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Top Five Tuesday: Booth and Brennan On The Road


Hey y’all! How are things? I hope you are having a great Tuesday! After our scene study of Man in the Morgue LAST week, I was struck by how many people really liked that episode, and so I watched it again. It’s still a little too bloody for me, but in between all of that were some great Booth and Brennan moments. I was also struck by the natural rhythm between Brennan and Booth when they are out of the lab…heck, when they are out of the city.

Yesterday, Owl presented us with an awesome theory on how The Lab is more than just a ‘setting’; it’s really a character. It’s where Brennan goes to be ‘home’. Booth calls it her favorite place, and pal Smurfs and I were talking the other day about how THAT sort of reason is why Booth just hasn’t been able…yeah, ABLE, to be at the lab much. For him, the lab (or The LAB) means ‘Brennan’. It doesn’t necessarily mean work…it means her, and if he can’t be with her, he’s not going to be with her. Haha, make sense?
That’s not the point of this post, however! THIS post is to illustrate that for as close as B&B are in DC, something special happens when they are away from everyone else. Sure, they might be connected via satellite, but still…I think we can agree that whether they are on an undercover mission or not, B&B are a bit different on the road.

So here are my five favorite times they’ve been gone, and then you’ll be able to weigh in on others. Let’s do this thing!

…In Chronological Order

1.  Washington State: The Man in the Bear

We're in a bar, and it's a look. And in case you hadn't noticed, I'm gorgeous.

This is in my top five BONES episodes of all time, and I know that David Boreanaz considers/at one time considered this episode to be when the series sort of got grounded and really began to click on all cylinders. To me, that sort of proves my point here. This episode relied on Booth and Brennan’s characters (and therefore Boreanaz and Deschanel) to know the characters and be able to work them in a different ‘setting’. And for my money, it works every time. I love how feisty Booth is about Brennan (though he is with Tessa at the time), particularly when men are ‘pumping her’ for information on the dance floor. And based on what we now know about Booth and Brennan’s history, we can be more confident that she knew exactly what she was doing when she was telling Booth about shipping clerk Charlie’s strong thighs.

The episode is also hilarious on many levels, but since that’s not exactly what we’re measuring, I’ll move on.

2. Las Vegas: Woman in the Sand.

Okay, coincidentally, Booth was ALSO in a relationship with Cam in this season two episode. I’m sensing an early trend there. And yeah, I’m going to go out on a limb and say (not considering the reality of keeping a TV series on the air), if B&B had been single during their trip to Vegas, they may have been doing more than just ‘talking’ on that bed in that hotel room, right? There is something incredibly freeing in the Tony and Roxie characters they so easily slip into. For Booth, it was pretty straightforward. It wasn’t too hard to see how he’d belonged in that world at one point. As for Brennan…

In case you hadn't noticed, we're BOTH gorgeous.


…well, yeah. For someone who can’t act, she sure either is or isn’t…that’s all I’m saying. Oh, and the best part? Booth bought her that dress. That’s hot.

3. China: Passenger in the Oven

Okay, okay, this one miiiiiiight be a bit of a stretch, but I don’t mind! Haha, but seriously. Technically, though we never do see them IN China, both Brennan and Booth are out of the lab, FBI building and DC, and so it counts in my book. Plus, I really like the interactions in this episode between our favorite partners. They have to use the resources available to them; they have to work well with people, and they have to solve the case under a timely pressure. Oh, and also this…

Science me up!


4. Texas/Oklahoma: Double Trouble in the Panhandle:

Though this is actually one of my LEAST favorite all time BONES episodes, I do still feel it belongs on this list. Though I sort of hate Brennan’s wig and Booth’s mustache and all of their costumes and such, when it’s just B&B together, those parts are actually kind of sweet.

Gorgeous in the morning. And yes, there was one bed.

There’s an innocent excitement for Brennan on this trip, and I love that. And it’s fun to see them in that cramped trailer. I also love the part where Booth throws the knives at Brennan, if only because it builds up his confidence and we get to see one MORE thing he’s really awesome at. For some reason, I buy that he’s awesome at knife-throwing, more so than say at ceramics (from Man in the Mud). But I digress.

5. Roswell, New Mexico: X in the File

This is kind of an underrated episode, especially in the scope of season five. Sure, it doesn’t end with B&B nearly kissing nor does it have a major moment in Booth’s family life or anything like that. However, there is something very intimate about the moment Brennan and Booth share on the hood of the SUV. I think maybe at the time, a lot of us were hoping for a lot MORE intimate of a moment, but in hindsight, I now love the end scene, where BOTH of them are laughing and joking with one another. Another (sort of) special moment is when the set of remains ‘rises’, and Booth pulls out his gun and Brennan screams.

But for me, the real moment is at the end, like I already mentioned. They are both really relaxed in a way that I don’t know if we would ever get on a DC rooftop. I would not be opposed, but because it happens out in the middle of nowhere, it belongs on this list.

Come on, a little 'partnerly' probing never hurt anybody.


Okay, so enough from me. What say you? What other ‘on the road’ episodes do you like better? London (Yanks in the UK 1 & 2)? Arizona (Skull in the Desert)? Los Angeles (Woman at the Airport)? New Orleans (Man in the Morgue)? Brennan’s High School Reunion (Death of the Queen Bee)? Are there any I missed?

Let me know what you think!

Peace, Love & Bones



28 thoughts on “Top Five Tuesday: Booth and Brennan On The Road

  1. Like you, I like Brennan and Booth on the road. They are very relaxed with each other when noone they know is around. They like each other and when they are off on an adventure, Brennan seems to be able to trust her instincts more. Booth always seem to be in a more Boothy mood too.

    I have two favorite road shows, Skull In The Desert and X In The File. Skull In The Desert showed us that at this point in their partnership, if Brennan calls Booth up and tell him to be on a flight somewhere, he gets on the flight. I loved the scene where Brennan tells Booth to go outside so she could get dressed and he tells her and Angela that it was alredy the temperature of mecury outside and he was just going to stand there, cover his eyes and eat his donut. It was the best he could do. You have to love the look on Brennans’ face. My favorite Booth protects Brennan moment came in Skull In The Desert. The body, full of metal balls, rises when the MRI is turned on, Brennan screams and because Brennan never screams, Booth whips out his gun. Awesome.

    • I meant X In The File, for the MRI scene. Sorry, too early in the morning.

    • I thought of Skull in the Desert too. Brennan figured out an itinerary for Booth (There’s a flight to Denver/Albuquerque you can catch in a few hours). Booth had no desire to go, but how could he refuse, especially when Brennan says “I want you to get federal on his ass.” The Season 6 Brennan wouldn’t say something like that, I don’t think.

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  3. I really like the road trip episodes – it’s always refreshing to see B&B out of their usual environment and it usually leads to some good bonding moments.

    Of all the road trip episodes I probably liked the undercover episodes the least – the dressing up always seemed a little bit too silly and corny for me – particularly the circus episode.

    However, by some mile, my absolute worst road trip episode(s) was Yanks in the UK. As I live in London I was really disappointed that yet again another popular US show portrayed London in such a stereotypical way. (There is always a red bus, shots of London Bridge and Buckingham Palace and complaints about driving on the wrong side of the road, etc.)
    I mean I understand that London is a city chock full of history and all, but is also a fashionable and lively capital city. However, unfortunately, we didn’t see Bones and Booth at some trendy bar but outside the Tower of London or in some clearly CGI-generated empty historic hall/restaurant/bar (what was that about…?). We didn’t have the ‘enlightened visitor who made friends in Japan’ Booth, we had silly “I hate driving on the wrong side of the road/you can’t good coffee in London” Booth. We also had posh aristocrats a plenty.

    Maybe that’s what TPTB think that the US audience expects when they base a show in London and so they gave it to them but I was just generally disappointed and embarrassed at the approach they took – it just seemed so lazy and unoriginal.

    Saying that, they did film the parking scene about 2 minutes from my office and the dig scenes outside my old office so from that perspective it was quite nice to see those places on screen.

    Anyway, sorry for the extended rant – this has just always really bugged me..!

    • A lot of us hate it when the place where we live at is not portrayed like we would want it to be. Just ask anyone you know from Louisiana what they think of the movie “Southern Comfort”. You might end up blushing from the heat that causes.

    • I am completely with you on these 2 episodes. I too am English, and although not a Londoner I’m very familiar with the city having worked there for several years. The whole thing was just so trite. No one would be able to stop in the middle of a road in the city of London for an extended rant for one thing, and I don’t know how they would have managed to miss the raising of Tower Bridge even with their bickering – it doesn’t open up in total silence! And I totally agree on the dreadful stereotypical characterization! As for those two guys at the rowing club – Gah!

      • I’m with you guys on the cringe-worthiness that was Yanks in the UK. Such a wasted opportunity and so annoying that they completely reinforced ridiculous sterotypes. I didn’t like that they portrayed Booth as some ‘dumb American’ when he really isn’t. I have a list 50 points long as to why I dislike that episode and now isn’t the time for it!

        Otherwise, I love out of town episodes and one of my favourites is Woman at the Airport. I love the sexy vibe B&B have going on in LA and how gentlemanly Booth is with the call girl at the hotel and how smart and beautiful Brennan is without even trying ha. It’s probably one of my favourite episodes. Any excuse to have Brennan say, ‘You’re calling a hooker from my phone?!’ haha

  4. Love this top 5 Tuesday topic. Some of my favorites are the episodes where they are on the road too. It does give them a freedom to just be together and each episode has something that brings them closer. My favorite is the Las Vegas one where Tony and Roxy just match so well and their words and touches are so provocative. Least favorites are Skull in the Desert, UK and Double Trouble…. Skull because Angela is there the whole time so it kind of doesn’t count, UK because Booth doesn’t seem as Boothy in those episodes and Double Trouble for the same reasons you note above. I like the LA one because it is early in the series where they are just getting to know each other better and the scene where Brennan says she is going to tell that he rented a Mustang and then it switches to her driving is just classic! I like how they bargain with each other. Another example is X in the file when Brennan screams and the machine pulls Booth’s gun — I won’t tell if you won’t… those terms are satisfactory. The Passenger in the Oven ‘librarian fantasy’ scene is one of my all time favorite scenes. The moments they share in these on the road ones are times when what goes on between them is theirs. So awesome!

  5. I like all of those episodes, even Double Trouble. Oh wait, don’t particularly care for Yanks in UK. I liked X in the File first time around. When people said there was no B&B moment, I didn’t know what they were talking about. Brennan being able to sit back and joke around with Booth is just all kinds of awesome in my book. I love Tony and Roxie, of course.

    Maybe being out of town lets them be a little more of how they want to be with each other.

  6. I really do enjoy the roadtrip episodes, and I have to say out of all of the ones available, I would have picked the same ones as you for the top 5. There does seem to be something a little magical about them being on the road alone, doesn’t there? They just seem more flirty and free! They’re not all my favourites…for some reason I never liked the Woman at the Airport episode much, nor Yanks in the UK, but I loved most of the others. Death of the Queen Bee has a bit of a bittersweet vibe that I can’t quite handle just yet, so it’s not quite ranked as high.

    If I had to pick one that surprised me the most at how much I enjoyed it, it was Passenger in the Oven. It was just really fun to have them solve the murder on the plane, and B&B were at their flirty best, no? I mean the champagne, the librarian moment…all made of win. 🙂 That episode too came in at a lull in Season 4 where the episodes were kind of dull (for me), so I was really happy when that one aired.

    As for Man in the Bear…that will always be ranked very highly for me as well. Classic BONES ep, and given how early on it actually came, it just goes to show how fantastic this show was right from the beginning!

    Thanks for another Awesome Top 5 Tuesday list!

  7. I liked the B/B in Las Vegas – hot – and the circus ep more than any other! And you didn’t mention New Orleans – where Booth REALLY covered for Brennan!

  8. I really think the Man in the Morgue is still at the top of my list. It’s where Booth defines why he’s nice to Brennan who is prickly and arrogant and it also defines how far he will go (“he flies down here he’s more than a partner”) to protect her. And Brennan really doesn’t need to be rescued except from herself (“you didn’t tell me she was a fool”) because she survived a horrific assault and got to the murderer and got to poke him in the eye. I like when they are equals outside of the lab– few episodes where one has to rescue the other from some diabolical mastermind. They become less constrained by the lab and the squint squad and they get to better define themselves.

    As far as Yanks, I thoroughly dislike Booth’s rant about London because he doesn’t let go on anything else to that extent. It seems over-the-top. I have difficulty watching the circus episode because it is so cheesy. Yes, Brennan shows us a childlike wonder at it all and a willingness to go all in, and Booth does give us a display of his prowess, but it’s cheesiness is just too, too much. (And Sweets conveniently knowing circus stuff– c’mon, I know they have to justify his presence, but I would think Brennan, the anthropologist, would be a better authority on cultures. Sometimes I think they use him as an extension of Brennan’s knowledge just to get him into the episode.)

    • My favorite out-of-town episodes are definitely the ones that exhibit Booth and Brennan’s affection for each other the most. I also definitely have some moments within an episode that I love watching over and over again.
      My favorite out-of-town episodes are The Man in the Morgue and The Passenger in the Oven. In Man in the Morgue, when Booth looks concerned about Brennan’s memory loss, touches her chin to examine her injuries, grabs her earring when no one is looking, refuses to allow anyone to arrest her, gets her an attorney, and doesn’t stop until Brennan’s innocence is proven – I fall in love with protective Booth all over again. The episode also has a lot of great funny moments that have been mentioned before – “Jesus is not a zombie”, “Bones has amnesia because a voodoo murderer put a spell on her to keep her from solving the murder of John Doe 361” and “Hey, Bones, how’s about while you’re a murder suspect, you, uh, act more like a normal woman and less like Lily Munster, okay?” to name a few. I also find it especially sweet when Brennan asks Booth why he’s nice to her and tells him that she should be nicer to him in the future.
      Likewise, the Passenger in the Oven also has some beautiful B&B sweet and funny moments. Some of my favorites sweet moments include:
      “According to title XVIII, section 1831, I must protect the proprietary American technology Dr. Brennan will be using. So, it is my patriotic duty to be right next to her, here, like a bodyguard. “
      “What do you mean, your ‘real passion’?? I thought us working together was your real passion.”
      “You’re bored. The spark is gone.”
      “Mr. Booth, do you know what the penalty is for an overdue book?”
      “You want to get off the plane, to see those old Chinese bones. I’m sorry.”
      “It’s not your fault.”
      “Yeah, it is, because I’m the one that dragged you out of pure science and pulled you into murder solving.”
      “That’s not how I remember it.”
      “Yes. As I recall, I had to force you to take me into the field.”
      “Yes. You didn’t want to, remember? This is all my fault.”

      And funny moments:
      “Hey. If you get caught up here, does that make me an accessory?”
      “An accessory to an upgrade.”

      “Excuse me, before you become completely catatonic, can you tell me how to access the internet? I need to contact my people.”
      “Bones, you don’t have to shout. She’s in shock, not deaf.”

      “Oh, a probe! That’s great, I didn’t think of that.”
      “ Yeah, lucky I did.”

      Then there are the episodes where I’m not crazy about the actual storyline but definitely have some quality B&B moments: Booth’s facial expression right before he dances with Brennan to Seal’s Kiss From A Rose after knowing that the reunion was the prom she never got to go to, the last scene in the Yanks in the U.K…
      “This is definitely not a diner.”
      “ We should go before someone else gets killed. “
      “My arm?”
      “Thank you Sir Seeley.”
      “Pleasure, Lady Temperance.”
      “You sound Australian.”
      “I don’t sound Australian…”

      I also love the end of the X in the File when B&B joke around. Even though I find it endearing when Brennan tells a joke, this is one of the few instances I actually find her joke funny. “Probing is a valuable way to gather information.”
      Then there are the moments where we see Booth’s attraction for Brennan, most notably: seeing Brennan wearing the dress he picked out in The Woman in the Sand and telling her that she is the hottest thing the town has ever seen while dancing at the bar in The Man in the Bear.

      Wow – now that I think about it, I love something in every out-of-town episode of Bones!

  9. I actually really liked Double Trouble in the Panhandle. I like that it was kind of silly and unrealistic, sometimes that’s how I like my TV. It’s fun to just give into it. That’s why I like Double Death too. As long as they don’t take it too far and make every episode of Bones like that, I’m all good. 🙂

    Anyway, back on topic: I love all of the episodes you mentioned! The X in the File is one of my favorites, first of all because I am a hardcore X-Files fan (my username is even Mulder’s pseudonym. Haha!), but also because of the great B&B moment at the end. I think they are adorable. And the scene with the MRI and gun was awesome. My favorite part of Man in the Bear is the very end when Brennan tries to feed some of her cereal to Booth. These are the kinds of B&B moments I live for. 🙂

    (Oh and I would also add Man in the morgue to that list. I think that is really great episode.)

    • I liked Double Trouble and Double Death, too. One of my absolute fave B&B moments is at the end of Double Death. Just wanted to chime in with support because I know those aren’t so popular.

  10. I have to say my two favorite “on the road” episodes are The Man in the Morgue and The Woman in the Sand. Like you I always hate to see all of the blood in the beginning of Morgue, but the rest of the episode makes up for it with some good B&B, an interesting case, and some voodoo thrown in. As far as The Woman in the Sand goes…well I love it because of Tony and Roxie mostly, but it was also a pretty good case. And funny enough I had a Roxie flashback moment last week when Brennan asked, “And who will I be playing?” in Booth’s office when he asked about her acting. That little moment in my opinion made the show because it was a glimpse back into a good time in B&B Bones history. It seems (especially in the early years) B&B working outside the lab really solidified their relationship and who they were as characters and partners.

    I’m not so fond of the season 4 episodes that occurred outside the lab, but I think that has a lot to do with not liking season 4 much in general. I just felt like the characters were so inconsistent and that season didn’t really fit with what we knew about them.

  11. Funny you would write an ‘on the road ‘ post when I’m actually on the road too. Finally got out of my form room and is commenting on your blog from…..guess where….London!! My personal favourite would have to be “woman on the sand” but since I’m here I’ll say that te bridge opening moment in tanks in the uk was very special as well.

    Anyway!! Juicy post as usual, lots to say but typing on an iPod touch is tv easiest thing in the world.


  12. Great post. And, as usual, some fab responses. I love coming here!

    My favs are Woman in the Sand and Man in the Morgue…ooh, and the Man in the Bear – the latter being one of the funniest ever episodes of Bones IMO. The end scene in that episode where B&B are having breakfast is classic. Esp the part where Brennan ponders whether the murderer became insane after he ate human flesh (because he contracted a disease) or if was he already nuts when he started to eat people…”or did he just lick his fingers after surgery”! HA. No matter how many times I watch that part it cracks me up.

    I agree that getting Booth and Brennan out of DC allows us to see new aspects of their personalities and shows us another side to their dynamic as partners and would-be lovers. I’m hoping we might get an episode like that next season…who knows, they may be a couple by then. *insert sarcastic cackle here*

    My least favorite road-trip eps: Double Trouble, because it mostly made me cringe and I remember thinking when I watched it: “where’s my show gone”. Sweets’ role was laughable and I just got the feeling that even the actors themselves weren’t into it. But, hey, what do I know.

    Dearly Departed…or whatever the heck it was called. There were some funny moments, but I don’t think I’ll ever really recover from seeing DB singing “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot”. Ugh, yet another moment where I wondered how a show could go from an episode like “Aliens in a Spaceship” in S2, to that.

    Finally, and perhaps it comes as no surprise given my login name: Yanks in the UK. I don’t think anyone (on either side of the Pond), apart from maybe Brennan, came out well in that one. And poor Booth. He came across like an ignorant buffoon, so not the same man who travelled to Japan and impressed his counterparts there, and who made a great friend to boot. Someone else mentions this point above and I think it just goes to show how sloppy the writing was in the ‘Yanks’ episode.

  13. I’d like to give a shout-out to Skull in the Desert. I think there’s a lot of important action outside the lab in that one. First of all, it’s the first time we get a solid Angela-centric episode, and it’s also the first time I really got a sense for how deep her friendship is with Brennan. I love that Brennan is willing to leave the lab in a heartbeat for her friend. She doesn’t leave the lab for everyone! Seeing Brennan in a new element, caring for Angela while trying to sensitively navigate a murder investigation–I just find all of that really appealing, and I feel like it makes Brennan’s character more multidimensional. She kind of loss the ability to fall back on science all the time (I love when Angela knows where Dani went and Brennan just says, so simply, “ok.” No questions. No science. Just trust). But since this is meant to discuss Booth and Brennan, I also think it’s important that the first person Brennan wants as HER support system is Booth. I think we can all take a moment to revel in the awesomeness of this line: “I want you to get federal on his ass!”

    In an unrelated thought, Seels, do you have any thoughts on why Brennan could act so well in Woman in the Sand (and, to a lesser extent, Double Trouble), but since then she’s struggled? I’ve always viewed it like this: Brennan doesn’t know how to lie when she’s being herself. She is who she is. “What you see is what you get,” as Booth says in Girl in the Fridge. So when Brennan attempts to “act” like a different version of herself, she fails. When she’s acting like a completely different person, she just completely becomes that person (and loves the freedom it brings), so she does well. I think (but correct me if I’m wrong) that last week was the first time we’ve seen Brennan successfully play a different version of herself. Am I missing anything? Is that how you’d see it?

  14. I really love The Skull in the Desert. I think is my favorite out-of-DC-episode. Then I would put Man in the Morgue, Woman at the Airport and The Man in the Bear. I don’t really like undercover episodes, they make me nervous, but if I had to choose one, I think it would be The Woman in the Sand. My husband really, really loves The X in the File, for the references. =)

  15. I know it’s bittersweet, but I also really like Death of the Queen Bee. When those shiny metal hearts fall and tinkle to the Seal song and Booth does away with the Holy Spirit, well…I must have watched that scene a hundred times. It’s kind of pathetic just how liitle B/B action it takes to make me swoon. Imagine when we get to hear those three little words (reciprocated please!) and get some real heat-whew! Plus, the creepiy Janitor made me laugh a lot-much needed after the 100th.

  16. My all-time absolute favorite B&B road trip is The Woman in the Sand. Brennan really lets herself go…and she’s gorgeous…and Booth is ..gah…at his personal best. The interplay between Tony and Roxie is exactly what we’d like to see them do…as themselves…and of course, a part of them isn’t acting, but they feel safe doing it under the guise of characters they created…they can’t be held accountable for their actions, so to speak. It’s all in the name of “undercover”…yeah, rightttt…. So I guess I’m also saying I don’t see B&B acting any differently when they’re out of town…unless they are undercover…for the reasons I mentioned above. When they are just themselves, they pretty much interact as usual.

    The Man in the Bear, The Woman at the Airport, The Passenger in the Oven and The X in the File are all great in their own ways…but Death of the Queen Bee is especially a favorite of mine. As sad as the circumstances were…I just loved the entire reunion scene…and when Brennan tears up…Booth, no matter how he’s feeling at this point (right after the 100th), still can’t resist Brennan and gives in…giving her that dance she never had. And it didn’t hurt that the song by Seal, “Kissed by a Rose” was one of my favorites back in the day. I was very touched…and wishing for B&B to get their own real “dance” someday.

    And…the next time they go on a road trip…and I hope we do get to see another one…they better be staying in the same room!

  17. I love the out of DC eps. There is something very liberating for B&B being away from the constraints of their usual lives. Even if they do interact with the squints via technology, they are free to be themselves – or act – and explore other facets of their relationship. I find in each of these eps we get to see them relax, and do things they may not do together in DC – like dance! I reckon we need some of these this season. Send them on a road trip – they’ll work something out.

    As for my favourite – gotta be Tony & Roxie. They both look super hot, and I love the flirting.

  18. I love the “on the road” trips, and am always hoping for one. I think the main reason why I love them so much is that there is always this weight lifted of B&B’s shoulders. They relax, they calm down a little, and they’re free to do or be whoever they want. They don’t have the restraints of their workplaces around them. I loved all of the above episodes especially WitS and DTitPH ( i know you don’t like that one, and I have to admit there is something highly annoying about it, but Brennan is so relaxed and I love them having domestic spats, and them piling out of the trailer at the end.) Pretty much whenever Brennan has to act I laugh. She is so terrible at lying, yes, but I don’t think she ever has been bad at acting. I think the difference is that with lying she still has to be herself, just not tell the truth, but with acting she’s not her, she’s Roxie, or Wanda and she can be whoever she wants to be, do whatever she wants to do. I find it just adorable.
    I also agree with you that XitF is SERIOUSLY underrated. The scene where the body raises and Booth pulls his gun and Brennan screams is so revealing and hilarious.
    “You know, I won’t say anything about the scream if yo udon’t say anything about the gun”
    “Those terms are satisactory.” —- probably one of the best conversation.
    And at the end, Brennan being free enough to laugh at the idea that anthropologists are aliens, I believe that is proabably an even more important B&B moment then an almost kiss.

  19. Woman in The Sand is my ALL TIME favourite ‘out of DC’ episode. I just love everything about it…the case is interesting (yes people…there was a case! LOL), Booth and Brennan were great, Tony and Roxie were even better. The dress…Booths reaction to said dress!!! It was all perfection 😀

    A close 2nd is Man in the Morgue. You can’t beat the scene where Booth storms into the hospital room and is all ‘RAWR’ over Brennan. Checking she’s ok…worrying about her. I love how even when he’s talking to the Detective about what happens he can’t stop touching/looking at Brennan. One of my all time favourite scenes and i watch it a gazzilion times before i move on 😛

    Oh…an i love Skull in the Desert! If i’m honest i love it for this scene alone:

    BOOTH (Answering his phone): Okay. Booth.

    BRENNAN: How far are you from Dulles?

    BOOTH: As far as your office is from Dulles.

    BRENNAN: Why are you in my office?

    BOOTH: I need your findings on the Richmond case. Listen, Zack, he won’t tell me where they are unless you give him permission.

    BRENNAN: There’s a 9:15 flight to Denver. Then there’s an 11:35 flight to Santa Fe. You’ll have to run to make the connection.
    BOOTH: Forget it.

    BRENNAN: Booth, please. Angela’s boyfriend is missing, maybe dead. It—it took all of my charm—

    BOOTH (Over Brennan): All of your charm? Oh, boy.

    BRENNAN (Unfazed): Just to get the sheriff to let me look at the skull. When I asked him to let me send the skull to the Jeffersonian he told me that I am not a cop and that I don’t have any jurisdiction.
    BOOTH: Which is true. Okay, what, what do you want me to do?

    BRENNAN: I want you to get federal on his ass.

    BOOTH (Smiling): Oh.

    1) I love how comfortable Booth is rummaging around in her office
    2) How Brennan just talks over him as if he never said anything…she wants him there and she wants him there now! No time for discussion 😉
    3) Booths cocky smile at the “Federal on his ass” line…so so so so HOT! He loves that!

  20. The dance in Death of the Queen Bee gets re-watched very often by me, even though it’s bittersweet. After the stars fall, as Brennan is saying that it’s the prom she never got to go to, she starts to put her hands up like she’s about to embrace Booth, but stops herself. Of course, we all know what happens next. Booth does end up taking her in his arms after all.

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