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I Don’t Know What That Means: He Called Me Baby (All Night Long)


So…I wish we all knew each other, like really, really knew each other. Because, then, I wouldn’t have to type all of this out. You’d just see my face whenever I think about  this and see that it’s just a Whaaaaaaatttttttt???? moment for me.

But seriously, what does that song at the end of season five MEAN? Of course, I realize it’s just a song. But in that moment, it seemed so deliberate. That’s what I can’t wrap my mind around. Obviously (or, at least, in my opinion), Booth did NOT call Brennan baby all night long. If he did, and B&B have already slept together, someone is going to pay.

Ha, okay, threats aside…what do you think? Is it one of those ‘seems deliberate, but really isn’t’ moments? Of course, it’s ALSO when B&B agree to meet at the coffee cart, which opens up a completely different IDKWTM you are free to discuss as well. And I must give you props, those of you who pointed out that B&B were running toward the coffee cart in this week’s episode. I missed that. Bones Theory readers, I like the way you work it. No diggity.

Okay, okay…enough from me. Can you help me make sense of this? PLEASE?!?

Peace, Love & tearing my hair out trying to figure it all out Bones,



63 thoughts on “I Don’t Know What That Means: He Called Me Baby (All Night Long)

  1. remember all the lyrics…

    You’ve been my queen for longer than you know
    My love for you has been
    Every step i take
    Every day i live
    Everything i see

    And if i get things wrong
    Don’t want you to think I’m running away
    But i heard from Jo about this guy And i want to know

    What did he say?
    He called me baby, baby all night long
    What did he do?
    He called me baby, baby all night long

    Why? Why? Why, did you need him?
    Where was i?
    Just how close to you is he?
    Every smile you gave
    Every touch you made
    Every word you said

    And it hurts beyond hurt
    It was a love that blinds
    And a love that stings
    When i heard from Jo about this guy
    And i want to know

    What did he say?
    He called me baby, baby all night long
    What did he do?
    He called me baby, baby all night long
    What did he do?

    He called you baby, baby all night long
    What did he do?
    He called me baby, baby all night long
    What did he say?
    He called me baby, baby, all night long
    What did he do?
    He called you baby, baby, all night long

    I know he called you babe
    All night long

    they are now at the end of the road… back at the old habits… I remember I’ve noticed that , and asked HH about it… yep he just RTed the tweet LOL

    my theory was about the fact that the 5th season was a circle. Booth called Brennan “Babe” in the 5×01…. and the added this song in the season final…. OK, sorry, my post doesn’t clarify anything 😉

  2. All I know about this song being there is that Hart Hanson said in the dvd commentary -yes I listen to the commentaries – that he had been trying to get this song in the show for the last 6 years.
    Beautiful song but I never thought it fit B & B at the time.

  3. I love that song, it’s a favorite on my iPod. When I listen to it my heart skips a beat because I would love it if Booth called me baby. Ok but seriously I can’t watch that scene & hear that song without remembering how heartbreaking the season 5 finale was.
    I’m so glad to know that I’m not the only one who reads too much into things. The song choice for the ending of the finale, to me, meant all what they were losing my running away from each other. Maybe it had to do with the coma dream, maybe it had to do with their growing feelings for each other. Or maybe just to cause us confusion.

  4. I always thought the song described what was going on internally during that scene. Outwardly, they went by their normal rules – they didn’t say anything unusual, and they barely even touched. Inwardly, B&B often seem to have a dialogue going on. We all know there was subtext in what they were saying as they said goodbye, and I think the song fit perfectly with all the things they were NOT saying.

  5. This song to me can mean all theinternal feelings that Booth and Brennan were having for each other on that moment of the season and they’ve totally unable to express this in words to each other.That’s why the looks,The hand to hand mean so much for them. To me is their way to say i love you i want be with you said in gestures. Well about B&B jogging till the coffee cart i think was one of the most cute scenes between them on the whole show. That show too how much they can be act like a couple and still keep their fire burning. But i’d love see them having the meeting on their particular coffee cart on the reflecting pool. I don’t know. Maybe after watch that cringe scene of Booth proposing you know who almost in the same place i think is a great idea want the B&B choose another meeting place to their own. Because what happen between them is theirs.

  6. That song, in that episode, in that spot has always confused me. I’ve tried to figure out what they were telling us, but have never been able to come up with something that satisfies me. I’m really hoping someone here can present something that will work for me.

    If I remember correctly HH did say that the song was deliberate, he just didn’t elaborate on that. So while I can’t shed any light on this, I can say that you’re not alone in wondering just what the heck that was about.

  7. I think the song is about the juxtaposition of internal feelings Booth is having at the end of the episode. In reality, she has been his “queen” for so long, hanging on every word and every touch without any satisfying “ending” for him in the “Beginning in the End”. The “other guy” referred to in the song is probably the other Booth in the “End in the Beginning” who probably called her “baby, baby, all night long” because he could- he was married to her in his coma dream. She was his. The conflict here is what’s going on with his feelings now. He can’t have her as “himself” now, but he already did as his “coma self”. He’s longing to be the one with her like he was in the dream.

  8. Hm. I hadn’t interpreted the song that way at all. The singer [Booth?] is talking from a 1st person POV. [my queen, every step I take, if I get things wrong, etc] But then, he’s asking his “queen” [Brennan] “What did he say” And she’s saying”he called me baby…all night long”. I got that it’s someone else calling her Baby, not Booth at all. Now, who it is that is calling her baby could be anything. Knowing Brennan, it’s her job, her anthropology, that is metaphorically “calling her baby”.

    Now, I don’t know if I’m right, or if I’m completely making things up. But, in my opinion, it’s not Booth that’s calling her Baby. It’s Booth that wants her to know his love and asks if his love is enough.

  9. It was deliberate because HH has wanted to use that song for six years. Really, I don’t think there’s anything else to it. (Other than he likes to mess with fans’ heads.)

  10. @Frankie707: If I remember correctly HH did say that the song was deliberate, he just didn’t elaborate on that. So while I can’t shed any light on this, I can say that you’re not alone in wondering just what the heck that was about.

    Well, it turned out to be about Booth and blonde barbie, because he called her baby all night long…and that for half a season!!! UGH! 😦

  11. I love this song. It’s so hauntingly romantic, tortured and wide open with vulnerability. To love someone so much and never feel that you’ve loved them enough. Phew. But it’s so sexy, too. The female voice is so confident and raspy, haunting, and almost unapologetic “he called me ba-by baby all night long”… whoever ‘he’ was satisfied her in a way the first couldn’t.
    I rewatched the earlier scene between Brennan and Angela in the lab to put the ending in perspective. Brennan is just not sure that the life she has right now, with Booth, in murder-solving, is satisfying her; if she hasn’t given it more value than she should. The call to Maluku (sp?) was enticing. It promised to satisfy her in a way that she didn’t think her life at the time could.
    I don’t write for a living and I sure didn’t ace poetic analysis 🙂 but I think that the sound of the song, and even the words, very accurately describes the love, turmoil and vulnerability of the scene. It’s a gorgous, heart-crushing scene.
    And I think that the voice of the song must be Booth’s- S5 was all about his love for her practically on display. It was crushed, but he loved her. The voice is his, and the queen was her. Whatever called her ‘baby’, well, I can’t say for sure.

    I know you can’t compare fiction to reality, but the dance these two have is epic. It’s magical, beautiful, steamy and feels like the kind of real love that we hope for. Sigh.

  12. I also find it very interesting that the male voice of the song doesn’t run away, doesn’t do anything but ask what she got from the other guy that he couldn’t give… :*( Is that not our man Booth, or what?
    Heart-crushing all over again.

    • “Why, why, why did you need him, where was I?”

      These lyrics is probably what stands out most for me from the whole song. And it’s haunting, indeed…

  13. I think we’re on the right track that the speaker is Booth and is referring to Brennan. But the “he” might not be an actual man, but could be her work. Booth wants Brennan, but she’s running away from him because she’s scared. She counts on forensic anthropology as stability in her life, like a relationship in a way. Maybe the “he” is her love for forensic anthropology, scientific reason, or impiricism. But maybe that’s a stretch! Haha!

  14. Even though it’s absolutely heartcrushing, I adore this scene. When Booth showed up at the airport and Cam said “Oh. My. God.” I pretty much had the exact same reaction. I mean, holy freakin’ eye candy in the BDU’s (thank you HH) but even more than that, was the fact that Booth wasn’t about to let Brennan go off for a year without saying goodbye and shows up in a way reminiscent of every epic love story ever… Wow. Just wow. Totally swoon worthy… That’s what good story-telling is made of, my friends.

    I love the way their eyes meet, and everyone else just fades away and she just gravitates towards him. As she’s walking across the concourse, the song starts playing, and since HH doesn’t do anything unintentionally, I think that we can take the “you’ve been my queen/for longer than you know” and the rest of the lyrics from the lead singer’s perspective at face value as being exactly what’s inside Booth’s heart at that moment.

    As for the “he called me baby, baby, baby/All night long” answer in the refrain, I think it’s more subtle. My take is that it’s not so much a literal “he” in terms of Brennan as it is a metaphorical “he” in the form of anthropology and the draw it has to her. In The Passenger In the Oven, she called prehistoric anthropological discoveries her “real passion”, which Booth questions, telling her that he thought the two of them working together was her “real passion”. He asks her to clarify a little later on, and she says she’s not tired of working with him, but I have to wonder if that little snippet of conversation didn’t just keep eating at Booth, despite her assurances.

    When the singer says “and I heard from Jo/about this guy/and I want to know”, I think one can draw the parallel between Booth hearing about the Maluku project from Sweets before Brennan told Booth about it herself.

    I could go on and analyze every line of the song, but those lines in particular have stuck out at me for a long time. As for the others, I think that it’s enough to say that all of the lyrics from the man’s perspective fit Booth perfectly. If Booth were the type to write poetry or song lyrics, he’d probably write that.

    • I like your thought process Jade. 🙂

      And may I say that while I don’t have any thoughts of my own about what this song means in the context of the show, I will say that I heard it when I was out shopping one day nearly started bawling right there in the aisle at Kohl’s…and it was all because of Bones!

      • AHH no kidding–that happened to me exactly today! At Kohls, too! Hahaha, oh dear, that is some funny stuff. 🙂

      • Well that makes me feel so much better!

      • Thanks, Steph! 🙂

        I have to say, the first few times I saw this ep, I was just caught up in the emotion of it all and I didn’t pay much attention to the song lyrics. But one day after having seen the ep, I heard the song on the radio and the lyrics really registered and I had a “holy crap!” moment as the scene came back to me and it kind of all made sense all at once.

        And if it makes you feel any better, I do the same thing with songs that have been on Bones – I hear them on the radio or in stores or whatever. Heck, I have a playlist on my iPod that’s all music from the show. 😉

    • I have to say I hadn’t though of it before now, but this theory is the one that makes the most sense to me, so much that I’m like “how did I not see this?” lol. I’m going to go with that. I love your thought process too! 🙂

  15. Okay, so I was one of those people who heard this song during the episode, got all wrapped up in the emotion of the moment, fell ridiculously in love with the song, downloaded it immediately, and listened to it over and over again with no regard for how its lyrics might tie in to the story. Maybe I’m the only person who did that. I hold the Bones Theory community in such high regard that I assume you all see and comprehend a million little metaphors and allusions and references that I miss because I’m too busy blurting out to my husband that sodium hypochlorite is bleach in the millisecond before Hodgins identifies it as such. In the future, I shall pinch my lips to keep myself from blurting. 😉

    I will have you know though, I got the whole running to the coffee cart metaphor right away. Well, as soon as they got to the coffee cart, I got it. And I just can’t get over how clever it is.


    At this point, I have now listened to this song at least a million times. I have memorized the lyrics, and it often gets stuck in my head. I have contemplated the lyrics at length, and I really wish I could say that I get this too – that I get why they used this song. I’m not sure if I really get it, but I do have my (lengthy) thoughts:

    The first “paragraph” makes sense, if we agree that Booth has been building a world around Brennan.

    I think the next part fits B&B very well too. Booth might have thought he had gotten things wrong, taking that gamble on Brennan when he did. He knows she’s still concerned about their partnership and doesn’t want her to think he’s running away when he decides to go to Afghanistan.

    Then we get into the issue of this other guy. Who is he? All we know about him is that he called her baby all night long. Sounds pretty superficial to me, but evidently satisfying. I thought I was making a huge leap here, but since ToberLove, Bianca, tlm2338, and Jade have all said something similar, it must not be as huge a leap as I once thought! I think the other “guy” is anthropology, perhaps specifically the dig in Maluku. The experience might satisfy her, but the “love” is one-sided. It isn’t shared. It isn’t real. There’s no deep connection.

    So Booth can’t help but wonder why Brennan needs this “guy” when she’s got him. And he thinks back on her smiles, her touches, and her words over the years – evidence that what they share is real. Or was real. It was love (or it is love), and it hurts when Booth realizes that Brennan is choosing the lonelier path to satisfaction.

    That’s probably over-thinking it a great deal, but it’s comforting to know that over-thinking is welcome here! I have to say that I wish we all really, really knew each other too. I also wish we could all gather in a movie theatre and watch Bones together on the big screen each week. That would be awesome.

    If we ever want to over-think songs again in the future, may I suggest two of my favorites from the first season – “Collide” by Howie Day and “Rain” by Patty Griffin. I love these two songs, and trust me, there’s lots to over-think in their lyrics too!

    • My favorite BT day is Sunday for the very reason that it’s like we are all sitting together watching the same episode 🙂
      I think Alias fans did some sort of viewer gathering… I LOVE the idea! A weekend of Bones with deep thinking and Bones loving fans! I’m in NE TN and would consider a day trip if anyone else is interested! 🙂

      • Well I’m in New Orleans, so you and I are only a day trip away from one another!

      • Bianca= godslovechangedeverything (when I’m actually logged in- which doesn’t happen often!) 🙂

        A Bones Weekend Retreat! Wow! Wouldn’t THAT be cool?? I wonder how the Alias fans coordinated them? It would be so awesome to plan one, maybe in the summer when we can have a marathon through season highlights?
        EVEN BETTER would be a Writer’s Sit In… FOX should auction off a chance to sit in on a writing session with HH!!!!! They could use it as a fundraiser!! Hahahahaha Man, I’m getting into it now, aren’t I? 😀

        A summer Bones Weekend Retreat- somewhere in the Southeast… who else wants to come??

    • I completely agree with your analysis!! 🙂

    • If we ever want to over-think songs again in the future, may I suggest two of my favorites from the first season – “Collide” by Howie Day and “Rain” by Patty Griffin. I love these two songs, and trust me, there’s lots to over-think in their lyrics too!

      I think that’s an awesome idea! There are so many amazing songs that have been included throughout the course of the show that could be included in that list:

      “Keep on Trying” by Poco
      “Kiss from a Rose” by Seal
      “When I Fall” by Lizz Wright
      “Everyday” by Toby Lightman
      “The Rock and The Tide” by Josh Radin
      “Pride” by Syntax
      “Running up that Hill” by Placebo
      “Fearless” by Cyndi Lauper
      “Buckets of Rain” by Beth Orton

      There are more, but those are the ones that jump out at me at the moment. The showrunners at BONES really know how to pick amazing music to accent the show, but they also know when the extra music just isn’t needed, and they don’t throw songs in that are the hit song of the moment. They have meaning and are thought out, and I like that. I’ve discovered some pretty amazing music thanks to this show.

      • Gotta say, I love Bones Theory and Thank you Seels and everyone else involved with putting this site together and not to mention all the work it takes. Thanks you!
        Jade, Bianca and BonesDontMelt,
        Loved your thoughts here ,I agree with the general consensus, but have to say when the song started playing it. just. did. me. in.
        I was holding it together during that scene pretty well until the music, seems like it always happens that way!
        Thanks so much for this song list, Jade and BonesDontMelt I have always wanted to have a playlist from Bones.
        You are so right, the music on this show is amazing and adds so much to the scenes.
        I am in BC, Canada, just a little bit further north from you all and think that a Bones Theory Weekend Retreat would be so much fun!!

      • You’re welcome, BandBfan. If you want a great resource for figuring out track titles and artists for the music featured on BONES check out The Music of Bones Forum over at Bonesology. It’s the most comprehensive track list I’ve seen on the web for BONES music and it’s broken down by season and episode, which is great. 🙂

  16. I agree with some of the posters above who say that the one who is called me baby all night long is her job, her calling, her passion, anthropology. When I had heard the song being played the first time and I saw the look on Booth’s face, I thought I saw the sadness he must feel that Brennan loves her job more than anyone in the world, more than him.

    And it hurts beyond hurt
    It was a love that blinds
    And a love that stings

    These words are so sad if you think that Booth offered his love to Brennan and in the end it was her job that called to her the most. Brennan loves anthropology. It gives her the answer to many of lifes mysteries. At the time she really didn’t understand how love could hold her passion; but anthropology was and is her muse, her love. It gives her comfort and stability. That was a hard thing for Booth to compete with.
    This also shows how far Brennan has grown emotionally from 100. She now seems to understand that love can be a comfort and it can be something that can make her happy. Love may still be second in her life; but, it can be in her life and she knows it. Now if Booth will only see that Brennan now understands that love is possible with him. All will be well.

    • I do think that Anthropology is Brennan’s safe place, her comfort. It’s something that she can trust and escape to. At the time of the finale last year she was scared, confused, and anxious. She wanted to get away from all that and think; gather herself up and figure out what has happened in her life, where she was, and where she wanted to be. So I guess I can see Anthropology as the one who called her baby, who pulled her away from the man who loved her so much for so long. Maybe. 🙂

  17. I drive myself CRAZY, for real, thinking about the degrees of deliberation involved in song choice with Bones. My Bones playlist is something like… ten or eleven hours long? Haha. And a HUGE portion of those songs all have little (or big!) parts in them that seem so Booth-and-Brennan to me. It kills my brain a little bit not being able to know how much or how little thought was put in to the song choice in reference to the story. Oh man, some of my most recent favorites? When I Fall, by Liz Wright (ALWAYS=me sobbing basically haha), and The Rock and Tide by Joshua Radin. If you haven’t already obsessively downloaded them, Bones-music fans, please do, and enjoy. 🙂

    Back on topic! I am with everyone on this–LOVE this scene, LOVE this song, love it for this scene–all so great. I’ve never really been able to put my finger on a solid theory on the whole meaning, but part of me is a little bit in love with Barbara’s idea, that “he” is Coma-Dream Booth.

    With this song in particular though, I happily pull an “I don’t know what that means,” every time. I almost kind of revel in it–that there are all these little lines that fit so well, and how they fit all together may not make sense, but the song is too great, the moment too beautiful, that I don’t even care. The “You’ve been my queen” etc. connection with Booth–it’s always seemed to me to be a confession that he’s never been able to bring himself to voice, all these things that he’s never been able to say to Brennan out loud.

    And I love the “don’t want you to think I’m running away,” part–I don’t like to think that the 100th was him “getting things wrong,” so to speak. But I like the idea that even though maybe it looks as if he read her “wrong,” (thinking she might be ready for “giving this a chance”), even though it looks as if he’s made a debacle of things in the 100th, his moving on does not equal his running away. In their personal relationship, up til they say goodbye, he makes almost no attempt to distance himself from her, despite his supposed moving on, and in their professional relationship, he is as staunchly with her as ever. To me that part says, yeah, things got messed up, and he’s moving on, but he is not running away, and don’t you forget it, kind of thing.

    And “He called me baby,” stuff, oh man, doesn’t get any better. Everytime that little part rolls around, my heart just cracks into a million pieces for Brennan. Major key, pretty lively tempo, and yet it still comes off almost like a plaintive wail to me (the word “wail” makes it sound all kinds of crazy, doesn’t it. oops), as if it’s Brennan kind of hearkening back to the days when could enjoy Booth’s love guiltlessly, before he spoke up, and before things had to change. I always feel a little like all that time leading up to the 100th, some part of Brennan knew that one day, he’d say something, and she knew that she’d say no, and she knew that it’d mean she couldn’t have Booth the comfortable way she always had, like she’d kind of just been waiting all this time for the other shoe to drop, savoring the time she did have with Booth before he sort of caught up to his own reality, as it were, and she had to turn him down. And “He called me baby,” is her mourning the loss of that situation, as they part ways.

    I’m still no clearer on the meaning of the song as a whole, buuuuut…I love it. So I don’t care. Haha, loved hearing that there are others who are in the same boat though!

    • I completely agree with what you said, I posted my comment at the same time so I didn’t see your comment. You say it so much better then I did. 🙂

    • Oh, and to clarify (as if I hadn’t written already enough haha) part of the “I don’t know what that means” for me is the “He called me baby,” line in context with the “he” in the song. I can’t let go of the “baby” parallel to Harbingers, even though it makes no sense with Booth being the speaker and “he” being a third person. I have to say, though, I really like the anthropology-as-“he” theory as well (“why did you need him–where was I?” It fits!). I think all of these theories have credence. Well done!

    • Thanks for making me weepy!

    • Great post…I really like your interpretation and enthusiasm too! I’m more inclined to think of the two “he” references in the song as the real Booth and the coma-dream Booth. The anthropology thing just doesn’t work for me (although logically it makes sense – sounds like Brennan, huh? LOL)…because I want to personalize it more than that, I guess. This song is a perfect example of how we all see something different in the same words…gotta love it!

      What I saw in the lyrics is the conflict between what was (the dream) and what is (reality), and Booth lamenting that Brennan doesn’t see that he’s “that guy” from the dream that can make her happy in real life. The last line of the song…“I know he called you babe”…is Booth’s answer to Brennan’s “he called me baby, baby all night long”…that he did love her…and knows he still does…he is “that guy.”

      And I LOVE the song you mentioned…”When I Fall” by Lizz Wright. That one nearly tears me apart the same way this one does. I downloaded it before the episode aired…but I was highly disappointed where they actually used it. Wrong place, IMO. The song should have been closer to the end of the episode…before the car scene. It just got lost in an ordinary scene…and it deserved better.

      • I’m with you on loving the Coma-Dream Booth interpretation, but I love the anthropology/science one too. 🙂 I just love the song and the scene, and the huge pile of interpretation/theories that come along with it! So multi-faceted, and I’m a sucker for multi-facets, haha, thus my being a Bones fan. 🙂

        And I love how you mentioned the connection that Booth wishes she could see that he’s “that guy,” wishes he could make her see that Booth and Brennan from the coma-dream are the same Booth and Brennan they already are! The “Why did you need him–where was I?” as if he’s saying, “We were good in your little story (slash his dream)–why can’t you see we’d be just as good in reality?” Oh, what a killer that song/scene is….

        And “When I Fall,” honestly, I can’t listen to that song without crying. It is in kind of an odd position in the episode, during the bone-examination time, but I reconciled it as being part of her thought process leading up to the car scene–then again, I think I mark her “I don’t want any regrets” decision from her second talk with the helicopter pilot, and I can’t remember if the bones-examination scene comes before or after that. Hmm. Anyway, I kind of took the song being placed in a scene with no dialogue, where it’s just Brennan and her bones, as sort of an affirmation of the song being more than just, oh, a good melody to fit here. I second guess whether or not songs are used as “secret messages,” and the song being put in such a (forgive the unavoidable pun) bare-bones scene confirmed the “secret message” status of it for me. 🙂

  18. I’ve never seen the full lyrics to this song before, but I must say that they are beautiful and so fitting to B&B. I have to admit, that after reading everyone’s comments my idea of what it meant has been skewed slightly, everyone’s ideas were so interesting, so I have a few theories now. My initial thought was that the “he” being referred to was Booth, but Booth prior to the 100th, and the male speaker is Booth asking Brennan how close they really were, wondering whether everything was just a lie. I realise now that some of that doesn’t make sense when put to the lyrics, but I still like it.

    My new theory, is that the “he” is not anthropology, but science in general. In the 100th she said she couldn’t change because she was a scientist and now she is leaving him because of science, and he just wonders what science does for her that he doesn’t. And I like the idea that this is just what is being said between them at this moment, that silent dialogue that they always seem to have going on.

    And if i get things wrong
    Don’t want you to think I’m running away

    These lyrics interest me and not only that, but I think they answer the question of why this song was put at the end of the 5th season. But they mainly interest me because this seems to be Booth’s confession of “I made a mistake” or at least “If you think I made a mistake” referring to the 100th and everything since. This is him regretting what he said because that got them to this point of saying goodbye. It’s also interesting though because it is sort of like something Brennan would say or that could be said about Brennan, when she thinks she’s got something wrong she runs away.

    I dono, I’m glad everyone overanalyses everything here, because I do wayyy to much. And I agree, it would be awesome if we all really knew eachother… other then the fact that I live in Australia and it would be a logistical nightmare, I love the watching Bones in a movie theatre idea. hehe… oh and I got the coffee cart reference straight away. I was so excited that they showed it when they did, I wonder if it has been a year? or more? We Bones fans really need a time frame right now.

  19. I LOVE Bones Theory!

    • For a while, I was really busy with Mardi Gras preparations and then Mardi Gras itself, so I got really behind on Bones Theory posts. I finally got all caught up today and was just loving this forum and all the people involved and everything they share here. Earlier I tweeted, “At the risk of sounding like that drunk girl who tells everyone she loves them, I have to say I love you all!” 🙂

  20. Thank you, thank you, for having this post! I had no idea what to think of this song past the first line. It’s great to read everyone’s insights. I love the song, and I love this scene even though it’s heartbreaking. I’ve watched this scene a million times because it’s so emotionally captivating (bravo ED and DB), and I think I’ll watch it again now. 😉

    • Watch out, if you’re like me, you’ll be watching clips of them for the rest of the night! LOL… their scenes are so amazing! Even the heartcrushing ones are so… magnificent. They’re painfully beautiful to watch. Sigh. So, so so good!

    • Ooooooo…. the fan videos are the WORST! LOL…. I swear I’ll only watch one or two, and then it’ll be like 1am and I’m falling asleep to their faces swirling around in my dreams! (Hey, not too bad, eh?) 🙂

      • Not too bad at all, lol. I have definitely been there, done that. I don’t understand it myself. It’s all (pretty much) the same scenes, set to different songs, yet I am still mesmerized by the awesomeness of B&B (or David & Emily, really.) Some of the song lyrics are right on point, it’s not even funny.

      • Hahahahahaha EXACTLY!

  21. So, I’m in the same boat as you Sarah…I’ve NEVER been able to understand what this song means in the context of the airport scene. It just seemed so…inappropriate! Don’t get me wrong, I actually really like the song and I like how it fits into the scene in general, but I never really got it, you know? I like some of the theories that other people are putting out about the “him” being Brennan’s science calling her all night long. That sort of make sense to me.

    I don’t know if I’m going to rock the boat by mentioning this here, or if I was dreaming in reading this, but I distinctly remember reading a tweet from Hart indicating that he originally wanted to use Chris Issak’s “Wicked Game” as the song for that final scene, but said he just couldn’t make it work. I remember this because I really love that song and was flabbergasted that they chose Kandi when it didn’t seem to fit. If you read the lyrics for “Wicked Game”, it just seems more fitting to Booth than does “Kandi” (lyrics:

    Any thoughts or speculation on this? Can anyone corroborate this for me (as I can’t find the original tweet because it was so long ago…)???

    • I don’t know anything about the tweet, but wow, Wicked Game for that scene? Really? That’s a great song and I like it a lot, but I think it would be a completely different scene with that song to set the tone.

    • Yes, I remember it too, although I think it was Marisa Roffman who had said HH told her that. When I saw, I tweeted HH asking why they changed it, because I really love Wicked Game and thought it would be great too, and he replied they couldn’t make it work and then chose Kandi because it “fit like a glove” to which I replied I could see what he meant and liked it too, but would just love to have heard Wicked Game on Bones; to which he replied agaiin that it’s a great song, he probably has every cover of it and “it will find its way there some day” or sth like that. Writing these from what I remember off the top of my head cause twitter won’t let me access my favorited tweets for some reason, so that I could link you to the exact tweets :/

    • Ok got ’em:

    • OMG!!! o.O What happened? I only copy-pasted, I thought they would just appear as click-able blue-colored links! That became huge! Help, Sarah! lol

      • Thanks SO much for finding those tweets! I’m glad I wasn’t losing my mind… 😀

        I only wonder now if they had used Wicked Game, would people have picked up on and understood what was to happen with Season 6 better (i.e. Booth moving on)?

      • Oh wow! How very cool! Thanks for taking the time to find these. 🙂

      • That’s a very interesting thought, Ange! Indeed, “Wicked Game” could be considered more about moving on, or at least trying to. In that context, it might have prepared us more about the beginning of S6…
        It could even be one of the reasons they decided against using it :p

  22. Hmm. I think I’ve got a different take on what the song meant than others do. I don’t see it as being a one-to-one parallel with the two of them so much as being a message from Hart to the fans. So rather than trying to find meaning in every line (‘who’s the he?’ ‘who’s singing?’) I tend to look at the whole thing as being about two people with a very complicated relationship/history, who are at a cross-roads of some sort, and yet the love is still there between them.

    The whole first seven lines, from “You’ve been my queen for longer than you know” to “Don’t want you to think I’m running away” is them, I think, from his love for her to the fact that both of them are running away. And for me, the point is that this song, of two people with a complicated love between them, at this point of story – when things seemed very dire, indeed – was a reminder from Hart that their story wasn’t over.

    (But then, I tend to see ‘messages from the universe – aka Hart’ in other things as well that others don’t see!)

  23. I ponder this question often, as this song is in heavy rotation on my ipod. I always thought it was a reference to the season 5 opener, when Booth saves Brennan at the doctor’s office and says, “I got you baby.” Of course, the “all night long” part doesn’t really fit there. I briefly wondered, before season 6 started, if they were going to reveal that B&B had spent the night together before parting ways, but if they were to try to throw that in now, I’d pitch a fit (for a lot of reasons, chiefly among them that it doesn’t make sense and also casts Booth’s season 6 behavior in a very different light).

    If you listen to the whole song, it’s a man singing to a woman he loves about how she was with another man. I don’t think you can take it too far. Instead of trying to make the whole song fit B&B, I just take the few lyrics played in the episode at face vale. He called her baby. Yeah, he did.

  24. I had a different take on this song too – first, it’s heartcrushing, I love the song but oh it makes me sad.

    Second, my husband is in the military and “Joe” or “Jody” is a slang term for the guy who hits on your girl while you are deployed. Hearing the song in juxtaposition with Booth in his uniform, I just saw every young guy about to go overseas and worried that his girlfriend will find someone else while he’s gone.

    Have had this on my mind for the past few days but never really reached any conclusions with it – I have to admit that I hadn’t even noticed the significance of it during this week’s episode until I’d read about it on Bones Theory. Until today, when I was watching ‘The Secret in the Soil’. Remember Booth and Brennan’s first session with Sweets? When Sweets brings up their ‘deep emotional attachment’, B and B get into a discussion about their relationship. Excuse my minature scene study and forgive me for transcribing it etc, but hearing these words kind of hit me like a bolt of lightning. (You’ll know it when I get there):

    Booth: If there were no more murders I would probably…not even see her.

    Brennan: Very true.

    Booth: We might have coffee.

    Brennan: Probably not.

    Booth: What?

    Brennan: What?

    Booth: You wouldn’t even have coffee with me?

    Brennan: Well, in your scenario we wouldn’t even know each other because there are no murders.

    Booth: Were. I said no MORE murders.

    Brennan: Then, fine. We could have coffee. So that’s…clear…then, I mean, we’d have coffee. I mean that’s our relationship…coffee.

    Booth: Yeah. Let’s move on…

    And then they each sneak a look at each other, whilst the other isn’t looking. And Sweets looks on, smiling.

    So, that’s their relationship outside of the workplace: coffee.

    So, does this shed any more light on the whole ‘coffee cart’ thing? As soon I finished this episode I was on here, so I guess I haven’t had much time to think it through yet. But the main thing that strikes me about it is that after they’ve both been hurt, they are taking it slow by returning to something they’ve both agreed on about their relationship. I think they don’t know where they stand with each other, but they know at least that their relationship extends beyond work…even if it is just to coffee. I’m thinking, Booth chasing Brennan to get to that coffee cart, and Brennan giving it all she’s got to get there first – they both seem pretty eager to get to that first step of a relationship beyond work. Once they’ve got there, it’s time for the next step. They’re both keen for the coffee stage, and it spurs them both on to think that it might not be so painful to try a bit more. Booth feels enough courage to try and go to the lecture with her.

    I could read into this wayyy more but i’m going to stop there! Apologies if this has already been mentioned.

  26. excellent point about running toward the coffee cart…i mean i noticed that they were running toward the coffee cart, but i didn’t notice that they were “running toward the coffee cart”. i love you guys for thinking the things that my poor brain is too slow to think of. and i got all woozy and giddy and light headed when booth wanted to go to the boring lecture with her…because a) he wants to go to a boring lecture with her on a saturday afternoon and b) just like her bizarre little valentine gift to him that she also took delight in, the fact that unlike everyone else she knows, he could ACTUALLY enjoy the boring lecture because it’s about war just goes to further prove that they are absolutely and indisputably perfect for each other.

    if it turns out that they’ve already slept together and this is revealed at some later date, i’m storming hart hanson’s house with a pitchfork.

  27. Since it’s the end of season 5, it could reference back to HitF where Booth called Brennan ‘baby’. Sort of coming round full circle. Quite a stretch but can’t put my finger on it either.

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