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Morning After Q: Was Brennan…Flirting?! Was Booth?!?


Good morning, good morning!

How art thou? Great, I hope. 

It’s interesting to me, because I couldn’t write “Were B&B Flirting”, because even though I kind of think they were, it’s almost like they were separately from one another. Booth flirted. And Brennan flirted. But there wasn’t necessarily B&B flirting. Ha, does that even make sense?

Okay…let’s break it down!

Please tell me you loved Booth catching up to Brennan on her jog **on his day off** as much as I did? Was that flirting on his part? Surely actively volunteering to go to what SHE considers to be a dry lecture **on his day off**…THAT was flirting, right?

I’m sort of all over the place, but I loved that he beat her in the footrace but that she scienced her way to claiming victory, which he totally denied. That felt natural and progressive and flirtatious on both sides. Thoughts from you? Was he flirting there?

How about at the end? Was she flirting when she was laughing at his joke? How about when she put her hand on his arm? Is this the Brennan who was ‘ready’ (IMO) in this moment?

Is what we saw in this episode the Brennan who doesn’t want to have regrets? And I suppose that doesn’t necessarily MEAN she was flirting, but…was she?

Flirting for her is always going to be a tad awkward but incredibly sweet, which is how I felt about the end scene. It always kills me that Booth doesn’t quite ‘get’ that part of her personality, but I think he’ll come around.

Flirting for him is always kind of competetive, but also incredibly sweet, which is how I felt about the opening scene. It also always kills me that Brennan doesn’t quite get that part of his personality, but I think SHE’ll come around!

Okay, enough from me? Was it just me, or were there total flirting vibes?! Which of course raises another question…if they WERE flirting, do they even know that they were?

And of course, there were 40 other minutes of great episode to discuss! I’m sure we’ll get to it!

Comments are open!

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PS…here’s the link to my review of the ep, if you’re so inclined!


76 thoughts on “Morning After Q: Was Brennan…Flirting?! Was Booth?!?

  1. It’s their perpetual dance– two people who are attracted to one another, who want the respect and trust of the other, who truly find what they need in the other, yet cannot really connect because they have erected walls of one kind or another or just don’t get the other person.

    But as much time as they spend together, I think they will always have a disconnect in completely understanding the other person.

    Separate but equal flirting? It certainly is one of the first times all season in which they really seem comfortable with one another until Brodsky enters and throws Booth for a loop when Brennan constantly reminds him of his sniper past. I find it really interesting that it is Booth who shows up because he knows her schedule so well and invites himself to something she would do, yet it is Brennan who is constantly chasing him in the episode, both figuratively and literally.

  2. You know it’s a great day when it’s actually possible to ponder whether he was or she was…

    But in answer to your questions: no, I don’t think Brennan was flirting (at least consciously) – that’s a cop out on my part, I know) but like Brennan (and especially when it comes to Brennan), I can’t deal in absolutes. And she seems to touch Booth a lot. I’ve noticed her resting her hand or her forearm on his a number of times as they sit and have a drink at the FF. Who can blame her?

    But, YES, I do think Booth was flirting. He can’t of ‘happened’ upon Brennan jogging – I think he was lying in wait for her (that’s sounds unintentionally stalkerish) because he didn’t want to go the day without seeing her. Aww. Mind you, I was taken aback when he asked her out. He seems to have come round quick since giving her those 2 choices following his break-up with Hannah. Atta boy, Boothy.

  3. they were definitely showing a renewed interest in each other. In the first scene they seemed very comfortable and fun together which is definitely a development. And perhaps yes both flirting. That was definitely more than partners. Also Booth is def coming up with excuses to be with Brennan. When I was interested in my husband at college and pursuing him I went to one of his lectures on philosophy. Very dull and so lame now I look back on it. Could i have been anymore obvious! So again a good sign.

    Booth said to Sweets he wasn’t going to go there but he did – he couldn’t help himself. What she thinks is always going to be paramount for him as her trust and support gives him the confidence he lacks. I think she knows much better now how to react to him and her statement at the end was not something I would have seen her saying before. I think she is being patient and waiting for him and I think the joking around at the end was definitely her idea of flirting – flattering him and making him feel good.

    I don’t see the powers that be giving us any resolution this series but if they continue to give us this kind of dynamic for the rest of he season plus decent cases I would be Ok with that.

    All in all a good episode – now let’s hope they keep up this quality for the remainder of the season!

  4. I’m going with yes. And also….squeee.

  5. FIrst, i would like to say that i absolutely adore he foot race scene. I think it was definately intentional flriting on booth’s part. he knows how to flirt i dont think it was accidental at all. My only problem with the conclusion that he did it on purpose is that i have no idea why he would d that. He knows that Brennan still has those feelings for him and he is trying to get over Hannah at the moment (or has he already gotten over her?). The only senario thatat i can think of but probably isnt the case (atleast not at the moment ) is that he completely got over Hannah inbetween this week and last week and is starting to think about Brennan. I know that probably isnt what is going on with Booth but i just cant think of any other possible soution.

    As for Brennan, I havent really decidd whether or notshe was flirting on purpose, although I am leaning torwards accidental. Also i dont know if anyone else noticed this but the way she talked to Booth at the bar (when she was explaining to him why his joe was funny), Im pretty sure that she used to talk like that to hacker when they went on those dates and im not quite sure what to make of that…any thoughts on that anyone?

  6. Definite flirting and I am unabashedly in love with the opening scene of this episode. So so cute. So so hopeful. I definitely believe that Booth was flirting, to some extent, with Brennan and thinking on Daniela’s comments about Brennan and Hacker in comparison to the end scene? I can see some similarities, which means to me that she might indeed have been flirting on a conscious level.

    I don’t think I have any more coherent thoughts except that I really really loved this episode.

  7. I loved when Booth showed up to run with Brennan. I really liked it when he invited himself to the lecture Brennan was going to. When I saw this going on, I realized something that we haven’t really seen to often. In the past, Booth and Brennan have hung out after work or with Parker in Booths’ social circle; but, we rarely see Booth actually try to hang out with Brennan and do stuff she likes to do in her social circle. They usually do stuff he likes to do. I think this is Booths way of becoming closer to Brennan. Was he flirting? I don’t really think so. I think he was trying to be best friends with Brennan. He was happy and she was happy. I thought it was so funny how Caroline reaacted when Brennan mentioned how Booth really wanted to go to that lecture. Shock comes to mind. Was Brennan flirting with Booth? Not conciously. She was trying to have fun with her best friend. She may now be open to a more closer relationship; but, she is very smart and knows pushing Booth is not going to get her what she wants. Patience will. I really like that Brennan is more open to joking now. She used to not get jokes or even try to get jokes. Now she sees jokes from Booth and thinks they are funny.
    I just loved Caroline in this episode. She was all, do we really care if Brodskey is killing bad people, until Brodskey threatened Booth. I was watching this episode with my Mom and the first thing she said when Booth told Caroline that Brodskey pulled a gun on him was “Oh Oh, Caroline will not like that one bit”. Sure enough, Booth is threatened and Brodskey should get the death penalty. Even if she was being sarcastic there is an element of truth in it as Booth is her favorite FBI agent. Just loved how Caroline was willing to help Booth and Brennan try to catch Brodskey. That isn’t in her job description; but, there she was.
    You can see that Booth really cares about what Brennan thinks of him. He was so upset that Brennan could or would equate his past as a sniper with what Brodskey was doing. I think it was wonderful of Brennan to explain simply to Booth that “Brodskey is bad and you are good”. She can’t be too clear when talking to Booth. He really needed her to acknowledge that he is not Brodskey and she did it.
    As for him moving on after Hannah. I think he is moving on in his way. He wants to hang out with Brennan because she did show loyalty to him by staying when he said she could go or not. He saw proof that Brennan is on his side and he really loves her for that. He wants to be her best friend. It will take time for anything else to develop.

    • I really like your view point since it did bother me that Booth’s behavior was so flirty-like in the opening scene, since I think Hannah left a mark that shouldn’t have faded yet, so I think I’ll go with your ‘they’re just trying to be best friends’ interpretation.

  8. Booth was totally doing that thing where you like someone, so you make excuses to bump into them, and feign interest in their weird or boring hobbies (like history lectures). I don’t think he’s consciously pursuing her romantically because he’s still healing (and you can see that in his comments to Sweets), but he just wants to be around her. That’s sweet.

    Brennan in that last scene, with her “I’m standing right next to you, just like I’ll always be” — that was a mighty Boothy thing to say. I see a lot of change in her. I think she’s ready.

    • Concise but precise. (I sound like Bunsen Jude.) No but seriously. I think you’re right. I think it’s all subconscious for both of them. Without any one in their way, I think they’re just enjoying each other’s company and wanting to be in each other’s company more…

      I love it :).

    • What was the episode when Brennan, responding to some comment about where will she be when someone is shooting at Booth (or something? can’t remember) and she said something about how she’ll probably be standing right next to him, like always or like usual?

      • I don’t remember Brennan saying that before. Booth said it when they were going to a church and he didn’t want her to get struck by lightning because he’s usually standing right next to her! I think it might have been Devil in the Details?

    • Thanks, Becky.

  9. I think they were both flirting, but subconsciously. Basically testing the waters to see what their new boundaries are. Booth finding her jogging might have been primarily motivated by loneliness, but it was also a chance to see if this kind of thing – seeing her on their day off – would be okay.

    Brennan, in turn, is also testing. If she touches him, is he going to pull back? If she questions him, is he going to be angry?

    What I loved, loved, loved about this episode is that when they talked about “them”, they actually talked about the two of them, not some theoretical third party. “I will stand by you, always” not “a partner stands behind a partner”.

    My only complaint about this episode was the (IMO glaring) omission of any discussion of Max in the black/white, taking sides discussion. I have to believe that Brennan’s belief in shades of gray is informed by the fact that her father is a murderer. A few years ago, she was the one saying he’s a murderer, no matter who he kills, and Booth was the one saying there was a difference between Max and the criminals they catch. I don’t think Brennan was questioning Booth on his own ethics as much as she was trying to reconcile his seemingly different attitude toward Max vs Broadsky.

    • I don’t see the different attitude between Brodskey and Max by Booth. Max never killed an innocent person. Brodskey killed the woman who owned the apartment and called her collateral damage. Booth is going after Brodskey because of her death more than any others. He keeps showing her picture. He really hates the fact that an innocent person was killed and was considered collateral damage by Brodskey.

      • Good observation Lenora. Perhaps it’s that anyone that Max killed was a direct threat to his family. Initially his wife and eventually Brennan and Russ… If the threat was to Parker, I think Booth would think he had no other choice.

      • Even so, there really are shades of gray, and Max is one of them. Just as in Dentist in the Ditch, Booth can’t argue one position to get Brennan to forgive her dad, but then take up the opposite position when it’s a situation that affects him. Well, obviously he can, because he does, but…I just think that’s the sort of thing that would bother Brennan.

        And when Max ordered the hit of Vince McVicker, that wasn’t to protect anybody, that was straight up revenge and self-protection. Don’t get me wrong – I love Max to bits, he’s one of my favorite recurring characters. But he is who he is and if Booth is going to draw a line between good killers and bad ones, he should explain to Brennan why he puts Max on the side that he does.

    • I agree with the Broadsky/Max discrepancies and how Booth perceives the two men, but I do believe Lenora is right-Max may have been vindictive, but no innocent person was hurt as a result. Regardless of how Booth feels about Max (and by definition, Brennan), the fact remains that he still arrested Max every chance he got. He may like the guy and feel ambiguous about his actions but Booth ultimately allowed Justice to decide Max’s fate-with a little truth-bending on the stand, because he can’t bring himself to deny any of Brennan’s requests, especially when she looks at him like *that*.

  10. Um, not sure on the flirting. Probably…at least a little bit. But, honestly, I’m not even sure I care because I loved, loved, loved both the beginning and end scenes and I’m still grinning like an idiot this morning because of it.

    I love that we’re seeing Booth being drawn back into Brennan’s orbit whether he wants to be or not. It’s like even though he wants to hold her at arms length, he can’t fight the pull of her gravity and so he seeks her out, even on their day off. That he was willing to sit through a boring lecture just so he could be with her? Makes my silly little shipper heart sing. And I loved Brennan’s reaction too. She completely accepted what he said about liking war at face value and I don’t know that she even realized she was THE reason he wanted to go…which I think is totally sweet. Of course Caroline saw through it in an instant which was insanely hilarious too.

    And the end? Brennan showed that she’s loyal to Booth which I absolutely think is what he needs right now. It wasn’t just that she told him she thought he was good and Broadsky was bad, it was what she said about always being there – right next to him, that mattered most.

    But what hit me most about both these scenes, I think, is how easily they fell back into their old rhythm. Flirting has always been a part of their relationship (especially when they’re truly relaxed and comfortable with each other) but this was so, so much more. And yeah, I’m still grinning like an idiot.

  11. My cheeks still hurt from smiling through this episode. Did that happen to anyone else?

    From Brennan racing her way through her morning run (which I thought was typical Brennan) to Booth’s sudden appearance to Caroline’s expression when Brennan mentioned the lecture (c’mon, Caroline! Make ’em kiss again!!) to “Brodsky is bad….you’re good.”

    I just loved it. And giggled occasionally, like I was not 45 years old.

    I don’t know if either one consciously made a decision to flirt with the other one, but I think the timeline of events — Booth’s “I’m a gambler” moment….Brennan’s rejection…their time apart….Reporter Barbie….Brennan’s confession of feelings…The Rejected Proposal — all of those events play a part in how they react to each other now. There was a looseness, a comfort level, a freedom in their interaction, that I personally haven’t seen at all this entire season. Pardon me for the capslock key but HELL, YEA!!!!!

    I sorta wish Brennan had been able to articulate to Booth that it was the very fact that he worried about being thought of in the same vein as Brodsky that made him different from the killer, but I’ll settle for the “Broadsky bad….you good.”

    And enjoy my smiley, achey cheeks.

    • I thought I posted this but I must have hit the wrong button or something.

      Can we talk baby names, too??? Hello, Katherine Temperance!!! I want a baby girl Hodgela now!

      Although a Michael Joseph would give me an MJ Hodgins and that would be awesome.

      But Katherine Temperance? Gimme. Baby. Now.

  12. Oh, and can I just add:

    BABY NAMES!!!!!!!

    Katherine Temperance?!? I want a baby girl Hodgela, now!

    Although Michael Joseph would mean I get an MJ Hodgins. I could live with that, too. 🙂

    Seriously, Katherine Temperance??????? Gimme. Baby. Now.

  13. I watched this episode with my mom. After the beginning part where Booth offers to attend that lecture with her, my mom turned to me and said, “You know, they’re dating.” Of course, I was completely blown away by this remark, and was about to argue, protest, be my little high-schooler-ly indignant self, and my mom says, “Brennan just doesn’t know it yet.” What do you make of this? Is my mom sort of…right? (*shutters*)

  14. I adored this entire episode, ESPECIALLY the beginning and the end (That little smirk from Booth at FF? *Thud*). I absolutely think Booth was intentionally flirting. He definitely meant to, quite literally, run into her. And, come on, you know he had no real interest in going to a boring lecture on his day off. I’m pretty sure he just wanted to spend time with Brennan. Maybe it wasn’t flirting (even though I think it was), maybe he just needed to be with a friend (eh, maybe). Haha.

    In Brennan’s case, I honestly haven’t decided if she was flirting, per se, but she I DO think that she was doing…something. I’m having problems finding the words. I’m less inclined to think that the joke thing was flirting, but I’m not denying that this is totally a possibility. When Booth flirted and was so open with her, she wasn’t oblivious, or shutting him out, or just letting it come at her without reciprocation as she has at points in the past. She reciprocated in her own way when she said “I’m standing right next to you, just like I’ll always be.” As @thesciencegirl said. This shows a lot of growth on her part. And it meant something. I think she’s *there*. She’s ready. She’s just waiting for him to be ready now. Just like Booth waited for her for so long.

    Did that make *any* sense at all?

    • I agree with you that I think he may have just needed to be with a friend. Booth seems to be the loner type, with few guy friends. The Jeffersonian squints and Brennan seem to have created a surrogate circle of friends for him. Outside of work, we don’t see him having a best guy friend (aside from Parker and that’s family.). So it seems natural to me that on his day off, he’d realize he’s all alone, after being rejected. Seems natural that he’d go find Brennan to hang out with.

  15. I just have to say something about that race. (Besides wishing we’d seen more of it…c’mon, it woulda been awesome to see more of that race than the beginning and end!) You know how competitive Booth and Brennan are. When he took off like he did after taunting her, there’s no way in the world she didn’t run for all she was worth. Brennan being Brennan would want to win no matter what. The fact that Booth beat her means he had to put everything he had into that run as well and it shows he respects her enough to not just ‘let’ her win. To me, that is evidence of true friendship. And yeah…there was flirting going on, but I think it had to be a somewhat cleansing experience for them as well. After all of the events that have happened since they returned, it had to be kind of exhilarating to throw all of their energy into just running flat out in a race against each other…but doing it Together. Competing together. Spending time together. Faux arguing together. Laughing together. Ignoring all the crap and focusing on the moment…Together. And if they took advantage of all those lovely endorphins afterward? Who could blame them!!

    • I just thought it was interesting, how you say Booth not letting her win was the evidence of true friendship. Soccer Mom in the Minivan was on tv last night, and when Brennan’s on the stairs with Drunk Booth, it seems to me that her evidence for concluding that Max loved her was that, “We played cards…I killed him.” Just thought it was an interesting parallel! 🙂

  16. Oh boy. What a fantastic bunch of moments last night.

    As for flirting, I’m going with everyone on the subconscious thing–at least, to an extent. Brennan, I don’t think she was consciously flirting. I mean, the way she responded to him this episode is the way she’s responded to him for years, in my opinion, and of course, she’s going to be extra receptive in light of the new “readiness” that began in Maluku (I agree with the “ready” thing, Sarah!). But I think the DitM chit-chat, just-partners speech from Booth is too much in the forefront of her mind, and to Brennan, words mean what they mean, no matter that Booth is going out of his way to spend extra time with her. When Brennan is telling Caroline about his Peloponnesian War interest, Caroline totally sees through it, and yet Brennan sounds like she swallowed Booth’s line hook, line, and sinker. I think she’s probably hopeful for their future, but not…anticipating it at the moment. I think she fully believes that Booth meant what he said–and is saying right now, as in to Sweets–that they’re not going there, at least not right now.

    Booth, for his part, I think he would deny it up and down that he was flirting, but I think he was, and I think he knows he was. I’ve always been a big supporter of the idea that for Booth, Brennan is kind of his weakness–for better or for worse, he just can’t stay away, and so on his day off, he gets up, goes to the place where he knows Brennan jogs, hoping to run into her–just partner stuff! he would insist, but we know better, and so does he, though he’s not ready to admit it.

    I’ll be honest, I’m kind of thrilled with how quickly we’ve gotten to this! I didn’t expect this kind of progress so soon, not after DitM. But I’m definitely happy to see it!

  17. Well … I am still confused by the way Booth acts. At first, this wonderful opening scene where we see him literally chasing Brennan … He obviously planned that impromptu meeting and planned to go with her to that lecture. So that tells me he wants to spend time with her. And as safetosay123 (or more her mom 🙂 ) said, maybe it was a way for Booth to date Brennan without calling it a date! Then, we see him seeking Sweets advices (as if he had had good ones lately …) and he is so mad that Brennan keeps comparing him to Broadsky … He seems to be in conflict with himself, with what he did in the past and he obvisouly doesn’t want to turn bad. Like Broadsky, like his dad (we saw that on the DitM). Where I am confused is that when Sweets asked him if he spoke to Brennan about why she kept comparing him, he said no, we don’t go there anymore. I am confused that he is ready to plan that meeting and kind of secretly date her but doesn’t seem ready to open to her as he would have done in the past … I must say that bothers me.
    So yes, I would call it flirting on his side, and maybe a bit from Brennan too in the opening scene. I was happy to see that she liked to see him there as it occurs to me that she would have been more on the defensive earlier.
    Other good moments of that ep : Caroline seeing through his plan right away! (while Brennan has obviously no idea!), Angela’s father and his weird name request, Hodgins stepping up in front of his father in law, and Booth at the lab Baby!!! The end scene of course, where we saw where Brennan stands and he saw him too.

    • I think we’re supposed to see a conflict between what Booth really wants (his subconscious desires maybe?) and what he THINKS he wants, or at least what he thinks he’s ready to want. He’s not ready to admit anything to another person (about his feelings or the nature of his relationship with Brennan), and in a lot of ways, I don’t think he’s ready to admit it to himself yet.

      I see the running scene as much more of an unconscious act of devotion on Booth’s part, something he could have easily have justified as time spent together as friends a la the Tommy gun scene in The Bikini in the Soup. It was clearly more than that, but that doesn’t mean he actually realized that fact. Know what I mean? In the scene with Sweets, he was directly confronted on the issue so of course he was going to put his walls up – especially when he was already so emotionally affected by the case.

      Poor Booth. I don’t think he realizes yet just how far he’s already fallen.

      • I agree entirely and I also think that the prospect of “going there” again for Booth is quite terrifying. He was devastated at the loss of a *potential* romance with Brennan…to even contemplate actually having that kind of relationship and then losing it? Scary.

        Yes, Brennan has changed, but it will take some time for him to assess how she’s changed, and to trust that the change is permanent, and she won’t fly off to Bora Bora the morning after, you know?

        I read some of the comments on the GMMR review and I know there are a lot of people who want an angry Brennan and a groveling Booth, but I’m not one of them. I’m glad they are not wasting time deciding who is to blame for what and are just moving forward, apparently together.

      • I think Sweets asking Booth “do you want me to answer that question” was more for comedic effect. He’d just tried to answer a remark by Booth and been shot down, and now Booth is looking at him like “why aren’t you answering me?”

        I laughed, anyway. Make up your mind, Booth! Are you there just to talk or do you want Sweets to actually talk to you, too?

      • Agreed. That’s all I have to say. Except that I agreed with your original post wholeheartedly as well, Stephanie. You said everything I wanted to say, but better! 🙂

    • I was confused on the “we don’t go there anymore” comment, too. But I don’t know if the “we” he was referring to was him and Sweets, or him and Brennan.

      • yeah, that was my take on it, that Booth was saying Sweets wasn’t invited to ask questions about his interactions with Brennan. However, I can see it the other way too. We only have a few examples of Booth calling Brennan out on what she says about it. I an only think of two off the top of my head. In Con Man, obvs, and in player under pressure, when she likens his enjoyment of sports as infantile and says that it’s like playing at being a soldier. So if he’s calling her out now, I see that as character growth on his part! Sometimes she DOES speak in general terms without considering the individual’s feelings. It’s almost never personally insulting from her, just fact. When she’s confronted with how a person (especially Booth) might feel about her statements then she sometimes retracts. Or I should say, elaborates.

      • I just rewatched the episode and it’s not a ‘we’ … but well : ‘I don’t go there anymore’ he told Sweets 😦

      • C-bones, I think you may onto something when Booth told Sweets “we don’t go there anymore”. I believe Booth may have been chastising Sweets. His personal advice lately has left a lot to be desired and I noticed that Sweets didn’t have the normal sweet smile on his face he normally has. He looked worried and a little sad the whole time he was talking to Booth. He actually asked Booth if he could answer Booths question. We have never seen him do that before. Booth may have been asking for Sweets advice; but, I think Booth must be putting a limit as to what he will talk to Sweets about and Sweets knows it. Maybe this is the repercussion a lot of us have been saying that must happen because of the lousy advice he has been giving Booth since 100.

      • I’ve watched it twice, and I keep hearing “we don’t go there” not “I don’t go there” but the sadness in both their expressions makes me think they both know he’s referring to Brennan. Especially Sweets’ expression after Booth leaves.

        Of course Booth decides to go there again by the end of the episode, so it’s all good in the end.

      • I agree with you that it was not easy to hear ‘we’ or ‘I’ but closed caption has it at ‘I’ … Maybe it is another ‘trick’ from the Bones people to confuse us even more !! LOL (they actually don’t need that! at least for me)

      • I think I’m wrong, but in both the scene with hodgela and with booth, Sweets seemed a little “off his game”, like the Gravedigger taunts haven’t entirely left him? This is a related case, because of the sniper, and Sweets has to feel a little happy that Broadsky killed the Gravedigger, right? so maybe he is both conflicted about Broadsky’s morals, and still flashing back to how her comments made him feel. Or, he’s just scared of “Mr. Montenegro”.

  18. 1) Definitely thinking “Booth’s back at the lab. That’s a good sign.”
    2) I’m with Lenora on this: I don’t think Booth was flirting. He just wanted to be with the person he is closest to, his best friend, the person he trusts implicitly. He needs that comfort and emotional safety right now. His apartment must feel very empty right now, so being at a dry lecture with Bones is better than being alone at home.
    3) I don’t think Brennan was flirting except perhaps when she laughed at his joke, but I don’t even think she was then. I think she is trying to be supportive of her partner and best friend who she knows has been to hell and back, in large part because of her. I also think she was uncomfortable about the Booth – Broadsky thing and his reaction, but until he challenged her, she didn’t fully understand exactly what was bothering him.

    Most women who laugh at a man’s lame joke are flirting, but this is Brennan and she responded not just by laughing, but by explaining why it was funny. Explaining his jokes to him is so-o the opposite of flirting, but it was Brennan trying to make Booth feel good. The only place where I thought she was flirting was when she asked him to tell her another.
    4) I knew I wasn’t going to be home at 9 last night, so I recorded the ep. To my chagrin, it started recording at the coffee cart. I knew there was more, but I didn’t get it until I got the download this AM. I also liked the song that was playing during the opening sequence.

  19. Vince Gill, “Take Your Memory with You when You Go.”

    And I’ll never believe that song choice was coincidence.

    See ya, Hannah!

  20. I LOVED this episode, it was the first of many that I actually laughed really hard at the jokes, my favourite being Sweets in the Diner:
    Hodgins: You are running away!!
    Sweets: I’m walking.
    Makes me smile every time.
    I don’t know that Brennan was flirting, it seemed to me that she was her normal Season 6 self (more open and affectionate than previous seasons), but it’s just that we haven’t seen Brennan interact with Booth before, since he was preoccupied by a certain reporter. Booth definitely was flirting, though.
    What broke my heart a teensy bit was when Booth said to Sweets “We don’t go there anymore. That’s over.” 😦 At least it’s an unconscious admission that they were never ‘just partners’ though! That Booth shared his conflicts with Brennan because they were more than partners. Oh no, sudden horrible thought!! What if Booth shared previous conflicts with Brennan because she was his friend, and now he thinks they’re no longer friends, merely colleagues??! Someone please reassure me that Booth was thinking the former!
    What healed my heart a teensy bit was the end scene where Brennan tells Booth ‘I’m standing right beside you Booth. Like always. Like I always will.”

  21. I don’t think either of them were flirting, at least not deliberately. This is the behavior of two people that were best friends and they are getting back to that dynamic. This is what Hannah took away from them and why we were partially upset with her…cuz at the very least…they didn’t even seem to have a friendship any more. I would say that Booth is “warming” up to Brennan again after the past year’s debacle. He’s putting the past behind him and moving forward with his partner who is becoming his friend again. But we can see that Bones’ opinion of Booth is important to him. Why else would he be upset that she was saying he was similar to Broadsky? What did he say…it kills me that she thinks of me this way…or something like that. Her opinion matters and what it reveals to me is that it matters…not because she’s his partner or friend…but because of his feelings that he has buried deeply within him. Right now he is still in denial about how he feels about Bones. To me…that’s why he said…we don’t go there anymore….when Sweets asked if he had talked to Bones about her opinion. If you’re friends…you do go there. If you are more than friends…then going there opens up your heart and right now it would open up the pain of the past which he has buried deep within him. He has no desire for a romantic relationship right now. He just wants to get on with his life….but what he’s doing is falling back into the old patterns of a life with Bones…and this, I think…I hope….will pull him in back into the spell that she had over him. What’s different this time…is Brennan. She has changed because she recognized she had feelings for him. So falling back into old patterns will come with a twist…a Brennan that now wants him…lol…I hope….this is what my shipper heart is saying to me….lol.

  22. I loved last night’s episode, but I’ve got to be honest. Hearing Brennan say she’ll always be by Booth’s side was scary to me. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a B&B shipper to the bone. But did Brennan really mean that? If we were looking at the old Brennan, then I’d definitely say yes! You could always take her literally for what she said. But after learning how to interact with people you care about from Booth and Sweets (ex. Santa in the Slush when she learned that it’s okay to lie to kids at Christmas), can we take her for what she’s saying? She obviously cares about Booth. She knows the types of reassurances that he needs, especially right now. Is Brennan telling Booth that she’ll always be by his side from the part of her that literally means that she’s not going to leave him, let him down, or betray him? Or is Brennan telling Booth that she’ll always be by his side from the part of her that wants to protect and support her best friend that she cares about? I was scared hearing her say that because I don’t know which part of Booth (his “subconsciously in love with her” side or his “just needing a pal” side) pulled which meaning from what Brennan said. If we look at it from a romantic perspective, then Brennan is agreeing with the 100th episode Booth who wants 30, 40, or 50 years with her.

    I don’t know what I’m looking for to reassure me but that scene was just chilling to me. Either that, or I’m way overinterpreting two fictional characters’ conversation.. LOL

    • I think you have done a very good job of expressing how Booth might feel at that moment…which is why he’s approaching this as slowly and hesitantly as he is.

    • I don’t think she’s lying at all. Even after she learned there are times when it’s okay to lie, she wouldn’t promise him 30, 40 or 50 years, or say that she believed in forever. That she can promise it now is progress. I took it to mean she’ll be there for him whether or not they’re together romantically.

    • I know what you mean – Brennan’s words (‘I’m standing right beside you Booth. Like always. Like I always will’) sounded odd coming from her. Not out of character, as I can see how and why she felt the need to say it – it just struck me that the way she said those words was not like anything we’ve ever seen before from her.
      Booth is immediately reassured, which gives me hope on the Booth side of things, but I can’t help feeling a little confused about where Brennan stands, despite her insisting that it’s ‘right beside’ him.

    • When Brennan said “I’m standing right beside you, Booth, like always, like I always will” was quite a surprise coming from someone who did not believe in lasting relationships. She mentioned it in relation to their working relationship and it surprised Booth because she goes on to say she meant it metaphorically. I think Booth’s response that he thought he had shrunk was because he was surprised Brennan used long lasting terms to define her point of view. When Brennan laughed and said he made a joke based on their conversation about relative positioning, Booth said that was not why it was funny. He did not push the subject though because Brennan was having too much fun.

      I think he is noting the changes in Brennan and it’s not just talk but she actually has changed.

      • Even though those aren’t words that Brennan usually uses, I think she meant it. And I think she meant it in the same spirit in which Booth pretty much said he wasn’t going anywhere. His scared me more, honestly, because I was wondering if they were really prepared to go the “stay friends even though both our feelings have been put out there” route. Brennan may not have believed in long-lasting romantic relationships, but I believe she wanted a long-lasting friendship with Booth. I think that was actually what drove her decision in the 100th. She may have never used those words, but I think Booth is a person she grew to value and depend on in her life, and she wanted it to stay that way. And she’s always wanted to be there for him, and she can’t see that changing, no matter whether she was in love with him or not.

  23. Okay, it’s 2:30 a.m. here, so you’ll have to excuse any crazy talk as sleep-posting 😀

    The episode was really very good IMHO…the case really worked for me in terms of moving the Sniper story forward & it’s bringing out all sorts of new Boothy elements for us (and Brennan) to ponder. With respect to the footrace – I may be picking up on bizarre subliminal symmetry where none exists…but they are running toward THE COFFEE CART people…together…they both want the same thing…COFFEE. Booth won. Brennan complains he had a head start advantage & alludes that he didn’t truly beat her to the finish line…they finished together – not going any further on that thought 😉 This scenario really echoed back to that Season 5 promise to meet at the coffee cart…not as ‘partners’ …off the clock.

    Dragging myself back on topic *rolls eyes* – were they flirting? I think that B&B have always flirted *at* each other as part of their competitive bantering dynamic…and we’ve seen plenty of instances where those flirty vibes have escalated to situations where they end up tap dancing on the line of “No ‘just partners’ beyond this point”. I adore how Brennan gets flirty around things that ‘interest’ her and Booth gets flirtatious when he’s challenged. Yes, they were both flirting in their individual imicable styles, taking it far enough to border on intentional, directed flirting – which screams volumes about their ongoing compatibility…something that Caroline Julian saw right through (gotta love Patty Belcher for those looks and the subvocalisations that say “Pull the other one, Cherie…it plays ‘Hot Blooded’, mmmhhmm”). If that exchange had happened on the Lab platform…Cam & Angela could have exchanged knowing looks and commented that Booth & Brennan were a couple again…alas, still without the sex 😀

    The other thing that I enjoyed was the parallel call-out’s over the ‘you can’t say “forget it” to your partner’…they both had something to address that would be potentially hurtful to the other & in encouraging each other to take that shot…well, it says they are ready to address more difficult issues between them. It gives me hope, BONES pals & makes me happy.

    • First of all, I love your coffee cart race metaphor and I would like to take that and run with it….Brennan actually sprints past Booth, and then comes back to where he is, at the moment.

      And while Booth calls himself a gracious victor, I don’t think either of them uses the word “lose”..oh I hope I am right. My recollection is that they both said positive words “I won”, etc.

      Because of course in the lifelong race to the coffee cart of love, they are both winners!

    • Nice connection to the coffee cart – hadn’t thought of that…

  24. I have to say that I actually didn’t enjoy the case story. I thought it was weak, especially the part where they figure out it was the men’s restroom that was the target. My question is how would Broadsky know that his “male target” would be going to the restroom that evening? How would he know that the man that actually went into the restroom was his target and not some random guy walking into the RR? Did his “heat scope” (?) whatchamacallit identify 100% that this was his “target”? No. So….this part of the episode was weak. But, I enjoy Bones mainly for B&B, so for the most part I can overlook this mistake. Maybe? LOL.

    • I loved the episode, but I thought the same thing about the case. I thought it was a little ridiculous that it took them as long as it did to figure out that the men’s and women’s restrooms were probably the same tiling and stuff.

      But, on stuff like that, I just choose to suspend my disbelief and enjoy the ride. 🙂

  25. Am remembering Ep. 100, when Brennan explained so earnestly to Sweets that she and Booth were “feeling each other up” during their first case.

    I think that’s what’s happening again.

  26. Can I just start by mentioning how great it is when the morning after question is EXACTLY the same question I’ve been asking myself?

    So, my answer? He was flirting, she was showing that she’s still on the radar. But it didn’t all sit well. I LOVED how he met her on her morning run (actually watched that bit twice bc I had to check that he didn’t grab her around the waist). The laughter, and banter was old Bones and just delightful. But I think I’m still experiencing a bit of H-fatigue. Judging by Angie’s belly, I’d say H left a couple of months ago in Bones time, and whilst I LOVED Booth flirting (and Caroline calling him on it) it felt a bit too soon.

    But then, it’s gotta start somewhere, right?

    Overall, loved the humour, banter, tension, nearly died when Broadsky played the Parker card. It does feel like the season is just starting 🙂

    • well the old adage about how long it takes you to get over someone is “one week for every month you were together” so…how long were B & H together?

      • good question… I’d say about 8 months all up: 3-4 in Afghanistan & 4-5 in DC. So, 8 weeks to get over her makes it right 😉

  27. I tend to agree with most people here that I do believe there was flirting, but that it was subconscious on both their parts. Booth seeking Brennan out on their day off and wanting to spend a good portion of the day with her confuses me, since I thought all he wanted was strict partnership, but then again I think Booth is just as confused. 🙂 It almost feels like there’s something pulling at him to explore his relationship with Brennan again, but that he won’t dare give it a name or even acknowledge that it’s there. I suppose we will see where this is all going to go, but I’m hopeful and excited!

  28. I just loved this ep from start to finish for all the reasons everyone else has already said.

    I think one of the things I loved most about it though, was that Brennan was right there at Booth’s side as he set up to take down Broadsky. He asked her to be his spotter and she just did it. I just loved that and everything it means. It’s not the first time Brennan has been next to him when he’s taken a shot, but I think that in this instance, the fact that he’s struggling so much with what’s going on surrounding Broadsky, her presence has deeper meaning. And I think it reinforces what she said later on in the ep. That she’ll always be standing beside Booth… unless she’s sitting next to him, that is. 😉

  29. I find it interesting that despite the fact that the sniper arc is supposed to put Booth into turmoil about his actions and the boundaries of good/bad, when he goes to visit Sweets we find that his pain in this episode is based upon Brennan’s perception of him. He talks through the differences between him and Broadsky, but Booth (not Sweets, interestingly – I think he would usually find a way to bring their relationship into the discussion) continually brings the chat back to how Brennan views him. ‘It kills me that Bones thinks that taking someone’s life means nothing to me.’ I think you can tell how much he still cares from this discussion with Sweets (having seen Sweets and Booth grow closer recently, I think we can rely on these sessions to reveal Booth’s true feelings on certain topics).
    Loved the run and the chat at the end, naturally!

  30. I’m pretty much going to be repetitive here but I feel like saying my piece. My answer to your question is…. YES!!! They were totally flirting. And it was fun flirting that you do with your guy friends that you sort of might be more attracted to than you’re supposed to be. I also agree that it was mostly subconscious. I love the idea that Booth is so drawn to Brennan that he ‘stakes’ her out and then challenges her to a race. And then he’s a gentleman and pays for the coffee. And I love that he invites himself to the lecture… almost like a date (I really had that thought when watching the episode). Okay, so mostly I love Booth. I’m okay with it. 🙂

  31. I think i may be in the minority here (shocking i know! And i say minority…i only read the first few posts. For all i know the rest agree with me! LOL) but i don’t think either of them were flirting. At least not consciously.

    I think they are almost back to ‘that’ place. Where they can relax with one another and enjoy the others company, laugh, joke etc with no awkwardness and no real underlying issues (except an awareness of one another but that’s always been there. Probably always will be to).

    There not completey back to how they were. Booth’s ‘We don’t go there anymore’ (yeah i realise that’s not exactly what he said but roll with it!) to Sweets about Brennan shows that. But they are getting there.

    No flirting but a definite step in the right direction 😀

  32. I sortof agree with Laffers on this… i don’t think they were ‘flirting’ as such, more heading back towards old B&B, where to puny humans like us their behaviour would seem flirtacious, but really they’re “just partners”. And I think that since they aren’t quite back to square 1 yet, parts of their old partnership stick out more then others; the flirting being part of it. So without that strong backing of “we discuss everything”, that behaviour is left out in the open and even more obvious to us now. (Either that or it’s just the first week back to ‘just partners’ and our withdrawal symptons are showing.) Maybe, the behaviour tonight like the running race (LOVE that btw), and the lecture, and the joke at the end was all kind of conscious on their part, but not as ‘flirting’ but as their old partnership. All I know is that I LOVED IT!! and am happy that everything is going back to the way it should be.

  33. For me, whether they were flirting or not, what was so awesome about this episode is that I felt the old B&B were back. The B&B that are so totally comfortable with each other no matter what the level of their relationship is. I also loved that we were seeing Booth more in the lab. I felt good after this episode and that was awesome!

    Can I also say I loved Caroline too? I don’t know what it was about her wanting to give Broadsky a little more time to do what he is doing before they put an end to his vigilante ways up until he made an appearance in Booth’s apartment and then it was all “he deserves a lethal injection”…anyway, I loved that too!

    I did find it interesting as well, I believe a few people mentioned this, that Booth’s turmoil about his sniper past and the good vs. bad issue seemed to be centered around Brennan’s perception of him. Seems like she cleared it up in the end…”You, good. Broadsky, bad.” Oh and the running toward the coffee cart and Booth finding Brennan on his day off and offering to go to a “dry” lecture. So many good things!

  34. Anytime Booth says ‘Don’t go there anymore’ in relation to Brennan, I always take it with a pinch of salt because I know he will revisit it. It’s like he has ‘ants in his pants’ and can’t sit comfortably till he gets it out of his system. If he doesn’t go there anymore, there was no reason to bring it up with Brennan at the end.
    The only reason someone’s opinion would matter is if you care for the person.

    Loved the Caroline’s sarcastic comment – brilliant.

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