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Scene Study: The Night at the Bones Museum: Brennan Straightens Booth’s Perfectly Straight Tie


Hey, hey! Good morning! In case you missed it, Pal Jenny put together her thoughts on Daredevil in the Mold. No pics, but just her thoughts, and they are equally as awesome. You can check it out here.

The more I think about it, the more I think Jenny and her squeecaps might just be the inspiration for these scene studies, so ‘tip of the hat’ to her!

And while we’re talking about it, we should…well, talk about it! Last week, we discussed the egg scene, and I loved all of your insightful comments. Seriously, and I don’t mean to go crazy, but Bones Theory people are awesome. Half of me wants to spread the word loud and clear, and the other half wants to keep it as our little secret, you know? Sort of a what’s between us here at BT is ours!

Haha…okay, okay, you knew I was going to make some sort of joke about that, right?

But really, let’s get on to the scene. Last week we talked about the egg, and this scene we’re going to talk about the end scene.

It begins with B&B entering the Egyptian exhibit before it’s opened to the public. Quick shoutout to the BONES art department, who are great.

I’ve always liked the show SCRUBS, because I always feel like the writers and crew were always willing to give 100% into the set and props and stuff, even for a 30 second dream sequence, and I feel the same about this scene. SO much work went into it, and it’s only about 2 minutes long! Well done!

Also, well done BONES costume department!

Classy, classy, classy!

Booth is all prudish, in his way, though not about sex, but more about following the rules. They are NOT supposed to be down there!

 Brennan assures him that he’s with her; it’s fine. Except he shouldn’t step there!

Note the banner behind them regarding the exhibit that reads, “TRUTH PREVAILS!”

Booth, who you will remember from last week, already said that going to a museum was like ‘sleeping standing up’. Now, he’s saying “Wow, this is SO COOL!” I think Booth both adores and is intimidated by how smart Brennan is and just how awesome she is. Remember in the pilot when he tells Cullen “Oh, she’s amazing.” First of all…love that. But he just knows that she really IS that amazing. Sure, she can be full of crap sometimes, but he really finds her just beyond awesome. He also once told her that she was the only smart person he really liked, which I also just totally loved. I’m not explaining it perfectly, except to say that I kind of do believe that Booth might find (and still find) most museum exhibits to be boring. But in the context of Brennan, it’s so cool.

Yes, it is. Very cool. (Sidenote: I think Brennan shares that same sort of ‘intimidated/adoration’ feeling for Booth too.)

“So, sweetheart, how was your day at work today  he wasn’t trampled by his brother?” Booth asks.

Brennan tells him no, that Meti suffered from a brittle bone disease.

Booth, in sort of a cute move, leans over to examine the ruby found in Anok’s chest:

Note the straight tie.

And Brennan…she does the same to explain it even more. Super duper cute. Look at Booth’s face, too!

Brennan explains that Anok was innocent and that his mother was right.

And Booth says something very romantic. Or at least, I think it’s romantic. Maybe it’s just because it’s Booth saying it. OR maybe it’s because of the WAY he says it…not sure, but he says, “So it only took 3,000 years for someone to hear her.”

Come on, right? That’s just a huge compliment from him. He gives this little huff of breath that I translate to mean, “You’re unbelieveable, Bones”. And not in the way he says that when he really can’t believe her audacity, but in the way he means that he wants to have a squinty baby with her. Woot!

Brennan smiles and doesn’t explain very clearly that it’s impossible to ‘hear’ someone who has been dead for thousands of years. She gets his metaphor and likes it.

Booth continues, “You know, if I was Egypt, I’d throw you a party too.”

She LIKES his teasing! She’s so beautiful, I think. She’s just so natural in her pleasure, Brennan is. Emily Deschanel is just perfect at that. I know pal Marisa has said that she thinks it’s why ED doesn’t get nominated for stuff, because people don’t necessarily see that she’s ACTING as Brennan (their opinions, not Marisa’s!), which is just mind boggling to me (and her!). She’s SO deliberate as Brennan that it’s just remarkable, really.

Okay, moving on.

Brennan gets nervous and says, “I have to speak.”

“I hate these things” she adds.

I remember when I first watched this ep, I thought this part was out of character for Brennan. She hates giving anthropology lessons/lectures in public? SINCE WHEN!??!? That was my initial reaction, and I remember writing about that during the 100Days project. But people commented on that and made me see the light. It’s not that Brennan doesn’t like speaking, it’s more that she just doesn’t like fancy gatherings. I’ll buy that. What do you think??

Does Brennan seem out of character that she’s nervous about speaking (and therefore, it’s really just that the writers were trying to give her some sort of vulnerability so she could be more open with Booth in that moment), or is it legit that she would be nervous?

I’m interested in your thoughts, but I have to say that one thing that makes me NOW lean toward it being legit is that she doesn’t actually look at Booth much when she’s making her confession. In the span of about one second, she meets his eyes but looks away.

Booth, of course, can’t quite believe it.

“What are you talking about, Bones?”

Why Booth, what a straight tie you have!

And then we get the first step forward.

How does one step change everything? Okay, that’s a little dramatic, but…right? Every time I watch this scene, it’s like…whoa. Something is about to HAPPEN!

“You’re great at these things.”

And he reads something on her face that shows him that she might not be convinced, because he gets a little more serious.

“Listen,” he begins. “You changed history. How many people can say that?”

And yes, ANOTHER step forward. He’s kind of serious about it, which I like a lot.

“You can!” Brennan smiles.

She sort of laughs, and all her nervousness seems to be gone. Even if it’s not ‘love’ love…it’s still love. If utmost confidence is love, that is!

“Every arrest you make changes history; you make the world safer”

Oh, and did I mention that she ALSO took a step forward? I remember (I think!) in the pilot commentary (or some early interview) that Hart Hanson commented that when interviewing for the part of Brennan, there was part of the reading where Booth (Boreanaz) got close to Brennan, and when Emily Deschanel immediately took a step TOWARD him and not away, they knew she was a winner. Something like 99% of other actresses would have stepped back. Someone who knows more than me, please weigh in on that, but I think that’s correct!

I love that, and I love that in this scene, Booth and Brennan are both stepping closer toward one another. It’s like this invisible draw between them.

Remember that idea about Brennan being impressed by Booth? We see it here. Yeah, she just made an AMAZING discovery, but in her eyes, Booth’s daily work has the same value. I believe she’s genuine when she believes that the work he does changes history.

Booth sort of moves even closer and says, “With your help”


Oh, and remember when we said that Booth is sort of intimidated by Brennan?

I think that when she’s looking at him like she was, he’s thinking “me?” and immediately, that reminds him that he WASN’T her choice. He asks her, “So… Andrew? ” and he looks away

…before he looks back and says, “I thought you were going to take him to this thing? That’s what he told me.”

I love Brennan sort of weighing her words here.

“I was, yes, but…”

“You and I…this was our case.”

He takes another small step closer to her, and her eyes are ALL over him.

“What goes on between us…that should just be ours.”

“Isn’t that what you said?” she adds. Her voice is very low and husky and sweet, and her eyes!


SAID??? There are WORDS happening here? That’s what I always think Booth is thinking. Kind of like…um, yes, sure. I said that. I am sure I said that, and you’re saying it back to me, Bones. Yes. With words. And your mouth. Oh…your mouth. I should look at it.

No wait! This is BONES. This is…whoa (horse) Damn it! Look UP!

“Yeah” is what he says. Um yep, haha. Booth! Smitten! So smitten! She’s basically said he was RIGHT about something, and normally, he might see that as a major opportunity to brag or grin (remember in Sin in the Sisterhood, when he’s all cocky and swivels in his diner chair???!!!!!!), but he’s SO far gone on her that he can’t even register that she’s taken his side. I mean, he understands what she’s saying, that what is between them stays between them, but it’s like he can’t even get past her whole her-ness to even really comprehend it.

Maybe because she’s looking at him like this.

That is the look of a woman who is really saying, “Kiss me”. She’s SAYING “Isn’t that what you said”, but what her eyes and every thing about her is screaming is, “Kiss me,” Right? RIGHT???!!!

And Booth knows women. At least, on that level, he totally does. And he knows if a woman wants to be kissed. He knows SHE wants it, which is why he’s so stunned. I can just imagine him imagining moments where he’s presented with the opportunity to kiss her, and in his imagination, he’s a lot cooler than he is right now, haha.

They are just stunned by one another, and it’s gorgeous. Spectacular. Steamboats and apple pie and “I love it when you do that” and a few other fantasies probably all rolled into the reality of an actual moment actually happening. And they are SO CLOSE! The conversation is SO partnerly, but seriously, what’s NOT being said??!!!

It’s that kind of moment that I struggled with so much after the 100th, because I just couldn’t reconcile how Brennan went from this to her pushing him away when he wanted to give them a chance. And we talked about it during Brennan Week before season six aired, that I think Brennan…she just slipped. I think she DOES/DID want him (did we talk about this before recently?), and just could not keep it at bay. Again, not that her ‘rejection’ (can we think of another word, please?!?) was because she DIDN’T want him. She’s never said she didn’t want him. But I can just see her wishing every so often that she COULD be who she thinks he needs/wants. And in a moment like this, it’s almost like she can almost believe it herself. Does that make sense? We see this moment as INCREDIBLE forward movement (and therefore feel whiplash in the 100th), but Brennan would interpret this moment as a slip, backward movement. Right?

Booth…HE certainly believes it, and I think he would see it as forward movement, which is the sad and cruel irony.


Let’s just look at that for a bit.

That’s more than just eye ‘sex’ as some like to say occurs between B&B. That’s ‘eye 30,40,50 years’, right? At least, in Booth’s mind.

One of these days, I’m going to do a post (maybe a Top Five Tuesday) about the times Brennan (usually unwittingly) just completely reeled Booth back in when he was SO CLOSE to just being ‘done’ with her and his feelings for her. Not that he necessarily would have succeeded in the long run, but there have been times throughout the series where he’s been close, and every single freaking time, she says or does something JUST LIKE THIS…she’ll repeat his words, or knock on his door and say she wants to be the kind of person who can believe in love, or she’ll say that the sting of rejection is painful, or just…something, and he’s a goner all over again.

All. Over. Again.

Come on now!

Disney fans around the world are imagining a boat at night with swirling ripples in the water and singing creatures (especially a lobster) singing, “Come on and kiss the girl!”

I know I was singing saying that.

That’s why, even though Booth’s declaration to Brennan in the 100th felt rushed in some ways, it really sort of wasn’t, in the context of all of these smaller moments. I don’t know if Booth would ever think something regarding Brennan is a sure shot, but in that moment, if he’s weighing the evidence in the “hope” division of the “hope and patience” department, well…it’s gotta go in the “she likes’ me column, right?

Oh, and he really wants to kiss her. (Sing it, Sebastian!)

Sha-la-la-la-la; Don't Be Scared!

And I don’t know about you, but I’ve never wanted to shoot a squint more than in the next moment.

Let’s blame Daisy, shall we?

Angela, if you even would not be smiling right now.

But you know…just when you think the mood is broken, Brennan and Booth manage to still keep it going.

I love that they look at one another immediately. It’s almost on accident, right? So many times, they sort of miss looking at one another during awkward moments (like when Dr. Wyatt is talking to them after Sully left, or at the end of Secret in the Soil, or during the baby discussion in Harbingers), but here they share this moment still.

It’s a little awkward, sure, but still special.

I love that they barely moved an inch!

And just like that, the moment isn’t over.

Booth sort of rasps out a “Thanks”, which just makes me smile a lot. And then, well…he’s not about to let HER be the only one who gets a little something, right?

We’ve been talking about that a lot lately, the idea of B&B giving themselves the PERMISSION to touch, to say, to feel, and Booth is allowing himself the permission, just like Brennan did. And yet, it also feels as if they literally could not physically NOT touch one another. As if the tension in the moment was SO strong it had to be released in a small way. Has that ever happened before or since, that it was so intense they physically could not resist touching? I can’t think of another, particularly mutual, time.

Booth did not really need his tie straightened, but Brennan REALLY did not need her hair…fixed or whatever. But I get it. Booth was just desperate to touch her somehow, in some way. And so he sort of just touched her hair. Instead of cupping the back of her neck and pulling her in for a dark and silky kiss that would lead to there being NOTHING between them except for…well, them, if you catch my drift!

So yeah, he settles for the hair and remembers what it was like to really be with her in the coma dream (right? He’s imagining that, right?)

Booth sort of clears his throat.

And they both turn to leave the room, keeping some distance between them.

Um, gorgeousness.

And on the way out, they are very confident. Brennan reminds Booth with one finger, not to step on the seal.

And Booth sort of lunges over it…very cute.

They join on the steps, and it’s impossible to catch in a screencap, but Booth adjusts his tie and then the scene fades to black as they walk up the steps, as if the moment didn’t actually happen.

But…that’s okay, because TRUE PREVAILS!

Plus, we have a rewind button.

Peace, Love & Bones,



49 thoughts on “Scene Study: The Night at the Bones Museum: Brennan Straightens Booth’s Perfectly Straight Tie

  1. That scene was TOTALLY an “I’m going to kiss you, but will-they-won’t-they dictates that we will be interrupted” moment. I’m not one to criticize the writers (honestly – it’s just because it gives me no satisfaction to do so, not out of any reverence…although I do have a great deal of respect for them), but I might classify this as a cop out, balking moment. So much could have been made of that moment and of the “fall-out”. But, I’m not one to dwell. What is, is, right?

    Regarding Brennan’s claim to be nervous about speaking – I still can’t reconcile that one to be in character. I’m going to have to go with your suggestion that it was the writers way of giving her a vulnerability. Perhaps if they had her clarify about the fancy event? That would have worked for me.

    I love both of these scenes you have taken from this episode. So very revealing of these two together.

    • I agree with your feelings here. This was the most blatant, manipulated almost-kiss moment of the entire series and it bothered me tremendously.

      It’s a testament to DB and ED that they are able to rise above the cliche and deliver heartcrushing performances. As cliche as this moment is, it’s also who these characters are. At this point they both want each other, but are both so fearful that they are not “enough” for each other. Throw in a reluctance to disappoint each other by not being enough plus a willingness to settle for a lukewarm version of the relationship they want to have.

      I am certain that had they kissed, that would have been believable to me too, but that they did not kiss, while deeply frustrating, is also believable.

      If there were an Emmy category for outstanding performance with just a look – DB and ED would clean up year after year.

      • ‘I am certain that had they kissed, that would have been believable to me too, but that they did not kiss, while deeply frustrating, is also believable.’

        Isn’t it? It’s crazy that two people can both be so incredibly ready to be with each other… and NOT at the same time!


        I remember a scene between the two of them, after a case up in the balcony of the lab that was pretty darn intense, too! I don’t remember the episode name but I believe it was the last we saw of Booth and Cam- she is seen gesturing to him to go out but he kind of shakes his head, or something and continues talking (FLIRTING!) with Brennan over take-out. …LOVE IT! 🙂

  2. I may have something more serious to say later, but one of the things that always has stood out for me in this scene is the prominent display of Bones’/ED’s, ah, assets. If Booth is not a leg man, he sure got a good look at what he likes. (Embarrassed giggle.)
    When they look at each other through the glass house with the ruby in it, the shot of Bones from Booth’s angle is just, ah, assets. (More embarrassed giggling.)
    In another forum we have had several discussions about the amazingness of those assets. All straight, mostly married, women. (LOL)
    Sorry for going off on this silly tangent, but I have just … I mean, they are right there, practically spilling out of her dress. (All red in the face.)

    • Yup. And I’m sure that the grin DB is giving her, that you can see in the glass, is not him “acting”. It’s an honest leering appreciation of said assets. 🙂

    • Hahaha! Don’t be embarrassed! I meant to mention it and totally forgot. Pal Karen (@boothylove) has this hilarious twitter icon that has a picture of B&B in this scene with the cap (That dress really brings out your eyes), hahahahahahahahaha!

      • That dress completely freaks me out. I never understood how her girls just didn’t completely fall out of it.

  3. I love this scene. It really is one of my favorites of all time. It is visually stunning but what I love about it is the way ED and DB show SO much of what is going on within the characters in so few words. They are so talented and I LOVE it! 🙂

  4. I’m grinning so wide right now. Oh! I just love this scene. Every time I watch this scene, I hope that this time they’ll take that one little move and find their lips plastered together in a “dark and silky kiss”. But every time I’m stuck with some tie straightening and hair-flipping. (Sigh) Oh well, it still makes me grin. I love that Booth is pretty much just speechless and I’m pretty sure Brennan doesn’t remember (she probably does, what being a genius and all) what she said at that moment. There is SO much chemistry and tension and…. passion between them at this moment. It’s so intense and breathtaking. Just kiss already!

    Great scene! I love it! Thanks!

    • I’m always expecting a “different outcome” from this scene, but frustratingly I never get one… we’ll always get stuck with the “I want to shoot the Squints with a Tommy Gun” kind of feeling, no matter how hard we wish… lol
      To me, seems that Brennan had just embraced “the slip”. She knew what was going to happen and she wasn’t going to put up a fight.
      I don’t see the 100th ep. fiasco as a real rejection and moments like this are “hard evidence” that there were “something there” for Brennan, only she can’t identify that “something”. Then, she realizes what it is, but refuses to believe she can be what he needs. She already knew what to say when he asked for “a shot” and I think she already thought about it. I don’t mean to say that she was leading him on, but she knew it was going to happen eventually and the perspective of trading what they had for something more was just terrifying because it would lead to an inevitable break up (on her mind). Well, let me just stop right here, after all, we stressed this point just enough…

      PS: Be advised, not native English speaker, lol

  5. Scene study days at BT are my absolute FAVORITE! I mean, c’mon! Seels, you are awesome! The way you describe the thoughts going on between these characters, while including us, the enraptured audience, is soooo good! I’m a 30 year old married mom of two and days like today I feel like a teenager caught with a romance novel! I’m blushing, I’m sighing… this is such good stuff! I know you’re an English major and writing is your thing, but I feel more than a twinge of jealousy at the gift you have of really KNOWING these characters! Gosh, you take me from an immensly entertained viewer to delusional bystander who wishes she were part of the show! ‘I want in with the cool kids!’ LOL

    Man’s ways with the heart are so tragic and misleading. I think of Booth and Brennan and this scene, this night… they are being wide open with each other. He initiated with the steps forward, but she responded. Even after being interrupted, they maintained their closeness, the possibility for more. The fact that they, really she, stood her ground here after everyone saw them means something to me. As you so beautifully pointed out, she maintained the intimacy between them. Remember when Brennan had Booth’s pants down around his ankles in the lab? They both nearly screamed ‘NOTHING IS GOING ON HERE!’. But this time? This moment? No one budged. Interruption or not they held their ground. The were responding to each other in a most electrifying way and nothing was stopping it. I think that Brennan standing there was an invitation for Booth to make his move. The way she maintained after the Squints left… it was almost a dare. Have you ever been in a moment like that? You’ve caught your breath and you’re waiting for him to make a move…. Grab me. Show me what you mean about love.

    I love that you mentioned the coma dream. The smallest little touch, like brushing hair back, is such a sweet, intimate thing between a man and a woman. Don’t forget, though, that as he was experiencing the dream, she was writing it. Her reaching out and adjusting his tie was just as intimate and familiar a gesture between lovers as his moving her hair. I wonder if she wasn’t also thinking back on the words she wrote about the two of them…

    Did anyone else notice the perfection of Booth’s lips parted in almost every scene above???!! Delish! That is, up until he clears his throat. She’s straightened his tie, he’s brushed her hair back… it’s over. But GOLLY! I’m breathless until that moment.

    I should be waiting to read these at night with a glass of wine, but I’m addicted. I read them first thing! Thank you, Seels! This was like a gift and I’m grateful! 🙂

    I’m with you, Seels- “KISS DA GIRL!”

  6. First of all – great post. Thank you for splitting these into two scene studies. There is so much there that they both deserve their own.
    When Brennan says she doesn’t like these kinds of events I think she means she doesn’t like to have attention lavished on her. She doesn’t mind public speaking if she is imparting information but this is different. This is getting an award for letting someone be heard after 3000 years. She gets satisfaction from finding the truth and she doesn’t need a public display at a fancy event to feel fulfilled. I think she is very happy that Booth is impressed with her work and she is happy to reciprocate the praise. She does value his accomplishments and knows he doesn’t get enough kudos.
    You describe the interaction between B & B here so wonderfully I have no words. Love the Little Mermaid reference. I really think they would have kissed had the squints not come in right then. Though if they had I think later they would have pretended it didn’t happen. It is like they are both just waiting for the other one to take the next step.

    • I so agree with you! Had they both kissed, they probably would have agreed never to speak of it!
      I think the whole ending of this scene is so much like a dare between them- who’s going to move first? It’s incredibly intense. I hate that I feel like a swooning teenage girl all over again, but GOLLY! Scenes like this are what (romantic teenage) dreams are made of! LOL

  7. Before The Doctor in the Photo and The Daredevil in the Mold aired, this was probably my favorite scene in the entire series. Now, after Emily and David’s Emmy worthy moments, it’s become my third. But that’s not to take away from its awesomeness because it truly is a beautiful scene. One of the biggest reasons I love it is because, as I once told Seels, it’s one of the few moments where they’re both on the same page. They’re both aware of what’s happening, they’re inching closer and closer to each other and the line that they’ve drawn, and somehow it’s all okay. It’s a little playful and intimate and epic all at the same time — so much so that even the interruption from the squint squad doesn’t really mess it up.

    I also love that they’re both so elegant as there’s something about being dressed up (and attending fancy events) that makes moments seem magical — almost dreamlike. And maybe that is part of the reason why they’re both okay with the direction that their interaction takes — because the setting is so special…

  8. Here’s part of the story about how ED read for the part, scroll towards the middle…

    • I wonder who David originally wanted to play the lead…

      • What I’ve heard from other fans (don’t recall if I read it anywhere in an article); was that he wanted Elizabeth Rohm. She’d played a recurring charcter on the first couple of seasons on Angel.

    • Thanks for this. I find this behind the scenes stuff fascinating. And, yes, I too wonder who the other actress was.

    • Thank you so much for sharing that article! I love that kind of thing, and it also scares the crap out of me. Imagining BONES without either ED or DB is like…well, bad. it puts a very bad feeling in my stomach. When I was a child, I moved to two different homes, and both times (I was in third grade, and then 12th grade), I had the same dream, that though we were moving, only three of the four children were allowed to make the move. An awful dream, and the feeling it invokes is the same I feel about the idea of ED or DB not being in the show. Like there would be some sort of something missing from the family of my life. Haha. THOUGH…(reading Frankie’s comment below), Elizabeth Rohm’s Kate was my FAVORITE of Angel’s angels (so to speak), and I really missed having her around on that show, so…hmmm!!!

      • I LOVED Elisabeth Rohm on Angel. I mean, there’s no replacing ED as Brennan, of course, but Elisabeth Rohm and DB had some pretty good chemistry too. I always wished more had come of their “relationship” on Angel.

  9. This is a great scene, I just love it, and I think you did an amazing job of pointing out all of those moments with great insights into them. I think you’re right on the money about Brennan slipping. I do think she loves Booth and is in love with him, but she guards against opening that up because she has long believed she is not what he wants. Brennan may understand that he loves her, but I truly believe that she thinks she would not make him happy in the long run.

    I’m with you on saying that we need to find some other way to describe what happened in the 100th other than that she rejected him, because I truly don’t think she rejected him. More that she rejected herself for him. She really did believe that she was protecting him by turning down his proposal (no not a marriage proposal, but still a proposal none the less). What she told him then was the truth as she beleived it…that she was protecting him from her.

    I think that in the 100th Brennan knew she loved Booth and that he loved her, and I believe she knows that Booth would never betray her, or abandon her, but since she really thinks that she is not the woman that would make Booth happy she turns him down, because she imagines that when he comes to the relization that she’ll never be what he wants in a woman he’ll stick with her anyway but will be unhappy. Does that make sense. I know Brennan doesn’t have great insights into people, but I think Booth is the exception to that. That she can read a lot about him, and she’s letting his own ideal of what a relationship should be, blind her to the fact that in spite of how different she is from the ideal she is the one who really could complete Booth.

    Hey on the being nervous about speaking. I think it has a lot to do with the audience. If she’s speaking to students, to academics she’s in her element and has no problems. But that’s not what is gathered there, it’s more of the social elite, the money people, the politicos. With these people she is out of her element. She is aware of how she comes across to non-academnics in a social setting and that brings out her insecurities. Insecurities that she’d hide from everyone except for Booth. At least that’s something that makes sense to me.

    • I’m definitely with you on the audience thing. Sometimes I’m afraid that a rationalize weird potentially-out-of-character moments in a grasping-at-straws kind of way so that I can be as 110% on board with the show as I want to be, haha, and the audience idea, whether it’s legit or not, it’s how I looked at the “I hate these things” moment. It’s a little bit of a relief to know that it’s a legitimate interpretation, haha, that someone else saw it that way too.

      She’s absolutely okay–and not just okay, but entirely confident even–giving her little student lectures at a American University and what not, because that audience can appreciate not only her expertise, but anthropology itself. These people, they’re like you say, the social elite, the money people, politicos etc. The people at this event are here for the “sexiness” if you will, haha, of a 3000 year old Egyptian mystery being solved. And Brennan is not good at making her work “sexy,” haha. Anybody remember the trial with Michael Stires? She’s not a schmoozer and she knows it. She hates speaking at these kinds of things for the same reason she tries to get out of these kinds of things all the way back in season 1. She’s in it for the truth, nothing else. I think it makes her uncomfortable to be celebrating with a bunch of people who are celebrating the find for different reasons.

  10. Okay, I just went back and rewatched this scene… and this is going to sound extremely catty, but what on earth is Angela wearing? Really, that’s what you wear when you say “..the Ambassador’s about to speak…”???

    Sorry, cattiness over.

  11. Ok, last thing before I sign off for now… and the baby wakes up 😉
    Does anyone else out there feel like there is a twinge of disappointment in Booth’s face while he reaches to brush her hair back? It’s almost as if he was so stunned by her that he missed his opportunity to take the lead. And although she did reach out and touch him (hello, girls do that for a *reason* LOL), he drew back a little. His eyebrows furrowed, he almost grimaces, lifts his mouth in a half smile and ends in a kind of smirk. 😦 I hate seeing him sad.

  12. This was always one of those scenes that I felt could have been their “moment” if the writers weren’t trying to keep them apart. They both wanted to be close to each other…hence stepping toward each other. I always thought that if Booth had leaned in Brennan would have met him halfway…there wouldn’t need to be any talk about “forever” or “30, 40, 50 years” it just would have been a beginning, with time for reflection before springing into confessions. They could have just smiled at each other after silently agreeing to discuss it later and walked up the stairs for Brennan to give her speech and continue the night. I know a lot of people thought that maybe they weren’t quite ready then, but I look at their faces and I see two people who are smitten with each other, who encourage and complement each other, and most importantly understand each other. If that’s not two people who are ready for love I don’t know what else they would need at that moment.

    Oh and we can totally blame the interruption on Daisy. If only Angela knew what she was interrupting, she would be angry at herself and would have ushered everyone else up the stairs and out of they way. 🙂 And the thing about Brennan being nervous about her speech…I always think back to the donors benefit back in season one (The Boy in the Bush?) where she doesn’t want to go and discuss her work. I think if she’s giving a speech or talking where she’s sure she’s in control (like in a classroom) it’s okay and she’s not nervous because people are going to take what she’s saying as fact. But, I think in situations that aren’t scripted or where a lot of people are going to be depending on her to say the right thing she gets nervous wondering if her people skills are up for the job.

  13. This made me so happy! I love and hate this scene at the same time because I feel like they were so so close to changing everything, but then the squints had to show up and disappoint us all. It’s still such a sweet scene though. They both look so wonderful and they just look at each other like there is no one else in the world. Great scene study, as usual. I love how you always have such a grasp on what the characters are thinking and what every little thing means. It’s amazing!

  14. Thanks. Gosh, they are so beautiful.

    Everytime I see this scene, I think I see the fear that Booth feels for his feelings for Brennan. He wants her, he had her in his dream and he so desperately would like to have that dream back. But, he does not know how to get there. How well I remember in the early seasons when Booth said more than once that Brennan doesn’t like to be touched and yet how far they have come in their relationship that he knows that if there is anyone in the world that can touch Brennan casually it is him. I think it scares him sometimes that she trusts him so much. At this point, he so wanted to make his case to her; but he didn’t know how to do it without risking losing her. The looks that pass between them is so intimate and if they had just kissed at that point, Brennan may have been willing to at least try. The moment was so sweet, so intimate that you could see that they were both seeing each other as a possibility and yet they couldn’t step forward and complete the kiss that could have been. When he clears his throat and they leave the room, it is almost as if he is shaking himself, mentally, and saying to himself, this is not a dream, she is not my wife. I can’t force her to love me the way I want her to. I always get a little sad when the scene ends because it is truly sad. Love unspoken always is.

    • that is such an eloquent way of describing what’s happening in the scene…thank you for sharing this. The coma dream just permeates all of Booth’s behavior in season 5.

      • Thanks, DB and ED are so good at non-verbal communication. I just love how they can convey so much with just looks. DB can actually make me want to cry sometimes with the sad looks he can give out. (He did the same thing as Angel)

  15. Hello!

    I just loved this post! And all the pictures 😀

    Aah, I love the rewind button 🙂


  16. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Totally incoherent after this most awesome of posts. It comes very close to making up for being Bones-less for another week and a half. That moment was truly magical; the lighting, the set, their clothes, and the total intimacy it evoked-rather than a museum, they could have been in the bedroom for all intents and purposes. So much so, that I always feel a little like a voyeur when I watch this scene; it’s embarassing and wonderful at the same time. And in hindsight, so heartcrushingly sad. Again, thanks for the memories; your words and pictures are going to leave me smiling for a long time…

  17. Great Scene Study of a beautiful scene. This scene is stunning to me every time I see it. I can hardly believe that it even happened, haha. It breaks my heart and makes me giggle with anticipation for the future at the same time, haha, to see Brennan let herself feel things for Booth, and not only feel them, but express them, even if it’s only (only?! I think not!) through a little tie-straightening and intimate conversation. Whoever said it–either in the post or the comments, can’t remember–about Brennan, just for a minute here and there, letting herself believe that she could be the kind of woman he needs… Oh, that just kills me. Her denying him for his sake…it’s SO like Brennan to do something like that, to believe that her hang-ups are too much for the man she loves to handle, and deciding definitively that she won’t put him through the pain of being with her, no matter how much she wants it. And ladies and gentlemen, she does want it–if we never see it another time (I think we do) we can see it right here, in these moments. As misguided as it is, her concern for Booth in the 100th, and the almost fierce strength with which she says no to him, is so sad, but amazing really. She loves as fiercely as Booth does–she just can’t see it…so tragic…(but not forever!!)

    Anyway, back to the scene discussion, haha. I fully believe that had they not been interrupted, they would’ve kissed (that sounds like too…insignificant a word for Booth and Brennan or something haha). But honestly, I am so glad they didn’t. I don’t think it would’ve been a let’s-pretend-it-never-happened kind of kiss necessarily. I think it would’ve been damaging even. I mean, operating on the idea that for Brennan, this was a “moment of weakness” as it were, let’s say they would’ve kissed, let’s say they would’ve had a deliriously happy night together (I don’t mean in the sleeping-together sense, just that they kiss, they run for the rest of the night on that high, etc.). Then what? Booth’s hopes skyrocket into believing that this moment was it, that he and Brennan have finally crossed the line that’s been keeping them apart for so long. But Brennan, Brennan has time to think about it, and comes to the same conclusion that she comes to in the 100th (I hardly think her protection speech in the 100th was spur of the moment–she absolutely had it in her mind for a long time, heaven (Hart Hanson? haha) only knows how long). She decides that as good as that night was, she–for Booth’s own good–has to stop this, has to turn it off somehow, extricate herself from something with him. For Brennan to reject Booth after he goes out on a limb that she wasn’t expecting him to go out on, that’s one thing. That’s sad for Booth, sad for Brennan, but somehow they can get through it enough to still be partners, still work together, etc. But for Brennan to straight up reciprocate like she almost did that night in the museum, and then for Booth to believe she changed her mind…I’m afraid that irreparable damage would’ve occurred.

    I guess after all it’s not worth thinking about…since…it didn’t happen that way, haha. But I can’t help but be thankful overall for the way things have turned out. Even from the Pilot episode where the will-they-or-won’t-they seeds were first planted, it would’ve been great to see Booth and Brennan get together, yes. And the longer they don’t, the more we want them to. But through all the frustration of them being separate, seeing their relationship grow and weather all kinds of trouble … I wouldn’t have traded any of these frustrating why-are-they-still-apart moments, big (as in Hannah) or small (as in Squints interrupting an almost-kiss), not for what they have together now, and what they’ll have together in the future because of it. That song from Mastodon in the Room–even though it’s in a different context in the episode, it always feels to me like such a Booth-and-Brennan-future song, haha–“if not for these unlucky stars, you might not be where you are tonight, if they had aligned…” All these interruptions, all of these “missed moments,” will add up to something beautiful. Oh, for that day… : )

    • I heard a song the other day that kind of feels like Booth’s delima,
      Staid – Ephiphany:

      Your words to me just a whisper
      Your face is so unclear
      I try to pay attention
      Your words just disappear

      ‘Cause it’s always raining in my head
      Forget all the things I should have said

      So I speak to you in riddles
      ‘Cause my words get in my way
      I smoke the whole thing to my head
      And feel it wash away
      ‘Cause I can’t take anymore of this
      I want to come apart
      Or dig myself a little hole
      Inside your precious heart

  18. This comment is probably wildly inappropriate, but screen grabs like this remind me of another reason I love ED as Brennan. She’s real, including her body, and it makes Brennan more real. She’s so naturally beautiful and comfortable in her own skin, and that shows in Brennan as well.

  19. This scene more than any other shows the promise of what is between them. I think it’s the closest we’ve ever gotten to a “real” moment with real potential. Booth has never leaned into her with that kind of intent before (nor after) and Brennan totally lets him and leans in herself! Amazing!

    I agree that this was Brennan “slipping” and getting caught up in the moment. I definitely think she was mesmerized (as we all were!) and forgot her boundaries, and Booth was definitely indulging in more romance than he would normally, probably because of his recent coma experience. I honestly don’t know what would have happened if they had actually kissed. I’d like to think that they would have addressed it in an appropriate way, but I think ultimately it’s better that they didn’t and kept the moment magical.

    As for Brennan and her wariness in speaking, some people do public speaking engagements their whole lives and still get nervous, so I don’t necessarily see that as OOC. I do tend to agree with those of you who lean more towards who the audience is and the nature of the engagement (PR) as the main source of her anxiety, and I really loved the fact that they gave her something to share with Booth that is personal, similar to his egg story about his mom. She definitely wouldn’t want anyone else to know she gets nervous, but with Booth she lets her guard down and tells him, and to me that’s awesome. What’s between them is theirs, no? 🙂

  20. I absolutely, absolutely LOVE this scene. I remember the first time I watched it and I wanted to scream when the squint squad interrupted them. I was like NO, are you kidding me. Yes Sarah, I agree with you, lets blame Daisy…because we can.

    The moment when Brennan fixed Booth’s tie was filled with so much tension. It was like they were so desperately hanging on to that moment, maybe Brennan wanted to feel herself get lost in Booth for a moment. I love that you quoted the Little Mermaid, and I agree with you, he should have kissed the girl.

  21. Easily one of my favourite scenes – because it is real. There is this indisputable chemistry and connection, and I do kind of agree that it makes me think ‘What went wrong?’ The sheer POTENTIAL in this moment makes it the most unique of any other – and no one is backing away from it like they usually do. I couldn’t believe it when I first saw it – did they really go there? But alas, we are where we are now in spite of this moment.

    I like to view this scene in a bit of isolation from all the other events. It’s magic, it’s theirs and it still thrills me to bits even though i know what happens next. I can’t help but wonder, will we ever get that innocence and lust (can they be combined?) ever again?

    • I just have to add that I adore the editing and camera work with this scene. The setting, lighting, positioning of the actors being apart , coming together then separating. The was we look over Booth’s shoulder at Brennan. Perfect. Intensifies the mood perfectly.

  22. I just want to add how much I love this scene. And this scene study – job well done, as always, Sarah. 🙂
    Since you gave a shout out to Jenny being the inspiration for the scene studies, I wanted to link to her squeecap of A Night at the Bones Museum. I laughed so hard reading that, I had tears running down my face – especially when she gets to commenting about this scene and the interruption.

    In regards to the question about why Brennan stated she hated “these things”, I agree with the crowd here. I think it’s not so much the public speaking as it is making nice with the donors and patrons of the museum. I think she has made peace with it because it allows the museum to continue to operate, but she’s not really a “go out and press the flesh” kind of gal.

    As for the scene itself, I really don’t have any words to describe how perfect it is. It’s simply breathtaking in its beauty, and is among my favorites from the series. How these two actors do not have Emmy nods yet is absolutely beyond my comprehension.

  23. I love this scene. Great post!
    This scene is one example of her fast learning curve.
    Speaking of Brennan’s utmost confidence in Booth, earlier in the episode when she decides to look into the whole Anok situation, Booth complains about that not helping catch the murderer. She responds, “You’ll do it, Booth. You always do,” as she pats him on the arm. We can see how much Brennan believes in Booth in this episode. She still does. Hopefully, Booth will wake up and smell the coffee soon. 😉

  24. Love this episode. I don’t buy the “I hate these things” about the lecture – I think she’s very comfortable in that part. But, what she’s horrible at (also with questionable believability for her profession) is the small talk that goes along with them. My opinion anyways.

    I think that all of this season up to the 100th, Brennan was trying to figure out where she stood with Booth. Lot more low cut tops etc during this time (By the way, they’ve come back). She was definately playing the girl and if you remember her first kiss with Sully, she’s the one who was the aggressor. I think that she is so in love with Booth that she can’t imagine taking the risk of losing him and not be able to work with him. I think that Brennan is the one who is settling for second best. Let’s hope it ends soon. : )

  25. I remember watching this scene and OMG I held my breath through the whole thing!! I could died from hypoxia!!! And now I’m holding my breath + squeeing at your recap with has perfectly captured the moment and caused this happy feeling to surge out!! THANKS!! IMO, this was the closest I felt they’ve ever came to launching their relation”SHIP”……

    All the looks were OMG-I’m-going-to-choke-to-death-from-not-breathing beautiful!!! Oh, your captions are AWESOME btw (loved the “Angela, if you knew you wouldn’t be smiling right now” hahahahaha). And, yes, I seriously considered stoning a squint to death that day. If I was EVER one of the squints who needed to creep up on B/B I’d at least CHECK and see if they’re having a “moment” or not….and just let it play out! To think that they should already know that!!! Ha!! Well, let’s blame Daisy then (like you said). Haha, just kiddin’. But seriously. No, just kiddin’. Ha!!

    And oh yeah…the dialogue was perfect!! Kudos to the writers!!!

  26. I remember watching this scene for the first time – I was grinning like an idiot and holding my breath and groaned out loud when Angela interrupted them, but was still grinning like crazy after it ended because I was thinking, ‘yessss, we’re finally *finally* getting somewhere’

    And now, it’s more than a year later and I feel like we’re further away from it than ever. And I’m feeling a bit sad about it, just for today – I have as much hope and patience as the next Bones gal but just for today, I’m feeling a bit blue about it. Because although I know why they’ve gone down this route and I know that the payoff is going to be better in the long run because they’ve been through these trials, and I know that now there is real honesty and transparency between them for the first time, but I also feel that because of where they are now, it’s going to be such a long long road back.

    These days, it’s not possible that they’ll just kiss passionately and tumble across that line limbs akimbo. They’re going to have to talk about it and take it really slowly, be very deliberate in their changing relationship. And I’m sure I’ll love that in the long run because knowing these writers, cast and crew – it’ll be beautiful. I just think that right now, I’m missing the simpler days when it felt like any moment could be their last as ‘just partners’. I think I’m just in a hiatus slump – please please Bones Theory friends – take pity and help me through it, I don’t want to be a misery guts haha!

    I do love this scene study Sarah – really lovely thoughts and words, thanks.

    • Isn’t that the ‘bummer’ of adult relationships? I was watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer to get some DB action during the hiatus and was all teenage-daydreamy about that hunky, dark character. Wow. Swoon!

      But then I experienced the letdown of the immaturity of that relationship and longed for the B&B relationship. I’ve been rewatching great Bones scenes between B&B (the one above, end of S5 in the airport, the closing scene of DDitM) and just fell in love with the journey of their love all over again. It’s not all butterflies in the stomach all the time, but it’s the kind of amazing friendship that will turn into this AWESOME, lasting relationship.

      I hear ya, it’s not going to be a roll in the hay anytime soon. But then again, taking it really slowly, being deliberate in their changing relationship, may have some incredibly intense scenes!! I mean, like this scene, it was a matter of choice and decision. I can’t wait until they make the choice to be together! There is stilll a ton of electrifying passion behind them that will make for some beautiful lovin’! LOL Hang in there! 🙂

      • Thanks Bianca – your post made me smile and you’re right…maybe I should revisit me some Buffy to remind me how good we have it really!

        ps: yay to electrifying passion and beautiful lovin’ 😉

  27. Bear with me because I’ve had a Jane Austen kind of day and I just had an OMG! moment.

    Admittedly I’ve been overdosing on clips from Pride and Prejudice all day, but watching the scene by the lake something struck me – Those smoldering looks I love so much from Booth to Brennan remind me of Mr. Darcy!

    There’s so much in that scene going on beneath the surface. So much Mr. Darcy wants to say but can’t. That Elizabeth wants to say but can’t. So, they just look at each other. Not in long stares but in short glances that practically scream the words they won’t say to each other.

    Obviously, Seeley Booth is not Mr. Darcy. But he has a very Austen-hero quality to him, and that’s never occurred to me until now.

  28. Ok can i just say that your scene studies are the greates thing ever….seriously i’m not even kidding. You make me laugh with your internal Boothness….love it!!!! LOL

    I do love this scene…and i agree that it’s moments like this where Booth has to have his coma dream reverberating in his mind. He has to…admittedly i think his coma dream is part of the problem. He has this idealistic view of what a life with Brennan could be like…he doesn’t yet see the reality but that’s not the point. This whole scene is awesomeness!

    And i’m with you. Let’s just all blame Daisy 😉

  29. you just said it all….
    that i think is the funniest scene study i have read… yeah, let’s blame the squints… never picked the right time to interrupt….

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