe it was necessary for Booth to pull away in order to see what their relationship really was (that he had to pull away on account of another woman is debatable). I go back and forth on Booth’s awareness of his feelings and his intentions. I also go back and forth on what I think about Brennan’s awareness of what was going on. On the one hand, she’s never had any experience with a relationship like that before, and Booth was wrapping up it all up in “guy hugs” and “we’re partners, that’s what we do” and “there’s more than one kind of family” for so long. A lot of what he did could have been in the name of friendship love vs. romantic love. On top of that, she would have done a lot of the same things for him, so it didn’t necessarily mean that she could assume he was in love with her. On the other hand, she must have had at least a growing awareness, implied by her words in the 100th.

      One question I have is, was it fair for them to build their worlds around each other? It was done unwittingly, but maybe it was too much to ask for so when they don’t actually have that kind of claim on each other.

  19. This is my favourite episode (i realise that i’ve said that about many episodes, but i think this actually might be it :)) so as soon as I saw the title you had won me over!!!! Me and my brother call it the “pausey” episode, because we play this game with it where one of us will scream “freeze” and then we pause the DVD player. It seriously has THE best facial expressions. Plus the case is AMAZING (Egyptian mummies!! sorry i’m a complete archaeology geek :P), Brennan being little girl-like is probably the MOST adorable thing i have ever seen and we have this scene, and the end scene. (Sorry that paragraph was really unnecessary, but you have to understand my love for this episode) anwyays….

    I must say Hacker has always been a little bit of a question mark to me aswell. I mean really… him? And the whole question of “why?” as well (as in is she doing this to make Booth jealous etc?). But after your thoughts on this scene I have an idea (Eureka!). Maybe it really isn’t until this episode that she truly realises how much Booth confides in her, that like you said, she is completely amazed that someone that she thinks is so intelligent and attractive and good with people would chose her to tell all his stuff to. So maybe when she says “Because with Hacker there is the potential for sex.” She actually thinks that he is the only option, and when Angela replies “And there isn’t with Booth?” the pause isn’t just her considering it (because we know she probably has many times before)… but also she is sort of having one of those “is it possible?” moments. It’s like in 6th grade when your friend tells you that she thinks your crush like you. At first you imagine what it would be like (like you have all this time), and then you think wait what if it’s true… if that makes sense. I dono i think I may have just confused myself even more.

    Anwyays, this scene with the egg also took my breath away. I agree with eveything you said, I just had to add that the action that Brennan makes when she says “popped out” may be the most adorable thing ED has ever done as Brennan. just saying… thanx so much!! Can’t wait for next week, just like the scene, the suspense will kill me.

  20. OK Sarah. This scene….i HATE this scene.

    Sure we get some good facial expressions from Booth/Brennan. Some good ‘moments’ between them. But the entire thing annoys me because Booth….he SO overreacted.

    I mean completely. He overreacted and was out of order…and i’d have called him on it if that was me! LOL

    We got the ‘what’s ours is ours’ moment and of course, like any B/B shipper, i loved that. But i’d have liked it to have been over something more meaningfull than one harmless comment about an egg. Just personal preferance 😉

    In other news i LOVE the end scene, and can’t wait to discuss it next week!!

    P.S. Side note- Daisy is currently annoying me so much i haven’t been able to watch ANY episode with her in for a while now..including this one!! Maybe i can just fast forward her bits?! LOL

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