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The Artist’s To Blame


Good morning!

No official Top Five Tuesday this week since we’re tackling this blame game, but I thought I’d still try to work it in. With Angela, I’ll be really interested to hear what you have to day. For me, it’s interesting, because as far as our line up here, she’s certainly one of my least faves, so I want to blame her more, but yet…when it comes to B&B, she can be kind of relaxed about it.

So here are five reasons why, even though she’s Team Brennan all the way, she’s still a B&B shipper worth blaming:

  1. She told Brennan to ‘buy a ticket on that ride’.

Pal Smurfs and I were talking about this the other day, that basically, Angela isn’t so much B&B as she is Brennan getting some action outside of the lab! Of course, from what we could see at that time, Brennan wasn’t experiencing any difficulty in finding potential lovers. Angela was very pro-‘sailing away with Sully’. But by season five, in Night at the Bones Museum, she tries to convince Brennan that she shouldn’t date Hacker because Booth doesn’t want her to (and tells her that the reason he doesn’t want her to is because HE wants to be the one dating her). When Brennan says there is the potential for sex with Hacker, Angela wants to know, “And there’s not with Booth?”  So in that instance, it’s a combination. Angela wants Brennan to be able to ‘buy a ticket’, but I still think she wants Booth to be the ride.

          2. She removed the competition.

What always makes me laugh about this is the idea that while she got rid of Tessa early (to be fair, it was probably pretty easy!), she never did the same for anyone else. Not that (besides Hannah), anyone else has been THAT much of a threat, but still. It’s like Brennan got one ‘best friend freebie’, but she was on her own after that. Having said that, it is fun at the beginning of the series, when Angela and even Hodgins and Zack (What does he say to her? “Apparently it’s been awhile”? Ha!) try to get Brennan to make a move on Booth.

            3.     She never became the competition.

I don’t know if anyone else agrees with me, but this ‘piece of evidence’ speaks more strongly to me than almost any other. If you watch the earlier episodes, it’s crazy how much chemistry Angela and Booth have. I mean, it’s not crazy crazy…as both of those actors have chemistry with just about anything. But…let’s just say that I think Angela could have had opportunity…if she’d really wanted to go for it. And she sort of abstained, I believe, out of deference to Brennan. It’s sort of like the ‘just partners’ thing. It’s not like either of them could ever admit that Angela was not going after Booth because she knew Brennan wanted him and it would be not cool in the best friends kind of way. But the lack of her making a move on him, and their lack of discussing it, proves to me that Angela purposefully stayed out of it.

            4. She brought in Avalon.

Ah, okay, now I don’t know that she brought Avalon in especially to move B&B along, but as far as this whole idea of ‘blaming’ a character for increasing my hope in B&B, Avalon (and therefore, in this argument, Angela) is high on the list. I find it interesting that B&B chose to tell Angela and others about the relationship book/coma dream issue. It’s surprising really, especially because it seems like admitting a LOT. Of course, they apparently didn’t tell everything, as Avalon reveals to Angela that Brennan was pregnant in the book/dream. That’s also interesting, but not in any way surprising (them not admitting everything), and I like that there was sort of a hierarchy of what could or could not be revealed. Okay, I am sort of getting away from the main point, which is this—when B&B were ready to push some things under the rug (metaphorically speaking), Angela didn’t let them, and she confronted them on it.

            5. She went and sort of gave up her free spirited ways to marry a scientist because love was worth it and though they have struggles because they DO work together, they are able to work past those and be happy and in love and have a beautiful baby while she still maintains the integrity of her character, and so does her husband, and yeah…

Ha, but it’s true, right? Of all of the reasons here, this one is really the one that puts Angela on my list of people to ‘blame’. Even though we never saw it, I could totally imagine Brennan and Angela, after meeting, sharing a drink and toasting to independence and the lack of a need for one man only. That Angela sort of navigated that entire deal, with Brennan in the passenger maid of honor seat has been cool to watch. Not that I’ve completely appreciated Angela’s character arc, because I have had issues with it, but the point (and end result) is still valid. Angela, whom I believe Brennan would look up to, has chosen to settle down in a monogamous relationship and start a family. I am not sure on the timing, but I’m kind of hoping that Angela’s baby is born this season, as I just cannot fathom how that will not affect B&B.

Okay, enough from me. Thoughts from you? Are there any other ways?

Peace, Love & Bones,



24 thoughts on “The Artist’s To Blame

  1. I think Angela and Hodgins realtionship will be the best example to B&B have a life shared together w/ out fear of lose their personalities. We know wiht Booth & Brennan is always more complicated but all what thye need see is there on Hodgela marriage. And the baby , well , we know what was the last wish of Brennan about have one of her own. That’s why i think Angela as BFF of Brennan can really help her and Booth to be open to a life as a couple and why not as a married couple with a baby on the B&B future? I really believe this is possible. Now more that ever.

  2. I didn’t start watching Bones until the end of season 4 so when I bought the DVDs and started watching Bones from the beginning, I thought it was interesting that Angela seemed to be interested in Booth at the beginning; but, somehow never followed through. She flirted with Booth a little and he flirted back a little and yet that is as far as it went. I agree with you that Angela saw the potential of a Brennan/Booth relationship early and really tried to get Brennan to see that Booth would make a good romantic partner . Angela is a little too much for me when it comes to relationships, too much of a honeybee, going from flower to flower; but, I really appreciated it that even Angela could find true love, settle down with one man, and marry him. Since Brennan admired Angela’s lifestyle and didn’t think that Angela’s flitting about was wrong, I really liked that Brennan now has an example of how someone can change and can commit to one man. That love can be strong enough to change someone and yet not alter them. Angela still has her art, is still an artist and yet is committed to Hodgins. Marriage did not take anything from Angela and this may show Brennan that it will not take anything from her.

  3. I would agree with you that most of Angela’s nudging is for Brennan to do ‘tha dirt-ay’ with Booth. The rest is a little less convincing to me. BUT I LOVE the idea that Angela and Hodgin’s baby is going to affect B&B. It’s amazing to me that after all this time no other mention was made about the baby that Bones wanted. It’s sad to me. In a way it was either a fleeting notion (despite her strong evidential argument for it) or it is still there, beneath the surface, as a desire in her heart that she hides away. Poor Brennan.

    You and the team here at BT do an amazing job of finding new ways to keep the dialogue about this incredible story going! I think HH owes you position on his writing staff!

    • “It’s amazing to me that after all this time no other mention was made about the baby that Bones wanted. It’s sad to me. In a way it was either a fleeting notion (despite her strong evidential argument for it) or it is still there, beneath the surface, as a desire in her heart that she hides away.”

      Actually, I feel the complete opposite on this issue, as I completely understand why Brennan hasn’t brought up the baby issue. So I don’t consider the matter dropped, just waiting to be brought up for a more appropriate time. I consider it a hidden desire of her heart. They way things went down in 4×26, it basically revealed that Brennan didn’t just want a baby, she wanted Booth’s baby. And when she brought it up, she was totally prepared to do something about it. But having Booth’s baby has not even been a remote possibility for a while now, especially since I think she has a different opinion on what his role would be as the father. So, for right now, no Booth baby, no baby. Given enough time, she may just have a baby, but she wants it to be Booth’s, and I don’t see her looking elsewhere until she has completely ruled out the possibility of Booth being the father.

      Furthermore, why bring up the issue when she can’t do anything about it, at least not the way she wants it to go?

      • First, I’d like to apologize for the italicized writing above. That was truly an accident. No emphasis intended.
        Secondly, I guess I was agreeing with the point that the fact that Angela and Hodgins are all happily married and expecting a baby will have an impact on B&B. Particularly because they never really resolved the fact that Brennan wanted Booth’s baby. Booth was willing to give her a baby and only freaked out when he was hallucinating from the tumor, even in light of the fact that Brennan wasn’t ready to have a baby daddy in her life. Now that Brennan realizes she doesn’t want a life lived with regrets, this topic surely will need to come up between Brennan and Booth. I guess I don’t feel it was properly dealt with. (Especially because I believe she still does want a baby with him. And the baby daddy, too) ❤

        From experience, once you have the desire to have a baby it's very difficult living with when you know you can't have one. It is a pain in the heart that you can stuff down, but it comes up from time to time. – That's why I feel sad for Brennan- living all this time with that desire. I know lots has happened since then, and clearly there was a small window to bring resolution to this topic, and I believe it still could have been talked about post-coma, but that time has long since passed. There has been no reason to bring it up for some time now.

        But I hope it becomes part of the heartfelt confessions that I hope is in their future.

  4. Same as yesterday: I don’t “blame” Angela for hope. I just wish Angela had pushed a bit more.

  5. Angela is kind of funny in that she did always seem to kind of push for a B&B relationship but if someone else came along that she thought could be good for Brennan she’d push that instead (Sully), so I think you’re right she’s more of a Team Brennan than a diehard B&B shipper.

    She did go out of her way to find out more info on Tessa, and then those comments she made definitely seemed geared to push something. I think she expected it to be Booth to back out instead of Tessa. Remember the convo with Brennan when Brennan responded, Not Booth. Booth doesn’t balk. What ever it was Angela was definitely going for a reaction with her stages. Since then she does seem to have decided to stay out of the way of any other relationships.

    I liked the way that she did seem to deliberatly steer clear of Booth. It’s not like she didn’t have any interest in him, she definitely eyed him a time or two like she thought he’d be delicious to taste. So yep I think she saw potential there between Brennan and Booth and deliberatly stayed out of the way, did a little prodding, but not too much.

  6. Angela is definitely a gentle nudger. I’ve always liked how plainspoken she has been about how Brennan and Booth should be together including the “creepy way to have sex with a Booth without having sex with the real Booth” comment and the “you were a couple, you just weren’t having sex” observation. For whatever reason, though, I feel like Brennan keeps brushing Angela off in this arena and I wonder why that is. The closest rebuttal we get is when Brennan lays out her reasons for wanting to go to Maluku.

    As for Angela not putting the moves on Booth – I’ll agree with the take that she saw the potential for her friend, instead. However, this does not explain why Booth never did more . . . perhaps, knowing Booth likes to be fully committed to his women, he saw Angela as one who he knew wouldn’t be one who would settle down so therefore settled for comfortable flirtation instead? I’ve always enjoyed that easy flirtation they share because it’s always so obvious that there really is no threat to it going anywhere.

  7. What I really love about this site, especially the comments/commentors, is that almost every day (and sometimes several times in the same day) I’m forced to look at an episode – a moment – a scene – in a different way than my original gut reaction.

    This is one of those moments. Never ever ever did the Angela/Booth thing occur to me. I saw a little flirtation, more on Angela’s part than Booth’s, but I always put that in the “that’s just Angela” box. It’s always been Booth + Brennan, with everyone else on the sidelines.

    Now I have to rewatch those first episodes to see what little clues I completely missed.

  8. I would have hoped, that Angela would have asked Bones a few more questions about Booth and Hannah. She was not shy before. I know that she was concerned, that Bones has said that she is going to live a life she has always expected. I also assumed that Bones has never told Angela how she feels about Booth after the DitP, otherwise Angela would have defiantly told her to fight for him. But I hope she will now be more active in getting the two together and her pregnancy will help Bones to realize her longing for a Baby.
    And I agree with you MJ, I have to rewatch some of the earlier episodes too. It is funny, that every time you find out more and more of things you missed. I now put captions on, because I have a hard time understanding things said.

    • It seemed to me that Angela pretty much gave up on Brennan and started concentrating on her own marriage and pregnancy. She doesn’t bring up the subject anymore, unless Brennan does…which is a switch from season one and the others (I have been re-watching S1eps now running on TNT). And I got to thinking that this fits in with everything else that’s happening with the team falling apart – changing…and this includes the fact that Brennan had to figure out what Booth meant to her…on her own. Without Angela. Angela could have written a book about all the talks she had with Brennan about love, Booth, etc….but Brennan wasn’t able to comprehend it all then. She gets it now. And I’m pretty sure, like you said, that Angela doesn’t know what happened in DitP, otherwise, she would have gotten back on the B&B bandwagon. And actually, I think she already has…she told Booth he should spend Valentine’s Day with someone else who’s doing nothing, and we all knew who she was talking about. I’d like to see Angela work more on Booth, maybe for a while, because now he’s the one who’s down on love…but if Angela does find out about DitP, she’ll get on Brennan’s case, too…although I don’t think that’s totally necessary any longer. Brennan seems to be doing just fine worming her way into Booth’s life again – on her own new set of terms. 😀

      And once Angela’s baby is born, I think (and hope) that Brennan will revisit her own desire to have a child again.

      As a side note…wanted to mention how I enhanced my TV listening pleasure. I purchased a set of wireless headphones…and WOW…what a difference they make. I can hear every bit of background, the music, and all the conversations so much clearer – in stereo. For various reasons, I can’t turn the volume up on my TV very loud (and TV speakers are notoriously inferior even on new TVs), so these have been a real blessing. I’ve heard stuff I never knew existed! Now I can’t even imagine not using them.

      • Thanks for the tip on headphones. I had to rewind so often and sometimes I had to ask my husband or son to translate. It drove me nuts.

  9. Ack! I’m so conflicted about this entire issue! As a general rule I try to NOT play the blame game with any of the characters (causes less heartburn on my part) and rather try to understand the motivation behind their actions. Not that it always works (at least not initially), but it still helps if I try to keep a more balanced perspective. I can’t even really blame Sweets for intentionally/unintentionally goading Booth into taking action in the 100th and The Daredevil in the Mold…and if I can’t blame Sweets, I don’t know why I would blame anyone else…for giving me false hope or not pushing B&B hard enough.

    This is kind of mostly off topic, but I did want to say something in regards to B&B telling the rest of the team about the book/coma dream. I don’t know that it’s all that unusual that the rest of the team would have known about it. After all, Angela tells Avalon that Booth believed he and Brennan were married for days after he woke up. Assuming that everyone (or at least Sweets, since he was B&B’s psychologist at that point and, let’s face it, the entire coma dream concept has the words “psychoanalyze me” written all over it) visited Booth in the hospital during his recovery, it would have been kind of hard to hide at least the basic story. And I think we CAN assume that the team visited him since they were all there in the waiting room prior to his surgery. I don’t know, it’s just a thought. Of course it’s also possible that only Sweets (as their psychologist and the person who had to recertify Booth for duty) and Angela (Brennan’s best friend) knew all the details, minus the pregnancy part of course. Do we know for sure that anyone besides the two of them knew the details?

  10. I’d have to classify as a gentle nudger in the same vein as Gordon Gordon. She tends to be more blunt with Brennan than GGW; her observation this season about being a couple without having sex along with her comments to her regarding Hacker show me that she was well-aware of what was going on between Booth and Brennan even if neither of them were willing to confess. And she obviously called out GGW on them being a couple.

    Angela, however, in the early going always seemed to be someone who wanted Brennan to go out into the dating world– she drags her to a club where they discover a body and we never see that connection between them again. (C’mon, these people are NOT scared of a few bodies showing up.) It’s nice to look back and see the relationships between the characters in the early going and how its evolved. Angela always seemed to me to be more than just the “good-time girl” she painted herself to be because she settled into an unsettling job and helped create a “family” with the squints. She’s the one who tells Brennan to be there for Booth and she’s the one who helps mold the others. Her focus might have been on Brennan getting sex in the beginning, but she’s definitely narrowed her focus on Booth in later seasons. I think she knows more than the others about what’s gone on (it’s hard not to suggest various discussions they might have had over the years, but without actually putting them on screen, it’s just, as Brennan would point out, speculation), but we can only guess just what Brennan told her to elicit a suggestion she “move on” from Booth. (I really wish we would have seen that conversation.) Angela’s the “love guru”, but she’s not the love doctor. That honor belongs, in some small part, to GGW, but a greater part to Sweets.

  11. I’m not sure how to respond to these posts. Are we really blaming them, or are we just “blaming” them in fun to help ease our distress over the current situation?

    • I think most of us are not really blaming anyone for the mess that Booth and Brennan are in right now. I for one don’t blame anyone. I do on the other hand see that some of the characters on this show have some influence over Booth and Brennan and that influence is not always a good thing. Most of us have friends that can make us have doubts about what we are doing or try to influence us to do things we may not want to do. It is up to us to weed out the bad advice and keep the good. Booth and Brennan usually only take advice from each other; but, once in awhile they do hear what others say and good or bad, it can influence them.

    • Oh, definitely the quotes version of blaming. There’s no real blame anywhere. You are right, C-bones, it’s tongue-in-cheek fun.

  12. I was really hoping to see more scenes between Angela and Brennan this season but there haven’t been too many. Brennan has been dealing with a lot of emotional turmoil lately, something she is not used to, and it would’ve been nice to see her turn to Angela in her time of need. I think it would have been interesting to see Angela help Brennan sort through the confusing emotions she was feeling and, ultimately, make sense of them. I know Brennan doesn’t really confide in people because she tends to hold everything in, but that could have been part of her growth and development this season. I also would just like to hear what Angela had to say about the whole Booth/Hannah situation. How would she have reacted if Brennan told her that she told Booth how she felt about him? What advice would she have given her? I think the Brennan/Angela friendship has been neglected for a long time now and I wish we would see more of it in the future.

    I guess I feel like Angela is so underused. Michaela is a great actress with a lot of heart and I want to see more of her, especially when it comes to Angela’s friendship with Brennan.

  13. I always liked that Angela was a B&B shipper though I agree it was more about being a Brennan shipper. I do think she refrained from doing anything to further a relationship between herself and Booth because she could see that B&B had something right away. In the flashback in the 100th, it’s clear when Brennan says something about ‘I do respond favorably to the breadth of his shoulders’. Angela seems to be the only one Brennan can share those thoughts with. Angela’s ability to flit from one partner (or gender!) to the other makes it tough to respect her advice though. Maybe now that she is settled in to marriage and family and is happy, her own success will be a model for Brennan. Angela seems a little more focused on her own life now and I wish we would see her get a little more involved with B&B without being too pushy and open. Angela and Brennan need to have a heart to heart after the Hannah fiasco.

  14. I’m not someone who blames characters easily. Then again, I’m one of those people that doesn’t find fault in a lot of people easily.

    I do agree that Angela initially was more for Brennan than for B&B. And now, maybe, she’s a bit of both, but I feel like we’ve gotten the short end of the stick because we haven’t been able to see many strong Brennan/Angela scenes (which I have always thought were some of the strongest on the show).

    It’s kinda funny — the first three of the five things seem to be centered around the first season, and the last two are in the fifth and sixth seasons.

    OK, now actually focusing on the post: I think that Angela and Hodgins’ relationship and the birth of their child is definitely going to do something for B&B. I’m not exactly sure what yet. Of all of these things, I think the fact that so much has changed, but she is still herself, is very, very important. Isn’t it the only one of the five that’s actually really effected anything? In light of the 100th, we know that Brennan was interested in Booth from the start. She didn’t need that nudge (well, until they argued, and then the Pilot). Angela’s nudges have all been very Brennan-focused. I think that’s OK, because Booth gets his nudges from Sweets.

    Is she to blame? Nah. She’s just given us a bit of hope.

  15. Angela may have been the one who initially pushed Brennan towards Bones when the series began but the 100th episode gives us more insight into this…i.e. Brennan was just plain interested in Booth from the get-go and Angela learned of this when she joined the Jeffersonian. It’s hard to put the 100th epi in context with how the series began because sometimes you have to go back and adjust your thinking on those early eps with the new information we received in the 100th. I don’t always like doing this. Given the 100th…you could say Angela is pushing Brennan to buy a ticket on that ride because of Brennan’s initial interest in Booth which had little to do with Angela’s influence. What would GG say…this is a conundrum!

    They’ve reduced Angela’s role as friend and confidante a lot over the last couple of years. I actually don’t look to Angela as the “best friend” anymore nor do I see her as a confidante that influences Brennan any longer. I see Booth in that role today which makes it harder for Bones given her newly found feelings for him. Angela is so involved in her own life and the only way they are possibly having her influence Brennan is in how Angela is managing to have a baby and work with her husband and still have a personal life. This is the greatest example she can show Bones.

  16. I’m sorry if my reply was above but I don’t have time read through everyone’s replies today 😦 I too am not a huge fan of Angela so blaming her is both fun and easy 🙂

    I agree with all of those points, especially the last. Hodgins says in the Man in the Morgue, that Angela taught Brennan to live “wide”, and it sort of shows how much Brennan really does look up to Angela, just like a sister I guess. I feel that another way that Angela has effected Brennan and our whole B&B thing though is her general girlishness… if that makes sense (and is a word). I can’t really imagine Brennan sitting around as a teenager whispering and giggling about boys, but Angela brings that out in her. I mean one of the first conversations they ever have (in the flashback) is when Angela says “He is very cute,” referring to Booth and Brennan replies “Well, I do respond to the breadth o his shoulders and strong jaw line!” hehe… i mean that’s pretty girl talky for early Brennan. I guess all i’m saying is that Angela brings out Brennan’s feminine side, the side that actually thinks about a life with Booth instead of just sex, or even sex instead of just partners all the time.

  17. Oh Angela. Our original shipper. Angela as a shipper has definitely evolved over the course of the show, and I always find it really fascinating to sort of dig into what she’s thinking in regard to Booth and Brennan.

    I think it’s pretty obvious that in the beginning, Angela is for Brennan. She’s constantly trying to drag her out of the lab, trying to get her to live a little–to live a little wider, as it were. I don’t mean this as a negative reflection on Angela at all, but Booth and Tessa, they were both kind of…pawns, for lack of a better word, in Angela’s attempt to get Brennan to lighten up and enjoy life. It almost scares me a little bit with what little hesitation she gets involved with Booth and Tessa, haha. Now that makes Angela sound terrible, doesn’t it. I didn’t mean it like that!

    Even if she didn’t know already–as in 100th, “I do respond to the breadth of his shoulders” etc. etc.–Angela would know from the get-go that there was a little (or not so little haha) spark of something between Booth and Brennan. So yeah, Booth’s hot, and Angela’s hot, and they both know it, but Angela can see there’s something going on between them, and so she wouldn’t dream (or would she? haha…) of making a real move on Booth. Side note: for Booth’s part, I think he never seriously responds because first, he’s in a relationship in the beginning, and then 2nd, I’ll never not believe he’s already pretty enamored of Brennan, so it’s a non-starter from day 1. Thank you for keeping off that, Angela. There’s all the talk of Angela being the mouthpiece of the audience, and I love the time when Brennan tells her that Booth fell in love in Afghanistan, and then asks if she’s sorry because she was in love with Booth. Angela’s “Well, a little bit, but that’s not what I mean.” If she was ever my mouthpiece as an audience member it was right then. Who among us isn’t in love with Booth a little bit? But we all set aside that little bit of we-want-him-too love so we can ship Booth and Brennan 110%, haha… And what better example of that do we have but in Angela?

    Her out-loud shipping has been pretty toned down recently, and that’s been hard to watch, to see her back off B&B when Hannah came on the scene. I mean, what else could she do–she at root wants Brennan to be happy, and the reality of the situation said that Booth is unavailable, don’t taunt her with something she can’t have. And really, at this point in time (big contrast to season 1!), Angela is now one of “Booth’s people,” too. Booth isn’t just some hot guy for Brennan to hook up with–he’s Angela’s friend now too, and it would just be completely insensitive and…well, awful, for Angela to push Booth and Brennan together while Hannah was around. But subtly or no, shipper Ange is apparently back! I died when she suggested Booth find someone else who wasn’t doing anything for V-Day, so they could do nothing together, haha. I’ve missed you a little bit, Angela.

    The beautiful part of Angela’s vocal-shipping being toned down is that her action-shipping has grown to speak for itself now, in the form of her happily married, happily pregnant new life. If Angela can do it, Brennan can do it, and if Brennan hasn’t already made that connection, here’s to hoping she will soon. I love that Angela, just by allowing herself to be happy, can be the one to provide evidence for Brennan in favor of the life she never thought she wanted.

    All in all, I’m not a pick-on-characters kind of person, but if there’s anyone I tend to be hard on, it’s Angela, because I expect so much of her. And there are still–and always will be–little beefs I have about her and who she is in this story, but I love her for loving Brennan the way she does, and a big way I see that love is in the way she pushes her toward Booth. I guess as far as blaming her for getting our hopes up, the only evidence of an eventually that I see in Angela’s shipping is the example she’s setting as a soon-to-be-married-with-children woman, and really, I could never begrudge her that happiness. : )

    • This was really great. I read every single word and found myself agreeing as you brought up points not mentioned before. I like how you focused on the positive. Despite some of her questionable personal choices, Angela has been a really good friend to Brennan. Maybe not 100%, but who ever is?

      That’s why I always viewed the pig incident as just a flashpoint to another issue. I love Brennan, I do, but to be her friend it takes some effort to see that “underneath her icy exterior beats a warm heart.” Angela could have been easily offended by her friend many times, but she takes the time to understand what Brennan is really trying to say. The pig was just an incident for Brennan to give a little for Angela. She could afford to give Angela some money, and it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world.

      I’m not blaming Brennan at all, because I don’t think she was necessarily wrong. But I’m glad it happened because Brennan learned about how we sometimes have to make concessions in our relationships. As Sweets told her, life is not a debate. It may be why she tells Booth in a few episodes later, “I don’t know if you were wrong, but I fail to see the point in being right.”

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