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The Duck’s to Blame


Good morning darlings!

I hope you are having a great Saturday! It’s time to end this series of who is ‘to blame’, though I’ve heard you all mention others you want to blame (Pops, etc), so we’ll see what happens there. But for now, let’s talk Sweets.

Pal Nicole has a great post about Sweets, so I don’t want to take too much away from her. That will go live next Tuesday, so be on the lookout for that. But for me, with Sweets, he represents the desperation I feel for getting B&B together, because it just NEEDS TO HAPPEN!

I don’t talk a lot about it here, but when I first got into BONES, I spent most of my time writing fanfic, just trying to get B&B together, in whichever way I could consider. But now, when I think about those stories, they were a lot more about me than they were about B&B, and for the most part, I wanted to fix B&B. I wanted to fix their issues, and then presto-chang-o, they were together, right?

What’s interesting about Sweets is that (so to speak), he and I came around to BONES at the exact same time, which is in the middle of season three. Sometimes I wonder how I would feel about Sweets (and the show), if I’d watched from the beginning, or if I’d started watching when the series was already in season four or five. But because he was new when I was new, I can see where that makes it easier for me to cut him some slack. He just wants to fix them so they can be together. Just like I did (okay, okay, do!)

That’s my take on it, at least.

So for me, Sweets represents that desperation I have for B&B. He represents the idea that if I try hard enough, if I love enough, then B&B can almost be forced together.

When I look back at some of those old story ideas I had, I see now that they were misguided, or at least, they were too…forced. I try not to begrudge myself those ‘forcings’, I guess, because they were out of love. Haha, just the kind of scary love that makes people a little crazed. Sweets has that kind of love for B&B. It’s the desperation he has that makes me be rash when it comes to Brennan and Booth.

And yes, hopefully soon, he’ll have to account for some of his actions. But I firmly believe that most of them are based out of the way he cares for B&B.  Dr. Wyatt was right when he said  that Sweets wants what we all want, which is to be in a family.

He was right about Sweets, but he was also right when he said it’s what we all want. It’s what I want, metaphorically 🙂

So, Sweets is to blame for making me think that if I try hard enough, if I work hard enough, if I clap my hands hard enough that Tinkerbell will live that B&B will get together.

Sweets and I probably both need to relax about it, but sometimes we just can’t change who we are.

Talk to you tomorrow,

Peace, Love & Bones



14 thoughts on “The Duck’s to Blame

  1. I have loved your series of posts this week. If I had to pick one to blame, it would be Sweets & Angela.
    They want for them what we all want, to be loved & have a family. Sweets has tried his best to get Booth & Brennan to open up to each other. Unfortunately, it has backfired just a little. I would really like to know when (not if) Booth & Brennan get together who will take the credit for it. Part of me would love for it to be an outside party (like Pops, because he likes her).

  2. angelena March 5, 2011 at 11:35 am
    My problem with this whole series is that you’re talking about blame for giving us hope — and I don’t blame for that. What I blame for is failure to help or doing something that doesn’t help B&B get together. In that context I blame Sweets the most. Most others are “gulty” of not doing enough or doing nothing at all. Sweets, on the other hand, is “guilty” of actions that imo have hurt B&B. He goaded Booth into his declaration in the 100th ep and it was his comments about not wanting to be 40 and not married that led Booth to propose to Hannah — causing Booth to have his heart ripped in two twice in less than a year.

    No one has yet called Sweets to account on either of these. Especially on this most recent. He was out drinking with Booth as friends (big brother/little brother). In the 100th ep he was acting in the context of being their therapist. In that capacity I guess his challenge to Booth was appropriate. But, whether he should be their therapist given how their relationship has evolved is a question. On the one hand, we know he won’t tell the FBI anything that would hurt them, but he is too close to them to be their therapist.

    In terms of the Hannah debacle, as a friend who is a psychologist and knows Booth very, very well, he should have been more judicious with his words. He should have thought about how Booth would likely react to what he said. It’s ironic because Sweets was the one who was most skeptical about Booth & Hannah and expressed that skepticism. Believing that Booth still loves Bones and knowing Booth as well as he does, he should have realized that the statement about not being like Booth would likely lead Booth to do something like propose to Hannah.

    So I blame Sweets for two actions (not for inaction) that have hurt his very good friend Booth terribly and have made it less likely that B&B will get together. (I still remain skeptical about whether that will be delivered ever.)

  3. I think, of all the characters, Sweets is the one true shipper. Other characters have pushed them toward each other (and given us hope) in various ways, but I think more out motivation of wanting the best for either Booth (Cam, GG) or Brennan (Angela, Max). But Sweets… I think he just wants these two together period. But I also think, beyond the whole baby duck thing, that he is intrigued by their partnership. And sometimes this interest in them as research subjects leads him to do things that are not in their best interests. I find it disappointing in these instances.

    But I also think he has (or maybe had) the best facial expressions when it comes to the glee that viewers are feeling during special B&B moments. This was particularly true a couple of seasons ago, but there are several instances in which eh seems to be working in direct opposition to B&B getting together: implying that Booth’s “love” for Brennan is a byproduct of his brain tumor, pushing Booth to propose to Hannah, things like that.

  4. I think it’s important to remember that Sweets, (and JFD for that matter) is only in his early 20s or just barely in his mid 20s. I remember when I was in my early 20s, like Sweets I was rather damaged, I thought if I didn’t do whatever (or whomever :)) right now when it was in front of me that I would never get to do it again. Only increased longevity has taught me that things work out the way they’re supposed to and you don’t have to jump on everything (or everyone) right away. I don’t think Sweets really grasps that yet, so in his eagerness and frustration with B&B (which all shippers share) he says things he shouldn’t (again he was DRUNK that night in the bar) or he pushes or interferes when maybe he should just step back. I think in the 100th he was right to push them a little. They were at a stalemate. Sometimes therapists do suggest you do something to start changes. It’s up to you what you choose to do. No he can’t be totally objective, but having been on both sides of the couch (Ha!) it’s hard to be objective with people you care about. I enjoy Sweets shipperhood because he reacts the way I do to B&B. I also enjoy his frustration with them because I share that as well…

    • I completely agree about Sweets being young. A great example of that is his comment to Caroline in Beginning in the Ending about if B&B solved the case, maybe they wouldn’t leave. And then Caroline’s response. It’s a good reminder.

  5. When I think of Sweets, I think of someone who is still maturing. Most of the time he tries to behave in a professional manner; but, his youth and inexperience get in the way. That Sweets had a worse early childhood than both Booth and Brennan must have some shadowing on his feelings towards Booth and Brennan. Sweets lost his adoptive parents a year before starting to work for the FBI so lost his family anchor. I think that when Sweets started working as the therapist for B&B he saw a little of himself in them. He could relate to their past and was drawn to that. He at first wanted to use them as lab rats because he was so fascinated that two people who, like B&B, can work together and be so exclusionary of outsiders. As he came to know them, I think he lost his objectivity and really should have recused himself as their therapist. That he can go drinking with Booth outside of the office tells me he no longer is Booth’s therapist. I don’t see how he could ethically hang out with Booth and be his therapist. That said, I think Sweets has too much influence on Booth. They have gone from a relationship where Sweets was intimidated by Booth to wanting to hang with him and be part of the Booth’s family. Booth is his substitute family and his feelings color his interaction with him. Because Brennan made the first move to open up to the baby duck, I thought he would have had more feelings for Brennan. He likes her; but, somehow I think he has attached himself to Booth more than Brennan. He really seemed to want Booth and Brennan to get together; but, once that failed and Booth found Hannah, he seemed to set aside his B&B shipper heart and became a B&H shipper. This tells me that he has attached himself to Booth not Booth and Brennan. Of course, I could be wrong. I just don’t know how else to explain Sweets behavior once Booth said he was going to propose to Hannah. The least he could have done was mention to Booth that Hannah may be a rebound relationship and that he should probably sit down and talk to Hannah and see how she sees their future. He didn’t do that. He went along with it. This ended up causing Booth a lot of pain and great sadness.

    • My memory may be poor, but is he still their therapist? Or is he just profiling now? When is the last time they actually had a real “session”? I don’t count the 100th since that was to talk about the book, not their partnership.

      • Thats why I said I don’t think he is their therapist. It isn’t very clear on the show what Sweets relation ship with B&B is. Sweets is a profiler and works with Booth that way. I think Booth seeks out Sweets input on some things on a more personal level; but, I don’t really believe he is their therapist anymore.

  6. It’s not really clear how Sweets fits into the whole B&B dynamic currently. He seems to be more of a profiler and “lie detector” for the suspects than a bonafide therapist for the couple. That said, he’s made some decisions that are questionable: the “experiment” on Brennan, the brain scan with Booth, the push to break the stalemate. I would like a real psychologist to comment on those because I wonder if his actions are really ethical within the boundaries of the profession.

    Has he hurt or helped the B&B relationship? At this point, it looks like he has been a dismal failure. But too often he gets instant results on the show (it is television) and his work for/against the B&B relationship is currently painfully slow. Booth’s been heart trampled by two women; Brennan interacts with him only on cases (although I thought his talk with her in the diner during Doctor was right on the money.)

    He wants a happily ever after ending for them but I think the 100th showed us that he not only didn’t know everything about their working history (enough to write a book), but he also does not know them as well as he would like. Is he their therapist now or a friend? His lack of maturity (the guy can’t wait to bonk Daisy in his office) coupled with his odd behavior (brain scan vs. book’s conclusion; you love Brennan, oh no, wait, you love Hannah) make him really hard to understand sometimes. Couple that with his bromance with Booth and he’s really a loose cannon to the B&B possibilities. What if he tells Booth, maybe you ought to become celibate before you make your next decision? I think Brennan, who just doesn’t believe in psychology and was burned by Sweets once, would handle whatever advice he gave her with a healthy dose of skepticism. Booth would listen. He likes being the “hero.” If either time he followed Sweets’ “advice” had worked, Booth and Sweets would have come out winners.

    Sweets has probably had the greatest impact on their relationship; all others have had some influence. But blame? That rests squarely on B&B.

    • I agree with everything you said here. Love that you call Sweets’ relationship with Booth a ‘bromance’. I think part of Sweets’ problem in objectively evaluating B&B’s relationship is that he looks up to Booth so much. He just wants Booth to be happy. Maybe he thinks if Booth can have a successful relationship and Sweets emulates him, then Sweets can have a successful relationship as well.

  7. I really can’t look at Sweets as a character because he’s just so ludicrous in that capacity. As a psychologist he is completely unethical and would have long since lost his license.

    His usefulness on the show died in Verdict in the Story. As a couples therapist, fine. His stupid book and the therapy sessions in pursuit of that book ruined the show IMO. And his presence in interrogation has regressed Booth’s character.

    The showrunners use Sweets to tell us, rather than show us, the nuances of the B/B relationship. This was so unnecessary. DB and ED had no problem showing us nuance without Sweets.

    I absolutely detest the character and every single thing I think has gone wrong with the show since season 4 can be attributed to his presence. I don’t know why Hart Hanson is so enamored of him.

  8. When I first saw Sweets come into the picture (granted, he and I started around the same time, as well, I just started w/s1 and skipped to S3 b/c of availability), I immediately thought of him as a sort of “voice of the fans” figure. And that’s just… how he’s always been. The comments he’s made, everything. And I don’t mind it. I love the baby duck, because I think we’ve seen his potential. JFD is a great actor. I like having Sweets in the interrogation room (two words: bronze Shakespeare) and out of the interrogation room (the “I’m sorry for your pain” in Devil in the Details broke my heart). I like the “competition” between Brennan and Sweets when it comes to their chosen disciplines. I like how he looks up to Booth and Hodgins (but honestly? Zack and the interns have done/do the same exact thing). I think, in a way, that is where Sweets is to blame for me — the things he says and does highlight how odd and amazing and possible it is for Booth and Brennan to have a partnership that is beyond a work partnership. He’s the only one who doesn’t see their relationship as just a possibility — he knew right away that there was so much more going on with them (even though, he, too, at the time, thought it was a bit impossible). He reminds me of the kids I’ve worked with. They see the world in a very rosy way. I think that Sweets is still very young, which makes him see it that way. And people who are young believe very strongly in the impossible. And Booth and Brennan, on paper, should be impossible. But they’re not.

    So, to sum it up: Sweets voices all of the fans’ concerns, he’s a magnifier of their relationship for fans, and he’s still quite young. Of course he’s to blame for giving us hope — he’s got twice the hope of anyone else. He’s taking our words right out of our mouths. And sure, he’s a plot device in some aspects, but the Squints have been too (and not just the interns!).

  9. I got in late, so Sweets was already his baby duck self when I started watching, so I agree that maybe I have a different view of him then other people. But personally, I never blamed Sweets for the 100th. I was so surprised when I first started my Bones-site-scavenging that people actually blamed him. Sure, I can see why, but I always just saw Sweets as innocent and plain frustrated that these two people that he admired so much just couldn’t work things out. And the fact that he aspired to be like at least one of them just made the whole thing worse. He is just young ( i can’t really say that since i’m younger, but still i can see his immaturity). I know he’s a psychologist and it should be his job, but I just don’t think he understands. And that is both the reason why you shouldn’t and could blame Sweets. On the one hand, I don’t think he truly undertood what the result of B&B’s coversation in the 100th would be like, but on the other it is his innocence and just complete confusion at why they can’t be together that convinces us that they should. I’ve always agreed that he is like the fangirl of the cast, he just doesn’t know enough to know what pushing B&B together might actually mean.

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