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The Chef’s To Blame



Disclaimer: This week’s “Who’s To Blame” series is sort of a tongue in cheek look at which character has given BONES fans the most hope on the B&B front, thereby making that person ‘to blame’ in all of this. I am aware that all of these characters are written by actual humans who are therefore ‘to blame’ (or to be praised, depending on how we feel about it), but for the purpose of this series, all ‘responsibility’ falls onto the character being discussed and ends there.

Good morning, my BONES THEORY PEOPLE! Happy Monday!  All weekend, I tried to come up with some sort of “is that your hiatus or are you just happy to see me” joke, and I just couldn’t figure it out, but I must say that I’m sort of enjoying the hiatus. It’s weird, because as a BONES fan, I like the episodes. As a writer about BONES…I like the breaks! I’m kind of weird that way, I guess!

One thing that has been interesting to me in the past few years is the blame that has been put on Sweets for his actions. We’ll get to him at the end of this week, but for my part, I see a LOT of people as “blame-worthy”. That is, I think there have been a lot of characters who have pushed Booth and Brennan toward one another, and likewise whose actions and characterizations have led toward BONES fans having even more faith in B&B getting together.

So it’s not just who is ‘to blame’ for how B&B are at the current moment; it’s more about who is/are to blame in even making us (and Brennan and Booth) think there even COULD be a B&B to be? Haha, enough ‘bs’ there for you?

And when I consider this, when I consider this idea of who has really pushed Booth and Brennan closer together, Dr. Wyatt immediately comes to mind. Also, when I think about a father figure for Booth, Dr. Wyatt comes to mind. (Sometimes Max does too, but…we will get to that later this week!). And sometimes, I don’t know why, but the Dr. Wyatt/Booth advicey-ship makes me cry sometimes; it’s just so wonderful. For me, GGDubs was the first person to sort of see through Booth’s not-always-so-shiny armor and just reach in, pull out his heart, tell him the truth, and say it was all good. And Booth actually, sort of…believes him.

At THAT point (Season Two: Gator in the Girl), I don’t think Gordon Gordon (the shrink so nice they named him twice 🙂 ) even knew Brennan really. He understood that Booth had a partner, because she’d made a written report of what happened when Epps died, and when Brennan calls him when Booth is talking to him, Booth pulls out his phone and says “It’s my…Bones”, which is awesome! Dr. Wyatt MAKES him admit that he was out of control in the scenario where Epps died, and a couple of episodes later, he also helps Booth identify his ‘modern day codpiece’ of a cocky belt buckle as well as his ostentatious ties and socks. They are coping mechanisms. Brennan will call them Boothy, and we’ll later on see that he started them in an attempt to be a rebel in her eyes, but in a lot of ways, Dr. Wyatt helped Booth accept himself. And…Booth being himself is the start of the path to him being able to be with Brennan.

Later in the season, he helps Brennan and Booth really figure out what the conflict is between them. Angela calls GGW out on it, saying that he lied to B&B, telling them their tension WASN’T because Sully related in order to make the FBI happy and keep them working together. Dr. Wyatt gets a little twinkle in his eye and doesn’t exactly confirm nor deny it.

In Season Four (Mayhem on a Cross), Dr. Wyatt is in the process of becoming “Chef Wyatt”, and during that time, he tells them that Sweets wants what we (they) all want; a family. Booth is very resistant (he doesn’t need/want more responsibility in his life, and he knows that once it’s there, it’s there for life), but Brennan is very forthcoming. They can make a permanent place for Sweets, right?

We know what happens later at Sweets’ office, but the point is that their new family of B&B and baby duck (thereby making B&B an actual unit in that pairing) is the result of the words and encouragement of Dr. Wyatt. He’s to blame!

But all of these reasons pale against what I consider to be the most glaring in my ‘prosecution’ of Dr. Wyatt–his actions in Dwarf in the Dirt.

Sometimes optimism can be a real pain. And I think for someone like Booth, hope and optimism can go hand in hand. Dr. Wyatt tells Booth to have hope and patience on the ‘Dr. Temperance Brennan’ front. He also validates Booth’s love for her (and the illogical-ness of it all).

Near the end of the episode, there’s a teensy little moment right after he’s told Booth to grow a set. (He also tells Booth that he will not fail in front of Dr. Brennan…interesting! Do you think Booth thinks he failed with Brennan?). Brennan enters the restaurant, and Dr. Wyatt notices her and calls her over. Booth stands up (like the good boy Pops will remind him he is in the next episode) and when he helps Brennan be seated (with no complaint from her at all), he sort of just stands there and GGW gives him this encouraging little nod to have a seat and…just ask her.

Booth does, and Chef Wyatt approaches to give them some food, and both Brennan and Booth are hesitant about it, but GGW gives them encouragement.

“Be brave, my children. Make a foray, cast off your shackles, etc, etc. Abide by my exhortations to joie de vivre that you may be borne aloft on the trembling wings of giggling angels.”

That’s a lot more than just “clean your plate”. That has to do with more than just food, right? That’s a love letter in the form of “you’re in love; you’re building a world around each other…a family”. He blows them a kiss and gives this encouraging smile that always makes ME feel like there is hope, if I’ll just have enough patience.

…and sometimes I’m not sure whether to hug him or punch him for it!

Peace, Love & Bones,


PS…The title of this post, as Brennan would say, is a bastardization of a writer named Shakespeare from a play called Hamlet. And like Dr. Wyatt…you were probably aware of that!


16 thoughts on “The Chef’s To Blame

  1. Gordon Gordon is the father Booth probably wishes he had. Gordon gives him advice but doesn’t demean Booth nor does he force Booth to do anything rash (unlike Sweets). His conversation with Booth in Dwarf In The Dirt really says it all when he is trying to advise Booth:
    GORDON GORDON: Temperance Brennan.You’re in love with her. You’re building a world around her. A family.
    BOOTH: We’re not compatible. She sees the world one way, I see it the other way.
    GORDON: Of course, it’s absolutely ludicrous the idea of you two together. But the heart chooses what it chooses, doesn’t it? We don’t really have any say in the matter.
    BOOTH: She doesn’t love me. I would know if she loved me.
    GORDON: May I counsel patience in this front. Hope and patience.

    Booth respects Gordon Gordon and considers him an authority on the right and wrong of a situation. Booth fears that he may have dropped Epps, that he can’t shoot straight because of his brain tumor, his not being able to tell his if Brennan really loves him, all these things make Booth angry with himself, fearfull that he is not a good man. Gordon Gordon is able to see through Booths facade and helps him to see that he is a good man. For that I reallly like Gordon Gordon. He may be to blame for pushing Booth and Brennan together; but, he does it with the confidence of someone who sees the truth in the situation. That Booth and Brennan are made for each other and the heart choses what it choses.

  2. I adore Double-G-Dubya. He’s like a BONES babelfish…he can communicate with both Brennan and Booth and translate their base fears and desires – but because he’s such a delightful chap, who delivers his pronouncements with such flair and genteel aplomb…well we all just know that Booth isn’t going to threaten to shoot him & GG is like the Brennan Whisperer, she comes out with the darnedest things when he is around.

    I’m not sure that our shrink, turned chef is the best candidate for being sauteed and pulverized for his part in fueling the hopes of the hopeful (& dare I say it, the hopeless?). I see him in the same light as Harmonia Avalon…she uses her Tarot cards to pronounce the future temporal tone…GG is the character who pops his finger in his mouth and then holds it in the air to test which way the wind is blowing – he announces, nay pronounces, the tone of the present.

    • Haha! I love this idea that he is a “Brennan Whisperer”. Makes me giggle.

      Perhaps GG shan’t be roasted for his dealings, but indeed can bear some grilling (or broiling) for his responsibility for his involvement. After all, I rather enjoy a cleverly grilled meal – especially when Booth is wielding fork at the new grill. Okay, so the metaphor is getting a little mixed up, there . . .

      Plus, I like him better than Avalon, of whom I was never a big fan like so many others are, although I will grant the beauty of her line, “He knows the truth of you and is dazzled by that truth.”

    • Haha, I just wanted to say that this was a beautiful comment. Other blogs, I don’t always stick around for the comments–but gems like these are so common here that I have no choice. 🙂

  3. I adore Stephen Frye. I just ADORE him.

    No, seriously. Love him. I wish he were more than an occasional character because he’s so good with Booth, and Brennan accepts him – and she hates psychiatry.

  4. I wanted GGW not to counsel “hope and patience,” but to be stronger in the statement. Assure Booth that Brennan does love him, but she isn’t ready to admit that to herself. Or, maybe, she doesn’t yet see how to love him. Or, words to that effect.

    BTW, I was at Harvard last week when Stephen Fry received a lifetime achievement award in Humanism from the Harvard Humanists and the Harvard Secular Society. Let me just say, that Stephen Fry is as erudite and has as much flair and aplomb as his Bones alter ego. He was hilarious, inspiring and generally brilliant. My sister, who had no idea who he was, loved the evening too.

    He quoted Elliott, Pascal, Einstein and many, many more. One funny thing and one inspiring thing that he said.

    Inspiring (I don’t have this exactly): One can tickle another’s mind, seduce another’s mind, but not own another’s mind.

    Funny (I think he Tweeted this also): His comment on the irony in the fact that he was getting a Humanist award in a church.

    I was going to ask if he will be back on Bones soon, but the line for questions was too long. He’s been all over the US this time filming a documentary. He’d been on the W. Coast — San Francisco.

    • Lucky you! Stephen Fry is an absolute genius. 🙂

      I get what you’re saying too, with a stronger assurance than “Hope and patience”–it would be SO easy for someone–ANYONE!–to just sit them down, tell them what’s what, and let the chips fall where they may. They’ve been on different pages, second-guessing one another for ages and ages, and the longer we go on, the more a part of me wishes someone would just straighten them out for each other and let them get to it. But I don’t think they’ve ever really been ready for that. There’s such a delicate balance, especially for these two gun-shy, wounded people, between the draw and repulsion if that makes sense. Maybe if Gordon Gordon had encouraged Booth to just straight up go for it, it all would’ve blown up in Booth’s face way harder than it did in the 100th. Who knows?

      A more blatant approach is definitely more Sweets’ style, haha, and as much as I don’t necessarily blame Sweets for the way things have turned out, we have seen the consequences of Sweets’ encouragement. I think GGW gets the delicacy of the situation on both Booth and Brennan’s parts, and to me, “Hope and patience” was the most encouraging answer he could’ve given. That he doesn’t say, “You’re right, you’re incompatible, forget about it,” but instead, “Give it time,” was the most beautiful thing to me. I think GGW absolutely knew Brennan was coming around, even if it took time, and that he lets Booth in on that is so wonderful to me. What a guy, that Gordon Gordon…

  5. I want to add that generally i don’t blame these people for encouraging hope; I blame them for not pushing hard enough, for not shaking some sense into Brennan and not reassuring Booth and letting him know more of what they see in and hear from Brennan. Sweets excepted, of course.

    • They could have written them in that direction but the writers would have just put another road block in front of them by showing a Brennan that is even more stubborn and closed then we’ve seen so far. I know you’ve accepted this already, Angelena, there was no way they were going to write the road to a romantic relationship easy for B&B. A harder push from GG would have gotten no where. Right??? 🙂

      • I don’t like it, but I’ve accepted it, I guess. HH and SN are going to take it where they’re going to take it. And, they clearly enjoy messing with our heads.
        But given today’s post, this was my comment. I don’t really blame any of them (save Sweets). And, I certainly don’t blame them for giving us hope. I just wish that somewhere along the way, someone would have shaken Brennan and given Booth a swift kick in the butt. Or, GGW could have told Booth more about Brennan’s likely feelings. As someone pointed out, it might have spared them and us the worst part of what’s gone on for the last nearly a year.
        My faith in eventually remains shaky.

      • In reply to Angelena’s reply: Nope. I didn’t like it either. Expected something to happen last year given scenes like Dwarf in the Dirt.

  6. Gordon Gordon, unlike Sweets, does not tell B/B what to do. He leads them gently down the path to saying what they feel and lets them decide what to do.

    This is obvious in his first interactions with Booth of course. When he first counsels B/B as a couple, I think he tells them their problem is not Sully because he can see that they are simply not ready to acknowledge their feelings to each other. But he was able to get them to verbalize those feelings to themselves – that Booth wants to set Brennan’s world on fire, that Brennan wants to be one with Booth. Again, helping them see what they feel, leading them to the path of making decisions…

    The Dwarf in the Dirt scene seems to contradict that philosophy though. Gordon names the problem outright, that Booth loves Brennan. But I think his comment that it’s illogical and the heart wants what it wants and Booth has no say in the matter was meant to be a challenge to Booth, not a statement of truth.

    In all their past interactions, Booth initially challenged what Gordon said. I think GG wanted Booth to challenge those statements. To think about it and conclude that there really were logical reasons, he does choose to love Brennan and using that same logic Booth would have been able to see ample evidence that his mopey assertion that Brennan didn’t love him because he just knew she didn’t was wrong.

    When GG said “grow a set” I think he was telling Booth, stop pining for your dream world, make it real. You have all the tools you need. Stop thinking it’s hopeless and she’ll never love you.

    Unfortunately, Booth didn’t rise to the challenge this time.

  7. Ahhh, great post!! Love GG, I don’t know that there’s a Bones fan that doesn’t! And I do so wish that he’d be back!

    I do think that out of our line-up of suspects, Dr. Wyatt is the most to blame for giving the audience hope that everything might work out between BB. I actually think Max might be a close second. I think they might all be blamed for giving advice, in some cases bad advice and creating conflict, etc. But ultimately, it is GG and to a certain extent Max that has always made me feel like, yes, Booth and Brennan will happen. Part of that is that I love the characters and trust what they say (kinda of a dangerous proposition with Max). But when it comes to GG, he’s utterly trustworthy (in ways that Sweets, much as I love him, def is not!) and so when he says things like, “the heart wants what it wants” and “hope and patience” then my little shipper heart sighs in happiness and unadulterated trust and I just think, “all we need is some hope and patience” and “there’s no way, at the end of the day, that Booth and Brennan are going to deny what the heart wants, right?”

    So yes, my faith in BB is def buttressed by GG, in many different ways and it may be masochistic, but I just wish he was in a future episode to impart some more delightfully shipper advice! 🙂

  8. Why looking at the picture above the post do I suddenly feel like we’re playing a game of clue? The chef gave us hope in the kitchen with the advice. lol. Lame I know, but there’s a look at what happens when my brain is in overload from all of my homework. 🙂

    I LOVE Stephen Fry and GG so I’m not sure even if he was the most guilty party I would get mad at him. I think he’s to blame for giving us a lot of hope about the relationship, but as far as B&B not being together yet I don’t really blame him at all. I think he’s given B&B great advice and given them (especially Booth) a nudge in the right direction hoping he would man up and start making what he wanted a reality. And hope and patience to me once again counciled on approaching Brennan with the idea and giving her time to get used to it. Not laying it all out in less than a minute and expecting her to fall into his arms (a la episode 100). I think at that point he knows Brennan loves Booth, but he wants Booth to come to the conclusion on his own…making his resolve that everything could work that much stronger and making a better case to Brennan when the time comes. Now that everything’s out on the table, I would love to see GG back and talking to either one of them and pushing them in the right direction with a little more force. Maybe with enough force to knock some sense into their heads!!

  9. I’m going to be honest, I love the “B&B shippers” almost as much as I love Booth and Brennan themselves, haha. And oh dear, is Gordon Gordon one of the best. I think you’re right, he might be the most “to blame,” as it were, for giving us hope. He’s the only one whose advice and insight is trusted equally (more or less) on both sides. And I really think Gordon Gordon is the only one Booth specifically trusts implicitly. I’ll tell you what, if Gordon Gordon were my therapist, I’d believe every word that came out of his mouth too, haha. Booth takes a lot of Sweets’ bait, but almost in a competitive, I’ll-show-you kind of way. But somehow, Gordon Gordon charms (that word makes him sound sketchy, but that’s not how I mean it!) both Booth AND Brennan, which is, um, impressive! To say the least. And so what Gordon Gordon says means more to us because what he says means more to them.

    I think my number one favorite–it would be a tie if Gordon Gordon were on more often I think–is definitely Max. There is something about Max with Brennan and Booth that I just adore. The Booth-Max interrogation and fight scenes are really some of my favorites of the whole series (favorites comprise about half the scenes ever, so I guess that isn’t saying much haha). It’s just Booth and Max–they’re so alike in some respects, and their goals at root are so similar. They’re both chipping away at the same Brennan-wall, and they sort of give each other hope in turn as they each make headway, little by little, at getting through that wall. It’s symbiotic! Haha. They’re both sort of taking turns pushing the door open, crack by crack, to get to her, and that makes me love Shipper Max for some reason. Maybe because he sees better than anyone what good it does–and will DO–Brennan to be with Booth.

  10. Hahahahaha, i am loving this week already! (yes i realise i’m about 6 days behind but i’ll catch up eventually! LOL).

    Firstly i LOVE Stephen Fry. Always have and always with. I’m just very happy that America is figuring out how awesome he is too 😀

    I’ll admit i’ve never really thought of GG as to be to blame. Maybe because he’s been around so little i’ve almost forgotten the kind of influence he has over Booth. But he does, he almost has too much influence…GG speaks, Booth listens. Huh…Booth listens to a lot of people in regards to his feelings for Brennan. GG, Cam, Sweets…hmmmmm, maybe he needs to start listening to himself?

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