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The Coroner’s to Blame


Hello, everyone! Quick note, we will be having a Morning After Q today too, but I also wanted to keep the series going. Tomorrow, I’ll finish up with Sweets and then do a scene study on Sunday, and then we’ll be back to normal. Or at least, as normal as things get around here. 🙂

So let’s talk Cam. Of all of the characters in our series, I think at first, she seems to be someone who kept B&B apart. In season two, there are a few moments where it seems like SOMETHING EVEN MORE AMAZING could have happened between them, if it hadn’t been for Cam. Vegas, ‘More than one kind of family’, ‘I knew you wouldn’t give up’, ‘Thai food’, etc, right?

But let me ask you this…how well do you think Cam really does know Booth? I think she knows him pretty well, and the rest of the series suggests that when it comes to Booth, Cam has some expertise.


I’m not saying sleeping with Seeley Booth is a chore or anything (not that I have direct knowledge!), but there is a part of me that believes that Cam honestly liked the friends with benefits relationship she had with him and that she completely knew the stakes between B&B and was HELPING Booth remain true to Brennan by making sure he didn’t fall in love with anyone else. Not that she ever said, “Hey, if you’re ever feeling the urge to be with Dr. Brennan but know you can’t, you can always knock on my door”, but I think she recognized signs in him. Breaking up with Rebecca once and for all, she knew from experience, would put him in a particular mood, and so she intervened.

Haha, that is sort of convoluted, and like I said, only a part of me feels that way. What do you think? Am I giving Cam too much credit?

Of course, all of this happened in season two, before we learned (in the 100th episode), that Cam is the one who suggested Booth contact Brennan and ‘partner up’ in the first place. Cam, I’d like to shake your hand, please! So in that way, she is most certainly to ‘blame’ for getting this whole ball a’rollin!


And, for me at least, this conversation between Cam and Booth in Harbingers in a Fountain…well, it gave me hope, and it’s what puts Cam firmly on this list of people to ‘blame’ for making me believe in B&B.

I love how eager Cam was, how she just blurted out, “You’re in love with Dr. Brennan” as if she just couldn’t keep it inside one more second. I love that Booth didn’t exactly deny it, and I love that she gave him that encouraging smile. It was so friendshippy, and Booth desperately needs friends, you know?

I love a lot of it, as you can see, haha. But the truth is that, as I’ve said before, after season four, I was sort of ‘meh’ about BONES, and the season five premiere just sucked me right back into it all, and this was one of the main reasons why.

Of course, it also makes me feel like there has been such a GLARING lack of Cam and Booth moments this season regarding this issue. I am still guessing it’s deliberate, and I liked the Cam and Booth scene about HER love life, but I’m just surprised that the only mention we’ve seen from Cam on the entire B&B issue this season was when she told Brennan she’d just assumed the partners would come back from their trips as a real couple.

How in the heck???!!!!!!

I don’t know what to make of that; what do you think? B&B were never more ‘distant’ from one another than at the end of season five, so Cam’s remark always catches me off guard. It makes me wonder what Booth said about Brennan when he was gone. And we all know Brennan never said anything to anyone while she was gone.

Okay, once again, I’m getting off topic.

But let me know what you think. What role has Cam had in the B&B relationship?

Peace, Love & Bones,



16 thoughts on “The Coroner’s to Blame

  1. I think Cam knowing Booth before she came to Jeffersonian gives her a lot insight into Booth. She had already knew him for 15 years before Titan On The Tracks and may have had a personal relationship earlier also. She really did seem to like the friends with benefits thing because marriage to her seemed to be something she didn’t want. She could use Booth as a shield against her father and Booth went along with it. I always thought is was interesting that Booth and Cam tried to hide their relationship from the others. They did a terrible job of it and even Brennan, who doesn’t always pick up on inter-personal relationship clues, noticed that Booth and Brennan were behaving like a couple. I have watched the episodes where Booth and Cam were together several times and Brennan, though interested, seems to me, doesn’t take the relationship very seriously. Though Brennan knew that Booth and Cam were seeing each other, Booth had given her proof that he was interested in being closer to Brennan when he ditched a Cam date to be with Brennan to fill out paperwork. I think Brennan was comfortable with a Booth/Cam relationship because she knew that Booth and Cam were not serious and nothing was going to come of it. In a way, this allowed her to become closer to Booth as Brennan could see that Booth was not in a permanent relationship with anyone at this time. Cam has proven over the years that she would really like to see Booth and Brennan together; but, I think Cam has been a little leary of how that is going to happen. She even warned Booth in Harbingers In The Fountain, Cam to Booth: Except be sure about your feelings because if you crack that shell, and you change your mind, she’ll die of loneliness before she’ll trust anyone ever again.

  2. Oh I do not think for one second that Cam slept with Booth for some sort of altruistic “keep him from falling in love with anyone else” reason.

    That was not her season 2 character at all.

    It’s no coincidence that Cam makes her move on Booth the episode after he tells her he’s with Bones, all the way, and the rest of the squints are too. Cam wanted to FIRE Brennan. Cam is ticked that everyone’s loyalty is to Brennan. So she gets her revenge by going after the one thing Brennan doesn’t have so far – Booth in bed.

    Also, when you factor in what Booth told Gordon Gordon – that he broke up with Cam the first time because Rebecca wanted to try again? When Cam heard from Brennan that he was back with Rebecca, I think her competitive nature took over.

    Cam’s entire relationship with Booth is fueled by Brennan. He takes Brennan to Vegas and she hears him zipping up her dress and saying it’s hot? Next episode she is pushing them to go to New York together. Cam sees Booth freak out at the prospect of losing Brennan in Aliens in Spaceship – next episode Cam grabs his hand in full view of Brennan, just so Brennan knows what’s what.

    Perhaps by the time they broke up, Cam knew it was a lost cause. Or the ordeal of the events of Man in the Cell sufficiently bonded the entire team so that Cam no longer felt like an outsider.

    But no way do I believe season 2 Cam did anything to help the ship.

    What you’ve left out though, is Cam’s contribution in season 3. Brennan is avoiding Booth, Cam is the one who keeps calling her in on cases where she really isn’t needed, insisting she go out in the field with him. Cam is the one Booth confides in when he wonders why she won’t work with him.

    This is echoed in season 5. Cam is the one he confides in about being in love with Brennan, but when Booth drags Brennan out to crime scenes where she really isn’t needed (Gamer in the Grease) Cam does not help him justify Brennan’s presence. It’s like she’s saying “you’re on your own now, buddy. Grow a set!”

  3. Don’t mind me. I just want to get email about responses and I can’t unless I post something. Nothing to see here, folks. Move along.


    • yes, look over me as well… 😀 I will be reading replies at work via email… heheh! i’m a total shipper!

  4. I don’t believe that sleeping with Booth was either predatory or altruistic. They obviously had a spark when they met again and being as Cam seems sort of a workaholic with little time for personal relationships, I think Booth was an easygoing, comforting choice for her. They already liked and knew each other but yet had apparently never taken their feelings too seriously, so in her mind he was a an emotionally safe way to satisfy her biological urges. And I don’t mean that snarkily-they truly were “friends with benefits.” If Booth didn’t seem to be a serious with her as with the others it’s probably because he was still in rebound mode from Rebecca the first time he was with her-and in my mind, this second time too. But for that, which Cam seemed to know and accept happily as it relieved her of true commitment, Booth might have made a bigger push for more. I remember the scene where he questions whether she ever saw more in them as a couple and she pretty much says she was happy to go home alone, and he was too; he gives her this ambivalent look, and doesn’t really answer. We know he has a hard time letting women go. In the context of Hannah’s rejection, I wonder if that little scene made a return engagement in Booth’s mind.

    It did seem to me that she became aware of Booth’s feelings for Brennan pretty fast, but I’m not sure she unsderstood at the time just how deep they ran. Seeley Booth is a flirty, charming guy around women so maybe seeing him in action didn’t really bug her. But more likely, she didn’t feel strongly enough about him as a life partner to care that much.

    Her big transformation for me came in Con Man. She went from ex-something to good friend, openly advocating to Brennan on Booth’s behalf. Cam really cares about him and now understands just how much Brennan means to him. She also knows that underneath the strong Booth everyone sees is a fragile human being carrying burdens no one knows about-and a guy who tends to sell himself short a lot. Cam’s plea during the intervention is a warning about his fragility because she sees how Brennan’s negative view of him could really damage Booth. In addition, her character sheds light on how alone Booth is and how much he keeps to himself. Along with GG, Cam helps to put Booth’s behavior into perspective. She is ultimately one of my favorite shippers. I never worry about what comes out of her mouth because she is thoughtful and experienced and I can see that she truly wants the best for B/B. I also love how muxh she has come to respect and care for Brennan. And her remark about them being a couple already? Along with Clark’s comment, this was a slip; a moment of utter frustration as to the silliness of the whole situation. One can only remain calm and measured for so long when assaulted by the gross unfairness of two people refusing to see what is so clear to everyone else.

    • I agree with everything but:

      “In the context of Hannah’s rejection, I wonder if that little scene made a return engagement in Booth’s mind.”

      I doubt that, at least not immediately. He comes out with this whole rant about The Big Three, and nowhere does he say, “And then after Rebecca broke my heart, I got involved with someone who insisted on keeping things light and never gave us a real chance.”

      • You’re probably right, but I can’t help but thinking that it’s yet another relationship that didn’t work out for him, whatever the reason. But it may be that he doesn’t even think about it this way.

  5. I like Cam a lot more now than I did in season two and I love the way the writers have developed this sort of easygoing, platonic friendship between her and Booth that hasn’t been marred by their romantic past. I think Cam understands Booth, she knows him, in a way that no one else but Brennan does (Brennan “gets” him better, if that makes sense, but Cam has the benefit of having a longer history with him). I miss their converstaions and hope we see them again someday.

  6. I agree with so many of the comments here. Cam most certainly didn’t sleep with Booth to “save him” from predatory females so that Brennan could have him; she slept with him to sleep with him. It might have been a reaction to Rebecca, it probably was more of a reaction to his proximity. They are very flirty when he first sees her.

    Cam slowly begins to see the connection between Booth and Brennan and I think she eventually begins to understand Brennan as well as respect her. She also doesn’t want to mess up anything between them when she “dates” Booth at her father’s birthday, then hastily tries to cover up how she knows vital information on the case that she gleened from Booth at the party. Just as Brennan’s covering up the whole zipper-pulling incident in Vegas, Cam is trying to cover up the after-hours socializing.

    Cam does seem to want Booth’s attention (and support) when she first appears in the lab. I think that’s to solidify her place in the lab. Booth and Brennan go out to solve crimes and spend a great deal of time together and Cam simply wants to make sure she has an ally in the little crime-solving team. I don’t think she sees Brennan as a romantic rival– only a work rival. I really think she might have asked Booth if he and Brennan were anything more than partners, and she probably would have accepted his answer, but we have no evidence.

    Cam’s more of an observer than a nudger or a catalyst. If Brennan had reacted to Cam’s involvement with Booth with more than mild curiosity, I’d say she was someone who actively made Brennan consider Booth as a romantic interest. But it isn’t until Hannah shows up that Brennan must face that aspect of her very convoluted relationship with Booth. Cam does seem to be a supporter, but of Booth, not so much Brennan. Remember? She tells Brennan not to take out her feelings on Clark over Booth’s involvement with Hannah. She’s got Booth’s back, not Brennan’s. (I do want to see if Brennan gets any help from Cam in the future for lying to Booth in Proof in the Pudding about Kennedy’s remains.)

  7. I’m going to suppprt you, Seels, and say that there was an obvious ease that Cam slid into Booth’s bed after Rebecca. Now, as some state here, it may not be for the reason of eliminating competition, but because of their past and frienship it was easy to take comfort in/provide comfort for each other. They cleary were able to be there for each other. It also wasn’t very serious, although it’s fun to read some of the proposed feelings Cam had! She’s seen as a little bit of everything from vindictive b@$ch to laid back floozy. Hahaha.
    I think she is more insightful than anything else. And in rare moments, she shares her opinion.
    I agree with whomever said above that it’s nice for Booth to have a friend. I agree. And I think Cam is a good one for him.

    • Well that has to do with the changing role of Cam as a character on the show. Tamara Taylor was brought in to be in conflict with Brennan and to be a third wheel in the B/B romance and she was originally going to die in Man in the Cell. That was well publicized during season 2.

      When HH decided to let her live, her role needed to be adjusted. I’m glad she’s still around. Booth has very few friends that care only about him.

      • Ah, I see… I’m a late follower overall. I agree, tho, we all need someone to just be on our side sometimes.

  8. In light of the 100th episode – Unless fate is to blame, Cam is the person who brought Booth and Brennan together as partners. And, I will always be thankful to her for that!
    While Angela is ultimately a Brennan shipper, Cam is ultimately a Booth shipper (Random question – is “shipper” the correct term? What would you call a person who has one person’s interest at heart?). I think it’s obvious to both Angela and Cam that B&B should be together; however, neither of them will interfere in the relationship when their shipper is happy. Ultimately, I blame Cam a lot less because she has never pushed Booth to be with Brennan.

  9. I really think Cam is all about Cam and next she’s about Booth. She slept with Booth again after he broke up with Rebecca because he was available and comfortable. She wasn’t trying to ‘save’ him for Brennan. I don’t think Cam liked Brennan much then and was jealous of her abilities in the lab and trying to find her place as the boss. When Cam asks Booth what he would think if Brennan wasn’t there anymore and Booth says he is with Brennan all the way, finally Cam begins to look for what Booth must see in her. She is more of an observer of their relationship and has never really tried to foster it. Her warning in Harbingers is more about how it will affect Booth than Brennan. To me it seems like she is suggesting he be sure of his feelings because she doesn’t want him to be hurt than she is worried about Brennan’s trust issues. She only begins to open up to Brennan as a friend when Brennan suggests she have Michelle live with her. Cam is second least to blame except for Jared.

  10. This post just made me laugh due to this conversation I had with a close friend today. I recently got her into Bones (YAY me!). She’s only up to 3rd episode of 4th season, and today when we were discussing it she kept on talking about how much she hates Cam, about how she slept with Booth and with Grayson and how terrible that was. And I just laughed. I remembered when I used to hate Cam because she was sleeping with Booth… but then I remember how much I love her now because I know what she did for B&B. It was just funny.

    I must say I sort of agree with you on the Cam sleeping with Booth thing. I mean I’m sure she was doing it for herself, but I can also sort of see her doing it because she didn’t want him to end up having a fling with someone he’d regret later. That would also explain why she was never worried as his girlfriend/friend with benefits… like with his “that’s hot” comment to Brennan while they were in Vegas. I mean Cam was RIGHT THERE, but she just smirked. She knew him too well, knew who he really wanted and just let him go. And when I rewatch those episodes I realise that (when I’m not cringing at the thought of Booth and Cam together), Cam actually gives me hope in moments like that. She makes me feel as if it’s inevitable; and even she knows that.

    I LOVED harbingers aswell. It gave me so much hope (especially that conversation). I must admit that I’m disapointed that we haven’t seen a Cam/Booth discussion this season yet. But I think I know why. Booth is different now. I know that’s obvious, but I think that the Booth that Cam once knew is just completely different to the one that he is around Brennan, and I don’t think she knows how he will react next. In Harbingers it was fine because he wasn’t completely back to normal yet (he didn’t wear cocky, which was how Cam originally knew him). But now everything with Brennan has happened, and even though Cam is still his oldest friend, she sees that what happens between him and Brennan is strictly theirs. It’s sort of like how with old Booth she was actually a part of his life, she sort of had a leading role even, but now she plays a minor lead and she’s not on stage all the time anymore. She doesn’t completely know what’s happening now. ( Yes, I realise that my metaphors are REALLY weird!) Still, I do miss her just talking some sense into him. I’m really looking forward to it happening one day soon…….. I really hope that all made sense, because I have a feeling it didn’t….

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