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Morning After Q: True or False: Brennan Doesn’t Care About Money


Good morning! Happy Friday!

This is sort of a general topic for discussion, so I’ll be interested in hearing what you have to say on it. I think it’s also fair to ask whether she cares about money in relation to how much Booth does, or other characters on the show.

And of course you COULD just say True or False, but I’m hoping you’ll provide explanations for your answers.

Hope you have a great day,

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26 thoughts on “Morning After Q: True or False: Brennan Doesn’t Care About Money

  1. I think Brennan doesn’t care about money in the way that people who are financially secure don’t care about it. They have it, they don’t worry about not having it, so it’s a non-issue.

    To me, it’s obvious Brennan isn’t money-focused, either, based on how she dresses and her overall lifestyle.

    It’s also interesting to me how much the issue of money, as it relates to his overall life, isn’t much of a factor for Booth, either. Except for wanting the best for Parker and feeling a trifle chip-on-the-shoulder about the school in the episode with the Manny (can’t remember the title), the fact that Brennan is so much wealthier doesn’t seem to be something he spends much time thinking or worrying about.

  2. She doesn’t really care about money. The fancy car, the rolex, were gifts from her publisher. She wouldn’t buy those sorts of things for herself. She offers money to her brother without even thinking. She spends millions of dollars on a bridge. I think her attitude toward Angela and the pig in season 5 was rather OOC, quite frankly, and manufactured by the writers for the purpose of having them fight.

    I disagree with the poster above who thinks Booth doesn’t care about their income disparity. In the season 5 episode with his bad plumbing, he does not want to even borrow money from her. He often makes jokes about how “loaded” she is, but joking is often a way of expression tension. He constantly complains about his lousy per diem and lousy accommodations when they travel. She always has a much better hotel, flies in first class (I’m sure she would have bought him a ticket if he’d have allowed her to).

    If/when they are a couple, this will be a source of conflict for them.

  3. I disagree. Booth makes those comments in an off-hand manner, without malice. I don’t see seething resentment or frequent put-downs based on the difference in their incomes.

    I know couples where the woman makes a significant amount more than her husband. In the cases where hubby resents it, it’s painfully and uncomfortably obvious to everyone around.

    I just don’t get that from Booth and Brennan. YMMV, obviously. But I don’t see it.

  4. I think Brennan cares that she has money; but, not to buy the most things or to flaunt the fact that she has a lot of it. She has money and she can buy what she wants. She likes to flaunt her education and the fact that she is a best selling author; but, she never seems to brag about personal things. I thought it was interesting that she mentioned that she was rich to Hodgins in Aliens In A Spaceship and he said no he was rich, she was well off. When he mentioned the price of the perfume he had bought for Angela, she remarked that was an insane price to pay. She may have money; but, she is not going to waste it.
    I don’t think Booth cares too much about what Brennan makes either. He does make comments about her money sometimes; but, it is to complain about his per diem not hers. I remember, In The Baby In The Bough, when he thought her money could be put to good use to buy a house in the country with a big screen tv so he could watch it. He also thought it was nice of her to build a bridge for a dying community. He gets irritated with her mentioning her education and the fact that she is a best selling author; but, he doesn’t begrudge Brennan her money.
    I did think it was funny when Brennan bought Booth a used Dummies Book for plumbing and expected Booth to pay her back. Booth thought it should be a gift and she didn’t.

  5. Brennan does care about money. If she didn’t have the vast amounts she has she would miss it and the lifestyle it gives her. She can be quite snobby about it. Point in case she didn’t want to sit in economy with Booth on the plane journey, so she upgraded to 1st class. So yes she does care about money in one way and who and what it can buy her.

  6. Short answer: I don’t think Brennan cares about money. I think she’s comfortable having it, though, and she likes the niceties it affords her.

    I actually think the flying 1st class issue is more of an exception to the rule. That’s why it was the only the thing she brought it in the money conversation between her and Booth. To be honest, if I could afford it, I would fly first class all the time, too. I don’t think that was being snobby. The only snobby comment I heard her make was when she told Sweets she didn’t have any desire to learn a menial skill like plumbing – I can’t decide if it was just a snobby moment or OOC. In general, I don’t think Brennan is snobby. Most people like nice things, and I try not to hold it against people who can afford to indulge themselves occasionally.

    We all know Brennan has no problem stating the facts – “I’m the best in the world (with bones)”. She’s not ashamed of her success, and she shouldn’t be because she has worked so hard. I think she has come to realize that just having intelligence isn’t enough, because I think before she met Booth, she valued people by their intelligence level. Psychologically, (don’t tell Brennan), maybe it was the result of her feeling like it was the only thing she had going for her after being abandoned, and therefore measured her own worth by it.

    • I’m reading what I wrote, and I’m not sure whether my response better backs up a true or false.
      Maybe in some ways she does, but in some ways she doesn’t. She certainly doesn’t care about it in an unhealthy way, and that’s good enough for me. Being rich is not a crime (unless you’ve been extorting people). She has put her money towards good causes.

  7. Guess I am going to disagree with the masses here but I think that Brennan does like money and what it can bring her. They make a point in the show to accentuate Booth’s lesser economic status. Cam makes more than him,(she pointed that out to him in an episode), Hodgins is a billionaire, Angela is wealthy via Brennan’s books, Brennan is at least a millionaire. Brennan pointed out that Parker would PROBABLY be ok since he cant go to a private school, she makes a point to upgrade her plane seats when they travel but does not upgrade his. Sweets is the only other character that is not distinguished as wealthy. I think it is to show a distinction between Booth and the squints, putting another wedge between them, to solve hopefully.

    • I think Booth is very aware that because he chooses to stay in public service, working for the FBI, he makes less money than he could on the outside and he accepts that. I recently watched “Judas on a Pole” and he made a comment about that specifically.

      I’m also not sure I would say that he compares himself with other people in the lab outside of Brennan. Hodgins’ wealth is rarely – in fact, almost never – mentioned. It’s never been suggested or stated that anyone knows about the money Brennan paid Angela for her contributions to the sexual side of Brennan’s books. And Cam is a physician and the head of the department. It would be a case of gross gender discrimination for her not to make more money than an FBI agent.

      I just don’t see that Booth is bothered or resentful of the money Brennan has. He acknowledges it, he’s certainly aware of it, but he’s never behaved as if he feels like the poor relation.

  8. False. I do think she cares about money but I think it’s in a good way. To me, she will happily spend her money as long as she feels it will be put to good value.
    Brennan clearly dislikes spending money when it isn’t worthwhile – giving large sums of money to publishers, betting on a partner in a boxing match when winnings are not fairly given out, or giving money to teens that fail on their promise to give information in return.

    She values living comfortably, making her friends happy and helping those who are not as fortunate as she is. Sometimes it just takes her some time to understand the value of helping out. Brennan doesn’t seem to care about expensive cars or additional property but she does spend her money to ensure her comfort – first class, avoidance of tasks that are not worth her valuable time and effort, nice apartment, etc.
    There are incidences in which she does not see the value of spending her money at first, but later comes to learn how it is worthwhile and provides money willingly. For example, Brennan doesn’t see why she should spend money to set up a scholarship for Wendell because she gives her money to other worthwhile charities or why she should give money to Angela to buy one pig when the effect is minimal or why money should be spent on a town when people could simply move out of the area. Once she understands how her money is worthwhile, she is happy to help out.

  9. I think Brennan views money as a tool. It’s useful. She spreads the wealth to worthy causes (although sometimes she has to be reminded when a worthy cause is right in front of her, like Wendell’s fellowship!) But she came up with the idea to resurrect Baby Andy’s hometown all by herself.

    Obviously she enjoys being surrounded by attractive things in her home and wardrobe, but if it were all about the money she would have moved to a more ostentatious home long ago. She’s been in the same condo / apartment since season 2. And she has almost never taken a vacation for simple enjoyment. Visiting Russ one summer was the only time I can think of it. She also seems to regard gifts from her publishers (a car, a watch) as nice perks, but nothing to brag about or show off.

    I don’t think she cares at all about how much money she has vs. how much anyone else has / makes, most certainly not Booth. At times she seems almost surprised when someone remind hers that she’s loaded and they aren’t. When she’s the one to bring it up, it usually seems to be in the context of practical advice — well, I could afford that, but are you sure you can? It may sound like she’s rubbing it in, and in the early days no doubt Booth took it that way, but really I think in her mind she’s just pointing out the facts!

  10. Well I don’t think Brennan cares about money in the way I’d normally think of if I were to say that about someone. I don’t think she’s set out to deliberately amass wealth. It’s really just a by product at her success in her chosen field, and her writing success. The writing which really she just stumbled into (can you imagine the way an author who’s struggles for years to get published must feel about that).

    So I’d say my vote it that money really isn’t important to her, but hey if you have it you might as well make use of it.

    Now that she has money I do think she enjoys being able to do things with it. Things like sponsoring scholarships, building bridges to revitalize a town, and yes flying first class when she needs to fly. But the woman will still go off to a dig where she may be living in primitive conditions, and that’s not for the money she can get from it, but for the work she’s doing…possibly redefining the origins of humanity.

    As for Booth and how he takes her wealth and what it means to him; that seems to be something the are not constant on. In one episode it really doesn’t seem to bother him at all, and in fact he seems to enjoy it like in The Baby in the Bough; but, in The Man in the Mansion, and in The Boy in the Tree he does seem to have some resentments to people with money, but not really Brennan specifically.

  11. I have two thoughts and a conclusion.

    Thought #1:
    That Brennan makes more money than Booth has long been an issue between them – both in the sense that Booth feels inferior because of it and that Brennan flaunts it. She’s probably being more factual than mean when she points out the income disparity, but it’s still a pretty major source of conflict between them.

    Thought #2:
    We’ve seen more than once that Brennan will willingly give her money to benefit a good cause without a second thought. Wealth has it’s benefits, and she enjoys them, but at the same time, she doesn’t always necessarily care about having the biggest, best, or brightest things.

    The Conclusion:
    Ultimately the fact that Brennan has money doesn’t matter as much as the fact that she has so much more than Booth.

  12. False. Brennan cares about money in the same way that she cares about her own beauty. She sees its value in society, and therefore enjoys the benefits of having it. that’s not to say that she’s driven by greed, but that she sees no problem with earning a lot of money and enjoying the nice things and experiences that come with it. I also think it’s important to note that she’s not selfish with her money (see “The Baby in the Bough” and “The Bond in the Boot”).

  13. While it’s not really explored on the Show, I would think that anyone who had been in foster care and who had to essentially putherself through post secondary education would care about money, at least to the extent that she can afford the things she needs and wants. However, she is generous when motivated and does not overtly flaunt her wealth. She seems to have a pretty grounded attitude toward her wealth.

  14. I think Brennan is eminently practical so I think she sees her money as a tool. She uses it the way she uses her skills and intelligence. So she appreciates that it allows her to do what she needs to do and to have nice and functional things. I don’t think she sees it as status. I think she cares more about her “status” as related to her intelligence. I’ve never had enough money so I’m not really sure how one acts when one has it. 😉 My question is: Why isn’t ANGELA loaded when her Dad is Billy Frigging Gibbons? Does she refuse to take money from him to be independent? I’ve never totally got this…

    • [b]MellBert[/b] specifically I want to address your question about Angela – unless you are royalty / Bill Gates Family rich you don’t typically get a stipend to live off of from your parents. You get an inheritance when your parents/parent dies. I’m sure within the context of Bones-verse her Dad paid for her university education [i](an excellent school since she met Brennan there)[/i], but otherwise is accountable for her own expenses in life. Privileged, but not spoiled, and not a ‘trust fund baby’. 😀

      As for Bones – False. Now that she is ‘well off’ as Hodgy-Baby described it she could give a rats a$$ about money. She’s lived in sub-poverty conditions. She has more than roughed it by Western standards. Yes there are specific comforts that she is glad she can indulge in, but otherwise money is just a tool…her means to an end. The problem being that extreme wealth – and the discrepancy between his wealth and Bones’ does bother Booth. As a friend he can encourage her to buy a house with a big screen TV so he can come over and watch, but as a virile man he cannot be ‘kept.’ This will be a problem for them to overcome…one of many that they could have if TPTB would just get their heads out of their arses and let them be a couple. Tension = Passion & chemistry which we will still have plenty of if/when they get together!

      • Thank you! That was my assumption too. Billy just seems like such a doting father that I wonder why he wouldn’t give her more things. A house, a car etc… But maybe Angela is so independent she wouldn’t accept anything from him anyway. 🙂 Oh to have had college paid for! *sigh* 🙂

  15. I cannot recall seeing Brennan actually spend a lot of money on herself (exept for the 1st class plane ticket, but I see that more as a storytelling thing from the writers. I’m sure it has nothing to do with showing off to Booth.). Sure she has a nice appartment, but she seems to rarely spend time there, and didn’t even own a tv for quite some time.
    Remember when she told Wendell “I have quite a lot of money, and it is of no use to me in Maluku”. Does that sound like a woman who cares a lot about money and wealthy lifestyles?
    We see here wear jewelry that means something to her (like necklaces that are likely inspired by places/cultures that she has studied or traveled to as an entropologist and (ear)ring that have to do with her mother), but never the stuff that people who like to flaunt their financial status wear. I think Brennan is all about her academic status. That’s what she’s most proud of and secure about. Money is just not what her life is about. It’s not even wat she works for, allthough given her past, the complete independence that money allows her is probably very important to her.

    I totally love the scene when she wants him to pay the 6$something for the plumbing for dummies book because otherwise he “might take it as an assault on his virility”. She is so guilless and blunt, but at the same time very sweet in her way, because earlier in the episode he told her he did feel a little bit weird about her making so much more than he does (and called her miss Rolex). And I think this is sort of an odd BrennanTM way of showing that that bothers her a little, and trying to make it better. I think it’s adorable, and I think Booth secretly agrees with me a little bit. He just gets her.

  16. Brennan’s wealth gives her a sense of security. When you look at her past you can see where having money would give a person an increased sense of stability in their personal life. Brennan is proud of her success and enjoys what that brings to her life. Her wealth doesn’t define her as a person though. The thing she values most is her intelligence and how others perceive it. She is confident in her abilities and doesn’t let her wealth dictate who she is. Everyone cares about money to some extent, whether you have tons of it or none of it. She doesn’t see that it should matter how much or how little she may have because it really doesn’t matter. Yes, Brennan is aware she is well off but she doesn’t let it determine how she lives her life. If she some how lost all her money and had to live without all the trappings it affords, I don’t think it would bother her all that much. She has money but she doesn’t let it define who she is as a person. She sees greater value in other things and doesn’t let money rule how she lives her life.

  17. True. I agree with those here who say Brennan enjoys the security her wealth gives her as well as the fact that it allows her to do things for other people like the bridge for Andy or the scholarship for Wendell. She doesn’t flaunt her money. She would never buy a Rolex or a fancy car but since she has them, she enjoys those perks. I think in the Passenger in the Oven example where Brennan is flying first class and Booth isn’t is largely because it’s an overseas flight and also because the flight is for her. Booth is just there for security. But in the other trips like LA or Las Vegas they don’t talk about the flight there because they are both on the FBI’s dime and I assume they are both flying coach. (Or it was necessary due to the storyline – haha) Booth is a little insecure about their income disparity in the sense that he thinks it will bother her if they become a couple. I don’t think it will be too big a deal though. Booth has a problem with most people with money; however, he sees the difference between ‘most rich people’ and Brennan and Hodgins. He has come respect that some people have money and don’t abuse it or abuse people because of it and Brennan and Hodgins are two examples of that.

  18. I just have seen 05*02 episode with money theme. I see that Bennan doesn’t care about money at all. She has big amounts. She is kind of people which haven’t problems with money and can’t imagine that problems. “I never fly couch” she says. But she doesn’t flaunt of that. As Booth say “You have a lot of money but you don’t have a flat screen even!”. That things is not important for her – expensive clothes, cars, watches, phones, computers, TV sets and so on.

    What about Booth, I see that he is a little jealous. He too wants to have no idea about fly first class. He wants new and big flat screen, he wants expensive help in plumbing and so on. But he is a good kind of man. That all isn’t big problem for him. He worths other things – son’s hugs, solved cases, partner’s smile. And I love this.

    I think if (oh, when!) B&B will become a couple, the difference in their amounts wouldn’t a big problem. Maybe they will have jokes about it – that’s all.

    P.S. As usually – sorry for my English 🙂

    • Don’t apoligize for your English. Heck, most of us can only speak and write in one language so you are doing a pretty good job of making yourself clear.

  19. I don’t think Brennan cares about money.

    Now, I think she uses her money to get things she wants, i.e. the first class plane ticket others have mentioned, and she uses her money to help others; offering it to Russ without blinking, building the bridge in season three. But I think these things are different than caring about money.

    To me people who “care” about money are all about getting more of it. Brennan doesn’t seem to put a lot of time or energy into making more money. She’s just doing her thing and as a side effect is making money. In the Pilot Booth has to tell her that she’s on the best sellers list and explain what that means. She didn’t seem to know that she was going to become very wealthy because of her books. It wasn’t something she had spent a lot of time dwelling on; she was just writing.

    Someone who cared about money wouldn’t have so easily given Angela such a big share of the profit for her books. The people in my life who have money seem to have it because they don’t easily give it away. They seem to be stingy in a way, buying things for themselves, giving enough to charity to use as a tax write-off, but keeping the rest of it very close to the vest. Brennan just doesn’t strike me this way.

    Brennan isn’t materalistic in at all; which I think someone who cares about money, is. She gets what she wants but that’s different than dwelling on getting what you think you need because others have it. Brennan drives a Prius, when she could afford a much more expensive car (interesting note: so does ED) … someone who cares about money buys a car way above what they can afford for fear that those seeing them won’t realize what money they have. Brennan’s confident that she has enough to take care of herself and those she loves; but she no need to make sure the entire world knows that she’s wealthy. She’s rather very casual about the whole sitaution.

    Anyway, that’s what I think. 🙂

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