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Scene Study: The Truth in the Lye- Too Much at Stake


Good morning! Happy Sunday! Where I live, we lost an hour during “Daylight Savings Time”. Isn’t that just the way of the world sometimes? We lose something, but we’re told that we’re ‘saving’. Ha!

Okay, today’s scene is one that I often forget about, especially in terms of the episode it’s in. It was brought to my attention by pal Cassie when we did the BONES 5th Anniversary post, as one of her favorite B&B moments, and since that day in September, I keep being drawn to this episode.

As she put it…

My favorite B&B moment is from my favorite ep, Truth in the Lye, from S2.  You know the one — starts out with nekkid Booth in bed with Rebecca, ends with nekkid Booth in bed with Cam.  And Bones razzes him about giving into his biological urges, while he tries to act like he hasn’t just been boffing his ex.  In between, the case is about the polygamist dissolved in the Godiva 3000 bathtub.  See the lovely symmetry there with the polygamist and Booth juggling the multiple women in his life??  Anyway, the BEST B&B MOMENT EVER is near the very end of the ep, when Booth tells Bones he can’t sleep with Rebecca anymore because there are some people you just can’t sleep with.  And Brennan tells him that if he should slip again, with anyone, she’ll keep her mouth shut.  THEN THE MIRACULOUS MOMENT!  Booth narrows his eyes ever so slightly, and you can hear him thinking, “Are you offering?”  And she looks straight back at him with those clear baby blues that are saying, “Yes, I am.” 

I’ll believe Cassie with just about anything, and this is no different. But it’s Sunday, and this is a scene study, and so we need to break it down, BT style! Let’s do this thing. Here’s a little (more) history to get us started:

{Okay, quick little anecdote; When I taught 9th graders, they read Romeo and Juliet, and there is a scene where, after R&J are ‘married’, he climbs up a rope ladder to her bedroom for their wedding night. One year mystudents, whenever sex would be mentioned any other time, always called it “Climbing the rope ladder”, haha. So I’ll do that too Second sidenote: Season two is sort of notoriously gray and gritty in the lighting department; it’s not always easy to get pics. It’s interesting how the lighting has changed over the course of the series, isn’t it? }

The episode begins with Booth in bed with Rebecca, and once they’ve (you guessed it) climbed the rope ladder, they both agree that it’s a mistake that shouldn’t happen again. And it’s not like it happens THAT often, they agree. But that doesn’t really matter, as it really won’t happen again. At all. No prob. Just as they are cleaning up, Booth gets a phone call, but Rebecca answers it. She hands the phone to Booth, and he’s all casual about it. Not that we care how he is about it, on account of this… 



He’s casual on the phone, and Brennan tries to be, though she does not look pleased when she hangs up the phone. Jealous much? Not too much. Much too much!

Like Cassie said, the case mirrors the Booth storyline (ish, though Booth keeps his record of never cheating on any woman ever. EVER!), and when Booth hears that Brennan has been gossiping about him, he is annoyed. He sort of shuts her out, which she does not like.

She also talks to Rebecca and finds out the real reason why she never married Booth (side note: Thank GOD Booth isn’t married when this show began, you know?), and later, Rebecca and Booth both reconcile and break up at the same time. It’s sort of strange, but now we know that in the Booth & love universe, it never doth sail smoothly!

Near the very end of this episode, B&B are in Brennan’s office, finishing up the case paperwork.

“You never said how things ended up with Rebecca,” Brennan mentions.

“Well, it ended,” Booth admits. “The only time we’ll ever spend together is with Parker.”

“Are you sure that’s what you want?” Brennan asks him.

And I want…that. I want her office, her dress, her hair. I want her clear skin and waistline, haha. She is so pretty in this scene in a way I wouldn’t have necessarily noticed when watching it the first time around.

Oh, and I want this…

“You know Bones, it might be all anthropology to you, but there are certain people you just can’t sleep with.”

“I mean, you can pretend that it’s just sex. You can lie to yourself and say that it’s all good. But there’s…just too much strings. Too much at stake. Too much to lose.”  Now, on my first watch of this scene  in 2008, I was all about the idea that he was talking about their partnership…that IT was too much to lose. But maybe Booth really is just talking about Parker. What do you think? I think it’s important to remember scenes like this in context of the entire series. If the writers didn’t know if there would be a season three (and BEYOND!), then they needed to be prepared to move the B&B story along pronto, right? But because there have been four seasons since this episode, basically, now maybe we second guess our gut reactions and think they might not have been as close to getting together as we thought. What do you think?

“I can see that,” Brennan concedes.

And I think here we have vulnerable Booth, which is something we don’t often see. I personally love it (most of the time), and I think Brennan is very drawn to it. I’m not convinced that she always knows the cause, but she is drawn to it. That Booth almost never allows himself to appear this way makes it all the more attractive and curiosity-inducing, in my opinion.

Plus, he’s just so cute, too, right? It’s this irresistable combination of cuteness and need that just pulls Brennan right in.

Of course, she has her own combination of cuteness and need that pulls him in every time too, which is just great. I love how he gets up and walks toward her.

“So…I appreciate your support,” he sort of laughs nervously.

I love how his arms are completely at his side. He’s open to her. Well done, body language department!

“I will,” Brennan promises.

“And if you should slip…” she adds, while her eyes trail over his body. Don’t deny it!

“I will…keep my mouth shut about it.” she adds.

“Thank you,” Booth smiles. “But, I mean…it’s not like I’m gonna…”

“No, I mean… with anybody” Brennan tells Booth’s chest. Ha! Busted. 

“I’m sure Rebecca isn’t your only option for satisfying biological urges.”

And yes, like Cassie said, Booth gets this little glimmer in his eye like…really?

And he tilts his head to the side in question like really, actually, really?

And Brennan sort of just smiles in a yes kind of way, and then also tilts HER head to the side in a “Do I need to go to a used bookstore and buy you a copy of “Reading Into Invitations To Satisfy Biological Urges From and With My Partner For Dummies?”

I’ll read anything you want me to, Bones, Booth thinks.

Ha! Okay, okay, I’m getting off into fanfiction world, and of course they aren’t THAT blatant. And yet, I do think we can acknowledge this moment between them, using their next reactions as evidence.  When Hodgins and Angela come into the office, talking about the case, both Brennan and Booth seem a little flustered.

Of course we all know that Booth then proceeds to climb Cam’s rope ladder, and of course, Brennan proceeds to be slightly jealous about it when she finds out a few episodes later.


What do you think about this scene? Is it an example of what we see is what we get, or are there underlying truths to be gathered? Let’s discuss!

Peace, Love & Bones



34 thoughts on “Scene Study: The Truth in the Lye- Too Much at Stake

  1. What did you say?
    All I saw was the “nekkid” Booth. ;-D ;-D ;-D B-D…

  2. I hate this episode.

    Just putting that out there…i don’t dislike many Bones episodes and i don’t dislike many Bones moments but i can’t enjoy this episode. The beginning just winds me right up and i can’t see past it…i really really can’t.

    Anyway i shall try and focus on the point of the post! LOL

    I haven’t watched it in a very long time (actually, i think i’ve only ever watched it twice. I think that’s a record!) but for me, in that scene, Brennan was definitely offering herself as an option to satisfy his biological urges which he chose not to take her up on.

    He went with the ‘safe’ option (as Booth is want to do when it comes to his emotional well being) and slept with Cam instead. Because he knew that would be purely biological, no messy emotions involved but with Brennan it would have been a whole different kettle of fish.

    I do enjoy that scene and i wish i could watch it more, so thank you for giving me the chance to think about it without having to think about everything else! 😀

  3. I love the scene because I saw what you saw– the silent offer to satisfy biological urges. Within the context of the 100th and what information that particular episode offers, it suggests that they’ve both matured and have a deeper understanding of the other at this point. But it is still dangerous territory for them and Booth goes off and climbs the ladder with Cam because that is certainly a safer choice.

    At this point, I wonder if Brennan considers a relationship with Booth to be merely about the urges while Booth (who is satisfying urges left and right) realizes it would be more than just biology at work if he were to become involved with her. Both are thrown by the entrance of the others, but I always interpreted it to be for different reasons. Brennan is offering sex while Booth is contemplating love making and those thoughts are unceremoniously interrupted.

  4. Trying to form a response to this post, but stuck on first picture. Please hold.

    • LucyC
      I’ve got a drool bucket handy …Would you like one….I can’t seem to get past the ““Thank you,” Booth smiles. “But, I mean…it’s not like I’m gonna…” Photo and the arm and chest candy and oh! who am I fooling this whole post of photos is amazing
      Thanks much Seels!!

  5. I don’t know if I can explain this or not, but I don’t think the fact that we’re four years on from that scene without them being together means that it wasn’t about them right then. I guess I don’t see the progression of their relationship as solely linear, where they only move closer together, but rather that it’s always been ‘three steps forward, two steps back.’ Steadily growing closer, steadily moving towards the point where they’ll both know they’re ready, but at the same time, there have been moments all along when they were closer to that point, and moments when they’ve been further away from it.

    I think this scene is one of those times when they were close to acknowledging, nearly openly, what was between them, and then backing away. They could have acted on it then, and the ep could have ended with him and Brennan in bed rather than him and Cam. Instead, they took that step back, and he began the relationship with Cam.

    I see seasons 2-6 as full of those moments where they come to a decision point, then step back, and don’t think the stepping back lessens the validity of how close they were to making a different choice. At the same time, I think all of those moments – even the stepping back moments – were actually moving them closer together.

  6. Great post, as always. This is one of my most favourite scenes. Every time I watch it, I can’t escape the feeling that they’re both being pulled toward each other, unable to resist speaking the words that ultimately get them to this place where they are almost on the same page, and therefore very close to sleeping together. Booth, I think, realises before Brennan that sleeping together won’t be enough for him, that he wants and needs more from her. Therefore, I agree with AmandaFriend above – Booth is thinking about ‘making love’ and Brennan is thinking about how nice it would be to satisfy biological urges with him. I’m not saying that Booth is necessarily in love with Brennan at this point, rather that he understands that things can never be casual with them. He wants more.

    And then he moves on and sleeps with Cam. And I was, and still am, fine with that. I honestly never saw Cam as a threat to Brennan.

  7. It’s hard to look at this scene in light of the 100th, knowing that the writers, director, and actors had no knowledge of the 100th.

    But even without the 100th, it seems to me that Brennan is okay with Just Sex – I think Brennan spent all of season 2 with a huuuuuuge crush on Booth. Season 1 was all about fighting and UST, but after the Woman in Limbo, when he hugged her and called her Temperance and helped her find her brother, she developed a good old fashioned mushy-gushy crush. But being Brennan, she chalks it up to just sexual attraction, of course.

    When Booth says there’s too much to lose, yeah, I think he is talking about them. He isn’t in love with her, yet, but he’s developed a fondness for her that would make it not Just Sex. Or maybe he *is* okay with Just Sex but doesn’t know her quite well enough to know that she really is just talking about biological urges and thinks that she might fall for him? She looks pretty darn close to falling in those stills up there.

    Either way, it’s just too soon for them. But that door, the one they decided not to walk through in season 5, has opened just a little bit more and I think Booth takes up with Cam as a shield. He’s not a cheater. If he’s with Cam, he will not allow himself to slip up and go crashing through that door.

    When Brennan finds out about the two of them, I don’t think she’s jealous as much as she is envious that Cam knows something about Booth that she does not. Her curiosity about him has always been insatiable. I think she is always envious of Cam’s separate knowledge of Booth (side note – I think her resistance to Cam’s advice in Con Man stems from that.)

    • What you say about Brennan not being so much jealous of Cam but more envious that Cam knows something about Booth that she (Brennan) doesn’t sounds just right. I do think that’s a large part of what she was feeling then…as well as not understanding why Booth kept this from her. They are partners and she doesn’t understand why he wouldn’t share this…justg as she did when she started sleeping with Sully.

      I really do think that what she told GG in Priest in the Curchyard, she’d like to be inside Booth’s brain. She wants to know everything about him.

  8. I, um, can’t really…(wiping brow)… get past those hip lines… (is it hot in here?!). Good Lord DB!

    I’m definitely going to rewatch this episode before I respond. For, um, context.
    Hahaha 😉

  9. I’ve always liked this particular scene though I never really thought of it as Brennan offering. I think she was just wistfully thinking ‘someday…’. I do think Booth was silently including her in his list of ‘some people you just can’t sleep with’ though because it would definitely be more than ‘just sex’. This whole scene is a ‘what’s between us is ours’ conversation to see where the other is on that front. When Booth sleeps with Cam at the end it seems like he is not being true to his own beliefs about having sex with random people because he knows there are repercussions to that and Cam is too close to the situation to ever be a random partner. It is almost like he is cheating on Brennan in the sense that it endangers what they both know they want someday. Maybe it’s partly because I just don’t care for Cam but Booth’s decision to ‘go there’ with Cam, (especially in the context of the case) doesn’t seem in character for him — his halo is a little less shiny after that.

  10. “I mean, you can pretend that it’s just sex. You can lie to yourself and say that it’s all good. But there’s…just too much strings. Too much at stake. Too much to lose.”
    When I first saw this scene, I had watched this show out of order, it came after watching a couple of beginning episodes of season 5 on TNT and then the last couple of months of season 5 on FOX. I then bought the early seasons and watched them one after the other. This gave me a skewed idea about what I was seeing in The Truth In The Lye when I saw it the first time. When I saw this scene, to me, it appeared that Booth though interested in Brennan, valued his partnership too much to risk climbing the rope with her. The idea of climbing the rope with Booth may have been an enjoyable experiment to her; but, Booth would have been devasted if it didn’t work out and he lost his partnership with Brennan. He took the easy out by climbing the rope with Cam. He had known Cam for years, he was friends with benefits with her and felt safe that anything he did with Cam would not get fouled up. He was too insecure to risk anything with Brennan. He may have wanted to, may have even considered it, but it would have been more than sex for him and knowing how insecure he is when it comes to the women in his life, he could not take a chance that it wouldn’t work out.

    • Agree 100%. Since he said there are people you can’t sleep with-too much to lose-he must have felt an uncomplicated safety with Cam (they were together before, are still flirty friends) that was not what he felt about sleeping with Brennan. We know now that all sex is complicated and that it didn’t go so well with Cam ,which is why he ended it wirh her as well. And since everyone summed it up so nicely, I’m going back up to meditate on that picture… (though honestly, if Iook at it a little too long I think I’ll start going blind-like looking at the sun…)

  11. Drat, I meant came after watching a couple of beginning episodes of season 4 on TNT and then the last couple of months of season 5 on FOX. Sorry, I didn’t edit myself like I should.

    • I watched them out of order too. I started watching re-runs on TNT in the 4th season too and then started watching the new episodes as they were aired while simultaneously catching up to the old ones in order. Maybe that colors my view of this episode but I just think Cam should also have been on Booth’s list of some people that you just can’t sleep with.

  12. I’m with Laffers on this one (although probably not for the same reason) – this is definitely not one of my favorite episodes. I’ve seen it maybe three times, and one of those times was as research for a BT post so it doesn’t count! Honestly, I think the case is pretty good, it’s the fact that Booth sleeps with two women in one episode that bothers me (yes, I’m a prude). You all will probably think I’m crazy, but when I do watch this episode, I skip past the sex scene at the beginning and stop before the sex scene at the end. I love me some shirtless Booth, but just not under those circumstances.

    All that being said, I do think this episode has several very good scenes, among them the scene between Brennan and Rebecca at the FBI building and the scene between Booth and Brennan that is the subject of today’s scene study. I’ve always taken that scene at face value – that is, I’ve always assumed that Brennan was offering herself as a potential sexual partner for Booth should he feel the need to satisfy his “biological urges” in the future. It totally fits with her attitude about sex at that point in the show and I don’t think she really thought about it in any other terms than those which she “offered.” As far as what Booth thought, I’d agree with the prevailing opinion that while he would have loved to take her up on her offer, he never would have done it because she was also on “that list of women you just don’t sleep with.”

    You know, I remember the promos for this episode. As were a lot of Bones promos back then, they were intentionally misleading and I remember being very upset when the episode ended with Booth and Cam in bed. But now? I’m so very glad it didn’t end with B&B in bed. Their relationship is so much more richly layered now and sex between them then…it would have changed everything.

  13. This is a scene I forget about all the time–it’s such a cute scene, but I think I block it out since it’s sandwiched between Booth climbing other women’s ladders. Ipes.

    I think the “I’d appreciate your support in that” Booth is probably one of my favorite Booths of all time. There’s something about the way he says that line that just kills me. His little shrug as he puts his hands in his pockets too…oh boy. I just love the normalcy of his asking for support in regard to his personal life. Like not only does he ask Brennan, his work-partner, for support in his “break-up” whatever it was, but neither of them regard it as a weird thing to ask. Within the context of their particular partnership, being that close is just…normal. I don’t know. I just love it.

    I didn’t originally see the “invitation” that everyone else seems to have seen, but I can definitely see it in hindsight, though I have to say I think it’s super subtle (well done, DB/ED…). Mmmm…actually, I think the word invitation is a little too strong even. To me it was almost more of a…mild suggestion? Not “Hey, I can help you out in the “biological urge” department,” but more “I could, that is, if you want?” Is that too subtle a distinction? She’s not offering necessarily–just…putting it out there. To me, that’s different than an invitation. Buuuuttt…”invitation” takes less time to type than anything else, haha, so I’m going to go with that.

    I think that the unspoken invitation too was definitely a nod at the night we see in the 100th. That night brings another dimension to that little invitation–the meaning behind the invitation is the same, but now we know what they’re both remembering–how she almost went there with him however many years ago it was–two? three? I think you can see it in the way he kind of cocks his head, as if he’s saying, “Wait, is she talking about what I think she’s talking about? Is she thinking about what I’m thinking about?” and now I’m pretty sure we know they’re both thinking about that night. I love how that works–that the 100th flashback was done so well that we can see glimpses of it in old scenes, before the flashback was even realized. Yet another reason to love Bones…

  14. I love this scene! I’m not a huge fan of the episode as a whole, but I do love that last scene. The first time I watched it, I definitely didn’t see Brennan offering herself to ‘satisfy biological urges,’ but now I think I do. I love love LOVE how much subtext is hidden behind their words.
    Am I the only one who almost feels like Booth is testing Brennan’s reaction? Since the 100th ep, I’ve held to the idea that Brennan is the one who won’t give in to biological urges because she values their partnership too much, while Booth has always believed that it could work between them and that their partnership is ‘no reason’ not to ‘try for a different outcome.’ From that perspective, then, I don’t think Booth believes Brennan is someone he couldn’t ever have sex with. It’s like he’s saying
    “there are certain people you just can’t sleep with”
    “there’s too much at stake”
    and he wants to see how she reacts to his words–if she agrees. And oh, what an adorable reaction it is!

    It’s like Booth’s words say “there are certain people you just can’t sleep with,” but what he really means is, “there are certain people you can’t JUST sleep with.” There are some people with whom Just Sex is particularly impossible. “I mean, you can pretend that it’s just sex. You can lie to yourself and say that it’s all good. But there’s…just too much strings. Too much at stake. Too much to lose.” If Booth and Brennan were to sleep together and pretend that it was just sex, there would be a LOT to lose between them. Brennan would lose the partnership she values so much–the steadiest relationship she’s ever had–and Booth would lose the chance for something more, something deeper, something that would last 30 or 40 or 50 years.
    Does that make sense?
    So, in short, I do believe that Parker is not the only subject of this conversation. He’s not the only collateral damage, if you will.
    Now I think I’m going to stare at that first picture for a while.

  15. Oh boy, great scene study. Great pictures. Happy Sunday!
    I really like this episode – we get to see a side of Booth we haven’t seen before which is always fun and the case is gross but interesting.

    I’m always a bit uncomfortable with how much Booth gets lambasted for sleeping with Rebecca, it’s really not anyone else’s business and it kind of annoys me on his behalf. I don’t think he’s being prudish there, just private about a relationship none of them (except Cam) knows much about. I always love that – since we learned later that Cam and Booth broke up the first time because Rebecca wanted to give it another go, Cam must be like ‘oh here we go again’ when she hears they’re still hooking up. But I don’t understand how when Booth sleeps with someone it’s a ‘slip’ and when anyone else does it’s ‘satisfying biological urges’. Feels like a double standard to me.

    I like the scenes with Rebecca – she was a great guest cast member, she rustled up some very nice chemistry with DB (although, I do think as an actor he’d be able to create chemistry with a lampost, he’s good at playing charismatic moments)

    (Side note, interestingly the only time I’ve not really bought the chemistry is with Hannah, which is great acting if done on purpose and bad casting if not I guess. Realised watching the latest episode that although I was never a hater, I really don’t miss the character’s presence in these latest episodes. Wish her arc had been shorter.)

    Back to the scene study! I loved the scene with Booth and Rebecca at the FBI. In particular I want to know what Rebecca’s going to miss the most haha but it just felt like a sweet and respectful way to draw a line under a relationship that had been on and off for years at that point.

    I never felt that Brennan was suggesting herself as a potential biological urges partner so much as she understood that Booth was referring to her as much as Rebecca as someone you can’t just sleep with because there’s too much to lose. But there is definite flirting in their exchange there, I think they’re both thinking about what it would be like. I think Brennan’s almost dangling the idea, which I love because it’s very subtly flirty and Booth knows she’s done it and that’s great.

    I think it’s hilarious that after a whole episode of Booth saying he can control himself just fine thank you, he goes off to have a go at Cam for gossiping about him and winds up sleeping with her instead haha. I really wish we’d seen how that came about – did they go for a drink after leaving the lab, did they go straight back to his etc. I was surprised to find out several episodes later that they were kind of a couple – I believed them when they said that they were only going to go there that one night, so when they were then together it felt like it came from left field a bit.

    This is such a long comment – sorry! Final thought: that top picture is one of my favourite pictures in the world I think. There should be a sculpture and we can keep it at the Louvre and all visit it with Angela’s Louvre program from season 1haha 🙂

    • I LOVE LOVE LOVE your thought about a DB statue. I mean, seriously! Is there a more perfect specimen of a man??? I honestly don’t think so. For real. Clothes on, clothes off, that man has it ALL together!

      Ok, clearing mind a little (REFUSING the temptation to scrolll back up)… Right, your comment! LOL
      Well said! I always go back and rewatch the scene to understand the intepretation of the scene study a little better. This time, I kinda don’t know. For starters I think Booth was kinda ranting when he started his whole ‘sex isn’t just sex’ thing, that is until he looks up at Brennan and says ‘too much to lose’.
      When he gets up and walks toward her I didn’t even understand his whole, ‘I appreciate your support’ comment… like at all. But that’s me. A lot of what is said subtly between B&B is lost on me. I have a husband who speaks very clearly what’s on his mind, so I’m not so up on the innuendos. Hahaha
      I agree with your thought that there was flirting, but maybe not all-out flirting. Subtle flirting that kinda brings them to a moment that neither of them are sure what they’re talking about, but the heat is ON, baby! (Honestly, I’d lose my train of thought if DB stood that close to me, with that GORGEOUS glimmer in his eye… (way to capture that look, Seels!)
      They’re talking about sex, subtly flirting, dim lights, sexy looks… catches my breath! I guess I’m just easy. LOL

  16. I’ve never gotten any of this from this scene. But I’m going to rewatch soon to see if I can “see” it now. I think I always just assumed Brennan was referring to Cam when she was talking about his other options and never put a lot of thought into it. I like this theory a lot better though.

    This will always be the “Booth’s a slut” episode for me. Lol. And oh, how I love slutty Booth. 😉

  17. For me, the hardest thing about re-watching early episodes is having to remember that all we knew of these characters at the time these episodes originally aired was what we had learned about them prior to that particular episode.

    For this episode, I have to try not to think of Booth and Brennan as the pair who ice skated hand in hand or the partners who parted ways for a year. The hardest thing for me is knowing what (almost) happened that night when they first worked together, but forgetting that I know it when I watch episodes 1–99.

    When Brennan asks Booth if he’s sure that ending the physical relationship with Rebecca is what he wants, it’s kind of like she’s assuming that’s not what he wants. I imagine her anthropologically-rooted brain running through all sorts of thoughts like, “Obviously Booth and Rebecca enjoy climbing the rope ladder together. They have a child together, but there’s no pressure since marriage is off the table. Of course Booth needs to satisfy his biological urges, and this seems like a reasonable arrangement…”

    And Booth knows she’s going to go all anthropology on him, and he also knows that she’s prone to leave the human element out of her argument. When Booth talks about “people you just can’t sleep with,” I think he’s making a general statement by speaking specifically about Rebecca. But maybe the powers that be are telling the viewers that this could go one of two ways – you’ll either get to see B&B climb the rope ladder together now or you can stick around for a while and see something real develop between them. One day, they just might climb that rope ladder after all, and there will be a lot at stake and a lot to lose. But it won’t be just sex. It will be making love. And you don’t know what that means yet, but trust us, you’re going to want to stick around for it. (I’m giving the show-runners way too much credit, aren’t I? I like the sound of it though, so I’m leaving it in here.)

    I think Booth says he appreciates Brennan’s support because he knows she will continue to ask him about his personal life and evaluate his actions the way she always does.

    When Brennan says the bit about “if you should slip,” I always took that to be her way of acknowledging that she’s always going to know things about his personal life, but saying she will “keep her mouth shut” is her way of admitting that she got involved in his relationship with Rebecca when it wasn’t her business to do so.

    Booth assures her that he won’t be going there with Rebecca again, and when she says, “with anybody,” in my opinion, that’s when she makes the super subtle suggestion that “anybody” could mean her too – she’s one of his options. But this is the safest form of flirtation because she might be one of those people that Booth just can’t sleep with. Then they get interrupted, and that’s why they call it unresolved sexual tension. And we can’t get enough of it. Okay, maybe we’ve had about enough of it by now…

    • There are no ‘LIKE’ buttons here, but I like what you’ve said!
      It gives enough credit to the backstory of this scene while letting it be part of the mystery that has always been between B&B… part of the whole reason we sit here and theorize about what they’re saying when they aren’t saying anything (and what those pesky writers are trying to do- besides drive us crazy!) 🙂

      One of many over-arcing themes from Bones- any of the good lessons learned through this beautiful, tortured story, is that sex may have it’s place, but waiting for real love-making is worth the time, effort, emotion and investment in another person. Booth has always been fighting for Brennan; he has always known that he wants something meaningful and deep from her. There is definitely significance in the fight for a woman (whether that’s socially acceptable to say in these days, idk. I am sure it’s not). Booth has fought for Brennan through his compassion, his patience, his passion, his growing love for her and through her defenses, her insecurities, her fears. Love-making is a great celebration of that fight (and WIN!). Sex is a cheaper substitute.

      • I’ve often wanted a “like” button too! Especially on days like today when I don’t get around to reading the post and commenting on it until late in the day. And sometimes people say exactly what I want to say, but they say it so much better.

        I agree with you that there is definitely an ongoing commentary on “just sex” vs “making love,” and that’s another thing about this show that makes me love it!

  18. I think Brennan was feeling two different things – she was thrilled to find out that Booth “satisfies sexual urges”. She knows that he and Rebecca are not “in a relationship” they’re sleeping together comes and goes. She is also a bit jealous that he chose to satisfy those urges with Rebecca. I think at this point in her life Brennan is very much about casual sexual experiences and sees this as an opportunity. She IS saying “We could do that for each other, I won’t tell anyone.”

    He is smitten by the realization that she would HAPPILY go there but he knows that he would get emotionally involved. She is one of those people you can’t just sleep with. So when the squints interrupt he disengages.

    He sleeps with Cam because beyond them being long time friends and confidents there is no emotional tie. He cares for her and respects her but he is not in love with her. As you say, it’s safe.

  19. (posting for email)

  20. The exchange between B&B makes me swoon and die a little inside. I’ve always thought that he’s ‘feeling her up’, and she is definitely offering something. He seems to respect her too much at this stage for a casual fling, so Cam is a safe option. In light of the 100th…well, it’s interesting, as it suggests even further that there is too much to lose with Bones if they go there.

    Sorry for the warbled response, but I’m at work, and i keep thinking about those hip line arrows…

  21. Catching up after a week away…. I am so glad you did a scene study on this. Every time I watch this episode I ponder about what a special moment that is, and it often gets over looked. Booth and Brennan were definitely having some kind of moment. I kind of feel like it was a missed chance almost. If they hadn’t been interrupted, who knows what would have happened!

  22. Booth moved on straight after Rebecca to Cam within the same epi. Why should moving on from Hannah be any different? We all have different coping mechanisms and Booth’s are rather ‘sharpish’ 😉

  23. Hi! 🙂 First of all, your blog is amazing… and your case studies are fenomenal!
    If i am a very recent Bones addicted is because of your blog! 😉 😀
    I am italian, so please ignore my language mistakes… I love very much this episode, well not the whole episode but just the B&B final part 🙂 I totally agree with you: she’s offering e he knows that (really, actually, really?! LOL)… and I love Booth body language, too.
    Since, as I said before, I am a recent addicted, I have not seen all the episodes… but I think that season 2 is a great season for the chemistry and the tension between B&B.

  24. “Do I need to go to a used bookstore and buy you a copy of “Reading Into Invitations To Satisfy Biological Urges From and With My Partner For Dummies?”
    oh… and this sentence is… wow! 😀

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