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The Father’s to Blame


Oh, Max. Why can’t you just buy Brennan a sweater like a regular dad?

And why must you be so sketchy and sweet and awesome and dodgy and just…you?!

If Gordon Gordon encourages me toward B&B hope and if Angela was the first one to sort of get me to want to buy a ticket on this whole ride, well…Max is the one who just keeps reeling me back in to it all.

It’s like I want to believe B&B can be true for his sake, and because he believes in it so much. Maybe it’s a dad thing? I have no idea.

For me, it all goes back to when Max first arrived, in Judas on a Pole. I adore the irony of him being costumed as a Father and also being Brennan’s dad. When he is leaving Brennan again, he looks her in the eye and says, “If you find someone you can trust…you hang on to him.”  At that moment, Booth drives up in Caroline’s Gremlin, like a bat out of hell, and Max gets this look on his face that is pure happiness.

What edict does he send down to Booth? “You take care of her!”

Done. Destiny sealed! Right? J

Even if that had been the only time Max had weighed in on the situation, it would still be awesome. But of course it’s NOT the only time. I love at the end of season two, when Booth is arresting Max, and they fight. (Max also ‘gave’ us “Keep on Tryin!”, in Killer in the Concrete).

In season three, we don’t really see Booth and Max together, but Brennan sort of goes between them. Do you ever wonder if Max knows that Brennan kissed Booth in order to get him the trailer for Christmas?  

Interestingly enough, though Max is Brennan’s dad, it almost seems as if he’s been more of a support to Booth in the series. Remember in season four, in The Bone that Blew, when he confronts Booth about why he’s not sleeping with Brennan? Booth scoffs and sputters in his way, but then Max cuts to the chase. “You’re a good man. And I want that for her.”

Right after that, Booth tries to get Brennan to see why Max should be allowed to work at the Jeffersonian, telling her that it’s hard being a dad. Brennan doesn’t completely buy it, but by the end of the episode, she’s more agreeable. Booth asks her to do it as a favor for him, but Brennan thinks she sees right through that. “What, like a partner thing?”  Booth does this little slide toward Brennan, and I love the look on Max’s face from below the lab upper platform, as he smiles and watches it all. Max is totally a shipper!


In season five, Max (sort of indirectly) manages to get Booth and Brennan together for Christmas dinner. I also love the smile on his face when he watches Brennan and Booth give their toasts. And at the (almost) very end of Boy with the Answer, right before Brennan gets into her cab, as the entire group is leaving FF, Booth has this almost throwaway line about how Max stiffed him with the bill, again. They sort of joke, but it’s just such a ‘family’ moment that makes me smile every time. Can’t you just imagine that exact exchange in the future in a father-in-law, son-in-law scenario (doesn’t HAVE to be official marriage or anything…I just mean, once B&B are together).

In season six, we saw Max approach the subject with Brennan, and her quick assertion that she didn’t want to talk about it spoke volumes. Max was cool about it, but it was clear that the current status was not the final word on the matter.

Quick confession and question: I was really bummed at the idea that Max might have a girlfriend. Does anyone else feel that way? I guess, I want that to be a source of conflict for Brennan (not that she doesn’t already have enough conflict!), but I just think that would be very interesting, to see her reactions to the idea of Max moving on and falling in love. Rationally, she would understand that her dad’s a man and has needs (‘ew, Bones, really?’ Booth would say in reply, haha) but she might find herself being uncomfortable with it. Then it would put Booth in a pickle (and I love when he’s in a happy pickle like this kind of pickle), where he’d have to tread lightly. He would want to stand up for Max (and LOVE!) as a man, but also want to protect Brennan and her feelings. Okay…confession over!

One last example, and I don’t know if I’m reading too much into it or not, but one of my favorite moments of Bullet in the Brain, was at the end of the episode, and Max gives Booth a handshake. Max knows what’s going down, so to me, the handshake (and what did he say? It’s always a pleasure? Something like that) meant, “You’re still a good man, and I still want that for her.”

Maybe I’m reading too much into it. Wouldn’t be the first time!

Thoughts from you! Is Max the one who holds the most ‘sway’ over the B&B relationship? Does HE have the most at stake?

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34 thoughts on “The Father’s to Blame

  1. I love Max and he really wants Brennan and Booth to be a couple; but, I feel he has the least influence of all of the characters surrounding B&B. Brennan loves her father; but, I don’t think she trusts him too much. Max was with his girlfriend (a married woman by the way) when the gravedigger was killed and yet Max had told everyone he was in Hawaii or Thailand. No one was really sure where. That kind of makes him shifty to Brennan and Booth. I love that Max really wants Booth and Brennan to get together but you can see he is frustrated that they aren’t. I loved it when in The Bone That Blew, Max asks Booth why Booth isn’t sleeping with his daughter, “Is it because of me? Because I killed one man, and we both know he deserved it?” You could hear the exasperation in his voice. He wants Tempe to be happy and he really believes that Booth is the one for her; but, he doesn’t know how to make that happen and is forced to stand on the sidelines and hope for the best.

    • Did I miss something? I know Max was acting really dodgy in The Bullet in the Brain which quite possibly means he was with a woman, but do we have confirmation that it was a married woman?

      • He said so when he was on the phone with Brennan. Max said her husband showed up.

      • Yep. I don’t remember the exact words, but Max says something about being in Rhode Island (is that right…or was it New Hampshire?) with a woman but it turns out she’s married.

        The way it was all said and done is the reason I think Brennan really didn’t pay too much attention to it…didn’t get upset about her dad having a girlfriend. Her reasoning being that it doesn’t seem to be something serious and was more about satisfying biological needs. I’d anticipate her having more of a reaction if he was serious about someone; if he seemed to be in love with another woman, then she might become more upset. But then this is Brennan so maybe not.

      • Ah, thanks for the clarification.

      • It was definitely New Hampshire because I live in New Hampshire and that looked nothing like it! 😉

  2. I think first of all Max is a dad of Brennan so he wants her be happy w/a man that can be able to know her completely,be her rock, ber her confident,be her most precious friend, be some one she can trust and lean on everytime she need.And the most important , love her above all things. And Max as the father he wants be for Brennan knows since the first time he saw Booth that he’s the man to be all that for her. Max is a wise man and he knows judge the person’s characters. So when he say to Booth i want this foe her to me he means i to my daughter a man that can love her the way she is and want make her the love of his life. Max knows Booth is this man and i love him for that.

  3. I love Max (even though he can be somewhat shifty at times) and I love that he’s a shipper. I think he likes Booth, he respects him, and most importantly, he knows Booth loves his daughter and will always take care of her no matter what.

    Max knows the inherent risks in the life he’s led (that life did get his wife killed after all) and I think he knows that the consequence could one day be his life too. He wants to know his daughter is safe should anything happen to him (and I think he’s pretty confident on that front). But I also think he loved his wife very deeply and he wants that kind of love for his daughter too. Lucky for him Booth is the perfect protector and lover for Brennan all rolled up into one, um, delectable package…they just haven’t quite figured that last part out yet.

    • Max knows the inherent risks in the life he’s led (that life did get his wife killed after all) and I think he knows that the consequence could one day be his life too. He wants to know his daughter is safe should anything happen to him (and I think he’s pretty confident on that front). But I also think he loved his wife very deeply and he wants that kind of love for his daughter too. Lucky for him Booth is the perfect protector and lover for Brennan all rolled up into one, um, delectable package…they just haven’t quite figured that last part out yet.

      Your comments said perfectly exactly what I was thinking. Thank you.

    • I agree with it all, but most importantly ‘DELECTABLE’! 🙂

  4. Yes, Max! Love Max, love Max and Booth scenes together. It’s hard to weigh in on just how much influence he has, but he tells Brennan that if she can find someone to trust, to hold on to them. I think that’s exactly what she has been doing all this time. She knows that she trusts Booth, and has told him so. That’s why it was so tragic in the 100th because she believed that saying no to a romantic relationship was the only way to hold on to him. And it’s why even now, she chooses to stay by his side and be “just partners” again in despite her deeper feelings for him.

    • Given her limited choices, I understand. I’d hold on, too. I guess ultimately I am much more emotionally driven, so if I were her, well LOTS of things 😉 , but I couldn’t stay that way very long before trying for a different outcome. ❤
      I can see how her dad's nudgings may have influenced her to hold on to Booth. But I think she has come to that conclusion on her own.
      I get the impression that you are kinda protective of Brennan's reasonings… do you relate to her? I find her difficult to understand sometimes. I like reading your perspective. 🙂

      • Haha! You are right on the money about me. No one has ever accused me of being emotionally driven. I am protective of Brennan’s reasonings, and it is because I often do relate to her. Other times, I can understand why she would think/do/say certain things, even if I wouldn’t. I hope I don’t come across as trying to excuse her for some things, but I do think that sometimes she’s judged pretty harshly without understanding things from her viewpoint, and I just try to offer possible insights into the “whys” of Brennan.

  5. Well first off, I don’t take any thing Max said in Bullet in the Brain regarding his whereabouts as truth. Thailand, Hawaii, married woman in New England…Max is a liar by trade, so any and all of those are equally likely to be lies. Plus, he’s clearly still on the shady side of the street. He doesn’t have a job, but he can afford cab fares and plane tickets and seashell tootbrush holders, and he has the means to acquire a paper trail when he needs one.

    Second, I think Booth sees a LOT of himself in Max. I have always believed that Booth’s constant efforts to get Brennan to forgive and love her dad are motivated by his desire to feel worthy of her himself. Booth has lousy self esteem and he feels guilty for pretty much his entire life. I don’t think he’s ever felt good enough for Brennan, which is one of the reasons he repressed his feelings for so long.

    So anyway, when Booth and Max meet up, I think Booth somehow rationalizes…okay, Max is worse than me, because at least I feel guilty about the people I killed. If she can love him, she could love me. Because really- it isn’t any of his business how Brennan gets along with her dad. He certainly would not permit Brennan intrude so aggressively into his family relationships. But Booth pushes and pushes, and had it not been for that pushing, Max and Brennan would still be estranged.

    On a side note, another of my theories is that B&B were symbolically “married” at the end of Stargazer in a Puddle, when they are left at the altar of Hodgela’s wedding. Neither of them have any relationships outside each other until Booth “dies” at the end of season 3 and even then, it’s only Brennan who dates, briefly (and I have another theory about that). Anyway, to make this about Max, I always saw the Booth/Max arrest/fight as Booth symbolically asking for Brennan’s hand. He has to earn it, Max makes sure of that, but he gets it in the end.

    Plus there are all those open handed pats on the shoulder, which we know from Zack are signs of approval.

    At the end of Bullet in the Brain, I do sense a little disappointment coming from Max. No open handed pat this time. A handshake and a little flourish. I think Booth feels that disappointment too. He looks quite forlorn as he’s watching them out the window. I don’t think he’s just missing Brennan. He’s missing all the other connections he once had through Brennan. The squints were his family, Max was his family, and now he’s alone in the diner watching it all pass him by.

    • I felt the same way about Bullet in the Brain. I have no idea what kind of sketchy business he was into that episode, but there was something going on, mark my words. I wouldn’t be surprised if not a bit of his whereabouts-talk ended up to be true. I don’t know New Hampshire at all, but to me, the snowy garbage can alley didn’t seem to suggest Max’s really even being in New Hampshire. Who knows? But yes, I took the girlfriend thing just to be another sketchy lie with whatever is going on for him. His dodginess in that episode actually kind of terrified me, haha…

  6. I think Max has had a positive influence over the B/B relationship, but not for the reasons that most people believe. Booth understands completely how the disappearance of Brennan’s parents affected her-he not only sees her anguish but also lived those effects himself when his own family disintegrated. Even though in his case things turned out for the better what with Pops and all, having a father walk out on you could not have been a happy thing. When Max once again runs out on Brennan and leaves her on that park bench, that, I believe, is the moment when Booth determined that he would never abandon Brennan. He essentially threw his lot in with hers even though there was no romantic relationship in the picture. There was indecision written all over his face when he had to choose between running after Max, maybe killing him, and going back to Brennan. He could have gotten Max and gone back to Brennan afterwards, but that’s not what happened. Booth’s a good soldier who does his job extemely well; a professional to a T who really believes that justice needs to prevail-it’s his moral compass. But he took one look at Brennan’s pleading face and that’s when he made his decision. He would be there for her always no matter what and wouldn’t hurt her (that includes harming her father) if he could help it, even at the expense of his job or his moral code. (Sidenote-he’d taken her earring in Man in the Morgue, but I consider that small potatoes compared to letting a murderer go free.) So Max essentially became the catalyst for that life-altering decision, and Booth’s stuck it out with his beloved Bones ever since.

    Booth has survived Brennan’s boyfriends, the lack of the possibility of sexual comfort, and a very painful rejection in the years following that moment with Max. Yet he stayed on, because he perceives she needed him, and in the case of the 100th, because she asked him to. Even with Hannah, Booth continued being supportive, although at this point clueless of the painful struggle going on in Brennan’s heart. He couldn’t be with her in the same way as before because things had changed, but he was there nevertheless, foregoing his girlfriend to follow Brennan around in the rain. Even during that awful moment in the bar when he tells her she can leave if she wants to, he allows her to make the choice rather than saying “I can’t take this anymore; we can’t keep working together-it’s just too painful.” And so, if she still wants him in any way, he’ll stay.

    It’s funny too how Booth is always trying to shape Max up for Brennan’s sake. He just doesn’t want her father to hurt or disappoint her again. So not your typical in-law scenario! Since he basically got them together again, I also believe that Booth feels responsible for Max’s behavior (so sweetly Boothy to add yet another person to his worry list!) I think that knowing what happened with Max has made Booth want to be a better man for Brennan’s sake. The kind of guy she can always count on-the kind of guy we want for her.

    • Actually, I can think of one very huge time when Booth did not stick it out with his beloved Bones: When he did not personally inform her of his fake death.

      I doubt the show will ever address it but for me, her furor over that, and her insistence on holding him accountable, not Sweets, is what derailed their relationship from the intimacy of Wannabe in the Weeds to the back and forth antagonism of season 4.

      Booth did exactly what her father did: he disappeared and let her think he was dead.

      In Booth’s defense, he trusted the system and assumed that since he put her on the list, she’d be informed. But obviously Brennan thinks he should have made sure to tell him herself – she tells him so. Maybe she’s remembering Killer in the Concrete when she lied to the FBI and teamed up with her dad to go rescue him and is disappointed he won’t go outside protocol for her. I don’t think he ever understands just how mad she is and why. He blames Sweets, he thinks she should too.

      I suppose it is water under the bridge for the characters but I always saw that whole event – his hurt that she did not seem to care he was dead, her outrage that he seemed to have betrayed her – as a huge bump in the B/B road.

      Sorry to go off topic!

      • Well, although I agree that maybe he should have personally told her, in his defense he had been shot-probably pretty seriously given where the bullet hit-and wasn’t thinking quite clearly when he was talked into the covert mission. I still blame Sweets almost entirely; he knew, was told to tell her, and kept the fact to himself for the sake of his little experiment. If I think about it too much it really makes me angry with him, which is why i try to gloss over the whole thing. By the end of that epiosde, I think B/B were pretty good. Zack’s Gormogon incident and Max’s arrest in my mind have a greater impact on the relationship than Booth getting shot.

      • I just watched Man In The Cell last night, and was reminded that the FBI is kind of sneaky about pretening that people are dead when they are trying to catch someone. Since it happened in Man In The Cell, and Brennan was in the thick of the lie when it happened (Zack was reported dead and Booth was in critical conditon) she should have remembered that in The Pain In The Heart, when Booth’s death was faked. Sure, he probably should have called Brennan when he got out of the hospital; but, he knew he had made a list, he was in hiding until the funeral and he probably never dreamed that Sweets could be such a jerk to use the situation for his little experiment. Brennan even told Sweets, after she figured out why Sweets did what he did, that if he did it again that she would tell Booth and Booth would probably beat him up. I think at that point, Brennan stopped blaming Booth so much about not calling her. It is hard to say if that Brennan would have considered it abandonment by Booth; but, she may have. I know Booth was really hurt when Brennan said his funeral was a waste of time. They both have a habit of not communicating with each other which causes hurt feelings on both sides.

      • Barbara – It really bothers me that Booth didn’t Brennan about his fake death too. In Santa and the Slush, Russ tells Brennan that the girls don’t know that he’s in jail and says something like – They think I work overseas. Do you think it would be better for them to think that the guy they think is so wonderful is actually a criminal? Brennan says, “When I found out that dad was not dead I was happy, even though it turned out that he was a …” If I were Brennan, it would take me a lot longer to forgive Booth for not telling me that he was faking his death. Anyway…

        Back to Max. (I’ll even tie it back in with the Santa and the Slush episode 🙂 )
        I would say that Max is the biggest B&B shipper of them all. I’ve noticed that whenever anyone tells Brennan something, she always listens, she just may not always follow. So I think that everything her father has said to her is in her head swimming around with all the other advice people have given her about Booth. Max tells her that if she finds someone – hold on to him. And she has – she came back from Maluku for Booth and now she’ll stay partners with Booth.

        In that same episode, Max tells Booth to take care of Brennan and Booth has honored that wish even when it has been extremely painful for him to do so.

        We may not have all the facts about what life was like with Ruth and Max but we do know that they both loved each other very much. The most important message that Ruth wants to convey to her daughter is for her to forgive Max, because he is a good man. This advice extends to Booth as well – Booth, like Max, has done questionable things in the past. But Booth is a good man too. We could go into the psychology behind women who want to be with people who are similar to their father; but I would rather just point out that Booth and Max have very similar views and advice for Brennan.

        I blame Max for staying in Brennan’s life because he serves us with a reminder of all the beautiful advice Booth has given Brennan on love.

        Booth: “Well, murders and thief’s, they get Christmas too. In fact, it’s kinda the point.”
        Brennan: “Well, I have other plans.”
        Booth: “Well, whatever they are, skeletons and Christmas do not mix.”
        Brennan: “That’s exactly what my father said.”
        – From Santa and the Slush

  7. Max’ great contribution, in my mind, is 1) being the kind of guy who forces Booth to try to help ease that relationship, thus helping him inform her view of relationships and 2) planting the seed in Booth’s head that he might be the one, “that guy,” for Brennan.

    He’s more of a catalyst for Brennan’s growth within the world of Bones and that growth makes it possible for Brennan to forgive others (she sat with Booth in the bar in Daredevil, and took the one option he gave her and ran with it) to the same extent that she forgives her father. He won’t nudge his daughter in that direction because he knows that she doesn’t respond well to that, but he will suggest, rather obliquely, to Booth, that he might be the one to share a life with Brennan. He’s a con man who knows who to manipulate. At this point, he’s been an influence, but in a very roundabout way.

  8. Nice post!

    I’m not sure how Brennan would react to Max having a serious relationship. The old Brennan would just rationalise it away, but this newly open Brennan…? I just don’t know. Im pretty sure she wouldn’t blame him since it hás been 17(right?) years since her mother died’. At this point I wouldn’t be suprised if it stung her a bit, but I also wouldn’t be shocked if there comes a point that she will encourage him to find someone. I don’t think she wouldn want him to be lonely.
    It is an interesting thought though, because how would a new woman in Max’s life relate to Brennan? Brennan is awesome but she does come with an instruction manual. It opens up all kinds of stories.

    I don’t think Max was lying after the telephone scene, because he handed in his receipts and all.

    I allways loved that Booth was willing to look past the fact that Max was a crook, at Max the person underneath that. Booth basically decided for himself that Brennan needed a father more than Max needed to be in prison.
    As an FBI-agent that must go against his nature, and it shows me that Booth loves/d Brennan in ways that go/went beyond partnership and romance.

  9. I think Max absolutely has the most at stake here, of all the people we’re looking to “blame.” For everyone else, Booth and Brennan getting together = Booth is happy, and Brennan is happy. This is what all these people want for Booth, and for Brennan. Maybe some of them are more for the happiness of one or the other, but really, all anyone wants is for Booth to be happy, and for Brennan to be happy. And it’s plain to all of us and to all of them that Brennan would make Booth happy, and that Booth would make Brennan happy. So they make all their little remarks, give their encouragement, etc. etc. The only thing any of these people have to gain from Brennan and Booth finally getting together is the happiness of their dear friends.

    Except one person, and that’s Max, in my opinion. Not that the happiness of dear friends isn’t a lot to gain–it is! But Max has a little more vested interest. For one, this is Brennan’s father. I’m not saying he wants Brennan’s happiness more or less than anyone else, but for heaven’s sake, he’s her father! Abandoning her or not, he’s made it plenty clear that he loves her as much as any father loves his daughter, and I think it’s only natural that as her father, he wants happiness for her pretty fiercely.

    But there’s more to it even than that I think. I think he sees Brennan’s “hang-ups,” if you will, and knows deep down that they’re there because of him. In protecting her, he’s also broken her in a way, and I think that kills him. I think he very obviously regrets the way his leaving affected his relationship with her. The collateral damage of his disappearance/protection is a very broken father-daughter relationship. But I think it kills him almost more that the collateral damage has extended to other parts of her life, other relationships, the most glaring being the one between her and Booth.

    Because he can see the havoc he wreaked not only on her relationship with him, but on her emotional, relational health in general, I think Max’s “shipping” is almost sort of a redemption for him. If he can see to it that she finds someone she loves, someone she can hold on to, despite the pain of his abandonment, then maybe Max can forgive himself a little bit for causing that pain. If he can help find someone to heal her, then maybe he can rest a little easier with his decision to leave her all those years ago.

    The theory that I brought up yesterday, about Max and Booth being two sides of the same coin (thanks for that concise phrasing by the way–pretty sure I stole it from here!), both trying to get past her walls, both hoping the other’s success might mean success for themselves–I love that theory. I do. And I think it’s legitimate. But I think it oversimplifies both Booth and Max’s motives. Booth genuinely wants Brennan to get along with Max for her own good–I fully believe that. He knows the importance of family, and he can see that Max really loves her, and for her own sake, he encourages Brennan to give Max a chance to repair. That her giving Max a chance could mean she’ll give Booth a chance is purely a bonus I believe. A very real bonus, but a bonus nonetheless.

    In that same way, I think Max “ships” Brennan and Booth for Brennan’s sake alone. He wants his baby girl to be happy, to be whole, and he wants a good man for her. He can see that in Booth, and not only can he see that Booth is a good man; he can see that Booth is a good man who cares about Brennan. Max wants someone who can teach Brennan about love and family–not so she’ll learn to forgive Max and be a family with him again, but because it will mean happiness for his daughter. It stands to reason that forgiveness and patching up would follow for Max once Brennan learns those things, but that end is not his motive–again, it’s merely a bonus I believe. But it’s a bonus that definitely means he has more at stake.

    It’s really interesting to me to be saying these things at the point in time that I’m saying it–it seems Brennan has learned a lot about love, and about family, and her relationship with Max has grown so much over time. Who would’ve imagined our Brennan acting the way she did towards him in Bullet in the Brain? Not me. And I think their relationship has only begun to blossom. And in that way (among about a million others), I think there is hope for Booth where Brennan is concerned. I think Max knows how indebted he is to Booth for the changes in Brennan, and so now more than ever, he wants a very specific “good man” for his daughter.

    And I have to say, I get those father-in-law, son-in-law flickers pretty much every time I see Booth and Max together. They sell it so good, haha. Whatever of those family moments we’re ever granted, I will adore them, I’m sure.

    • This. Yes! Absolutely right!

      I think we’ve had plenty of clues that Brennan was a Daddy’s girl, right? So his abandonment has obviously had a lot of repercussions! And Max can see that and he’s for sure hoping for redemption and thus he sees how Booth might be that in a way.

      • I think it’s so fascinating to imagine what the relationship between Brennan and Max was before he disappeared–I think the evidence pretty clearly points to Brennan being a Daddy’s girl. : ) The Brennan we know has always been…for lack of a better word, antagonistic towards Max–her mistrust of him characterizes almost all of her interaction with him that we’re privy to. It’s so interesting–and heart-breaking!–to realize that this mistrust stems from a deep love for her parents, and of Max specifically. It’s apparent in the way he treats her that she was once “his girl,” if you will, and sort of peeking into that past is just really fascinating as part of Brennan’s character, to see how who she is to us evolved from that pre-15-years-old family life.

        And if we can see what a big deal his abandonment was to her, then sure-as-shootin’ he can too. I think he’s probably lost a lot of sleep over it over the years. But the light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter! I’ll always adore those moments between Brennan and Max in BitB–they almost seem like they could be flashbacks from before he ever left. : ) Beautiful.

      • oh my gosh yes. The snickerdoodles and the singing and the special card game and driving across town to follow rainbows and making science fair projects. I think Brennan became a scientist to honor her father (what she then perceived as her father’s memory).

        Given the other clues, that she did not fit in with her peers, her relationship with her family, as the only people who understood her, must have been so hard to lose.

  10. I’m not sure it can be over-emphasized how reassuring it is for Booth to have Max’s approval/understanding. Without a close father-figure in his life (he had Pops, for sure, but Pops was his grandfather… a great man, but not a ‘dad’), Max’s approval is going to have a huge impact on Booth’s confidence concerning Brennan.

    All the opportunities that we see B&B interacting with each other’s families influences the possibility of their being ‘together’. It is one thing to have B&B accept each other and the difficult pasts that led them to be the stellar people they are, but to have their families embrass each other? That has to be priceless! Especially when Brennan, who has been so content being distant from her family for so long, *wants* her family to be close. I think she genuinely desires her family embrass Booth, and the fact that they do (and Booth accepts them) is one more reason she can allow them all back into her heart. The safe distance she has placed between herself and her family, for her own sake, can be made smaller by the support and acceptance Booth has for her and them (and vice versa).

    I LOVE the interplay between Booth and Max! Two sides of the same coin! My friend dated a guy that we lovingly referred to as a Good BAD BOY (his past was ALL bad, but he had grown up to be a good guy- the mixture is irresistible)!! I’d LOVE to have a Booth and a Max in my life! 🙂

  11. Whoops I meant thieves not thief’s…

  12. Oh Max! ha, it’s true, he’s totally sketchy, but only in the best way. I think I commented that after GGW, Max is the next party that constantly keeps me thinking that BB will happen. Seels, you’re so right, he totally reels me back in.

    I’m hoping they bring him back more often on the show! I don’t care that he reels me back in, I love it! 🙂

  13. I’ve said it before. I’m sure I’ll say it again. I have an uneasy feeling when it comes to Max. He just makes me nervous. For Brennan’s sake, I hope I have nothing to worry about. It’s obvious he ships B&B. All of the “evidence” I can come up with has already been shared in the post and earlier comments. I think Booth is everything Max would want for his daughter should something ever happen to him. And I think he’s still living a life that’s shady enough that something just might happen to him.

  14. Max is quite a B&B shipper but it bothers me that he just waltzes in and out of Brennan’s life. How can she trust him when he lies to her so much? Earlier he said he was ‘retired’ from his criminal past but in Bullet in the Brain he seems to still be manipulative and shady. I agree with those above who pointed out that seeing Brennan in a happy relationship would be redemptive for Max. He understands how good Booth is for Brennan and wants that for his daughter. He knows his mistakes and abandonment of her are largely responsible for the sadness in her life and he knows that Booth has helped her heal.

  15. Hey!

    Sorry I haven’t been commenting on these recently. But I’m reading them now and I love them all and agree with everything you’re saying. I’ve decided that they’re all crazy BB shippers. haha

    Thanks! 🙂

  16. I adore Max…like really really adore him. As in, would love to have him as a dad!!

    But to the actual point.

    I think Max is probably the one pushing the hardest for B/B because he needs it more. He needs to see that abandoning Brennan didn’t completely ruin her life. It didn’t destroy her ability to allow herself to love and be loved.

    It’s almost like Max wants to ‘give’ Booth to Brennan. Kind of his atonement for what he did.

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