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Scene Study: The Double Death of the Dearly Departed-When I Inevitably Drop Dead Before You


Hey, BONES people! I’m glad you’re here today!

I’ll be honest; this episode still rubs me the wrong way in that it’s just TOO funny to be good. But it still makes me laugh. Like when something that is NOT supposed to be funny is funny and the more you laugh, the more you know it’s wrong, and soon your hand is stuck in the chair in front of you while the usher is passing the communion plate, and there’s nothing to do but smile and TRY not to laugh, and…

Oh, wait…ahem, *whistles softly*, maybe it’s not THAT awkward of funny, but still…there’s just something not right about it.

Having said that, the end scene has always been one I’ve never been a fan of, mainly because I always thought it was sort of ridiculous. Are they kidding me that Brennan saying she’d visit Booth’s grave and talk to him and see things from his point of view is the BEST thing anyone has ever said about him???!!!


Well, but what if it is? What if Booth really does think that’s the best thing that could be said to him? If that’s true, then I need to take a look at this scene again. That’s sort of what these scene studies are for. I’m interested to see what happens, and I can’t wait to see what your final verdict is too.

Let’s do this thing!

I won’t go into all of the history for this ep, as it’s not exactly totally relevant for this scene. But there is one thing I want to mention. Booth is incredibly charming when Brennan is not around, apparently, which I found to be hilarious.

There is also something very attractive in the way he says “Seeley Booth” that kind of makes it a shame it’s his own name. When he says Temperance Brennan, that is nice too, but for me, it’s Seeley Booth. SeeleyBoothSeeleyBoothSeeleyBooth!

Barney is saddened at his mother’s death, but Booth assures him that his mother loved him. Brennan adds that she used her heart medicine to kill his brother (Hank)  in order to let him have the inheritance. That = love, I guess!

Or perhaps it just equals a convenient way to talk about the end result of the case. I’m going to go with that option.

The mother died because she ran out of her medicine killing him.

 Barney  looks to the sky and talks to his mother. I love Brennan’s expression. I also love Booth’s eyebrows. Well, I love both of their eyebrows. They are so expressive.

Brennan immediately sneaks an upward look to see what is happening, while Booth gets solemn.

Then Booth catches sight of the fact that Brennan is looking up.

…and he  tries to get her to not do that.

Booth gets that emphatic whispering tone that he gets when he’s horrified. And I love that tone! He also reaches for her…and he takes her arm (which seems new. He doesn’t do that much, right?) and tells her that Barney wants to be alone.

Brennan suggests that with that rationale, he wants to be alone with every person who ever died. Booth sighs, “Look, if I die, I want you to do me a favor–”

“–Well you will die, Booth,” Brennan interrupts. “It’s inevitable”

“Alright, Bones, whatever,” Booth continues. “When I inevitably drop dead before you, I’d like you to come out, and you know, spend some time and talk to me every once in awhile.”

“I’ll feel foolish knowing that you can’t hear me.”, Brennan replies. One thing I noticed this time around is that she doesn’t say anything like, “It’s highly unlikely that we will even know each other when we die.” Which is kind of nice. The same thing sort of happened in season five, in Foot in the Foreclosure, when Pops makes her promise that whenever Booth is ready to hear about his dad, she’ll tell him. Oh, and she’ll hold him. Oohlala, Pops! But the point, of course, is that Brennan agrees then, even though agreeing to something like that is clearly dealing in the unknown. She has no way of knowing if she’ll know Booth when he dies or when it’s time to talk to him about his dad, but I still love that she doesn’t bring up that factual knowledge.  So either she’s lying or she’s telling the truth.

I don’t think she’s lying.

Neither does Booth think she is lying, which is why he’s kind of bummed. This puts a point into the “nicest thing ever said” category. Booth doesn’t ask her for favors much (at least not personal ones), so I guess that in and of itself indicates he is being genuine and taking a risk.

“Promise me,” he insists.

He stops walking, and Brennan does too, turning back to see that he is serious.

Another point for the warm, reassuring brown eyes nicest thing category! You know, yesterday we talked in the comments a little about how Booth is a loner, how he doesn’t offer much of himself to anyone except for Brennan. There are also things he shuts her out of (from? against? Prepositions on a Sunday morning!), and it’s always interesting to see when he does ask her to ‘come in’ so to speak. They didn’t even share a meal with Parker (that we know of) until season five!

Okay, eyebrows, I see it now! He’s serious. He’s serious about this. I’m sure I should have noticed that the first time around, but I guess I wasn’t paying close enough attention! At ease!

Oh, the eyebrows AND the puppy dog eyes. Double barreled assault!

“I promise,” Brennan answers.

And for Booth, everything is looking up.

Welcome back.

Okay, but seriously, I do think Brennan finds pleasure in pleasing Booth. I think she sees it as small victories in human interaction, for one, but also, she genuinely likes him. She loves him and cares about him too, but she likes to make him smile, and I think she likes to be the reason he is smiling. Some of that is because she also likes being the best. I always sort of contended that one reason Brennan would be interested in Booth is so that he wouldn’t be interested in anyone else. It would be almost a loss. It hasn’t exactly played out that way, which is fine, but it’s along the lines of the sort of thing where when people compliment her, she just shrugs. “I know. I”m awesome’, basically.  It’s like what she tells Avalon in the season five premiere. She’s beautiful and smart. Avalon tells her that Booth knows/sees the truth of her, and Brennan’s confidence falters a bit at that. Okay, I’m getting away from this scene, but the point is that B&B both have a tremendous amount of confidence in their ability to do their jobs with one another. It’s the ‘truth’ of each one that leads to vulnerability.

“You agreed. I didn’t think you’d agree,” Booth comments. Interesting, considering he basically asked her to promise about five times! Did he expect to be rejected? Does he often expect to be rejected? Thoughts on that?

“Now…” he continues. “Why did you agree?”

“I believe that if I pretended you were still here, I’d feel better at the moment.”

From vulnerability to validation.

“Also,” Brennan continues. “Speaking to you would require me to figuratively look at myself through your eyes, and…”

“Again…temporarily”, she clarifies. “And I think that would make me live my life more successfully.”

“You know, Bones…that is the best thing that anyone has ever said about me.”

What do you think? Truth? How about the arm around her? That’s kind of special, right?
What about Brennan’s reaction? Is she pleased that she pleased him? Is she pleased she said the best thing because it’s Booth or because it’s the best?

“I’ll say it at your wake”, Brennan says. Which might be a joke?

It rains and Booth opens his umbrella, pulling Brennan close again, making her also promise that when he’s buried, she should make sure he is actually dead. She promises.

So what say you? Is Booth telling the truth? Is it that important to him? That nice of a promise?

Let’s discuss!

Peace, Love & Bones



24 thoughts on “Scene Study: The Double Death of the Dearly Departed-When I Inevitably Drop Dead Before You

  1. Truth. Booth KNOWS Bones believes when you’re dead you’re dead. He KNOWS she is the rational scientist, but the fact that she is willing to honor him and his memory by knowing she will come visit his grave and talk to him when he’s gone… it means a lot. She is embracing his beliefs, even though she doesn’t believe them herself. She knows that his faith and belief offer her something she doesn’t have within herself… and she holds it as precious. THAT is what is significant… and Booth gets that.

    • I agree! I also think to be told by Brennan (or by anyone, for that matter) that by visiting him at his gravesite, and seeing herself though his eyes, he will help her to “live her life more successfully” is a fantastic compliment. Also, it presumably means that he is helping her live her life more successfully, now, too. I think that is among the best compliments one can receive from anyone.

  2. The more I watch this episode (which happens very rarely), the more it grows on me. I mean, it IS funny. Hodgins speech is priceless, Sweets’ reaction to getting yelled at about using the word murder instead of translation makes me giggle, and just the whole idea that Booth chooses that random word, translation, in the first place is amusing. Plus, though Booth took convincing, once he was on board, I loved how everyone else just went with it as if it were the most natural, obvious thing in the world. I mean, that says something, doesn’t it? The squints trust Brennan and Booth implicitly.

    Anyhow – I like how Kelly phrases it – Booth does know what Brennan is agreeing to, in spite of her beliefs. “You agreed. I didn’t think you’d agree,” Booth comments. Interesting, considering he basically asked her to promise about five times! Did he expect to be rejected? I think it is reasonable to assume that he could ask her to promise him and that she would refuse – simply because he does know how she feels about that sort of thing. I don’t know if he often expects to be rejected (except for maybe now . . . he’s in a rough patch these days . . . but perhaps not as much in the past?), but in this case, definitely.

    I adore how Brennan rises to the occasion – as she ultimately does almost every single time for him. And that arm around her . . that physical contact . . . oh, now I’m missing that. Brennan is all handsy with Booth now, but he has not been that way with her in so long… *sigh*. Soon. I know it is coming back again…

  3. I find it interesting that Booth expected to be rejected. I’ve never really thought about it before but in the context of this recent episode, I truly think that Booth does have a fear of rejection. Not just romantically as with Rebecca, Hannah, and Brennan. But a familial as well. His mother is gone to who knows where (Is she dead? Did she just up and leave? What happened?!) and his drunk father only stopped drinking for TWO WEEKS to realized that Booth was “his kid”. After only two weeks, Booth Sr. went back to drinking, as if Booth wasn’t enough to keep him from the bottle. I think that is definitely a form of rejection for Booth. And it’s colored his life in ways I don’t think he realizes.

    I definitely think that he would be worried about how Brennan would respond to his ‘favor’. She has often laughed off some of his other beliefs and desires. (Not necessarily in a malicious way but in a disbelieving sort of way.) Also, I think having Brennan come to see him is a way to help him realize that he won’t be alone. Most likely by the time he’s died, Pops will be gone and Booth’s relationship with Jared is pretty rocky. There’s not really anyone else to care about poor (dead) Seeley Booth. I think it’s essentially that idea that he won’t be alone even after death. He cares and I think because he cares that makes Brennan care. She wants to make him happy as much as she believes she can. That’s why she agrees. That and Booth is more charming around her than he thinks.

  4. Alright — I could be taking this in the wrong direction, but after reading this study I don’t think that when Booth says, “…that is the best thing that anyone has ever said about me” he’s thinking about the fact she promised she’d come and talk to him despite her feeling that that would make no logical sense. I think in part, he’s responding to the fact that Brennan is saying she’d feel better coming to talk to him, even if he was dead and couldn’t talk back. Also that in doing so, she would be inspired — technically by him — to live more successfully. I think that’s where the compliment really comes in. Booth is pleased to know that he’s/d done something right in that Brennan would be better, or become better, because of him. He made a difference and I think that’s what one thing he strives for. To make a difference while he’s alive. And it’s nice to hear he could do it in death too. 😉
    I think because of the hardships and rejection he has suffered, that it might be even more important to him that he has done something right that is worthy of praise.

    Does that make sense? I’m sick so coherent sentences aren’t in my near future, but I was so eager to say something when I read this I found the strength to crawl out of my bathroom to type. Haha!

  5. This is one of my least favorite episodes but this scene is wonderful. Booth is telling the truth here. This kind of promise is very important to Booth. He wants to know that she respects him and that he matters to her in the grand scheme of things. Neither of them are even questioning it but just accepting as fact that they will know each other their whole lives.
    I don’t remember the sequence of events — does this come before Brennan visits her mother’s grave? I think it is before the ep when she says goodbye to Ripley and the ep where they visit the grave of Teddy Parker in Hero in the Hold. I think she has been through this kind of tribute enough now to get the significance of visiting a grave as a way to honor and connect with those you’ve lost.
    The way Brennan says Booth makes her live her life more successfully is an enormous compliment. She is being honest about that too.

    • It’s after Brennan visits her mother (end of S2), Ripley has already died in early S4 (this is late S4), and also after Teddy.

      I too think the nicest thing is not just the fact that se would visit him after death even while thinking it foolish (she respects his beliefs enough the give him that), but that seeing herself through his eyes would make her live her life better means that he’s been (and would continue to be) a positive influence on her, which is a great compliment.

      About Booth and rejection, I think he is afraid of that. His relationship with Jared is Rocky, and while he has Pops his parents are both gone and he doesn’t really have close friends. They even commented about how there wasn’t that many people at his ‘funeral’. Speaking of which, considering Brennan said that she felt Booth’s ‘funeral’ a waste of time, maybe this was Booth’s way to make sure that when he actually dies she will not feel that way. That she will come because she promised him. BTW, everyone talks about how Brennan felt betrayed and rejected, but what about Booth? He finds out that his partner had to be almost forced to come to his funeral, and that she didn’t even cry. That can’t be good for his ego (ego meaning self worth, not self centeredness).

      • Thanks. The timeline helps put it into perspective.
        Yeah the whole way Booth’s faked death was handled still bothers me. I almost never watch Pain in the Heart because it doesn’t make sense to me that she would handle the loss like that. Seems to me she would have have run and wrapped her arms around him instead of hitting. The anger at the situation would have come later.

      • I think Brennan was so devastated and in shock about his death, that distant herself and keep on working, was her grieving. Not everybody can cry like crazy. And I think she acted like a zombie in the lab. And remember what she said at the funeral that she would have gladly taken that bullet?

        But what she was saying at the end of the scene study was so beautiful that I got Goosebumps all over my body.

      • I agree that character-wise, they both had reason to be deeply hurt by everything surrounding the fake death. I doubt it will ever be mentioned on the show again though, which makes me sad. To me, it’s the reason for the rocky relationship they had in season 4. And yes, I’m sure Booth was hurt at her behavior. He said so.

        I do think that it would have been totally out of character for Brennan to hug him instead of punch him though. Which is why it was such a bad idea for Sweets to experiment. He didn’t know Brennan at all then.

  6. First off, I love this episode. I think it’s hilarious. It’s also one of the episodes I point to when I argue that having B/B together wouldn’t hurt the show one bit (are you listening Hart Hanson!)

    Is there a single word or gesture you would have to change in this episode if B/B were a couple? Heck no. From beginning to end they act like an established couple, from riding in the car together and him reminding her who the deceased is, to not wanting her to watch him charm another woman, to sneaking the body out together, to the last scene…show this episode to someone who’s never seen Bones and they will most likely assume they are married.

    But I digress…what Booth thinks the best thing anyone’s ever said about him is that Brennan will miss him and that thinking about him will make her a better person.

    Notice that she does agree right away. She says “I’ll feel foolish” – “I will” not “I would”. But Booth does not seem to hear that which is why he pushes her to promise.

    It’s another small example of Booth not realizing what is already there and pushing for more.

    • I agree with you. I’ve always loved this episode! I cackled out loud when watching it the first time, and I still do every time. The “Bones” universe gets incredibly serious and dark sometimes, and I just love this episode because it’s a little lighter than the rest without feeling out of character for the actual show. I also love the way you point out that B&B act no different from any married couple in this episode. While I didn’t acknowledge this the first time I watched it, I definitely get that vibe from them throughout the episode. Great comment!

  7. I still like this episode and find it funny, even if it is rather inappropriate. But this end scene could possibly be one of my all-time favorites. There’s this old spiritual song I know, and some of the lyrics are “If I can help somebody as I travel along…my living shall not be in vain.” It’s a theme that was touched on in tDitP, but for Brennan. I don’t think you have to be religious to contemplate these matters, but I think it is a spiritual matter, in a broader sense of the word. It seems incredulous that it was the best compliment he’s heard, but like others have said, he doesn’t have that many people in his past that really validate him in that way. There’s Pops and Parker, but those are different relationships. Brennan really gave Booth a compliment of the highest form by pretty much saying that her life is better just by having him in it, and he will continue to have a positive impact on her even after he dies. Booth really wants to be a good guy, but some of the decisions he’s made make him doubt that sometimes. He has so much guilt about his past, that it’s nice to know that someone cares about him, values and appreciates him enough to say so.

    I think it’s also another example of Brennan’s “obsession” to get into Booth’s mind, to see things the way he does. They obviously have different views on a lot of things, but she makes the effort, and I think she ultimately respects his views and appreciates that he stands by them. Anyways, I was surprised but pleased that she made that admission to him.

    Oh, and the physical connection here is just so awesome to me. I miss it too, and can’t wait until it comes back, *sigh*. My guess is that right now touching is a “touchy” thing. It means something, but just exactly would it mean now that they are in the precarious situation of being between just partners and something more?

  8. I will admit that this is not one of my favorite episodes; but, the end scene is actually one of my favorite scenes.

    “You agreed. I didn’t think you’d agree,” Booth comments. I just love the wonder and suprise in his voice when he says this. He knows that Brennan does not believe in an after life. He has proof that Brennan does not believe in talking to dead people and that she thinks that to do so is stupid from his conversation with her in Titan On The Track:
    Booth: Been out to your mother’s grave?
    Brennan: Not since the funeral.
    Booth: Really?
    Brennan: Why would I?
    Booth: Well, to connect.
    Brennan: She’s dead.
    Booth: Fine. You know what? Forget it.
    Brennan: Dead. As in gone from this world. ….Excuse me (insert poking and tapping on the shoulder that everyone loves). I’m curious. Um, do you talk to the headstone? I mean, what do you—What do you say?
    Booth: It looks like I’m talking to the headstone. But what I’m really saying is that—Forget about where the words are aimed. What I say is that… I remember them.
    Brennan: They can’t hear you…because they’re dead

    It took all his powers of persuasion to get her to go to the gravesite of her mother and she still didn’t get what Booth was trying to get her to do when she got there. When he asked her to visit him when he died, in “Double Death of the Dearly Departed”, he was pretty sure that she would reject his request. He was really suprised that she said she would. I loved her answer to that, “I believe that if I pretended you were still here, I’d feel better at the moment.” This is huge when it comes to Brennan. She is not admitting to believing that Booth would hear her; but, she was saying that even in death, Booth would be a source of comfort for her. “Speaking to you would require me to figuratively look at myself through your eyes, and, Again…temporarily”, she clarifies. “And I think that would make me live my life more successfully.” I think Booth probably thinks that this IS the best thing anyone has ever said about him. He has few close friends and lets face it, we saw very few people at his funeral in “The Pain In The Heart”. He even commented that he always thought more people would come to his funeral. That he has few people in his life that he can count on and that value the words he has to say is all too clear to him. That Brennan, the one whose respect he wants the most, says that seeing herself through his eyes would make her life better must be like a tonic to him. Yes, she loves him and respects him enough that she will do something that appears foolish, she will visit him at his grave.

    By the way, I agree with you Sarah, I just love it when Booth gives Brennan the puppy dog eyes.

  9. Although I truly loved this episode (tears stream down my face when they waltz out with the body and Hodgins has to cover up for them; the look on his face as he sees them through the window is priceless!)-I have to confess that the ending always made me nervous. I always worried there was some foreshadowing there, especially since they have spent so much time together at gravesides. I’ve relaxed more around it lately though because I think that HH would have to get a new identity if he expected to survive after getting rid of Booth. Even more significantly though, there has been so much foreshadowing on the “together 4-ever” front that I’m convinced this storyline will carry the day.

    I feel that Booth’s surprise and pleasure at her compliment is based on the fact that he’s amazed that he would have anything to contribute that would make Brennan better than she is. He may not agree with her world view but he’s always been awed by her; as Avalon said, he sees the truth of who she really is on the inside and he’s blown away by it. In his eyes lowly Booth could not have much to offer a woman like Brennan-hence his shock whenever she agrees with him or says she’s been affected by him in some way. On a visceral level, she is the person he admires most in the world; any praise coming from her always tends to leave him a little bit speechless. Plus, he knows she stands her ground when she believes or doesn’t believe in something. When she does give in, it actually has value because he understands that she’s not just being polite.

  10. I think what he really means is that the nicest thing anyone’s said about him is that looking at herself through his eyes would make her live her life better. For someone who prides herself on her rationality, her choices, her abilities, to say that Booth’s perspective could improve her life, that’s big. She’s basically saying, “you make me better.” I think that’s a really lovely compliment, and that’s why Booth responds the way he does.

  11. Seels, have I told you how I love these scene studies? I really do, they always, without failure, make me want to run and watch the episode, lol! That’s particularly impressive in this case because this may just be my least favorite episode of season 4.

    But I’m gonna agree here that this final scene is a lot deeper that I originally gave it credit for. I think when Brennan says that seeing herself through his eyes might make her life more successful it might just be the nicest thing. Especially, because as was pointed out above, Booth doesn’t think he could contribute anything to make her better than she is. Is he trying to make her be better with people? Yes, but I don”t think that’s trying to make her better in the sense that he could contribute anything worthwhile to her life. At least in his eyes. Of course, I think Brennan would say that he was contributed many worthwhile things, but I don’t think Booth gets that!

    Ahhh, scene study …. any chance we could talk you into doing these twice a week? 🙂

  12. I think this was the funniest part of their conversation:
    BOOTH: Oh, it’s raining now. Come on. Get under the umbrella. It’s raining. Just make sure when they put me in the ground, I’m dead.
    BONES: Yeah, no problem.
    BOOTH: All right? Maybe, ah, you know, leave my body out for a few hours and check on me every once in a while.
    BONES: No. I’d rather refrigerate you, or else you’d start to smell.

    This cracks me up every time.

  13. I’m with a lot of us here–not my favorite episode ever, but I’m still a big fan of this end scene.

    As for Brennan saying that figuratively seeing herself through his eyes would make her live her life better, obviously that’s a great compliment for anyone. But I think I have to say, I think it’s specifically a great compliment for Booth–I buy it 100% when he says it’s the nicest thing anyone’s ever said about him.

    I don’t think Booth has ever looked at his life and said to himself, considering the whole of it, “I did this right.” There are great parts of Booth’s life, and he should be proud of himself and the life he’s created for himself–just like Sweets tells him in Killer in the Crosshairs–but deep down, I don’t think he necessarily is. He’s a single vaguely-disenfranchised father, he couldn’t make it work with Rebecca, he couldn’t protect Jared from alcoholism–you bring up Pops, Sarah–he couldn’t take care of Pops…I think there’s some part of Booth, even if it’s small, that interprets these things a little bit like failures. There’s a part of Booth that almost can’t comprehend that someone would look at him and say, “He knows how to lead a good life–I can learn from his example.”

    But not only is someone saying that to him, that someone is Brennan. Brennan who is honest to a fault, Brennan who never gives compliments that she doesn’t mean genuinely, Brennan who finds it difficult to admit weaknesses or deficiencies. That she would even concede that her life held room for improvement is something, but especially that it’s improvement that could be learned by understanding Booth’s perspective–I think that sort of shocks him a little bit. Booth would consider it an exceptionally nice thing to say regardless of who it came from, but part of what makes it the nicest is who said it to him.

  14. I am actually one of the few people who like this episode. It reminds me a lot of Fawlty Towers in the moving of the body and Hodgins speech. That whole the more you lie and cover things up the worse it gets. I also liked the character of Barney and when he says that he’s pretty sure Hank would like the women fighting “especially if it was in Jello” or something like that. Oh and the fantasy football thing with the $20 cracks me up. Things don’t have to be Uber serious all the time do they? Anyway, on to the scene… I like the end scene because it is an example of how Brennan doesn’t believe in what Booth believes in but she is willing to do what he asks because HE believes it and because she knows it will make him feel better. She doesn’t share his faith but she has faith in his faith and in him. I find many examples of this throughout the series and find it very real and beautiful.

  15. I agree with everyone who says they enjoy these scene studies. I have seen every episode, and to be honest, the cases in each show can be forgettable. Ask me about the case 48 hours after the show and I might have a hard time remembering much. The case part of each episode is usually on the same path—(1) dead body turns up; (2) it’s a homicide; (3) B & B do some investigating; (4) it looks like the killer could be suspect A; (5) wait, maybe it’s suspect B; (6) or could it be suspect C); (6) wait, it turns out that it’s suspect D; who didn’t really seem like all that much of a suspect earlier in the show. Anyway, what I’m getting to is that the end scenes with just Booth and Brennan are BY FAR the best part of the show. That’s one thing that I think has been missing from Season 6—but the last two episodes have had excellent endings. Sorry this comment has nothing to do with this particular scene!

  16. This is one of my least favorite episodes because it’s trying so hard to be so slapstick funny that I find it a bit annoying.

    But Brennan agreeing to visit Booth’s grave takes me back to the conversation about marriage and will they/won’t they. For me, that she agrees to visit his grave strengthens my opinion that if they were to get married, it would happen because Brennan recognizes the importance of that ceremony to Booth, not because it’s a priority for her. Brennan is more flexible than she’s sometimes given credit for, when she knows what it means to Seeley Booth.

    • Yes, she definitely has a soft spot for Booth. One of my favorite examples is when she actually took Sweets’ advice (even though she acted like she wasn’t) and asked Booth to teach her about plumbing. Obviously, we all know how much she hates psychology, but if it was going to help Booth, she was willing to give it a try.

  17. I hated this episode the first time i watched it. And even the second and third time! But now….now i love it (well love’s a very strong word. More…strongly like!).

    It’s undoubtedly a silly episode. The silliest i think BUT it had some moments that i really enjoy.

    Hodgins speech as they’re trying to move the body= One of the funniest scenes EVER in Bones world!!

    Booth and Brennan as a unit were brilliant. (although Booth singing= One of the worst scences in Bones world…EVER!).

    All in all, now that i take it for what it is, it was/is an enjoyable episode.

    Sorry…totally off point.

    As for the end scene between Booth and Brennan i think when he says ‘That’s the nicest thing anyone has ever said about me’ that he meant it because really…isn’t that one of the nicest things anyone could ever say about anyone? That, by looking at yourself through their eyes it makes you a better person? That’s the jist of what she said and it’s a pretty damn nice sentiment.

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