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So, after the most recent episode of BONES, The Bikini in the Soup, I found that many people were disgruntled with Cam and what they saw as her selfish or insensitive attitude towards the case and the victim.  I could spout out all kinds of my own thoughts about this topic and defend her (or not) and all that jazz, but that’s not really what this post is about.  In reality, her behavior and attitude in this episode caused me to reflect more upon character change and development, namely the change and development in our lovely team that surrounds our beloved “center” of Booth and Brennan (or Brennan and Booth, I won’t argue the order…too much…hahaha).

Cam is my catalyst to the conversation, but interestingly, I feel that she has changed the least.  Her actions in Bikini did not strike me in a negative way mostly because I felt she was still acting in character.  She has a life outside of the lab, in spite of the previous episode’s attempt to show us that she is a workaholic. (Mother and Child in the Bay – looking for a quick wrap up for weekend of poker, Aliens in a Spaceship – suggesting a weekend in NY with Booth, just to name a couple of examples). She has a cop mentality, which means she isn’t necessarily straight scientist (Mother and Child in the Bay – “give the prosecutor exactly what she needs”, The Girl in Suite 2103 – creating a file that implicated the son of the Colombian judge).  So, like her or not in this last episode, I will suggest that at least she was not acting differently, overall.

cam bikini in soup

"Death is the loser and romance wins."


But what about the other characters?  I’ll admit that I am primarily thinking of two that have changed most visibly on the surface, Clark Edison and Colin Fisher.  Fisher, the “morose bastard” as Hodgins so entertainingly and now incorrectly calls him, went from a pessimistic, fatalistic view of life to one who meditates and smiles.  Clark has moved from “Oh god why am I always around for this personal stuff” to sharing more than anyone else, as well as asking for and giving personal advice.  Truth be told, his flip flop kind of freaks me out the most, but I’m rollin’ with it.

clark professional clark as cupid

Are these changes realistic?  Do they serve a purpose?  Sure, in The Couple in the Cave, when Clark gave us that line about expecting Booth and Brennan (or Brennan and Booth) to get all “butt nekkid” we felt he was speaking for the fans, but does his behavior still do that?  Or does it have a different purpose?  Fisher has a relative optimism and lost the black painted fingernails.  Does his change provide us with comic relief, or is there something else?


old fisher new fisher

Perhaps these two particular character changes help mirror Brennan’s development.  Clark opening up could be correlated to Brennan’s open heart; Fisher’s optimism could reflect Brennan’s realization in her belief in love.  Or perhaps both of these character changes really are strictly for the fans, to symbolize the almost infamous “eventually”.  If Clark can open up and get personal in the workplace and Fisher can overcome his fatalistic tendencies, then surely other changes will come, too, right?

I only mentioned these two characters, but I could speak about Sweets, Angela, and Hodgins as well, although I view their changes to be less conspicuous.  What say you all?  Do you like these changes?  Are the changes significant or are they simply entertainment propaganda?  What changes do you see in our supporting cast?


19 thoughts on “Te amE nt rop y

  1. You are right, the two characters that have blossomed the most are Clark and Fisher. At first, I found the changes to be a little disconcerting; but, their character development has actually grown on me. I think of their changes as a mirror of the changes in Brennan. When Clark was first introduced to us, he was rigid and unemotional. Work was work and he felt personal lives should be kept out of the lab. Fisher was depressed and though he said he was not Goth, certainly dressed like he was influenced by it. Clark and Fisher are both brillant people and didn’t seem to have any feelings for their fellow co-workers. In a way, both characters reflected Brennan. When we first knew her, Brennan was all business. She hated small talk at the office and felt uncomforatble when people diverged from work related topics. She rarely smiled (all though when she did, and does, she has a very pretty smile) and always seemed to have the world on her shoulders. Over the years, she has become friends with Booth, a person who is much more emotional than she is, who lets his heart lead his head. His influence on Brennan has been life changing for her. Once she thought that she could never love anyone, that no one cared for her, that work was the center of her life. Now, like Clark and Fisher, Brennan is more open to those around her and more willing to communicate with others about their private lives. Who would have thought after the first season that Brennan could change and like to tell jokes? Who would have thought of her as someone who is willing to entertain someone by disecting a cooked chicken at the dinner table (just because Booth loves it and is proud she can do it)? Brennan may say she is all brain and no heart; but, over the years, through her friendship with Booth and Angela (and truth be told, the Squints) she has really blossomed. She is willing to use her heart and her brain.

  2. Clark’s change in attitude is the only one I don’t much care for, except that of all the squints, Fisher is the one I like least, period.

    I enjoyed Clark’s snarky “can we keep it professional!” comments more than I like the touchy feely vibe he has now.

    Also, I could swear – SWEAR! – that on on episode he said he was gay. I can’t find it now, though. It’s really bugging me.

    • That was not Clark. That was the intern in the Gormogon vault who worked with the victim in “Intern in the Incinerator” Others have made that same mistake.

      I personally like the old Clark. This new version shares a little too much for my taste. Also, Fisher is my least favorite intern so to me it doesn’t matter what they do with him.

      • Thanks! It has really bothered me, that I hadn’t been able to confirm it for myself.

        Your thoughts on Fisher mirror mine. I don’t care what they do with him because I really don’t care about him, at all.

  3. Lovely and thought provoking post, friend! 🙂 I’m trying to roll with the changes in Clark’s character as well, but really don’t like it. For some reason, it makes me a little nervous that his character has changed so drastically in such a short amount of time. And it’s not like he decided to open up a little. He is either at one extreme or the other. It’s disconcerting. I hadn’t thought as much about Fisher’s character, but to be honest I think I kind of liked the dark and twisty Fisher better. Not that I necessarily ‘liked’ him, just that I think it suits him better. And again, why such a drastic change?

    I have to admit, I didn’t think that they could be reflecting Brennan’s character, but knowing how HH & Company work those kinds of things in, I can see how that could totally be a possibility. I guess it’s not changes that bother me the most, but the way that they go one extreme to the other in such a short amount of time. Hmmm. I think I have some furhter pondering to do.

    Oh, and to babble on some more. I think that Hodgins is a perfect example of the way character development/changes should happen. His character has really *grown* and progressed over the 5+ seasons. He isn’t exactly the same person he was in S1, but he isn’t a completely different person either. He isn’t an angry ball of conspiracy theories, but I can trace how he got to Point A to Point B. Also, sometimes we still get a little taste of Angry Hodgins (He’s ok with the hate) and Conspiracy Theory Hodgins (Proof in the Pudding and even the recent episode where Hodgins says he wants his kid to grow up to be a scientist with a specialty in extraterrestrials. I liked that. haha). I appreciate the way his character has evolved. It think that’s the way it should be done. 🙂

  4. We sometimes forget, I think, that 7 months elapsed between the end of last season and the beginning of this and the squints went off on their own, sometimes pursuing other interests. Those experiences can change people and help them grow.

    I see Clark as trying to blend in better with the quirks of the lab and has over compensated. Is he a mirror of Brennan or just a means to remind us that people can and do change? Fisher’s change can probably be attributed to a radical new regimen of drugs to help him cope with his perpetual gloom or could be another reminder that everyone can radically alter their perspective on life.

    I enjoyed the old Clark and old Fisher since neither one seemed to fit well into the Jeffersonian world, yet yearned to do so. Fisher was especially interesting because he really took each compliment from Brennan as some sort of unbelievable event that could make him smile for a moment.

    The changes are a reminder, I guess, that growth occurs in little spurts or in great big leaps. Hodgins, as someone pointed out, has evolved more slowly while the squinterns Clark and Fisher have practically become new halves to their old selves. And Brennan? She’s become something of a surprise this season, graciously accepting Hannah and acknowledging Cam’s anger and showing us just how raw she still is after Booth’s rejection. She’s also shown a remarkable propensity to take on new roles– the Dude’s assistant, Booth’s “good cop”– and so on. “Something’s got to change,” Booth said last year and I believe this is the result.

  5. This is gonna get long, guys…but I’ve been waiting for someone to bring up this subject!

    Why are we seeing all these changes…and what do they mean? The main theme of this season is change…which was reinforced by a statement Clark made in Daredevil. When Hodgins asks Clark if he ate the real Clark, Clark replies “Change is growth.” That says it all.

    Our team is changing…but not all of them are positive – yet – which means some of them are still in the process. I get the feeling that it all depends on the old theme of whether the center will hold. We know it hasn’t for some time…but when B&B head further in that direction, I think the team will fall back into place. As Avalon said…”this all works out eventually.”

    Since you already mentioned Cam, Fisher and Clark, I’ll focus on the others and the changes I’ve noticed…which mostly began right after The Doctor in the Photo when Brennan “changed.”

    Sweets. At the beginning of the season he’s all over Booth, trying to get him to talk about Hannah and Brennan. His “Oh, boy” comment when he learns Hannah is moving in with Booth shows that he’s concerned this is not a good thing…because he knows that Booth really isn’t over Brennan. Now…Sweets is way too excited to hear in Daredevil that Booth is going to propose to Hannah. He doesn’t even try to talk Booth out of it. Then in Bikini in the Soup, Sweets asks Booth what he’s doing for Valentine’s Day…knowing full well that Booth just broke up with Hannah…insensitive remark, don’t you think? Sweets is supposed to be the psychologist, but he’s not doing his job well at all. He falls apart in Bullet in the Brain, lets Taffet get to him, and Caroline has to straighten him out. Doesn’t sound like a guy with as much confidence as we’ve seen previously…and he admits he’s off his “A game.”

    Hodgins. He’s unsure what to get Angela for V Day, which isn’t the norm for him. He always came up with inventive ideas that Angela just loved…so why is he now losing that ability?

    Brennan. In Bullet in the Brain she actually gags at the smell when they find the girl in the bathtub…and she turns up her nose at the smell of Fisher’s herbal tea in Daredevil. Odors never bothered her before. In Sin in the Sisterhood she and Booth laugh and joke at the victim’s expense…and go a little overboard with the whole scene…pretty awkward and strange…more so because Brennan initiates it, totally out of character for her. B&B usually show more reverence and respect for the victims, and that’s why a lot of people got upset at this scene. We could argue that Brennan is becoming more “human”…more sensitive to her surroundings and people…but the laughing and jokes seem out of place. It may be an inappropriate time for her to try out her new sense of humor…but it is still growth for her.

    Booth. It made me cringe watching him drink so much in Daredevil…knowing that, yes, he does drink, but not to this excess…because of the drinking issues of his father and brother, and I always felt this was a very sensitive issue for him and he would refrain from that kind of behavior…it’s important to him that he’s not like his father. I tried to brush it off somewhat because of his circumstances, but it still didn’t ring true for Booth. I could see him off gambling before I could see him getting drunk. Booth is by no means done changing…he’s got a long way to go.

    I have to include this character, even though he’s not part of the team, but he fits in. Noel…the stalker from season five. In Daredevil he’s eating a hot dog…something he detested in S5 and refused to eat…telling B&B that you don’t know what’s in those things.

    I haven’t paid that much attention to Angela, really, other than to get annoyed at her constant talk about hormones and the baby, which is understandable to a certain extent…still it seems a little overboard. She was off her game at the beginning of the season when she had trouble reconstructing the image of the male victim in Couple in the Cave…but since then, I’ve haven’t found anything else. Maybe someone else has?

    We have to go back to the season five finale when the team literally falls apart…everyone going their separate ways…and I’m reminded of what Booth says when he and Brennan are sitting on the bench in the finale and she says they can return and pick up where they left off, but Booth says “No, things have to change.” When they do come back together in the season six opener, it’s obvious that some things have changed…most noticeably Booth (he’s got a girlfriend) and Brennan (she had some revelations in Maluku about Booth). They are still the glue that holds the team together – and until they come to terms with each other, the awkward and strange behavior will continue. I believe it’s no mistake that Booth and Brennan will be the last ones to deal with the changes in themselves and their relationship.

    There’s another underlying theme going on, too (which involves every single episode, and has me more intrigued than this one, to be honest)…but that’s another day and another post…and I’m sure we will see both of these come to fruition by the end of the season.

    I’m anxious to hear what others have noticed that I missed. 😀

    • Wow you said it all and I have to admit also, that there is a very underlying theme in the episodes this season. But I don’t want to get into it, because of spoilers and of course I can’t express myself so good, like all the other people. But I hope, by the end of this season we will find an answer to all what has been going on. Crazy to get so evolved in a TV show that you sometimes get stressed out.

      • Obviously, I spend wayyyy to much time thinking about this show…ha ha…but I love it. I also meant to thank you for what you said back on another post of mine. I was AWOL from this site around then, but I did notice and appreciate what you said…and by the way, I think you do just fine expressing yourself. Not everybody spends their entire morning writing and editing their posts like I do…I just happen to be anal that way…LOL. I’ve also found that I put two and two together better when I view several episodes in a row…thanks to my DVR. Things start to become more apparent than when they’re spread out over several weeks.

        I’m wondering if you’re thinking of the same underlying theme as I am…I’d love to know…but yeah, we can’t say it here. And I think it’s just starting to come to a crucial point. I guess we’ll have to wait until closer to the end of the season to find out, huh?

    • Hmmm…interesting observations. What is the saying again…you’re not crazy if they really are out to get you?

      • I’m not familiar with that saying…but I like it…LOL…and Stephanie, you just hit on another thing I noticed this season. The word “crazy” has been said in every episode, except two…and I may have just missed those. Sometimes this word is said once, but in several instances, it was at least two or three times. Coincidence? I don’t know…but it’s interesting to think about. Could just be HH messing with my mind…ha!

      • I think the saying is “Just because you are paranoid doesn’t mean they AREN’T out to get you.”

    • I agree with you about how cringe worthy Booth’s drinking was in Daredevil. It was bad enough that he got wasted with Sweets and then showed up for work with a hangover; but, it was a little scary that he was drinking so much at the end of the episode and not denying that he was drunk but he is not a drunk. People with drinking problems usually are a bad judge of whether or not they have a drinking problem. Booth knows his Dad and his brother both have a problem and should probably not drink at all. That scene really did bother me.

  6. I have had a really hard time with this season. Every character has changed in by opinion. When I look back on the last part of season five and look at what has occurred this season, so far, I have come to the opinion that the season five finale and all of this season is a dream Brennan is having, as a result of the stress of the trial in The Boy with the Answer. This is the only way I can excuse the storyline and some of the character rewrites we’ve seen. In that episode Brennan made the comment that she felt she had lost her ability to function to her highest ability, because of the relationships she had formed with those in her life. She told Booth that everything was changing and I think she was having a really hard time with rationizing all these events that were causing these changes. She appeared exasted to me. Brennan always seems to be functioning at a pace that most humans aren’t accustomed to. So this told me how hard this really was on her both physically and emotionally.
    I think that so much of what we are seeing and are having a hard time figuring out why certain things are occuring it is because it is all in Brennan’s head. That is why we are seeing her so alone. We are rarely seeing her interacting with any of the characters on any personal level. It is almost like she has become detached from what is happening around her in the first half of the season and only in the last few episodes have we seen this change. I read a tweet by the actress who plays the Gravedigger. She commented that she may show up in Brennan’s dream, when someone tweeted her saying that she would be missed. I just have this funny feeling that we have already seen her in
    Brennan’s dream and that next year we’ll be seeing the culmination of her threat to Brennan when she is being led out of the court room because she wasn’t really killed. Nothing happens unless first a dream.

    • Yes Kim, I was thinking the same, a dream or the whole season is a book. Otherwise everything is so strange, comparing from the first 5 episodes. And your last sentence “Nothing happens unless first a dream” makes so much sense.

    • You make some very good points. And it’s a theory I’ve heard before. On many levels it seems likely…but I’m not sure I would be happy about it, but I can see where a lot of people would welcome this explanation of what’s been happening this season, because they’ve been struggling so much with it . And we know that HH is just crazy enough to do it.

  7. I welcome Clark’s changes and I don’t think they are too out of character for him. I can see where a young Dr. new on the job would be reserved and private at first… especially if he worked for the NSA like he says. He was trying to find how he fits in and everyone’s personal conversations left him out. Now that he is comfortable, he just cracks me up!
    Fisher is more of caricature of a moody weirdo genius. He scares me a little. I can see where if Zach could lose it like he did, Fisher definitely could.
    Cam bugs me. Sometimes she is professional and a good ethical person and other times she is cheating on Michelle’s college applications and trying to cut the job short for Valentine’s.
    Sweets – I don’t like what they are doing to his character. He is giving bad advice and not paying attention well. I wondered last week what he was thinking asking Booth about his Valentine’s plans when he knew what happened with Hannah. They should have left him out of the episode all together. Other times this season he is too busy considering his future with Daisy or questioning his own professional abilities to focus on helping others. That is a shame because I really like Sweets most of the time.
    Angela and Hodgins – It is difficult to judge these two since their lives have changed the most. I think they are handling things well though I wish each of them could be a better friend to Brennan/Booth.
    Booth – his drinking is bothering me too. It is way excessive considering his family history. Hopefully it is short-lived and he can focus on the positives in his life and be Boothy again instead of sinking further into despair.
    Brennan – her growth this season has been remarkable. She knows what she wants and she is doing what it will take to get it.

  8. I’m so glad that I’m not alone. I loved creepy Fischer and standoffish Clark. I really throught that Clark gave us a sense of how much closer Brennan and the gang are like a family vs just professionals. In that way, I liked him being a bit on the outside. I lost interest in Arastoo after the fake accent that was resolved in the worst story line ever for me. The only Squintern who isn’t horrid to me is Daisy who I believe the transformation and can now stand her and Vincent N-M who is very much still the same for me. The “new” personalities make me want to kill many of them off to get some new wacky ones.

  9. I too wondered if the changes to Clark and Fisher are meant to reflect in an ‘out there’ way the changes to Brennan. The changes to both men’s behaviour has been extreme and I’m not convinced these changes would be brought about because of their experiences over seven months absence from the lab. However they are both young and intelligent so we would hope that they would grow and change. In particular Fisher stated that he is a Goth but I don’t believe I’ve ever met a 50 year old who is still a Goth so one would expect him to change. I’d hoped the writers decided to reflect the changes to Brennan’s emotional well being and her reaching out to others and given that they have only a few minutes actual screen time to do this maybe the behaviour of both men is sure to come across as really different. I would be very unhappy if this season concludes with the explanation that it has been a dream Brennan is experiencing. They’ve done coma, appparitions brought on by a brain tumour and old fashioned dreams – I believe its time to leave that one in the box.

    A lot of people were unhappy with the scene of Brennan and Booth laughing in the car in the Sin the Sisterhood episode. I interpreted that scene as B&B feeling comfortable with each other for a few minutes for the first time this season and going a bit hysterical and overboard with their remarks in the effort to maintain this warm feeling between them rather than not respecting the victim. If the writers had used some other hook to get the two to the point of almost hysteria the scene wouldn’t have worked as well in my opinion. It had to be something out of the ordinary. I loved it because Brennan was trying so hard to connect with Booth and for once he reciprocated.

    I also agree that of all the characters Cam has changed the least. Cam is not one of my favourite characters as I don’t see her bringing anything extra to the storyline except for the very brief snippets she gives us about Booth and Jared over some four seasons. I preferred Dr Goodman from season 1.

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