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I Don’t Know What That Means: Booth in the Three Piece Suit


Okay, okay, I mean, I get that there is one reason why Booth is wearing the three piece suit, and it’s a two word answer. David Boreanaz.

The guy could make anything look good, and I am pretty sure HH admitted that the reason Booth wore fatigues in the season six opener is just because once you see Boreanaz in them…well, yeah!

But on a deeper, Boothy level (I love that level; it’s a very, very good level), I just do not get it.

I was looking back through some of my 100Days posts, and I remember being really annoyed that Booth was wearing these suits in season five.

Again, I’ll reiterate; it’s certainly nice. But it just wasn’t Boothy to me. It could be Boreanaz-esque, but that wasn’t the same thing, and I just cannot ever get to the bottom of why Booth was dressing like that.

I always thought Booth was sort of lying to Sweets when (in Harbingers) he says that what he misses most about his coma dream life was the clothes. To me, it was one of those moments where I imagined a series of making love and kissing and laughing and being married to ‘Bren’ all flashed through his mind, but he couldn’t announce that to Sweets, so he was snarky and said “Clothes”.

And I guess I’ve never every thought Booth (or Brennan) were ‘trendy’. They are just classic. I mean, for Brennan…someone who probably doesn’t read fashion magazines, she does have good fashion sense (mostly!). But Booth?

Booth is totally classic. Tailored white dress shirts. Black leather jacket.

And yeah, that gray 3 piece IS classic looking, but on Booth, it seems trendy to me.

And in the context of TV, where we’ve seen a lot of other male characters wearing vests and such, it felt like trying too hard.

You all know I’m more of the ‘white polo shirt’ kind of girl, and don’t even get me started on THE gray sweater! So, am I crazy? Am I over analyzing it, when I really just should be enjoying it? Thoughts from you?

Let’s discuss!


54 thoughts on “I Don’t Know What That Means: Booth in the Three Piece Suit

  1. I am not sure what Booth was saying by wearing the three piece except that maybe he did miss the clothes in his dream. Since he had Brennan in his dream, maybe he thought dressing a little trendier may do more to attract Brennan, like the cocky belt buckle and the flashy ties. I really like him wearing the Black suit coat and matching pants and a light colored shirt. I prefer him in a black t-shirt and fatigue jacket or the black leather jacket. What can I say. Trendy clothes are ok; but, he looks so cool dressed casual.

  2. I’m a huge fan of the 3-piece. Booth or Boreanaz I’m not picky that way. I almost have to wonder if the suits didn’t start as a way to lead into the Noir episode that never happened. There seemed to be some excitement building over that throwback episode and then Fringe dis one and the idea got nixed. I’m still a bit sore over that just because I think our people have the looks to pull that era off phenomenally.

    As for if 3-pieces are Boothy, I’ve always thought so. This was the guy who whines about ruining $1200 suits and Italian loafers at first so he knows/cares a little about fashion. Though lately he’s traded the loafers for cheap, crappy shoes and it seems like he doesn’t wear undershirts either(none in Goop or bedroom scenes). 😛 Either way, I don’t need an excuse to enjoy the man in a 3-piece, or fatigues, or an undershirt, or… Ok, anything. Or nothing. I wouldn’t mind them bringing the polo back…

  3. For me I really like Booth best when he is dressed down. Fbi t-shirt, jeans, jacket, grey jumper, polo shirt, etc. Love it. He definitely needs to get out of the suit more.

    On the 3 piece suits, I agree that on first reflection it would appear that they are not very Boothy. However, we saw from the Las Vegas episode that he loves dressing up and all he needed to wear the socks and the cocky belt was some encouragement.

    I mean the cocky belt buckle is most definitely not safe or classic. It’s very flamboyant, but he really does love it.

    I think he really did enjoy wearing the 3 piece suits in his dream and the dream just gave him the confidence to consider wearing similar suits in real life.

    However, I guess that ultimately TPTB were trying to give us a message through the suits – i.e. to keep reminding us throughout season 5 that he wanted back in that ‘dream’ life. From memory, we have not seen a return of those suits this season have we?

    (By way of an aside – I think the trenchcoats are even less Boothy! Not a fan of those at all.)

  4. I have a crazy thought about the reason Booth wore the Three pieces suit on season 5. As he said to Sweets that the thing he most missed of his coma dream was the clothes, Maybe he’s not totally lying and trying hidden that what he most missed was his marriage life with Bren.The fact that The Three Piece Suit was one of the favorites clothes of the Coma dream Booth make him feel the needing of wear this clothes to make him more close to that life he was missing. the life that he was spending happy with Brennan as husband and wife. The life he want have with her in his real life. Maybe the tree piece suit was a way to keep him attached to this life untill the episode 100th when he was struck by the reality that he’s not have this so longing life with Brennan yet. But he will. I hope.

  5. I personally think the jeans and t-shirts are the DB part of Booth’s wardrobe. The 3 piece suits…I think he really did mean it when he said he missed the clothes from his coma dream (not that it’s really what he missed the most…I do think that would be the “making love and kissing and laughing and being married to ‘Bren’” is really what he missed the MOST). So I think that maybe he did get the 3 piece suit to recapture a bit of the coma dream. I didn’t really think of it as being trendy (but then I’m not really aware of the latest trends; are (or were) those a new trend?). I just enjoyed the way he looked in the suit, and really didn’t question why it was wearing it. I mean look at him in that bottom picture above. YOWZA!

    What I’ve wondered for a while now is what happened to the colored shirts from the first season? I thought he looked great in the blue and the purple shirts he wore back then. Was it something Tessa had gotten for him and when he needed new shirts he just replaced them with white?

  6. Great post – love those pics 🙂

    I always thought he was rocking the three piece in season 5 because it’s a little something from the coma-dream that he can have in reality – whereas the rest of it really is a dream. I liked the reappearance of them for that reason, because I took it as subtle confirmation that Booth wanted what was in the dream.

    Do you remember in A Man on Death Row when B&B find where Epps killed those girls and they’re digging for more bodies, Brennan wants Booth to help with the digging and Booth says ‘this is a twelve hundred dollar suit!’. It strikes me that there’s a little development (inconsistency?) of character there, like to start with he was this stylish, cocky guy who knew he looked good in expensive suits and then over the episodes he becomes more ‘I-know-what’s-important’ low-key look guy, who wears what’s comfortable and practical (anyone notice he wears those funny black plimsoll shoes with his suits rather than dress shoes? Always wondered why).

    Bit off topic there, but the mind wanders when considering Booth in various attire 🙂

    • Yeah, I always thought $1200 dollar suits were a little expensive for an FBI agent. He did dress very nicely in season one though. I loved the dark suits and the colorful shirts. I also noticed the crappy shoes he wears now a days. They are terrible. I wish he would ditch them.

  7. I totally see this in character for Seeley Booth. He reminds me a little of Will Smith in “Men in Black” . . . I make this look good!

    He is restricted to business attire because of his profession but he plays to his personality (most of the time) with the belt buckle and the socks. The three-piece suit is just another example of that. He’s not the type to go for the bright colored suits, but I see him as stretching the boundaries a little bit.

  8. Hmmm…I like the three-piece suit and I never thought much about why Booth started wearing them. I’m intrigued by the theory that it was something tangible he could hold onto from the coma dream.

  9. I think it is just the wardrobe introducing new Booth looks. Most seasons Booth has new styles. S1 the polo rhirt. S2 black fbi coat/ green jacket. S3 grey jumper S4 Black leather jacket S5 3 piece suit. They are all Booth styles he isn’t tied to one or the other.

  10. Booth and David look good in whatever they dress him in. He has the best clothes, along aside Cam in the show. I cant say that the vest with the suit is DB, as I have never seen him wear that style, if ever. DB is more a jeans/tee, open neck shirt/suit kind of guy of recent years.

  11. *stares at picture of DB in 3 piece suit, mouth hanging open* *drools* *shakes head* I’m sorry. What? Who? What was the question?… Oh um, yes. 3 piece gray suit. I have to admit my first response to this question was, does it matter WHY he’s wearing it? 😉 I LOVE him in the 3 piece and the gray suits in general. I know you’re thinking, Mell, don’t you love him in anything, or nothing? And you would be right! 😛 Deplorable taste in footwear aside. But… There’s a scene in Dwarf in the Dirt I think, where he’s taken the jacket off and is just wearing the vest and they are getting in the car and whew! If I’m not there to see it, my husband pauses it for me and says “Hey honey, David is wearing that suit you like!” (Best Husband Ever!) I think I make a sound like, “arnunugh” punctuated with drool. Anywho, I think maybe in S5 he was trying to get back to Boothy, back to “cocky” and maybe he remembered the suit he wore in the dream and thought, hey, I looked hot in that suit! And he was right! And so brought it into RL. I have to say I also like the FBI T-shirt, the white polo and the grey sweater (spoken in reverent tones). I would love to see the grey sweater (or a sweater in general) and the white polo come back. Are any of the Bones wardrobe people on Twitter? We could bombard them with requests… I will end this extremely incoherent post by saying “Thank you, Sarah, for posting those pictures.” (spoken in reverent tones) 😉

  12. I take Booth with or without clothes, the man looks G O O D 😀 However, I do think that the Bones bosses like to throw things in the show just to mess with the fans. Look at Clark in the white suit from the dream epi in the Valentines epi, no explanation!. . Listen to Hart/Stephen tease in the S5 finale dvd commentary they want to confuse us. Point in question, has anyone figured out what 3C means that they said to look out for in S6? Those big teasers!

  13. I’d never really thought about it too much, I guess. Like you I was appreciating the sight. On reflection, though, I wonder whether it was a hark back to the ‘End in the Beginning’, (and boy did DB look good in that blue three-piece!) – because it’s one of the few ways that he could still ‘connect’ to that happy time. I confess that I’d never really paid much attention to men in suits until I started watching Bones and I actually noticed just how good Booth/DB looked. Wow! But, I agree, the three-piece is not really a Boothy outfit.

    I think Booth looks extra-specially good in casual clothes, tee shirts, jeans, leather jackets, but NO to trench coats and definitely NO to those awful shoes he now wears. I also liked the dark coat he wore over THAT grey sweater, btw. I also miss the coloured shirts from early seasons – that blue one – oh yeah!!

    I wonder about the wardrobe designer – does he/she ultimately decide on the outfits for each episode, do the actors/directors get a say in it? To me, the outfits, (the dresses in particular) that Emily was given to wear in season five were beyond ghastly and completely un-Brennan like.

  14. I always thought he wore them cause of the coma dream, I know he told Sweets that he missed the clothes the most and the next thing we knew he had the 3 piece suits. I have to say they do change his wardrobe up a lot each season but It’s kinda nice to not see him in the same thing over and over again. I think he looks amazing in anything he has on, my favorite being the tee’s and jeans 🙂

  15. So DB and Booth look pretty dang awesome no matter what they are wearing (or not!). I must say though, that 3 piece suit is to die for. I’m getting all giggly nervous jitters just writing about it right now! As for whether it’s Boothy or not, I always thought it was more Boothy than most of the other things he wears. I thought it was when he was letting his true taste out. He just seems like a throwback from the 3 piece suit era to me. He just belongs to that time period. And since he was trying to establish who HE was again after the coma dream, it would stand to reason that he’d do what came naturally to him before he realized he was a little out of place. I for one wish he’d bring them back though. Because OMG he’s hawt hawt hawt hawt hawt! (I did a little dance in my chair just then, but I guess you guys couldn’t see that!)

  16. I agree with many of you that the threepiecer is sort of a way of keeping that coma dream alive. Also, three piece suits have a vintage feel and Booth is all about retro: the classic pictures and antique toys, the graphic tees, the skinny ties and classic jewelry, and the hats, shoes, guayabera shirts and funky suits in the coma dream. Maybe it’s a link to his grandad who represents a different era for him (40’s, 50’s and 60’s) and a happy, secure time in his life. It’s clear that Booth loves and idolizes him. The imagery is also associated with the gambling culture that has attracted him in the past; maybe that’s part of what makes it so appealing to him.

    Regarding the fact that Booth’s clothes and apartment might be a bit shabbier of late, this doesn’t come as a surprise since Parker is older now and requires much more upkeep, not to mention a college account. We know that Booth puts his family above everything else, so I think he sets a big part of his salary apart for them. (Will someone fish that ring out for him? He couldn’t really afford to just throw it out, which makes the scene even sadder.)

    He also hasn’t been on the prowl for a long time; Hannah kind of fell into his fatigue covered thighs (mmmm!). The only woman he’s always trying to impress is Brennan and he now knows that deep down these “shiny baubles” don’t really count for her in the end. Or is this one of the ways he sells himself short with her, another act of self-sabotage? Regardless, I’m making my umpteenth plea for the return of the green army jacket and especially the St.Christopher medal; I don’t want my poor Booth out in the world without some extra protection!

    • I actually think his apartment looks the best it ever has this season. Before it looked like a fixer upper and now it looks finished and polished and all put together. It’s like the construction fairy came in and finished it for him while he was in Afghanistan.

  17. I never really questioned or pondered why he was wearing the 3 piece suit…I was just VERY thankful to the wardrobe department for putting him in them. 🙂 Interesting thought about him connecting to the coma dream.

    I do miss the colored shirts from the earlier seasons. Especially the blue ones.

    The shoes are Vans….not exactly appropriate footwear with suits, but this is Booth! The way people talk about the shoes, makes it sound like he’s getting them from Goodwill or something. LOL! And it’s also DB…haha…that seems to be his casual footwear of choice. In Season 1, there were a couple of episodes where he wore black and white Converse with his suit…cracked me up.

    And don’t fool yourselves about how “broke” our beloved FBI Special Agent Seeley Booth is…with the number of years he has, and assuming the office he has means he is in some sort of supervisory position, and from the research my kid did on the FBI special agent career for school, I would say he is at least a pay grade of GS-14 and means the dude is bringing in at minimum (GS 14 Step 1)..$84,000 bucks a year. Add in the cost of living adjustment since he lives in DC and I imagine the 25% availability pay…yeah, the boy ain’t broke. 🙂 sidetracked..sorry…I love Booth in anything, and since it’s on Booth…that makes it “Boothy” 🙂 and I know Sarah likes the gray sweater…but if I were to pick the one thing that didn’t seem Boothy to would be that. Not that I didn’t appreciate the gray sweater, it was just the first time I seen him in it, I was like “OK…is it laundry day and that’s all he had in the back of his closet?” The polo shirt kinda sticks out, too…because he only ever wore it that one time. He seemed so much more a tshirt guy…

    • I noticed the shoes were Vans too. I think that’s why I don’t like them. They remind me of the schleppers I went to High School with. 🙂 And don’t forget that Rebecca is probably taking 25% of his pay in child support! I keep thinking he put the ring on a credit card and every time he pays it he will be angry with himself and Hannah and life… 😉

  18. that moment at the end of Gamer in the Grease when he is showing her he’s got what she needs – Oh my! It’s just MADE by the open vest and rolled up cuffs of that suit.

    If he had just been in a shirt, it would have been astronomically cute. The vest, opened just like that? Sends it into the ionosphere of sexy.

    I do not care if it is in character. This show brings a lot of pain to my shipper heart. That suit eases some of the pain. I deserve it!

  19. Maria – Oh my gosh yes, I can’t believe I had kinda forgotton about the St Christopher…where is it? has anyone seen it this season? What does this mean!? I’ve been concentrating so hard on the lack of Cocky that I didn’t notice this. Tut tut.

    I have noticed that out of all Booth’s ‘props’, I’ve seen his Zippo lighter a lot this season. It was on the bar in DitM and I’ve seen the outline of it in his trouser pocket during interrogations etc. Wonder if that’s on purpose? (Have I just outed myself for looking at Booth’s general ‘below the waist’ area more than is strictly necessary? How embarrassing.) 😉

    • I really think he gave his st. christopher medal to Jared. he said it wasn’t the same one, but Jared kept saying it looked like the same one…I just think it was the one, and it was Booth’s way of reconciling with his brother without having to talk it out like girls.

  20. Sorry for the extra post, but it won’t let me sign up for email updates without a post.

    Carry on with your Booth dressed or undressed discussions, and please mop up the drool on your way out. 🙂

  21. There is NO wrong outfit…or lack of…for Booth…that’s just an impossibility. hee hee I certainly never minded the three piece suits…which I believe were a carryover from his coma dream. Booth did love those clothes, and the suit was the one thing that he could keep that reminded him of that world he was so happy in. More interesting was the lack of the three piece suit after the 100th…when his “dream” was shattered.

    I do miss those colorful shirts he wore in season one – those were yummy. And since that you mentioned it…again…Seels (ha ha)…can’t forget that gray sweater (or long black coat), that I always hoped we’d see again. *sigh* But it’s just as freakin’ cool that Booth can make a tailored white shirt sooo hawt! I have a whole new appreciation of them now.

    Booth’s sense of style and attention to it is somewhat unexpected, because in most other ways, he seems to be a very down-to-earth guy who doesn’t appear to be the type who would be that concerned about his wardrobe…yet he is. Just another insight into Booth that makes him more complicated than meets the eye.

    No matter what the occasion, Booth wears everything with the confidence of a man who knows what’s good…what’s expected…and what’s fun. How many men do you know who could pull off wearing an expensive suit…and a Cocky belt buckle with striped socks – and not make you laugh? It just fits Booth’s personality…all business on the outside with just a little peek at the rogue guy who lives inside. I love that.

    I remember DB saying sometime last year that wearing the trench coat was his way of paying homage to Steve McQueen…one of his favorite actors, and that’s good enough for me. And the shoes…really…who cares? I’m definitely not paying any attention to his feet when there’s so much else to drool over…I mean, focus on. 😀

    • Re: shoes, you said it! The comments here (and some other places) make me really glad I have never given a damn about shoes. Even when people keep mentioning how awful they are I just don’t get around to checking them since there’s so much goodness above his ankles.
      The only time I’ve paid attention to shoes in a TV show is in Angel S2 when Angel wore black shoes with yellow soles. Even then it just made me wonder ‘would Angel really wear that kind of shoes?’ and ‘why the hell would you have yellow soles on black shoes?’ but other than that, I never pay attention to shoes.

      About the actual topic, I like that man in almost anything (or nothing!). I’m with crzy4bones up there on if something he wears that’s not Boothy, it’s the gray sweater. He just hasn’t worn anything like that before or since, so it doesn’t seem Boothy to me.
      But I love the trench coats. It reminds me of ’50s noir and old detectives and I just love them. Oh, and anything time that man wears green it makes me very happy.

      • Those black shoes with the yellow soles that Angel wore…I assumed they were just good for traction in a fight or for running…and again, I didn’t give them much thought either. Same reason as stated above…LOL! But I think I liked Booth’s gray sweater, because it was not the usual for Booth and that made it stand out. And believe me…I noticed. In combination with the long black coat and white shirt, it was just classy, IMO…for one reason, black, gray and white are my favorite colors (and no, I’m not really a morbid person)…so I’m a little biased when it comes to that combination. And yes, the trench coats were definitely the old detective/noir style, which look better on Booth than anybody else…but then what doesn’t look better on Booth? 😀

  22. I don’t have much of an opinion on the 3 piece suit but anyone notice Booth seems to be wearing a lot more black or dark colors when he’s not in his work clothes this season? Not sure if this is true or has any meaning. Just a thought. Btw I love all the posts on BT. 🙂

  23. Given the lack of time I have to comment on posts in general, I was surprised that this topic grabbed my attention so much that I HAD to comment.

    First, I have to point out that I never noticed the three piece suits in Season 5 and their tie-in to the coma dream. Brilliant! I love you guys for pointing it out.

    Now, my initial reaction to this question reminded me of this exchange between Cher & Christian in Clueless:
    Christian: Is it James Dean or is it Jason Priestly?
    Cher: Carpe Diem! You looked hot in it!
    Cause DB/SB does look absolutely delicious in anything he wears…

    But then, I thought about it a bit more and I remembered: Booth is a cool kid. He was popular in HS, played sports, hung with the cool crowd. While he’s been through a lot since those days, I can definitely see him being a little bit of a male fashionista because of this — and can therefore totally understand his fondness for 3 piece suits. He’s always well put together, clean cut and polished even when he’s in a tee shirt and jeans. Looking good is definitely a priority for Booth (e.g. “Not the hair!” from Goop). While I don’t see him spending an entire Saturday on the couch watching the Style network (he’s definitely an ESPN kinda guy), I do think he finds pleasure in looking smooth and suave once in a while…

    Did I just say suave?

  24. I don’t necessarily think it was out of character for Booth. The 3 piece suit he wears is sort of retro-vintage looking to me. Booth seems to have an affinity towards retro-vintage things: the old phone, classic cars (Man in the Morgue), tommy guns, his vintage antique refrigerator, the tie with the pin-up era lady on the under side, skinny ties with the pen clip in general (though it’s a modern style, it’s really a vintage come-back), etc. Whether the retro clothes were his contribution to their shared dream world or not is another discussion entirely, but I think Booth likes the clothes AND he’s holding on to that part of the dream, as others have mentioned. If we think back to the Vegas-themed undercover episode, they chose to go under cover. What does Booth choose to wear? Vintage-retro clothing like the snazzy fedora with the feather and the pin-up-eqsue dress HE picks out for Brennan to wear (because we all know the first dress she chooses really is more school-teachery for their undercover story to seem true)! It’s Booth’s style, and we see little hints at it throughout the series. He’s not living in a vintage world like some, but from time to time we see his appreciation for the classics.

    • I forgot to add a few of my other theories:

      This could tie in with the idea from Proof in the Pudding and other episodes that Booth really is an all-American man. We see suggestions time and time again that he truly loves everything about his country. This may be a stretch, but his like for vintage things could be his way of paying tribute to time periods in American history that he appreciates. He loves football- an American sport. He loves the vintage telephone- an American invention. etc. I’m really pulling out of very thin air here, but I’m at work and blogging time is limited. LOL

      Also, we learn that Booth loves the old phone because his grandpa had one just like it. Could Booth’s vintage appreciations be a way of him paying tribute to the man who saved and raised him? Maybe these were things Pops wore, said he liked, appreciated, did, etc. I don’t know, and I’m not sure we’ll ever really know (although I do hope we see more of Pops! 🙂 )

  25. Okay adding my two cents, for me Booth is Boothy because of clothes but I think because attitude and how he carries himself. However, different clothes may influence it. Does he seem Boothy with the gray sweater that you and I love so much? Is it the power of the belt buckle? It is the trench coat (that will always remind me of Angel when he wears it)?

    Some thought that he hasn’t been very Boothy, not because of him not wearing the “cocky” but because of his actions toward Brennan. However, Brennan thought the the belt buckle was Boothy, was it really or that he was acting normal again for her.

    Sorry I went off on a tangent and off topic of the 3 piece suit.

  26. This probably won’t suprise you but i’ve never thought about it…if Booth looks hot then he looks hot, i don’t care what he is (or isn’t!! 😉 ) wearing!

  27. Looks like we have pretty much every thing covered here, but just to reiterate: I also think that Booth did like the wardrobe in his coma dream, but it was clear that what he loved most was being with Bren. When you think about it, the thing he had the most control over in the real world was his clothes. Something he could easily change. I agree that the dream either gave him the confidence to try something new seeing as how he was still trying to really rediscover who he was, or he knew that this was the one piece of that perfect little life he could keep.

    Oh, and for the record, I love the 3 piece suite. I am pretty much a big fan of his wardrobe in general. If I had to choose though, I’d choose the 3 piece suite over the white polo, but the gray sweater over the 3 piece suite. Haha, yes…I felt you all needed to know that. 😉

    • Oh! And I do kind of think it was Boothy! Can’t really pin point why though. I feel the same way about any sneakers he wears with his suites. Can we get the Converse All Stars from Superhero in the Ally back please!? 🙂

  28. Classic boothy clothing seems to be either 1. dark suit with white shirt and narrow tie, or 2. jeans with t-shirt (FBI or poker-themed) with leather or other casual jacket. I like the 3-piece suits, and I definitely see them as inspired by the S4-finale-dream, but they aren’t really “classic” Booth. What I find interesting is that his style seems to be more static over time than Brennan’s. I was watching a Season 1 episode the other day, and was like “whoa! Bones is in jeans, at work… she NEVER dresses casually for work anymore.” I’d love to see a post about her wardrobe evolution and what it has been inspired by (e.g. does she dress nicer because she works with Booth versus just being a scientist before? Did she step up her sartorial game in order to get in on interrogations? Does she just want to look pretty for him?).

  29. DB/SB- it really doesn’t matter what’s he’s wearing, or why. Dude is hawt! Also, doesn’t matter why. (Not that I wouldn’t like to be the someone who knows him well enough to know the reason)!
    I think part of this is just an evolution of workplace attire. Colored shirts and simpler suits evolved as his position elevated. He came to the place of ‘owning’ his position and wore whatever he d#*$ well pleased (jeans and T shirts). Then came the slightly confirming and mature look as his seniority/success grew (S5). I like the idea of critiquing Bren’s attire, too. They’ve both evolved. (although I enjoy staring, drooling, fawning over Booth 😉

  30. I agree that the 3 piece suits are tied to the coma dream, although I’m somehow always surprised to see them. I felt the grey sweater was totally out of character but he looks so damn cute in it that by the end of the episode i wished he wore it every week.

    Can I just say that the thing I most love about the suits, besides the incredibly hot shoulder holster, of course, is how he ALWAYS has the first button of his cuffs undone and often folded back. I used to think they were french cuffs but now I’m not so sure. In The Goop in the Girl when he’s aiming his gun at santa, his cuffs are unbuttoned and casual but he’s so completely in control. I love that look!

  31. Oh wow – what a post to start my day….the man looks hot in EVERYTHING. and nothing…

    But anyway, I definitely connected the 3 piece suit to the coma dream, and am mighty thankful for it. The desire to have the life that he experienced in that dream played out via the suit – especially in The Dwarf in the Dirt, with his ‘when a man can’t have the woman he loves, he goes a bit crazy’ speech. *swoon*

    Personally, Booth can wear whatever he wants, but I love the casual long sleeve T look. But I’m equally as happy with the standard FBI issue armour.

    As an aside, does anyone have an opinion about Brennan’s lack of trenchcoat in the latest ep? I can’t recall when it first made an appearance, but it was definitely missing once Hannah was gone. And ED looked hotter and classier because of its absence.

    • I’m not positive when Brennan started wearing the trench coats, but she didn’t take them off until Hannah left in Daredevil…which is totally what I predicted would happen. It was pretty obvious to me that she’d been wearing every kind of trench coat under the sun…hiding in them…until she felt she could be open…and maybe available?…to Booth. That’s my theory…and I’m sticking to it…ha ha.

      • Yeah, I can see that in retrospect. The obviousness of it missing lately stands out, and the hiding behind aspect makes sense…I’m just wondering what happened that made her start wearing them. There was discussion about ED’s weight gain/possible pregnancy at the start of S5…which is why I thought they turned up, but now I’m wondering if we missed something.

        Those trenchcoats became a character in themselves – a bit like the Lab. Hey, Seels, maybe we need an essay on this 😉

        Ahhh. Nothing like Bones fans to find meaning in everything – and nothing 😉

  32. First of all, I just want to say, I kind of LOVE reading the comments here sometimes, haha. You guys are all pretty fantastic. 🙂 Who doesn’t love a good Booth drooling session… 🙂

    As for the clothes, oh dear. I’m so glad to know I’m not the only one who has put thought into even wardrobe choices as far as the show is concerned, and even more, into MALE wardrobe, which I find to be quite boring most of the time. I’ve always wondered what it means about me as a viewer that I’ve spent so much time thinking about…Booth’s clothes, haha.

    For my part, I’ve come up with theories in support of Boothiness for ALL of Booth’s wardrobe choices, haha. But I can’t tell which comes first–if the clothes are hot because they’re Boothy, or if I make them Boothy in my head because they’re hot first, hahaha… In my opinion, it basically (and I say basically) all boils down to this: Booth is a free thinking rogue rebel, and he knows what looks good. I could (and I think I HAVE, if only to myself, haha) defend all of the Booth wardrobe choices (and even other characters’ wardrobes haha), but I think in general, we know he wants to distinguish himself from the pack, and he knows how to do it in a way that looks good. I think it’s been interesting how the writers seem to have made it a point to let us know that Booth is no slouch in the fashion department (1200$ suit, “It’s a look,” he misses the clothes, etc…). These clothes are not clothes some wardrobe manager picks for David Boreanaz on set–these clothes are clothes that Booth likes, and that Booth wears. I mean, I don’t think we can be picky about whether something exactly fits his character or not–how many of us have only ONE specific style and completely stick to it? There are days when Booth is a jeans and t-shirt kind of guy. There are days when Booth is a smooth-talking, sexy 3-piece suit kind of a guy. There are days when Booth is a responsible, low-key white-polo kind of a guy. And those are all still “Booth”choices to me. Even the gray sweater!–which by the way, I would die to see again haha. It’s Christmas, it’s family (a little bit “other-kind-of,” but still) time–the gray sweater is classy, comfortable, cute, and a little bit choirboy haha. Perfect Christmas outfit to me.

    The three-piece suits specifically are in interesting thing to look at though. First of all, I think it has a lot to do with the sort of throw-back, vintage-y style we know Booth gravitates towards (I liked the idea thrown around that maybe the vintage thing is a conscious or subconscious homage to the Pops who rescued him, who we can imagine, if he was good with the ladies, was probably pretty dapper himself in his day…). But I also think it’s a conscious choice on Booth’s part to hold on to some tangible part of that dream life. I think he was being a little snarky when he said he missed the clothes, but I don’t think he was necessarily lying. I can kind of see Harbingers-era Booth walking down the street, probably day-dreaming about coma-dream-life, passing some tailor’s shop, and doing the whole “Whoa…” back-up to double-take thing at a three piece suit like the ones from the coma dream. I bet he walks in there, buys it first thing, and walks out of that place feeling like a million bucks–or as close to a million bucks as he could feel while still missing coma-dream-life.

    And I think there’s some validity to the idea too that he’s hoping it’ll set him that much further apart from those around him–sort of how male birds have fancy feathers in order to attract mates, like an “I’m gonna need a flashier tie” kind of a deal. Maybe not necessarily in an “I bet Bones will think this suit is hot” kind of a way, but just a way to further establish that he’s something special compared to his peers–compared to maybe Hacker, hahaha… Hacker would just plain look like a delusional old geezer in those three pieces–the purple-backed vest on Hacker, hahaha… Booth on the other hand… oh Booth. I dare anyone to find me a Booth outfit that is NOT hot. I mean, come on. Boothy or not, the man looks good in anything. Okay, maybe I would stop watching if they wore radiation suits 100% of the time. Or maybe I wouldn’t haha–you can still see his face in those…

    In all seriousness though (or at least as serious as it gets when discussing wardrobe haha), I can’t think of any one time where I was disappointed in the lack of Boothiness about wardrobe, or a time where I thought he looked out and out bad. The only thing I can ever remember bothering me was the period where he wore Chuck Taylors with his suit, way back in the day. That didn’t seem Boothy to me at all. Nothing against Chuck Taylors, but they just didn’t feel right to me. I think Booth knows the line between free-thinking rogue rebel, and just plain being crazy about your clothes, and the CTs were just plain being crazy. No quiet rebellion there–CTs are almost symbolic of rebellion, however mild–at least these days, in my opinion. The Vans somehow fit way better in my eyes, not sure why. Though as long as they’re not Chuck Taylors, I don’t really care about Booth’s shoes.

    But anyway, hey! Booth! Get that 3-piece back out of storage, and while you’re at it, maybe your old gray suits, maybe some flashier ties? It’s just so sad to me to see that Booth has kind of…been in mourning attire almost. All the darkness–even in just the wardrobe–is starting to get to me! I hate it that Booth is so sad he can’t even wear his normal “very sexy, and very fun guy” clothes, haha… 🙂

  33. About the trench coats… I find it interesting that both Brennan and Hannah were wearing off white trench coats with black buttons when they turned Booth down….. interesting…….

    • Yes, I noticed that too…another attempt to highlight the similarities between the two? Hopefully Booth’s worked it out – don’t ask a woman for a lifetime when she’s wearing a trenchcoat…

  34. Sarah – I just have one question: can we make Booth’s Wardrobe Wednesdays a regular thing?

    Pondering SB/DB in (or out) of any kind of clothing really helps a girl get over hump day. ;-D

  35. I’m with you on the white polo and the grey sweater. Both are such great classic looks. Sorry but I am getting tired of the grey suit with a white shirt. I miss the colored shirts from Season 1 – especially the blue ones. I definitely think Booth puts considerable thought into his wardrobe choices and tried to please Brennan in some of the earlier seasons — ‘I’m gonna need a flashier tie!’ is one of my favorite lines. We definitely need to discuss Brennan’s trench coats sometime soon.

  36. How about another Boothy question – when did Booth stop matching his ties to Brennan’s outfits?

  37. I actually wonder if the crappy shoes he’s sometimes seen in are just bad editing. On most sets, when anything other than full-body shots are being done, the actors wear comfy shoes, since they spend the majority of their days standing around. They only change into the good shoes (heels for women, dress shoes for men) when they’re intentionally shooting the whole body. So I wouldn’t be shocked if the crappy Vans we see Booth in from time to time are just what DB wears for most of the shots, and the editors just went with it because they liked what they had in the rest of the shot and decided the shoes weren’t a big deal.

  38. I was curious about this too. It only seemed to happen in series 5 as far as I know.

    As a fan of the three piece suit myself (they are slimming) I can understand that they look classy, but the waistcoat can be quite restrictive – hardly ideal for an FBI agent hoping to chase down the bad guy.

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