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Scene Study: Intern in the Incinerator- Nonetheless, Brennan Shall Be Vigilant!


Good morning, and happy Sunday to you!

Truth Zone Confession #1: I like these guys.

Truth Zone Confession #2: I think this episode is one of my all time favorites. It’s really worth a re-watch, if you have the time and means. Of course, like some of you, when I say, ‘all-time favorites,” I usually mean in my top “100 eps”, haha, as there are few BONES eps I don’t enjoy for one reason or another. But when I say I like this ep a lot, I feel comfortable saying it’s in my top 10, all time.

During the episode, a Jeffersonian intern is murdered, and Booth spends most of his time trying to convince his people that it’s not Gormogon/Gorgonzola related. Brennan is annoyed that he’s using the wrong words, but more importantly, she’s annoyed that the case can’t be solved. When the case leads them to the internal Iraqi antiquities department, she wants to use her clearance to find out more information. She is blocked, and so is Hodgins. Booth uses Cam’s password, and Brennan is annoyed again that he knows her password, and that Cam’s password works, ergo she has the necessary clearance.

Booth brags that he knows Brennan’s password too. It’s Daffodil. Brennan is annoyed that Booth knows that; she never told him that. Booth shrugs. He’s got eyes, and Brennan’s not exactly CIA material. Hodgins teases her, and Brennan does her own shrugging. “What? They’re pretty.”

Booth recommends that she try her second favorite flower, or perhaps a planet. But then…he guesses them both. He knows her, BONES fans!

They continue to solve the case, and they do…

And then, the scene begins…

I find these little intimacies through out the series to be very special. We don’t know how many times B&B have shared a late drink in Booth’s office like this (and let’s just say, we can assume that he either drives her home or puts her in a cab), nor do we know why they are this particular night. For those keeping score at home, I tend to be someone who needs to know ALL of the reasons why something occurs. There are times when I wish I could un-know something after I’ve learned it, but for the most part, I prefer knowing.

The fact that we don’t know why they are sharing a drink in Booth’s office, where it came from, who’s idea it was, etc, etc, USED to be the kind of thing that would annoy me, but I’m learning to just roll with it and to realize that the span of 43-ish minutes, 23-ish times in a year is ALL the time HH and Co have to tell their story and so it’s not fair to expect every single detail to be explained. They are sharing a drink. Because. And if I say ‘because, why?!?’ one more time, I give you permission to stop this car and turn it around! And if you don’t know what that means, well…it’s just something some parents say sometimes when kids ask 1,000 questions.

“Don’t take it so hard,” Booth says.

“I’m not taking anything hard.” Brennan replies. And when Booth wants to clink Dixie cups with her, she scoffs, “What, are we Russian?”

“Ah, Nostrovia!” Booth declares (which, pal Olga, I hope can confirm means “Cheers!”) Trust Booth to know how to say that in lots of languages, haha.

They clink Dixie (things that sound dirty but aren’t!)

…and Booth sort of smiles. And then they place their cups on the table, and smash them, indicating to me that they’ve done this before. (But WHYYYYY are they sitting in the dark!?!??! Okay, okay…I’m not going to worry about it! Besides, the lighting makes them gorgeous!)

“I’ll tell you what ELSE I know,” Booth adds with certainty. “What you’re taking hard is the fact that it…it happened in your house.”

“It’s not my house,” Brennan scoffs.

“Not where you sleep,” Booth clarifies and sets up another round of paper cups. “It’s your favorite place–The House of Reason…the Jeffersonian.”

“Oh,” Brennan considers his words. “It’s not my favorite place.”

“Yes, it is,” Booth says immediately.

Brennan reacts to his definitive statement.

I think she’s slightly tipsy here, which is super cute. I think she also is annoyed that Booth is right, but can’t quite express that. “What? No, it’s not. How do you know?” she says, quickly.


“…Jupiter,” Booth continues, and we see Brennan’s reaction. Gorgeous!

I love when Booth presents evidence to her. She can’t deny the evidence! And I love when Booth knows he’s right. It doesn’t always happen around her, and it really almost never happens ABOUT her when he’s around her, so when it does…it’s time for another round!

“I’ll tell you what else I know,” he adds as he pours. And then…

“You were hoping it was Gorgonzola”

“Gormogon,” Brennan insists as she slams her paper cup down on the table.

“AH!” Booth is pleased. “So you admit it!”

“Accidentally!” Brennan insists. “Does that count?”

“Yes,” Booth replies, just as quickly as before. He’s a lot LESS tipsy than she is, don’t you think? I love his interrogation of her, and that it worked. And he’s right; it totally counts.

Rats, Brennan is thinking. Hahahahahahahaha!

“Look,” Booth explains. “All the scientists and squints and eggheads…they wanted it to be a serial killer, so it wouldn’t be one of them.”

“Them?” Brennan asks.

“You,” Booth replies.

“Me?” Brennan asks.

“One of you,” Booth clarifies. “You were all offended that it was one of you.”

“You know what?” Brennan states. “I am offended.”

“I just said that,” Booth points out. Hahaha!

“I’m OFFENDED,” Brennan makes it very clear. “Because…”

And then she trails off, and to me, it seems as if she’s frustrated that she can’t fully articulate WHY she’s offended. She’s watching Booth pour another round, but she can’t form the words.

“Because you were betrayed by one of your own,” Booth finishes for her.

“Yes,” Brennan admits.

How does Boreanaz manage to look vulnerable and comforting at the same time? Amazing.

“Are you going to betray me?” Brennan asks, in a million dollar question. This sort of falls under one of those, “I don’t know what that means” moments, as I’m not sure what Brennan’s motivation is. In this episode, Booth did go out on a fake-date with Cam, though Brennan isn’t aware of the fake-ness. When I first watched this episode, I was under the misapprehension that B&B were soon to get together, haha, so I always assumed she was referring to Cam. But, I guess she’s not, because nothing really ever came of that. I’m guessing it has more to do with a Zack-related plot point that was lost to the writer’s strike. Or perhaps, she’s just questioning Booth as means of solidifying their partnership. Or maybe she’s just drunk? Thoughts from you?

Booth eyes her for a moment, sets down the bottle and says, “No, I’m not.”

Whatever her question is/means…I think she gets the answer she wants, and so I’m more inclined upon this re-watch to accept it. But THEN…Brennan states her mission.

“Nonetheless, I shall be vigilant!”

“Nonetheless?” Booth teases. Ah, Brennan is squinty, even when she’s tipsy. He’s filing that one away (though I guess I already knew that!)

They share a laugh, and it’s sweet.

And Brennan gets this adorable tone to her voice that I think would make Booth want to get her tipsy as much as possible. “I’m not going to have a headache tomorrow, am I?”

“Well, we’re going to find out,” Booth pours another round. “Hodgins and Zack, they do their experiments. We do ours. To Gorgonzola!” he toasts.

“Gormogon,” Brennan corrects him, as I can’t imagine she would ever be drunk enough to not feel the need for accuracy? Right? 🙂

Brennan goes to smash her cup, but it escapes her, falling off the table. I don’t know if this is ad-lib, or if there’s a tiny string around that cup and it’s in the script for it to fall off the table.

But it’s super cute and I love it, and Booth’s laugh seems very genuine. “You missed,” he says, as he smashes his own cup. Side note, I love the discrepancy in the way she uses her entire fist to smash her cups, and he uses his bare palm. Just so…them!

Truth Zone Confession #3: Sometimes when I watch older episodes like these, especially my all-time top ten, I get stressed, and I almost feel grief that we haven’t had (what I consider to be) very many solid episodes for what feels like a long time. By that, I mean, a solid case, good suspects, good squint action and the plot of B&B interwoven throughout at a subtle pace. And I think, why am I still so invested in it? I’ll always watch it; I really can’t imagine a scenario in which I wouldn’t, but it’s just that I feel the pull between an episode like this and what might be considered the ‘crap’ period of Bones episodes, haha. That’s probably too harsh, as there have been a couple of good episodes lately, and there have certainly been AMAZING moments. Don’t get me wrong, I’m just saying, I feel tension there, and I question my devotion at times, that’s all.

But, nonetheless, I shall be vigilant!  Haha.

Hope you have a great day,

Peace, Love & Bones



26 thoughts on “Scene Study: Intern in the Incinerator- Nonetheless, Brennan Shall Be Vigilant!

  1. I love this scene for pretty much every single reason you do, too. One of the things I like about it, too, is that it caps off an episode where Booth is so fully in his element. He is right about the case, he is right about Brennan — and none of it is really at the expense of anyone, it just showcases his strengths. So, him knowing “nostrovia!” and Brennan’s favorites, and how to get her to confess what she didn’t think she wanted to – this is who he is.

    And at the same time, it does not showcase Brennan’s weaknesses – and I like that. Sure, she and the other squints were a little blinded by the hopes that it would be Gormogon, but they still did all of their jobs solidly, as well.

    And if I had to guess, I would totally believe that Brennan missing her cup at the end was unplanned. It reminds me of a HH tweet about how Boreanaz never drops things… but a perfect ad lib scene to keep.
    (I love the fist vs flat-handed smash, too. It is them, isn’t it? Plus, this gives us a great hand shot…)

    • ah, the hands. anyone else always think ‘paper covers rock’ when they see that shot? and then swoon, just a little?

  2. I always like lines in the show that have shades of meaning. In this case, I think Brennan is referring to the case of how someone in the Jeffersonian could kill another person and how she’s shared a great deal with Booth over their years together and she does not want to feel that he, too, has corrupted her house of reason. She feels safe in the Jeffersonian and going out into the real world with Booth is very unsafe. Being with Booth is unsafe in her mind. And if she’s a bit tipsy here and she reveals that (something more for Booth to keep stored away) the line about being vigilant is her way to recover a bit from what she’s just given him: more insight into her in a night of insights into her.

  3. Yes, this definitely ranks up there as one of my all-time favorite scenes, together with Booth’ crappy sex explanation, Jasper, and “we’re the center”. I never quite understood what Brennan meant with the question “Are you going to betray me?” – I am still patiently waiting for an explanation to hit us in one of the upcoming eps – perhaps in the reconciliation which I hope will come, just as I am still wondering about the letter Brennan wrote in the buried car. I am hoping, hoping, hoping that all the love on the set (such as in the first pic above, or Brennan and HH reenacting “Miss Daisy”) will eventually translate into love between those two. And I, for one, am not afraid of the Moonlighting curse, which didn’t seem to have affected Cuddy and House. I mean, I am sooo ready….

  4. Truth zone #1/3: Who doesn’t? God, they’re precious. I really, really try not to learn anything about the actors behind characters — my brain gets confused, it’s messy, and it’s really not my business, you know? I don’t know them, I feel stalkery — but they seem like very nice people. It’s great.

    Now, for three, I understand. On both counts. I can’t imagine that I’ll stop watching until the bitter end, and even then I’ll still have the DVDs and the internets, but…yeah. I miss how it was in the older episodes, sometimes. I mean, I watch some of them and they seem kind of raw and rough-edged, but it was good. They were SUPPOSED to be that way. We’ve had a couple of seriously great episodes this season, but we’re still allowed to be wistful for when they were pretty much all amazing. Or maybe it’s just hindsight that makes them so amazing. I don’t know. I know that I still smile or have SOME reaction to SOME part of every episode, so I mean, they’ve got to be doing something right, haha.

    Now! On to the scene. I don’t know about top ten for me, but top fifteen, sure. …well, okay. Maybe ten. I don’t know! The password scene is definitely in my top ten, because she’s so adorably irritated, and Hodgins is smirking, and Booth’s just…Boothy. It’s wonderful. And awesome. And fun. I love it. The end scene is one of those that just makes me sigh all twelve-year-old-girl wistfully, like it’s made of princesses and rainbows or something. Because seriously, could they BE any more awesome? It would be incredibly hard for that to be the case.

    Brennan’s “Accidentally!” in conjunction with her wide-eyed look is just about the most adorable thing ever. Aaahahahaha, I don’t think I’d be able to tell her that it counted. I just don’t. Even if it led to the amusing ‘Rats!’ look that I now have a name for, thank yoooou. The ensuing conversation always adds to my smile; tipsy-Brennan is amusing, inability to articulate complex thoughts and all. As to the question of “Will you betray me?” I…hrm. It could be that she IS as tipsy as she seems, and her defenses are down. It might seem perfectly reasonable to voice that one teensy niggling thought that you’d normally either compartmentalize away or put in the box of ‘Evidence suggests no’, I guess? That and a plot point.

    I don’t know if the falling cup is ad-lib or if it’s a string, but it’s cute, definitely. I also love that Brennan has her fist raised up like she’s about to DELIVER A SMACKDOWN upon that poor cup, and it just kind of flees. The entire scene was awesome. Argh. And so are you, for that matter! I love these scene studies, despite the fact that I rarely actually submit my comments.

    • “Or maybe it’s just hindsight that makes them so amazing.”

      I think you’ve hit the nail right on the head with this statement Amber. I can remember all of the stressing out I did in previous seasons – over Cam and Booth and Sully and Brennan in season two and all the promos hyping things that never really happened in seasons three and four – and I wasn’t even a fraction as invested in the show then as I am now. Maybe the cases truly WERE better in previous seasons, but I think it’s more than that.

      These days I find solace in going back and watching those same episodes that caused me grief when they first aired. Why? Because they make me happy and relaxed in a way that most season six episodes just don’t (not that I haven’t liked season six, because I have, it’s just the intensity of what’s been happening and the tension of not really knowing what’s coming next makes watching current episodes somewhat less relaxing).

      But the reason past episodes are so much easier to watch is because I’m viewing them with a perspective that I didn’t have when the episodes originally aired. I know more of the story now than I did then, and that makes a huge difference. I’d be willing to bet that after B&B have their “moment” that we’ll look back on this season with a certain amount of fondness as well.

      Well, that’s my opinion at least…

      • Yes! Agreed! I have been holding on to the episodes with Hannah. They were too painful/panic track inducing to watch a second time… Still are… But I think that before season seven starts up, I will be able to look back at those and make sense of the big picture that I missed while yelling at the television.

  5. I think Brennan’s question “Will you betray me” should be taken at face value, just like everything else she’s ever said. What you see is what you get with her, a rare quality!

    In this season, she’s just started rebuilding a relationship with her father, just learning to trust him after years of betrayal. Max is very charming, trying hard to win her over, but he also wants something from her (to testify on his behalf), so I think she’s reconciling those things and looking at Booth and wondering if his loyalty to her is primarily personal (he does know her so well) or primarily professional (what she can do for him in terms of solving cases.)

    Later, in The Verdict in the Story, he has the chance to “betray” her, by not going along with her plan to exonerate her father by making herself a suspect.

    Now, IMO, Booth did betray Brennan when he did not personally inform her of his fake death. Or at least, I think she *felt* betrayed. She says very clearly that she feels he should have called her himself.

    Perhaps because of the strike, the fallout of this event did not get addressed, but it’s my interpretation of the source of the sometimes rocky relationship they had in season 4.

  6. I always thought that the question came because her home is the house of reason has betrayed her, but at the same time Brennan is also making a home with Booth and the team because in reality it is people who make the home, her asking if Booth will betray her is her way of asking if he wants to be part of her home. In season two Brennan is dealing with alot of betrail from her Blood family. The family she has with Booth is her last hope of not beeing betrayed by something she sees as solid. I think it is very important she asks this question, she is giving him an out before she starts building a life around him.

  7. Her defenses are down and she is a little tipsy here. She feels vulnerable because her house of reason was shaken. I always thought her question to Booth about is he ever going to betray her didn’t fit in here. Now that I have seen such good insights on it, it makes sense to me now. She is realizing how well Booth knows her and he is still there as a partner and a friend. He hasn’t abandoned her. She is admitting that her walls are down and she trusts him and is just asking for confirmation that he deserves her trust. Awesome!

  8. Let me just say that that interview with them together was so darn cute; it made be blush just watching it. I want to hug them and squeeze them (maybe DB a little harder!) and…. sorry. Back to the scene study, those days, they seem so innocent and carefree in retrospect. Not Sully, or Cam or anyone else could really come between them. That train was so close to pulling into the station, so wonderfully close- and WHAM! Major derailment there, which left us and them feeling off kilter. I do feel that his time we’ll all be getting there, but the bump in the road that was everything from the 100th forward really hurt. So here’s to all those great little past moments with hopefully a lot more to come.

  9. I’ve always understood the ‘will you betray me?’ question to be rather general. She’s been betrayed, over and over in her life, and I think one way she tried to protect herself from further betrayal (or at least the emotional effects of it) was by taking refuge in reason. And now, someone from her ‘house of reason’ has betrayed her…at the same time she’s realizing how well Booth knows her.

    So I think ‘will you betray me’ here means, ‘can I trust you?’ ‘will you let me down?’ ‘will you ever use your knowledge of me against me?’

    Has she ever felt like he broke that promise to her? Like others, the only time I can think of is when his death was faked. Ironically, though, I don’t think it was when he didn’t call her – he was trusting Sweets at that point, and Sweets betrayed them both (IMO.) No, I didn’t feel betrayed for her until he didn’t really seem to care that she’d not been told. (I.e., he was more concerned with defending himself than being angry on her behalf – there’s no concern at all for how she must have felt during those two weeks.)

  10. Why…why is it we always seem to be like — right together on everything? It doesn’t make any sense. I think we might secretly be related or something, I dunno. What I DO know is that I totally relate to your 3rd Confession; which is why I try to do my best to not watch too many old episodes these days for the simple fact that I will compare way too much. I look back at an old episode, see it’s brilliance or it’s sheer fun etc, and for some reason I will compare it to today and forget that things will change over time. That they can’t be exactly the same, or won’t have the same moments over and over because for one, that would get dull(Doesn’t sound like it could be true, but honestly we watch to see something new that brings these two closer through love and laughter, right?) and two, they’re technically real people and do things like real people would do.
    Yea I know that was super to the point…
    But I mean I always think there’s just something special that comes from the good ol’ days. We look at them and we sigh and say, “Those were the good days”, but I bet in a few years from now(I hope!) we’ll look at season 5 and 6 and sigh and say “Those were the days!”. Or at least something to that effect.

    And don’t get me wrong; I’m enjoying the new seasons, I can’t wait to see what comes from it, but most of my favorite episodes come from season 2 and 3, and so it’s easy for me to say “Oh I prefer Gorgonzola to Mr. Sniper-Snipe who likes to blow the heads off of people”. I just have to remember to stay open-minded and see the good times and laughs I’ve enjoyed in the past two seasons. Cause I know they’re there. I know I’ve had my heart flutter and sink multiple times these past 40 or so episodes just as it did in the beginning.
    Which, by the way, is probably why I loved your post, Seels, on 100Days about why “100 Reasons Season Five was Not a Waste”. It really helped me remember all those times and helped me feel not so depressed at the end of it. It was just as good a season as any. Though — of course we’ll always have our favorites.

    And just to confirm the likelihood of us being too alike to be complete total “crazy-random-happenstance” strangers, I technically started with Season 3 as well!
    Only technically because my first ever episode I caught was half of “The Man in the Fallout Shelter”.
    But the only season i could get a hold of at the library was Season 3 at the time. But in any case, it worked its magic, got me hooked and I worked my way back and forward. (Looked like this for anyone who wants to see my really weird chart of episodes: 3, 1, 2, 4, 5, 6. Lovely isn’t it?)

    PS: It’s not sad that I still remember the exact line that got me hooked to watching the rest of the episode and to Bones in the long run, right?
    “Your robot reminds me of you. You tell it to turn, it stops; you ask it to stop, it turns. You tell it to take out the garbage, it watches re-runs of “Firefly”.

    Obviously I was a Firefly fan. Weird how fandoms can cross in just the right way to get me interested and addicted!

    Sorry for my total off-topicness!

  11. “Are you going to betray me?” When I hear that statement I always think she is asking Booth, are you going to abandon me? She loved her parents and they left her, she loved her brother, he left her. She liked Sully a lot and he left her too. To me, she is asking Booth, are you going to leave me some day too? Booth tells her, “No, I’m Not”. It just seemed to me she was asking Booth if he would always be with her? Could she trust his loyalty? To me, if she needed proof that Booth really cared for her, the fact that he knew her favorite flower, her second favorite flower, her favorite planet, well lets face it, no one really cares what your second favorite flower is unless they really care about you. That Booth knows all of those things is so awesome. He likes her enough to know those things. He doesn’t care if she knows it either. Of course, Brennan knows that he likes brown sugar on everything and he likes rotary phones, so Booth doesn’t have a monopoly on caring. I just think there are so right for each other. They know what each other likes and they care.

    I think the paper cup falling was an accident; but, they ad-libbed when it happened and it seemed so natural, so cute.

    I think you are right, Brennan did seem tipsey and Booth, not so much. It was like he was trying to help her through the dissapointment of having a killer in her house of reason and wanted to be there for her.

    I watch the old shows a lot just because I love them so much. I have not been a big fan of season 6; but, it seems to me that the boat is starting to steer in the right direction and I have been happy with the last few shows. They give me a lot of hope that B&B will get together and it will be love at last. Seaon six has seemed to be so long this year, it has put us through the emotional wringer and yet now, somehow, the season now seems to be speeding back up. Instead of dragging me down emotionally, I am now excited when a new episode is about to air. I hope I am explaining this right.

    • Lemora I understand exactly what you mean with being able to get excited about new episodes. The first half of S6 was so emotionally draining (with the exception of a couple of eps) I began to dread each new episode. I am now back to whoo hoo a new ep!

  12. But did we love the old episodes when they during their first showing? Or did we need time to process them and they go back to them?

    I remember not loving End in the Beginning. I was furious when it aired and was yelling at the TV. My husband laughed and laughed at me. But when I watch now I love that one. NOt my all time favorite but I liked it.

    A Night in the Bones Museum-I did not appreciate it until much later. Anything after the 100th, not able to watch as much. Will I ever watch all those Hannah episodes again? I am not sure. However, now that Hannah is gone, I can appreciate where the show has been and this miserable year they have had. Is it what we all wanted? No way….But is it real life and what could have happened? Yes….If we were reading a book or watching season six in a few years when we could watch the whole season in a week or so it would not be nearly as traumatic as it is now.

    Am I happy with season 6–absolutely NOT!!! Does it fit the picture of who these two people are? I have to say yes. So when we know the ending….we might be able to appreciate this season a little more. This has been about Brennan’s development and when we look at it from that perspective I think we can be ok with season 6 a little more. Would I have done it differently? ABSOLUTELY? But I am just a math geek not a writer!

    • You had me at “math geek”… Is there really another mathematician Bones-fanatic.?!

    • Yay! Another fellow math geek. I agree with your sentiments. I think I will rewatch S6, but I’ll have to watch it at a faster pace than what we’ve been subjected to, which I know for me is part of the problem. And I’ll be fast-forwarding through most of the Hannah scenes. Honestly, has any other character added less to a show? No chemistry to be found anywhere. Note to the BONES writers: We have all our star players, already. But I love Brennan’s development this season.

      • I just wished they’d picked an actress who had more chemistry with DB instead of Katherine Winnick. Their chemistry just wasn’t believable in order to understand why Booth could fall for her and forget Brennan. I think it might have been more bearable to watch if that were the case. I find myself watching those episodes again, knowing that they split, and thinking to myself “Why would Booth like HER over Brennan?” The chemistry between actors really has an impact on audience reaction in my opinion. But yes, I am able to watch the episodes again now and realize they did have a purpose (though not as effective as I think they could have been!) If Booth’s going to go fall in love with another woman, then they needed him to really FALL for her. I just didn’t see his attachment to her. (Stepping down from my soap box now….)

    • How very exciting!!! Math is totally my thing. Maybe we can talk Seels into doing a special “Pie” post on “Pi” day (3.14 March 14) In honor of our favorite Pie guy Seeley Booth! Problem is none of us “math” geeks are writers and couldn’t pull it off! :):)

      Now…I really must get back to my math grading or the University of Phoenix will come after me for not grading my quadratics papers!

      Always glad to meet fellow math geeks! :):)

  13. Hello Sarah! I was so glad that you mentioned me in this scene study (as usually – wonderful article!), I’m going to work this morning and smiling :))

    About Booth “toast” – I think he said not “Nostrovia”, he said – “Na zdorovie” or “Za zdorovie”. It means – “for the health” 🙂 Drinking for health, russian traditions, yeah))

    Regarding Brennan and her question about betrayal – I think it’s about his partnership and friendship. She is little tipsy and saying by her heart. She knows his answer but she needs to hear it again.

    Wonderful scene and wonderful study!

    Like you when I see “crap” episodes I think how solid Bones can be… But it’s a series, it’s have own raises and falls…

  14. 。ただし、それです正確に何 ルイヴィトン バッグのギャルを規制するに実行。あなたはプルに喜んでなりますあなたftバッグから。それではなかった 最終的にまで 2008年は、傾向 になった 広く を渡す 中 紳士。 彼は書いている ニュース オーストラリアでフラッシュ これまで
    ので 一般。

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  16. Late in the game here but to me the most interesting part was that her question was answered sincerely with no joking or trying to change the subject. Booth knows it’s a serious question on her part and is straight forward in his answer…..who could resist that?

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