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The Brother’s to Blame


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I must say, out of all of these characters, in a lot of ways, Jared is the one I blame least. However, the idea of Jared, and what happens in his wake? Well, it always just takes Booth’s character up a notch, and that ALWAYS brings a new dynamic to B&B.

Jared ‘represents’ what Brennan wants and what Booth wants to go away. That will always bring tension.

Brennan wants Booth, and to another extent, she wants the permission to freely want Booth. Jared represented that in a way that was too good ‘on paper’, and she learned that the reality couldn’t be theorized. Yes, in theory, if she can’t be with Booth, the second best option becomes the best option. In any other scenario, that is the case. But in the scenario of Seeley Booth, she learned it was not best.

I don’t know how I feel about that whole thing, if only because it seems she was and can still be distracted by ‘shiny baubles’ (her words, not mine), though she promised she wouldn’t be. Thoughts from you? Her apology/toast at Booth’s birthday party still stings, in my opinion, but that Booth understands what she means and is fine with it goes a long way in my book toward wanting to accept what she says.

That Brennan tells Jared off in Hero in the Hold is some consolation, but I still wish Booth could be more aware of that.

For Booth, Jared represents what he can’t escape…which is his overbearing need to protect, even if it means absorbing pain in order to do so. There’s the physical reality of his childhood, and Jared suggests Booth was like a dad who protected him from their real dad. But that carries over into the present, where Booth will cover up for Jared, and it also carries over into his relationship with Brennan.

I think at this point in the series, it seems easy to forget that Booth very deliberately protected Brennan from his feelings for her. Sweets commented on that to Dr. Wyatt, who agreed, and I also agree. That was painful to Booth, who I think felt that if he waited long enough, it would be worth it.

When Jared announces his engagement, it puts Booth on edge on all cylinders. Despite what DB said, again, I think the idea of Jared getting his act together and finding what seems like the perfect love would be enough for Booth to be frustrated. But since he doesn’t have  way to express that frustration with his own love life, he processes it as over-protection. And considering he tended to be overprotective anyway, it just is amplified.

And that’s where Brennan steps in, using his own words and arguments against Booth to make him see that even if he is right, there is no pleasure in being so. She helps him see that the grace he suggested she show to Max should be shown toward Jared (and Padme).

And it leads Brennan to another toast—this one I’m more fond of. She considers that love is a choice, a commitment, and that the feelings involved are a result of that choice. This is another moment that makes me have whiplash in regards to the 100th, but the more I consider it, the more I can wrap my mind around it. I think for Brennan, being able to tell Booth that he’d convinced her about love was a prize—that is, it was almost a gift she was offering to him, that he’d helped her consider things in a new way.

For Booth (and for me, if I’m honest), I think the truth of him is that as much as he might want to believe that just the idea of her being open to the idea of love is enough, it’s not. He wants her love. He wants her to want him and love him and be open to the idea of love and him together.

And I think Jared sort of represents that he can’t have that, but that the possibility is there. And for Booth, possibility can be his biggest enemy. It’s what keeps him going (and us happy), but is also what keeps him up at nights wondering, and it’s what keeps him standing still and unable to move on. It’s sort of a trap, I guess.

Booth is a lot of things for many people, but he can’t allow himself to be those things for himself.

I’m getting off on another topic, so I’ll just close with this. Again, of all of these ones, Jared represents what ‘can be’ between B&B…the ability to have love and family in the actual sense. To overcome the past and find love and happiness.

Thoughts from you?

Peace, Love & Bones,



14 thoughts on “The Brother’s to Blame

  1. I have to admit, I find the whole Brennan/Jared thing so distressing that I couldn’t even watch Con Man in the Meth Lab more than once. The apology/toast stings for me too!

    I don’t have a whiplash problem in the 100th though, because I saw Brennan’s 2nd toast as essentially outlining for Booth exactly how to approach her in order to win her over. Unfortunately, he didn’t get that message, did everything the wrong way, and just reinforced for Brennan that he’s an idealist with expectations and standards she feels she cannot possibly live up to. Instead of whiplash, I was more sadly shaking my head.

    • I agree with you about the whiplash and the hundredth. I really believe Brennan felt he deserved better than her and that she could never be his ideal.

  2. I will be honest here and say that Jared is one of the two people on this show I really dislike (the other being Daisy). Jared is a manipulative person who thinks nothing of using the person who loves him the most. Booth is very protective of Jared and yet Jared is only protective of himself. He goes so far as to call Booth a loser to the one person in the world that Booth wants respect from . People who manipulate and use other people always consider themselves to be winners and those they use, losers. Jared knew that Booth considered Brennan his partner and probably more; but, this meant nothing to Jared. The fact that Brennan was willing to believe Booth “lite”, even though Cam told her not to, was very hurtful to Booth. I really believe that Brennan was not entirely at fault for listening to Jared though. At that point, Brennan considered Booth to be someone who gives her sound advice on the human heart. Booth is a good friend who is very protective of her. She sees that he is very good at this job and is dedicated to solving murders and bringing justice. She probably thought that Jared was much the same because he was Booth’s brother. I do think that she didn’t get all of her facts in and chose to ignore Cam when she tried to tell Brennan about the Booth boys. Brennan wanted to have relations with Booth; but, since she was afraid that could jeopardize her partnership with Booth, Jared would make a good substitute. When she realized she had made a mistake about Jared, she tried to make it right by Booth. In Hero In The Hold, we saw that she could and would use Jared (like he uses others) to save Booth. She didn’t care if Jared lost his job or went to jail. Booth came first. Jared dead last. I am sure that when Booth found out about this afterwards he realized that the shiny baubles were just that and Brennan was quite capable of throwing them away for him. That had to make up for her ever thinking Booth was a loser, at least some what.
    The fact that Jared can find someone to marry him and Booth can’t probably seems grossly unfair to Booth. Booth has so much to offer, is a good guy, and yet the bad boy is the one who will marry first. I think this started Booth thinking about Brennan’s role in his life. That Brennan had to step in and call out Booth on what he was doing with Jared’s relationship probably impressed Booth more than Jared telling him off. Booth really has little respect for Jared. He has a lot of respect for Brennan and her steep learning curve. It was also important to him to not appear a hypocrite to Brennan. So, rant aside, Jared may be a jerk; but, he does serve a purpose in that he shows Booth that marriage is possible with someone even if they have a pretty rough past. Jared also shows Brennan that first impressions are not always best and that just because she wants something doesn’t mean that she should get it.

  3. I think it’s important to remember that Jared had the same childhood Booth had, with the exception that Booth was there to protect him. So Jared has a view of the world and of himself affected by childhood abuse, and by his brother’s protection of him from that abuse.

    That’s not to make excuses for Jared the man, but just to say that some of the same leeway we tend to give Booth should be extended to Jared.

    (btw, I giggle at Sweets being labeled “The Duck” every time I visit this main page. The psychologist quack is a duck. hehehe)

    • There was no one there to protect Booth (until Pops rescued them both) and yet Booth is the better man.

      • I don’t know that I would say “better man” as much as I’d say Booth was someone who faced his responsibilities earlier. I’m no psychologist (“I hate psychology”), but I think part of Jared’s problem (?) is that someone has always come to his rescue, namely his big brother.

        I also think that protectiveness is part of Booth’s character, and if he had been the younger brother it would still have been him trying to protect Jared.

        To give Jared his due, he seems to have recognized his character flaws and is taking baby steps, sorta, to grow up.

  4. I think that anyone more worldly than Brennan might have been a little suspicious of Jared’s ‘opinions’ of his brother, but Brennan took the whole thing too literally, as always. She was VERY definitely dazzled by Jared, in my opinion, and, let’s face it, Jared’s life was evidently a lot more glamorous than Booth’s, as evidenced by the party at the White House. There may have been an element of ‘well, if I can’t have one Booth I’ll have the other’, but I really wonder whether Brennan was actually just flaunting her ‘conquest’ of the younger Booth, because I feel she was being deliberately obtuse during the ‘intervention’ by Cam and Sweets. The thing I found really upsetting here was that although Brennan had slowly been realising and understanding Booth’s abilities, (and had actually acknowledged them on occasion,) after a few casual observations from his brother was willing to dismiss all that she’d learned. No wonder Booth was angry and hurt and probably devastated too. (I really wanted Booth to slap Jared silly but that was just me.)

    I would think that Jared announcing his engagement was adding insult to injury for poor Booth. For an annoying little tyke like Jared to find and settle down with his true love so easily was another ‘slap in the face’, really. It’s a measure of Booth’s character that he was able to eventually give his wholehearted support to his brother, but it must have rankled with him, deep down. Just another example of his brother coming up smelling of roses, something that probably happened a lot during their childhood because of Booth’s protectiveness.

    In the end Jared WAS inadvertently instrumental in making Brennan realise that she really had misjudged Booth very badly, and so up to a point he did help their relationship to progress, but given that she hated to be wrong about anything, to me, the content of her’ toast’ was not entirely surprising.

  5. Yep, the brother’s to blame. I still have difficulty rewatching that ep because Brennan seemed so out of character when meeting Jared. She is supposed to be a person who is not impressed by others or convention but she certainly fell hard and fast at least temporarily. From the timeline, Booth was a pre or young teenagers when Pops rescued the boys, so that would make Jared around 7-8 or so and had either Booth or Pops to protect him so he never had to grow up. I still “smart” when I remember that Brennan never spoke the words to Booth that he is not “loser” and so I blame Jared for the unclear and wavering feelings between Booth and Brennan. Booth may have forgiven Brennan for the comment but I doubt if he forgot it, especially now when three women whom he loved have turned him down.

  6. Wow, this is all really interesting to me–I’ve never really been able to wrap my mind around the way Jared fits into all of this, and quite honestly, this post has just thrown more material into my head to process.

    I wanted to say, as far as the apology/toast goes, I agree that it feels a little bit like not enough, like Booth should get to see the reality of that toast a little bit more from her. Side note: out of curiosity, what other shiny baubles has she been distracted by since then? I’m not disagreeing; I just can’t remember much–apart from Hacker, but I never saw that as a shiny baubles type of thing–it’s not as if she believed Hacker was a better man than Booth. Or maybe the fact that she chooses to pursue something with him does suggest he’s the “better man” in her eyes. Even if it’s only subconsciously, why would she start seeing a lesser man? And I suppose he’s in a measure more successful than Booth, though he freely admits Booth is a better agent (and better man, even if only facetiously). Interesting. So is Hacker the only other time? I just can’t remember others. Maybe Maluku even counts as shiny baubles…choosing one reality–anthropologist on a dig–over another–Booth’s partner in solving homicides. Hmmm…

    So correct me if I’m wrong, but is this saying that Jared gives us hope in that he forces the realization on Brennan that nothing is good enough if not Booth? I can see that. It’s taken me a little bit to wrap my mind around it, but I can see that. Jared is just a glaring reminder that nothing less than Booth will work.

    Still not sure what Jared means for Booth in the giving-us-hope sense, but I’ll keep thinking about it. : )

  7. I guess I’m the only person here who appreciated Brennan’s speech at the end. Brennan calling Booth an alpha-male, with a definition apart from her beloved anthropology, means definitely not a loser, IMO. I actually think it says more than “You are not a loser.” I do agree that Brennan made a terrible choice in believing Jared’s take on things. I think she had taken Booth for granted since she had known him for so long; she did pretty much admit to that in her speech. To be honest, the bare facts of how Jared described Booth were not far off. It was his interpretation of Booth’s actions as cowardly that was incorrect.

    I don’t spend too much time thinking about why Brennan did what she did because I don’t think it was the point (and because it just pains me.) I think the point (or at least part of it) was Brennan’s realization at the end as part of her character growth. Blame the writers, 😉 They wanted her to have it, so they had to set up a situation to get her there.

    I wish we had seen more of Pops. I think he would have made a good person to “blame”, too.

    • You’re not the only one–I really enjoyed it too, just I can see where people are coming from as far as wishing she said it…more somehow. With Booth’s insecurities, she probably couldn’t spell it out too clear for him. I think her speech was beautiful and meaningful–admitting anthropology was lacking?!? Brennan??!–but I can see how, knowing Booth, people would wish she had shown Booth more somehow.

    • POPS! I think my favorite episode is FitF! I just can’t get over how much Booth and Brennan just fell into couple mode in trying to take care of him. It was precious! It convinces me, more than ever, that they’ll be able to relax, be a couple, tackle everyday life together. Also, how endearing it is to have an older person in their lives that gives them wisdom concerning themselves?? (I love Max for the same reason, but Pops doesn’t have all the shady-ness) 🙂

  8. I don’t know what to make of Jared but he is not a B & B shipper. I get the feeling he and Booth don’t really talk and maybe he doesn’t even know what is between Booth and Brennan. If he did, why would he try to kiss her at the White House? That just astounds me and I refuse to accept that Brennan may have let him. I think he is wrapped up in his own life and doesn’t feel the need to be close to Booth. That’s sad because they do have common childhood experiences of sorts and could help each other instead of being the enabler and the drunk. Booth may be underestimating Jared’s abilities a little though as Jared did rise to a high level in the military. I hope Booth knows that Jared gave up his military career to save Booth. Even that sacrifice doesn’t seem to have brought them closer together. Maybe we will see some reconciliation in the future. It would be awesome to see Jared and Padme and B & B on a double date or with Pops. There are so many great conversations to be had.

  9. Another great post. I love this site even if I am literary challenged!!! I am very hopeful that over the course of the rest of the season and however long that we see more of Brennan repeating Booth’s words back to him. I see a Booth and Brennan that have switched places in a lot of ways. A Brennan that now believes in love and making it the long haul and wanting a different kind of family. Then we have a Booth that is giving up, shutting his heart down and accepting that some people don’t get to be part of a family. Will we see more of Brennan saying little pieces of his words over the years back to him? I sure hope so…..I agree with Seals….I think we will start seeing Brennan being Booth’s saving grace and I can’t wait!!!

    In life and marriage and partners, when one is down and weak the other is strong. I am not saying that Brennan was weak all those years when Booth was an unconditional friend but I am saying that in the ways of love and commitment she was the student. Booth has given up on a value and belief he has had for his whole life and now I sure do hope we get to see Brennan bring his faith back to that. I don’t think we will see Brennan say “I told you love was temporary and ephemeral.” I think we will hear Brennan say “You were right. It is possible and I am holding on to the fact that one day you will believe in it again.” Brennan saving Booth….I think it might even be possible that we will see her step in front of a bullet for him to let her know she now thinks it is worth it. If not physically then maybe metaphorically.

    Let the friendship building begin!!! I can’t wait!

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