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Top Five Tuesday: B&B Moments that Could Have Ended With a Kiss


Good morning, Bones Theory readers!

Sophia, here, with a look at B&B. Who DOESN’T want to talk about them, hmmm? I was pondering the other night that although across the years we’ve seen Booth and Brennan grow closer, gain trust and respect in each other, become best friends and eventually love each other, there haven’t actually been that many moments that were really likely to end in a kiss. Moments where part of me really believes it was feasible and about to happen.

For one reason or another (significant others, other people around, non-romantic turmoil going on in their lives, difficult cases taking their toll, not wanting to confuse their relationship etc), it just never seems to quite happen.

So I thought I’d make a list, off the top of my head, of the top 5 moments where I think it wasn’t unreasonable of us to think they were about to kiss each other 🙂

1. The Pilot – the scene in the shooting range started a 6.5 season fascination with these two getting it on. The moment Booth got all up in Brennan’s face and she just stuck her jaw out and challenged his abilities as a cop, I don’t think I was alone in thinking ‘wow, this is some smokin’ hot chemistry these two have.’

 I think if Bones was a movie and they’d only had 90 minutes to tell the whole tale (perish the thought) that scene could well have ended with a pretty heated, passionate ‘I’m going to push you up against this wall’ and ‘I’m going to snog the smugness out of you’ moment. Ah alas, it didn’t and us Bones fans have been waiting for it ever since. 

2. The Woman in Limbo – This is probably the most contentious option on my list, because it might be a moment only I’ve read into (haha). Booth shows up at Brennan’s door with Chinese at midnight, she’s feeling pretty low about Max and they get onto a quite personal conversation about their parents, and it’s suddenly very intimate and late night, there’s music playing and they’re alone and both so hot (this is a recurring theme because, frankly, I don’t know how they’ve resisted each other so long), but there is something about the tone of the conversation, the intimacy of it, the trust and support there.

 It’s late, they’re alone and together, and to me it looks like Booth suddenly looks at the situation, realises this is dangerous territory for them, takes a deep breath, thanks her for dinner and goes to leave. There was a definite change in his temperament out of nowhere there. I honestly think that played a different way, that scene could quite easily have led to some kissing and (how should I put this?) physical comforting. 🙂

3. The Blond in the Game – When Booth gives Brennan Jasper the Pig. (I want him to give her another gift soon by the way, Jasper and Brainy Smurf have been playing alone together too long). It was one of those occasions where Booth invades her personal space by leaning in really closely and fixing her with those ‘warm reassuring brown eyes’ and she’s just taken a life to save his life and they discuss the personal cost of the actions they sometimes have to take to protect themselves, each other or strangers. Booth comforts her in a way that really means something. He offers something of himself by talking about his past and gives her something thoughtful that shows he’s been listening. I think a kiss could well have happened there realistically. 


4. This one’s a tie. I know that’s sneaking six onto the list technically but, you know, it’s Booth and Brennan and kissing we’re talking about! What’s a girl to do?! Ok = option 1 for number 4 – Hero in the Hold. When Booth jumped onto the helicopter and Brennan threw her arms around him, I wouldn’t have minded some ‘thank you so much for saving my life, you’re amazing and I should have told you every day for the last four years I love you’ and ‘Oh thank goodness you’re alive, you’re the best thing in my life and I should have told you at every opportunity that I adore you’ passion. So sue me 🙂

Option 2 for number 4 – Harbingers in the Fountain. Come on…Booth still had lingering thoughts that she was his wife and he couldn’t kiss her better when she was bleeding profusely and had just fought off a manic who was trying to kill her? Seems harsh on both of them to me 🙂


5. Night at the Bones Museum – after Sarah’s amazing scene study a couple of weeks ago on this, I think we’ve all been reminded of the epicness of that scene and how close they really came. Almost more than all of the above, I think this one really had it – more than any other, this scene was it for me in my head – I was holding my breath, thinking ‘oh my God, this is actually it’. And the reason I thought that is because they were both just so there.

 It was written all over their faces that they wanted it, they were inexorably drawn closer to each other, they wanted to touch the other for no reason, they had reinforced their close bond and been reminded what they meant to each other. And they were both single and looking so beautiful and feeling pretty great about themselves – Brennan because of the success of her work and the closeness she felt with him, and Booth because Brennan had chosen to take him and not Hacker to the event and because she told him he changes history every day. It would have been the most natural thing in the world for them to lean in just a little bit closer and seal the deal. Sigh. 

Does that mean there hasn’t been a single moment in more than a season that could likely have ended with them kissing? Surely not? I thought that maybe the season 5 finale might wriggle onto this list, but I resisted because, to me, a kiss in the airport really wasn’t likely, because of the 100th and because Booth had said ‘things have to change’. I think what Booth was saying there was that it was time to really move on. In that context, a kiss would have been a promise between them of what had gone unsaid, and what was waiting when they got back, whereas where we were at that time was further away from them getting together than they’d ever been. Groan.

I think I’m ready now, to see some moments again that have me on the edge of my seat silently imploring them ‘go onnn..kiss each other!!!’ yes. I’m definitely ready. Hopefully, before long, so will they be. 

What do you think? Obviously, I only chose five (okay, okay SIX!) moments, and there could be more. When else could it have realistically ended with B&B kissing? No cheating on anyone, that’s a rule!  On top of the SUV? After Mac & Cheese? After a particular case? Okay, let’s discuss!


26 thoughts on “Top Five Tuesday: B&B Moments that Could Have Ended With a Kiss

  1. I really agree with you about Hero In The Hold and A Night At The Bones Museum. If they were going to kiiss in a passionate way, those would have been the times to do it.
    I can think of two more, where I thought a kiss could have happened it they had just let go of their reserve. Aliens In A Spaceship, when Brennan was rescued, is the first one. After Booth had dug Brennan out of the dirt and they were sitting there looking at each other with the big smiles on their faces, I just thought at the time, kiss for crying out loud. The other good candidate for me was “Verdict In The Story”, when Max was being judged and Brennan and Booth are outside of the courthouse, hugging. I thought for sure that a kiss might happen there also.

  2. The Rescue scene on Two bodies in the lab. Booth shoot his bad FBI ” Friend ” and get that hug from a relieved and passionate Brennan ! They should kissed there.

  3. I will have to think more about these. But a couple of quick thoughts:
    I totally agree about Night at the Bones Museum. How can you not agree? 😉
    That scene in the shooting range in the Pilot takes on new meaning in light of what we learned in the 100th. I can’t decide whether it makes the kiss more or less likely, but it gives the heat of that moment an explanation.

  4. I can’t think of any more off the top of my head, but I HAD to respond so I could get the email updates…And I REALLY wanna be reminded of all the scenes everyone comes up with. Cause they make me grin, they make my day a little better and I want to relive all these awesome B&B moments!! I’m already wearing a huge smile at the thought! So hurry up everyone…fill up my inbox! 😀

  5. I’d have to add the “plumbing for dummies” moment-I mean, how much closer can you get? He’s got his arm around her, it’s a tight space-he puts his hand over hers-did I mention it was tight in there? Plus, they were already at his apartment, so things could have conveniently progressed from there…(down girl, down!) Darn and blast to that water!

    • YES!!! the pipe fixing adventure could have been a flirty, playful kiss! Although I’d like to see what happened after they ran out from the water spewing everywhere and Brennan is standing there soaked in her white blouse……

  6. You know, this website is fabulous. Gives us our Bones fix daily. Pretty cool!

    I would not have added the Pilot scene – she is challenging him aggressively (“be a cop”), I don’t think a kiss could have resulted. The mood wasn’t right – in my mind. But I agree with Maria that a kiss under the sink between the pipes could have been a possibility! And God knows, they were already lying on the floor, who knows what kind of kiss that could have been!

  7. I know he was dating Cam at the time but the time he leaned into to her when discussing getting take out always seemed really highly charged to me. That was a “oh just go ahead and kiss already ” moment for me. But, really there have been tons of moments when I have thought – how does she manage to stop herself from kissing him. Bones deserves a medal for her restraint!

  8. 2. It wasn’t just you. 🙂

    And 4.5? or whatever, Hero in the Hold, I feel like I get the waiting–like I understand and appreciate the reasoning behind them not being together yet, not making out all the time haha, but this moment? I still almost can’t fathom that it didn’t end in a kiss…wow.

    All said, great list!

  9. I have to say I agree with all of these when I 1st saw The Pilot I thought the same thing now in context with the 100th episode to me it makes it even that much more likely that a kiss could have happened between them right then and there.
    The plumbing scene was one where I thought a kiss might happen I also have to say going on with the scene study from the other day I really feel they could have kissed in “The Truth in the Lye” right before Hodgins and Angela walk in. Another good one would be “There is more then one kind of family” because it was really hot there for a minute. So many good moments!!!

  10. Really good list! I agree with all, except for maybe with the one he gives her the pig because if I’m remembering right, Booth was with Cam at the time. IF that’s not right, then yeah, I def agree with ALL of them, lol!

    Some other ones that come to mind:
    1) End of Fire in the Ice- they’re holding hands and ice skating, does it get any flirtier? I could watch that scene over and over! And they were so relaxed with each other that it always makes me feel that a kiss could have happened?

    2) Same goes for the end of Gamer in the Grease: they’re playful and flirty. Booth is being all cocky and confident. Brennan is giving him some smack talk back. “I will. I’m gonna knock you dead.” It just felt like he could have caged her right between his body and that Ponky Pong machine and planted one on her.

    3) How about ending of the Halloween episode. Clark Kent and Wonder Woman on a date? C’mon!

    4) Ohhh, the episode where VNM and Hodgins shoot a cannon indoors and Booth slams Brennan against the wall. Obviously, it was an instinctual reaction as he was just protecting her, but then once they realize there’s no danger and are just looking at each other and realizing that yes, your body is pressed against mine an oh, it feels good … well, could Brennan look more wide-eyed? Could Booth look more dazed? If the thought wasn’t running through their mind …

    I’m sure there are more, but those are just off the top of my head! 🙂

    • All awesome-and great memories (I love squinty Booth!)

    • bbmagic, the up-against-the-wall scene from “Science in the Physicist” came to my mind, too. That look that passes between them is definitely heated… stupid fire alarm going off. 😛 And I love the end of “Fire in the Ice” it’s just so sweet.

  11. LOVE #4…both of them!

    There are a lot of really good maybe coulda kissed moments in season two that, unfortunately, take place while Booth is with Cam. Boo. There have been a number of other good moments mentioned as well – I especially love the moment in The Science in the Physicist that bbmagic mentioned (after the cannon exploded). What a moment!

    As far as moments that haven’t been mentioned…how about Mayhem on a Cross? If Sweets hadn’t been standing right in front of them when Brennan tucked Booth’s hanky back into his pocket…

    • That was such a tender moment… if they had been alone. Booth takes a step closer to comfort Bones. *sigh* BUT I do LOVE that scene because Sweets is there, so… no I’m not hating on Sweets cuz he’s there. 🙂 Little duckling ❤

  12. How about Judas in a Pole? I love that episode.

    Oh! I love this site, thanks for keeping it so positive.


  13. more than one kind of family?

  14. Along with all those mentioned:
    1. the plumbing scene (in Bond in the Boot I think) is definitely up there. It’s so personal (not just in a friends way)
    2. I know he was with Cam at the time but the end of Blond with the Curl with the thai food — definitely.
    3. Fire in the Ice for sure. There was that jealousy with Perotta and wonderful wave and smile during the game and then the holding hands while skating and all the talk about you’re the only FBI agent I want to work with and you’re made of very good stuff. How did they resist!

  15. I’m up way to late, but, obviously, can’t get enough of this post! 🙂 Great job!
    BTW, I keep thinking about a scene in the diner where Booth and Brennan are sitting and he’s talking to her about the difference between making love and having sex. I can’t find it to be sure, but I remember that by the end of his speech he’s all husky voiced, leaning waaaay over the table and I *think* Brennan conceeds that he may be right. (Double win for Booth HAHAHA) But since I can’t find it, I can’t remember if it could have really ended in a kiss or if it was just one, of a bazillion, intimate moments.

    Also, I TOTALLY agree with the Thai food scene shared above. He was leaning aaaalll into her face! LOL

    Tell me, though, are we going to be dwelling on all the could-be make-out scenes for much longer?? I don’t know if I can handle it!!?! Well, I guess until Thursday! 😀

    Oh, and what are we going to be focusing on during the coming hiatus? This girl needs a plan!

  16. GOSH! I wish I could recall these scenes with more accuracy, but wasn’t there also at least one other one where Booth shows up to Brennan’s door and she’s in her robe? And it’s late. Wasn’t that kinda intimate also?

    And when he arrived at her house and she’s telling him about the nightmares she’s been having (S5 before they catch the Gravedigger)? Don’t they hug? And I mean, sheesh, if you’re hugging you could be kissing, if you ask me! Hahahaha.. Ok, I have to go to bed now or I’m going to start making up scenes! Good night, all! 🙂

    • Oh, yes, the final scene from Bones on the Blue Line! She opens the door wearing her robe, prompting Booth’s not-too-veiled ogling, and then comes quite a confusing talk about soulmates. And then the next we see is the 100th episode…

  17. If we don’t take into consideration the fact that he was with Cam at that moment, my Nr 1 would be the “More than one kind of family” moment form Judas! It’s my favorite UST moment for them! Thai food from Girl with the Curl would definitely be there too. Also, Season 3’s talk about Brainy Smurf and Smurfette and revolution and Philistines at the end of Time Capsule cdefinitely could have ended with a kiss; I mean, those looks they throw at each other there are just… phew! 😀

    • i agree with that… when booth gave brennan the brainy smurf, they were leaning so close to each other and almost whispering that i thought they were actually gonna kiss!
      this list has to be extended to top 10… the writers really know how to heat things up and put us at the edge of our seats!

  18. I’m behind on Bones Theory posts again, but I couldn’t let this one go without adding my two cents. Great post, Sophia, by the way!

    I just wanted to add that every time I watch Night at the Bones Museum, I still think they’re going to kiss, even though I know well enough what’s really going to happen. I guess I’m just hoping that if I want it badly enough, it will happen. 😉

    Honestly, it’s for the best that they didn’t kiss then because if they had, we wouldn’t be where we are now. But I can’t help but imagine what might have happened had they not been squinterrupted…

    (You know, interrupted. By the squints. Was that a collective groan I just heard? Sorry.)

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