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Morning After Q: Okay, So…What Now?!?


Good “morning”, darlings, and yes, it’s morning here where I am! If you are on the west coast, you probably just finished watching #BONES. It might not be morning yet, but since the episode is over on both sides of the country, I feel it’s fair to begin the discussion.

Confession: I didn’t really have any questions after this episode. I was questionless. It all seemed pretty straightforward to me.  When Pre-Pilot canon Booth said “Because…I feel like this is…going somewhere”, well I was on board. And for the first time in awhile, I really felt like we were going somewhere.

But…where exactly? Want to give a shout out to BT writing pal Janet who helped me organize my thoughts. What will it take for Booth to no longer be angry?, she asked. And what is it that will make Brennan willing to risk not being impervious?

Will they ever meet their ‘dates/wishes’, or will they realize they have been together more than they know? How important was it that Booth say he wasn’t mad at Brennan? Was it just me, or did she seem relieved? And before that, how freaking laid bare was Booth in that story about his dad and the Phillies game? And even before THAT, how awesome was it to see Brennan so MAD about those stupid CHAIRS!

And well, heck, did you about squee yourself (ew!) when they kept talking about an ‘us’?

Okay, I guess I have a few Qs. Come on, let’s just discuss. You know you want to. I know because I wished you would and I wrote it down and burned the paper into meaningless particles. Haha. Okay…I need to get to bed. I’m getting loopy.  But you all talk, and I’ll catch you later in the morning.

Peace, Love & Bones,



87 thoughts on “Morning After Q: Okay, So…What Now?!?

  1. I love the end (obviously, who didn’t?!), but the thing I loved most was that Booth tore the hotdog wrapper in two, told Brennan if he wanted something really really bad, he’d burn the paper and his wish would come true. She joins him despite her thoughts about the ridiculous act. What that tells me is that they both wish for a future, at least he still thinks of wanting it ‘really really bad’, and they both put dates down that they expect…EXPECT…for that to happen. Holds all the promise in the world for me.

    Sorry I didn’t answer your questions! I’ll sleep on it and maybe say more later!

  2. It’s morning where I am too, Sarah!

    I, too, have no questions. They talked about each other, and made sure they were perfectly clear on that too.

    I think at this point, it’s only a matter of time. Booth needs time to reconcile his feelings about Hannah. His belief in fate and love and “the one” have taking a bruising and he really needs to get his head straight…and decide whether he will be able to accept what Brennan can offer (which is more than she could offer last year, but still less than he seems to want).

    I admit, I was surprised that Brennan seemed to think she had further to go before being ready, but I’m not in her head so…perhaps her regret in DitP was more vague than I’d assumed. But maybe she has her own, as yet unexpressed issues with Hannah. I never imagined Brennan being angry about Hannah – she believes that love comes and goes and she told him to move on. She might want to be sure Booth is thoroughly “over” Hannah though.

    And of course none of us wants Brennan to be a consolation prize, so taking time is a good thing, IMO.

    Either way, what’s clear to me is that they are going to give “them” a try before considering anyone else.

  3. How great was the science? But regarding B&B, I’m not sure how to feel about it. Love that they were talking, but what was the “other than sex who are we” conversation? But, I’m holding hope by remembering Booth checking out the date that Brennan put on her piece of paper and the fact that it’s something Booth really wants as much as Brennan. Everything happens eventually right?

    • The science was great. 🙂

      And the conversation you mention, I took it kind of in reference to the “you can’t sleep with just anyone” conversation we just looked at a few days ago, from the Truth in the Lye. I don’t think it was intended to sound like “what would we have apart from sex,” as much as it was saying, “of course sleeping together would be great, but how do we reconcile that with how much we mean to each other?” Booth said something along the lines of, “but what happens after?” and I definitely took it as kind of wondering out loud, “What kind of ‘us’ would a sleeping-together version of us be?” He knows, and she knows, that with who they are to each other, they could never just sleep together and be like, Oh, that was fun, so do we have a case?

      • I agree with you about the conversation! I found it extremely interesting that Brennan chose to use the phrase “making love”. Especially after the conversation in Death in the Saddle when they have the conversation about the difference between “making love” and “having sex”. Eeek!!!

  4. Mmmm, can I be first??? I’m not going to lie, I was kind of hoping this would be up sooner rather than later, if only so I can get this out of my system enough to stop hyperventilating before I go to bed, haha.

    Actually, no, part of me is a little bit freaking-out kind of ecstatic, but most of me is just…satisfied. This was such a cozy, beautiful episode–it felt low-key (thank you candlelight! um, has the lab EVER been more beautiful?!) even as everything was kind of gearing up for all the big emotional…everything. I’ve always thought that any real progress made towards a “together” for Booth and Brennan would be just fraught with high drama–and it kind of has been up until now, so it was such a pleasant surprise to see their sort of comfortable baby steps here. To see them trusting each other enough to rely on the level of comfort they’ve achieved together as they begin to open up about the past, about their relationship etc. That was phenomenal, I thought.

    I’m not so sure about what it’ll take for him to stop being mad, for her to stop being impervious (GREAT speech…). For one thing, I think Booth could use a bit of a confidence boost–he’s been falling apart a little bit this last chunk of episodes–rejected by Hannah, tormented with the Broadsky stuff, trying to deal with everything within himself about Brennan…I just think it’s another one of the “Just time…” kind of things (which means…no space?! please??), and maybe the same goes for her? I don’t know. I think her little remnants of imperviousness might be because of how things went down in Daredevil in the Mold–I think for a while there she was a little nervous about where she stood with Booth after that conversation–and maybe as his walls come down in regard to her (as they’ve begun to already!), they’ll help her last little bits of imperviousness to crumble away, revealing the strength underneath. They’re kind of walking side by side these days (the whole, We’ll burn them together thing), and so I think the resolution they’re both looking for will kind of be found in the other’s progress. As she gets “strong enough,” his anger will fade–maybe because he sees that she does want what’s offering–and because his anger is fading and giving way to a confidence in the possibility of them, she’ll grow in strength.

    I have no idea if that theory is legitimate at all, I just cooked it up because I wanted to write SOMETHING so I can get to bed, albeit with a GIANT grin on my face… 🙂 It was a good night…

    • Boo, not first. 🙂 I write too much, haha…

    • i agree about the lab being more beautiful than ever… makes me appreciate that the jeffersonian is actually more of a museum… and the fact that they came back to the basics – without the use of modern technology but still able to solve the case….
      this is one of the episodes that i didn’t really listen about the case but waited all the moments inside the elevator (teasers and spoilers made me anticipate even more), when actually the best part (the last scene) is not even inside the elevator…
      we all knew they’ll be together some time but it’s really exciting (and relieving) to hear that they are both hoping for it… (i felt relieved too that booth still wants brennan so bad…)
      since the story is leading to their romance, the writers will have a hard time heating things up and spicing up the story… hoping the next episodes will be just as great as the show has been throughout the years…

  5. You know that super excited fangirl squeeing that Brennan and Daisy do in A Night At The Bones Museum when they find out they get to work with the mummy? That what was going on inside my head watching this episode. And when it came to that end scene, my inner shipper fangirl was running around flailing with happiness.

    I adored how open Booth and Brennan were with each other in this. First she’s angry with him because they are just chairs. He tells here why the chairs are important, and she understands. She doesn’t question. She just accepts it – and in doing so, accepts him. Squee!

    And “Should we talk about it?” “Yes.” “When?” “Not now.” (I’m paraphrasing, I’ve only seen it once so far). And later on “Hey wow, we’re talking about it, aren’t we?” “Yeah, we are”. And OMG the looks they give each other when they’re talking about breaking the laws of physics… swoon.

    But finally, finally IT – the big IT between them is out there in the universe. They both know how the other feels and they are finally acknowledging it and dealing with it. It’s so huge that Booth acknowledged that he’s angry – I’m thinking at the world at large, because he was quick to say not at her. And am I the only one who wanted to jump up and down for joy when Brennan told him how she’s changed? She can see it for herself, and articulate it. Kudos to the writers on that one. I mean, if Booth being able to admit his anger is huge, Brennan being able to see the growth and change in herself is ENORMOUS.

    And that ending was just oh so sweet. Could it get any more perfect than them each making their wish for “eventually”? (I mean, yeah, it could have actually BEEN eventually, but that would be too soon, imho) Personally, I’m hoping they both wrote down whatever the air date for the season finale is – even better if it’s at the coffee cart. 😉

    On a side note, we always see and write comments about ED and DB needing to get their freaking Emmy nods already. Well, I don’t know if it’s been said before but: TJ Thyne needs a freaking Emmy already, too. He just blew. me. away. tonight. This ep is going onto my list of top Hodgins moments with Aliens in a Spaceship and Proof in the Pudding.

    And I loved the way the possibility of the baby having something wrong was handled. Any expectant parent would be devastated by the news that something might be wrong with their unborn child, so their despair was totally believable. But that bit at the end, when Hodgins says he’ll just have to learn to play piano, and Angela will have to take up sculpting, the acceptance and love in that made me want to cry. It was just so beautifully written.

    • I agree. I would love the writing on the paper to say – May 20 2011 @ The Coffee Cart. However I don’t think that the date they have written will actually mean anything. When (how good is it to say WHEN and not IF) they do get together I think it will be in a very intimate moment/conversation. For example they could be sitting having a conversation about something that one of them is sharing with the other (Booth sharing a story about his mum or Brennan telling Booth what Pops shared in season 5 etc) and all of a sudden, they realize that they have reach the moment of no return. Many of their conversations could have easily ended in a kiss or even more than a kiss, as we discussed a few day ago here at BT. Anyway these are my thoughts, feel free to correct me 🙂

    • Yes on TJ Thyne! And that line “we can handle anything” (also paraphrasing), shows how strong their relationship is. 🙂

    • Totally agree about TJ Thyne! His acting feels real to me. Especially for the emotional ones…. oh my god! He always makes me cry with him!

  6. Oh gosh I loved that end scene. I did squeal like a fangirl when Booth said “you and me and love” & Brennan saying “maybe then we could try to be together” I’m so excited that they are finally open about it with each other. So the timing isn’t quite right but Booth burning the paper as a kid when he wanted something really, really bad & now doing it with Brennan was to me an admission that he still wants her really, really bad! (Of course we already knew this didn’t we) Oh and the fact that they both wrote down their dates without any thinking time being needed spoke volumes.
    But the funniest line of the night for me was Brennan saying “I think you humped the gun”. That just cracked me up.
    I loved this episode. *sigh*

  7. Booth is still MEGA HURT AND ANGRY over Hannah and what did/didn’t go down. The fact that he cant even discuss her yet is event. Sorry fan girls, myself included but lets be honest. Booth loved, still loves Hannah and that is why he cant even go there yet. The mention of her name hurts to the core. If he did not, then he would be amblivent over it. Setting up a future shrinky session with Sweets before long on this. BOOTH NEEDS TO DISCUSS HANNAH BEFORE HE CAN MOVE ON. F.A.C.T.. And Brennan? What she said at the end just took away from she told Booth in epi 9. I didnt like what she said.. .Booth wanting to burn the papers, and Brennan doing too was a nice touch.

    • I never doubted that Booth really did love Hannah, nor did I really think that was a bad thing. It’s a difficult thing to accept. But ultimately good for B/B in the long run.

      Booth had essentially been committed to Brennan since he broke up with Cam in season 2. The lack of any other genuine interest in another woman plus his belief in “fate” made him rather…well, and I say this with love, pathetic, in season 5. IMO, he didn’t so much love Brennan as he mooned over her. He’d convinced himself she was the only one for him, ever, due to circumstances beyond his control. All that stuff about “the standard” and “the one” seems romantic but he was idealizing Brennan, creating a version of her that she could not possibly measure up to in reality (which Brennan totally knew, IMO).

      Now he knows he can love someone else so when he does fall back in love with Brennan (or genuinely in love for the first time) it will be because he chose her, not because “fate” chose her for him.

      As for this episode negating DiTP, I disagree. What Brennan said in that episode is that she regrets not giving them a chance. She still does have that regret, obviously, or she wouldn’t even talk about it. But since DiTP, Booth proposed to Hannah and dumped all his heartache on her, two things that had to hurt, even more than just watching Booth & Hannah together or knowing Hannah wasn’t a consolation prize. Brennan has to weigh the pain she’s feeling now against whatever possible happiness she and Booth might have.

      Expressing a regret, and being willing to do what it takes to correct that regret are two different things.

      The key is that they both want the same thing (in Booth’s case he really, really wants it, as he said). He wants to get over his heartache, she wants to be able to risk her heartache.

  8. I totally get that Booth needs time to move on from Hannah. He did love her. So the poor man needs time to heal. He is still raw over it. BUT I need someone to explain Brennan to me. It just feel that she was leading Booth on and us with her I made a mistake epihany. And now it is we wouldn’t make a good couple. I need to be stronger. I still have walls. Well don’t tell him that you made a mistake when he had a girlfriend when you were not ready. And Emily doesn’t help either by saying that Brennan wants to be Booth, loves him, when all I got from this epi was she can’t give Booth what he wanted from her then or now. Help me understand her, as I did not like her in this epi.

    • Yeah but think of what’s happened since DiTP and now. If *we* were all totally devastated at Booth’s proposal, think how Brennan felt!

      In a moment of despair and weakness, Brennan made a rare emotional confession to Booth – that she regretted not giving them a chance.

      Well words have consequences and since DiTP Brennan has been dealing with those. Having her feelings discussed by Booth & Hannah, seeing them together when her feelings are known, knowing that he proposed to Hannah, sitting there in the bar and taking the brunt of his anger.

      Perhaps it was more than she bargained for. Perhaps feeling the hurt that she opened herself up to in DiTP was more painful than she expected. She needs to evaluate now – is the potential happiness of a relationship with Booth worth the pain she feels now and, presumably the pain she would feel if it didn’t work out?

      That she hasn’t just decided “No” out of hand is improvement (as much as I don’t like using that word!). She believes she will eventually be strong enough to follow up on her regrets.

    • I wondered too about how Doctor in the Photo fits in with the still being impervious thing. I think the fact that the “I made a mistake” conversation didn’t pan out might be some cause for a little residual imperviousness for Brennan. She went out on a limb there and it didn’t pan out like she hoped (and I really do think she hoped it would work, just by the looks on her face). Her conditioned tendency from 15 on is to put up these thick solid walls to avoid the kind of pain associated with abandonment, rejection, whatever. She’s changing, and she’s trying to change, but Rome wasn’t built in a day. I think she still has to struggle against that tendency to protect herself by kind of shutting down, and if there was ever a time recently she’s been tempted to, it was during the “not a consolation prize” talk. The change I see in her hasn’t been that she’s not impervious anymore necessarily, but that she’s trying not to be.

      Also, I think she’s trying to give Booth the time he needs to “get back out there.” Not that she’s lying–I just said that I think she still has a bit of imperviousness to get over. But I think she’s using it as a way to give Booth the time he needs–taking the pressure off, letting him know that she’s not trying to rush him.

  9. First up David did an amazing job. Excellent. . I just cannot help but feeling that the end scene was Hart’s version of another everything will happen eventually. And I am over it. . Brennan just confused me in this epi and negated what she said in Doctor in the Photo. Booth obviously is hurt over Hannah, even though he may think that someday that he may be with Brennan, he is living in the PRESENT & needs and has to discuss Hannah to move past then. He can’t even go there means that he hasn’t even began to dealt with that pain. Man. Eventually may be a very long time.

  10. So any thoughts on what is still impervious with Brennan and what is now strong? I was kinda of disappointed with what she said. It takes the shine of what I thought she had learnt and wanted with Booth in S6.

  11. Booth’s anger about Hannah is a complicated beast and it is so good that they both talked about the things they thought were standing in their way.

    Booth’s anger is going to be a talking point for the next several weeks, so here’s my take. He’s angry because 1) he offered and was turned down; 2) he tried to “move on” and didn’t really pay attention to the signs Hannah was giving him; 3) he hurt Brennan in the process/ had to turn her down; 4) he’s not good enough (ACOA issues); 5) he threw away the ring; 6) he wasn’t patient enough with Brennan.

    Just the fact that he made such a huge investment in Hannah and was turned down is enough for any man, but Booth is carrying a full load. Obviously, the moment he is no longer so angry at the world or his lot or Hannah, we’ll know. They’ll be signs along the way; perhaps Booth will wade into the water and retrieve the ring (although he might have already done that.)

    Brennan’s self-awareness and admission is one I did not expect although the signs have been there along the way. All in all it was a lovely episode, much along the lines of the first Christmas episode– the case isn’t as important as what the case helps reveal.

    B&B work so well together in this episode– they are on the same page all the way on the case, each offering info and insights along the way. They’re back, baby!

    • Hahaha, I’m not disagreeing with you, but I think it’s kind of hilarious that his throwing away the ring could figure into his anger. I hadn’t thought about it, but I could see him rattling off all these deep, emotional reasons for his anger, and then being like “and on top of that, I spent a crapload of money on that stupid ring!” Hahaha…

    • I’m still now sure about how Booth really feels about the Hannah situation. Was he upset at her personally, or generally as just another relationship that didn’t work out? Is it because of his feelings for her, or because things just didn’t turn out how he wanted them to be? Is he upset because he was trying to get over his hurt from Brennan, but is basically back at the same place? I just don’t see that he was in too deep with Hannah if he’s even thinking about someday being with Brennan and really wanting that. Not that I’m upset about that, but I just don’t know what to think about what his anger is really about, because it could be so much. At least he’s not mad at Brennan.

    • AmandaFriend, love the reasons you gave for Booth’s anger.
      Booth may not want to discuss Hannah because the whole thing hurt Brennan and like as been said before, he will have to fess up to the real motives behind the whole Hannah saga. He did love Hannah but was not in love with her.

  12. @Tamara you hit the nail on the head. Booth and Brennan are dealing with their present day and promise of B&B in the future. Booth hurt by his relationship with Hannah. And Brennan with her ‘some left impervious walls’ . I feel so bad for Booth. He really isn’t over Hannah or processed that pain, anger to that failed relationship: the Sweets frozen peas scene and him admitting his anger and the need to find inner peace and calm says it all. I do wish that Booth and Brennan had discussed Hannah. Or he did at least with Sweets.

  13. Just for the record i just woke up i’m on my PJ’s and i’m sipping my coffee. I could resist read the Bones theory this morning after watch Bones last night. Well last night was one of that moments on the show and Booth and Brennan relationship that make us say this episode will last forever on our minds. Like many others. Like the 100th,the doctor in the photo,The sniper arc episodes,and i’m sure some others still on this season. I loved see last night finally Booth and Brennan on the same path on their relationship. Loved see their were honest with each other about they and they admit want to be together. loved see they made a promise to each other, some kind of pact. to me this is huge about them. They just said to each other i’ll wait for you and i’ll be ready for you and you’ll ready beacuse i love you on their amazing way of talk about their relationship. I think now is when they gonna be together cuz the the word they will or not be together don’t exist anymore and i’m on the gate of the heaven waiting to see this happen !

  14. So, so delighted to discover when I woke up today that this post was up! Thanks, Seels for getting us started 🙂

    For me Brennan’s reluctance or last vestiges of impervious-ness are her way of giving Booth time to recover from H. I don’t think her comments were counter to what she expressed in DitP but more a recognition that he’s not ready quite yet and she’s willing to wait for him. I see it as part of the tremendous growth she’s experienced. She’s putting herself out there but not pushing Booth.

    Count me among those who really enjoyed this episode, stellar acting, fun science, continued development in our love story. Can’t wait until I can watch it a second time and a third and … 🙂

  15. Here’s my take on things…. with a personal anecdote (anecdotal evidence hah!)…

    I dated a guy in high school for several years. We thought we could potentially get married, and then I realized I didn’t really love him in the way he loved me… so I broke up with him. However, even though I didn’t love him anymore, I still needed time to heal from that relationship before getting involved with anyone else. When I met my (now) husband, I wasn’t quite ready yet, and he graciously waited for me to make the move.

    My point is that although Brennan has come so far, she still has walls up. Why would she not have walls? This is a woman who had her world shattered at 15 in regards to love and relationships. She has come so far, and yet, even though she had the strength to tell Booth (in tDitP) that she made a mistake, that doesn’t change her feelings after he went ahead and proposed to Hannah. She’s not going to just let her walls crumble until she knows he’s steady, which he’s not right now. She’s smart enough to realize that while she has feelings for him, he needs to mend himself and she needs time just being partners with him to become stronger herself, and then she can let herself be with him.

    I don’t think that’s different from her character at all. She’s not leading him on, she’s being honest that she has feelings, but doesn’t feel strong enough to let him love her just yet. It helps he isn’t quite ready yet, thanks to Hannah. I think this is the point where I realized that despite how much I hated the Hannah situation, it looks like it will help with the timing of their relationship, among other things.

    I loved last night’s episode… and I walked away feeling satisfied with the direction we’re going. I cried with Angela and Hodgins and I squeed at the science… truly amazing episode!

  16. I’m with mrg873 – this episode left me satisfied (if not a little squee-ish at times) – and that makes me happy. Oopsie – look at the time. I’ve gotta go exercise and get my oldest off to school. Be back later to finish my comment…

    • Okay, I’m FINALLY back.

      First up, I agree with Jade, TJ Thyne’s performance in this episode – both in the scene with Wendell and the scene at the end with Angela – was simply breathtaking. No one wants to find themselves in that kind of a situation and I, for one, think the writers and actors all handled it very well. The raw emotion in those scenes was heartbreaking and I think they were some of the strongest of the episode.

      Not that there wasn’t plenty of raw emotion going on elsewhere too. Such as, in an elevator in Booth’s apartment building. I thought it was interesting that we saw both Booth and Brennan lash out in anger – a believable by product, I think, of the frustration of being trapped in an enclosed space. This episode really did have some strong moments – including the before mentioned scene with Hodgins, the peas incident with Sweets, Booth’s admission to Brennan as to why the stadium seats meant so much to him, the “making love” conversation, and of course, the end scene.

      I haven’t watched the peas scene again yet, but I don’t necessarily think Booth throwing the peas at Sweets (or admitting that he’s still angry) is an indication that he’s still deeply in love with Hannah as much as I think it shows that he’s angry at the situation. Hannah hurt his pride and she caused him to question his worth as a man. Sure, he invested a lot in her in a very short period of time, but he’s invested a whole lot more in Brennan. I’m sure he still loves Hannah to some extent, but I don’t see that love as the root cause of his anger. I think he’s already acknowledged both to himself and to Brennan, at least indirectly, which of the two he loves more (Brennan or Hannah) – and it sure as heck wasn’t, isn’t, or ever will be, Hannah (despite the fact that he proposed to her). At this point in their relationship/partnership, I don’t see either Booth or Brennan being willing to risk everything if they didn’t think they had what it took to make a romantic relationship last (and that means Booth has to be sure of his feelings for Brennan).

      Booth and Brennan have tried things every which way BUT together. I think this episode was about both of them finally admitting that their feelings for each other have endured through a heck of a lot and that it’s finally time to give together a try (not now, but eventually…of course). I loved Sarah’s slinky analogy from her GMMR review as I think it perfectly illustrates the back and forth we saw in the elevator scenes (I also think the writers were playing with us by bringing them to the brink of a big admission then having them pull back, but I actually thought it was kind of funny) as well as their coming together in the end scene.

      I’m cool with Booth needing more time, I thought Brennan’s impervious/strong speech was perfect, and I love how much she’s grown – it was evident all throughout the episode in the way she responded to Booth – and how much she’s embracing that change.

      I could say so much more, but this comment is already really long so I’ll leave it at that.

  17. This episode was just wonderful, all the way around. Definitely in my Top 5, ever. I loved that they were both so open about wanting each other. Just so sweet and warm. I could talk about it forever, but I just sortof want to enjoy it quietly. 🙂

  18. First of all, love love love it!

    I think that the writers did a good job of mirroring the stage of B & B’s relationship in the storyline and scene. If you take the elevator on a metaphoric level, I think it represents that line separating them from everyone else – that thing that binds them together and no one else can penetrate (as Hannah storyline showed). Locked within that space, they are separated from intruders as well as trapped. Sweets is the one person that knows the most about B & B as a couple, and despite his close relationship with them he is not included within the line protecting their partnership, or the elevator itself (let’s combine the literal and metaphorical and just call it the ‘relationship box’).

    I think the elevator metaphor works in several ways:
    1) No one can penetrate this box without getting hurt – Booth and Brennan object strongly when Sweets attempts to enter the space by putting his arm through the bars. This reflects their strong objection to him pushing to be allowed into their ‘relationship box’; each time he attempts to broach the subject of their feelings he is shouted down.

    2) It serves to protect them from the outside – they are able to consider things clearly while they are in their own space together, free from external influences.

    3) The interesting thing about the elevator analogy for me, is the ‘mastodon’ in the room – the chairs. I see these to represent personal history, which they are forced to confront as it is figuratively and literally impossible to avoid.

    Interesting that when they escape from the boundaries of the elevator, only then do they fully discuss themselves being together, for real. They are still sat on the chairs though; still tied to that history of their partnership.

    I love that they send their own smoke signals back out to the universe, linking back to the ‘Doctor in the Photo’ episode. I also think that Brennan was wonderful in this episode – she is trying hard, and I fully believe she is working as hard as she can to be ready to make their relationship work, for her sake and for Booth’s, when the time is right. And as much as I wish it were right now, I think I agree that both of them are not ready. They were so perfectly in sync this episode though; things are definitely falling into place. I don’t think that Brennan was going against what had been said in ‘Doctor in the Photo’ – she never said she was ready then, she just said what she felt at that time.

    Ohhh yes and one of my absolute favourite things about this episode: Brennan calls sex with Booth ‘making love’, à la Booth in ‘Death in the Saddle’! Actually, no, it’s got to be Brennan: ‘don’t freak out, it’s just a little fire…’

  19. I’m all about brevity on Fridays:
    I’m going with Amber, Vicki, Tamara…how is it that Brennan ISN’T ready, yet?
    Do we take Brennan’s comment that she still needs to lose the rest of her impervious nature or do we take tantemary’s view: “For me Brennan’s reluctance or last vestiges of impervious-ness are her way of giving Booth time to recover from H” – which, for now, is the way I’m leaning.

    Booth peeked at Brennan’s date. Doesn’t matter what date he wrote, I believe that he will make sure he is ready by whatever date Brennan wrote. 🙂

    • Slightly unrelated, but part of her own speech re: impervious vs. strong . . . rubbed me the wrong way when she says, “I’ve improved.” I get what she said, but did not like the words – many ways to look at those words . . . I would have been happier with either her saying “I’ve grown” or Booth saying more than “You’ve always been strong”.

      • It rubbed me the wrong way too. They’ve known each other for what – seven or eight years? And Brennan STILL believes there’s something wrong with her and she needs to improve? If this were RL, then I would just HAVE to reach the conclusion that she needs to move on and find someone else. Because the person you love (especially if they love you back) needs to make you feel like the most amazing person on earth, not like you need to ‘improve’. Oh well.

      • That bothered me too. It made me sad to see Brennan essentially devaluing herself. I also wish Booth had been more reassuring that he does like her the way she is, even in the offhand way he’d earlier mentioned that he likes watching her do the math.

        Or a hug- this whole episode could have used a lot more hugs.

      • See I see it in a different light. I think the person that is right for you is the person that makes you the best you can be. Brennan being an impervious person is not a good thing and is not something she should strive to remain. As an impervious person you miss life, you miss so much because you are afraid to take a chance and put yourself out there. I think she has improved and should continue to strive to improve more.

        We all have things about ourselves that we either aren’t happy with, or want to improve on. Just because we are who we are – doesn’t mean, at least in my opinion, that you want or should stay the way you are. I think your partner should strive to help you reach the person that you want to be. And I think Brennan is moving towards the person she wants to be. Does that make sense?

  20. First off, I must say that this episode was very satisfying. The science was wonderful and really, if T. J. Thyne is not considered for an emmy for this episode then there is no justice in the acting world. When Hodgins criied, I felt so sorry for him. He was trying to be so brave and yet he was so scared at the same time. Wow.

    Booth and Brennan. Really loved that they were so honest with each other. Now we know that Booth’s anger is not with Brennan; but, with Hannah. I guess we probably knew that; but, it was nice to hear Booth say it. To me, Booth is all about loyalty so when Hannah refused what he had to offer, I think he felt utterly betrayed. When Brennan refused him in 100, she still wanted to be his partner and friend. She was still loyal to Booth and really so was he. Hannah on the other hand refused his marriage proposal and wanted to go back to just having a good time. Because Hannah moved in with him and made other adjustments in her life to be with Booth, he thought she had changed her mind about being able to committ to someone and he probably felt that because she really hadn’t, she had betrayed him. I think this is why he so angry with her and the thought of marriage with anyone at this time is just out of the question. It may not be fair to Hannah; but, Booth is being Booth. He really leads with his heart and Hannahs’ refusal hurt him a lot. He needs to admit that he mis-read the whole thing with Hannah before he can move on and have peace with the situation. Once he is past his anger, he will be able to think about trying to be closer to Brennan. That he can think of a time in the future that he can be with her is telling us that he knows he is not ready now but will be someday. I just love that Brennan is ready to wait for something more because she is no longer impervious but strong so is able to think of a time when she could actually commit to a permanent relationship with someone. That is huge for her.

    I too was a little puzzled about their conversation about “what about after the great sex” talk. They both showed a sort of sad concern about what could happen if their relationship couldn’t be anything more than physical. They are very different people and though they are great friends, they both do have a tendency to bug each other which may make them leary of moving too fast towards each other. They really need to think about how they will stay together once they are together. They will want to protect their friendship and that may mean that they will need to seriously think about what living together would mean to that friendship.
    Poor Sweets, could he have been any sadder when Booth threw the peas at him. I don’t think Sweets realized just how angry Booth is about what is going on in his life right now. He knows Booth has an inner rage that he controls most of the time. This is first time that Sweets has actually been the brunt of Booths anger and it really made him sad that Booth could be that angry with him.

    I just loved the end scene when they burned the papers. If was so sweet that Booth actually tried to sneak a peak at her date and just loved that they had to bicker about how maybe Brennan may not have burned her paper at the same time as Booth. She thought she had and he didn’t think so. To me, this sort of shows us that Booth and Brennan may love each other and may want to be with each other; but, they still bug each other.

  21. I don’t understand all the ire focused on Brennan for her “I’ve improved” remark. That was a very difficult moment for her – look again at the expression on her face before she said anything. It was a “moment” for her. An important one.

    Brennan is literal. DitP forced her to recognize she needed to make changes in her life, in her outlook. Based on her personal revelations, she would see those changes as ‘improving’ because she’s making herself a better person. Most especially, she’s making herself a better person so that she can be open to being a part of someone else’s life and to letting him be a part of hers. That’s HUGE for Brennan.

    Her choice of words was deliberate. She was impervious – nothing hurt her or affected her because nothing was allowed to. She was safe behind the walls of rationality and logic. Now, she’s learning to be strong enough not to hide behind a facade of invulnerability.

    Those aren’t the kind of changes that happen overnight. We’ve known Brennan for six years but her moment of epiphany happened only a few months ago. Brennan doesn’t rush headlong into anything. She’s taking baby steps back into a world and a life that was stolen from her when she was 15.

    A suddenly Tammy Faye Brennan, crying and weeping and hugging everyone all the time, would be false. That’s very unBrennan. This Brennan, the one who moves slowly and deliberately, this is Real Brennan.

    She’s not devaluing herself; she looked into the shadows of her life and saw what could be made better. That’s what she’s confessing to Booth – that she recognized shortcomings and she’s working on correcting them. How huge is that? How much strength does that take, especially when you’re making that confession to someone you care about, someone whose good opinion of you is so important?

    Just being able to say those words to Booth was a huge step for Tempy. Cut her some slack, y’all.

    • THIS. I totally agree.

      • I have to agree as well. How is becoming self aware a bad thing? She didn’t devalue herself. She grew as an emotional human being. She doesn’t have to change but she is choosing to change as she recognizes that in order to have a life that she is ACTUALLY longing for, change in her perceptions and behavior is necessary. She wants this relationship and has wanted it for a long time now but has been to afraid and very unwilling to acknowledge this to herself in a real way…much less to Booth. She could continue on being impervious which will lead to a solitary life or she can use that brain of hers to understand that loving someone is risky and requires an openness that she’s been unwilling to show so far. She showed strength last night…more power to her.

    • I agree with you MJ. Brennan has to think everything through before she does it. Although she can be pretty fast in her decision making, in this case, she has to overcome many years of isolating her emotions from others. Her Stong vs Impervious speech Is huge for her and I thought it showed a lot of emotional growth on her part. She is willing to keep changing and if that change coincides with Booths change of heart then all the better.

    • I loved the impervious vs. strong realization. It is merely a semantics issue for me and the connotations of those semantics v. denotations. Looking at comments, I don’t believe any of us are cutting her down – in fact, for me, it is more defensive of her than I normally have been lately. To say that someone has “improved” indeed feels like a value statement – that something or someone was not as good or valuable before. Using the word “growth”, for me, connotes a maturity while still maintaining value.

      • I’m not a native speaker of English, so I might be way off base… but to me this particular choice of the word ‘improved’ highlighted the rational AND active nature of the process – and thus it’s totally in character for Brennan. And if I consider other options, like ‘growth’ or ‘evolution’ – to me both seem to be a passive way of changing, and in the former case even too related to the phrasing psychology tends to use – and we all know what Brennan thinks about that 😉 .

    • I am cutting her slack! My heart breaks for Brennan that she still doesn’t see herself as good enough. And yes, using a word like “improve” connotes that what she is now isn’t good enough.

      For all her claims of emotional cluelessness, Brennan always knows when Booth needs to hear reinforcement from her. Her immediate change in demeanor when she realizes the significance of the chairs is evidence of that.

      I’m glad Booth told her she had always been strong, but I really think Booth needs to say (and believe) that she – just as she is – is who he wants, that she doesn’t need to improve to be worthy of him.

      • I think my main disagreement is with the focus on the words “I’ve improved,” as if that’s a bad thing.

        It’s not. No one is perfect. Everyone needs to improve. Brennan realized she needed to improve her ability to relate to other people on an emotional level, and she really needed to improve on her ability to open herself up and allow herself to be vulnerable emotionally. That she saw that need and is working to make changes in those areas is an improvement. And in Brennan’s words, she’s “improved” just by being able to admit that.

        She does always seem to know what Booth needs and the right words to use to reach him but I also think that’s because she’s focused on HIM. She needs also to focus on HERSELF, which she has recognized and is starting to do.

        Self-improvement is a good thing. I wish on a daily basis I could say “I’ve improved.”

        Sometimes, I can.

        And sometimes, I just have another Hershey’s kiss and say, “eh, whatever.”

      • The idea of Brennan not thinking she was good enough–in the past or present–is heartbreaking, but I didn’t read the scene that way. The way I took the “I’m improved” statement was more as in “My skills have improved,” as in her being-emotionally-available kind of skills. The improvement was not in some inherent part of her self, but in her abilities. I think using a word like “improve” connotes that the way she handled emotions in the past wasn’t good enough–and I’m going to say it–it wasn’t.

        Impervious Brennan–pre-improvement Brennan–was headed the way of Lauren Eames, and who among us would say that was an acceptable end for Brennan? And yet, without the change to which she’s referring in Blackout, she would still be headed for that end. So is it an improvement? I say absolutely. Not in regard to her inherent value at all–you’re right! she’s perfect and loveable just the way she is!–but in regard to her ability to be open and vulnerable–her ability to let someone love her, and let herself love someone back perhaps.

        I didn’t see it as a question of worthiness so much as a question of pure possibility. The improvement isn’t in her worth, but her open-ness. I just think that’s an important distinction to consider.

    • Thank you MJ, I concur!!!!

  22. That episode left me with THE happiest feeling comparable to being at Disney World. It literally had everything. I laughed one moment, cried the next (I admit it) and by episode’s end, I was on cloud nine. I’m not really going to post some long thing because everyone else has already said it better then I could have but I have to say this though. You can throw potatoes at me or whatever but I kind of no longer hate HH for giving us the hell that was the first half of the season. He was kind of right. *shrinks into her corner of lurkness* 🙂

  23. I really liked the end scene. I think it is good that both Booth and Brennan said that they need to be in the right place before they try a romantic relationship between the two of them. To me, that says that they both realize how important it is and want to do everything they can to ensure once they take that step that it will work out. At least this was definitely a good step in the direction of them eventually getting together. The only frustrating thing is who knows (other than HH) how long we are going to have to wait for that to happen!!

  24. I don’t think what she said really negates what she said in tDitP. Few words were actually spoken there, but what I saw is that she was more aware of her feelings and what I heard is that she expressed regret about not even giving Booth a chance. I didn’t get the impression that she was ready to jump into a committed relationship with Booth right away. Why did she say anything then? My guess is emotional distress – in a rare moment her emotions got the best of her as she was evaluating her life.

    As far as them saying they wouldn’t work as a couple, Booth said that first, and then Brennan agreed. I was but wasn’t surprised. It did seem like they were saying something different by the end, but that doesn’t upset me. The conversation in the 100th has left them reeling, as well as other *ahem* developments since then. It really sounded like, “Gee, us together could be good, but I really don’t know how that would work”, and that got translated in their minds as “It wouldn’t work out, and am afraid to mess up what we have right now by trying.” They’ve been going back forth in their minds, thus not wanting to talk about it, but ending up talking about it anyway.

    I thought it was great that she said she was improving, and I don’t think it necessarily means that she was devaluing herself. Perhaps it is a word choice issue. I saw it not as a general statement, but as her wanting and trying to make improvements in a particular area of her life that she has struggled with for years – emotional connections. And that’s what the conversation seemed to be focused on. What makes it a struggle is achieving that, yet maintaining who she is as her own person. I love the character of Brennan, but I appreciate that she was being honest about some of her issues. You can have a relationship in spite of certain types of issues, but other issues can wreck a relationship. Also, a lot of her “growth” is usually viewed in terms of her relationship with Booth. But apart from that, isn’t it still good that she grows for her own sake?

    Maybe Booth could have said more, but maybe in this case it was better he didn’t. If Brennan feels a certain way, then he needs to really her what’s in her mind. Booth is a “give all” kind of guy, and Brennan is essentially admitting to wanting to do that, but not quite being there yet. That was the honest truth, and nothing he said would negate that. What could he say, “That doesn’t matter. I’m fine with that. You’re perfect just the way you are”? I’m sorry, but that’s just sugarcoating it. In the past, Booth was far too willing to brush past some of their more serious issues, while Brennan was too hung up on them. I hope they can find balance together.

    • I only watched it twice, but I don’t think Booth said they wouldn’t work as a couple – he asked “but what about after, as a couple” and Brennan said it wouldn’t work.

      And I kinda think in that moment she was right….

      You’re absolutely right that Booth is a give all kind of guy and one of the downsides to that is that he doesn’t see what’s between all and nothing.

      Brennan talked about “making love” and even from the preview, every single person in fandom recognized that as a HUGE change in her. But Booth does not. He hears “making love” and instead of even letting that evidence of her changing attitude settle, immediately asks “what about after”. He’s always going to want more.

      It goes straight back to their first meeting – she says “we could have sex” and before they even kiss, he’s telling her an intimate thing about himself (his gambling) and telling her this could really go somewhere.

      I think when Brennan says “it wouldn’t work”, she’s thinking that while she has changed quite a bit, he hasn’t really changed at all, and he’s always going to want more than she can give.

      Maybe that’s why she says she’s improving and that maybe when he stops being mad, she’ll have come to the point where she can give all that.

      Personally, I do hope that as Booth resolves his anger, he will learn to accept her as she is, instead of always wanting more. Perhaps that is what Booth is angry about — himself for not being able to be happy with what he has. What he had with Hannah was good, as hard as it is for us to accept that! But he couldn’t just accept it for what it was, he had to push and lost it all.

      In an earlier post, Sarah asked “what does that mean” in regards to the Kandi song….there’s a line in that song that goes “why is it never enough”. Something for Booth to think about!

      ….and darn, that was the essay I was going to submit to Sarah, so I guess it is moot now.

      • It’s really hard to draw a line between accepting what you have and wanting more. I really understand your point about Booth being able to accept Brennan as she is. I tend to believe that as much as she is improving (or growing), parts of her will never change. You can’t change who you are as a person, but what you want out of life can change, and thus some of your behaviors.

        On the other hand, I think it’s just a fact of human life that nobody wants to be more invested in a relationship than the other person. You want to feel like you’re equally committed. I guess his high standards for himself leads him to such high standards for his significant other.

        Also, is his wanting more really a bad thing? It may be if it is just blind hope for what he wants, but maybe not if he feels Brennan truly is capable of giving more. I think she can, and she does too. This could be where their belief and trust in one another can push them to be better people.

  25. First of all, how lovely was that? It felt like a spring shower falling on a desert. Oh sure, we’ve been spritzed before this season, but this episode felt like the one that’s going to get all those plants to pop out and bloom at some point. And how is that for a pre-coffee metaphor!

    Anyway, as to Booth’s anger, I don’t think it’s primarily about Hannah; I believe that Hannah was just the last straw in a long line of personal disappointments. I find it pretty significant that they chose the episode where anger is discussed to bring up Booth’s dad. While I feel that Booth loved Hannah in his own way, it was the idea of Hannah and what it represented for him, being acceptance for who he is, that Booth was in love with. Her rejection brought to mind not only previous romantic rejections but the first and worst one of them all: his dad leaving. This is important because I don’t believe that his earlier despair was brought on by some sort of huge Hannah-love; I just don’t find that she was that significant to him in the scheme of things (certainly not as significant as Brennan.) We all know that Booth has anger issues that come to the surface every so often; the clown, Proof in the Pudding, snapping at the suspect in last weeks’s episode. We’ve been told about it and seen it often enough pre-Hannah (though not post-Brennan rejection, interestingly enough). I believe that these issues had their start during his childhood, and only when he can comes to terms with his dad’s betrayal will he be able to move on in other areas of his life, and specifically, with Brennan. The fact that he was at least willing to openly talk about his father for the first time ever is a good thing (I don’t count Con Man becasue he was sort of forced into a confession there.)

    As to Brennan, I’m totally in with tantemary; her slight “backtracking” is a way to give Booth some breathing room and take some pressure off him. And look at just how well he responded when she gave him room: he’s asking for a date! (Well, not a DATE date, but still, it’s a date!) And as to Brennan’s improvement speech, who doesn’t want to improve? Brennan’s story is all about personal growth and it’s been about her and her journey since the beginning. To some extent, all the other characters are evolving as well, it’s just that she happens to vocalize her thought process more than any of the other characters do. I for one appreciate that about her, because it takes a lot of courage to be so honest and open about such a personal process. She never said she wasn’t good enough or that she’s changing for him; just that she’s taken a good hard look at herself and the life she’s leading and that she wants more. The fact that she feels that she has control over her life and that she can determine the course of her own destiny makes her one powerful woman in my eyes and not someone I feel sorry for.

  26. I loved the Hodgela storyline, also. As the parent of special needs child, we have done the math many times over the last few years ourselves and marveled at the odds. I actually would like to see what would happen if their baby really did have this disease. Always on television, the reality never comes. I think that could be a beautiful storyline and Hodgins and Angela could discover they really did win the lottery, after all.

  27. Liked this episode a lot. Kinda wish they’d go easier on Sweets, but felt a pinch of vindictive pleasure at Booth yelling at him a little bit. LOVED Brennan yelling at those chairs. HA! And am completely in love with the imperviousness vs strength line. I adore when they show off her author side.

  28. This was an awesome, spudtastic episode all the way around…the drama, the humor, the science…and kudos to DB’s directing…it all worked so well. Just loved it to pieces. The fact that B&B both acknowledge that they DO see a possible future together just made my shipper heart pitter-pat like crazy. It’s progress…another a baby step towards eventually…and I’m ok with that. Too much still needs to be worked out, but the fact that they are thinking about what being a couple means is huge. There are SO many thoughts about this episode running through my head, I don’t have time to go into them all…RL is banging on my door…but I wanted to get a few incoherent thoughts down first.

    I may be upset with Sweets, at times, for all his poking, prodding and goading, but he has broken that stalemate B&B were in…and that led to the progress we see now. So now I’m not as mad at him as I was. I get why he did what he did. The important thing for me was they didn’t discuss anything in front of Sweets. “What goes on between us is ours” comes back into play here.

    I loved that Brennan was wearing the knit hat from “Fire in the Ice” and the sweater from “Harbingers in the Fountain”…and Booth was wearing his long black coat from “Santa in the Slush.” Coincidence? Nope. All those episodes were pretty major points in their relationship…at least to me…on some level. And of course, the end scene burning their “dates” and wishing them to come true goes back to “Witch in the Wardrobe,” where Booth wishes Brennan can find love and happiness. I even read meaning into the fact that Booth had trouble getting the bottle of pills open…he’s not strong enough yet (still angry) and has to find his inner peace. He needs to reconcile everything that’s happened within himself before he can think about the future.

    Brennan may be improving and not nearly so impervious, but I think her use of the word “improving” is appropriate. She hasn’t completely changed, and she sees room for improvement…which is typical of how Brennan would say that. By changing her wording to now believing she’s “strong” she’s saying that she’s vulnerable now that she’s breaking down her impervious walls…things can get to her…hurt her, so she’s being cautious in opening up to the future…but she’s willing to try…that’s the big deal. It was interesting that when Brennan said “improving” or “strong,” Booth questioned her (“improving?”…I don’t think he feels she needs to…he loves her just as she is) and then he told her she was always strong (he can see through her…knowing that behind her impervious walls is a big open heart that she protects from the world…which he sees as being strong).

    I’ve always loved that you can’t just pay attention to what B&B actually say, but have to take into account all those looks that speak even more truth than their words. This is that deep connection they have that will make eventually happen. They understand each other like no one else…and even if someone else tries to come between them (heaven help us if HH tries THAT again), they won’t be successful. The end-game is set in motion…it’s pretty much all uphill from here, baby.

    My final thought before I race off into RL is that there’s something that’s going to happen to catapult them towards each other as a final test of their devotion – and love. Sweets may have cracked open the door…and B&B will take more baby steps…but I’m thinking some big event or danger will push them together. At least that’s what I’d like to see…something that proves to both of them that their love can overcome any obstacle put in their path. This is just what happened to Hodgins and Angela, and they concluded that their love is strong enough to handle anything. Not a coincidence this scene was in this episode either. It reflects back to the situation B&B find themselves in. Can they handle what life throws at them…together? I loudly proclaim YES!

    • Oh, I completely agree with you on the Booth-not-being-able-to-open-the-pills thing, I thought I was reading into that way too much into it when he couldn’t open it, then Brennan OPENS IT FOR HIM and I was like WOW!!! And then there was also her comment on how his pills were extremely potent and as long as he didn’t miss his dose he’d be fine. Lets read into that too!!
      I really enjoyed Killer in the Crosshairs, but if it was even possible Blackout in the Blizzard was waaay better! Incredible acting from TJ Thyne and David Boreanaz in their respective heart-crushing scenes.

  29. Oh, B&B decided to be together eventually! He said about love and happiness, she said that she ready to risk. It’s a heaven!

    Oh please, let’s they will be together to the end of the season, but, God, please, let’s we will see at least one season else!

    P.S. Sarah, great new header! “Booth & Brennan…and love. Happiness. Life and fate. And math.”…

  30. I thought is was interesting that Brennan now has a new way to fix Booths back. I know she hated to keep cracking his spine, so obviusly, she bothered to learn Thai massage so that if he hurt his back again she would be able to help him without risking hurting him further. Brennan is really quite a good friend if you think about it. She learns skills that helps others. Love it.

    • I agree. Brennan can be extremely thoughtful when she puts her mind to it. The meal she cooked in tDitP was intentionally prepared with Hannah and Angela in mind. And she bought a pill box for Pops so he wouldn’t forget to take his pills anymore.

  31. Amazing. Beautiful. I’m blown away. I loved it.
    Everything about it came together perfectly, and I’ll admit to tearing up numerous times. Booth’s story about his dad was so raw. I love the way you said it, Sarah. Laid bare. He was laid bare. It was heartcrushing. “Long enough to remember that I was his kid.” There is so much packed into that one line. Such fantastic writing–and such real acting. And then of course, everything between Hodgins and Angela made me cry. TJ is such a brave actor. I think that’s how Hart put it, and it’s true. He acted every last moment out of his scenes, and there was so much fear there. But he was strong even in his fear (like Brennan is learning to be!) and when he matter-of-factly found beauty in the pain–“I always dreamed of looking through microscopes with my kid. If I can’t do that, we’ll play piano together”–I’ve never loved him more. Again, I can’t say enough about the amazing writing delivered by amazing actors.

    And then, of course, there was humor. “Don’t you think it’s a little bit creepy that she’s dressing you in her dead husband’s clothing?” I loved the way Sweets muttered, “Everything’s fine now” after Booth’s apology. Adorable. It was like he didn’t even want to talk about it, which is funny for a shrink. I think Sweets is the most unshrinky therapist on tv, and I love him for it. (“Don’t go shrinking around the bush”–perhaps one of the funniest lines of the night?)

    And there was romance! THE LAST SCENE BLEW ME AWAY. The beauty of what Brennan revealed was dead-on accurate, and it gave voice to what many of us on here have been saying for a long time. Brennan has grown. Too many people talk about how strong she used to be and ask where their butt-kicking anthropologist went, but it was all surface-level strength then. She used to put up walls. Now she doesn’t need them. Now she’s strong. And Booth admitted what we’ve known, which is that all he needs is time. AND THEY TALKED. AND THEY’RE OPEN TO IT. I think they’ll make their date, on their own time. I’m so proud of them!

    I am completely in agreement with the idea that this last shred of imperviousness is partially a result of what has happened since she talked to Booth in DitP. She dealt with a lot of hurt in that episode. After the 100th, Booth dealt with his hurt by going back to the Partner Zone (which I don’t blame him for. He couldn’t know for sure that she would reconsider, and he had to take her at her word because he trusts her). The situation was reversed for Brennan in DitP, and she didn’t seem quite as inclined to retreat back to partnerdom–but that doesn’t mean she wasn’t feeling the pain. She has a right to process that.

    How great were all of the candles everywhere? They set the right ambiance: sometimes romantic, sometimes eerie.

    I loved all of the callbacks to past episodes. Making love vs. having sex, like in DitS. Containing contagious diseases in a bottle episode, like in MitFS. Making wishes in candles while discussing happiness love and purpose, like in WitW. Booth needs TIME, like in CMitML (“Do you need time and space?” “Just some time.”) Booth’s back needs fixing, like in so many season four episodes (but she’s found a better way to fix it!). Booth likes to sneak peeks at Brennan, like in the end of GotG.

    I am so so so so in love with all of this.

  32. As soon as the episode ended, I thought 1) I can’t wait to discuss this on BonesTheory tomorrow, and 2) i bet Seels’ question will be “What dates did they write down?” I don’t know if the answer to that 2nd question is important, but the questions certainly intrigues me. And did Booth catch a glimpse of Brennan’s date or not?

    Frankly, I found this to be the most refreshing episode (or last 5 minutes of an episode) of Bones in a long time (maybe ever), for one simple reason: straight talk. There was no more hiding what they were really thinking or feeling (as they tried to do earlier in the elevator with all that “we could never be together” crap, or “how we used to feel” stuff). It was just like, look, we both totally love each other, but we each have stuff to work through, but we’re not going to pretend anymore that we both don’t TOTALLY LOVE EACH OTHER.

    I also found it really interesting that when Booth said something to the effect of “Us: you know, you, me, love, fate,” Brennan responded that she didn’t believe in fate. But she never said that she didn’t believe in love.

    I also noticed her look of relief (and vulnerability) when he explained that he wasn’t angry AT her. Honestly, I breathed a sigh of relief too.

    And on an unrelated note, Hodgins and Angela are just the most beautiful couple. They made me cry last night.

  33. When I finished this episode I must say that I too was speechless, however my inner fangirl was running around squeeing and flailing her arms at the thought of B&B straight talking about their relationship. They just talked, there wasn’t any questioning on either side, they just said that ‘us’ is what is going to happen, we both just need a little time before ‘us’ CAN happen. It was so beautiful!

    And now the rest of the episode…. Booth at the beginning when he saw the Vet seats, he was soo CUTE!! I was just giggling for the whole scene, especially when he started singing the phillie’s chant.

    Hodgins was amazing. That scene when he found out he was a carrier had to be one of the greatest performances that TJ has ever made, and then in the next scene he was making potato jokes. It was amazing… He and Angela were so sweet tonight. I must admit I’ve never been a huge fan of Angela, but she’s so sweet when she’s worried and lost, and Hodgin’s is so good at consoling her.

    hmmm… i think I’m gonna have to watch this one again and again and again… 🙂

  34. Brennan became impervious during the show, especially in S4, she was not before. It was said and shown to us many times in S1/2 that Brennan was not “as cold and unfeeling as she seemed” (girl in the fridge) and she said it herself that she had feelings (woman in the car) and was not a cold fish (glowing bones) and there are others episodes like blond in the game or bodies in the book where Brennan had a really hard time reasoning herself, that’s not being impervious (and during these 2 episodes she was asked to be more rational, they really don’t know what they want from her). And now she says that she did use to be a cold fish…
    That she was more impervious than most people, yes, but that’s what was interesting about her, that she was not pervious to the same things as most, that made her original with a different way of seeing life and copying with it, but she was still feeling when needed most of the time.
    That’s the Brennan we miss, the one that WAS better (not perfectly) balanced between her brain and heart at the beginning of the show and yet was unique in her way of doing so, who did and understood sarcasms and wasn’t that literal, but she suddenly changed in S4 and that’s when some started complaining, because they are treating this change like it is not one, like she has always been like that since S1.
    And now they are telling us that she has improved (so basically for some of us she is just going back to where she used to be at first), and mostly because of Booth???? So it has definitely become a fairy tale where the strong man (as said in the previous episode) saves the weak (she wasn’t strong) woman *sigh*
    It sometimes feels like they started the show over in S4 in a lighter and simpler way, hence the characters becoming 2D and caricatures of themselves. Personally I find S1 Brennan more interesting, even Booth and actually the whole show, that is what some of us are missing, the nuances, and the fact that it seems back then that Booth was also asked to change and learn from Brennan. Now we will probably get Brennan teaching Booth back his own lessons/beliefs/values/faith back, instead of getting Brennan’s rational inputs into the mix balancing his, and them meeting in the middle. Now they have a black and white view of their characters.

  35. On a side note…did anyone notice the ringtone of Brennan’s phone? I think it sounds like the old style ring of Booth’s dial phone that H gave home after Brennan suggested it. What are you thought?

  36. Another very wowish episode.

    I think what bothers many people (and me) about the use of the word “improved” is not Brennan’s statement on itself, but the tendency of the show to always present Brennan as the person needing ‘improvement’ while rarely calling Booth on his issues.
    Throughout the series Brennan is constantly being called on her shortcomings, while it seems we (and Brennan) are supposed to take for granted that Booth is mostly the ideal man.

    Gosh, I really hope they don’t “improve” Brennan too much. She’s perfectly lovable just as she is.

    I agree with Brennan(and Booth) that they are not ready yet, and that has nothing to do with what they want at this point, because there has always been a primal natural attraction between them.
    I think that is what the whole “It wouldn’t work” conversation is about. They both know that on some deep level they both want it, but It’s just not a good idea right now (yet).

    I’m glad that I’m not the only one that started hyperventilating after hearing Brennan say “making love” after almost six years of hearing her talk about “having sex”. Awesome!.

  37. Did anyone think Wendell’s look at Angela and Hodgins (when Hodgins is devastated about being a carrier and Angela is comforting him) was kind of odd?

    Does this mean we’re going to get more couples’ therapy with Sweets, since Booth told Brennen he thought they should talk it out with Sweets at some point?

    Will we ever find out what dates they put, and if they’re significant?

    Theories welcome.

  38. Love, love, love this episode. In response to Katharine’s great insight above — I really like the metaphors you pointed out. I hadn’t thought of all that but now that you mentioned it I have one to add: When they figured out how to work together to break the chairs apart to free themselves it was like breaking the barriers to a relationship that their personal baggage brings.
    Brennan has improved so much and I agree with those above who said she IS stronger now than ever. She is saying she is still a little impervious I think for two reasons — one because she doesn’t want to push Booth and the other because she has never been in this situation before in her life and so she isn’t quite sure of herself. Not that she doubts her love for Booth or her ability to love and accept his love but that she knows she struggles with real life sometimes and so she is not quite sure how she will handle her real life problems as part of a couple. I loved it that she automatically said ‘making love’… she didn’t have to think about it or catch herself in an effort to use Booth’s phrasing. She sees the difference and she agrees with him. I love how patient and capable Brennan is. She is so awesome! She helps with the chairs, listens to Booth, fixes his back, helps his relationship with Sweets, solves the problem of how to get out, solves the case, sets a date for them to start being together…. Finally they really talked!
    I think part of Booth’s anger is that he is angry at himself. Angry that he let himself fall for Hannah. That he tried to prove his love by proposing. He does need to work through all those emotions and I am happy that he recognizes it. It’s awesome that neither of them wants this to be a rebound relationship. They are willing to take slow but deliberate steps towards their eventually. I do wonder what date they each wrote…. I hope we get to find out that they are the same though Booth peeked so, chances are…!
    Loved TJ’s ability to cry! I was thinking not only about how scared they must be but that Angela said once that she wanted a million kids. Now that they know the odds, they might not intentionally take the chance again. I think some of Hodgins tears were because they probably won’t get the big family they wanted. They are grieving that loss as well as potential loss of their dreams for this child.

  39. I know I’ve already posted, but I just rewatched and I can’t wait for the rest of this season. Anyone else catch Brennan and Booth’s body language in his apartment. I really felt that if Brennan had leaned towards Booth their may have been a shorter wait to a relationship or at least a kiss.

  40. It’s been many hours since I watched, and I’m still flawed by what we saw in this episode. I can’t believe that B&B – OUR B&B – masters of denial, avoidance, hidden meanings and the rest, had such a frank and open and clear and detailed discussion about them. Oh, and aren’t we all the better for it! No ambiguity. Checking that the other understood. Sitting on the symbol of the past whilst discussing the future. So poignant.

    As for Hodgins – oh dear dear Hodgins. Bones has made me teary before, but that final scene with Angela discussing the piano & sculpting made me sob.

    This is the beauty of the show. Promises to the universe, accepting fate and dealing with change. This is why I love Bones.

  41. O.k. I’ve only read through about half of the comments here so if I repeat something I’m sorry.

    One thing that really struck me in the end scene of this episode was when Booth was talking about being angry. I watched Brennan’s face closely the second time I watched this and to me, it seems like she has been afraid, especially since the Daredevil episode that he is angry with her. Did you see the relief on her face when he told her he wasn’t angry at her? I think the Hannah relationship served for Booth to get over being angry at Brennan because here was someone accepting him for him in a way. Once he proposed to her and was rejected AGAIN, his anger transferred to Hannah and even in a way to himself. I think he is angry that somehow he keeps putting himself in these situations of rejection and it will take him being sure of Brennan before he ever takes that gamble again. I did wonder about him peeking at her paper and if that means he will try to be ready by her date. But then again, you can’t really rush healing.

    Brennan on the other hand, has dealt with a bit of rejection too. She did run away to Maluku, her feelings I’m sure scare her and I’m sure some of that goes back to being 15. But she was the one to take a gamble in tDitP and she was rejected. Then Booth went and proposed to Hannah and I’m sure that felt like a slap in the face to Brennan. Then she was the one who bore the brunt of his anger in the bar. It doesn’t surprise me that she thought he was angry with her. So I do think BOTH of them have some major healing to do. What I think we saw in Blizzard is them admitting that they both want to get there (and I’m going to have to say it)…eventually. I think it takes a strong person to admit that you are not ready, even if that makes us all crazy. Both of these characters are strong people who have had some major character development throughout this series. Baby steps people…that’s what I see. Healing in baby steps!

    Oh and Hodgins in this episode? Absolutely awesome! One of the things I loved was when Angela walked in after her appointment and tried to not acknowledge it. Hodgins knew she was upset and said “Let’s talk”. That to me showed the strength of THEIR relationship and how well they know each other. Angela had a chance to return the favor when she walked into the room and Hodgins was in tears. They just seem to know each other so well. We are blessed with some good acting on this show, actors who seem to be invested in portraying real characters with real feelings.

    This episode also did a good job of balancing the heavier emotions with the lighter moments. I do believe there were some scenes that literally made me laugh out loud!

  42. Hello!

    I loved the episode! Just absolutely loved it! And not just because of BB, but because everything seemed put-together and perfect.

    I thought Brennan was relieved also when Booth said he wasn’t angry at her. I was also relieved at that. When Booth talked about his dad, I almost cried. (I shed a few tears during that intense Hodgins scene). Haha, I loved the scene where Brennan got mad about the chairs. I can’t blame her – they were rather in the way.

    I screamed/hyperventilated everytime they said “us,” “we” or any other form of a word describing them together. 🙂

    The episode was filled with twist-n-turns, confessions and heartbreak (Hodgela), but in the end, mostly everything was resolved. And it had everything a good episode should have!

    Thanks! 🙂

  43. I was just rewatching this episode (well, parts of it anyway, even though I love the whole thing), and I liked that it wasn’t just Brennan or just Booth that got them out of the elevator. It was both of them, working together in a concentrated effort. I think that was definitely symbolic.

  44. Both my husband and I, by virtue of our vocations, have significant contact with the addiction community (AA, NA, GA, etc, etc)–we’re both in ministry and we spend significant time with people who act out of addictions…those who are healthy and those who are either still not sober or what we call “sober drunks” (nominally sober but still acting like people do when they’re off the wagon). We both reacted when Booth said, “I just need to find that inner peace.” We also had our antennas raised when Booth talked about the seats as symbolic of the time in his dad’s life when he was sober.

    The comment about inner peace was significant because we know that people who are recovering addicts can’t make life decisions (well, at least) when they aren’t centered–they tend to believe in their own ability to deal with and control their impulses. I feel that Booth’s anger in this is actually not directed at Hannah except as the person who made him believe that he could do things with a sense of wild abandon (does he connect his impulsivity with her to the impulsivity of his addiction? does it matter whether they’re related if he sees himself as acting out of that in any way, shape or form?). There is probably quite a bit of anger directed inward, which means that he knows good and well that he can’t make life decisions from that place. His own inner peace is the only place out of which he can do that (which is actually what made Sweets’ “you’re the gambler” line not only completely unprofessional but even malpractice–he knowingly told Booth he ought to act out of an ongoing, though not active, addiction). I like the fact that Booth knows that about himself.

    Some of this I think plays into the fact that those chairs were symbolic of the time in his dad’s life where there was sobriety–lucidity–and *family*. His dad only had two weeks and Booth is trying to be better than that. I think Booth may be a bit gunshy right now because he feels that with Hannah, he’s fallen off the wagon. He’s got to get back on before he can be good for anyone, including himself.

    Does Brennan get any of this? I’m not sure. I know there’s been a lot of debate in the comments about “improving” and whether or not it plays with the speech from DitP. I’m looking at it from the perspective of 100–where she chose imperviousness over strength.

    Bones are interesting objects. I have broken a couple in my life, and what the doctors have consistently told me is that the bones will actually grow back stronger (at least in my youth), but what will be weakened will be the muscles around them. Those muscles will have to be exercised consistently throughout my life and become more dependent on each other for compensation. I think DitP was Brennan’s break. Now she’s stronger, but also more dependent (or perhaps interdependent), if that makes sense. She could not have said the things she said to Booth in this episode without having worked through the aftermath of DitP. So yes–improving from 100–leaving herself open to being broken…actually being broken…and coming out the other side.

    Also, squee!!!!! (My husband seconds everything but that last comment.) 🙂 Boys.


    • I don’t know if someone has covered this in an earlier comment—but in the middle of the show, when they were stuck in the elevator and talking about “making love”—(I can’t remember Brennan using that term ever before)—she’s more likely to say “engage in intercourse); anyway, they both agreed they wouldn’t work as a couple. But in the last scene, they didn’t allude to sleeping together; they seemed to be talking about being a couple.

  45. Yikes! I hope this post isn’t too late, but at the very end of the episode, the camera pans out from B&B to a light bulb inside a glass jar. It seems so intentional, and I have no idea what that means. Since we are the best at imbuing loads of meanings into anything at all (and I say that lovingly), I thought I would pose the question here and get other peoples’ opinions.

    • Still looking at that final shot, I just noticed that you can see B&B’s reflection as they sit together inside the glass, so maybe it was just cinematic effect?

      • I noticed that as well. Also: notice how the lights are back on and they still keep the candles on.

        I thought the light bulb was referencing to them finally being “on” the right track but I don’t know.

      • I think it means they’ve finally had their lightbulb moment where they’ve finally realized they can be together and make it work.

        Or else DB just tought it was a cool looking prop. 😛

  46. Again Booth said he wasn’t going to talk about ‘it’ but ended up discussing ‘it’. I always roll over laughing whenever I hear that from him no matter how serious the scene may be. 😀

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